ClickBank Scam Review

With this ClickBank review, I would like to cover as much as possible on how the platform works and if it would be worth your time.

Clickbank is the largest affiliate-marketing network for digital products like eBooks, software and membership sites in different categories. They cater for Affiliates and Vendors. The platform handles credit card processing, accounting and payouts. 

Clickbank General Overview

Clickbank scam review
There are two different sides to Clickbank. The one side is for Affiliate marketers and the other for Vendors who like to promote their own products through Clickbank.


As a vendor, you can submit your products to the busy marketplace that is browsed by affiliates and consumers. There are thousands of affiliates currently that promotes Clickbank products. Many of them are experienced Internet marketers, therefore you can put your product in front of a huge audience.

Clickbank is the intermediary between you and the customer and they will confirm payments, process orders and handle customer service. Clickbank takes a small fee for processing, but it is much easier to work with them and avoid the process of opening a merchant account to take orders online.

All you need to do is set up a sales page, download page, list your price and the product will be available immediately for others to view or promote. Clickbank made it easier by adding features that enable you to track where sales comes from, offer recurring billing and set up a custom 2-tier commission structure.


As an affiliate marketer, you can use the marketplace to find all kinds of products that you want to promote. Clickbank has products in virtually any niche you can think of, from popular to new.

Vendors know the importance of marketing tools. They provide their affiliates with the marketing materials that include the sales letters, banners, and in some cases even the email marketing campaign letters.

Clickbank products are one of the most profitable and highest converting platforms in the online industry with a good reputation. All products have a 60-day money back guarantee that makes people more prone to purchase.

The Marketplace

Although Clickbank has thousands of products to choose from, you have to keep in mind that you will obtain some high converting products with good quality, but also poor products with a low converting rate.

It is a good idea to take some time, so you can carefully select your product before you promote it. As affiliate marketers, we make a great effort when promoting a product. To make a decent number of sales you will probably need to set up advertising campaigns, build a custom site around your Clickbank product or do viral marketing. Nothing can be worse to have a product that does not convert. Allow me to give you a few pointers on how the statistics for each product works and how to choose the best one.

The Gravity Score 

The gravity is a calculation that determines how many different affiliates had made a sale with this product in the past 12 weeks. This number can give you a good idea what kinds of products are popular and makes a good number of sales. Remember the high gravity score can also indicate a lot of competition. Make sure not to choose a product that has a gravity score of less than 50.

Clickbank Review

Other statistics for the product includes:

Initial $/sale – This is the average amount that an affiliate will earn for each sale. This number also includes the sales tax, refunds and chargeback’s.

Avg Rebill Total – This number will be shown if the Vendor offers recurring billing. Products like subscriptions or memberships that bill customers every month will show up under this statistic. This does not include the initial sale amount.

Avg $/sale – This number is the same as the initial sale and is for one-time purchases only.

Avg %/sale - This is the average commission rate earned for all the sales of the vendor’s products, including re-bill, one-time purchases and up sells.

Avg %/rebill – This will only show if the Vendor offers a recurring billing product. It will show the average commission rate earned on rebills.

All the information above will give you an idea of how much you will make and how competitive it will be.

How to create your Clickbank Hop-link?

When you select a product that you want to promote all you have to do is click the “promote” button and this will generate a link that contains your referral tracking URL. You will use this link to promote the product and receive a commission from the sale if someone purchases the product or subscribes to the service.

Clickbank Analytics

You are presented with a full analytic dashboard that will give you detailed statistics that include:

  • Hops per day - By Vendor, tracking ID. or country.
  • Order form impressions.
  • Sales – Initial sales, Gross Sales, Rebill Sales, Net Sales, Refunds and Chargebacks.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Saved Reports.


Getting paid

Clickbank pays out every second week. You will have the option to receive a check or direct transfer.

