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Have you ever clicked on a link or browsing for a site, only to come upon a phrase “Fail to load page” or “error page not found”? Frustrating to say the least and annoying. Statistics had ascertained that visitors who come across these pages rarely return and will go somewhere else, meaning you will lose valuable direct hits and a potential lost of clients. Several errors make for a part in the hosting of the site. Hosting takes on for a very crucial part in operating an online business whether it would be a full scale website, a blog or simply for the usage of a sales page. Believe it or not, but selecting the wrong host can leave you with numerous problems such as down time, struggling to upload pages and graphics just to identify a few.

A beneficial hosting company should be versatile and provide you with at least the following in order to keep your online business flowing and to cancel out problems that could occur inwards the future.






This would be the most crucial part when deciding upon a hosting company, it would be tragically to commit hours of hard work building a site and promoting it, just to discover that you're driving traffic to a dead spot in cyberspace, meaning that your site are down and can’t be viewed by the visitors that you had sent there in the first place. Once you are down and the error page flips up on your visitor’s browsers it can do massive damage, for you will lose all the traffic eventually that you had built on if the problem remains. I make sure to stick with reliable hosting companies that at the least provide 99% up-time since I spend a lot of money on driving traffic and I need my pages to open assured.

Disk Space

Now I acknowledge what most beginners think when establishing their first websites or sales pages, “I don’t need that much space now” Wrong!  As time elapses your non-textual matter and sales pages will increase, or for that matter you'll add more pages to your main site’s or even add more websites or blogs, and a 100Mb will abruptly be not that much anymore. Sure enough a blog or website don’t absorb that much space (hinge upon graphics, size and format), but when you add free stuff like eBooks, video or slide shows, you will notice that your size limit will be exhausted very rapidly. I solely prefer hosting that provides me with unlimited disk space, for it calculate cheaper in the long run and I don’t need to purchase more space later on when needed.


Several individuals neglect this important part when it bears on choosing a hosting company. Most of us had started out small originally but as our online businesses up-rises so does the traffic (if done right ha ha) I had discovered that a simple sales page can easily pull in traffic in no time with the right marketing campaign, in addition to free offers that get downloaded a lot, making the 200Mb seem like nothing. Trust me you don’t want to run out of bandwidth on a busy site, yet again very bad for business. Rather go with hosting that allow for unlimited bandwidth for you'll have peace of mind and have the freedom to drive as much traffic as you want to without having to monitor your site on daily basis to keep within your limit.

Technical Support

Imagine having a full running blog or site with traffic, and something go wrong for instance an error with script or a site that fail to load up for what reason so ever, and then on top of it all you get poor technical support, implying your site is down or faulty while you have a constant stream of traffic, once again do I need to say this, Bad for business! Make a point to select a hosting company that have good support, a provider that react within 24 hours would be a good one. Remember with any successful blog, website or sales page time is money.

Control Panel

Intimately I don’t like to look foolish online, but when it bears on hypertext mark-up language and anything that looks like a encrypt or demand I tend to experience an anxiety moment, and installing a plug in or script equals about all I have the patience for, I still give thanks to the online creation of Wordpress each day. I try to use hosting providers that have a manageable control panel with an easygoing user interface that is quick to learn and manage on my own without being forced to demand assistance every time I need to make major chances to a website. Whenever you're seeking for a hosting provider attempt to see what the control panel looks like and how it works prior to purchasing, HostGator have a demo which is useful for use before deciding.

Web Hosting Plans: everybody online has different demands, some prefer to build full scale websites with loads of pages, other people feel the need to haul up individual sales pages and so forth.  An effective hosting supplier should provide packages that accommodate every individual’s needs; there's no point to buy a large hosting plan if your intent to run a blog as a part time income or possibly even a hobby. Hosting companies should give you the alternative to upgrade or even downgrade whenever you feel the need to.


  1. Thanks for the comment hai rte, dearly appreciated - best of luck with your blog - keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the tips on the things to keep in mind for a hosting service. I'm ashamed to say that I couldn't begin to tell you what features my current service has at the moment. The good news is that it's been reliable and adequate so far, but clearly I'll need to take a harder look at what I have and think about what I might need in the future. I noticed that you have mentioned HostGator a couple of times. I was going to suggest you review it, but I just noticed you already did. So I will take a look at that. That's the second time you've pre-read my mind. Think you better stop doing that before you read too much, lol.

  3. Thanks Joe, yea HostGator will always be my favorite for they have everything to run a successful online business, and from all the hosting companies I had worked with in the past, they are not as fuzzy when it comes to different things like file uploads and preferred content. WordPress is already loaded within the CPanel only requiring an install. I had never experienced any down time with them and my customers had also never complained about slow downloading time of files. A lot of hosting companies have a long list of terms and conditions, and after reading it you will realize that you are actually very limited in the end, for some hosting providers don't allow certain types of advertising, file content and certain types of blogs or sites.

    1. Are you aware that HostGator was sold this year? Things are not so rosy now.

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