Pure Leverage Scam Review

UPDATE: 26 May 2014 


With this Unbiased Pure Leverage Review I would like to cover the positive and negative side of the program. In my recap, I will show you, the reader, what this program has to provide and what you will receive for your hard earned money. Do not stress, I am not a lover of fairy tales and I am not about to tell you one.

What is Pure Leverage all about? 

Pure Leverage Review
Pure Leverage is part of GVO and it is a platform that offers members a suite of marketing tools essential to those who want to market their business. The company was launched on March 4, 2012.

sically, Pure Leverage covers two sides of the online industry, It provides marketing tools, but it is also an MLM that enables members to re-sell the tools and system to make additional money from commissions. In short, you can promote PL itself and make money from the program or you can market your own products or offers by using only the tools.

Pure Leverage provides tools like an Auto-responder, lead capture page system, conference room and video email service. To top it all in one sentence, Pure Leverage combined all the necessary tools to run your online business in a single platform.

Who is Pure Leverage intended for?

The program it not for everyone, if you landed here in hopes to become an instant internet guru, earning thousands within weeks, then, no, move away and go play the lottery.

If you have a current business and need cheaper tools that will do the same work, feel free to read on.

If you have the stomach to take on MLM, then go for it.

Need to build an online business over a period of time and have the endurance to learn and be patient. Sure, why not.

Bottom Line: Pure Leverage is not meant for total newbie’s and some skills are required to make money from the system in a “reasonable” time frame. This platform is intended for those who already have an online business and need more affordable tools.

Obviously newbie’s are welcome to try, but the success rate will not be instant.

Who is the Founder of Pure Leverage?

Joel Therien Pure Leverage is part of GVO and it is run by Joel Therien a successful Internet marketer and also owner of the ever popular 7 minute workout program that changed many life’s through his exercise program that is also combined with MLM.

GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) has been founded in 1999 and it is a well established company that provides autoresponder and hosting services for many successful marketers.

Detailed Overview

Pure Leverage offers two levels:
Basic level that gives you access to the Pure leverage Blogging platform, the marketing suite, Capture pages, autoresponder and Conferencing. You will also receive basic training.

VIP level will give you full access to everything at the basic level plus advanced training.

Level 1 Overview:

Blog System – You will have your own blog that is easy to set up. The Pure Leverage blogging platform is easy to manage and you do not need much technical skill to manage it. 

Autoresponder – Behind every successful marketer there is an email list and if you already have traffic and leads you need to get one to leverage your online presence. Email marketing is important for any online business, not only will it build trust with your readers, but also create a sales funnel for years to come. GVO is one of the 3 most preferred autoresponders used by popular marketers like Mike Filsaime and Armando Montelongo. The system is turnkey and designed to capture leads in a simple, effective way that requires no advanced technical skills. Perfect for new marketers with no experience in email marketing.



Video Email Service – This service enables you to upload videos and attach them in your emails. If you have a list, this method will work great to keep contact and build relationships. In addition, your readers can watch the video directly from inside their email without a redirection to YouTube or another website. The interface is easy; you record the video and send it to your entire list with only a few clicks.

Webinar/Conference Platform - This is an absolute must if you specialize in multi-level-marketing products and services. If you focus on team building you will need an affordable medium to communicate with groups and clients via live webinars.

What is included with the Pure Leverage Conference Room?

  • Compatible with all operating systems 
  • Push PowerePoint
  • 100 seat meeting room
  • Video and voice chat with attendees
  • Record full video and audio of presentations
  • Live on the spot polls
  • Multiple speakers at once
  • Desktop sharing
  • Broadcast movie and video to attendees.
Pure Leverage training
Traffic generation coaching program – The program will help you to find the best places to get targeted traffic and leads for your website and sales pages. This includes viral marketing, low cost converting traffic, list building and so forth.

Level 2 - VIP (Inner Circle) Level

Joel will teach you with the elite coaching program how to leverage all the tools to the fullest and how to build a successful online business with lead capturing and lead generation.

  • Weekly Interviews and training with leading marketers
  • Attraction marketing techniques
  • Team building techniques

What is the cost?

Basic Level - $1 trial period for 7 days, thereafter $24.95 Per Month

VIP Level - $97 per Month

Reseller Fee - $19.95 per Month

Keep in mind. If you only want to use the tools you will only purchase the basic level at $24.95 per month, but if you want to market Pure Leverage you will purchase both the basic level and pay the resellers feel that will add up to $45 a month. The highest level will cost you $141.90 per month in total.

Does Pure leverage Offer ANY Support?

PL itself has good support, but you still need to join a strong team with dedicated members and skilled marketers if you want the correct support structure. Remember, your team will determine your failure or success with this business. A castle is useless without a leading King. Do proper research and find a team leader that is worth his/her salt before you sign up. Look for a fast growing team that will give you guidance and resources.

How does the Pure Leverage compensation plan work?  

Pure Leverage compensation plan

You must be the owner of the product before you can earn commissions from it!

To become a re seller, you will be required to pay a monthly fee of $19.97. This gives you direct access to the marketing materials and also access to your payouts.

Pure Leverage pay

On your first month you will receive 100% commissions for all direct sales that you generated. On your second month and thereafter you will receive 50% commissions on direct sales.

If you do not own the specific Pure Leverage Product(s) the commission will passes up to the next level in the line that does own the product.

Any Cons?

Blog with limitations – You will receive a blog that is identical to everyone else and have the same domain name. Not particularly good for SEO and Branding. In addition, you will have to suppress your creativity because you cannot do much when it comes to your own free will. These blogs come with limited plugin’s and themes. If you are cool with blending in, it will work fine, for those who like to express themselves and be different, this is an absolute NO. Website creation is a serious part of any business, if you want Google to take you serious, go and create a WordPress site with your own domain.

MLM is not for newbies – Pure Leverage has some pretty awesome tools for a reasonable price, good place to be if you have a small budget but a big need for necessary tools. However, marketing the tools and platform is not as easy. MLM is no joke and it takes some skills to do it successfully. Unless you have traffic, a list or huge social following you cannot sign up today and expect to make money tomorrow or even next month. Building a strong down line takes time, total dedication and a personality that rocks! If you do not like cold calling or dealing directly with your down line on a daily basis, move on. Remember, many others will be selling the very same thing; you will have to be the biggest flower possible to attract the bees.

What about a money back guarantee?

Yes, you have a 30day money back guarantee. Once your account has been billed $24.95, you have 30 days, starting from your billing date to require a refund. No refunds will be given on the $1 trail.

Is Pure Leverage International?

Yes, you can sign up from anywhere in the world as long as you have a valid credit/debit card and email address. If you plan to promote Pure Leverage you will be required to pay the $19.95 monthly fee that will include your card to receive payments. The card can be used at any ATM almost anywhere in the world.

The Verdict – Scam or Not?

Okay, so this is the part where everyone gets stuck and hope for a positive answer right? Pure Leverage is not a scam. It is a platform that provides marketing tools and an MLM business model under one roof. You can choose to use only the tools or combine both and create an additional income stream as well.

