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Lots of confusion revolves around the “Make Money Online” term and many individuals still fall under the 95% failure statistic. Do we blame the scams? Sure we could, after all, there are plenty to go around and we could safely put the blame on them. Many so-called gurus sell fairy tales and dreams, making it seem easy enough right? Well, unless anyone ever saw a fairy with a magic wand or woken up on the other side of the rainbow bridge with a pot of gold, then no, such programs do not exist! It takes hard work, patience, and some skill or the willingness to learn to climb over this mountain.

With this post, I would like to highlight the importance of having your own Website/Blog and how it will simplify your online journey and give you a better chance of being successful. 

Long post but worth reading, this could save you time, money, and frustration.

A Website – Your basic Foundation

Do not be told otherwise, anyone who is serious about building a successful online business will take this seriously. A website is your central point of communication and online presence. Many products that are sold nowadays highlight the fact that you do not need a website to make money and that it can be done by using Facebook and social media. This is far from the truth, no one likes to be spammed on their social platforms and a bunch of spammy emails will not get you far either. In fact, these methods will hurt your reputation and make it even harder to build trust. Honestly, your goal should be to make sales, not annoy people. 

How to earn money online for free

Every business that we know outside of our computer screens has a local point of distribution, whether it be a warehouse, a store, an office building, or even the local corner stand selling hot dogs. An online business is not that much different at all and creating a specific location for your products and/or services gives you leverage above those without one. Sites or blogs have many ways to promote yourself, your services, or products uniquely and most of all they are flexible, allowing you to add or delete content without serious impact on your traffic resources.

A smart marketer will know that it’s much more efficient to drive traffic to one specific location than it is to drive traffic to different locations. To be honest, what would be easier – driving traffic to 3 affiliate sales pages or driving traffic to one location that host all three programs at once?

Web sites and blogs will Never Die because the internet depends on them. They are the structure of search engines and most of all they are like property – the older they get along with their domain, the more value they gain. On the other hand, products have no guarantee or long lifespan. Products get promoted and "out-sold" eventually and they will always be replaced with better ones. Remember Windows XP? It’s done and over with, and you will not make a cent trying to sell it now, but Windows itself has a website that hosts the new and better versions, therefore they are still making money even though the old product had died down.

By creating sales pages on one specific product you can make enough profits, but when that product dies down, you are stuck at the beginning yet again and have to start the entire process over again. By having a website that’s been built up to have a good visitor count, you can remove outdated products and replace them with something new and still have your traffic. By the way – visitors love new products being added every once in a while instead of seeing the old over-promoted products all the time.

How to make money online

I am sure that everyone reading this had stumbled upon a program promising you to make tons of money without a website, and I will most certainly not argue that at all, but again what happens when your product gets outdated or visitors lose interest?  Many marketers promote platforms, products, and programs that promise riches without requiring a website. True in some instances, but with the recent updates and dodgy affiliates that use spam to promote their products, a lot of merchants require affiliates to have a website now to prove credibility.

Most credible and reputable companies that offer excellent affiliate programs require affiliates to only use the stipulated marketing techniques they provide, and in most cases, you need to provide your website URL and the visitor count to prove your online reputation. With spam and online scams taking over, a lot of companies enforced strict stipulations on how their products should be promoted by keeping their affiliates on a shorter leash to keep their own reputation intact.

By creating a website or blog your possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination, resourcefulness, and originality. You can explore other programs and strategies that have promising possibilities, but when all else fails you will always have a website to fall back on.

Earn money online

Okay, so there will obviously still be a few questions, right?

What type of website creator should I choose?

My top recommendation is obviously WordPress. Not only it is favored by Google, but it gives you the freedom to build any kind of website that you desire without limitations. WordPress has a learning curve, but once you have conquered the platform, your possibilities become even greater.

What about hosting?

Choosing a hosting company might seem like a no-brainer, but the actual truth, hosting can be the thin line between a successful website and an absolute failure.

Allow me to elaborate...

Hosting companies either have a good reputation or a bad one, simple as that. When your site is hosted by a company with a bad reputation, your website will struggle to rise above the millions already online.

Let's define bad hosting reputation – These are hosting companies that allow for any kind of website that includes adult, spamming, duplicate, malicious, hate, and illegal content. Web sites like these usually get reported and if it happens too many times on the same host, the hosting company will lose credibility and all the websites on the same host will suffer. Basically, you can have the most awesome website and work hard to get rankings and traffic, if the host is not up to standard, your website will also fail the test. Remember, cheap hosting is sometimes cheap for a good reason. Thus make sure that you choose a Reliable Hosting company with a solid reputation.

What about Content – What do I have to write about?

