Blog Beast - Scam Review

With this unbiased Blog Beast Review, I would like to write about my own personal experience with the upgrade and add my opinion.

What is Blog Beast?

Blog Beast is an upgrade to Empower Networks blogging platform. New technology had been added in the form of an app that will give you the ability to update and write posts on your blog straight from your smart phone. In addition, members have the option to have unlimited blogs and different domains with the application.

Blog Beast Scam ReviewWhat is the cost?

$25 per month will give you access to the mobile app and the blogging platform.

Refund Policy?

Yes, they have a strict 3-day return policy that begins on the date of purchase. 

Blog Beast Overview...

Blog Beast is a viral blogging system that includes the following components:

  A simple 2-click blogging platform – Allow you to write and publish a post with only 2 clicks. You do not need technical knowledge and you can write and publish posts from your phone.

Mobile Audio/Visual Broadcasting App. – This will enable you to record audio and video on your phone and then post it directly to the video networks.

Sales Conversion Engine – Allows you to track your progress that includes; sales conversions and personal progress. 


  • The ability to use a mobile app that synchronizes the online blog to a smart phone or tablet. You will still have the same features that are available on a standard computer. 
  • You are able to gain access to all the marketing materials and training straight from your smart phone.
  • The app allows leaders to view sales, payments and customer lists and give the ability to mail members directly from the app.
  • You can run everything from your smart phone.

Does Blog Beast Have any Cons and is it a Scam?

So obviously this is the part where most of you will start to read more intensely and hope for the best right?

Okay so I am not going to yell scam, and I will not tell you that it is a death trap for your online career. 

For those who did not read my original Empower Network Review, allow me to give a quick recap about my history with EN. I was a member myself and did not spew out a review just based on thoughts or a personal vendetta. I made awesome friends within the network and yes even made money. However, I am not promoting them with my review and you do not need to worry that I will haunt you on FB or by Email.

So without any delay let me ask you…

Do you want my honest opinion? 

WordPress vs Blog Beast

Empower Network adverts claim that their blogging platform is better than WordPress. This is a BLUNT LIE. Wordpress became the most popular blogging platform and statistics prove that.

For the sake of the argument, allow me to compare Blog Beast with Wordpress, and then make it a laughable matter.

Let us start with popularity and compare:

By using Google trends, I tracked down the most popular blogging platforms and you can clearly see that WordPress is dominating. The Empower Network blogging platform barely moves the bar on the worldwide term. I do not want to seem unreasonable and did the search again, but only on business related blogs – Not much improvement. Empower Networks blogging platform could not even rank in the business department.

Blog Beast

Empower network did not make the top 10 blogging platforms in 2013 and I highly doubt that blog beast will make a difference in 2014. 

Blog Beast and Wordpress

Let’s do the numbers game...

So how many Wordpress sites exists? 

27,148,396 and still growing daily. 

I've got a live snapshot from WP itself for those who doubt the number.

wordpress views

How many blogs are created by EN?

130,000 – Yes they said it themselves as you can see from the snapshot below. 

Empower Network

Approximately a 100.000 new websites are created on a daily basis with Wordpress. Call me dumb but that would be equivalent to 3 days worth of websites that is created on WordPress if you compare it to Empower Networks entire network.  Do I even need to put claim on numbers here – I think it is obvious.

How about flexibility? 

WordPress is not only used for blogging anymore and exploded into a platform that enables you to create anything your heart desires from sport sites, social networks, company business sites, news sites, membership sites and even forums, and I am just scratching the surface here.

WordPress gives you a wide variety of themes to customize your blog to its own uniqueness. Professional bloggers know the importance of being unique when it comes to expressing yourself. Empower Networks Blog Beast does not offer a huge variety of themes and you will be stuck with a blog that looks similar to thousands of other blogs.

Word press themes

The WordPress plugins are the "life" of any blog and they make your site preforms in the way you desire. Want a sitemap? A plugin will give it to you in minutes. Needs advanced SEO? No problem, you can choose from a wide variety of SEO plugins that will suit your needs.  The choices are endless. The Blog Beast has limited plugins and you will have to use what is offered.

