CB Passive Income Review

Below is my in-depth review of Patrick Chan's CB Passive Income. Please remember that I don't work as an affiliate for this product.

What is CB Passive Income? 

CB Passive Income Review

Patrick Chan's CB Passive Income is an email marketing system that is supposed to make it easier for people to earn cash through an email list. It simplifies the process of building an email list by sending traffic to your squeeze page from a secret webpage. The sales page is full of classic marketing hype and exaggerated claims.  There's also some training material that'll teach people how to build an email list marketing business.

The idea is to teach people how to generate quick traffic that can be sent to a squeeze page and used to build a profitable email list. Then, Clickbank products are sent to the list, and when a sale is made, the owner of the email list receives a commission fee. The system automatically sends out email blasts with affiliate links. It claims to automatically include your affiliate links into the email blasts so all you'll have to do is sit back and relax. It seems like the only work that you need to do is give away a free report.

The product page is a little misleading because it gives off the impression that you won't need to work in order to make money from the system. That's not true. Most people have figured out that "Push Button" systems are doomed to fail. Therefore, when someone advertises their product as one of those button systems, it's clear that the product is not worth your time.

It's true that email lists can be an excellent source of cash, but building one requires time and patience. Not to mention the fact that you'll need to build a relationship with your list based on trust. Create a personal relationship with the people on your list and they'll be clients for life. That's how it should be done. But a lot of beginners fall for pipe dream promises and end up wasting a lot of time and energy on systems that don't work. 

Check out the list of promises below.
CB Passive Income

CB Passive Income was designed for people who want to make fast cash online. The problem, however, is that it doesn't really teach people how to build a business. It only teaches people how to use Patrick's system. It doesn’t teach you how to build a website, target keywords, design squeeze pages, split-test, rank your website, and other important aspects of online business. Therefore, it's really not a product that beginners should use. People who are new to online business should join a course that teaches them how to build a business from scratch.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are a few different membership plans and up-sells.  

  • $1 Trial.
  • $47 a month for Fast Cash Series Basic Membership.
  • $47 (one-time fee) CB Passive Income License. 
  • $97 (one-time fee) CB Passive Income Pro.
  • $197 each year for Fast Cash Series.

What You Get…

  • Free hosting and website.

  • Quick automated email blasts.

  • Free secret website which you'll use to advertise your free report.

  • Some tips and tricks to improve conversions and build a higher quality email list.

  • Some traffic generating tricks.

That's about it… 

Below is an image that shows how the system is supposed to work. 

CB Passive Income scam

The problem with this system is that it's based on a flimsy business model. Take a look at the image above. Doesn't that scream "MAKE FAST CASH"?

You Should Know…

The truth is that if a system lived up to its promises of quick passive cash all the legitimate businesses would be out of business.

If Patrick's system works as he claims it does, then I wouldn't need to write this article, and I would be following his system. This website wouldn't exist because I would be too busy offering free reports to people and sending out Clickbank products to my email list.

If these systems worked, no one would be willing to put in the work to build a legitimate online business. I think we can all agree that if there was an easier route to a certain goal we would gladly take it.

CB Passive Income review

But the truth is that these systems don't work. Sure, some people might have had some success with these programs. Still, the vast majority of the people who purchase this product won't make a single cent.

From my experience as an internet marketer, nobody wants to purchase products from people that they don't know. There's a reason why door-to-door sales are becoming extinct. People are skeptical. People don't want to sign up to a random list and then be spammed with Clickbank products.

Seriously, look at it from a subscriber's point of view: you're offered a free report and you decide to check it out, it's free after all, right?
Then, all of a sudden, a bunch of promotional emails are finding their way into your inbox. Sender's you don't recognize. If they manage to find their way through your email provider's spam filter, your instinctive reaction would be to search for the "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of the email. Nobody wants more spam. That's what happens. 
CB Passive Income Spam

I know there's always someone who might be gullible enough to purchase one of the products. But the number of people who are willing to purchase products through an email advertisement from strangers is incredibly small.

In my opinion, it's not worth the effort. I prefer to be in control of my email list and the emails that are sent out to my fans. I don't like the idea of promoting random products that I never had the opportunity to test.

The absolute worst way to work as an affiliate marketer is to promote random products. In order to be a successful affiliate marketer one must test the product and determine if it's good or not before recommending it to friends or fans.

