WordPress Review

This Review will be based on the pros and cons of WordPress and I hope to answer some much-needed questions around this platform.

Before I start on my review, I would like to give a quick explanation on the two types of WordPress blogging platforms and how they differ from each other. 

WordPress.org - this would be the main website where you will be able to download the free WP software for installation with your own hosting company and you will link your own domain to it.

WordPress.com - This platform work very similar to an online blogging platform, that will enable you to use the WP platform but without the need for own hosting or domain. The basic features are free, but you are presented with the option to upgrade to bigger bandwidth and storage along with more advanced plug-ins and premium features. Unlike WP.org, building a blog on this platform will not give you full ownership for your site or blog will be hosted on their servers.

WordPress - Pros

Free platform - Both the platforms are free, for the download will not cost you a cent and the .com basic version also offer a free blogging platform with the option to update only if you need more features.

Easy installation - Installing WP onto your own host is a breeze without much hassle. Nowadays most hosting companies like HostGator had made it even easier for they already have the WP installation option within the C-panel and it require only a few clicks to get going with your blog or site.

Maintain your ownership when you download the software onto your own host – Most professional site and blog owners choose to go with WP for they maintain the legal ownership of their sites or blogs, this will give you the freedom to customize it just as you please or even sell it at a later stage in time for whatever reason.

Manage several blogs and sites within one interface – WordPress had made this available starting from the WP3.0 version, making it easy for you to manage all your WP sites or blogs without switching between applications. The core version can easily be updated to the newest, making it a breeze for those users still on previous versions of WordPress.

Awesome blogging interface - WordPress is highly customizable with a vast variety of widgets and plugins to choose from which in overall give webmasters total control over their sites. WP indeed have tons of themes to choose from, and if you can't find what you are looking for, there are even more free downloads available all over the internet. Having a unique blog or site will always have a positive result for you can brand yourself or your company - WordPress makes this possible.

Creating content is easy – With the visual or code based text editor you will be able to write your text and content, choose the category to add it to and the content will instantly appear on your blog or site. The visual text editor also have an inbuilt spell checker to monitor grammar and spelling and gives you recommendations on how to fix errors.

Add sub-pages with ease – WP allows its users to add sub-pages, making it more convenient to organize the site content. We all know that a messy blog is just about enough to chase visitor away, and by using sub-pages content can be organized neatly and attractively. Navigation around a site is of most importance and your content should always be easy to navigate.

Customize between site and blog – Your WP site don’t have to be presented as a blog format, for WP can handle specialized content as well and posts can be eliminated or used for the desired form of content.

Plugins with power - The WP plugins will increase the functionality of your site or blog and you will be able to convert viewers into customers with added plugins that can vary from selling your products with shopping carts to the handling of your invoicing.

SEO friendly – WP in itself have a good reputation with all the major search engines and with added effort, great content, plugins and a few tweaks, you simply cannot ask for a better platform if you are planning to shoot for top rankings.

Huge community – This platform have tons of users that literally hand out free info and help via support forums and tutorials. Help will always be available in the form of video and Pdf’s not to mention that WP provides up to date documentation on almost all of the major issues that you might run into. WordPress.com also offers support through their FAQ’s, the searchable knowledge base, weblogs and so forth, and unlike so many other services WP.com accept email requests.

Outsourcing is a breeze – At this moment, WordPress is the most familiar blogging and site-building platform, making it easy for those who love to outsource the workload. Most bloggers, webmasters and designers are familiar with the usage and formatting of WP therefore, you will never struggle to find affordable help when needed.

Hosting is more easygoing and affordable – Finding a reliable hosting company providing you with all the options that goes along with your specific needs will always be a headache and by struggling to download WordPress along with the plugins can be a total nightmare if not done properly. Most of the top notch hosting providers like DreamHost and HostGator already have the option within their C-panel for the one click WP installation, well okay not one click but only a few. This makes it easy for newbie’s to get going without spending too much time figuring things out. Most webmasters and designers will offer cheap services to perform these tasks, prior to installing more complicated programs like Drupal and Joomla.

Always make a point to watch out for Hosting pitfalls and be sure to choose a company that will cater for your needs – Feel free to read my article on how to choose the right hosting.