While doing research for my review I even stumbled upon this cool plugin that allow you to add a Forum to your WordPress blog. Just to show how flexible this platform is against all the others.

Blog beast vs Wordpress

I wish I could tell you that you will be able to build an “awesome” fully customizable blog with Empower Network, but I will have to say nope. Blog Beast does not allow you to add all these goodies and you will have to take what you get.

Let us have a quick look at what Wordpress offers by looking at the following two snapshots: (Click on images for a larger view)



What are your choices here? – Lean ground beef for $25 or rump steak For Free

Now lets talk about the “amazing” app...

Well to be honest, this is no new technology and all the major blogging platforms including WordPress made this possible a while back. Empower Network merely caught up with technology, or at least came a little closer.

As you can see in the snapshots below from Google Play. Mobile blogging is not new and Tumblr and Blogger along with the all so famous WP made this possible before Empower Network even mentioned their app. You will also notice that the Tumblr and Blogger Apps have better popularity than the Blog Beast one on Google Play.

tumblr vs blog beast

Tumblr App Description:

  • Share GIFs, photos, music, links and text. Find and follow all the things you love and get the latest news from your dashboard.
  • Post anything, from anywhere.
  • View and reply to messages
  •  Add a "create a post" widget to your home screen.
  • Advanced controls: Save drafts, customize tweets, queue posts and more
  • Multiple blogs: Manage all of your blogs in one platform.

Blogger vs blog beast

Blogger for Android App description:

  • Edit existing posts
  • Compose a post that can be saved to draft or published immediately
  • View a list of your saved and published posts
  • Manage multiple blogs.
  • Embed an image from the gallery or take a picture directly from the app
  • Add labels to posts
  • Add location information.

Empower Network blog beast app

Blog Beast App for android Description:

  • Post directly to your blog via text, audio, image and video
  • Access your Empower Network educational products
  • Manage your Empower Network account

Can we compare the Blog Beast App with the WordPress one?

I could try but WordPress might get angry with me for not doing them justice. However, I would like to add that the WordPress app is free along with hundreds of other apps that do the very same thing.

The WordPress app is available for any phone type that is mainly used including Android, iPhone, Windows phone, Blackberry and even WebOs. The Blog Beast is only available on Android and iPhone. So much for testing it on my Lumia or Blackberry. Empower Network claims that the Blog Beast is the next big thing, yet it lacks badly against the free WordPress app that provides usability for all types of smart phones.

Microsoft is expanding fast and currently they become the third most popular mobile OS around the world. Clearly, Empower Network did not acknowledge the fact that a huge percentage of cell phone users are using Windows phones. 

blog beast have no windows app

Does blog beast have an app for blacberry?

app for ios

Is mobile blogging the future?

Most defiantly not. Yes it enables you to write and publish a post straight from your smart phone but it is not functional. Mobile blogging is around for quite some time now and although leading platforms like WordPress and Tumblr have some awesome apps that could turn your phone in a miniature computer, no one actually uses it for creating a business because it is not functional.

Allow me to elaborate;

Writing on a small phone – I would guess that many of you are familiar with the typing features of any standard smart phone – It is a nightmare, especially on touch screens. For this very reason chat platforms created the short text language, for those who are in the dark, this is when you use short versions of a phase instead of typing it out, ex. LOL stands for laugh out loud. NO ONE in their right mind has the desire to type a full blog post containing 800 + on a touch screen or even a small QWERTY keypad

Now for the sake of argument I did try it, just to prove that I am open minded. The result – Took me 2 hours to write 900 words, and may I add that I used my Samsung note with the larger screen for this experiment. On my Computer with the standard keyboard, I can accomplish it in half an hour. Show me one person who would like to type a blog post with thumbs when you can type it with 10 fingers instead.