Final Word:

So in a nutshell, CB Passive Income is another pipe dream product that falls short. I don't recommend it. But it's not the absolute worst scam out there and there's a money-back guarantee.

Thanks for reading my Review on CB Passive Income. All that is left to do would be for you to be intelligent and leave a comment or question - I would love to hear your feedback.

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Kind Regards  


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  1. Hi Christine,

    This is a great review of a product I have been wondering about. Even it this works, the difficulty is building the original list and the next concern would be if for some reason the system would fail to work; as someone new to internet marketing, it would be difficult to find another automatic system. Therefore, it is important for newbies to know how systems work before getting involved with anything that is automated.

    Internet marketing can be profitable, however, the work is not as easy as many program creators would have use believe.

    Thank you for the post.

    All the best,

  2. Thanks for sharing Cristine - yeah I always follow my gut felling and if something looks too good to be true it probably is. What I want to ask you though is do you know if the conversion rates from an affiliate stand point are good with Patric's system?

    Looking forward to your reply


    1. It would be hard to determine the conversion rate because it all depends on how you choose to market the product. Just too many marketing strategies when it comes to affiliate marketing, some good, some horrible.

      For instance, if you promote CB to a targeted group of people who is interested in selling their own product(s) online, then yes, you will have a good conversion rate. However, if you choose to promote the product in the "make money online" niche group, you will not have the same success rate, thus a much lower conversion rate.

      Also depends on your methods of promoting, email marketing might not work as well as website traffic or social media engagement, that allows for direct communication.

      CB passive income is not one of the cheapest products online, thus, it will take some good marketing skills to have people buy as many products as possible. You will have to work out a good marketing strategy to make it convert well for you, like, keeping communication with your referrals, offering additional help and advice and so forth. Doable if you are determined to make it work.

      Feel free to shout if you have any questions, will do my best to help.

  3. Excuse me but I've registered for the 3.0 and can you help me how to get my money back and cancel all the other transaction on the company. So sorry for the bother but please help me on this, thank you.

    1. You can ask for a refund via the following method: https://support.clickbank.com/entries/23294243-How-do-I-get-a-refund-

  4. Hello Christene,
    I have read your review and would like to know if you have tested the program yourself?

    1. Hi Kikcac.

      I bought the program and went through all the training to see what is offered and how it will help others. I could obviously be successful at CB passive income because I am in this industry for some time now and know how to market products by working out various marketing strategies that includes leveraging my list, traffic, social followings and online relations. However, from my stand point of view, I look how easy/hard it would be for complete beginners to be successful at a program.

      As far as testing CB passive income. The affiliate training is not that much helpful compared to more advanced training websites, thus I did not learn anything new. I know how to create a product on Clickbank and thus I do not need to "test" it since I already know how it works.

  5. This is a very good review. Plain simple - and I can understand that this program is again promoting a push-button system which it is not.
    My only choice is now to follow Christine :-)

  6. Glad to be here, very usefull review Christine :-)

  7. hai .. christene
    this review is very usefull
    thank you :)

  8. so inspirited review christine :)

  9. Thanks Christene. I'm glad I found your review. I was going to buy CB Passive Income but wanted to see if there were any reviews first so I'm thankful I did. The offer I saw was $37 a month or one time $97 for Version 3.0.

    1. You are welcome Robert. Yes, reasonable program if you want to sell your own products on Clickbank, not worth the price tag if you want to learn more about Affiliate marketing itself or website development.

      Do not hesitate to shout if you have questions or need advice, will do my best to help.

  10. Hi Christene, very explicit review. I was wondering if there is a program for newbies you could recommend?

  11. Good review Christene! i was thinking to sign up. luckily i came across your review. what will be the best website to visit, for a total beginner like me, to get started in internet marketing?

  12. Sincere apologies for the delayed reply, spend some time recovering from an injury.

    I would recommend building one's own website, the risk is much lower and once you know the basics, you can go on working for yourself without having to keep on paying expensive membership fees.

    My top recommendation for learning how to develop and earn money with your own website is Wealthy Affiliate. Great program to learn all the basics with an awesome support structure. Once you are done learning, you can work on your own and not forced to keep your membership to earn commissions.

    Feel free to read my WA overview and my updated article about the importance of your own website.



  13. I noticed from above you promote wealthy affiliates.

    I tried that site and didn't learn much at all. The free part is a joke unless you pay for the membership your really screwed because you can't even talk to anyone. Then I tried to find some success stories, and You would think there would be tons , but there was hardly any.

