Inbox Blueprint 2018 Review

inbox blueprint review16 November 2018 
Want to know if  Inbox Blueprint is legit and worth spending money on? With this review I will cover what you get and then we will look at the pro's and con's of the program to help you make an informed decision.   

But first, let me show good manners and welcome you to my website, hope your visit will be pleasant.  What fun is it to only have an opinion that is one sided right? Please be so kind to leave a comment before you leave, so we can solve this problem and give others more reading material to help them make a better choice. Thanks! 

In short, what is Inbox Blueprint?

It is a learning course that will teach you how to create a online business, using email marketing, no matter if you have a list or not. It is divided into 8 modules/steps, all listed below and explained. These steps will teach you all the basics of building a list with email marketing.

To sum it up: The training is dedicated to teaching you, how to earn a passive income without having the need to work 12 hours a day. It focuses on Affiliate marketing, so you do not need to spend the time and effort of having to create your own products.

Who is the founder?

Anik Singal is the founder.  He is a very successful business man and have a multitude of products and knowledge to offer. In my opinion, Anik is the master when it comes to email-marketing as he has been doing it for many years successfully. He also has the ability to explain complex methods in a easy to understand manner. 

Anik singal

What about the cost?

There are 2 plans to choose from, and they are basically the same plan with just different ways of payment. You can either make 3 payments of $397 or a single payment of $997 which will save you $194. There are no Up-sales or extra costs, everything is included in the above mentioned payment plans.  

Note: Usually, I try to encourage people to go for cheaper learning programs as one can see from all my reviews, however, this one is one of very few, I feel has a reasonable price for the quality of the training that is offered. 

Inbox blueprint reviewSo, what do I get?

As I previously stated, Inbox Blueprint is divided into 8 modules/steps, each with a training task for you to complete after learning everything you can from the module. I will explain them to you in detail below.

Step/Module 1: The Addiction Meter

This is where you will start with your training. This step teaches you everything about niches. We all know it can cost a lot of money to build a successful, especially when you are struggling to find the right niche which is why IB provides you with 30 profitable ones to choose from. This is, furthermore, the step where you choose the products you will be promoting and you will learn the various methods there is about making money online.

Outline of the course:

  • How to do research on niches that are profitable, such as, YouTube, Google, Clickbank and more.
  • How do you use Launchpad Niches?
  • Locate niches for email marketing that are profitable.
  • The TASK: Choose an email marketing Niche, that is profitable, for your business.
Inbox blueprint reviews

Step/Module 2: The Bait

This step is where you will learn about mailing lists, and how to create them. We all know that email marketing is worth nothing if you do not have a mailing list. In order to have people, join that list, you will have to have emails with content that lures people in. Step 2 will teach everything you need to know, in order to design the best opt-in pages.

Outline of the Course:

  • Learn how to create a converting opt-in page
  • Intro to opt-in pages.
  • Double or single opt-in
  • Learn how to design opt-in pages
  • Skyrocket your mailing list, by learning the top Copy writing techniques.
  • Learn about the top button colors that can convert
  • Learn how to create a lead magnet otherwise know as the bait
  • The TASK: Create your first opt-in page that is highly Convertible
Inbox blueprint

Step/Module 3: Thank You Page Method (TYP Method)

This is where the training gets exited. This is where Anik will teach you how to monetize a thank you page in order to earn money from the start. This will help you to keep in front of other marketers. You will also be able to do this with the help of LaunchPad.

Outline of the Course:

  • Discover the top strategies for Thank You Pages.
  • Learn how to distribute the “bait”. ( Mentioned above)
  • Learn how to create a Thank You Page offer that is irresistible.
  • Learn the secret of a Thank You Page that is profitable.
  • The Task: Decide on an offer and then create your profitable Thank You Page.

Step/Module 4: Email Machine

We all know that a machine is a system that makes work/life easier. This is what you want when you are an email marketer. With so many things to do, it would be really nice if there was a way to get it done faster and easier. Well, there is. Inbox Blueprint will teach you how to automate your business, in order to lessen the time you spend working. It does cost money, but some email marketing companies provide free trials and so forth, to help you out. Email marketing companies you can use to make life easier, include, Aweber, Get-response, Send Lane, ConvertKit and so much more, you can, furthermore, just continue to use IB.

Outline of the Course:

  • Learn how to track clicks
  • An Intro to Auto-responders
  • Automated or Broadcast, which one should you choose
  • The Task: Choose an Email Marketing Provider and set up your campaign.