First, let us understand the meaning of content. Content is a variety of things like video, comments and dialogue, images, and most importantly text that is added to your website regularly. The more content you create, the more traffic your website will generate.

Now, for the good news. You can create a website on almost any topic you fancy and profit from it. Notice I said “almost”, obviously topics like “how to sell ice in Alaska” and “winter jackets in the Sahara desert” are no-nos. You will still have to do keyword research to determine if your topic has an interest, but the choice is extremely wide and you will most likely be able to write about your skills, passions, or interests. The idea is to make money while having fun doing it!

Hate writing? No problem, I always recommend that a person write his/her own content to save on costs. However, if you feel like this mountain is too big to climb, you can always outsource your workload and focus more on the marketing side of your website.

Best ways make money online

What about Traffic, how will I get visitors to my site?

Now that you have your website and added the content you will need visitors, also known as online traffic. There are quite a few ways with which to generate traffic; here are the most popular methods:

  • Rankings in Google (Search Engine Optimization) By ranking high on Google and the most popular search engines you will receive visitors daily and this will generate you an income on autopilot.
  • Writing quality content
  • Creating Videos
  • Viral marketing
  • Paid Traffic
  • Article marketing
  • Social media

How will I make money with my website?

There are numerous ways that you can make money from your website-building skills. The most popular methods are:

  • Selling Affiliate Products
  • Selling Advertising space
  • By promoting or recommending Amazon products
  • Selling your own products or services
  • Google Ad-sense advertising on your website
  • Product reviews

These are just a few ways to earn money from your website, but the possibilities are endless.

Do I need support?

I always recommend finding a good support structure. Not only does it save time but also money and effort. It is much easier to make progress when you have skilled marketers who guide the way and answer questions and concerns. With so many scams and false promises lurking behind the rainbow of dreams, the online world has become a battlefield and newbies are mostly the victims. Programs with a proactive support system should be considered. A forum-based or support ticket system is NOT active and direct, you could end up waiting for days on end before you receive help.

Best ways make money online

My Own Experience - What Can Go Wrong without a Website? 

I've been working online since 2012 and creating this very website that you are on right now, was my first priority.  Still exists, makes money, and is evolving with time, adapting to the changes. Here is a list of things that had/could go wrong and how my websites help(ed) me to stay on top of major changes that happened.

Affiliate Programs can crash – Yes, ladies and gents, this could happen and when it does, your entire house of cards can tumble down. Let me elaborate. So, you do not have a website and only promote one product or service. Great, now you post about it on Social media, build up a good reputation for yourself; distribute content filled with your links, and most likely even pay for advertising methods. After months of hard work, you finally make progress and earn good money. Great, right? Let’s toss you a curveball and say for instance your affiliate program has lost interest or even worse, closed down. What now? Simple answer, you are back at square 1 and all the effort is lost. With your own website, this will not be too much of a headache because you still have traffic and visitors. You can simply replace your failed program with a better one and catch up relatively fast.

This is 2022 and most platforms like Facebook will not allow affiliate links anymore!  In fact, affiliate links are now frowned upon by many UNLESS it is used correctly. Sure, a sales page will do better, but again, people are so used to them, that they are no longer a major attraction unless you have a "super product". One thing that has not changed and remains is unique quality content! 

Other methods of earning an online income work!  HOWEVER, in many cases, there is a risk factor involved. For instance, I have seen many YouTube accounts get closed down lately, some of them had thousands if not millions of subscribers. Years of hard work, down the drain without a backup.  Social media accounts have a tendency to lose popularity or again, get reported or closed down. 

To sum it up, your additional methods of earning an income should complement your website(s) to make for a long-lasting online business.

Earn money online

I do not know how to build my first Word Press website! Where Do I Start?

There are hundreds of platforms and learning programs that teach WordPress website development. Some are great, while others are not kept up to date. My top recommendation above all is Wealthy Affiliate. Not only will you learn how to build your first website but also learn all about Keyword Research, content marketing, and every aspect I mentioned above. The support system is above standard and proactive, meaning you will never struggle alone. The company has a great reputation and offers “all in one” learning materials that are easy to follow.

Why do I recommend them apart from their reputation?

They have a Free Membership that includes all the basic training and 2 top-class WordPress websites. Perfect for those who have limited funds, but still have the willpower to succeed.

Feel Free to Read my detailed Wealthy Affiliate Review if you like to know more about the program. 

Best ways make money online

Well, that is it, folks!  If you would like to add something to this post, maybe a tip or two, or just have a question that needs an answer, be sure to leave a comment.

Have Yourself an Awesome Day!