    Above you said 'if you promote CB to a targeted group of people who is interested in selling their own product(s) online, then yes, you will have a good conversion rate. However, if you choose to promote the product in the "make money online" niche group, you will not have the same success rate, thus a much lower conversion rate."

    However It seems as though it would work the other way around. Those that are looking to making money online would convert better than someone looking for another product. What you said makes no sense at all.

    This product could work rather well for those looking to make money online. Then keep selling it to others coming to their page looking for the same thing.
    So without testing it , I don't think you have a right to give it a bad review
    unless you only give good reviews on products that you affiliate?

    1. Yes, I assume you want only the best from a free program that cost thousands to maintain each month. Obviously you would want to talk for free right, I mean those skilled marketers do not have anything better to do than to hand out free information all day long. Come on, if they did, they would not be successful. Go show me one mentor that will teach you for free, the majority asks a lot of money and then those sessions are time restricted. In WA you get A WEEK of free chat when you sign up to raise every question that comes to mind, did you talk to the ambassadors and learn something?

      Apparently you did not seek long enough for success stories, nor did you follow the posts from the community or ambassadors, otherwise you would've found plenty. On top of the WA dashboard is a "search" bar, type in "my first commission", "my progress", "success stories" "Got paid" and so forth. The free training that is apparently a joke, did teach the basics of using keywords.

      Okay, so go and purchase CB, work out a marketing strategy and promote it on your website, to your list and social following and then write your own review about it. Please do not forget to interview existing members.

      Products make money because people are constantly looking for information or stuff that will make their lives easier. "How to make money online" is by far not the biggest niche online. Pet care, dieting, weight loss, exercise and so forth attracts the buyers. Then again, why bother explaining niche research if the program teaching it is a joke.

      Yeah, I only purchased CB to promoted it to my list to see how well it does with different marketing strategies. The commissions were nice too, helped to purchase the next program for review called, 7 minute workout. Good review, but I do not promote it, do you think I should? GVO is also a good review amongst others because the products are great, should I add those to my list to promote as well?

      PS: This is not a bad review, if you were a Vendor looking to improve your product creation skills, CB would work great, no other program like it, if you plan to put your product in-front of others successfully.

  14. Hi Christene,
    I have tried CB passive Income and have actually made 6 sales a couple of months ago. I understand what you are saying about needing to learn different facets of the business, but at least with CB Passive Income you can make a bit of money whilst you're learning other things.

    Cheers Luisa

  15. Here is something quite rare... An honest review of the program without a subtle affiliate link to another program (the sole purpose of this article).

    Every negative review is followed by a promotion to another affiliate site - often 'Wealthy Affiliate'.

    I started CB passive income about a week ago, I have 125 leads and $109 in commissions. It really is an excellent starting block for newbies. I am also building up a list that I can use in the future.

    Interface is easy to use and the training section provides some invaluable information. Although I am a newbie and I will be the first to admit I do not have a wealth of experience, this initial period is the hardest part.

    I feel that if I keep implementing the skills taught in the training, I will be able to generate passive income for an extended period of time.


  16. I do not buy the system, I also learned about the review of this system. Most 10 review articles I read always from the Wealthy affiliate members and to comment on the negative reviews of this system. Does anyone help me with a fair comment

  17. I appreciate your review but I got to disagree with you on CB Passive Income, I've made some decent money with it and Chan has recently updated it so it's even better now, you have to work at getting traffic but if you do that, it will convert.

    1. Can you talk more about your experience with CB passive income? Thanks.

  18. Hi Christene, just discovered your site and read your review. I will bookmark your site .Stay Blessed

    1. Thanks for stopping by and the kind comment Abbey. Much appreciated!

  19. hi
    before going to purchase cb passive income, i made a google search about review of that product. Found your site. Did you find any legit programs. if yes please let me know.
    thank you...

  20. I would recommend website development (blogging) and affiliate marketing above all other methods of working online. Easy enough to learn and be successful at with hard work. Once one has learned all the basics of working online, it will be easier to work with more complicated methods. Like always, I recommend WA as a startup program, with the program myself for almost 4 years now and a trusted company. Feel free to have a look at the review to make an informed decision.


  21. Hawe cb pasive hawe2678 usd one month is not scam

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