WordPress Cons

Not user friendly for beginners – WP can be intimidating for new webmasters and bloggers, for there is a learning curve within the handling of the program and its features. If you use a hosting company like HostGator that provides you with an all in one installation, it would not be that difficult, but when it comes to manually installing onto the host it can be quite a difficult process for new bloggers. With WordPress you will have to invest some time into learning the program, but with so much good quality tutorials like WP101 you will be able to get over the basics and even the complicated very fast

Plugins can crash – The most popular and common plugins will work just fine most of the time without causing problems, but when installing plugins from unsecured sources or by experimenting too much, the user can be stuck with plugins that is not compatible with each other. If you are not an expert in fixing this, a professional will have to tweak the code in order for them to work correctly, but then again most individuals will do these kinds of jobs for very low prices.

WP needs to be updated on a regular basis – The core program (Version) needs to be updated to the newest version on a frequent basis, in order to work properly. This action may sometimes cause existing plugins to break up or malfunction and a professional will have to update them or fix the problem if you do not know how.

Few mobile blogging options – WP are still upgrading to a better mobile blogging platform and options at this time is a bit limited, I am sure we will see some drastic changes within the next version – let us hold thumbs.

Security issues – WP is in general very secure but being popular have its downside as well, for individuals do find exploits every so often, but for as long as you keep up with the latest versions of WordPress you will be secure to a good point.

Attraction of spam bots – For some odd reason the WP commenting feature does attract spam bots from all over but then again there is plugins that can be installed to avoid this a hundred percent. By adjusting your comment moderation option, you will also be able to minimize spam.

My Opinion…

Within this WordPress Review I had pin out the most important factors when it comes to deciding on a blogging platform. In over-all, most individuals do favor WP above all the other platforms for it had gained great popularity within the last 2 years. When you are thinking about building a serious online business, I would most defiantly recommend downloading the WordPress software onto your own host for the most popular but also successful marketers choose this method when it comes to creating a niche or market based online business. WP enables you to express or brand yourself, business or products in a unique way.

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  1. Charmain LeRoux8 May 2013 at 15:19

    Wow what a great review on WordPress, I should think about rather building my blog with them.

  2. Wordpress installations don't necessarily need to be updated on a continual basis. There are obvious security improvements to be made on each update but if you have a good additional plugin that adds an extra layer of security then this shouldn't be an issue. I've had successful wordpress based sites using 2 year old installations that are functioning perfectly, have never been hacked and working great. If it aint broke don't fix it...

  3. Thanks for the Comment Paul, I also have numerous blogs with WordPress, and have to agree with you that an upgrade is not always necessary, but unfortunately quite a few things comes into play when it comes to the type of blog, the niche (some niches are more prone to attacks), and then the types of plugins. New plugins that's available on a daily basis now are just one reason to consider, for developers hardly build them for older versions anymore, and bloggers that love to purchase these, will eventually run into a problem with the older versions.

    For blog owners with large sites, speed can become a major issue especially if we want to rank well in the engines and the new 3.2 version have more improvements to overcome this issue for it had removed unnecessary functions and the database queries are more optimized.

    I am so glad to hear about someone that is not complaining about attacks or hopefully botnets, but unfortunately lots of people have them (I had a botnet about 2 months ago on a highly competitive niche blog) By upgrading from an historic WP installation to 3.2 had solved the problem, but unfortunately I had to update quite a few plugins as well and had to take some time to learn the new version. Quite a few people unfortunately have the same problems in the discussion boards and I have to give a review to my readers that cover as much as possible on the pros and cons, for it is better to be prepared than to be caught by surprise.

    By looking at your blog I can clearly see that you have a good hosting provider, which is a big bonus when it comes to avoiding hacks and attacks, also you have a clean blog that is not overloaded with additional plugins and too much advertising. Unfortunately a big percentage of new users and even existing ones does not yet have the experience like we have and therefore I (and WordPress) rather advise people to stay updated to make problems minimal.

    Personally I also hate updating the core program for it sometimes causes problems with my old and favorite plugins, but the technology does not stay behind and all the new apps, programs and scripts are mostly build for the newer versions. We all loved Windows XP for it had so little flaws, but yea everything is now build on Windows 7 and 8 therefor we are sometimes forced to move on.

    You have a nice blog and the layout is not overwhelming...Keep up the good work and have yourself an awesome day

  4. Thanks for all that useful information. I currently have an online store with GD'y and I know that a website is in my future. Maybe I'll try this WebStarts. Thanks David


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