Pure Leverage Scam Review
Like I mentioned above, MLM is not for those without courage and skill, very few new marketers will see immediate success. Many newbies only see the advertisements and promises of millions and expect to become rich by next Friday without doing much. Obviously, the result is not what is expected and many will yell, SCAM!

If you are looking at Pure Leverage as an income potential, take it on in a realistic manner and know that you will have to learn and work hard before you see results. Do not let the advertising mislead you; the only way to get rich instantly is by winning the lottery.

Joel Therien is a respected marketer who owns multiple successful online businesses. Pure Leverage is still fairly new and not without flaws. A year ago the system was not worth the $24.95, today it has improved drastically. He defiantly works hard to provide members with quality and I am sure that the tools and the overall business structure will only improve in the future.

Final word

Pure Leverage provides the basic tools and training that will help you to leverage your business. For $24.95 a month you get a little more than what you pay for. Personally I do not recommend Pure Leverage as a primary business unless you have skill and know how to make it work, but the autoresponder is worth a second look if you have a tight budget, but still need to build your list. A combination of Pure Leverage’s tools, your own WordPress site and an awesome product that goes along with it will be a better fit.

Remember, tools makes your life easier, it does not replace hard work.


Are Pure Leverage and Empower Network the same?

NO, the two platforms are different from each other. Both have products and an MLM based Affiliate program but that is about it.

Pure Leverage provides marketing tools that can be used successfully with any kind of online business at the starter level. Empower Network only provides a blogging platform and basic training with their starter level.

Pure Leverage is much cheaper than Empower Network and provides more value for your money.

Empower Network’s products is more focused on personal development and mind training, very hard to sell. Pure Leverage offers tools that are widely used all over the internet and thus in demand, much easier to sell.

Thanks for reading my Review on Pure Leverage. All that is left to do would be for you to be intelligent and leave a comment or question - I would love your feedback.

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  1. I agree completely, the support structure is rubbish and the launch was all fizz and no bang. To be fair the autoresponder almost works but is nowhere near as good as Aweber. It gets plopped straight into spam on my thunderbird email prog. The blog is still not there 4months after so called pre launch. And the cost at 19.99 for the business suite is ok but paying another 25 to be an affiliate sucks. I cancelled.

    1. I have decided to give PL a second chance! It appeals to me as there are useful tools that i can use with my main business. It looks like now that a bit of time has passed the auto-responder and video email have been improved and the blog is now working. No online business comes without its challenges, however if PL now delivers on its promises and gets some credability from its users... it will work!

    2. Feel free to keep us updated Colin, would be nice if PL had better their platform.

    3. Well, it' s hard to find what is perfect. I was in the six figure mentors and I found it an excellent program except the mentoring part when you' re not in the elite membership level. After paying the fee for a few months I left it and went to PL. I' m not spreading the net that sfm is a scam. Probably it was not for me at that moment, but I am responsible about learning and do my homework. Same thing in PL. I don' t see that big scam you' re talking about. Here I' m getting education and training and the tools maybe they 're not perfect, but nothing in this industry is perfect. We' re the only responsible for our success.

  2. My opinion is very simple :-) On the market raised new player called worldprelaunch.com (which at the end turned out to scam...). I think that PL team was afraid that new player will be on the market. They pushed not fully executed vehicle on the market to get as much money as they could...

  3. I wonder what is your opinion about old fashioned Talk Fusion? I there on the market any other comparable system to TF?
    Your interaction with my post will be very important for me.

    1. Personally I haven't worked with Talk Fusion, but I have a lot of online Associates that have success with the system and to my opinion there is not a lot of products that can compare as far as liability and effectiveness. Talk fusion is a trusted MLM and most defiantly worth it if you have some strong MLM skills and know how to turn leads active you can have success.

  4. Fantastic research and insight. Thank you for a well written review. You confirmed my concerns with this program. At WinningForever.com we are looking for and promoting money saving products that everyday people use everyday. They must be free or cost less than the competition and be 100% guaranteed. Things we buy and use everyday like mobile phone service or personal hygiene, health and wellness products, etc. are all a fit. Money saving ideas like kayak, trivago and groupon all qualify too. Please let me know your money saving recommendations at http://bit.ly/cheap-mobile.

    1. Thanks for the comment Daniel well appreciated. Keep up the good work and all the best of success with your business

  5. Hi,
    I am new to internet marketing. I was sure that pure leverage was something that would help me make a successful start in this field. In reading your review I feel dissappointed that I had my dreams shattered and will now try and find some suitable program that wou help me keep my head above water. Is there any small and easy to understand program tht I could use to generate at least $50/$100 per day, but give me some training at the same time.
    Notre I was with empower network for afew months, but found it hard to even apply some of the strategies and use training provided. So I pulled out a short time ago.
    any recommendation would be helpful to me
    regards Ivor amore
    e-mail iamore160@gmail.com

    1. You are totally right to be skeptical of anything these days but i purchased the Pure Leverage system is awsome you have to put away all your fears and take the plunge hit my email and i will be happy to do everything in my power to get you prepared and speeding toward your goals, i can show you where to get massive reviews and convert them thus obtaining that extra income that you seek, you just have to know how to Leverage eveything is already to go you have to tweek the headers, replace some photos, create some videos. hop on over to my email and i will assist you.
      to success 2014

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      But, as I promised, you're getting a ridiculous value and price so low it's impossible to resist. And we're doing that because we want you to experience the traffic generating, profit pumping POWER of God-Centered Marketing for yourself. If you act now, you can "lock in" your Platinum Membership with all of the benefits for only $97 $67 $10 per month! (And we can never raise the price as long as you maintain membership!)

      And, to be sure you're 100% blown away and because we're so sure you'll get 100x the value, you'll get a FULL 30 DAYS to benefit completely risk free! If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied within 30 days, we'll refund your money, no questions asked!

      You've got absolutely nothing to lose and tons of traffic and other benefits to gain! Just 2 referrals who upgrade and your membership is basically FREE!

      JOIN NOW: http://godcenteredmarketing.com/aff/4435

  6. Hi Ivor nice to hear from you. I only have one method of earning online and that is by running my own blogs and sites and personally I only believe in this method of earning for it is a long term solution for earning online. I do not think that Empower Network is structured to provide newbie’s with the basic information that they need to learn the basics first and that is why so many people loose money with Empower. I have been in the industry for quite some time and I honestly don't even want to promote them for it just take too much marketing skills in order to do so.

    Basic skills would be to learn how to use keywords correctly, how to build pages that interact with your readers, how to approach people, the things to avoid when writing and the list go on and on. You can't build a house without proper foundation first.

    My coal is always to just encourage people to build their own online properties, its hard work yes but in the end you have freedom to sell what you want too and no one can take it away, it’s heartbreaking to see so many people who waist money and then end up disappointing without any support at all.

    Currently I am only recommending WA for the training is structured to help new as well as existing marketers, and support is exceptional. Also I believe that every person have the right to check out a program before upgrading or purchasing anything, and WA gives my readers that option without pressuring them for money.

