Market Samurai - Review

With this review, we will take a look at the Market Samurai keyword tool and determine if it is something that can benefit you or not.

Market samuraiWhat is Market Samurai?

Market Samurai is a keyword research tool that will help you to find the best keywords for your website or articles. It is software that can be downloaded on your PC or Mac. Apart from the keyword tool a range of SEO keyword tools is also included, like a keyword tracker and the SEO competition module to only name a few. Market Samurai is a product from Noble Samurai, an internet marketing group that provides marketing tools. 

The software allows you to organize your keyword campaigns and find filters to the keywords that you are searching for.

What exactly can Market Samurai do? 

  • The program search for the most relevant keywords for your niche by using real search volume data from Google

  • It tells you what markets are worth targeting and which one are best to avoid

  • Which keywords you should focus on for fast results and the ones that should be avoided

  • It will show you the markets with weak and strong competition.

  • Where to find quality backlinks and how much you need.

  • What topics you should write articles about.

  • Get Actual CTR and Adwords data from Google. (Good tool for advertisers)

  • Get actual CPC bid amounts for the top spots in Google Adwords

How much does it cost? 

One time fee of $149 and $10 a month for keyword tracking (Could be more, depends)

What it cannot do 

The program does not create backlinks for you; merely show you where to find them.

Market Samurai does not use Black hat SEO techniques.

This is not a magic tool that can be used to rank anything you can think of on the first page of Google.

The Tools...

Keyword Research Tool (Keyword Tracker)

The program source its data via Google thus, a login must be provided. You will get all the competition data for your keywords and you can use this data to find keywords to target that do not have huge competition but a good search volume.

What does the Keyword Tool offer?

Searches – This will be the average number of people that search for the keyword

SEOT – An estimate of the clicks you can expect to receive if you have a 1st page ranking for the specific keyword.

SEOC – The amount of web pages that includes the keyword or keyword term (long tail keyword) in the exact word order.

SEOTC – Total amount of web pages that includes all the words in your keyword or keyword term in the title.

SEOTCR – The ratio of SEOC to SEOTC. (Low score indicates weak competition)

SEOUC – Amount of web pages that mention the specific keyword or term in their URL.

PBR – percentage of phrase match searches out of the broad match searches for a specific keyword.

Trends – Indicates the monthly traffic trends for the particular keyword or phrase.

AWC – The number of advertisers bidding for the keyword or phrase.

AWT – The number of clicks that a 1st page ranking on Google can provide for advertisers.

AWCPC – An indication of what you can expect to pay for a 1st page advert for a specific keyword or phrase.

AWV – The value and cost of traffic for a 1st page ranked keyword on Google.

There are a few more to this list, these include the stats that are used the most.

SEO Competition Module

This module takes the keyword or phrase you want to target and display the top 10 results on Google’s front page. You will be able to determine if you have a chance at beating the competition or not with metrics that is provided.

Some of the metrics that are useful: 

DA – Age of the domain

PR – Google page rank of the domain

CF – Majestic Citation flow

IC – The index count (number of pages on the domain that is currently indexed)

RDP – Number of unique domains with a backlink that points to a specific page.

BLP – Total number of links that points to a specific URL.

BLD – Total number of external links that points to any page on a domain.

BLEG – Total number of .gov and .edu backlinks that point to a web page.

Title – If the title of a web page contains the keyword or not.

URL – If the website URL contains the keyword or not.

Head – If the keyword appears in the header tags or not

DESC – If the meta description tag contains the keyword or not.

The Rank Tracker Module

This will allow you to keep track of your site’s search results for specific keywords. Graphs will show an increase or decrease in traffic and will store the data on your keywords so you can compare the progress. Keep in mind that you only get to track 10 keywords and have to purchase additional credits to track more.

What other features does Market samurai have?

Monetization – This feature is helpful for those who enter a new market and looks for products that will match. The module will search Amazon, Commision Junktion, PayDotCom and ClickBank using your keyword to pull up possible affiliate products.

Find Content – You will then be presented with a list of content that contains your keyword that is found on specific sites that you have selected.

Publish Content - An area where you can publish content to numerous websites that you own and acts as a universal dashboard to publish to all your sites and blogs in one place.

Promotion – Gives you a list of Web 2.0 websites, forums, blogs and answer sites related to your keyword.

Domains – A list of available domains that are relevant to your keyword.

What about support?

The support center has video tutorials that give detailed explanations on every tool. Unfortunately, you will have to generate a support ticket if you get stuck since there is no direct contact details available. A response can take up to 3 days.

Market samurai review

Pros and Cons of Market Samurai.

No tool is perfect and there will always be a few flaws that needs addressing. First, let us have a look at the upside of the program and highlight the pros.
  • A strong visual tool that does a quite a few tasks at once, meaning you cut time.
  • The rank tracking will automatically update and show the ranking position for keywords on Google.
  • Helps to complete internet marketing tasks much more efficiently, faster and get better results.
  • Tells you what you need to do next by using data that is specific to your market. Meaning, you will not get confused or sidetracked with data that does not matter.

What about the cons? 

  • The SEO tool is limited. Does not offer much in other SEO categories.
  • Limited information is provided when it comes to the backlinks of competitors. Missing competitor analysis that is found in many other keyword tools.
  • Limited to only 10 Keywords in the Rank Tracker. For advance bloggers and content creators, it is costly to purchase more.
  • It is not an online tool and must be installed on a computer to work. A bit of a hassle if you work away from your own computer. In addition, the software must be updated often to keep it functioning well. 

Market samurai

Final word…
Market Samurai is a bit on the pricey side and I do not recommend it for those who does not to an extensive amount of research. It takes a little time to learn all the values and to master the tool correctly. For those who are completely new to keyword research I would not recommend it as a start up tool. Keyword tools available that is much simpler and cost much less yet they get the job done.

My Recommended Keyword Tool – Jaaxy

You're Turn...

Have you used Market Samurai or other keyword research tools? Which one is the best in your opinion? Please leave a comment below to help others find the tool that works the best for them.

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  1. I've watched one video on Market Samurai on YouTube and immediately saw the potential use of this keyword research tool. It's nice to know that a real person that I have some actual knowledge of believes in and uses the product as well. That will give me added comfort as I apply the crowbar to my wallet, lol. But seriously, thanks for taking the time to fill me in on your opinion. I may be waiting a little bit until I can spend some adequate time learning to use it, but I have a feeling this will be a 'must have' tool in my marketing arsenal.

  2. Thanks Joe, I love using this tool on a daily basis for it gives me much more flexibility, but yes only worth spending money on it, if you are truly going to use it in full scale.

  3. Market Samurai is a great keyword generator, this review is pretty accurate

  4. Hi Christene,

    thank you for your great review of this tool. I am wondering was there some changes on Market Samurai from time you write this article back in 2012. that would influence on you to change your mind? Is it better now in 2015.?

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

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  6. Great post! Full Market Samurai Review here!


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