To receive the first commission payment you will have to pass two requirements:

Reach your payment threshold – This is the amount of money that you must have in your account before they will send your check or make a direct deposit. The payment threshold can be set from $10 up to $1,000,000. The default setting is $100.

You must meet the Customer Distribution Requirement – Clickbank will issue your first payment once you have made a minimum of 5 sales that use at least two of the following payment methods:

  • American Express.
  • Discover.
  • ELV.
  • JCB.
  • Diners Club.
  • Carte Bleue.
  • Maestro.
  • PayPal.
  • MasterCard.
  • Visa.

Clickbank offers International Direct Deposit of your account payments into certain international accounts at no extra charge. Countries included:

  • Australia.
  • Austria.
  • Belgium.
  • Canada.
  • France.
  • Germany.
  • Hong Kong.
  • India.
  • Ireland.
  • Mexico.
  • The Netherlands.
  • New Zealand.
  • Singapore.
  • Spain.
  • Switzerland.
  • United Kingdom.
There is an easy way to get payments fast by using Payoneer. This is for the individuals like me that lives in the countries that are not listed above.

After 90 days your paper check will become stale, then you will have to send it back and request a new one. Direct deposits do not have this limitation and you will receive payment within 2-4 days. I highly recommend this method or to sign up with Payoneer for free if you live in a foreign country that is not listed.

clickbank payment review

Clickbank Pros and Cons


Anyone can register – You are not required to have a record of accomplishment or a website to be accepted. The registration only takes a few minutes. The easy registration process makes Clickbank the first choice for new marketers.

Wide variety of Products to promote – You will never struggle to find a good quality product to suit your needs.

Support recurring commissions – Clickbank is one of the few affiliate networks that accept recurring payment products and pay out recurring commissions as a result.

Easy to become a merchant – Clickbank is the home for most beginners. The setup is easy and they provide support materials. The pricing is very reasonable comparing with other programs and you will only pay $49 to activate your product. Your own product can earn you hundreds within a few days if it is good quality.

Minimal promotional restrictions – Clickbank does not have many restrictions on how you can promote the products. You are free to promote your product on blogs, websites, email marketing, paid traffic and social marketing to name a few. (Obviously, Spamming is not allowed.)

No limitations on products – As a Clickbank Affiliate there is no limit to how many products you can promote.

Scam review clickbank


Insufficient promotional tools – Clickbank does not provide affiliates with banners or conversion tracking tools. You are totally depended on the Vendor. Some merchants will provide quality tools while others will provide nothing at all. You will have to create promotional materials yourself if that is the case.

Too many “Get rich quick” products – Clickbank is the home when it comes to these types of products that promises the world but delivers nothing. Always make a point to do some research before you choose to promote “money making opportunities”

High refund rate – This will differ from product to product, obviously. Clickbank products have a higher refund rate than any other programs. Because of the guaranteed 60-day refund policy, individuals tend to purchase, use the product and then get a refund.

Is Clickbank a Scam?

Clickbank itself is not a scam, but since it is the largest online marketplace that is available to everyone it will attract the scammers as well. The platform does not have a screening procedure or high requirements that stops dishonest people from using the service.

Clickbank itself has a good reputation and payments are always on time. As an affiliate, it is your responsibility to do research before you choose to promote a program to avoid disappointment with chargebacks or customer complaints. As a Vendor, you should create a product that will deliver quality to customers and marketing materials to affiliates.

Clickbank Reviews

My Opinion

Clickbank is a great place to start if you are new to marketing, whether it will be as an affiliate or a Vendor. Affiliates should always make a point to do some decent research on the products that they plan to promote. Use the statistics that are available to you and browse around Google to find out if the product has a good or bad reputation.

Make a point to test products before you start to promote them. I usually test Clickbank products on my social networks first to see if it has a positive or negative impact on individuals. You can also email a few friends or even get friends and family to give you their honest opinion before you implement your marketing strategy. Remember everyone is different and what you might see as a great product might just be a lousy one for others.