    Every person is somewhat different, therefore it will be hard to say how much you can make on the system, we have affiliates that earn big within a few months and then we have those who struggle to earn anything at all. All depends how hard you work and if you are willing to stick with all the steps and take action on it.


    Feel free to read my review on WA and don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions

    1. Hi Christene,

      I have seen you another place online but it isn't coming to me now. I certainly agree with you about Empower Network. I had been an affiliate since March of 2013 and was a basic member, and constantly had pressure to upgrade to the "inner circle", and higher levels to learn what they called the necessary skills. I recently cancelled Empower after coming to the decision that you have to have a way out if something isn't working. As result recently cancelled after one year with Empower. My unbiased opinion as you said above Empower Network preached do the 8 core commitments for mind-set. However, I honestly felt as I was reviewing their material at the basic level, "When am I going to learn something that I can put into practice." Well the day that the basic membership taught me was far and between the twilight zone, I never could grasp how I could utilize those skills to apply as online internet marketer. I don't feel the skills are there for the newbie to know what to do aside from this you get bombarded with you need to upgrade. Well, they might upgrade if they thought (me) I was learning anything to apply. Honestly, I never even made a dime from Empower Network. I am not a quitter, I believe online is the best place to have your own business with the right skill set, mind-set, and determination and perseverance. Today I always do my due-diligence when it comes to research before I jump into anything. I am looking at Wealthy Affiliate and I have seen many positive reviews so I believe I will take that and run with the program. Christene can you or anyone give me their honest opinion of Wealthy Affiliate, and lastly where would it be the best place for a person to get a Great Mentor? Please email me msprague564@gmail.com Thanks so much!!! Mark Sprague

  7. Hey Christene I need your help. How do I get my money back of pure leverage I think I have made a huge mistake by purchasing it :/... :(

    1. At this point I would advise you to call your credit card company first and cancel the monthly subscription.

      "With any $1.00 trial sign up via the Pure Leverage products and services. This Trial Fee of $1.00 is 100% NON REFUNDABLE. Once your trial period is completed, your account will automatically be billed for $24.95/mo, unless we are notified through our LIVE SUPPORT and TICKET SYSTEM during your trial period that you wish to discontinue your services from Pure Leverage.

      You can also call the office at 1-210-651-4487.

      Your Pure Leverage Live support and ticket system can be found in your Pure Leverage members area.

    2. Thank you Christine for your candid review of both Pure Leverage and a couple of the other Affiliate Marketing platforms out there. With Pure Leverage turning out to be a whole lot of flash and little value does anyone know of a comparable platform that actually works, has some value. Again not looking for a "magic bullet" but a program that is not a scam.

  8. Hello Christene

    I am going to start with a similar project.

    Unetenet is the name.

    Could you give us one opinion.


    1. Affordability - With the current recessions all over the world people can afford to pay these high prices anymore, not to mention the competition. It is better to have tons of drops into buckets than to have one full bucket.

      If you can provide a program that anyone can afford along with quality materials, it will sell itself, by the word of mouth.

  9. I think what majority people fail to realize is that..opinion is just an opinion and success is just success. What they don't pay attention to is..that successful people struggle first before they become successful. And when people see other people's success story they just try to shoot for the moon hoping and dreaming that they too will be in the same boat if they join the same business. It is all about struggling, making mistakes, and self-improve for a betterment. I will guarantee anyone that if he or she went through the struggle part first...success is instantenouly.

    1. Thanks John , I agree 100%. People need to understand that success does not come for free, it takes some hard work, sacrifices and struggles.

    2. Do you know how many leads I can have with pure leverage (like aweber allow me 500 basic plan)
      Also do I have a blog system to build blogs pages or it's just one blog to resell the system instead

    3. Thanks for the comment Carl. I have to agree that every program have it's pro's and cons, and in the end it is all a matter of finding what works for you and how much trust you have within the community.

    4. Pure Leverage offers 10,000 lead capacity with their autoresponder, which is a pretty good deal for the price. As far as tools programs go, I personally like Stiforp. They offer a lot of value for $9.95 per month: Stiforp Review

  10. Great honest review. Thanks for taking the time to show us the down and dirty side. Like you I'm wanting to like this product. I have a team in my current business that could use a set of tools like this, but if they don't work and get upset then I'm the one with mud on my face. No thanks.

    Do you know of anyone who is using the tools for their "other business" instead of just pumping pureleverage? If you do please share those with us.


  11. Oops! I meant, Christine.

    1. Yes indeed, all we hear about - How bad it is to be broke and how awesome it feels to be rich. They forget one important part tho - To purchase all the products you can't be broke - Indeed very confusing.

  12. If you're not an affiliate and you never tried the system then how are you qualified to review it. I personally use the tools myself, and I can agree that in the beginning things were a little rough, but now the blog has been launched and I've personally been able to achieve first page Google results with their blog under my targeted keywords. I have nothing but good things to say about them. Like any other system, it works if you work it. It appears that you are just catching a piggy back ride on someone else who is successful so your page can rank. People like you make this industry look bad.

  13. I like you Christene...you are one tough cookie!! I enjoyed your post, reviews, & comments. You reall stumped the crap out of those guys!!! Once again thanks, you just confirmed & saved me some mula$$$ everything you sad is true. I am a struggling single mom & the sales tactics are something else, they try to entice you with "oh I made x amount of dollars in my pj's" but yet you pay & miss opportunities...


  14. Wow!!!! Your review has saved me a lot of time and hassle and probably money. I have looked at a few of these programmes over the last year and considered getting involved but now I definitely won't bother. I intend to continue with my blogg and slog it out as it seems that there are no real get rich quick schemes that genuinely work.
    Like many on here, I am in a position where I am really struggling to hold my head above water and I really feel your review has helped me to avoid empty promises in exchange for the last bit of cash I have

    Thanks :)

    1. You are absolutely right Nicola, there is no such thing as getting rich quick. Hard work and dedication is required. Building your own blog have more advantages in the long run because it will enable you to promote any product of your choice and you won't lose your blog if a platform crash down or lose ranking power with Google. Rather invest in proper SEO, keyword and article marketing training that is available for free.

      Programs like EN and Pure Leverage is more focused on those who have the money to spend and won't mind losing it.

  15. Very well written and researched review, Christene, and many of your points are certainly valid with regards to the issues that occurred with Pure Leverage.

    However, just for clarification. Many of the issues that you pointed out were experienced during the launch of the product. Not a very smooth launch at all, and Joel has publicly stated that. Currently all, or most, of the "bugs" have been resolved and the product suite is actually performing quite well.

    No, Pure Leverage isn't the "be all end all". There are many tools and training options available on the web. In the end it's simply a personal choice as to which one fits you best.

    Be well,

    1. Thanks for the comment Scott. I am glad to hear that Pure leverage had made a point to better the system and make it more functional. I personally have great respect for Joel and he created some awesome products in the past like the 7 minute workout for instance.

      I dearly hope that he will make a strong point to keep affiliates in place and make sure that they will only use ethical ways to promote the system. Too many marketers promise riches that will come instantly - We all know that it is far from the truth, and it will take hard work to get success.