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ConvertKit Review 2022 - Simplistic Email Marketing

With this review, I want to cover Convertkit, an email marketing company that is rising up fast when it comes to the popularity contest. we will cover their tools and features to see if they can compare against big companies like GetResponse and Aweber. 

Take Note: This review does not cover an in-depth overview of their features as this is already covered on their main page so as not to waste your precious time.

I hate a one-sided opinion, don't you?  If you use ConvertKit or used it in the past, please be so kind as to tell everyone about your experience to help others make a more informed decision before spending money.  Thank You!

Convertkit reviews


What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is an ESP (Email Service Provider) and one of the leading email marketing companies today. What does an ESP do? Well, ESP’s are founded for multiple reasons, from automated email services to landing pages, but they all have a single goal, to provide email marketing services, which is why most programs are called Email Marketing companies instead of an Email Service Provider, even though both names are correct.

Now as for what ConvertKit specifically is, other than just an ESP, well. ConvertKit is an email marketing company that provides all of the common marketing services that are available, but they do so with their own spin on things. They have their own features, services, and so forth, providing a unique experience. They have features that other companies don’t always provide, or they update on the common features, to make it easier to use, more successful, and so on.

To put it simple, ConvertKit is an Email Service Provider, with a twist.

Founders and Short History

The company was founded in 2013 by Nathan Barry. Nathan found it at first as a method to reach more people with his blog and so on. Over time the program became something more, something that Nathan decided to share with the world. Convertkit was upgraded, over the years, finally giving us the ConvertKit that we have available today. In 2015 an affiliate program was added to ConvertKit, and as the members grew, so did the program.

What Does It Cost and what do they have to offer?

Free membership: (No need for card info)

  • Basic features and up to 1 000 subscribers
  • Email support
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Sell digital products and subscriptions

Creator Membership: $15 per month and up, or $9 per month and up, billed annually.

  • 1000 subscribers or more
  • Free Membership Features
  • Automated funnels and sequences
  • Free migration from other tool

Creator Pro Membership: $29 and up, per month, or $25 and up, per month, billed annually.

  • 1000+ subscribers
  • Creator Membership features
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Newsletter Referral System
  • Subscriber Scoring
  • Facebook Custom Audiences

Note: the creator and creator pro plans also come with a trial to test the service.

Convertkit review

Any Up-Sales?

ConvertKit itself does not have any up-sales, whatsoever, but keep in mind that they are an email service provider, nothing more, so any and all other needed/wanted features will have to be acquired from a third party.

What About A Money-Back Guarantee?

ConvertKit has a 30-day refund policy on all of their plans, including the annual ones, which means, you can cancel and request a refund, no matter where you signed up.

User Interface and Ease of Use

The signup process is easy and can be done within seconds. Their dashboard is straightforward and clearly marked tabs make navigation a breeze. The color scheme is friendly to the yeas without bright colors or flashing banners that can put a strain on one's eyes. 

ConvertKit is super newbie-friendly and learning how to use the platform will not be a tedious task as with many other email marketing companies. The forms are easy to edit with a good variety of templates to choose from.

If simplistic is your thing, then you will definitely find their user interface a blessing.

Convertkit reviews

What About Support?

They offer quite a few forms, in which one may seek help, including email service, the help center, FAQ pages, videos, articles, guides, and so forth. Though, with so many kinds of ways to get help, one is bound to eventually find what you seek.

Do they offer tutorials and/or training?

ConvertKit does include video tutorials, and free courses, to give members access to all they need to know about the platform and how it works.

Convertkit reviews

Can I make money with ConvertKit?

The question may seem simple, but the answer is not, however, here is my version of an answer. Yes, one can make money, with the program, providing you put in the needed time and work to do so, not to mention, that the program all by itself, will do you absolutely no good, as you will, need a social following, website, and so on, in order to actually have material to use. So as to cut a very long story short, yes it is possible to earn with ConvertKit, but it takes work.

ConverKit - Pros

Once you know your way around the tool, it is quite simple to use, not to mention easy to understand to begin with.

The Landing Page editor, allows you to create landing pages, even if you do not have a website.

The support is responsive, and help is usually provided.

ConvertKit allows its members to charge subscribers for their newsletter, adding another way of earning an income.

They have a money-back guarantee, which means if the program isn’t working for you, well you have 30 days to get a refund.

ConvertKit offers a free membership, with limited features, which allows you to use the program free of cost, thus discovering for yourself, whether or not you want to invest your money in it.

Convertkit reviews


There are other tools like Getresponse, which offer the same or similar features, at a lower cost. Convertkit is not the cheapest ESP out there.

Their Templates are a bit limited, most of which are text-based. They could use an update in this area, adding more choices and so forth.

They do not offer advanced reports, that include click maps, geo-tagging and so forth, instead, it is a more basic report, which includes unsubscribe rates, click-through rates, and so on.