Being a successful affiliate has been just awesome, but a successful vendor is way better! 

Clickbank makes it super easy to get your own product online and literally puts it in front of thousands of affiliates that are skilled enough to make tons of sales. Most people think that their only option is to become an affiliate and promote the Vendor's product. If you have skills or knowledge that others can benefit from - then why not create your own product? 

Thanks for reading my review on Clickbank. Feel free to leave your opinions and feedback in the comment box. 

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  1. What product would you suggest to promote as an affiliate or create as a vendor?

    1. It all depends on your niche when it comes to promoting.

      As a vendor I would recommend doing LOTS of research and find out what people need and what they are willing to pay for. If you can solve a problem that many have an create a product that people will buy to resolve their problem you will have sales.

      Forums and Social sites are a good place to start. People are always addressing their issues there in hope to find a solution.

    2. Thanks. Do you always set up a website for the products you're promoting or is not necessary?

    3. I strongly recommend that you set up a website. This will provide traffic and targeted leads.

      Always a good idea to stick with one or two products at most and give it your full attention.

      I would rather recommend that you pick a niche and build your website around a specific topic. You can then add a few clickbank products that are related to your niche. This is more flexible and you will not be stuck with one product. If a product fails you can just remove it and add one with a better success rate.

      Feel free to mail me directly if you have any questions about niche setup.

    4. if you cant buy anything using a visa et al credit/debit card, how could an affiliate ever pass the requirement of five new credit card transactions ?

    5. Yeah, that is a tricky one Jules, sometimes it can take forever to get five new credit card transactions. Visa, mastercard and so forth. Mostly people just use Visa.

  2. Clickbank is a very good Thanks

  3. Hi,
    You apparently are in bed with the Clickbanksters. WHY I HATE CLICKBANK IS BECAUSE IT TAKES MONEY CONVERTING $ into Euro's using a wrong exchange rate> Clickbank comes out profiting more.

    I HATE CLICKBANK BECAUSE IT CHARGES VAT/ TVA/ BTW, value added tax, which is illegal! For when I purchase from the USAetc. my country does not deserve to be payed Value Added Tax. And Clickbank is the traitor who takes my money to give it to the worst enemy of the people: our governments. They all deserve hell fro their crimes against humanity!

    I HATE companies using Clickbank and try to avoid making a purchase from them. They could let me pay using Paypal, or creditcard and these do not add VAT. Countries that are not involved in the sale of product or services, like my own Netherlands, do NOT deserve to be payed VAT. Clickbank is therefore part of a MAFFIA! They deserve to be put to death - all the guilty ones, the Careerists and enablers! God will soon do it! Sending out His angels to harvest all devil's seedsd like these, and throw them all into eternal fire! Matthew 13: 24-50; Revelation 21:8

    Why does Clickbank take my VAT? (21% or there about?) Why do business do business with Clickbank? I encourage every one not to purchase anything from sellers that use Clickbank. Let them go bankrupt, and let their CEO's be made homeless, robbed of all they own, eating grass.

    1. Dude, you need help...

    2. "give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, & give unto God what is God's" Matthew 12:17 Ever read that one? Seriously, you should reevaluate your priorities. You seem to be pushing, (with misguided force I might add) the idea that money is somehow holy. Your faith is the currency of God, & that's what you should be concerned about losing, not your little gold coins. Seriously ok.

    3. Excellent replies to a somewhat 'disturbed individual' who appears to have much bigger problems than little old 'Clickbank' !!!! Quite sad really. I'm sure there's more appropriate forums available that would help you address what ever issues seem to be dominating your somewhat pathetic life. This- my friend - is NOT one of those forums. Good luck and Gods' speed !!

