DreamHost - Review

DreamHost equals highly on my review chart for they're a high performance business class hosting company with alternatives for every budget and application. Again they deliver superior WordPress hosting, they install it and in addition to keep your WordPress site up to date. DreamHost host more than 500,000 WordPress sites alone.

They have the additional pros like limitless Storage and bandwidth, which naturally will always be the first of my priorities whilst it comes to a hosting company. Even if you start with just a modest site, whilst your online business grows and you set out to add additional elements, like more websites, sales pages, files or blogs you'll need more space, especially bandwidth. Nothing can be more frustrating than running out of bandwidth once your site or blog outset to bringing in vast amounts of traffic that will be downloading the free or paid offers on your page(s), and moving your site or blog could sometimes be a long and frustrating task costing more money and downtime.

DreamHost offers a 2 week test period which in my opinion equals a reasonable amount of time to give you adequate time to try out the hosting, support and functionality, before purchasing.

DreamHost are also carbon neutral meaning “going green”. They're a member of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power program.

When it bears on reading reviews I have to admit to reading several good reviews in addition to as bad ones equally. I had determined that most of the negative reviews had dated from quite a while back; therefore my conclusion would be that whatever problems they were running had hopefully been resolved, since more positive reviews tend to be in the recent time frame.

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