Step/Module 5: Email Relationship

There is a lot more to email marketing than just earning money. Your customers will need to be provided with value, in order to keep them from leaving your email list. This is where building a relationship with your customers and showing them that you care comes in handy. Show them that you do not just see them as a way to earn money.

Outline of the Course:

  • Discover the importance of testing an email before sending it.
  • Learn how to build a relationship with subscribers.
  • Learn about great promotional emails and how to write them.
  • Learn about the email lifeline. (How many promotional emails should be sent)
  • Learn how to write emails during a launch.
  • Learn which writing subject lines will be opened and which not
  • Learn how to provide your subscribers with valuable content
  • The Task: Set up automated sequences.
Inbox blueprint review

Step/Module 6: The Secrets of Payday.

This is where you will discover the secrets of making even more money with your business.

Outline of the Course:

  • Increase conversions by adding fast action bonuses
  • Use webinars to sell products, which includes affiliate offers.
  • Monetize your list while building your relationships
  • What are the secrets of promoting product launches?
  • Affiliate Programs, monetize with them
  • Event marketing, like Black Friday
  • Discover simple tweaks which can increase earnings enormously
  • The Task: Buy Inbox Blueprint and to apply the tactics.

Step/Module 7: Easy Traffic

Traffic is a very important part of making money with your business. Without traffic there will not be any earnings, which is why it is no coincidence that traffic can be the hardest part of marketing. Step 7 will teach you what you need to know and how to drive free traffic to your business.

Outline of the Course:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Guest blogging
  • Google Ads
  • Commenting on relevant blogs
  • Forums
  • Social Media
  • Yahoo Answers
  • The Task: Make your business successful by driving traffic to your opt-in pages.
Inbox blueprint review

Step/Module 8: Unlimited Success

When you reach this step, you know that IB is the place for you. This is where you will learn how to increase your “opening” and “deliverability” rates, because if these rates are too low, you will not make a lot of money.

Outline of the Course:

  • Either get Fancy or get Simple.
  • Learn how to increase conversions and open rates.
  • Discover the metrics that are most important.
  • Uncover, how to avoid emails going to the spam, folder.
  • The Task: Stay on track and SCALE your business.

Other tools to make work easier

The Launch Pad

Software that has cost hundreds of thousands to develop and make it effective. This will assist you greatly if you choose to use it.

  • Launchpad Software Access:
  • 30+ fully automated niches
  • 4 000+ opt-in designs and templates
  • 200 500+ content in the form of PDFs or Emails
  • Integration with Sendlane
  • Unlimited business building potential
Inbox blueprint review
The Member’s Only Forum

This is where you will be able to interact with other members as well as coaches. 

Things I liked about the program...

The training covers everything there is about email marketing and leaves nothing out.

The training is easy to follow, in both video and written format.

Only one payment needed. No Upsales.

Access to 30+ niches that are profitable. Always a hassle for newbies to work with niches and find the right ones. This is a big help.

Training with Anik himself.

Support from members and the support team is top notch. They offer 24/7 support. 

Things I did not like...

Can be a bit expensive if one is not sure about going the email marketing route and only want to test first.

Not entirely newbie friendly.
Inbox Blueprint is mostly used by advanced marketers, because it can be challenging for newbies in the beginning stages. 

Support can sometimes take long, depends greatly on the time zone.

Final word...

Like I mentioned above, the pricing is quite steep, BUT it is worth it, if one is serious about building a online business. If you are not sure if you will be able to keep up or fully devote your spare time to this, rather opt for something cheaper. In addition, no one in this life-time can simply buy a program and be rich by the next day. Just like with any business, hard work and dedication is required to go big. This is Not a get rich quick scheme, Work Will Be Required!

If you feel uncomfortable spending too much and not sure if you will be able to make it work, feel free to pick a cheaper program at first and then consider to buy Inbox Blueprint later when you have more basic knowledge about internet marketing.    

Visit Inbox Blueprint  

Inbox blueprint rating

Do you use Inbox Blueprint or have you used it in the past?
Please be so kind to tell us about your experience. This will help others to make an informed decision. Thank you, it is much appreciated! 

Solo Build It (SBI) - 2018 Review

Updated: 01 November 2018
With this Review, I would like to put the real facts on the table about SBI. This will cover the support, price and tools offered. It will also include my personal likes and dislikes of the product. This review is not intended to re-direct you to buy another program that is "better" but, only to give facts that will help you to make up your own mind. Now, lets get started by having a look at what is offered in short, without having to write an PDF style review that will bore you with unnecessary details. 

What is Solo Build It all About?