Let's Round this Up...

This is the perfect platform if you are simplistic like me. I absolutely hate clutter and when I have to work with a dashboard that has "too many" things in one place, making navigation a task on its own, I usually get annoyed fast. I like ConverKit for that reason, it provides all the stuff needed for a basic email campaign setup. 

Since I am a blogger and spend most of my time creating content, I do not focus too much time or energy on email marketing campaigns and thus do not need a fancy service provider. HOWEVER, if you plan to go into more dept with your email marketing campaigns, I would rather advise going with a service provider that provides more as you would find ConvertKit to be limited when it comes to a variety of forms and templates. 

New at email marketing?  ConvertKit is the perfect place to start, with its simplistic layout and navigation, giving you the same results that many others will give. 

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to read the review, it is appreciated!  Your opinion matters, please be so kind as to leave a comment to help others make a more informed decision. 

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CJ Affiliate Review 2022 - Pros & Cons

Today we will have a look at CJ Affiliate to determine if the company is still worthy of being at the top. This review will be focused on the affiliate side and I will only focus on the things that matter most, to save your precious time. If you want to know more about detailed features, please visit their home page.

If you are familiar with CJ, please be so kind as to tell us about your own experience with the company and help me not to make this a one-sided opinion. This will help others to make a more informed decisions.

Thank You!


Year Established and History

CJ was established in 1998 as Commission Junction. In 2003 ValueClick bought the company and the name was changed to CJ Affiliate in 2014. They are one of the top-ranked affiliate marketing platforms around and paid out billions since they were founded.

What is CJ Affiliate?

They are one of the biggest affiliate networks that connect merchants (vendors) and publishers (Affiliates) with each other on one platform.

For newbies: Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s product and receive a commission each time you make a sale. CJ brings you in touch with sellers on an all-in-one platform that handles payments, provides tracking tools, and so forth.

Cj affiliate review

What does it Cost to Join?

Free to join as an affiliate.

User Interface and Ease of Use

The signup process is not complicated and can be done within minutes. You will also need to complete a few tasks like completing your profile, payment and tax information, methods of promotion, and so forth before you are good to go.

The dashboard is straight forward and navigation is not complicated with clearly marked tabs. The color scheme is friendly to the eyes without flashing banners or bright colors that will put a strain on one’s eyes.

Products are listed in detail and a lot of information is given most of the time, making it easy to browse products without having to click back and forth to the sales page to find something suited to one’s needs.

Cj affiliate reviews

I have found that loading speeds are a bit on the slow side even with a fast internet connection.

Finding products works a bit on my nerves when it comes to CJ, especially if one is niche-specific. Categories each have a sub-menu that expands instead of grouping everything in one. In addition, you have to tick boxes and then click search to access the products, a tedious method of browsing products, but that might just be me and my need to keep things simple.

What do you need to Sign Up and be accepted as an Affiliate?

Before you can apply to advertiser programs, you will first need to complete a checklist to be accepted and get paid. Be thorough and provide detail to ensure that you will get accepted by merchants to promote their products. These include the following;

  • A valid email
  • User Information – Your name, phone number, and so forth.
  • Network Profile – List the sources from which you plan to drive traffic. This can be a website, Social page, email, and so forth. Describe your general marketing profile in detail. To sum it up, this is basically a sales pitch to tell advertisers who you are and how you plan to promote their products.
  • Add a promotional property – List all of your traffic sources on which you plan to use advertiser links.
  • Company details and tax forms – Choose your currency and submit your W-8BEN or W-9.
  • Add your payment details - choose how you would like to get paid.
  • Answer questions – Few general questions that only take a few seconds to answer.

Cj affiliate reviews

What about Getting Paid?

Commissions are paid on the 20th of each month and the threshold is $50. (You have to earn a minimum of $50 before you get paid). CJ works on a net 30 basis, meaning, you will receive payment for sales made, 30 days after purchase as this gives time if refunds occur.

The payment method is direct deposit or Payoneer. Sadly, no PayPal or any other options are available.

You HAVE TO follow the “rules” or you will not get paid! Read the “Terms” carefully and make sure you do not promote products in a way that is not permitted. CJ is one of the platforms that will literally take your commissions for a small mishap.

Cj affiliate reviews

How Many Affiliate Programs can I Join?

You can join as many as you like providing that you qualify for each one. Take note, you have to apply for every product that you want to promote separately.

What About the Products?

CJ has the best selection of big brand names like Verizon, Barnes & Noble, InterServer, and so forth. With well over 3000 listed products, you are bound to find something to your liking.

What About Support?

