Wealthy Affiliate Review – Q & A

With this post I would like to answer the most common questions, I get asked regarding Wealthy Affiliate. My WA review received a lot of comments regarding the program and the page got cluttered to the extent where I have to delete comments just to better the page load speed. In addition, important questions/comments from readers get lost amongst the clutter. Keep in mind that this is not a review, just questions sorted out neatly to save readers some time and the agony of slow page load. You can read the original WA Review Here. I will try to answer questions as thoroughly as possible so excuse in advance, for a lengthy article.

How long have I been part of the program?

Since 2013 

Wealthy affiliate reviews

Most commonly asked question/statement – Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

They exist for more than a decade and still going strong, you tell me, do you think a scam will last this long? A scam is something that takes your money under false pretense and does not give you what you pay for. The last time I checked (10 minutes ago), all the training was still there, my website is still there and my keyword tool (Jaaxy), still worked fine. In addition, the weekly live webinar is still on time with new training. 

Wealthy affiliate reviews

So why is everyone on the “scam wagon” now? 

Who knows for sure, but I bet that many did not do all the training, nor do they have a website with at least 100 posts on it. Wrote nonsense on the WA mini-blog platform about the weather or politics and wasted time, instead of writing blog posts. It is easier to put the blame on the program than to look at oneself to see why failure had step in. I myself, do not always work productive and waste too much time, therefore goes backward instead of forward, cannot blame WA for that can I?

Lots and lots of expensive training available now that is “better” so duh, I can only imagine that affiliates are rather going for bigger payouts by promoting/recommending more expensive stuff like “Authority Hacker” to only mention one example. WA affiliates get $8 for a new signup; some other programs pay hundreds of dollars per signup! So yeah, does not take a genius to figure out why WA has suddenly become a scam. Is Authority Hacker a scam? ABSOLUTELY NO, it is an awesome program, actually it is beyond awesome and I am planning a review myself and once I finished the program, will most likely recommend it as well (Not for newbies). HOWEVER, the majority of my readers cannot afford much or do not yet earn much. I cannot for the love of money just sit back and make hundreds of dollars per sale of people who cannot afford it. If you mess up with $19 or the free version it is way better than when you mess up with $900 right? And really, if you cannot make at least $50 with WA’s training and setup, I doubt you will do it with any other program for that matter, just because it cost more.  

For many years, people had built successful websites with WA, made money with them, and moved on to become successful marketers. Nothing has changed with the platform, still the same awesome WordPress hosting, still the same keyword tool and the weekly webinars is also still ongoing. Training is not outdated, it is geared towards newbies and still working if one can actually bring oneself to implement it instead of goofing around. What has changed? More expensive programs came along with higher payouts, as simple as that! 

Wealthy affiliate scam

Are Wealthy Affiliate perfect and the number one choice for learning website development and affiliate marketing?

In your dreams! There is no such thing as perfect in the online industry. Every program out there has a flaw or two (some definitely have more than 2). What we do have are people from all different walks of life, some have money to invest, some don’t. Some have hours upon hours to work on their online venture, others are working and have to do with only a few hours a week. Many people do not mind blogging for cash, others despise writing. You might like to hunt down leads while the guy next door absolutely hates it. In addition, with so many ways to make money online and learning programs for each method, it is almost impossible to recommend something specifically, without knowing a person. So, we have to find the middle ground, something that at least everyone can start with that is easy to understand and manage.

You WILL NOT learn everything there is to know from WA and the plan is not to sit there for your entire online career. WA is an “entrance platform” that gives you everything to get started, your basic training, website(s), and keyword tool, to mention a few. If you are still at WA after 5 years and complain about insufficient training, then good grieve, you certainly got stuck, didn’t you?

Why do I still recommend WA after 7 years?

If you think it is about money, hahaha. Good grieve; there are programs out there that pay out thousands per sale and hundreds in recurring commissions! $700 vs $8 commission per initial sale, I must be stupid not to rip you off right? If you have lots of money then please, make my day and sign up for Authority Hacker via my link, I will truly appreciate it and my charity will too. Just kidding, I do not promote them, yet (hehe).

