Get Into the Right Mindset for an Online Business

Generating an Online Income is not only possible, but it will become easier once you had found the avenue of attack and all that is needed is consistency and focus.

Negative mindset at this moment would be the difference between you and the successful marketers out there. So how do we overcome it? 

The online industry is the main reason for the negative mindset in the first place, so many scammy programs falsely get people into a positive mindset by promising riches and success that can be achieved without doing hard work. When people fail or their expectations are not met they automatically have a negative view when it comes to any program or task at hand because they are now reminded of the bad experience they had in the past and doubt is overruling all actions.

Look, doubt is a good thing and it can help you to discover many things like credibility, trust and so forth, but when it comes to the programs like Wealthy Affiliate or any legit program, for instance, we already know that some people are indeed making success out of it and that it is a program delivering on promises. The question would be; why do some get success, while others miserably fail?

First, when entering any online business, you need to understand a few things and then set your mind and actions up for achieving it:

online businessHard work – this would absolutely be the part that downright makes many people feel down and I constantly hear questions like; “But Christene I need to make some money now!” Or “I had been with a program for 2 months without earning anything”. You need to ask yourself this serious question;  Do you desire to have a solid online business or do you just want to earn a few quick bucks here and there? I understand your pain, it took me 6 months of hard work and consistency in to get where I am now and like you I also had times when I was sitting at my PC feeling down with my head in my hands and feeling depressed when looking at my empty Clickbank account. Hard work had paid off eventually and I cannot describe the feeling when you suddenly realize that all those work was not for nothing. I had sat in front of my computer so many times, thinking that it would be easier to just press the Del button and go back to my full time job but my mindset had only in-curved a few words...

“ I am going to succeed even if it takes me 6 years – I am not dumb nor am I stupid – If those people can earn a six figure income then so can I”

I met so many people who had worked hard to build themselves an online business and then quit just before they really knew how close they were to success, if you have a positive mindset you will go far!

Focus on success not money - All of us are here eventually to earn money, otherwise what would be the point, but money tend to give negative feelings since we feel down and depressed when we do not have it, we get stressed out and feel downright like a failure when we are not able to generate it. I also entered the online industry about 2 years ago in the same mindset and that would be to earn money! Guess what, it didn’t work, I lost money jumping from one program to another, ending up depressed and feeling like a failure, once I shifted my mind into wanting success more than the money I finally became calmer and found a direction. Most of you who are reading this will have a sad feeling because yes you do need the money right now and I completely understand it, I had been there myself and struggling to make something work that seems so impossible is not easy, but if I could manage to do it, so can you because you are unique and have the ability to do great things.

how to make money onlineFind your skill set – This would be the most important aspect of making it work or not. The online industry fails miserably into guiding new entrepreneurs in the right direction and that would be the major cause for failure. Please allow me to elaborate; we have all kinds of professions in the real world from doctors, technicians, managers, lawyers up to the directors - imagine if all of us had to become a doctor, the world would have been in a cute mess, well at least no one would have been sick but who would provide us with food? The online industry does not work any different, for we need our SEO providers, hosting services and the little niche guys providing some much needed products. Not all of us have the same skills and interests, while MLM would work well for me it will not necessarily work great for you, because I have people skills and you might be shy when it comes to working with people. When new individuals approach me, I always ask a bunch of questions to help them find what they will be good at. A person who absolutely hates writing, but love communicating will not have the success with a blog for instance and it will be a waste of time and money, but he/she will be great in promoting a system instead and rather use outsourcing to fill up their blogs. We have to keep in mind that consistency plays an important part in gaining success and building an online business; if you hate doing something then you will not keep consistent and positive.

Stop wandering around – I personally call it the “make money in a hurry browsing sickness” I meet so many people online that just jump around from one program to another seeking out the next big thing, in hope to find something that earn them money in a fast way. Sorry to disappoint, but there is no such program unless you had fallen into a scam that will payout fast and then take fast. If you are, still browsing the deepest part of Google and searching around then you are wasting valuable time, for each day that gone by you are falling behind and setting yourself up for failure instead of success, and those days and money wasted could have been invested in building up your business. Now I do not advise you to just jump in and take the best program that comes your way without proper research or direction, but when you make the decision for instance to join  WA or the program of your choice, you need to put everything aside and give it your best even if you do not see results immediately.

Build yourself around the product – Yet another important factor why so many people fail with the program they are promoting online. People buy trust and reputation and if you fail in providing it, you will not make one sale, period. Have you ever wandered into a shopping center or mall and saw those sales representatives with the shirts that are  imprinted with the logo? We automatically brand them as a trusted source for the product. By blindly promoting a program that you yourself do not trust or know anything about is setting out for a big disaster. Get to know the program, how it works, the benefits and even the flaws and then build your online presence and mindset around the product not the other way around.

Have a plan – Again, something you cannot do without! Almost any business on this earth had started out with a business plan that included financial planning, period, ROI and so forth. An online business is no different and by going in blindly without any structure on paper is just setting up for disaster. Go find yourself a quiet spot, take a pen a paper and write down your strategy, and then stick with it - no matter what!

