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I am a strong believer inwards success, if you work long and hard enough, even through failures you'll get it!

I didn't start out as a successful online marketer, even though I had been in the marketing business for quite some time in the real world, but doing it online was not that easygoing, and even when I bought so many get rich quick schemes I did not even make up 1 dollar. I was sitting down at my computer having the feeling that this would not work for me and I read a tweet stating...

If at first you don’t succeed, try again, and again, if you fail give up...no point being a fool about it” 

Well see now that was just enough to bring forth my spiteful side, and surely I'm no fool. I settled to take it upon myself to prove that person wrong, heck I don’t even remember the person, or well maybe it was a auto-responder, never the less I decided to sit down and tackle the “online Marketing Monster” until there would be success, even if I have to drag on till I'm 80 years old.

The first thing I did was starting to research the successful online marketers like Anik, Chris and Filsaime, and it hit me like a thousand bricks; education and lots of it, will be required if I want to go up against hundreds...okay sorry thousands of online marketers, also it will require some heavy mental capacity, but also I needed to know what on earth they were going on about. SEO, Link building, list building PPC?  Well it’s hard to plant a tree, if you don’t even know what a seedling is.  For it was my dream to work full time from home I  invested towards my own education and made sure that its done in  the right way. I bought the Internet business home study from 21st century education and studied it for about 3 months. This was the best thing I had ever invested upon, and the power of knowledge was overwhelming. This learning course is quite expensive, but there are loads of ebooks and free learning programs online, that goes for free or with very little fees.  All the big online guru’s have this one thing in common...

Education in their field, hard work and a drive to be successful. 

When I started out I didn't have any of those, and I could not even earn a cent falling for get rich quick scams and also falling in depression, but after obtaining education and a skill set,  I had started to see positive results. Nothing beats the feeling of the first big commission in your mailbox, and you know that hours upon hours of hard work and learning had finally paid off, everything after that goes easier as you learn to implement the education and learning programs. I only bear one regret - If only I started on online education in the first place instead of hopping around from one scheme after another I'd have gotten successful at marketing sooner.

The second thing I had learned online was to work with a plan - simple and effective that would interest me enough to stick through with it. 

Complicated strategies don’t work for a newbie period and that’s the main reason new online marketers fail! 

I had choose the simple way, and yes argue me  very much like you want to, but building a website or blog still have huge earning potential - Okay so you say Common sense!  No not really I still come across many individuals especially in the forums that try to make money with ppc, surveys and all the methods that generate very little online, not even to mention the methods that’s absolute scams. This leaves me with one conclusion - a lack of simple understandable education, and the absence of a plan. MY plan was simple Get skill - Get information- Build A site/Blog and make money as I get educated along the way.

This simple plan had make me successful online over a period of time, and I had done this over and over again, but within time I had also learned a lot about setting up site, promoting it and working with the right  SEO methods.

Creating a website or blog still have more benefits than any other methods online, and here is my reason for stating this:   

Websites will always be around for as long as the internet exists.  They are flexible to work with, you will be able to add affiliate links, adsense or even your own products, to name just a few, in order to generate income that could last for a long time.  Just to prove a point here, take Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, Twitter, okay I can’t even scratch the surface but all of them had started up small and ended up enormous with the endurance and hard work form their creators. I had seen numerous great product’s and programs in the last year, making  lots of money, but now most of them had worn off, and they had been replaced by something new, and I can’t  stop my mind from thinking what ever happened to those creator’s after the buzz had worn off. Face it products and programs comes and goes, but successful site’s they stay and become even greater - does anyone see Google going down soon? Well I personally don’t think so, I rest my case into this matter.  O and just to be clear on this, remember not all of the website’s come through due to a lack of understanding within the online world and failing to use the right method’s . Now come on be smart and do research first, in order to determine if you have a niche with a good market, don’t go build a website on “How to be stupid” and expect to make an income off it.

Well this would be the end of my page, and if you had made it all the way to the bottom, all I can say is thanks a million, I appreciate the effort, but also hope that you had gathered at least one piece of valuable information on my blog, all that’s left to do would be to leave a comment, and get yourself into action with your online business. I wish that it will be a great success. Feel free to come back and brag, I do enjoy seeing success above failure.



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  2. Hi
    My name is Nigel Wright.
    My Banners Broker name was BBagentNigelWright.
    I am about to write a blog warning people not to get involved with Banners Broker. It's a money greedy, Money grabbing scam and a work of the some clever scheme very much like a Ponzi only the head man gets everyone else to to his dirty work, that's why it's by introduction only. Please Please if you want to save your time and your money don't waste it here. In fact if you want to give you money to a worthwhile cause there are many in Uganda or Sudan for example who need it.

    if you want me to tell you more or give you further reason why Banners Broker is a scam, you can email me wrightaccess@gmail.com

  3. Very well put Nigel - Banners Broker are greedy avaricious bastards with no concern for anyone with the acceptation of the latest people who are putting new money into their business,they made so many changes to the business over the past few months to generate more “new money” ie:- Traffic packs up by 40% !!! – do the maths if there are 400000 affiliates spending an average of 150 dollars per month (being generous) now they need to stop the growth of their panels and set them at 50% in order to avoid putting new money in .
    Here in the UK the growth is nonexistent because they are not honouring withdrawals, I personally have nine payments pending I have sent enquiry tickets asking where are the payments and they can’t be bothered to even answer since the exciting new ticketing system
    Fromm BB site - We're excited to introduce a new ticketing system which will allow us to be more efficient at dealing with your enquiries. While fully functional please note it is a new system and we are working hard to minimize and resolve any issues you may experience.
    What a load of crap!!! They don't answer anymore!!