Most importantly, I DO NOT like to promote WA. (Will cover this in the question below) Not my favorite affiliate program since it takes up way too much time and requires a 48 hour day, which at this time is not possible since I struggle to get my time machine to work. However, in the end, looking at my readers, reading their comments, and taking into account their financial situation, WA is still the best platform that I can come up with to get them started at Affiliate marketing/ website development. 

My biggest problems with Wealthy Affiliate (Yeah, I am not shy at mentioning them)

I have two issues with the program;

Community support – Was never a big fan of any platform with community support. The reason, the information will never be 100% accurate. Any wannabe marketer can now be an “expert” and provide help based on a simple Google search, not on actual experience. WA encourages community support and your ranking on the platform will depend on it. Members become too focused on participating in the community and thus neglect to do the training and most importantly, working on their websites. Some will literally spend hours “helping others”, which is good and noble but they end up broke and unsuccessful themselves, thus not practicing what they preach to others. The ambassadors of WA are a great feature, however again, you can become one without actually being skilled, depends on how much time you spend on the platform. I personally think that it would be nice if only a few skilled ambassadors were chosen and if only they were allowed to help members. Pay them part of the affiliate commissions, or something like that.

Personally, I am NOT a social person. Hence why I stay away from MLM’s. From time to time I like to socialize with members, my readers, and so forth, BUT NOT 24/7. 3 years ago, I had spent every waking moment helping others on WA, answering emails, private messages via my social accounts, and so forth to the tune where it just became unbearable with an 18-20 hour workday. No time to work on my websites and no time to review other programs or expand my knowledge. Definitely no time for proper sleep or do anything else. Everything just went downwards. It is a balance, and without one, the other will fail. This is what happens to many WA members, they focus on one thing and the other goes stagnant.

Some are beyond skilled as ambassadors; truly have a gift in working with people 24/7, me, not so much. Time is just not on my side until my time machine is fixed. 

The Affiliate program – Like I mentioned above, community support is required to be a successful affiliate. All great if you only have a few referrals, it is a nightmare if you have too many. No matter how hard you try, you cannot help everyone! It is easy to manage 30 referrals, completely impossible to help 300. (I have massive respect for the WA ambassadors who actually do) This somewhat has the resemblance of an MLM right? I absolutely despise MLM’s, it is my worst nightmare, not because all of them are scams, just because it takes up every waking moment of your day if you want to do it right. To sum it up, you can refer as many people as you can “handle”, NOT more, which as an affiliate marketer is kind of a bummer.

My perfect Wealthy Affiliate would be where chosen, skilled ambassadors help members and leave the affiliates to do what they do best. I mean not everyone can be good at everything, right?

How do you make WA work for you?

Stay focused! There is a lot going on, on the platform and it is easy to become distracted quickly. Do the training and if you do not understand, do it again. Complete all the steps.

Create your website and work on your website. This is the moral of the story and the reason you joined the platform in the first place. Once you have one site up, start with another, build 20 niche sites if you must just build something. Your website is what will earn you cash, nothing else, so why focus on stuff that is not productive? After a year with WA, you should at least have a website with 50 – 100+ posts on it, if you don’t, then you wasted time on stuff that is not important.

Do not promote WA as a newbie! Massive mistake, to choose the “make money online” niche as a newbie. You are going to dance with the wolves in a highly skilled and competitive niche and most likely fail hard. Pick a niche like health, pets, or anything else for that matter.

Ignore the ambassador ranking until you have at least finished the training and have a website with at least 40 posts. You cannot teach others if you do not know how things work yourself. In addition, time is precious and you are most likely paying for it. 

Do some affiliates write bad reviews just to promote WA?