  16. Thanks for the fair review Christene, I was about to fill in the Credit Card details, when my skeptic nature kicked and and said "Check it out on line first" What really gets me is they offer and advertise everything for free, then before you even get started you are having to shell out money, and those are not even once off payments, they are recurring payments every month, and that's just the beginning.

    If people are going to charge for something then be upfront and the buyer knows exactly what they are in for and can make an informed decision, or maybe the internet marketing world simply has a dishonest ethos and that is "make money at any cost"

    There are thousands of free affiliate programs on line, why pay for something that should be free. As the old saying goes "Buyer beware"

    Thank you

    1. You are absolutely right about the recurring payments. The problem is that marketers will usually tell you that you will need to buy as many products as possible to become successful and before you know it, you are stuck with a huge monthly bill.

      Only in rare instances do we get newbies who will earn the money back within their first 2 months. The majority will have to pay these monthly fees until they manage to build up traffic, leads and their social platforms, that can take months. This is the main reason why we see so many spammy advertisements, desperate sellers and so forth because individuals feel pressured by the fact that they need to make those payments and therefore they will even use unethical means to sell the product.

  17. I always enjoy your reviews. I especially enjoy your honesty and diplomacy when reviewing different systems. One system that found its way into my inbox is called "The Last Gold Mine". As usual, the owner is making amazing claims and guarantees about his marketing methods, and how much money potential members can make. I haven't seen any real reviews about this system. Mostly what I find are sites promoting it. The $47 price tag sounds nice. But, there's no free trail offer, and my concern is that once I pay the low low price of $47, I'll be instructed to make even larger purchases so I can get "all in" (sound familiar?).

    Christine, what can you tell me about this particular program? Have you heard of it? What are your thoughts?


    1. This is one of Jamie Lewis's newest products, I did not look at it personally because all they offer is a sales-page without much information or detailed description about the product itself. They tell us that he will be closing the offer soon and that it is reserved for only a few, yet below the sales-page you have the option to promote it yourself - Doesn't look like the "reserved for few" is actually the truth if they are looking for more affiliates to promote it.

      I personally stay away from these types of products because yes like you had mentioned there is always an up-sell involved. Basically you have to pay before you will have the opportunity to see what it is all about - I don't like products or sites that hide the detailed information from readers.

  18. Excellent analysis of Pure Leverage. What annoys me the most is that many "respected" IM'ters making hundreds of thousands a month promote this as an affiliate as I received emails from them, and yet they themselves DONT EVEN USE THE SERVICES that your supposed to MARKET. Its a fact of life that many "WHEN THEY MAKE IT" subtly become a LITTLE GREEDY and and boarder that thin line between "prevarication" "exaggeration" which I believe were nice words invented to not offend someone who was LYING!!!

    Great article

  19. Thanks for the comment Michael

    Have to agree that greed had become the motivation for marketers instead of success. After-all how can you be proud in what you do if you are not participating in your own business.

  20. Believe it or not, most sites are 99.9% SCAM! Get a real job, folks..

  21. The again if you never been in a company your self to experience wouldn't really qualify you as a very good person to be able to speak against pure leverage. Did we mention empower's struggles when they first launched? I been in pure leverage since the Launch. It pays me every week the information in this blog is not accurate nor is it correct information ..

    Pure leverage is not like Empower network for 1 Empower only has a blog you have to go to 3rd parties for the rest of your marketing tools.

    Pure Leverages Compensation Plan is very simple 100% Commission the first month 50 % every month after you also get a 50% matching bonus.

    Pure Leverage has a 20 dollar a month affiliate fee because the company does have to get paid.

    Pure leverage provides a GVO Card which is run by Payoneer its 3 bucks to x-fer the money and 3 bucks if you want to x-fer the money to your bank it cost 6 bucks to get paid.

    I would be willing to debate prove to you that pure leverage is the best product on the market hands down no question asked when it comes to professional marketing i have 16 yrs of industry experience

    I have been proving this industry wrong for the past 9 months I will be glad to prove you all wrong respectfully and professionally.

    I am not one that plays off statistics nor to I join in with the opinion of the majority so if there is any other lets debate we got means of doing that live google hangout broad cast what ever we need to do I think if we let both sides speak i think you will be owing a big apology to Joel T and to the industry !! Comparing a home based business to a conventional work place like best but that is an insult to this industry !!!

    1. Excuse my typos its very late but seriously we need to throw some common sense in here for 1 just cause your an educator does not qualify you to deem something a scam. I still say you don't know what your talking about

    2. Christopher, I believe you mis-read her final verdict: "Pure Leverage is not a scam. It is a platform that provides marketing tools and an MLM business model under one roof. You can choose to use only the tools or combine both and create an additional income stream as well."

      Sending Blessings, Love and Light
      The Prosperity Doctor

  22. I joined Pure Leverage and never looked back. It's true they had some growing pains in the beginning, but now I have to say things are running smoothly. I had a few support issues lately, but their support desk is great, and they respond very quickly. 24/7 I must say. I've been in both Network marketing & Internet marketing for almost 10 years, and they put them both together beautifully. Hats off the Joe and the team

  23. thanks Christene, I had my own experience ( not so good) with a top Marketer , not mentioned here, only after paying the Introductory amount was I told I would have to pay 25.00 a month for an autoresponder service ---typical "upsell" or deceiving practices cal it whatever, this guy portrayed himself as a great humanitarian ,Mr. Nice guy giving to Charities; as a poor and Newbie I was told I would make back the fees in a month. then I didn't even receive the next e-mails from the company to guide me to the next step. I would rather start small, learn for free like you said, take it gradually and not lose my grocery money to some Millionaire, and "Free" should mean free, not "free" with a bunch of hype. One thing that bothered me from the beginning was this guy said that he was broke and thousands in debt when he started his business, ; if so --How could he pay for his Internet service ? laughable , where do they get the Nerve to say all that ?? nonplussed

  24. Saúl Oyarzábal

    Hello Christene!

    I want to congratulate you for your interest and dedication to clarify doubts for marketers and their objective analysis on the different opportunities out there on the internet.

    Know something like or similar to WA, but in Spanish. I would be very useful.

    Of course, in addition to being smart you is very pretty

    1. I searched for similar platforms but found nothing that compares closely to WA. A few members are working on a plan to create Spanish training inside of WA, still only a possibility, but will keep updated.

  25. hola tu eres el fraude tu eres el mentiroso tu estas promosionando tu negocio eres sucio y barato

  26. thank you thank you spoken like a true woman...advice taken Martha

  27. As Empower Networks grow faster, other leaders keep a close eye EN, and what they see makes them want to do something about it. It is hard to ignore one of the best online business offer in our time, so leaders from many different systems search for ways how to build Empower Network team. Like Vick Strizheus, or Joel Therein, there will be many more leaders that will come, and all leaders have their "special" bonuses, like Pure Leverage :)

  28. We gave pureleverage a try for the last 2 months. I enjoyed this article and agree with most of it. The tools are substandard. We're do we start. I love the idea of all in one at a fraction of the cost for the tools. I currently pay about $20 a month for my email program (Icontact). The PL autoresponder has several drawbacks.

