GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities 2018 Review

gvo ReviewIn this Review, we will take a look at GVO’s hosting plans and marketing tools to determine if it is a truly superior product. We will also take a look at the company’s other services and background to see if the people behind the company are either truly dedicated to helping individuals or if they are only interested in making fast cash. So, if you have heard about this company and are wondering if you should give them a shot, then this article will open your eyes and make it easier for you to make a smart decision. 

What is GVO all about? 

Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) is a hosting company that also provides a wide range of services and marketing tools for online entrepreneurs and business owners. GVO has step by step videos on how to use their products which include hosting, auto-responder and backup. These products and videos can help you make your business a success.

GVO Joel therienGVO was founded in 1999 by Joel Therien and it is a rather old company that has been revamped multiple times to accommodate various needs within the marketplace. It started as an email management and auto-responder service and grew from there, now it offers a full package hosting and marketing tools.

Joel Thieren is a big name amongst internet marketers, mainly because he is responsible for a few highly successful products like, Pure Leverage and 7 Minute Workout (Now Lifestyle).  

GVO Products

GVO offers a hosting plan to suit every website developer with prices that range from $5.56 monthly up to $11.96 for the enterprise plan. Obviously, yearly subscriptions offer a discount to save money.

gvo hosting review 
What will I get?
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and disk space. 
  • 1 Domain and 1 CPanel total.  
  • Marketing Tools and a site builder.  
  • Support 24/7

Re-Seller Hosting

If you choose one of the re-seller hosting accounts you will also be able to participate in the affiliate program.

What do I get?  

  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space 
  • Unlimited accounts (Domains, sub domains, email accounts, MySQL databases, cPannels and FTP accounts) 
  • Marketing tools and site builder 
  • Support 24/7 

GVO review 2018

Cloud Servers

Basic Servers – Cloud service that offers redundancy without a cPanel or other tools. Customers have full root access to configure the server, however they wish.


Dedicated Servers – This service offers multiple servers and disks. Total root access control without throttling, sharing or hardware restrictions.

GVO Hosting

GVO marketing tools

Most of the marketing tools mentioned below are included in the hosting accounts.

Eresponder Pro

This is the flagship marketing tool and official name of the auto-responder service. This service is specifically designed for bulk email and included in the hosting packages. Eresponder is fairly simple service; you can create, send and track your email messages without too much effort. There is a small learning curve, but I have to admit that it is much easier to understand than the major email marketing companies. It is much simpler and to the point, less features, but it has all the basics you need to get started.

Key Features:

  • Send emails in plain text or HTML. 
  • Easy to use HTML editor. 
  • Create unlimited campaign. 
  • Personalized messages with custom fields. 
  • Subscriber filtering and sending. 
  • Daily activity report and click tracking and reporting. 
  • Unsubscribe function. 
  • Variety of forms to choose from. 
  • Unlimited Follow-Ups. 

GVO Hosting

Prospecting System

This is basically a lead capture system for those who are unfamiliar with creating capture pages that converts.

Key Features:

  • Connects to the Autoresponder.
  • Variety of templates to choose from.
  • Ad copy written for you.
  • Custom video lead capture pages.
  • Simple to set up, no advance skill necessary.

GVO Conference

GVO ReviewThis is a video and audio communications tool with desktop sharing capabilities. This will enable you to record sessions with the click of a mouse and works well for working long distance or doing business online. This system is included with all hosting accounts.

Key Features:

  • Works on PC and Mac. No download or installation required.
  • Desktop and file sharing.
  • Full video, chat and audio.
  • Password protection.
  • Owner/Moderator control.
  • Presentation mode.
  • Webinar conference room.
  • Option to upgrade to a 500 seat room.

Easy Video Producer

This tool will allow you to add professionally designed video’s to your website with only a few clicks of a mouse. It is included with your hosting account.

Key Features:

  • Record easily with your web cam
  • Record with camcorder and upload
  • Over a 100 easy to use design templates
  • Create your own description, keywords and titles.
  • Upload in minutes

gvo hosting review

Affiliate Program

To become an affiliate and earn commissions, you must have one of the Reseller hosting accounts to qualify. With the affiliate program you can earn “customer for life commissions” and bonuses for those you refer to the hosting program. 


  • GVO’s 24/7 live support videos are done in 5 different languages. Spanish, Polish, Russian, Portuguese and English.

  • Reasonably priced, considering the added tools that can easily cost a fortune by themselves if purchased separately.