    There were only 17 new affiliates joined in May and the Salford Quays office will be closed down very shortly, so much for the 10 year lease and the talk about protecting the “long term business” they are a set of lying thieves and I hope that they end up in prison.
    Advice for existing affiliates - in the event BB disappear or you have your affiliate-ship taken off you copy as much information from your BB account as possible
    1. Open your BB account go to wallet and cut and paste into a word document all the details from the funding log (or use the snip tool in win 7)
    2. Copy all the transactions
    3. Copy withdrawals pending
    4. Copy campaign details – this will show impression used
    5. Copy all communication via BB website – tickets etc.

    Good luck and thank you Christene this is a great site :-)

  4. Thanks for the comments guys it does help a lot, for we clearly have some people still believing in this system.

    I had moved the comments over to my banners review and you can gladly participate

  5. Hello Christene, I have just been appointed Australian Country Manager for a communication platform that has all the advantages of an MLM but with NONE of the drawbacks. We are structured as a social cooperative and almost all of our income gets shared out (54% immediate share out to 6 degrees of separation, 5% to charities, 6% admin ... Country/State/Regional Managers and 35% into a global fund from which we will offer loans to members at 1%pa interest. There is a YouTube that you might like to see at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNNLUlSSZKU (Some of the other YouTubes there are now old and have limited relevance) By the way the company was set up by one of your fellow countrymen who sold his business to Crown Logistics when he left SA about five years ago. As you seem to be sincerely interested in helping people to make an income online, I would welcome your evaluation. I can give you more information on request.

  6. Thanks Steve, I will most defiantly check it out, we are always on the look for legit methods that will help people instead of ripping them off. Will keep updated.

  7. I can see you've done a lot of work separating scams from legitimate opportunities. Nice job. I enjoyed reading this blog.

  8. Thanks Christene for another very useful review. I always find your reviews very helpful and educational. Thanks for all your hard work:-)

  9. Hi Christene,

    I have to say I have read 2 of your articles thus far and they have been a breath of fresh air. I got into this business to sincerely help people because I went through 17 years at a job that I had no passion for and I worked a ton of hours away from my family. I came in pumped and ready to go but was blinded by so many different programs and "ways" to make money. I knew first and foremost there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme but the one trait I have is always trusting people too much and in the end there is no support from the businesses I had taken part in. Now a lot wiser to the whole online way of doing things I still have the same passion that burned inside of me when I started, and that is to help people. Your reviews are straight and to the point and I sincerely appreciate that! Keep up the good work. I am hoping I can do the same for someone that you have done for me today:)

    God Bless,

    Fred Owen


    1. Thanks for the kind comment Fred - Greatly appreciated!

      People are blinded by all the "shiny objects" they see online and lose objectivity, I think all of us had been there and even when it seems like we had wasted so much time chasing after the "get rich quick" methods, we have to admit that it was part of growing and understanding the online industry.

      By helping others, we actually help ourselves as well and become better at what we do. It is nice to meet someone who understands the basic principle of life - helping others. Many others are just focused on making money fast and that is the reason they fail, I know that you will have enormous success.

      God's Blessing to you as well.

      Keep up the good work and have an awesome day.

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  11. One thing I've noticed is that this Blogger is ranked for a good keyword. Nice goin

    1. Thanks Robert. Yes choosing keywords is vital for any blogs existence online.

  12. Dear Christene,

    My name is Roman. I've just read you article about the http://www.pureleverage.com. Thank you very much for a good advice. Iam a beginner in such kind of business but still cant get from where to start my online marketing. I could'n find your email, that's why I wrote here. Can you please contact me and if you can help me a little. I have idea, I have my own product, but can't find the right person to sho me the way.

    Best regards

  13. Definitely*, not defiantly Christene. Sorry for being a grammar nazi, but I have seen this mistake all over your blog : )

    PS: Love your site!

  14. Hi Christene,

    My name is Richard and I am constantly been bombarded with different emails from internet marketers and all of them claiming to be the best at what they do raking in millions of dollars every month.

    I believe one can make tons of money in internet marketing, but quite frankly, I am confused as to which to register with because I am a complete newbie and don't want to get into the wrong hands.

    So, I need you to help me out here with your best recommendation on the right network to register with. I am interested to start but I need a guide for the 1st three months at least.

    Thanks a lot, and I await your response.