Solo Build It, is an Affiliate training and website building, membership site. It provides the necessary tools needed for building the perfect website with lessons, articles, tools and so forth, to help you to become successful at profitable website development.  To sum it up... SBI is a platform that teaches and helps people to build websites and then earn a passive income from those websites.
SBI believes in the CTPM system, which stands for, content, traffic, pre-sale and monetize. The CTPM system is there to help you focus on what is important, the niche you choose for your website, and then building it up. It teaches you how to create the perfect content, directing traffic and build the necessary relationships with your customers.  Hosting is included and the platform will also help you to pick the perfect domain.

Who is the Founder?

Ken Evoy founded the membership site back in the 90's, making it one of the oldest programs around. 

What does the membership cost?

The price to join SBI is $29.99 per month, or $299 per year, which will save you about $60. They have a 90 day money back guarantee, which allows you to purchase SBI risk free. 

What does SBI have to offer?


The training is the area where you will learn everything you need to know to become successful online. There are multiple ways of learning that includes videos, lessons and so forth. These cover topics such as:

  • Understanding your visitors and audience.
  • Building free traffic using a wide range of sources.
  • Finding a site idea and registering a domain name for your website.
  • Finding topics and choosing a niche that is profitable.
  • Building relationships with customers and potential clients.
  • Building a site that generates traffic.


Domain and Hosting

SBI includes a domain name in your initial purchase, meaning there will not be any extra cost when choosing a domain name. You choose it, they register it in your name, it is that simple.
Hosting is included in the initial purchase, sparing you from more extra costs. It includes 1 year long free web hosting with email. Hosting is unlimited and reliable.


A fully integrated email service is included in your plan. If you prefer Gmail or any other email service, no problem. Just integrate SBI and you can continue using them, no need to change it.

Site Designer

SBI has a hundred themes, if not more, for you to choose from. No need to stress if you are not a graphic person. All themes are designed by different designers to give you a wide range of themes that look stunning. These themes are mobile optimized and can be viewed from any device.

If you decide you want to customize your theme, to give it a more personal look, no problem. Site Designer has easy to use tools to help you create that perfect site. If you want more advanced customization's and want to use HTML, CSS or something else, you can just upload them to SBI. 

Block Builder

To some, site building can be quite daunting. SBI’s Block Builder teaches you how to build a site that is friendly to both man and machine. It uses drag and drop tools, which means HTML, JAVA Script, Perl and FTP will not be necessary. 

Customized Mobile Experience

This feature gives you the ability to hide certain things on your site specifically for mobile, desktop or both.


If you are already using HTML, CSS and so forth, you can just upload your pages to SBI and continue further. The only difference is that you will then be able to use all tools provided by SBI to create and build the perfect website.

Page and Image Manager

Page and Image Manager allows you to manage your images and content, without the knowledge of the technical aspects of website building and managing. 

Content 2.0 boosts your SBI power to 2, enabling visitors of SBI to create websites and drive traffic more efficiently. 

Automated and Regular Blogging

Blogging has never been easier as this. SBI will automatically ad your website to a blogging format and then create an RSS feed in order to allow people to subscribe. The work is done for you, and it costs you nothing.

You also have the option to plug in WordPress or any other blog platform into SBI if you want to.

Traffic Building Systems

Traffic Building System is a group of tools designed to help you build traffic and rank your website. The tools in this group range from Pay Per Click Acceleration to Traffic stats. The tools in this group are as follows:
  • State of the Web Private Traffic Headquarters
  • Automatic Search Engine Tracking
  • Automatic Search Engine Sitemap Creation
  • Search Engine Ranking Reports
  • Automatic Search Engine Pinging
  • Traffic Stats and Click Analysis
  • Analyze It
  • Pay Per Click Acceleration

Trust Building Tools

These tools help you to establish a relationship with trust, between you and your clients. Everyone knows that without trust, your site will not do too well. These tools include the following:
  • Social Button Integration
  • Socialize It
  • Face It
  • Autoresponder/Form Build It
  • Facebook’s Open Graph Tags
  • Email Newsletter Publishing
  • Blog It
  • Pin It


The Monetization group has 2 tools, Infin It, which is a tool that enables you to plug in third party resources, and Private Monetization Headquarters, which is a tool that helps you turn visitors into dollars.

Guidance and Support

When you do not have the help you need, it will not matter how much time and money you put into it and it will not matter what tools you have access to. Luckily SBI has a great support team and are always there to help you when you need it. They even have support tools and they are the following:

  • Action Guide
  • Make It
  • Private Resources Headquarters
  • Integrated Online Help
  • Private Forums
  • Private Tips and Techniques Headquarters
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • SBI Xpress Newsletter

Brainstorm It

The Site concept Finder tool helps you find the best concept for your site, in order to make it more successful and more appealing.