Well yeah, they unfortunately do! This is the world of online marketing, completive as…well yeah, you get the point. Affiliate marketing is just like any other business there is, people, play dirty against their competition, and in return the competition fight back. It is what it is and people will always find ways to knock the competition out of the way and it will not always be clean fights. This goes both ways, other programs in return will label WA as a scam to sell their "perfect" product. Doesn’t mean either one is a scam, one simply just has more tactical affiliates.

Like I always say, keep an open mind, read multiple reviews, and if you do not have money to waste, go with programs that are affordable or at least have a free or trial option to minimize your risk. In the end, only you can decide if something works for you or not. 

What makes WA different than other programs?

For me, that would be the WordPress hosting, keyword tool, comment feature, and the option to earn credits. The training is not bad, but not reason enough for me to keep the membership.

Let’s dissect:

Hosting – WA’s hosting still knocks a lot of companies straight out of the water. Websites do very well on their hosting, period. They make it super easy to manage WordPress successfully and you can host up to 20 websites with the premium plan ($49 monthly). They made WordPress as newbie-friendly as one can possibly do. Even with all the competition around, hey, WA websites still dominate the search engines and that is enough reason.

Jaaxy keyword tool - Nifty little tool that is without technical clutter and works well. Been using many tools over the years and ended up sticking with Jaaxy. Works just as well as other more expensive tools and I can give it credit for many first page rankings.

Comments/Feedback – A successful website that does well in the engines mostly depends on getting feedback in the form of comments. For new website owners, this is the hard part, to get people to give feedback because well obviously, you do not rank well enough yet to get traffic right? The “comment feature” helps you to get much-needed interaction on your new site. The feedback feature helps you to correct mistakes or gain expert advice from others about your site. If you are serious about creating content that gets read and obviously that do well in general, this is a must! And no, this website does not make use of the WA comment section as I get enough traffic and readers already, and obviously, this is not a WA website. (I have one at WA as well tho) No other platform has this important feature. 

Wealthy affiliate scam

WA Credits – Okay, so I do not actively go out to earn credits myself by leaving comments or giving feedback. However, I always try my best to make the online journey for others as easy as possible financially wise by recommending things that will not make them flat broke and this is one of those. You can literally earn your premium membership with WA by just collecting credits, meaning, it pays for itself. You can even buy domains with credits. Last year, I paid my yearly premium membership with WA by just using credits that I collected and thus far bought and renewed my domain with credits. (See screenshots)

Wealthy affiliate scam


You can earn credits and buy a few more each month to pay for your monthly membership like I demonstrated below. The point is, there are options to soften the financial blow, how many other programs have this to help members out? Where are you going to get hosting, tools, and domains by just earning a few credits?    And for this reason alone, I will keep on recommending WA as a starter platform above all. 

Wealthy affiliate reviews

So yeah, to sum it up, there are better programs around, training-wise, but, they do not include hosting, at least not for 20 websites, nor give you a way to actually earn your membership and features like comment posting, a keyword tool, and content writer are not included. These usually sell separately and add up to quite a few dollars extra, not very financially friendly if you are a broke newbie. 

Should you stay with Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, I am still here after 7 years; I mean good hosting, keyword tool, and a few other goodies that still do it for me is just way cheaper than other platforms. Training wise, heck, I moved on years ago to broaden my knowledge! The training was too basic for me from the get-go anyhow (I was not a newbie). If you plan to grow, well no, it will not be wise to sit in one place now would it? Like I said a hundred times, WA is focused on newbies, those of us who are skilled mostly stick around for the hosting and stuff. 

Bottom Line...

They have a Free Version for most countries, with no credit card requirements. If it is not for you, move on to something more suited to your interest. There are MANY options available and many of them are really good. You do not have to stick around WA just for one thing, if you find the training to be a waste of time, why not use the hosting, commenting feature, or other tools and save a bit of money? They honestly have something useful even for the experienced marketer. 

Do you have questions regarding WA or need advice? 