Set yourself up for success – The mind is a powerful thing and it can actually poison our own success, therefore we need to set ourselves up for productivity and not failure. Google and advertising are so nice for about any research or curiosity, but it has just enough power to confuse you badly. I always make a point to set up my workspace (computer) in such a manner to cut on distractions and if I know that I have some posts to write or work to do on my blog I make a point to turn off any distractions including my mail, Skype and social sites. I don’t care how clever you think you are, when concentrating on one task whiles you have the constant notifications in the background, will get you distracted and spinning off in another direction. If you are going to start your online business part time this will be even more crucial and you need to take every second in making it work, distractions like mail, Facebook and so forth will delay your time and you will just take longer to get to financial freedom.

Get into the right attitude – Have you ever started out your day by getting up late and then saying to yourself “This is going to be a lousy day” and then it did turn out lousy? The same goes for your actions online, if you look at a task ahead and approach it in a negative manner, it will most likely turn out unsuccessful, rather look at impossible tasks and tell yourself “no matter how difficult it might seem right now, I know that I have the strength and capability to make it work”

mindset for an online businessFind a mentor – When we switch on our computer we tend to Meet so many new people online and that is when we realize just how many people there are in the online industry that is going for the same thing. Truth be told, it’s a lonely business and in the end it is just you and the Computer in front of you. New marketers fail because they have no one to guide them in the right direction or just keep them motivated.  About a year ago I had started to browse around the internet to find successful online marketers that I could identify myself with and I had studied their ways of making income as well as the way in which they approach the online industry, after all why struggle when you can find a person who is already successful and copy his methods. I have 3 online Mentors and each person had taught me a different component of the online Industry and when I put all their methods and advice together the failure rate just drops down immensely.

Give your business to God – I know that there are quite a few religions on earth and everyone have the peace within their own. I had found this part to be the missing link towards gaining success for myself and since I am putting down all my steps, there would be no point in leaving out the most important part that had mattered to me. I had realized that I am only human and sometimes the stress of running an online business had left me confused, tired and negative. I  realized that I am not built to be an owner, but rather a manager for I could not see hidden flaws or guide myself to success.  I had given my “online business” to God and made Him the owner of it, I follow His guidance now and it has been the best 4 months so far. I had shot up in all my rankings, made some good sales and on top of it all He had even made time for me to do what I want to do – help some people within my busy schedule. I still have huge goals and I am not even, near where I want to be online, but now I know that I have His guidance and He gives me strength when times are hard. We pray for our everyday life’s and even those we love, but when it comes to business, we think we can do it alone without His help.

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Love and Blessings!


“The Biggest Myth About Making Money Online
Is That It Is Hard To Get Started. It Really Is Not...”

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  1. Hi Christine! I really appreciate this post because it is not sugar coated... the just plain truth and the facts explained clearly about online marketing. Thanks!

    Timothy Carney

  2. Thanks for the positive comment Timothy - Dearly appreciated

    God Bless.

  3. I would just like to personally thank you for the time you have spent on your reviews Christene. I have found them very helpful and truthful. People forget that honesty, loyalty and dedication will take you far no what matter what things life will throw at you in your endeavors. Once again thank you!

    1. Hi Peter.

      First, I apologize for the late reply. I found out that it is much harder to fight the flu than it is to build an online business. Hope all is forgiven.

      Thanks for the kind comment, it is dearly appreciated.

      Honesty is a better option Peter, Lies and dishonesty always come back to do harm in the end.

      Have an awesome day and do not forget to smile.

    2. bette.massie@yahoo.com9 January 2016 at 13:18

      Thank you for all the great information. I still don't know how to begin..perhaps you would be my mentor. I want and need to earn extra money but somewhat physically unable. My skills are in makeup,skincare a good writer,former newspaper columnist on beauty,fashion . I'm a people person. Any help would be appreciated.

    3. The best place to start would be at learning website development. Meaning, you need to create a website of your own in one of the categories you mentioned above. The fact that you are a good writer will make it much easier for you to become successful at blogging. It is the easiest way to earn an online income and not too difficult to master over time.

      You can read my post about the importance of having a website and leave me some questions, will do my best to help.

  4. Thanks Christene for a great down to earth and heartfelt review of beginning and working on an online business.

    1. It is a great pleasure Ron. Thanks for positive feedback it is appreciated.

      Have a blessed day!

  5. Hi Christene,
    This was an excellent read. I really enjoyed reading it especially the last part about giving your business to God. It really put everything into a proper perspective for me!

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback, it is dearly appreciated.

      Yes, without God, we cannot succeed in anything. For years I tried to run my businesses, jobs and finances without Him. Had one failure after another, now He is in control because He knows what is best for me.

  6. that was an excellent post, very informative, honest views and also motivating......

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback Taqi, it is dearly appreciated.

  7. Some great advice. I wish I'd found you before I signed up. Having a hard time getting the person I signed up through to help with my questions. Luckily there is lots of other support at Wealthy Affiliate

    1. So sorry to hear that you have trouble getting your referral to help you with questions. Sometimes it is hard to keep up, I have a couple of thousand followers at WA and not always easy to catch up with everyone unless they ask me a question directly or use the private message system to send me a direct message. I recommend WA mainly because of the great support from the community, if someone is stuck, there is help available from hundreds of other skilled marketers.

      Please, do not hesitate to find me on WA if you have questions, will gladly help.

  8. Hello Christine and thank you for the update. I am looking into setting up my own online business and reading your post has helped me make an educated decision. You truly are a blessing. Thank you again. Nat Campbell

    1. Thank you for the kind reply, much appreciated.

      Setting up an online business takes time and patience, success never comes instantly. The reward however, is great once you are at the top. Keep on trying and never give up.

  9. I really like these ideas, they look great.

  10. This looks to be the perfect


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