  • They have an excellent customer service that even include a live chat feature. Great bonus in my opinion.

gvo support

  • Improvement for the future. Joel is a well known marketer and famous for striving to “always improve”. Flaws that exist now, will most likely be worked on to better the platform.

What about Cons?

My only concern is about the auto responder. Many people are used to the larger email management companies like Aweber and GetResponse that they might not trust an email from a company that they never heard about. Not to mention it is no secret that this service is used to blast out emails. The majority of popular email companies like Gmail’s advance spam filter will catch most of these bulk promotional emails and sends them straight to the spam bin.

Nevertheless, like mentioned above, Joel is constantly working to better his programs to provide an outstanding service. GVO came a long way and many flaws have been corrected over the years to better the program. Apart from my small downside with the autoresponder service, I see no other major flaws. 


GVO rating


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Google Sniper 2018 Review

Google Sniper is an affiliate-marketing course developed by George Brown and it is based on teaching you how to build “sniper sites” that will rank highly with Google.

google sniper review
This marketing course is an exact blueprint of the system that George had used himself to become a successful internet marketer. The tutorials are presented in video and pdf’s that is updated with every new version of GS. Google Sniper 3.0 is the third installment in the initial Google Sniper program.

This is a great starter package for beginners as well as advanced marketers that are interested in building multiple blogs/sites to earn an additional or full time income.

Still worth buying in 2018? Let us find out with this detailed review.

Who is the Creator of Google Sniper?

google sniper founderGeorge Brown made well over $500,000 in 2010 with the launch of Google Sniper without any cost or traffic generation. He was only 17 years old when he made a success online and started GS, he also enabled 50 individuals to quit their jobs and earn a full-time income online through his system when it was released. Because of his massive success and obviously the success of others, Google Sniper went viral very quickly and became one of Clickbank’s favorite products among affiliates.

The Price?

Monthly fee of $47.


How does Google Sniper work?

GS will teach you 3 basic principles:

  • How to research profitable niches.
  • How to find good keyword sets for your niches. 
  • How to find a good product that goes along with your niches.

GS is a 3 step process that needs to be followed in the exact steps provided:

  • Pick the Clickbank products that you want to promote. 
  • Create your Sniper website along with the best keywords to use. 
  • Watch for traffic and tweak your websites for maximum leverage.

To sum it up...The objective of using Google Sniper would be on how to create “sniper sites” with WordPress along with a set of plugins to help you get to the top of Google’s search results. The major key to GS and the reason for its success would be on how easy it is to find profitable keywords and get them ranked on Google, by building mini web pages.

The methods involve targeting specific keywords by using exact match domains, and then obviously these domains become an authority for the keyword or niche and rank well on Google.

Product Overview

There are 4 main elements to expect. Webinars, downloadable ebooks and PDFs, video training and external resource links.

Getting started. In this section you will find the introduction from, George Brown and learn how to navigate through the area.
The Google Sniper Course will be the main course. This is where you will learn how to build niche websites and outsource certain tasks. This will be done via video training and user manuals in the form of eBooks.
The Sniper X Training is the part where you will get to ask questions and get answers via the Live Questions & Answers webinars that are made by George himself. All webinars are recorded for later use as well.

The Sniper Cash Machine is a new section that was added to GSniper 3.0. This was designed for all the newcomers, to make it easier for them to enter into marketing. This will give members insight on the value of low budget starter campaigns. This is basically extra training on the 4 additional marketing strategies, to help you promote your brand and/or affiliate products. 

gsniper review


The Google Sniper training is easy to follow with step-by-step training.

The platform is somewhat easy to navigate.

There is a 60-day refund period for those who decide this product is not for them.

The third version of Gsniper has a bit more of a selection of informative videos.

There are users that have been able to establish a passive income using GSniper.

google sniper 0.3



I had found some of the methods to be outdated for, the online industry had some massive changes quite recently and some of his techniques will not work in 2018. Things that used to work, stopped working and the older tactics of this product does not really work with the 2018 updates of other programs. Video’s are severely outdated.

It is not as easy as promised, you will still need to have some advance marketing skills to promote your products in the right manner. Sales pages are losing popularity and even with all the traffic in the world, you will still need to monetize.

The layout is a bit confusing, you need to flip back and forth between the video and the text, taking up too much time.

GS does provide support, but it is very basic support. No communities of any sort, just the support ticket submissions. Also support tickets are limited, you can only submit a ticket once you have finished all training.

There are a lot of upsales.

Bottom line...

This was a hot program 5 years ago, today, not so much anymore. Would’ve been nice if George made the effort to revamp his training according to the new SEO tactics. From my point of view, GSniper is not worth buying as it costs the same as membership sites with daily updates. Low rating is solidly based on outdated training. Not a scam but, I will only recommend it for those who can manage to go back in time.