    4. Debbie Day, Anonymous, & kitsune93 - Hey, I agree with dutchlionfrans1953 (assuming it's true), that a 21% VAT is ridiculously high, and governments that charge a 21% VAT on purchases are acting like an enemy of their people. And countries that are not involved in the [production or] sale of products or services do not add value to the product or service, and therefore do not (logically speaking, anyway) deserve to be payed a VAT (they should at least use an honest name for it, like "steal-u-blind tax"). Central governments typically have an insatiable desire to suck an ever-increasing percentage of the private sector's money out of the taxpayers' pockets. And only return about 50% of that money to the people in services provided (pretty low ROI).

      Where is he pushing, (in any way) the idea that money is somehow holy? I don't see it.

      He appears to be an individual that is a bit "ticked off" at his govt for outrageous taxes, but in what way is he "a somewhat 'disturbed individual' who appears to have much bigger problems than little old 'Clickbank'?" What are these perceived bigger problems and, other than apparently having the misfortune of living in an apparently highly taxed country, why do you presume to know that his life is in the least bit pathetic? If you're going to slander someone, you should at least provide logical justification. I say this because I'm really sick of seeing it in blogs. A lot of people in the blogosphere (usually those far left of center, in my experience) are rude and crude, and without reason. Now, that's pretty pathetic, IMHO. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (or better).

      It's "God speed." The saying isn't about God's speed.

      Nevertheless, we all make mistakes, we're all sinners (but some of us are forgiven sinners, and provided the righteousness of Christ ... not that we deserve it, of course, but because we asked for it, properly), and may God bless all three of you. A little bit of His blessing on your life and "crude and rude" will fade away, if not instantly disappear. No kiddin'.

  4. Just looking at Click Bank and found your article useful thanks

  5. Very informative post. I am new to affiliate marketing and i have no knowledge. But it is hard to find a suitable one. This tutorial post really help new beginners and bloggers to choose a suitable one.

  6. I read the whole article and learnt sufficient info on how clickbank system works. However, I am not an affiliate marketer and I have a keen passion on this profession. I'd be grateful if you could help me in this issue or at least refer me to the best tutor. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Elvin.

      Please refer to my article

      A bit of a long read but, it explains the importance of having your own website if you want to succeed with Affiliate marketing. In the article is useful links that you can use to join programs with the best support structure and training.

      After reading, please do not hesitate to shout if you have any questions, will do my best to help.

  7. I have been slammed by "affiliates" with ClickBank's LottoCrusher and if they are as reliable and legit as you tout, then why in the devil are they sent using spoofed or non existent emails, no way of opting out and on those one in a million that have them if you do the trash continues, there is no way to contact LottoCrusher and their claim of being sympathetic to those receiving spam emails provide an email address that rejects all emails as being non-existent? And why doesn't ClickBank answer emails to those contacting them about their client's spam and abuse? Any help in getting info to these places to once and for all stop their spam, please answer as I would love to know and to stop them. I'd NEVER consider anything relating to ClickBank if Lotto Crusher is the type of client they would take.

    1. Unfortunately, Yes, ClickBank also have "bad" products. These are usually removed when too many buyers request their money back or if it is reported via the customer care.

      You can contact the ClickBank customer care here:!/#ContactUs

      Personally, I would just report them, you can do so by forwarding unwanted messages to the Federal Trade Commission at Be sure to include the complete spam email and as much information as possible.

    2. Hello there I had to make sure this was real . I've been burned before. I want to get into this soon.

    3. so is clickbank logit or not

  8. well done i like it.

  9. So do you really think the YouTube views you can buy on clickbank are authentic???

    1. No, they are definitely not authentic, just a waste of money.

  10. Christene this is s concise, succinct description of the Clickbank system. I was wondering though- how common is it to be both a vendor and an affiliate ? I have been exploring/researching this online business model for what seems like an eternity and need to be mindful of information overload. So many of the 'authorities' out there distribute the exact same info wrapped in various styles of 'wrapping paper' but with the same goal of enticing you into one of their 'make you a millionaire' training courses, to be honest I've become quite cynical and - need I say - suspicious ??? You never hear about any of their sign ups that "failed" at whatever genre they were promoting - only the success stories. For me, I would give more credibility to someone who was prepared to show the 'real/honest' side of these courses/workshops/programmes that they all so brilliantly offer. Is there ANYWHERE that statistics or even some form of research findings could be viewed that more realistically present the success/failure rate of people who try their hand at different methods of making money on line ? Christ, sorry 'bout that- sort of went off into a tangent there. With any luck you'll be able to make some sort of sense out of what I've been attempting to say ???