I have a box on the right side of my website where you can leave a question. At this point in time, I ONLY answer questions directed from there as I have just too many platforms to manage and like I mentioned above, time is the one thing we cannot get more of. (would be nice right). Just easier to successfully manage questions via my email system that is set up for this purpose. Please be patient as I get a lot of questions/feedback and cannot always respond quickly as traffic sometimes sky-rocket, resulting in lots of questions as you can see below.

Thank you!   

Note: I will add more questions and answers as time goes by.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Scam or Legit?

Update: 20 October 2020

I Joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2013 and thus feel qualified to review all the features the program has to offer. With this Review, I would like to explain how WA can benefit you and if it is the right program for you or not. If you are looking for a review that encompasses every aspect of WA then you landed on the right page.

First, allow me to give you a warm welcome. Thanks for taking the time to visit my website, it is much appreciated! Hope that your short stay will leave you with some added knowledge.

Wealthy affiliate reviews

Wealthy Affiliate - Quick Overview



Wealthy Affiliate - Questions and Answers

Not in the mood to read the review, but more interested in the Q & A instead? You can find it Here.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a membership site that will teach you everything about website development and internet marketing. Training comes in the form of video courses that is not only neatly organized, but also easy to understand. Apart from the training courses, the site also has one of the biggest and most active online communities with many skilled marketers sharing their knowledge. Wealthy Affiliate is basically an “All in One” when it comes to building an online business. It provides all the things you will need to start up, like your WordPress websites, a keyword tool, domains, and more.

Short History

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson as a keyword membership site, where monthly lists of the most popular keywords were sent out. Since then they have added, SEO tools, Affiliate Marketing, Training, Keyword research tools and so much more.

What Does It Cost?

WA has 2 different plans to choose from:

Starter: Free

  • 7 days of 24/7 live support
  • 7 days of Networking capabilities and Integrated training help
  • Website builder
  • SSL Certificate
  • Analysis
  • Duplicate Content checker
  • Fast Hosting
  • 1000 Visits (Bandwidth)
  • Botnet Protection
  • 1 Website
  • 10 Affiliate Bootcamp and Core Certification Course lessons

Premium: $49 per month or $495 per year.

Everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer without limits.

If you upgrade to the premium membership within 7 days your first month of access will only be $19.00.

Any Up-Sales?

There are no additional up-sales if you upgrade to premium, everything is included. Domains, however, are obviously an additional service and will have to be purchased separately.  

What About A Money-Back Guarantee?

Wealthy Affiliate does not offer a money-back guarantee as they already have the free starter plan, which can be used to test out the program before upgrading.

Legit or Scam? 

WA has been around for more than a decade! Scams usually never last that long so yeah, definitely not a scam. So why do people sometimes label it as one? Easy, it takes effort to make it work and one has to actually complete the training and implement it to see results. Many people expect instant riches without doing much and when that does not happen, they feel scammed. WA is merely the platform that makes it possible, you still have to do the work. The affiliate side (If you promote WA) payout every single month. I have been with them for 7 years and not once did they skip a payment, on time every 1st of the month. 

In addition, the online world is competitive, A LOT and the competition will sometimes get nasty among affiliates of different programs, smearing each other in order to get more sign-ups. The bottom line, WA works and so does other programs. Each person has different needs with online marketing and thus will choose what works best for them. WA is a great "start-up" platform, especially for those who have little money to invest in expensive tools and hosting. First page rankings on Google are more than enough proof to show that the program has one powerful/trusted hosting platform around, which is ultimately the goal, to have a website that does well.  

Can I Make Money with WA and How Long Will It Take? 

This is the most commonly asked question and NO, I cannot tell you if you will be able to make it work or not. Each person is different and has a different lifestyle, mindset, and time management. Some are patient and dedicated, some are not.  If you expect instant results, this will probably not be for you and you will definitely fail at this. However, if you tackle this like a business opportunity with long term goals, the chances of being successful are high. 

And as for how long it will take, it once again depends on the person and the work that is done. One can start earning within 6 months, if the work is done, and done correctly, as indicated by the training. It will take longer if you only work a bit here and there, and if you do not, give it all you got.