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google sniper rating


Have you used Google Sniper? Please be so kind to tell us about your experience. Many Thanks!

ClickBank University 2018 Review

clickbank university reviewClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate marketplaces when it comes to selling digital products and anyone that is familiar with affiliate marketing knows this. For years now, ClickBank  has been a well known platform for affiliate marketers and vendors. ClickBank University will teach you how to create your own products to sell online or how to
market the products of others with affiliate marketing.

clickbank university foundersClickBank University upgraded to 2.0 about 3 years after their launch in 2013. You can now create your own digital product and market it on ClickBank, all with the new useful tools of CBU 2.0. There are also courses to help and guide people when it comes to affiliate marketing.

The price might seem extreme, but if you consider the benefits of the product, it might just be worth your time, let us find out in this review.

What about the cost?

$47 per month.
The upsale will cost an additional $594.

Detailed Overview 

ClickBank University 2.0. Includes the following:
  • The exclusive ClickBank University Community
  • Specially curated add-on trainings
  • Live events for a fraction of the price
  • Discounts on ClickBank’s favorite tools
  • Bi-weekly expert classes

clickbank university 2.0

CBU Toolkit:  Social media tools, website domain, email service provider (ESP), etc. will be needed to run a successful online business. These tools are part of the CBU Toolkit, which you will need to pay extra for seeing as it is part of the upsale.

Essential services, tech providers and special deals are included in the toolkit along with starter guides, videos, checklists and how-to pdf's.

Traffic center:  The traffic center includes video tutorials teaching you how to generate unlimited traffic. It shows you exactly how to flood your own or someone else’s offers with traffic. 

clickbank university affiliate training8-week affiliate:  Your 8 Week Affiliate Track Instructor will be Adam Horwitz. Interesting fact about Adam, he made his first six figures when he was just 20 years of age.

This course will teach you how to promote the products on ClickBank as an affiliate. You will not create your own product but, promoting the products of other to earn affiliate commissions.

The 8 week Affiliate Track is great for those who Do Not want to create a website or product, have not generated loads of money online yet or those who just started making money online.

clickbank university vendor training12-week vendor class:  The training for vendors covers a lot of topics, such as how to create a digital product, or how to scale up your ClickBank business. Topics like how to create a sales funnel and how to create a customer avatar will also be discussed. There will also be other topics including, how to create a landing page/squeeze page, how to drive traffic to your landing page, how to get affiliates to promote your product and so much more.

There is a weekly Live Questions & Answers webinar, it gets recorded for later use, with Adam and Justin to help you answer any and all questions you might have.

Your 12-Week Publisher Track Instructor will be Justin Atlan. It will be discussed how Justin made his first millions. He will teach you methods on how to create and promote products that will be profitable.

Do you want to ratchet up your success to a higher level, do you want to leverage ClickBank’s gigantic affiliate network or do you want to run an information publishing business? If you do then ClickBank Publishing is for you.

clickbank university


  • CBU has a 30 day money back guarantee for those who decide that the product is not for them.
  • CBU has a YouTube channel containing videos with useful information. The videos are high quality and provides insight on online marketing and how it works.
  • CBU holds weeks and weeks of lessons which are a mixture of over the shoulder videos and face to face videos.
  • ClickBank, created ClickBank Builder 2.0. Meaning you can customize your ClickBank Offers very easily.
  • The professionals can help the new members by using the active ClickBank Community.
  • Most of the training concludes around creating products, which differs from most of the other money making systems that I have reviewed.
  • The membership now includes a weekly Questions & Answers webinar to help you answer unanswered questions.

clickbank university

  • The training focuses on ClickBank Builder, this means that you will need to purchase the Builder if you are are serious about making a success with the program.
  • Once you join you only have limited access to the video content. You get only a few to watch at a time before having to wait for the next one. This is with both the affiliate and vendor training. I am not patient and a fast learner, hate to wait for training when I have the ability and time to go "speedy", the reason why I list it as a con.
  • The lessons only include paid traffic, especially Facebook Ads. It does not cover much on free traffic, which includes search Engine Optimization (SEO). One already pays quite a bit for the training and tools, free methods of getting traffic should also be included as it will benefit both parties.  
  • When counting up all the payments needed, it can cost you +- $1000 a year. This does not even guarantee you results in a specific amount of time. This program should only be purchased if you are serious in making it work.
  • It is hard to move your website somewhere else once you have started with the Builder tool, because the this tool has certain aspects that can make your website look like a hot mess once you move it somewhere else. It is not that you can not move, it's just a lot of hard work seeing as you will need to basically redo everything once you move to make your website look appealing.

