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Xsitepro makes up a website design software package that allows you to build a complete website with no knowledge of HTML coding. I don’t write this review lightly since I had struggle a great deal in the past to set up a website successfully. I hate HTML and yes I have a huge dislike in Dreamweaver, for I wasn't hand out the talent to produce something out of code, hey I did try to, then try again but ultimately I realize that designing will sadly never be an accomplishment I can add to my list. Well I needed a website; okay a few and I required them to look professional enough not to make me appear like a cyberspace idiot. I had bounded from Kompozer (a bit limited) to webplus (too many errors and even NetObjects (still don’t have a clue what went wrong). Hiring a designer didn't fit into my plans for I need to make changes myself quite often like keyword replacements and managing SEO on my pages, and honestly I don’t think a designer would put up with all my requirements every day, and he would probably wind up on antidepressants. Using online builders came out to be a story I would rather tell on Halloween and not here, so out of pure desperation I bought Xsitepro with a nauseous feeling of spending too much, but never the less ultimately a good choice for me.

Dreamweaver is a very “techie” program with a steep learning curve, for beginners and it do not provide you with SEO tools. XSitePro are worlds apart from Dreamweaver, the program is aimed at the entrepreneurial builder that would like to create a site using built in design elements and tools. The program gives you the alternative to develop from scratch or use a template. Personally I prefer the templates that are configured for sales or affiliate sites, I had found them to be effective and search engine friendly. The software also works great for creating multiple websites quickly without passing hours on construction, but rather hours on merchandising or promoting, which to me seem like a more beneficial way of being profitable since time is net worth.

I will highlight a couple of XSitePro’s most-valuable futures to give a more informed follow-up about the site.

Google Site Map generator
Search engine analysis of your page(s)
Breadcrumb trail generator
Site map generator Export pages to Dreamweaver
Insert your affiliate links
Google Adsense ads on your page(s)
A pop up generator Privacy statement generator
A script wizard Links and article page generator

These are barely a few, well truthfully I mentioned merely the ones that interest me, but seriously it have the capability to do more than I can put down and my mind is not generative once it bears on site creation. Me the design idiot (yes I admit it) find this software package a blessing whenever I would like to start a campaign so I can just assume that experienced webmasters will do even better with it. There are loads of cheap and even free WYSIWYG design software packages out there, but I struggle to find any that are optimized for creating web marketing sites that’s SEO friendly. My sales pages looks nice and professional and the best part they are “Google friendly” meaning No slaps from the big G. The software product are a little pricy but with good reason, therefore I would only recommend this program to individuals that consider a serious line of marketing and for those planning to build a lot of pages or site’s maybe in means to create, build and sell websites as an online career. This software also works great for monetizing and flipping afterwards for profit, which turns out to be a great method of earning a bit extra if your “rush hour” is over and traffic had slow down a bit.


  1. Do you know if it works on all wordpress themes?

  2. It will work on the most popular WP themes but you might have difficulties with custom designs that is purchased privately.

  3. I have bought XSite some three years ago. It was a great feeling: easy, with lots of good ideas and useful things out of the box. Most of them in a "nearly ready" state: quite developed, but not quite fully usable.
    Some features were quite rudimentary (try resizing images or getting text flow around them) but is seemed "nearly there" and really on the right way.
    I had tried all sort of stuff before XSite, from FrontPage to Content management Systems to Dreamweaver...
    Really looked it would be some full steps ahead, as soon as it would have been ready (although it was priced as really quite ready...)
    Then... nothing.
    In over three years, not a single update, not even minor. Development is dead, the forum community is a zombie place.
    I learn the main developer suffered health problems, which I am sorry for. But the result is a dead program, which has no plans in a foreseeable future for improvement.
    With a huge potential, which it largely wasted in the past three years, and no plans to move ahead.
    I really think it had all qualities to become much better than any competitor, but now I must warn anybody from shelling 200+ bucks for a program that has had no updates in three years and has no plans for any in the future.
    A great product that mssed the train...
    Real pity, for how good it could have been...

    1. I second that. I bought and learnt it. Then after 12 months they were after more money for the same training I had done and wanted to redo parts of. So I stopped and never went back. I received a Plan Anything programme from them out of the blue but nothing else ever got sent. Previously there was ongoing development.

  4. I agree with Zava and Simonc3. Very disappointing. I purchased it 3 years ago. I spent so much time learning it only to be let down in support and updates that are sorely needed to keep up with all the changes that go on in online marketing. What a shame.

    1. All these comments about XsitePro are way too polite. Speaking for myself, I'm pissed off... When I purchased the software 4 years ago for $200, I found it didn't come with any detailed video tutorials, and when I contacted support they sent me a link to there $300 course. Apart from that, XsitePro sites all look like something from the last century, which it is. Their graphics and headers are positively embarrassing and look unprofessional, I eventually switched over to WordPress and I'm so glad that I did. The only caveat there is; If the plugins you're using are not updated as regularly as WordPress itself, your plugin may stop working... Which is why I much prefer to use web based services to do the things some important plugins used to handle.

  5. XsitePro was a complete waste of time. I paid $180 for it, and after a computer crash I needed to reinstall, but can't get the activation key to work. I designed a website for a non-profit organization (for free I might add), and now I can't update the website. Like the other reply, I'm PISSED! I doubt that scamming Paul Smithson (creator) ever even had health issues.

  6. We use XsitePro but now can't access it to alter our website. I've tried contacting them through several different ways and either no reply or get an error when trying to submit on their website, have they gone bust?

    1. Also tried to contact them various times but without a reply. Will shortly follow up on this.

  7. I am no techie I want completely off this site Help

  8. I have an XSitePro license but I don't have the software to install it on my new laptops. Does anyone have the software download???

    1. I do, but unfortunately it wouldn't be of much help because I just learned the hard way trying to move to a brand new computer that the license code no longer works because the server that validates existing customers' license is dead in the water.

      If there is anybody out there that knows how to bypass this or reinstall it, that would be great. I am looking into migration programs like EASE US TodoTrans to maybe migrate the active-working program over from my old computer to new one but am not sure if it will work.

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