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HostGator are my preferred Host, mainly for they're the most reliable with little over 8,000,000 domains presently on their top of the line Dual Xeon servers. They provide 99% up-time guaranteed which is expected with their well equipped centers that connect to 10 providers. HostGator was established in 2002 and ever since it has been a leading provider inwards the hosting service that provide services to over 200 countries internationally. They offer Reseller, VPS, Shared and Dedicated server packages for beginners and experts. HostGator have an excellent Alexa Ranking of 243 with daily page views up to 11 580 222 which in the end make them a trusted site to count upon.

HostGator basically provide everything an online business demands to function with first-class support and uptime, which include unlimited Bandwidth and disk space, therefore you never have to concern about upgrading when space runs out, or when hosting a large site or blog with big graphics and downloads.

HostGator have a great c Panel, which is the most effective control panel to use on a hosting site because it makes navigation so much more easygoing. Fantastico will install almost all of the open source scripts with just a couple of clicks. I had found HosGator to be the most hands-down host when it comes to installment of WordPress and transferring domain from a different site like GoDaddy. For the non technical individuals, they provide a Site builder with a reasonable quantity of templates to build from.

The support with HostGator are always to count upon, they're available virtually 24/7 and the longest I had ever awaited for a request was more or less 26 hours. I consider the pricing to be very reasonable for a hosting site with very little defects and errors, and they act on their 45 day money back guarantee.

HostGator had recently go “green” They use renewable energy adequate to 130% of their power consumption, which even so again make them my preferred inwards playing part of our environment.

I have to state that there is literally hundreds of reviews about this hosting company, and it would call for a considerate amount of time reading just 10% of them, so I sieved through approximately 50, and I can truthfully say that the good reviews overpower the bad ones. I had followed up on 5 negative reviews and could not track down 3 of these individuals, one person was admitting to an error (broken link) within his own Wordpress site, and admits to moving his web site back to HostGator initially.


  1. Great article. So for anyone thinking about signing up with hostgator you can use coupon code applymydiscountcode to get a nice 25% off. Gotta save every penny you can

  2. Thanks for sharing - well appreciated

  3. Another great article and review Christene. I'm not so sure you're completely unbiased on this one, but with the qualities HostGator provides, how could I blame you? I was going to say you forgot to mention the monthly charge but then I looked to the right and saw the HostGator ad for $4.95 a month which is actually about half of what I'm paying on my site right now. So yet again, you've given me some great options to consider for the summer. Thanks!

  4. Thanks Joe, Yes I have great respect for this hosting company, for I had done business with them for a while without any major issues. We are currently running 33 websites on their hosting plan, without having to worry about down-time, bandwidth and space, which is something I absolutely need in order to keep reputation with clients. I am also affiliated with them proudly and most of the time we only use them for the hosting of new clients.

  5. my all sites down i am hostgator reseller from 6 months.


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