The majority of bloggers including myself prefer to write our posts or articles on a word processor and then copy and paste when finished. That is why we call it the laptop lifestyle and not the phone lifestyle.

blog beast mobile app
SEO on a smart phone? – I can only give one answer NO, NO and NO again. The blog beast mobile application does not leave much room for HTML editing, H1. H2 and H3 tags optimization, image tagging in the HTML code or advanced SEO techniques. But then again the previous Empower Network blogging platform did not allow it either so nothing much had changed.

Applications like these are good for writing a quick comment, sharing content or doing a quick modification.

Here are a few things to consider before you purchase the Blog Beast and Empower Network products...

You will be stuck with the marketing niche – The Empower Blogs are plastered with EN advertising and they are designed to sell EN and the products. All well if you plan to write about marketing related topics or home biz opportunities. Niches like health, pets, hobbies, weight loss and so forth will not integrate well with your EN blog. After all, not everyone doing a Google search for “how to lose weight” will be interested in purchasing a program that promotes “how to make money online”. Targeted traffic is the key to any online business, by sending the right traffic to the wrong product you will have no success!

Join the right person – Leadership is the most important part in Empower Network. The person who signs you up is responsible for your success and learning process. Too many marketers are just focused on making sales, get members to purchase all the training, and then left them without any support.

No YouTube viewing power - Empower Network is hosting all the videos and this will limit the amount of audience you will reach. You will not be able to tap into YouTube’s power or reaching high amounts of views.

Duplicate the concept – If you join Empower Network you will need to recruit new members and get them to purchase as many products as possible to make decent money. You also need to purchase the products yourself before you can earn commissions from selling it.

The costs involved – In total all the products add up to $5,500 with an additional $140 a month to go all in. If you want to make a decent income on Empower Network, you will be required to purchase as many products as possible.

No ownership – You do not own your blog and will not be able to move the entire blog to your own hosting if you change your mind. Once you stop the subscription, you will not have access to your content.

Low success rate – Any online business takes time to develop and grow. Empower Network is no different and you will not make money instantly unless you already have strong follower lists in social media or a good amount of traffic. Competition is also high and you will compete with some skilled marketers. Feel free to have a look at the Empower Network income disclaimer.

Very little support – When Empower Network announced their new “upgrade” I dearly hoped for a better support structure – did not happen. Most groups only give support to those who at least upgrade to the inner circle. There are also groups who do not have any experienced leaders and a bunch of newbies is running the show. The recent updates allow members to restrict specific blog posts and only allow other members to view it. This is keeping members who did not upgrade to benefit from the additional training. Not a lot of group effort by helping only those who are willing to use their credit cards. 

I must admit that there are some awesome groups in Empower Network who will go out of their way to help newbies find the way, but finding such a group is hard.


The Blog Beast app is a good update to Empower Networks blogging platform and I am glad to see that they had made some effort to catch up with technology. The Blog Beast makes mobile blogging much easier for those who prefer to use their phones instead of their computers or tablets. However, I see no significant change when it comes to creating functional websites that will perform well in the major search engines. After all a good blog is just as good as the amount of traffic that it receives and in the end no app or fancy modification can make this happen. 

You want the truth?

WordPress is still ruling and Google’s favorite, not to mention that you can Have It For Free along with all the plugins and themes your heart's desire.

Thanks for reading my Review on Blog Beast. Be spontaneous and share your opinion or own experience and help others to make an informed decision. Thanks in Advance.

Feel free to read my full review on Empower Network

If you had enjoyed this Post please “like and share” so others can also benefit from it!

Have Yourself an Awesome day!




  1. What a great article Christene.

    Why can't members from the Empower Network write an article like this?

    This is the type of training the EN members need on how to blog. If any EN members are reading this, forget about the review about the Blog Beast for a moment and just observe how Christene structured her article like a PRO.

    Awesome Christene!

    Have A Nice Day,


    1. Thanks for the positive reply Oscar. Comments like these make you want to try even harder to provide information that will provide details and help people to make an informed decision.

      God Bless

    2. I concur Oscar ;) What an awesome review. This is especially helpful to people because you have actual experience utilizing Empower Network products.

    3. Thanks Latoya, the positive comment is much appreciated.

      Have a pleasant day!