  11. Hi Chris

    Thanks for an elaborate review

  12. Very helpful, Christine. Thanks a lot!

  13. I like your honesty. I found another lousy Clickbank product Take Money for Cash. For me it sounds like you get paid for taking surveys. What happens is you pay for being surveyed.

    1. Yes, most likely just another "buy now or be doomed forever" kind of product. If they make it sound easy to make money, it most likely is just a low quality product.

  14. Christene,

    Thank you for this review, that I found very educational, easy to read, and good for a starter as I am. It made me understand the basics of Internet marketing through ClickBank. Thank you!

  15. How can someone filter through the Clickbank offers to find quality products to sell. Sure there are many sales tools and there is a lot of money making potential but I am looking for actual end user quality. After a visitor comment on one of my sites I decided to purchase a few of the products I was promoting and quite honestly, they sucked. Buying and testing every product I would like to promote isn't very realistic but there has to be some way to sort out the crap products.

    1. Clickbank is such a huge market place with both good and really bad products all mixed together, unfortunately it is a struggle to find such programs. The best they cover, are the stats below each product to give you an idea how popular a program is and the average sale that one can expect to make.

      Keep in mind that Clickbank is not the only marketplace, Share a Sale, Sell-health, commission junction and link-share are a few of many good ones also available to browse for products. Most recently I also discovered Udemy, great products there as well and worth taking a look at.

  16. Hi There;
    I noticed in your blog you have covered everything except how it would be the best way to promote Clickbank products. Marketing a product is the most important method for affiliates or vendors to know. Why lead people to services without laying the whole package out? Kind Regards:)

  17. Click bank makes money from successful MARKETERS only, If you are not successful marketer than Click Bank receive request from customer to refund payment, in this case Click Bank does not make money.
    So logical think is that if you are not successful marketer Click bank should cancel Marketer account.
    But this is not a case. Instead Click Bank will suspend customer account if customer asks for several refunds due to unsatisfactory product.
    Frank J

  18. Click bank makes money from successful MARKETERS only, If you are not successful marketer than Click Bank receive request from customer to refund payment, in this case Click Bank does not make money.
    So logical think is that if you are not successful marketer Click bank should cancel Marketer account.
    But this is not a case. Instead Click Bank will suspend customer account if customer asks for several refunds due to unsatisfactory product.
    Frank J

    1. hi frank

      I am having similar issue. My account was being flag as fraud without me knowing and i was only using it for 3 months. There is not notification saying that they have suspended my account due to fraudulent. May i know what was your next step ? did you logged a complain?how does this work?i really need help. all my hard earn money gone based on an accusation.

  19. Christene:

    I have been an inventor [Eng. Sc. D in metallurgical engineering) for as long as I can remember. Before I officially retired (in 2010 - I'm now 73), I accumulated 8 patents (all of which were assigned to my employers).

    Remaining a very active person both mentally and physically, I developed the following techniques for DIY homeowners...

    1) A simple way to eliminate a basement dehumidifier that still provides excellent mold and dust mite control.

    2) An efficient way to cut air conditioning size and electrical cost by 50%.

    3) Using my metallurgical knowledge, I developed various ways to improve household water supply quality by controlling harmful bacteria, and removing excess amounts of sulfide, and iron - all of which are accomplished at negligible cost.