So how do you go about it to make WA work for you?

Do the training, ALL OF IT!  Start at the beginning and work your way thru it. If you do not understand a tutorial, do it again until you do. 

Create your website and work on it!  The number one mistake WA members make, they fail to do the most important thing and that is working on their means to make money, their websites. The longer you take to develop your site, the longer it will take to make money with it.  

Pick any other niche BUT the "online marketing" one. Highly competitive compared to others.  

Create more than one website with multiple niches! Never put all your eggs in one basket, if one niche fails, you have the other(s). If all of them are a success, you have more income.

Community and Support 

WA has a big community that will help everyone in, any way they can. There are Live Chats where people from around the world can talk to each other no matter if you are a beginner or an expert. If live support isn’t what you are looking for and you want something a bit more technical, no worry, WA provides that too. 

The Site Support feature is a technical support system that will answer any question you may have. Say live and tech support isn’t in your blood, that is okay too. Private Messaging will allow you to communicate with any member privately, and there is also a feature called Ask A Question where questions are answered all around. You can see if the questions you have, have already been answered or ask the question yourself. They have top-notch support and usually solve problems with 48 hours.

User Interface

Easy to use platform with clearly marked tabs. Training is easy to access and one can continue where one left off with ease as training modules can be "marked", once completed. The WordPress builder can be accessed with the click of a few buttons and is easy to manage.

Wealthy Affiliate and WordPress

WA uses the WordPress platform for website creation. WordPress is the most popular platform when it comes to building a website/blog and most of the popular hosting companies work with WP. Websites build on WA hosting usually performs well since they are a reputable company that goes the extra mile to ensure that the websites are secure. Unlike many other builders that basically hold your website captive with their hosting plans, WA gives you the freedom to move your site to another host, if for some reason you feel that the program is not suited for you.

Wealthy affiliate reviews

Wealthy Affiliate - Pros 

Thousands of training videos, courses, and step by step tutorials.

Amazing 24/7 support.

There is a 7 day grace period for paying your premium membership

The free membership is not limited to a certain time period. You can stay a free member as long as you like.

Training, courses, and tutorials are self-paced, no one forces you to do anything in a certain time period.

WA offers a FREE SSL Certificate for all Premium websites hosted there.

Beyond superb hosting. Websites do very well in the search engines. (You still have to do the work tho, a website cannot do well if there is no content on it) 


Live Chats can get very busy at times, meaning you might have to wait a bit for an answer to your question.

I had found that the site has a huge amount of information and new members get somewhat overwhelmed if they do not follow the 1st start tutorials first on arrival.

No Free memberships for certain countries - Due to the fact that some countries have a much higher fraud statistic, free memberships are not available. These include counties like Nigeria and India.

My Personal Opinion About WA

I have joined many programs in the last 7 years, searching for "something" better to provide my readers with, and in the end, it always comes down to Wealthy Affiliate. I am fuzzy about what I promote and recommend because if it fails, my reputation will go down the drain. I can honestly say that I feel comfortable recommending the program to others because if they put in the work, the chances of success are great.  In addition, money is tight for everyone and it becomes a financial nightmare if one has to purchase everything separately. WA is a nice "all-in-one" platform that includes hosting for up to 20 websites (that is a lot) a keyword planner and everything needed to build a thriving website. They do make an effort to help their members as much as possible as you can even earn credits to help you pay for your membership. I paid my yearly membership using only credits that were accumulated via the platform. 

To sum this up

Is the platform perfect? No, there is no such thing as perfection in the online world! However, if you want to make money via website development/blogging and affiliate marketing, this is a good place to start. The Free Membership has more than enough to get started with. 

Wealthy Affiliate - Features


Almost everyone these days knows what hosting is and the importance of choosing the right company to work with. Wealthy Affiliate offers you fast, secure, and reliable hosting like no other.