    4. Wow, thanks for confirming what I have struggled with for the last ten months. Now $7000 lighter and no sales, I have been questing the lack of leadership and up front honesty. I have bought all the way up to but not including the Masters product. I want to follow you and learn more

    5. Sorry to hear about your lost Alan. It is always sad to see people lose money that they worked so hard for. $7000 could have built you an online empire.

      Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to get rich. Many Empower Network members paint the rosy image just to get more signups and sales. It is sad indeed. The best way to build an online business is to start from the beginning and learn all the technical aspects first. You cannot make a sale if you do not have traffic, a list or a huge social following.

      At WA we teach members to build their businesses from scratch and work hard to make them successful. WA offers a free membership and a premium. Most members begin with the free one and gradually work their way up. This will include your free WP websites and all the basic training. If you do not like the platform you can leave and it will not cost you a cent!

      Feel free to read my review and do not hesitate to ask questions or contact me directly at the email box provided on the right side.

  2. Very well presented article. Once again you create a top read for anyone researching these topics. Keep up the great work Christene.

    I for one agree with much of what you say here. Blog beast is over hyped in many cases, to say it is revolutionary and will surpass the likes of Wordpress and Blogger is crazy talk.

    Thanks for the review.

    1. Thanks Matt. Your support is greatly appreciated like always. I must admit that your video review of Blog Beast was very well presented and covered the pros and cons quite well. Too many reviews just focus on promoting. Yours is unbiased with an open mind to what consumers really want.

      I am open minded and like to present a few sides of the story. I will include your link to help others make an informed decision.

      Keep up the good work!

  3. I actually Love wordpress and Blogbeast.

    Blog Beast is Fast and simple to set up... I can have Multiple blogs all under one roof at no extra charge which are also easy and very quick set up. No need for Multiple user names and passwords everything is accessed from one central location.

    Sidebar ad, header and footer are super easy to change to whatever pic you want to be there and will easily link to where ever you want them to go without having to use any html code. Just add pic and copy and paste the url destination.( I know I personally spent at least 4 hours or more on one of my wordpress websites just to make my header clickable)Smh

    I mean it really is grandma proof... My 10 year old can do

    You can add any domain (or Sub-domain) you own easily in about 5 to 10 minutes + whatever it takes for godaddy or whoever you bought your domain through to update their side (Mine was ready in 20min through GoDaddy so about 30min total). So you can easily BRAND YOURSELF for any niche or business ;-)

    The empower label is also removable if someone wants to with the click of a button just like the colors of background, titles and text..

    Youtube videos are easily shared simply by copying and pasting the url of the video. Again no need for html code/iframe... or you can also go with their video package which starts at $25 per month and allows you to do hosted audio and video blogs straight from your phone start to finish.

    The back office is a community of people who see your content and can easily like, comment right in the news feed like myspace,twitter or facebook..

    The point is to get anyone, whether it be a seasoned marketer or a new one to the online business world without wasting time on many of the unneeded things people get sidetracked with when using word-press sites. Starting a blog is as quick or quicker then a new facebook account.

    Truth is you just need Content (that you can trust will not just be erased if someone chooses like what happens on free blogs) and Traffic to a product or offer.

    Honestly I have learned an absolute TON from being in Empower Network on how to market properly (multiple methods) I've learned how important your mindset is no matter what you are doing in life. I've learned things that Honestly I can't put a price on because they have changed my life that much.

    Most of us know how Awsome wordpress has become over time with all the Theme and plugin developers. Yes I use Wordpress on a constant basis too and although I LOVE it,
    At times it does eat up a lot of my time when something goes wrong just trying to get it back straight. FYI my friends All plugins do not work with each other. Whenever you add a new one test everything and make sure there isn't a conflict...

    Anyway just a little bit of my .02... Just remember my friends at the end of the day most peoples opinions don't matter. What matters is what you believe in yourself and that you follow your dreams no matter what they may be because life is short and the people that matter will be behind you no matter what you decide to do.

    Much Love All.... Peace

    1. The total focus on my blog is to get as many opinions as possible to help readers decide for themselves. Your response is clearly written with experience on Blog Beast without an affiliate link attached to it.