    However, my passion is healthy living through selected lifestyle changes, customized food intake, advanced exercise methods and targeting herbs, minerals, vitamins (as well as other supplements), each of which has been demonstrated to significantly improve human health in a clinical setting (not mice or other test animals.)

    Obviously, I can't even scratch the surface in this brief note.

    My problem is I have been unsuccessful in marketing these methods. So if you're interested in working with me, please give me a call (315-215-4013), or send me your suggestions in an email (

    Sincerely yours,

    Dr. Roger Altman

  20. Cristine,

    Just saying "hi" to a fellow wealthy affiliate member.

    Amazing content, halfway i recognized it as 'This must be done by another wealthy member'. I can find myself in most of your statement that Clickbank, itself, is legit. But i have to admit that i getting red flags when i see the "clickbank approved" logo when i see another great offer.

    One advise is to take extreme care if you see a 1 euro 7 day trail or what so ever on a clickbank offer. If you pay the trail price using paypall, you will automatically give permission to extend for the full price if the trail expires.

    Costing me 30 euro for nothing on , there were simply no surveys targeted to my country while the advertisement says it does.

    Clickbank offers can be a kind of shady, like you already mentioned, so please always look for a review before you get into a Clickbank offer.


    1. Thank you Marcel

      Yes, I absolutely agree with you. I cannot remember how many times I fell into that trap with Clickbank. Purchased a trial and end up paying the full amount. Getting a re-fund use to be easy, but now it is just a headache not worth the effort.

      Movie sites are another thing to watch out for. The sales page promise tons of new movies and series, once you paid, you are re-directed to sites with old movies not worth watching. Sales pages are always full of glamour, the product, not so much.

      Clickbank has some really great products, just a pity, the bad ones is so plentiful.

      Feel free to stop by at WA, always great sharing ideas.

  21. OpportunityExists31 August 2016 at 00:19

    Thank you Christine. I too am new to affiliate marketing and have found your information worth the read. Looking forward to reading more from you!

  22. How good is their ClickBank Univ. 2.0 subscription?

  23. Hey ! I was registering for Clickbank and it was led to a page that my account is being reviewed. Do you know how long will it be before clickBank approved?

    1. Anything from 1 day to a week. Depends on the country you live in.

  24. Do you pay to be an affiliate or marketer?

  25. No, you do not pay to be an affiliate, it is free to join.

  26. Christene, I think it's also very important for affiliates who promote Clickbank products to know that Clickbank can simply decide to SUSPEND their affiliate account and keep their commission without informing them. They treat their affiliates like garbage, giving only canned responses. You simply don't get paid. So, not only do they not want you if you're not successful, but also if you are successful. Once you have enough money in their allowance, they simply close your account and keep the money for themselves. I have found that communicating with them is impossible as they think they know everything and their way is always right.

    They also have no way to combat Merchant fraud against affiliates, employee fraud against affiliates, and negative SEO fraud.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated.

      People have been searching for alternative marketplaces with better service ever-since Clickbank lacked to provide for their affiliates in a better way.

  27. Thanks Christine! Very informative. I came across your article Googling ClickBank.

    1. It is a pleasure Stephen. Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated. Guess it is not too late to say "Happy new year"

    2. How i know if the product that i promoted was sold? Where can i view? Need help thanks

  28. I've had multiple bad experiences with clickbank. Shortly after my affiliate account started to really pick up steam in 2016, I hit login issues and assumed their site was having problems. However the next time I was unable to login, I finally contacted customer support. They told me my account had been flagged for removal. Upon review, they found their automated system had failed and my account was a victim.

    After two months of missed opportunities and who knows how many people being directed to a broken link, finally I was back in the game.

    A month later, I logged in to see that Clickbank had been charging me a $1 dormant account fee "per pay period" - which, lucky for them, happens to be every single week. When I tried to contact customer support and pressed "2" for affiliate accounts (in the middle of the day, in the middle of the work week), I got "Affiliate Support is not currently available." AKA - "please spend 30 minutes gathering data to write us an email instead of five minutes talking to a live person."