Bottom line...

CBU is a great choice if you want to sell your own products. The training for Vendors is not bad at all and I can see one making money if the lessons are followed with dedication. So, if you have a product that you want to sell online, this would be perfect. As for the affiliate training, not the best there is, if one wants to purchase just for that reason. I feel they can add more as affiliate marketing has loads of aspects that needs to be covered in order to be successful. To sum it up; If you want to become a successful Vendor, this is the program for you. If you want to be a thriving affiliate, I suggest looking at something a bit cheaper that covers all aspects like Wealthy Affiliate.

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clickbank university rating


You are a super star and made it all the way to the end of my review. Please be so kind to leave feedback in the form of a comment. Would love to hear about your experience with ClickBank University or your valuable opinion regarding the program.

Global Test Market 2018 Review

global test market reviewGlobalTestMarket, owned by Ligthspeed Research, a principal investment of WPP Plc, also known as the world's biggest media and advertising agency. With millions of members, covering 200 different countries, and having granted over $30 million worth of prizes since 1999, the year they were founded, you can believe they have a solid and a creditable platform behind it. There is a great chance that you have heard about GlobalTestMarket, that is if you have heard about paid surveys. In this review, we will discuss the pros and cons so you can decide if this product is worth your time or not.

How does it work?

You will get rewarded by GlobalTestMarket for every online survey that you complete, receiving points or sweepstakes entries. You will also be able to exchange points in the rewards catalogue for vouchers and/or donations to charities.

There are a few different surveys to partake in, including Automotive, Tourism, Media, B2B, Accessories, Electronics, Leisure, Personal, Restaurants, Social and Food, to only name a few.

global testmarket reviewDevelopment of products and services from the top companies are impacted by the online surveys that you complete. It is up to you if you want to help shape the future of the products that make it to the markets by sharing your opinion today.

Registration is very simple, all you have to do is give a name and email or you can register directly using your Twitter or Facebook account. It is free and there is no unnecessary information needed, just click the validation link sent to your email and you are good to go. You can increase your chances by filling out your profile, this is not personal or private information. Your personal profile consists of things like your interests, lifestyle or health. This makes it easier to identify the surveys that you are interested in.

global testmarket reviews

GlobalTestMarket does have Privacy and Confidentiality. Personal data is kept undisclosed and the online survey responses are anonymous. The online survey responses are only used to help with market research. Unrequested emails will not be a consequence of joining GlobalTestMarket. Please do read the FAQs and Privacy Policy if you do request more information.


How do you get paid?

The points you earn can be exchanged for cash via your PayPal account, vouchers for shops that are in the country that you live in, Gift Cards from Amazon, or reward can be donated to charities in the country you reside in. The points you earn can be seen within the account after about 30 minutes.

global test market
When you have not done surveys for 12 months the points will expire. Gift Card request, require about 3850 points. The points needed for a payout can vary, depending on the country you reside in.

When completing surveys, you will frequently get the chance to enter the GlobalTestMarket lottery. With the lottery you stand a chance to win anything between a $1 and a $1000. The shorter surveys only give chances to the lottery. The email invitation you receive will tell you what your awards are before you even start.

global test market

How much money can you make?

It is important that you know, survey sites, including GlobalTestMarket is not the way to go if you are looking for a way to make a monthly income, but it is a great way to make a little side money

The average time it takes to fill in a survey is about 15-20 minutes. All surveys have an estimated time, so you can know how long it will take before you even begin. There are guidelines to help you fill in the surveys faster. The time spent filling in the survey is a guideline to the rewards that will be earned.

There will not be as much day to day occasions to obtain rewards, seeing as GlobalTestMarket offers only surveys as a way to earn a little cash on the side. 


  • MarketPoints can be earned by referring friends and family. It is called Referral Points.
  • GlobalTestMarket has a dependable company behind it.
  • There is a numerous amount of surveys to fill in and it is very easy to use.
  • The use of PayPal for cash payments is a bonus.
  • GlobalTestMarket is available in countless countries.
  • Age limit of only 14.


  • You can only cash out when you have earned enough points equivalent to $50.
  • You need to qualify for a survey, to qualify you need to fill out a questionnaire which can take up to 20 minutes. Sometimes after spending the time to fill out the questionnaire, you do not qualify for the survey which means your time was wasted. You don’t get compensated for time spent filling out questionnaires.
  • It takes 4 to 6 weeks for a payment request to be processed.
  • The customer support is about average.