    #1. you can't add a list you already have or from other places without a double opt in. For instance I get a monthly report from my company with new customers and distributors, I can't just add these folks to the list without opting in.

    #2. The authority blog has a lot to be desired, we had a heck of time trying to copy and paste content, Secondly since you don't own the blog what happens if you decide to quit. All that contenct is as they say "up in smoke". If you own your blog and content and don't like your provider you can take your content with you. This is easy to do in Wordpress...If you are going to blog get one you own.

    #3. Those landing pages and Joel's "icky" videos make me want to puke. Even if I could afford a 7000 sq/ft house and a Ferrari I wouldn't buy neither. I'm not that kind of guy. As they say in in Texas, BIG HAT NO CATTLE. That just turns me off.

    #4. The training isn't so much about using the programs but to get more people in pureleverage. I wanted a system that I could sell to my group and help them get going better with online marketing not find another program to push. It seems that everyone that is signed up in PL is pushing PL and not using the tools for their online marketing business they currently have. This again another turnoff. Give me a tool I can resell to my group without all the hype of PL.

    I really loved the idea, I would again use the program to help my current distributors in my current company get better online, but in the current form PL isn't the program for me.

  29. Hi Christene,
    Could you be so kind and make review about Power Lead System?

  30. I am in Empower and joined Pure Leverage during the Pre-Launch, and to me it just never gave me a reason to leave EN, I ended up dropping PL altogether. I personally think a person can make money and do well in both of these programs you just have to take a different approach depending on what you are promoting. I feel the key is having a good team both for your upline, and supporting your downline as well. If you don't provide someone the advice, nurturing, and tools they need to succeed in any online business, then you'll never be successful. I appreciate your review, and I hope all is going well with your business.

    1. From Len Clements review of EN:
      According to Empower Network’s own Income Disclosure page, 91% of all affiliates earned less than $75 over the last 30 days (and averaged $27), and 97% earned, at most, $425 with a weighted average income of $29.55 – which means earnings were massively skewed towards the low side of that zero to $425 range. An annual analysis shows 91% of affiliates earning less than $75 in any single month over the previous 12 months, with an average annual income of $36.
      Wood’s recital of the number of earners in various income ranges does show a larger than average number of affiliates are making at least something, but this is somewhat misleading in that it only takes a single sale, for a single month of their $25 product to generate a $25 commission. So although it is technically true that almost 7,900 affiliates, or about 30% of them, “earned a commission” in May of 2013, 3,607 of them (46%) earned one $25 commission, and 61% of them earned less than the $125 it would take to pay for their own two monthly products.

    2. I wonder how much they spent on EN...??? Great business ;-)

    3. Thanks for the detailed analysis of the payment disclosure. Most people only see the "bling" side of both these platforms and do not realize that the failure rate is bigger than being successful. I would love to share your comment on my EN review lol

    4. Thanks for the comment Jay. I agree 100%. If you do not have a strong team with both these platforms then it is hopeless. When promoting programs with massive competition like EN you will need the best tools, support and skills to get far.

  31. Thank you very much Christene, you are no doubt doing your level best to be as objective as you possibly can. It is anybody's choice to take your advice or not, as for me, you rock and prefer to listen to what you say and it works for me, I also now advise people I recruit to read your reviews and thank me for that, keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback Joe - Dearly appreciated. I always try my best to highlight programs that is worth the effort and will enable newbies to get definite results. After all, everyone should get quality if they pay for it.

      God Bless.

  32. Great review and many very helpful comments. I have been looking at P.L but am put off by the bling, glitz and hype...but I believe Joel is genuine enough. I have been a member of EN (then switched to Big Idea Mastermind) but no success, not even single sign-up. Spent money on solos, got opt-ins, but no sales. I get the feeling many people are very sceptical of EN...and the detailed analysis from recent income disclosures (in recent post) confirms that many affiliates are hardly making any money at all. There is subtle pressure to upgrade, but what gets me is that there doesn't seem to be much help or support to lift people up, from the bottom. So, its top down, instead of from the bottom up (which it could be as Christene pointed out). Until one is doing well, the leaders don't really want to know. Its a shame. Nearly all those earning big bucks came into EN with much experience and big lists, I don't care what anybody says. The new EN blog looks great, but I don't like all the BlogBeast hype...release your inner Beast (what is that, actually) and Badass stuff. But nothing is perfect. I must follow your blog, Christene!

    1. I was also in Empower Network (as well as PL). I managed to recruit 20 paid members into EN (not as many into PL), but not one of my EN people had any success at all, and they all quit within 3-4 months. Some didn't even last 2 months. Also, I gave away a lot of roll ups to my sponsor, but received only one from my downline because they weren't able to recruit. On the other hand, I've managed to sponsor over 180 paid members into THIS over the past 2 years, and my team has duplicated as well. The bottom line is that low cost MLM programs tend to convert much better for me. Is EN a good program? Yes, obviously it is for some people. Same for Pure Leverage. They just didn't work for me. My 2 cents.

  33. Thanks for the info. As it is, am very skeptical about joining PL.Was also thinking of joining EN. How can you compare them with MLSP - myleadsystempro?

    1. MLSP is an educational community and you earn commissions when people buy membership subscriptions through you. Your commissions is determined by your membership level.

      While PL is a Marketing System that has everything you need to get started online business. For more info please visit http://tinyurl.com/m8nlpj2 . But they have similar structure with EN, there is a BIG different.

      PL offers all-in-one marketing tools at $24.95 while EN offers only a blogging platform at $25 and you will still need to pay for autoresponder and for PL is included in all-in-one marketing tools.

      Every company has their issue at starting level doesn't mean the company is not a good one.

      My candid advice, PL is a good chance.

  34. wow! I must say that I enjoyed and have gotten a lot from your review and from the comments of others. So now I add my own two cents. I was a member of PL but the customer service was not good at all. Bad not responsive at all. That alone I can not refer others to. If you need help you need it from the moment you have the question. WA has that. I can ask a question now. and view the program before up gradeing to the premium for which is 47.00 per month. For training and it has an active chat board for question you can put to the members however it is only for the premium members. you can test drive the whole premium system for $19.00 bucks with in the first 7 days of coming to the site. I have and am still considering joining the em. However my concern there is the saturation of the product within the online community. solo ad or other paid ads may not work due to the saturation.PL was and still is a good concept. like you said if only the products worked and no limitations like owning your own content, and a better auto responder with more robust materials there. it would have been great,something I could market. To be able to do all that it stated would have been wonderful. To streamline every thing in one place at an affordable prices was a dream.
    I may still try the EM since ones own experience, is better than not knowing and since they have this new smart phone platform. I would like to try it to see just how it works. but I want to own my own stuff so I will learn more with WA. Thanks again so much for the reviews and to all the others for their comments. A girl learned a lot. Smile and Happy trails.

    1. You are a very big LAIR. How do you mean PL customer service was bad? Your first two lines only proofs that you are never a PL member. I don't have that strength to start dragging points here with you but just want to ask...what do you gain from putting someone else hard work down just because people can see yours? You need a better life.