The default option is their support center, a knowledge base that answers questions. If these are not helpful you will be directed to a contact form. Feedback can be anything from a few hours to a few days or weeks.  Not 100% responsive. 

Scam or Legit?

Now for the big question, just how legit is CJ Affiliate nowadays? On a personal level, I would say 100% legit as I always received my payments on time and never had any major issues in the past with the platform. However, the amount of complaints that goes around does call for concern. What I do know for a fact, if you fail to comply with their terms, you WILL NOT get paid or payment will be delayed. Spamming, cookie stuffing, and so forth are not tolerated with CJ and will lead to trouble. If you are still finding your ground in the marketing space and are not 100% sure how to approach it, I would suggest staying clear of CJ until you are familiar with all the legitimate methods of promoting products or services.

Any Other Options Around?



DigiStore (Great for complete Newbies)

CJ Affiliate Pros

They are one of the oldest affiliate networks around.

A simple user interface that is newbie-friendly.

A wide variety of products are available, some are big brand names. Easy to find something for almost any niche.

If you have a website, you can sell ad placement.

You can filter advertisers by their profit potential.

Their link-creation tools are awesome.

Cj affiliate review


Not too hard to get accepted as an affiliate on CJ itself, however, much harder to get approved by merchants. CJ merchants do not seem that interested to work with new affiliates in general and only pick ones that are experienced in generating tons of leads/sales.

Customer service is not what it used to be. Response time became slow.

Too many “bad experiences” all over the web. Many of these are payment-related and in many cases, the result is a failure in payment because of “breaking the rules”. Good to be punished if you break rules but I somewhat feel that they are literally seeking out the tiniest mistakes as an excuse not to pay their affiliates.

Limited payment options are available. I mean seriously, we live in a world that is evolving; they could at least add Bitcoin or PayPal as an additional method to get paid.

Inactivity fees if you fail to make sales in a certain period.

Let’s Round this Up…

CJ used to be the Crème de la crème when it comes to picking an affiliate network as one’s all-in-one platform. This is not the case anymore, at least not from where I'm standing. I joined the platform way back in 2012 and it was an absolute pleasure working with them. They use to treat affiliates with a certain amount of respect, no matter if you were new to the game or an expert. I no longer get this feeling, making them the same as many other networks that are only in it for the money and forget about the tiny guys making them that money. Asking affiliates for an “Inactive fee” if you are not active, just ridiculous! Almost like it is an honor to promote their products and pay a fine if you dare to move away for a little while. Many other marketplaces around and this type of thinking is usually what sinks a company in the end.

CJ Affiliate strives to be the leader in its field and I do get that to do so they have to look at the quality of their affiliates. However, back in the late 90s early 2000s it was the new marketers who had helped them rise up to become what it is today. Today, there is hardly any room in their company left for new marketers.

Many thanks for visiting my website and taking the time to read this review.

Have something on your mind regarding CJ Affiliate? Your feedback would be valued and much appreciated and the form of a comment.

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Paying Social Media Jobs - Scam or Legit?

With this review, we are going to take a look at Paying social Media Jobs to find out if it is legit or not. This is not usually my type of “product” to review as the marketing presentation just flat out screams run, run, run as fast as you can. However, quite a lot of people have purchased it and even more, are considering it, thus, I felt that it was needed to shake their product a bit and see what falls out.

Before we get to the review; if you joined PSMJ, please be kind as to tell us about your own experience as a means to help others to make a more informed decision. 

Thank You.


I rather not post the link, too dicey.

What is Paid Social Media Jobs?

PSMJ is an online marketplace where you can find freelance jobs in the social marketplace. These include stuff like; commenting on YouTube videos, managing social media accounts, tweeting, replying to comments on social media pages, and so forth. In addition, you get “training” on how to become successful at it.

What does it cost?

$27 once of payment

What About a Money-Back Guarantee?

You have 60 days to claim your money back from Clickbank

Normally I would run down the commonly asked questions in reviews, however, with this one I am just going straight for all the things that I find wrong with this site.

Who is Annie Jones?

I do not have a clue! The pictures they use are from a stock image website. So basically they used a fake persona to market their product (Big fail). In addition, we are left a bit confused as to if it is actually Annie Jones or Kate Jones?

Paying social media jobs scam

Paying social media jobs scam

The entire sales page is just set up beyond poorly. The “breaking news” video is a job done by a Fiver freelancer, not an actual news bulletin. In addition, the overall wording was clearly done by someone who did not put much thought into representation. I mean, a woman called “Tash” working in bed, come on!

Paying social media jobs scam

The “available in your country, act fast” popup. Seriously, this is not new anymore and usually links to scams period.