      This kind of interaction on blogging platforms is professional and provides useful information. Many can learn from your writing style.

      Thanks for providing a well written comment.

      Keep up the good work!

  4. After reading your blog articles , i m get clearly information on empowernetwork, I m running my blog Which is not getting good traffic and money as well, So should i join the blog beast network

  5. I think you know the answer to this one Aman. Blog beast will not give any more traffic or money. You have a beautiful blog and I noticed that hard work was put into it. Do you honestly want your hard work to be branded with low quality.

    Adapt your on-page SEO a bit and focus on building your social platforms. Traffic should increase.

  6. I've been in Empower Network for over 8 months now and I am so grateful for sites like this because it keeps people OUT of EN who don't REALLY want to do what it takes to succeed in this line of business. Sites like this enable people to hold on to their fear and thus continue to remain in their same sad situations.

    Though this blog post is extremely well written, much of it just isn't true. And though I applaud Christene's exuberance and well-placed intentions to help people make an informed decision about Empower Network, I hope whoever is seriously considering joining EN will also read the hundreds of reviews from the people who are making Empower Network work for them!

    Empower Network has been put through the Federal investigative wringer had has come out clean. It isn't a pyramid, it isn't a scam. It is just a company started by two men who are sincerely dedicated to help other succeed in the network marketing business through the niche of blogging and some of the best internet marketing courses on the market.

    Anyone can make EN work if they have the perseverance it takes to get through the learning process, can allow themselves to be taught and can realize that anything that’s worth doing isn’t going to be “free and easy.”
    Being in Empower Network is a business. And honestly, it truly ISN’T for everyone. But for those who ARE making it work, it’s worth everything it takes. If a person just sets their heart to it... it CAN work for them as well.

    I hope this helps.

    1. Thanks for the feedback it is appreciated. Always great to see you return each time to post a comment on all my EN related posts T.J

      Since you are persistent, and quick to accuse me of being a liar, I will use a few examples to make my point.

      Once upon a time an EN member had a gig on Fiverr and it goes like this:

      "Let ************* introduce you to and guide you through the best and most innovative blogging platform on the internet"

      This is a blunt lie! - Wordpress and Blogger is the leading blogging platforms by far (Check the stats in my review or better yet, go take up the issue with WP and Blogger itself)

      Another gig on Fiverr from an EN member: "I will give You 20 Authentic Comments On Your Sites for $5"

      Do I even need to say more, what happened to original posting and commenting? Google hates fabricated content. Basically, this provides readers with fake information. No matter how you look at it, it is unethical.

      These are just a few examples, I do not need more to proof that I am not the liar.

      May I quote your line:

      "I am so grateful for sites like this because it keeps people OUT of EN who don't REALLY want to do what it takes to succeed in this line of business"

      You said it T.J. - "do what it takes" (Does that include spamming, fake commenting and lies?)

      Next line: "Sites like this enable people to hold on to their fear and thus continue to remain in their same sad situations."

      Wow, I guess the members who do not earn much after spending a lot of money do not have a "sad situation"?

      I have loads of patience and understanding T.J. Many EN members give their opinions and even leave their links on my EN review. I allow it because they give detailed comments that explains why EN works for them and how they manage to make money with the platform. This gives my readers the option to make an informed decision on their own. Accusing me bluntly without backing up your statement is pointless.

    2. HiChristine!lyzzie here,anENmember for2months now and i must agree with you thatENhas become tarnished with scammers,but isn't that basically true with other internet businesses too?i read a review ofWealthyAffiliates and this guyKevin?is actually promotingWAby totally bashingEN!i couldn't absorb much of whatWAwas all about,other than..'my opportunity isFREE,ENrips you off without a refund policy'...thanks for setting that straight with your review thatYES,there is a refund policy.I have found that it takes an awful lot of research to find a genuine,sincere company that has concise instruction and education for its' members without high-pressure sales hype!that is why i truly appreciate reviewers like you,listing pros&con's with proof provided.unfortunately you are right that it is very important to find the right,compassionate sponsor inEN,but isn't that true in other businesses as well?i remember my first attempt atMLMwith one of the most enduring,worldfamousMLMcompanies,Amway!!my sponsor was a dick who left me floundering in his hypey,nonexistence!i had to attend numerous meetings to get the concept and then all i ended up doing was selling product,missing out on the team building strategies he was supposed to supply!that being said,I believe there are bad apes in every bushel and its up to us to cast them out,not enable their rot in our lives!!thank you again for your truthful review,i'm staying withEN,my new sponsor rocks my world!!!