    2. I am so sorry to upset you which I fear you display with calling others a liar and such. However my experience is my own and I say that when I was a member of PL the services was not good. That is my experience. and I only speak for self. I was going to promote it because I truly like the idea or the concept. and I still do. However service is a big part of the game and if I can't get good costumer services then someone else that I refer may as well. So I can not endorse it. I do wish that there was a program like it that really had all the parts of this puzzle in one place. That would be a very big deal in my book. I would also say that to ad the community page as WA has would be a big bonus and help the service or question gathering. If you build a community they can take care of a lot of question and concerns that the members have. I do learn a lot from WA. However with everything there can be a drawback. I am building the websites it is not that easy. But it is something that I want to learn so I do it in my spear time.Copyblogger is another place that I go to. I like using more that one souce for my information as a check and blance of what I learn and what to do next. Smile

    3. I also beleive and feel that PL will be or is in the process of joining Empowerment network. Now that can be a good or a bad thing depends on ones perspective. I like owning my own content, and my growing list of traffic. There I don't think you do own it. and that would be a factor for me as well. But who knows I may check them out for a month or two to get the experience first hand. And put that on my blog. smile

    4. The cuctomer service still is very slow I entered everything in the program I added the following charges to my card at time of purchase. Money machines programs Webizo payments of $175,$279.$197,$49 I then was locked out of the system because the website just shut leaving me no link or any information on where to go after the charges were put on my credit card and took me several hours to find the email that I used to order this stuff and found out that I could of got the $49 charge for only a $0 to get in and I found the customer support and it took them 3 days to get back to me on the charges and what I needed to do to log in and get started making the money they say you can make $50,000 to $500,000 a month. Well they do have really poor email customer service it is very slow and took several emails with more days in between to get started and then you need to pay your monthly dues. Well what did I just pay for Money machines programs Webizo payments of $175,$279.$197,$49? Looks like a load a bull. So far it has been nothing but wasted time. Yes there videos are very enticing a promise you the world but when you get to the site you have very little direction on what to do to make this money. I have email customer service for mentor help and I have yet to get a response from them and I have even enclosed my credit card charges screenshot. I am still waiting for mentor help as I paid a lot of money for this program and every day it looks like I was scammed. Because of the lack of service.
      Sincerely Bruce

  35. Replies
    1. WA is a membership site that offers basic training along with 2 websites for free. You also have the option to upgrade to premium and this will give you access to more advanced training, the forum, discussions and live chat for getting instant help when needed.

      Feel free to read my review on WA.


  36. Hey thanks for the reviews christene how can you rank almost every post awesome Pure leverage review btw :)

  37. You are welcome Anders. My blog comes a long way and hard work was needed to create content that will be acceptable for Google's first pages. If your content is shareable and unique it is easier to rank.

  38. Great article. I was an Empower Member for over a year, and finally grew tired of the hard upsells and the monthly fees. Once they rebuilt the blogging platform I had to say goodbye. I can do more and get ranked just as well using my own WordPress blog.

    I toyed with Pure Leverage, but I think I've had enough of MLM. Time to get back to basics, and maybe share some real knowledge and experience with newbies.

    Great work. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks for the comment Eric.

      I have to agree. Nothing works better than your own WordPress blog. No limits and the ranking factor is not a problem. You get what you put in.

      MLM is always a hard nut to crack, and most of the time these type of programs get labeled as a scam or Ponzi scheme, making it hard to gain trust with future prospects.

  39. Thank You For The Review...I think that if Marketers lead with reality not hype that would help out with the Internet Marketing MLM..Industry there are many platforms that one can promote products or services on, however from my Experience if you are looking for longevity in your business..

    ...You are going to have to communicate with your Potential Business Partners/Dowline and Provide Results....You have to help Invest in their success which will increase your success..we are in a results Driven Industry, so you just can't just sign up people and don't care about their success you must create a Duplicatable Platform for Them To Follow...

    ...Before You Start Promoting any Internet Marketing or MLM Product You must develop a REALISTIC PLAN..1. You might have to keep your Job to be able to promote your products or services. 2.If you don't have a Job you might have to go find one because the odds that, you are going to get rich out the gate is Just a Fantasy for a large percentage of people...

    3. Depending on the Marketing Platform If you want immediate results your are going to have to purchase..Top Teir Traffic...Solo ads Cpv,ppv,ppc banner exchanges....you are going to need tracking source..etc... so this is Reality...

    ........and you must realize that everyone is not ment to be Internet Marketers...(Keeping It Real) I need someone at the register if I go to the Grocery Store..or I need someone to pickup my garbage outside of my Home..etc. everything is not for everyone...In closing just remember when you bring someone on board you must cummunicate with them in order to Build a Business on Solid Foundation..I know I went off Q sorry....Everyone Have A Very Blessed Day Of Abundance

  40. HI Christene,

    Thank you for the very insightful review of Pure Leverage. I will always ask your oppion of a prgram before I purchase it! I think all of these so called "Guru's" are like politicians they tell you what you want to here! They talk the talk, but don't walk the walk!!



  41. hi, thank for your blog it's already helped me more carefully evaluate a couple of opportunities and saved me some wasted money and time. thanks

  42. Always have a whois lookup at those scam looking sites from WhoisXY.com and check whether the disclosed contact details are true and whether they are trusted to your knowledge.If not it is likely to be a scam.You can also check the website reputation and safety at http://www.webutation.net

    1. thank you for your www.webutation.net link. I went ahead and checked my affiliate sites... ome results were shocking. Great site to keep handy before you signup to anything.

  43. Hi Christene - Thank you for your objective review. Too many of us get fooled by the hype. It;s hard to know what is true and what is not until you sign up. I signed to PL a few months ago mostly for the Autoresponder but also as an affiliate. To date have not been able to make a single sale. I have a tendency to blame myself for my failures but I think in this case you're right on the money. Their twice a week "training" always leaves me dumbfounded... what did I just learn? I think most of the members are newbies like me who just don't know where to go and get bullied into PL by agressive promoters.

  44. Oh damn, I wanted to post with a different profile and
    I screwed it up lol... Anyway...

    I can't agree more with Tauei who posted here in two months ago... He said:

    "Doesn't matter how hard you recruit, you still fail. Even offering
    free marketing training to those who join you, still make you fail."

    I can't agree more and I think the vast majority aren't aware that
    we have to change ourselves first in order to succeed.

    More eyes needs to be opened BIG TIME, friends!

    There won't be any programs out there with 50%+ of success.


    Because we are not programmed, by default, to be a real entrepreneur.

    The % of people who earn more than $100,000 a year in MLMs won't change
    unless they change themselves... unless they reprgram their mind.
    No matter what kind of new compensation plan...

    No matter what is the product...

    And offering everything for free won't make people more successful either.

    I don't believe that.

    I personally gave my free time to coach people and to take them
    by the hands, literally. I was even following them up, always taking their hands.

    Yet... more than 50% didn't make it happen.

    Strangely, when they paid me, the success rate was HIGHER :D Interesting!