    I'm being charged a fee for not having sales during the time that they erroneously removed my account. And I can't even talk to a real person about it. I can't even weasel my way in for another department. I pushed every number for every option, and each one has the same woman's voice saying, "I'm sorry, ____ support is not currently available"

    I'm not advocating against using clickbank, just hoping to spread the word to potential users that it can be as much a nightmare as paypal has a reputation for being (inexplicably frozen assets, unreachable and unsympathetic customer service, etc.)

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience Jema, much appreciated!

    2. Question on legalities... Say I create a Facebook Page for the product I've decided to promote. Is it illegal in any way to extract and use information from the original website? I would imagine that since you're promoting THEIR product, that they wouldn't have an issue with using their materials to make your Facebook Page? Maybe, I'm wrong..

    3. No, usually they will not have any problems if you use the materials on their website to promote a product positively. Most sales pages have a disclaimer at the bottom, better to go and check first just to be safe.

      Depends on the Vendor you choose, but most Vendors will supply "affiliate tools" for you to use for marketing. If a vendor does not supply affiliate tools, I would not use them because a good Vendor will make sure that the affiliates has something to work with. If they can't supply proper tools, it is usually not worth promoting the product anyway.

    4. And all it takes is one complaint from that vendor, or anyone for that matter, and your account is terminated and ClickBank keeps all your money. Their sandbox. Play at your own risk. I chose not to play.

  29. I could not register because of I was flagged by Clickbank's fraud prevention software.

    Why do you think this had happened, and what could I do?

  30. I am cautious about purchasing a product with clickbank as you must agree for future charges on your account that you pay with. It appears to open the door for the vendor to continue to charge my account. The payment page was also flagged as risky with the filters on my work computer.

  31. I seem to have problem setting up clickbank. It does allow me to proceed but give an error msg:

    "unfortunately we cannot offer you an account at this time. Regrettably we are unable to make any exceptions". Does anyone know why and how to overcome it.

  32. Hello Christine, are their other affiliate site like Clickbank you can recommend?

  33. Thank you for this info, it was very helpful for my to decide.
    Best regards

  34. I have put out over 100 clickbanks advertised products and had at least 3 items appear on page 1 on google. Those page 1 has over 500k to 2m views and yet to receive one dollar in over 4 months.

  35. Awesome review, I'll be checking this out right now. And you're right, everyone should be using discretion when choosing a product or service to promote. Basically, promote something that you as a buyer would use or want to own etc. Don't want it? Don't promote it. Seems simple. Time to dig in! :)

  36. Thanks Christine for writing great review on ClickBank; beside number of features, Clickbank has adopted a great policy on products and services that occasionally returned, it will cost the marketers that will promote bad products.

    Thanks again

  37. Thank you very much Christene for you very informative review I just came across SFM created by Stewart Ross and I have just started to learn what is their offer for to become their Affiliate and What I see they offering lots of materials videos ect. but they charge 97$ per month plus you have to invest some money at the beginning so I just wonder if it is worth and would the Clickbank be a better for a start ? I would love to know what is your opinion as I'm completely newbie in this field. Cheers

  38. This is a well known law of economics, that translates to almost every level of sales and marketing. When you build up anticipation and excitement, your readers grow to expect the level of quality that your product offers.

  39. Shame on you for allowing such free access to your site by spammers, abusers and phishers. First of all, the product I bought was worthless and you did refund my money without question - but ever since the purchase I have been plagued with phishing emails, up to 5 or 6 a day. You are doing a great disservices to your vendors and their customers by not providing a secure site or, more questionably, actually selling customer information.

  40. Absolutely fantastic posting!

  41. Its so amazing and helpfull for us

  42. I have had a little experience with Clickbank through another company a long time ago. I did not have this knowledge. I really appreciate your time in putting this Review together as I again am a total newbie.


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