With the Advanced Brainstormer, there are two sides. The Two Lateralizing Brainstormers is a keyword research tool and the The Ultimate Verticalizer is also a keyword research tool, but it uses the entire web to generate words for you with the use of SBIder.

SiteSell Suply is a tool used to scour the web for themes and topics that are popular on content sites. This helps you make more informed decisions and allows you to see where the competition lies.

Site Info is used to gather competitive info on a keyword with just one click. This process will normally take professionals a whole lot longer than a few clicks.

With Alexa Integration, you can gather info of competitors easily.

Niche Choose It is an invaluable tool that helps you choose the best domain and site concepts for your theme based content site.

With Search It, you will always be up to date about your site. Search It provides you with info like, where to find free images for your site, or which social media pages are posting about your site. It provides about a hundred possible searches in over 20 categories.

New and Updated Tools

  • EU Cookie Widget
  • Brainstorm It v4.0
  • Priority Build It
  • Google reCAPTCHA Integration With SBI
  • MailChimp & AWeber Integration With SBI
  • Pinterest Action Guide
  • AdSense It
  • Google PageSpeed Optimizations Built In
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Open Graph Tags
  • Pinterest Follow
  • Content 2.0 Multi-Image

What I liked...

90 days money back guarantee

Training can be done in video or text format

Huge Community Forum to receive support from

The variety of tools are amazing

Everything you need to build a website and start your own business is located in one place, no need for outsourcing. 

What I did not like...

No free option or trial to test the product out.

You can only build one website per membership

Cannot move your site to another company

An upgrade is needed when you receive more that 500 visitors

Affilorama 2018 Review

29 October 2018
Affilorama is an affiliate training program with lessons, blog post and so much more, to teach newbies and even experienced marketers a thing or two about affiliate marketing. They also teach their members how to create a profitable affiliate marketing business. Affilorama offers three different packages that will be further discussed in the product cost section. Now let's get started...

Who are the founders?

Affilorama was co-founded by Affiliate marketer Mark Ling and CEO Simon Slade back in 2006. 

What does the products cost?

Basic Training: Free

Pathway to Passive: $37.

AffiloBlueprint: $197.

AffiloTools: Free to join the Basic Plan. The Bronze is $17 per month, the Silver $47 per month, and the Gold $97 per month. You can pay $1 for a 30 day trial of the Premium Plan.

AffiloJetpack: $997. 

What does Affilorama have to offer?

Free Lessons

Introduction: An introduction to what Affiliate marketing is, and what every Affiliate marketer needs. Covers everything from, “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners” to “Tips on approving productivity”.

Market Research: Teaches you about how to conduct research on marketing, like keyword research and How to choose an Affiliate program. Lessons include topics like, How to do Keyword Research and What does your Market want.

Content Creation: Teaches you everything there is on how to create the best content. These lessons include topics such as, How To Record Affiliate Videos and Writing Product Reviews.

Site Building: Teaches you how to choose the perfect website builder and how to build the perfect website. Topics will include, for example, Anatomy of a Web Page and SiteMaps. 

Affilorama review

Marketing Ideas: This is where you get help on how to think outside the box and ideas for marketing. This is where topics like, How to Write A Blog Post and

SEO: Teaches everything you will need to know about Search Engine Optimization. Includes topics such as, What is Google PageRank and Introduction to Affiliate Marketing SEO.

PPC: This is where you will learn about Pay Per Click (PPC) also know as paid advertising, and how to make use of it. Covers topics like, What is PPC and Conversion Tracking.

Affiliate Outsourcing: Here you will be taught how to downscale or eliminate your workload with lessons about outsourcing. Topics, such as, Top Tips for Hiring and Keeping Workers Productive are included.
Pathway to Passive

Pathway to Passive is a guide designed to teach and help you create a successful site that will earn you passive income. 


Search Marketing Tools: With Search Marketing Tools you can take a better look at your rankings, keep track of your Search Engine rankings, Analyze and monitor your backlinks and even discover technical errors which can harm your rankings. This will also allow you to discover which keywords are most important and where to focus your attention.

Competition Analysis Tools: With these Competition Analysis Tools, you can add any website to monitor, even the sites of your competitors. This allows you to keep an eye on their progress and if they are catching up to you. If they are catching up to you, you can, furthermore, see how they are doing this. You can, moreover, take a look at the backlink strength of your opponents site to see where you stand. 

