Site build it (SBI) - Scam Review

Site build it (SBI) makes up an all-in-one online business building system developed by SiteSell. They provide you all the tools to construct a productive website with step by step video and written tutorials to build up a successful online business. I like the action guide demonstrating how to apply the tools and how to create a website that converts. SBI are ideal for beginners for this site have a very uncomplicated but yet powerful interface and they provide free eBooks for those struggling a bit. They also allow you to try out 5 of the modules free of charge.

The online manual will teach you how to build up a ranking site from start to finish with step by step instructions that’s easy to follow. I discovered that it's quite easy to build an e-business with SBI as they provide virtually of the tools along with SEO, keyword research, email and auto- responders, contact forms and page-building. They certainly give you a good advance in building an informative and well ranking site, saving you time and prevent you from making mistakes. SBI sustain great technical support and have a message board where you will be able to get questions answered or even help other people out once you're successful with the system.

The big question; are SBI a scam? This web site have well over 40, 000 happy customers due to the value they receive, solid traffic and a lot of successful sites running in effective ranking positions created by SBI, I did a Google search and within 10 minutes I had found 4 web sites that had been build and optimized by SBI running with good measures of traffic and popularity, therefore I rule them out for being a scam site. I have to add that everyone have different demands online and the site could work fine for me but for someone considering another strategy that SBI lacks in, it can flag a review of being a scam site.

I had study several reviews that indicate the site to be a scam, and I had follow up on a couple of them, I found a few dishonest competitors within the so called “scam reviews” meaning that individuals will post a bad review in order to promote their own product. Loads of reviews contain anything from outdated information and blunt out lies then covalently post the link to their product within their alleged scam report making the review a fake in my opinion. Please read up carefully on reviews that come from sites with a good reputation like the IM Report Card to make an informed decision. Remember the word “Keyword Research” yes even the scammer's know how to use it and the key phrase “Scam Review” carry a lot of weight online, therefore the pages containing this information will rank on the first pages and therefore giving the promoters a change to use legit sites as scam reports in order to get their products promoted instead.

Okay to answer your hanging question... I am not a Sitesell Affiliate this is a direct link not an affiliate related one, just my honest review.


  1. I don't know if they're a scam and don't really care but they do indulge in some creative numbers.

    Sitesell don't have 40,000 customers - they have 40,000 domain names registered. Big difference.

    According to founder Ken Evoy most members have 2 or more websites. That's 20,000 customers.

    They are encourage to register both hyphenated and unhyphenated domain names and redirect one. That's 10,000 customers.

    They make continual comparisons to themselves and wordpress.COM when wordpress.ORG is the true comparison.

    They claim to have helped "hundreds of thousands" of people build their business - with 10,000 customers? Seriously.

    Theie facebook page has 300, 000 likes - nearly all of them from India. Obviously paid for bot likes, not real people.

    All the warning signs that they ARE a scam are definitely there.

  2. Awful company, the owner is a bullying weirdo, comparable to a cult leader. Nothing works and the traffic of their sites is page 20 of Google search results.

    Sorry if this seems harsh but it's true. If they were at least honest about their faults and didn't ban people from forums I would respect them for it. But no, they aren't.

    Evoy is a revolting person.

  3. They are liars and expensive with it.

    From the lies on the marketing page, to the high price, to the crappy tools, to the liars in the forums, to the banning people who don't agree with them, to the awful results when you use their techniques, to the waste of time you get when you sign up, to their nasty, weird owner...take your pick.

    Other than that they are great.

  4. I dearly appreciate all the honest comments, and would most defiantly take it as serious for no-one had posted a review based on another affiliate link. I had worked with them about a year ago, without experiencing any real problems, except for the fact that customer service had been a little slow. I decided to move away and rather start building concrete websites that would be my own sole property. Looks like a lot had changed ever-since, enough for serious concern.

    The purpose of my blog is exactly THIS kind of comments that would help people to avoid programs that fail or in this case - reliable programs that starts to raise suspicion.

    1. The real problem Christene is that Google detests their sites unfortunately.

      They encourage the use of a tool called Analyze It which 'passes' your page if it is stuffed with keywords.