The jobs that are listed inside the platform can literally be found via a simple Google search for free. They provide links to popular freelancing sites like Guru, Freelancer, and Upwork that can also be joined for free. However, on closer inspection, I have found that all these are affiliate links, meaning, Annie or Kate or whoever receives a commission every time someone signs up to these sites. Nice, sell a product and then make commissions as well and top it off with a bunch of upsells as well!  To sum up, they charge you for stuff that is already free!

False or Unrealistic Claims


  • You can make over $700 per week, by helping businesses to manage their social accounts.
  • They will provide plenty of jobs to choose from.
  • Provide the training on how to complete these jobs.
  • Anyone can do this without prior experience.


  • Very difficult to find jobs and if you do, it is not permanent.
  • They do not provide that many jobs; actually, they mostly provide links to places where you can find these jobs like freelancer and Upwork, which is free to join anyhow so why not just skip the middle man?
  • Jobs like these do exist but you will need to be somewhat experienced. It is a competitive industry and some people actually do this for a living, however, it took months if not years to build up a reputable profile in social managing. Businesses are not going to use your services without a good background. Sure you will find the odd job here and there but it will surely not pay $700 a week.
  • Job requirements will be impossible for you to complete as a newbie, as these tasks can be anything from getting 1000 to 5000 likes on a page or uploading 20+ videos to YouTube.
  • Freelancing is a competitive market! Those who are skilled and social media icons will snap up the jobs before you. To be able to compete, you will have to become skilled in your field. In this instance, you will have to build up a good social following on various platforms, invest in software/programs to make certain tasks easier, and so on and so forth. So yeah, the chances of picking up a few jobs a week, in the beginning, are extremely slim, and making $700 without prior skill is almost impossible!

Paying Social Media Jobs Pros

You get training, not the best, but you do not walk away empty-handed.

You are covered with a 60-day money-back guarantee


Sales material is misleading and not all true.

Fake person, fake news bulletin, and fake images. 

Hidden upsells that lead to more questionable products.

The website was first “Paid social media jobs”, and then changed the name to “Paying social media jobs”. Scammy websites usually use this method after being burned the first time.

Let’s Sum This Up with My Own Experience…

If you are not skilled at social media management and have the resources, it is beyond hard to find a job! It is not my forte since I am more in the line of blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, and so forth. So basically I am a newbie with knowledge in this apartment. I could not land jobs that would provide at least a minimum of $100 a week. In fact, in 4 weeks' time, I could not land one job that would pay enough to justify the hours working on a task. Some of the tasks would take me weeks to complete for a measly $60 or so.

For a specialist in this field, they would be able to do this quite easily as they already have huge followings and the resources to complete these tasks in only a couple of hours or days. Sure, I can get to this level as well (Not interested), but it will take a lot of time, investment, and dedication to build up a proper profile and skill. If done part-time and with dedication, it would take approximately a year to do so.

If you are still interested in this type of work you can find jobs directly at:





A simple Google/YouTube search will also provide you with free resources to acquire proper updated training in this field.

Scam or Not?

Since you do get training materials as promised and some value for your money, I will not call it a flat-out scam. However, why the need to hide the owner's identity and replace it with a fake persona if the product is legitimate? The sales page is completely hyped up with only “possibilities” and no actual real facts or results. Making money with social management is not as easy and thus many will struggle and most likely do not make much if any at all. They sure come close to being a scam if it was not for the added earnings disclaimer.

Taking into consideration how much traffic and affiliates they have, one would think that they would better their product and add some real value to it. They have an actual shot at making good money, selling a product with value, but still choose to push rubbish.

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to read this review. 

Please remember to leave some feedback if time is on your side, it would be much appreciated!

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ShareASale Review - Best Affiliate Network Around in 2022?

With this post, we are going to have a look at ShareASale to see if it is worth signing up. ShareASale offers two services, one for affiliates and one for merchants. With this review, I am going to cover the affiliate side. I hate to be wasteful with my reader’s time, thus, we only cover what matters the most, like the pros and cons, personal experience, and basic overview. If you would like to gain more knowledge about the platform and all its features in detail, be sure to visit its homepage. 

Take Note: This website is mostly geared towards newbie’s, thus we keep it simple without using terms that are too complicated to grasp.

Are you familiar with ShareASale and have some experience with the platform?  Help me to refrain from making this review one-sided by leaving a comment with your valuable experience, it would be much appreciated!

Now, let’s get started…


Year Established


What is ShareASale?

They are one of the largest affiliate marketing networks around that bring merchants and affiliates together. In simple terms, if you are an affiliate marketer looking for products/services to promote, this is one of the places you can find lots of products/services.

For Newbies – Affiliate marketing is when you promote products of other people and earn a commission when you make a sale or complete an action. ShareASale is basically an all-in-one marketplace where you can find thousands of products to promote and get paid in one place.