Bottom line...

There are a number of success stories, but there is also a numerous amount of reportedly unsatisfied customers that are unhappy with the services provided.

Unhappy users reported the following:

After completion of surveys they do not get their rewards because the quota is full, or the survey just shuts them out.

Some complain that it is just too slow, it is not paying enough or that they never receive their money.

Account get closed for no reason once they reach the minimum amount of points needed for a cash out.

The customer support is basically unreachable when you have a problem that needs immediate attention.

GTM is nice to use as an extra site to do a survey every once in a while. The site is reliable, but not my first choice. Unfortunately, it does not just take a couple of questions before you get rejected for a survey, it takes an entire questionnaire. If it had taken only a few questions I would increase my rating.

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global test market review

Have you used Global Test Market? Please leave a comment below to help others find a paid survey site, that works best for them.

WebStarts 2018 Review

Webstarts reviewWebStarts is an all-in-one, when it comes to creating a free website, an online store or even a blog. It does not matter if you are an enterprise, or creating a personal website, WebStarts has you insured. The drag and drop feature makes it easier for all to use, but it is still robust enough for the experienced to use. The web design software, web hosting and domain name are also included.

WebStarts allows you to build your website without needing to code or program it. WS is a Do It Yourself web builder with hundreds of templates to choose from. You can decide if this program suits you after we discuss it and go through all the pros and cons.

webstarts features

Create a distinguished mobile version of your website with the Mobile Ready feature.

Resize, crop and apply effects to any image with the Image Editing feature.

WebStarts has free video hosting. You can upload and share videos on your website with the "Hosted Video" feature.

Boost your content marketing by writing a blog using new content with the "Write A Blog" feature.

"Create a website" allows you to build a magnificent website that indicates the significance of your information, products and/or services.

The "Search Engine Submission" feature enable you to submit your site to Google if you upgrade to the paid plan.

Sell services and product directly from your website by creating an online store with the "Start An Online Store" feature. It is made easy with the instant payment processing.

webstarts overview

The "Right Click Disable" averts others from downloading your content without permission.

If you know a bit of code the "HTML Access" feature enables you to write your own CSS and HTML so you can modify any or every characteristic of your designs.

The "Automatic Domain Setup" allows your domain to instantly start working after you choose a domain and create a site.

The "Easy Access Domain Name" enables you to search domain names and see if they are still available.

You can connect with the visitors on your website with the "Live Chat".

Another important feature is the capability of backing up your website and being able to restore previous versions of the website. This helps you so you do not lose the work you have done. It also allows you to go back when you made a mistake so rest easy.

webstarts founderThere are different plans, each with a different amount of monthly storage and bandwidth.

What about the cost?

Free plan comes with 1GB storage and 1GB bandwidth: Free

Pro Plan comes with 5GB storage and 25GB bandwidth: $4.89/month

Pro Plus Plan comes with 10GB storage and 100GB bandwidth: $7.16/month

Business Plan comes with 40GB storage and unlimited bandwidth: $19.99/month 

webstarts pricing

  • The price is totally worth it. Instead of having to buy the entire program, you have the choice to obtain other products too.

  • WebStarts allows you to enter a domain name to check if it is available. Aldo this feature is not included in the free version, it is very handy.

  • The fact the social media sites like Facebook and Instagram is incorporated helps a lot seeing that a big portion of time spent on the internet is in fact spent using social media.

  • WebStarts has excellent customer care, and has an easy to use platform.

  • The web pages are easy to maintain after an easy setup.

  • The ability to create a website from your mobile phone is an extraordinary feature.

  • There are tutorial videos and articles to help you thru the process and to help you learn.

  • WebStarts provide excellent customer support, with email and forum support. They do also have a blog for all users. They always answer questions within a business day.

  • They provide professional templates to help you get going without exhausting your time. The drag and drop feature is also an easy to use attribute. 

webstarts blog


  • WebStarts is not completely optimized for mobiles. The templates provided does not always work the way you would want them to.

  • A few of the templates are not designed to the extend they could be.

Bottom line...

Webstarts is a great website builder, considering the price. The free version has more than enough features to start a basic website or blog. Most people are not familiar with coding, making it the perfect builder for coding dummies. Like always, I recommend products with a free version that enables people to test the service before they spend hard earned cash and Webstarts allows you do just that! In addition, I find the regular blog posts on the site to be quite useful, always great tips about website development. 

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webstarts rating

Have you used WebStarts? Please leave a comment below to help others find the website builder that works best for them.