      This actually did work for a few years until 2010, when the search engines worked it out and it slammed 85% of their sites.

      Of course, things happen like this, and such is life.

      You deal with the problem and move on.

      Except Ken Evoy didn't.

      He proceeded to actually blame his own customers for this, and threatened many of them, even banning anyone who didn't agree with him completely.

      His team then produced this fake report claiming they knew exactly why Google hated their sites and what they had to do.

      It's a real shame as many good people lost years of their lives working hard on those sites only to have this happen.

    2. Thanks for the update Jon it is well appreciated. This review was written in 2012 and I will surely make a point to update it with the latest information as soon as possible.

      I had noticed that the SBI sites had vanished from Google and suspected that they did not follow through on updating for the latest "Google punishments"

      Indeed a shame, it is no joke to earn a substantial amount from traffic and then lose rankings along with hard work.

  5. Christene, I appreciate your fair review. Regarding the comments above, please don't believe everything that you hear. A lot of people target us because we are actually the only company that delivers success at high rates and levels.

    Unlike lies and myths and arbitrary opinion that slanders us, I present proof. Please follow these 2 links for yourself...

    1) Verifiable proof -
    Note that every site includes a domain. You can use SimilarWeb, Alexa and SEMrush to verify that they have high traffic. There are 6 different ways we prove success on that page.

    But this is the most impressive one...

    2) Head-to-Head Study -

    This is a scientific-level study that compares SBI! results to affiliates of Wealthy Affiliate. They get a list of 175 products to cover in reviews! We are on that list and are quite popular to attack.

    The reason, again, is that no one else provide verifiable proof of success. They don't, neither the company nor the affiliates. So they have to reply on lies, out-of-date info and bent mistruths. Review the study and you will see the the WHOLE story and Part 3 (full results). Here are some highlights...

    1) SBI! sites are 33 times (33X) more likely to achieve "Outstanding - Excellent" levels of traffic than Wealthy Affiliate.

    2) SBI! sites are 10 times (10X) more likely to achieve "Medium" levels of traffic than Wealthy Affiliate.

    3) 87% of Wealthy Affiliate sites are "Invisible." This is the only category where Wealthy Affiliate "beats" SBI! (i.e., in the worst level of failure - "Invisible" - they get no detectable traffic).

    For complete, detailed results, please see Part 3 of The Study...

    Christine, I am available to talk with you about SBI! anytime. There are so many myths and lies. You can challenge me anytime about any of them for the actual truth, tape them and let others try to rebut my answers.

    I suspect, however, that the above numbers may be clear enough.

    Warm regards,
    Ken Evoy

    P.S.We are following our original study up, by the way, with similar studies to see how solopreneurs do, in general, and with a a variety of other products. Detailed results to come, but truly, nothing comes close to what SBI! does.

    Our original proof should have been enough. Any other company that COULD prove results like this, they would. None do.

    But it is our head-to-head study that really shows it. You can trust those results - or not. If not, you can run The Study for yourself. You'll see that you get the same results. Because we make this so transparent, we could not lie even if we wanted to. It's just too easy to check by doing it yourself.

  6. P.S. Regarding the coordinated series of outrageous, emotional comments (above) about us and me, all in 2013. They seem to have changed YOUR OWN experience-based opinion - your own SBI! reviews opinion and experience were accurate then, and SBI! is even better now. I do hope you publish these for balance and remain ready to talk with you about ANYTHNG that worries you about SBI!.

    Please see my post here and find "Attack #2" in that post to better understand these people...

    Like I said, there are always 2 sides to every story. We have decided to stop debating folks who go so far as to call me a "bullying weirdo, comparable to a cult leader."

    DATA speaks louder than words. We challenge any company to show the types of results that we do. ONLY ONE company has ever said they were better than us. And the above study shows how opposite the truth is.

    It is depressing at how dirty the whole net marketing space has become. More studies are coming, studies that anyone can double-check for themselves. Hopefully, this wakes our industry up to caring about whether solopreneurs succeed or not, and actually HELPING them to do so.


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