    It's like if we need a gun stamped to our head to say YES YES

    That's normal, we are lazy creatures...

    Making money as an entrepreneur... It's like starting a weight loss program.

    Out of 10 people who want to loose big weight ALONE...

    Out of 10 people who wants to stop smoking alone...

    There is always more than 70%+ who won't succeed long term...

    And I'm SUPER conservative! Why that? Because those programs
    don't work? Or... is it us who don't make it work? Bling bling!
    The second answer, my friends.

    Isn't interesting that when there is a coach that is constantly
    there to support us that it's easier to get to our goals? Whether
    this is for loosing weight, making money, or stopping a bad habit...

    That coach... what he does, is he/she reprograms our subconscious mind.

    Then when all the "programs" that we have in our mind change,
    all of suddenly, goals are achieved. Awesome!

    So my friends...

    When you don't succeed in a business, then in another business,
    then in another business, take a look at yourself. Outch! It hurts,
    but that's the truth.

    What you need to do is to focus on changing yourself and to
    reprogram your subconscious mind.

    How? Read as much books as you can on wealth creation.

    Stay as near as possible of all those wealthiest guys on
    the planet. Hear everything they have to say and APPLY
    even if this is AGAINST your will.

    Because there is many thing that they teach, that is against
    our will because we are not programmed this way.

    Sooner you will be aware of this, faster you'll succeed!

    By the way, by now you must think like...

    "This guys seems to know it all, he must pretends he is
    the God, he must blahblah"

    But I have still A LOT to improove on myself, in
    order to get better results. So I'm far from being
    smarter than anyone else or far from being perfect.

    I'm basically saying here what I've learned from people
    who knew more than me, what I've learned from my
    mentors, and what I've observed years after years...

    Damn that was a long post!

    Much love to you and success, never stop and keep on charging :)

    1. Awesome words Remy Lepage. You hit the nail on the head and illuminated much of what some of us know but could not express as clear you did. I agree with all you said.

  45. Wow, what a great article. I was considering Pure Leverage but was hesitant because of all the get rich programs on the internet. So after doing a search on Pure Leverage I came across your article and it helped clear the fog! Thank you for a great article, it was very helpful!

  46. Thanks for the excellent comprehensive review Christine, it's helped me make up my mind. Yep I've watched so many of these ''get rich quick'' presentations and can even finish off some of their sentences by now! LOL. I’ve watched them all, tried a few and lost money! Partner with Anthony Morrison, Pure Leverage, Empower Network, Facebook Clicks, Commission Cash Code, Traffic Amplifier, Auto Binary Code, Binary Options (the trading ones usually use unregulated brokers because they earn commission from recommending them), Instant Payday, Banners Broker, Push Button Millionaire to name a few.
    Don't you just love especially when some swear to you it's absolutely free and then as soon as you sign up, you encounter the hidden up sales-so disheartening. It may sound harsh but nothing great comes without work and a start-up cost-that's a simple fact. There's no such thing as a sustainable ''get rich quick scheme''-it simply does not exist! If you want to acquire wealth, you’ll just have to be diligent and get involved in a longstanding sustainable business associated with a tangible and marketable product. Frankly I've given up on all those ''magical money making software'' and reverted to good old selling and network marketing. To be honest it may require some work and perseverance in the beginning but wow once it starts paying off, the results are incredible and it’s steady income for life.
    Coffee is currently the 2nd highest traded commodity after oil and the global trends show that the coffee industry keeps growing exponentially every year. It's the most consumed drink after water, it is not a luxury and the average person in the USA drinks up to 4-5 cups a day, paying up to $4 a cup! This trend has now rapidly taken off in the UK and Europe too! Also specialty coffee sales are up 20% every year! Hence this product has longevity as the trends show consumption and sales going up every year.

    This business promotes coffee products that are actually good for you because it contains a certified organic herbal extract that has been researched and shown to have so many health benefits! Which other coffee brands pay you commission for advertising their products and brand? This is an exciting business opportunity to own and grow your own coffee business and earn residual income. Definitely not a scam (by now I know!) because there's an actual product! My aunt who is a critical care registered nurse in the USA has just given up her job because of this. Check out: http://momsorganiccoffee.myorganogold.com. God Bless and good luck.

  47. Thanks for the awesome review Christene. Keep up the good work. I am a pure leverage affiliate and I love it. The secret is: you have to actually work! Also i would highly recommend you enroll with as someone who will help you obtain your financial goals. Www.livemoneysystem.com

  48. So then Christine......have you found any legitimate, easy to do, money making program out there at all that you could share with me? I'm pretty desperate to get working from home and earning an extra income!

    1. There are many, easy to do programs you can do to generate extra income. None of them will allow you to earn a ton overnight but if you have someone that can point you in the right direction and you give it a few hours per week consistently, you will create results.
      I personally never made a penny online from 2008-2010 then i started to make a few dollars here and there by 2011. I learned a lot of the mistakes I had been making that many people still make to this day. Once realizing what I was doing wrong and realizing what I needed to change, the results changed as well. :)

    2. And now I'm a Multi-Millionaire.... LOL joking... I hate seeing that crap but I am earning a full-time income. I haven't bought a mansion...i rent....i didn't buy a new $50,000 vehicle but I did buy my cousins used 2000 pontiac firebird. I'm not going to sit on the beach and drink out of a coconut this weekend but I will not stress over the next bill that comes in the mail. :)

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  49. I asked a colleague of mine in the travel industry if she knows of an "all-in-one" marketing service that has components like Pure Leverage or Max Lead Pro. She recommended what she uses, Hubspot which is a VERY professional suite of inbound marketing tools. They have monthly plans of $200, $800 and $2400 per month (for 10,000 contacts). Plus I believe there is a $2,000 set up fee. Wow, what a difference compared to $25 a month for PL! In any event, I feel that actually using the marketing tools that are offered in any of these software has personally helped me (and many colleagues) who do more than $1,000,000 annual sales...get to that level. The KEY is to use the tools and marketing "systems" to learn how to promote your REAL business and grow your tribe of world-wide clients who rave about you, your products and services. Just my 2 cents.

  50. I also was a member of Pure Leverage. The fact that I quit has nothing to do with the program being a scam but more of a financial decision on my part. I am also a member of Joel's GVO and there is a lot of cross products and until my business grows a bit more and my sites start getting more traffic there is no need for the expense. I will be back to PL but not until it makes sense for my business.

    1. Hi John, I am currently an active member of GVO/PL but I used to have the same problem with traffic generation. Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to point you toward some places to generate tons of traffic to your site(s). A lot are free and some are dirt cheap. :)

  51. NOTICE...

    The Review is being updated on May 26, 2014 !!!