Shareasale affiliate program review

What Does It Cost to Join?

It is free to join as an Affiliate.

Scam or Legit?

Okay, let’s get down to the question that you are brewing on first.

ShareASale has been around for a long time, meaning, they will most likely not go anywhere soon. In addition, it is a reputable company that is directly connected with Awin, which also has a reputable history. The changes of them going belly up is VERY slim.

Payouts are ALWAYS on time! No issues with transfers unless obviously, you have entered the wrong payment details.

Yes, a few hiccups here and there, but there is no such thing as perfect in the online world and ShareASale is one of those nice ones that is pleasant to work with most of the time.

User Interface and Ease of Use

The site is easy to navigate and like super newbie-friendly. It looks a bit outdated by some but; I love the term “simplistic” and thus feel right at home.

Support and Tutorials

Affiliate marketers will receive a “welcome kit” to help them get familiar with affiliate marketing upon signup. In addition, you will also find a FAQ section that will provide answers to most questions. Training webinars are also available to improve marketing skills.

Customer support is average. They provide an email address and telephone number as a direct contact method. Some days, feedback is quick and other days it is a bit slower.

How Do You Earn Money with ShareASale as an Affiliate?

Pay Per Sale – You will earn a commission if someone uses your affiliate link that leads to a product and makes a purchase.

Pay Per Lead – When someone clicks on your affiliate link, visits the page and fills out a form, or completes an action, you will receive payment.

What about Getting Paid?

Payouts are on the 20th of each month. For example, you will get paid on April 20 for the sales that you made up to March 20.

Payment methods are Mailed Check, Payoneer, and Direct Deposit. Sorry folks, no PayPal or Crypto option available.

A payment threshold of $50 or more before you can receive payment. You can also change the setting to a higher amount if you wish.

Shareasale review

Do I Need a Website to Sign Up?

Yes, or at least a Social media page that is active. You must control and own the website that you apply with and it should be active, content-rich, and free of adult content, hate speech, or content that has age restrictions.

Shareasale review

How Many Affiliate Programs can I Join?

As many as you like. ShareASale has no limits which makes this perfect if you have multiple websites and Social pages in different niches.

How to Get Approved as a ShareASale Affiliate

Use a custom email address upon signing up for example, “ Avoid using free email addresses like, @hotmail, or @gmail as this will make it likely to be rejected.

Enter a website that you own and use the top-level domain instead of a sub-domain. Make sure your URL leads to a live website that loads relatively fast without too many pop-up ads. English content is preferred above other languages as the affiliate programs are all English.

Before applying to become a ShareASale Affiliate, make sure your website/Social Page is worth visiting by doing a bit of cleanup, SEO, and adding content. If your website is in a poor state, you will not make sales anyhow, thus no rush to slap on affiliate links anyway right?

Note: Account approval will normally take between 1 – 3 days, excluding weekends.

What is share a sale about

Why Did ShareASale Reject Your Application?

The most likely reasons could be a free email or a website that is “doggy”. Many other reasons as well but since I do not work for ShareASale, it is impossible to tell.

Sites that have the following will MOST LIKELY not be approved.

  • Adult content – Your website might not have actual adult content but display adult advertising like banners and so forth.
  • Websites that promote illegal activities.
  • Sites with content around hatred, racism, violence, and so forth are also a big no.

So, your website is sharp and your email on spot but you still get denied access to one of the best marketplaces around? Yeah, might be your place of residence (Sorry). They will sometimes decline applications from regions where there is a high risk of affiliate fraud, which is understandable. However, you can still email them with your details and ask them to reconsider. If your content is good and your traffic is targeted, there is a good chance that you will be approved.

How to Get Approved by ShareASale Merchants

So, you got approved by ShareASale to become an Affiliate, now you will have to be approved by the Merchants to promote their products. (Yeah, I know it is a hard road).

Basically, the same rules as mentioned above with a little added extra:

Merchants will review your site before they approve you, make sure it is clean, fast-loading and most of all, it is niche-specific. In short, if you say, for example, have a website about “dog care”, only apply for products/services around dog care. Yes, some affiliate programs are not too picky about the niche and will be flexible but most are obviously niche specific.

Make your affiliate profile on ShareASale stand out by;

Add a description of your marketing skills and niche. Do not be shy to list your marketing skills by mentioning your methods of driving traffic and marketing strategies.

Include a photo or brand logo on your profile.

When you apply, be thorough. Mention how you plan to promote the product and integrate it into your niche.

Is there Other Options Around?