Affilorama review

Website Health Check Tool: The Website Health Check Tool keeps an eye on your website to make sure there are no errors or problems of any sort. If there are problems or errors, it will alert you the moment you login to AffiloTools. This tool helps you make sure that your website is performing the best that it can.

AffiloTools will, furthermore, provide you with Grapfs and statistics, showing you your site's rankings, earnings social activity and so much more.

Affilorama tools


AffiloBlueprint is a course that will show you, step by step, how to build profitable websites. It is divided into 3 parts.

Part 1 - Part one is where you will be taught, how to create a website using a money making topic. You will, furthermore, learn how to recognize topics which can generate a lot of money, along with the best products to promote.

Part 2 - If your site does not have visitors, you will not earn any money. With Part 2, you will learn strategies on how to generate a huge amount of traffic for your site.

Part 3 - This is where you will learn how to optimize your website in order to get more sales. A few steps can literally be the difference between $60 a week and $400 a week.

Bonus - When choosing AffiloBlueprint, you will also receive a website building tool which would normally cost you $97. With this, you will, moreover, receive a custom made WordPress theme called AffiloTheme. This will make it easier for you to build a website that looks professional.

Other features include:

  • Private members’ forum
  • 1 year hosting for a single website
  • Lifetime access
  • Lessons and Course notes to download
  • 90+ Step by step video lessons

Affilorama reviews


With AffiloJetpack you will be provided with everything you need to build the perfect money making system. It is divided into 4 components.

Component 1 - Component one consists of 90 or more emails, which were designed by experts. These emails are designed to build trust between you and your clients, which will eventually lead to sales.

Component 2 - This component consists of three free reports, usually called bait. Bait is the thing that will entice potential client to make the leap and become permanent clients.

Component 3 - AffiloJetpack will create and then host your site for you. The site will be stunning and enticing to clients, leading to more sales. You can also customize it, so it fits your ideas.

Component 4 - This is basically a content cheat sheet. It will provide you with hundreds of articles which are unique and top quality.

Bonus - The bonus consists of traffic generation strategies which will help you to generate a great amount of traffic.

The following is included with the AffiloJetpack plan:

  • 1 Year email newsletter
  • 3X Free Reports
  • 3X Ebook Graphics
  • AffiloTheme
  • 12 Months Web Hosting
  • Website Set up (Done for you)
  • Website Content Creating (Easy)
  • Topic choosing (Easy. 18 profitable choices)
  • Build Time (6 hours to 6 days. It depends on you)
Affilorama 2018 review

Affilorama Blog

The Blog offers you multiple lessons and articles about different topics, but mainly on how to start a blog and how to make it successful. 

affilorama review


The Affilorama Forum, offers you a multitude of articles/forums on multiple topics. If you are looking for a piece of certain info, you will probably find it on the forum.

Affiliate Glossary

The Affiliate glossary is a massive list from A to Z, listing things you might endure while working on your affiliate sites. These include things like Black Hat, Google Panda, and so much more.

What about Support?

The program has support round the clock for 365 days a year. Support can be contacted via email, phone or you can ask another member for help. They also have online support articles, covering a wide range of topics. 

best learn how to make money online

Education Solutions

Education Solutions are ideal for online courses or classroom discussions. It can be easily scaled for singles class or multi-campus offering. It provides you with examples of working affiliate website in the real world. Video lessons that are easy to follow is included, along with practical, hands on learning to develop skills for the real world. 

What I liked...

They offer a free membership which includes free videos, lessons and more. In my opinion, the amount of lessons offered is more than enough to get a total newbie on track and keep him/her busy for some time. Lessons are neatly organized and easy to follow, in fact, a child will be able to follow without a struggle.

Affilorama free lessons

Lots of "help topics" available on the help forum.

There are options to upgrade to better packages with a 60 Day money back guarantee.

The longer your subscription, the more of a discount you get. Example, 3 years will be way cheaper that 1 year. 

What I did not like...


Some of the content is a bit outdated and can do with a re-do.

They have a community, but the members are not that active. Some questions are left unanswered or replies are weeks later.

To sum it up...

Awesome site if you want to learn all the basics for free. The "paid for" products are not too shabby either and will definitely set you on the right path. The community is not as active as I would like it to be, but if you can manage to follow instructions by yourself without the need for support, this will do just fine to teach you all that you need to know about building a successful online business.

Visit Affilorama

affilorama rating

Do you use Affilorama or have used it in the past?

Please be so kind to tell us about your experience. This will help others to make an informed decision. Thank you!