    My email is: ronfaever@hotmail.com

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks for pointing out how to avoid dumping your money into online MLM schemes instead of viable systems that provide some real value other than preaching the gospel of the founders. The continuos recruiting of new people is what makes the cash flow not any real product or service. EWhat you are buying are typically how to's to get new recruits to dump money into the pot after you so you get a bit of it.


  16. Hi,

    I contacted you a few weeks ago but I never got your response.

    I understand that you have an interest in working from home.

    Well, I have been working with allysian.com for a number of months now and it is working out very well for me. I chose them because of their products, support system, and amazing compensation plan.

    I don't feel like I'm selling or forcing garbage onto people that they would never use in the first place.

    I'm not saying that it's easy or that you'll make a million dollar profit overnight. But what I am saying is that I'm working within a system that makes it possible (with a little elbow grease) for you to wake up one night in the near future feeling great because you're that much closer to your financial goals.

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    I am looking forward to hearing from you

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    Wishing you great success,

    Best Regards,

    Alec Mwali



  17. I have had it with freelancer.com. I am over the scams, the taking of my money, the poor service. I am over it all.

    I was going to write up my story with the many many many many horror stories out there but decided that I need to do something a bit different. I found out that Freelancer.com has worked with NASA in the past (YES NASA!?!? Are they out of their minds??)

    So I set up a petition to NASA to get them to cut ties with freelancer.com. Hopefully if enough people sign it, they will and that will shake up freelancer.com (I doubt it though!!!! They seem to be beyond repair!!)

    Anyway, please sign it, share it, support it. You know the drill. Thanks.


  18. Hi Christene, I usually follow this scripture to the "T" when it comes to seeking the truth and I have to say I am grateful to have opened this door (christene-marketing.com) Thank you a million for what you do! I am inspired to follow in your foot-steps. May God continue blessing you!

    Matthew 7 Amplified Bible (AMP)

    Prayer and the Golden Rule

    7 “[c]Ask and keep on asking and it will be given to you; seek and keep on seeking and you will find; knock and keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who keeps on asking receives, and he who keeps on seeking finds, and to him who keeps on knocking, it will be opened.”

  19. You have a great site with a lot of great tips thank you.Glad to see some South Africans doing well online.have a great day.

  20. Hello Christene, loving your blog posts and reviews. Regarding your bio, I noticed that you spent some time at the early stages of your online business buying educational programs that were valuable for your growth within the business. I would love to hear about 21st Century and if you could share the link to the program you listed above. Also, if there is any other program for beginner in online business I'd be happy to take a look at it. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Ana

      Hope all is going well.

      Sincere apologies for the delayed reply, December is usually the busiest month, leaving little time to respond to everyone.

      21st Century is a great program and I learned a lot from it. HOWEVER, the pricing has become ridiculous over the years and in my opinion, not worth it. Same training can be found elsewhere for much cheaper.

      I also recommend Wealthy Affiliate, same type of training, only, it is cheaper and the support is better. I am with the program for almost 4 years now and have no complaints. You can have a look at my WA review http://www.christene-marketing.com/2013/06/wealthy-affiliate-review.html

      I also respect Arman Moran, my mentor from the start. His training is spot on and although expensive, he also takes time to give stuff away for free as well. Armand was one of the first online marketers and still going strong, definitely someone to look at. Every second month, he usually has a free webinar with excellent training. One of these webinars is enough to put you on the road of success already. You can have a look at my review: http://www.christene-marketing.com/2016/09/armand-morin-webcamp-learn-university.html

      Like always, please do not hesitate to give me a shout if you have questions, will do my best to help.

  21. I was interested to see your reference to the big boys like Facebook, e-bay Amazon etc. They are obviously in a different league to the newbie starting his first blog, but even when these big boys were starting out the key factor that gave them popularity was that they were ORIGINAL. They had clever people doing something that had never been done before and they evolved in such a ways as to ensure they continued to grow to become household brands.
    Most people entering the online marketing/make money online arena are not so original because we have been told by the 'gurus' to copy what they do to make money and we end up as mere clones of the same old, same old.
    The LEADERS do well because of their entrepreneurial skill, originality or convincing sales techniques. Without the personality, drive and marketing know how I am not going to be on the leaderboard anytime soon.

    Let's take another example. I could take art lessons, work for a master artist and practice all day but I will never become a celebrated painter. I don't have enough TALENT.
    But, I can learn to paint by numbers and maybe turnout something acceptable in the long run. Similarly I can educate myself, learn to engage with people and assist them with their difficulties and play to my strengths and I may be able to make enough money to remain online and provide a few luxuries.
    If I am offering something UNIQUE that resonates with sufficient numbers of people who continue to follow me and I remain relevant, then I should be able to earn online. Of course mentors are important. People who can teach you -which is more than training you to follow them into multiple MLM's can give you an education in this stuff. IF they are true mentors they will find your talent, nurture and develop you so you can build something that lasts. Typical "gurus" who just tell you to "get all in" and turn on their business in a box are deceiving you!

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