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I register all my domains with GoDaddy and I felt qualified enough to write a full review on them and the services they offer. Owning a domain and hosting would usually be required if you are serious about owning your own blog or site and want a good web presence. The search engines tend to favor websites that have their own domain and most of the time you will have better results when it comes to ranking. Within this GoDaddy Review I will point out the pros and cons to the best of my ability in order to help you make a more informed decision. I would also like to add that I am not using the hosting anymore but only the domain registrar.

GoDaddy Overview

GoDaddy offers all the services you need to make a name for your business or yourself on the Web such as domain names, hosting, SSL certificate, email, e-Commerce solutions and a website builder. GoDaddy is the largest domain name registrar in the world with more than 3 000 employees and about 56 million domain names under their management.


Best Domain registrar - GoDaddy is the best registrar when it comes to reliability and customer service; I  buy all my domain names from them and never had one problem with their service. I had found that setting up a domain and getting the name servers updated with the hosting company was easy and took me only 2 days including the verification process. 

Google itself also prefers GoDaddy on Blogger which is just another plus point and they make it very easy to purchase a domain from GoDaddy on the blogging platform itself without any hassle.

When registering a new domain name you will be offered different packages like adding an additional .info, .net and so forth. GoDaddy always has some great discounts, for instance when you buy a .com you get a .info for free, also you will almost always get a coupon code to reduce the price on domain registration fees. Along with buying your domain you have the option to choose from copy protection, private domain registration or cheap domain transfer.

As you can see from the snapshot above I saved $4.17 on my domain renewal and also had the change to donate a little to charity.

Unlimited Bandwidth - Any webmaster would know how important bandwidth is when it comes to running a blog or site, for those who are a bit in the dark – Bandwidth determine how many visitors your site or page can handle at once, without affecting the load up speed or cause a site or page to crash. Many hosts will automatically throttle down on your bandwidth if your page(s) get a sudden burst of traffic, but GoDaddy had been able to keep up without encountering any problems even on shared hosting plans.

Installing WordPress – GoDaddy makes it fairly easy to auto install WordPress with only a few prompts and you could be up and running literally within only a few hours, however I should mention that it is always a good idea to install an additional security plugin when installing WordPress with any Hosting Company just to be safe.

Notifications – GD always keep you well informed and they always send me warnings notifications when my Domains are near the expiring date, which is useful for those who own numerous domains

Customer Service – GD have awesome 24/7 customer service with well-trained staff that assist will all technical issues. I had a problem once with redirecting my domain, they had responded to my request within 3 hours, and it was resolved without any hiccups. GoDaddy has lots of tutorials within the help section that cover almost every issue from managing domain servers to setting up WordPress. 

Easy to use site interface - GD had made some updates recently to ensure that their users have the ability to navigate the site with more ease. The control panel is separated for different products, meaning you only need to click on the tabs of your own products without cluttering the interface or the need for navigating back and forth.


Hosting – GoDaddy is not my most favorite when it comes to hosting for they still need to improve a bit on quality and ease of use, they also use a web-panel that have fewer options and features than the CPanel. I personally rather use HostGator for the control panel is more user-friendly and because they are the most trusted Hosting Company online.

Restrictive On Data – I am not sure whether this would be a positive or negative point, but GoDaddy does have some good security, and if you want to auto-generate your content or make use of custom web forms you will have some trouble in getting it done correctly, for they have very strict rules against spam.

Website Builder – The website builder is not upon one of my favorites for I always had the love of WordPress and nothing else, I did try it out though but with much disappointment. The html code did not generate in the way I want it and made SEO difficult. I had also found the interface to be cluttered without too many additional options, which would me the main reason why so many webmasters simply just choose WordPress instead of a drag and drop interface.

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  1. Hi Christene, take a look at me. I am already in the internet business without sweat at all. Thanks for your recommendation. I can create my own website already. This is a good hobby but at the same time generating income.

    Thanks alot Christene. Chat more later.

  2. Great site Elvis, if only newbies could follow what we are doing, creating our own online sites and earning from it.

    Keep up the good work

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  5. Hello dudes, Here is a great offer from GoDaddy which is offering a promo codes for registering new domains.

    1. Please do not use my blog for spam! one comment is more than enough to tell readers about your offer. Thanks

  6. But why would Mathew Brady send so many comments...?

    1. That is called spamming Amakwebo, they think if they keep sending an offer so many times, people will buy from them.

  7. Look like you earning from that review(aka paid review)?

    1. No, this is not a paid review. If you click on the link you will notice the normal .com link instead of a affiliate link

  8. Superb info, This is an very useful post who tells everything about the godaddy. I have used their hosting plan and happy with their awesome service one best thing in this hosting company is their customer support they are very helping persons and always solve my problems related to hosting this review would be an complete package and i am also get good info from below link about godaddy

  9. Wonderful review indeed! I'm quite sure that here provided allocation will be sound handy to everyone. I hope that through reading out this wonderful allocation everyone will come to know that how GO DADDY can be effective for them. Thanks :)
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  10. Hi Christine:

    Good Article, the only thing that I would like to point out (and I just went through this with them) which is why I am actually leaving them.

    I spent over 5 years creating a website called, As you can imagine, being a Tourism Site on Arizona, it is not some small site and invested a lot of money in advertising. The domain name came up for renewal and they sent me a notice (great communication), however, I felt that the renewal price was a little off, so I called them, after a 1/2 hour discussion (i am persistent in not accepting BS) the sales people tell me that the "higher ups" look at domain names and reports that are coming up for renewal and "they decide" how much your renewal is by what they believe is the value. Of course I asked the direct question something like "So let me see if I understand this, I can spend years with a domain name, spending lots of money to advertise it, when it comes up for renewal, your higher up determine that the domain name is NOW valuable, so they can charge what ever fee they want like $1000? Being persistent like I am, I got the "yes" answer. I don't know if other Registers do this, but I think this is a "behind the scenes" Scam. At the very least its unethical in my book. Remember Godaddy has lots of services and can make more money if someone does not renew their "valuable" Domain name. This is like saying to the government "godaddy's" trade name is now worth a lot of money so in order to renew the business license, it has to pay thousands of dollars. It may be legal,. but unethical and immoral in my book.

  11. Godady is a crook. goDaddy stole my domain name. And there is nothing i can do. So any review about goDaddy must have a big warning: CAUTION YOU MAY BE VICTIM OF ABUSE AND GET STOLLEN.

  12. Godaddy stole my credit card information. Your Payment information is not safe with them!!

  13. I used to have nearly 100 domain names, but one day clicked them from godaddys site, and found that my server ids had been mysteriously changed, and the names were landing on competitor's sites. What a revelation! I talked to various reps and they had no idea how that happened. If not, what kind of support do they offer? I was hugely disappointed, and let them expire. They lost my future business, and do not stand behind what they sell. My guestimate: Somewhere in their programming there must be code that changes the server ids - so they could eliminate that code, IF that is the problems, or if someone is going in and manually changing them... HMMMN! They are responsible and I wonder how much business I lost for URLS I paid for, that led to competitors sites. Who can you trust these days???? Did this only start happening when a new CEO took over? Has this happened to anyone else? Who would you recommend to buy domain names from?


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