  52. Ditto Daniel Davila... In my opinion this was a fantastic review. Well researched, well written with insight on PL and a bonus comment on Talkfusion. You are right. MLN/NWM is just that network marketing and it is no joke. One must pay their dues. One must be seasoned in this industry to make the top dollar. Whether you have a job, working on your career, profession or practice, it takes WORK in any industry. You are right, if one is looking to get rick quick, good luck with the lottery. Everything else takes a system of goals, planning, a process of strategy, methods, tools, techniques, then implementation, execution, determination, commitment and practice. That creates the luck! I joined GVO back in 2005 for their website services and training and it has served me well. You clarified my thoughts on the new PL program. I wanted to get an idea of how PL compared to Talkfusion. I got that. I have made a commitment to join and rock Talkfusion. Thank you.

  53. Christopher Wright,
    I believe you mis-read her final verdict: "Pure Leverage is not a scam. It is a platform that provides marketing tools and an MLM business model under one roof. You can choose to use only the tools or combine both and create an additional income stream as well."

    Sending Blessings, Love and Light
    The Prosperity Doctor

  54. Hey everyone I hope you are having a Blessed Day of Abundance...I have Pure Leverage plus I am an active user since 2013 and I would Honestly rank it on a scale of 1-10 as a 5. To me, there is a lot of Hype without focus meaning "Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say". Now you might be wondering If I feel this way why do I still use the PL Products because they do work and I have created a Down-line and cannot abandon them, however I prefer promoting Tangible Consumable Products.. Utilizing Pure Leverage Auto responder system and the Conference Room. I do promote the re-sellers option however I have my own Training site PlatinumMasterminds to fully help new Individuals the right way ....Nuf Said... PL rating from a user of 1yr 7months as of my first payment process Sat 09 Mar 2013 06:40:48 PM CST authorize Payment Processed 1.00 RATING 5 out of 10...
    Hope This Helps and Have A Very Blessed Day Of Extraordinary Circumstances.
    The Legacy Maker

  55. I have had the PureLeverage products for about six months and been promoting them regularly without any positive results. I was planning to use and promote them to my List when I was dismayed to find that this week I have been kicked out presumably because I have had no success with promotion.

  56. I am someone who has never done any marketing, sales, or operated an online business. I don't know where or how to begin. I am currently going to school and pursuing a BA in Project Management Administration with about a year to go. Do you have any advice on how to get started.

  57. Awesome Pure Leverage Review Christine... Whatever happened to Pure Leverage? Is it still around? And I found some success from the trainings that Pure Leverage offered… Did not focus on the 100% commissions as an affiliate as I was building another business at the time I joined (back in 2014). Thanks again! :-)

    1. Yes, Pure Leverage is still around and offering marketing tools. In the last year, many of those were upgraded or improved. Great tools if you consider the price tag, not too expensive for everything you get.

      I will definitely update my review in the next couple of weeks to include all the latest.

  58. I do appreciate your honest review. I have read lots of reviews and comments from Wealthy Affiliate sites and most call everything a scam and pyramid if it is not Wealthy Affiliate. So it is nice to see somebody who is honestly reviewing opportunities. I am an affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate and GVO Pure Leverage. Especially since Wealthy Affiliate does not have autoresponder service. Since your review GVO Pure Leverage has improved, which is the case with most businesses that stick around. You can now have your own domain name for your blog website and you can change it up to make it your own. In fact you can now offer to local businesses to create a website for them. You can see my site if interested which demonstrates what I am saying. It is: BlogwithMick.com Again, though thank you for not just knocking Pure Leverage and honestly reviewing it. Due to your review and attitude I am going to stick with Wealthy Affiliate. I was about to leave due to so much negativity with them concerning so many just creating WA sites to put down other opportunities just to promote WA. Hope you do add this comment to your site. If so thank you.

    1. I agree Mickey, Pure leverage did improve a lot, I am actually in the process of reviewing it again to upgrade information as well as adding GVO. Joel is a great marketer and truly put effort in his businesses to make it better. In addition, he is active amongst his members, not just a silent business owner who left everything to an automated message or support ticket. Did you know that he has another program called "7 minute workout" as well? Great product and like with all his opportunities, he upgraded to make the program more pleasant. The product is a workout based program and truly works fitness wise, thus, not just an empty promise.

      The thing with Wealthy Affiliate and many other reviewing platforms, is the huge lack of knowledge. People think of criticizing one program, they will get sales if they recommend theirs. This method of marketing comes a long way, not sure where the origin was but new marketers will observe how others write and simply copy the technique. Obviously, WA's teaching methods does not encourage members to bash programs without proof or by using shady methods to get leads. Unfortunately, WA cannot control each and everyone's review, but, Kyle and Carson are constantly working to fix flaws that cause for concern. Bottom line, you will find that all kinds of people join WA, both ethical and unethical, just no way to tell how a person will use the training. Same thing with any other affiliate programs online, some goes the ethical way, while others prefer to use more sudden methods to promote.

      Wealthy Affiliate is in no way a replacement program for any other program. It is a supplement, a source to learn how to promote a program/product successfully without going in circles. Example: Wealthy Affiliate teaches a person how to get their website up and running, covers SEO and marketing techniques, all the basics one needs to learn to build a solid foundation. Once a person is educated and know what he/she will have to do to be successful, then they can choose a program that fit their website, like Pure Leverage for instance.

      Keep up the good work and please do not hesitate to stop by at WA, always a pleasure catching up and exchanging ideas.

  59. Pure Leverage in my opinion is an up and up business and very well established. The membership fees are very reasonable and you do get more than what you pay. Definitely not a scam. However, although there is a lot of training with many videos, you must spend time learning the basics. It is not for everyone who has no marketing skills and you have to work at it to make it a profitable business. Go for it if you have some basic skills and if you work hard at it, then it can be a very lucrative business.

    1. I agree Mel

      For the price, it is reasonable. Joel is constantly striving to push up the quality of his products and smooth out any flaws. Truly a great marketer that listen to his members and address their problems. Pure Leverage definitely made huge progress.

  60. Very Interesting articles and responses... I have tried a lot of these types of systems. I would be interested if you have done a review on Power Lead System (PLS) also know previously as Priceless Possibilities. It has so many features that you can basically eliminate everything else. It is an All-in-one system.

  61. Hello Christene,

    I don't remember how I got into Joel Therien's email list but this morning I received an invitation to join Pure Leverage. I came across Pure Leverage before but never really paid attention because it's MLM (not really a fan).

    I thought the $24.95 offer was attractive with autoresponders and all but then realize you need to put in $19.00 to re-sell the product.

    This type of program always hype about how easy, fast and how much money you can make. But behind it all, I feel it's the marketing and promotion that you really need to master. And because there're so many ways of marketing, it would take time to learn and be successful.

    So on that note, I agree with you that it might not be suitable for those new in the online world.

    1. Hi Zailinah

      Yes, with any type of product, there is a new marketing strategy to learn that takes time to perfect.

      However, although I am not an affiliate of Pure Leverage, I can say that Joel always goes the extra mile for his affiliates. Also works continuously to better his products each year. Definitely not the worst of MLM's and the products is relatively cheap considering what other places charge. Good place for marketers that need marketing tools but do not have hundreds of dollars to dish out each month.

      Joel has a lot of free training materials now, to help his affiliates do better and it seems to be fruitful. His program(s) are the better part of MLM with actual products that is worth something and not just a matter of re-selling a concept.


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