    3. Hi Lyzzie.

      First, I apologize (publicly LOL) for the late reply. Believe me it is harder to fight the flu than it is to build an online business.

      Yes, I have to admit that it is non-ethical to bash a program just to promote another. First you must join before writing anything. A review should be based on personal experience and participation.

      WA is worlds apart from EN and many fail to see the difference. There are many Empower Network members who use the WA training and WordPress blogging to fill the gaps that EN does not provide. Technical training is a must and unfortunately you can not build an online business with motivation alone.

      With WA you are NOT required to promote the platform itself. Many members build niche sites that have no relevance to online marketing. Basically WA teaches members how to build high ranking websites in all niches. The training is effective and you might have noticed quite a few WA websites ranking on top. Members promote all kinds of products on their websites from Clickbank to Amazon and have full control over their websites. Hope this short description will give more clarity.

      I personally have no hate towards Empower Network and do not label them as a scam. However, each person differs from another and no-one can be successful doing the very same thing. I am good at MLM but it does not mean I like it. Cold calling at 4am is tiring and it took too much distress to cope with people who doesn't have money. I do not have the heart to take money from a single mom who does not have much. This is the major reason why I promote WA instead. The free option provides for those who do not have a dime, but have the will to work and learn. If they upgrade I know it is because of free will and not pressure.

      God blessed me with a successful online business and I feel that it is the right thing to give back by helping others. WA makes this possible for me with their free membership.

      MLM is a hard road and you need to have a strong support structure. Easy to build a castle, not easy to build an empire to fill it. I am glad to hear a success story that begins with a Great Sponsor Lyzzie, I am sure that your journey with EN will be much easier than Amway. Keep up the good work and never give up on your dreams.

  7. Christene, thanks to your review I saved a lot of frustration, because the last thing I want to do is selling promises and (false) hopes to others. Besides of the fact, that the whole thing smells like a scam to me, because it has nothing to do with marketing of your own (affiliate) products. I'm savvy enough to run a WordPress site, even a complicated one, got a bunch of domains and all important tools to get a site going. And if it comes to blogging about something, I use Blogger, which allows me to do exactly what I need, and besides, I have Google and YouTube behind me to get me ranked without any kind of fancy SEO, provided my content is unique and sticks to an issue of great interest.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Reinhardt, it is appreciated.

      Yes, I absolutely agree, WordPress and Blogger have much more potential and above all it is free to use. With WordPress you can create the most stunning websites and the possibilities are endless.

      keep up the good work and the unique posts, it will be appreciated by the Big "G"

  8. Christene, you confuse "best" with "most popular". They are two different things but a large part of your post is dedicated to proving that BB is not the best, by showing that it is not popular. Huh? Doesn't make sense.

    1. My apologies if the post is not clear. Everyone else seems to get it, but I will try to make it as simple as I possibly can for you.

      If something is not popular, then how can it possibly be the best? Right?

      The BB blogging platform does not rank well because most of the templates are the same and have the same page setup, thus, they are not labeled as original but seen as duplicate. So it cannot be the best right?

      The BB blogging platform has restrictions, meaning, you cannot fully monetize it the way you want. Compared to WordPress, it cannot be the best right?

      You have to pay for the BB blogging platform, WordPress is free, so thus, it cannot be the best price wise right?

      You do not own the content, it belongs to EN, your own WordPress website equals ownership over your content. Again, it cannot be the best because all your hard work might get lost.

      Last but not least, why would you want a website that does not have much of a change to get popular? That does not make sense!

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