There is no shortage nowadays when it comes to affiliate marketplaces. If ShareASale is not for you, you can also have a look at:


CJ Affiliate or formally known as Commission Junction


ShareASale Pros

A wide variety of merchants/products, to suit any niche or marketing strategy.

High acceptance rate. Yeah, it takes a bit of hassle to get approved but nothing compared to other networks like CJ. If you cannot get accepted as an affiliate for ShareASale, you will most likely not get accepted by places like CJ.

Search and filtering options are awesome. You can find what you are looking for with just a few clicks without having to scroll thru pages of products to find something specific.

Reliable payouts each month.

Reporting and tracking features.

Additional tools for affiliates like customizable affiliate links, banner creator, and so forth.

Good variety of “reporting features” available. To be successful at affiliate marketing, it is crucial to keep an eye on your marketing efforts to be able to adjust strategies and methods. ShareASale allows you to do just that and have accurate real-time tracking of clicks and sales.

ShareASale keeps a balance between bigger brands and smaller companies, making it easy for top affiliates to find products to promote but, also providing products for newbies or marketers that are still in the beginning phase of their online career or with a small online presence. Networks like CJ Affiliate nowadays focus on providing for bigger brands. Nice for advanced marketers, not so nice for newbies as the requirements to promote are simply out of reach for beginners or even those who just prefer to keep their marketing strategies simple.

ShareASale is an awesome place for those who own several websites or promote a variety of niches. You can keep everything “under one roof” as a variety of affiliate products is not something you will encounter on this platform. You can list all the websites that you own and thus will not need to sign up multiple times for every merchant program that you apply for. Basically, you will apply once, and all your websites will then be active for that program. Cool right?

What is share a sale


Merchants do not always stick around obviously, however, with ShareASale, there seems to be no notification when a merchant packs up and goes. Affiliate links will not redirect and thus be useless. Personally, I put in a lot of effort when promoting a link by sharing free content, guest blogging, social media marketing, and so forth. Days of hard work, only for a link not to work, is my top nightmare in the online marketing space. Time totally wasted! My marketing strategies are “long term” and I like to set up campaigns that are basically “set and forget” and do not need to be kept an eye on 24/7. With ShareASale, it feels like you have to be monitoring affiliate links to avoid this problem. It May work fine for those with only a few affiliate programs, does not work well for me with multiple websites, niches, and marketing strategies.

Affiliate links can cause problems, especially with WordPress. You HAVE TO check your links to make sure that characters stay the same when editing on WP for example. I did not have the chance to check on other platforms yet, however, since WP is the platform used by the majority, it is something to note.

ShareASale Features that I Find Awesome

The “Trending Merchants” feature. This will display the top 10 most popular programs on ShareASale.

ShareASale has some really cool search and filtering features to help you find the perfect product to promote. You can narrow it down to a specific product/service by using the filters provided. The modified search allows you to choose from programs that are ShareASale Exclusive, programs with auto-approval, power rank, joined status, and so forth. In addition, you can also filter results for Sale/Lead Commission, Click Commission, earnings per click, cookie length, and so forth. Very few Affiliate networks around with this kind of feature, definitely a huge bonus that comes with ShareASale!

What is share a sale

Auto-Approval Feature – You can easily find merchants that will automatically approve your application.

Customized Linking – You can fully customize your affiliate links and create shortened URLs that are more appealing to potential customers. In addition, you also have “social tools” that allow you to share your affiliate links with others. The “Make a Page” feature let you create product galleries and the “product showcase” feature is for creating banners for a specific program.

Let’s Round this Up…

ShareASale has a few hiccups here and there, but I mean, don’t they all? Nothing too drastic to make it unbearable. I recommend the network for newbies because it is much easier to be accepted than many other networks around. Sure, some networks can be joined basically without even being approved, however, the products are mostly just garbage nowadays and not even worth the effort to promote. ShareASale has some junk as well but I have found that it is easier to find quality products than with some other networks.

Shareasale review

The golden rule of making money online…

Provide quality content prior to making money. Some people are so desperate to start earning an income that they go into reverse; they look for the perfect program to promote before even thinking about creating quality content. You will find a crappy-looking website with rushed content and a bunch of affiliate links that scream out “I am desperate”. Sorry, but you aren't going to make much or be successful. Do this the right way, create an awesome website/Page that provides quality content, and ONLY THEN, find a product/service to promote that will compliment your site.

Got rejected by ShareASale? No problem, go back and spruce up that content of yours and re-apply again! Rejection only enables us to better ourselves and our efforts.

Are you a ShareASale Affiliate or worked with them in the past? 

I absolutely hate a one-sided opinion and would love to add the knowledge of others to this review to help my readers make a better choice. Please be so kind to tell us about your experience with ShareASale, it would be much appreciated!

Thank You

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