Grow A Business With Them - It does not matter if you are a beginner or a person wanting to grow multiple businesses to new heights, SiteRubix (hosting platform) will help you through your journey. There are people at the moment running million dollar companies on WA’s platform with success.

They Are Fast - The ranking of your website can be impacted by slow hosting, luckily with WA, you do not have to worry about it. One of the main focuses is speed, and you can rest assured that your WordPress website will be hosted on the latest and most powerful servers at all times. They have an average page load time of about 1.3 seconds and they have a load limit process that monitors your website, making sure it is always running at optimal speeds.

Double Host Your Site - When it comes to hosting, there is one thing that everyone fears, and that is downtime. WA hosting can ensure that you do not have downtime using a feature called Double Hosting. Double Hosting hosting works as follows: Your website always has a mirror. When your site goes down the mirrored version will be put in its place, ensuring that your site keeps running until the problem is fixed.

Got Your Backups - Everyone has made a mistake when they were playing around with the tech. WA’s Managed WordPress Hosting is aware of this fact and gives you peace of mind, knowing that all your data will be backed up so that it can be restored when you wish to.

Site Manager

Site Manager allows you to manage your website and so much more. It tells you when things were last updated, website “health” when last it was backed up and so much more. It really helps you to manage your site and to keep it successful.

Site Builder

You can do so much with WA’s online website builder. You can build on a free domain, a domain you already own, or register a new one, it is that simple. After choosing your domain just pick one of the hundreds, if not thousands of templates and you can start building. Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress which is a great plus because WordPress is the most used platform for building sites.

Wealthy affiliate reviews

Site Domains

Wealthy Affiliate now has a part, set aside for domains and domains only, called Site Domains. Site Domains offer everything you can think of, including:

  • Domain transfers
  • Domain search
  • Free Domains
  • Domain registrations

You also have the ability to register or transfer multiple domains, so you are not limited to just one or two. 

Site Content

The content on your page is very important, so you do not want it to look dull or anything like that. With WA Site Content you can easily and comfortably manage, creating, and design your content. You can have beautiful, exciting content, and it would be easy to create. With features and the ability to: Get Full Metrics on content in real-time, create and utilize templates, manage different versions of any document and instantly export directly to WordPress. 

Site Comments

Everyone knows that comments play a very important role when ranking on Google. With WA’s Site Comments, you earn credits for commenting on other people’s websites, or you can request comments for your own site to help it rank better.

Wealthy affiliate reviews

Site Feedback

Feedback on a site is just as important as comments. Now you can earn credits for giving feedback on other sites or request it for your own site, the same as with Site Comments.


WA’s Education is more improved, but yet simple in every way. When you join, you will be guided through a state of the art, step by step training platform, no matter if you are a newbie or a professional marketer. The focus of the training is to teach you everything that you will need to know to have a long-term, successful business.

The training is adjusted to suit everyone's need and includes:
  • Video training
  • Tutorial Training
  • Classrooms on specific topics
  • Question and Answers
  • Live weekly training classes
  • Task-based Courses
  • Participate in interactive discussions

Online Entrepreneur Certification

The Online Entrepreneur Certification consists of 5 phases, aka 50 lessons. These phases are a series of courses that will guide you through the actions of building and growing a company within any Niche that you choose.

Wealthy affiliate reviews

Affiliate Bootcamp

The Affiliate Bootcamp Training consists of 7 Phases, aka 70 lessons. Each of these phases is a series of courses that will guide you through the actions of creating and constructing a company within a Niche related to the promotion of WA.

My Training Activity

With WA’s My Training Activity feature, you can keep track of every single video you have watched, what you have learned, and so forth without any trouble. It helps you to stay on your toes and tells you if you have seen something or not.

Training HQ

Training HQ is where you will find every single piece of info, from tutorials and videos to events and courses, all in one place for your convenience. They are listed from the newest to the oldest, to maximize efficiency.


With the classroom feature, you will find a list of, well classrooms. These classrooms offer videos, Webinars, courses, and tutorials, each with a questions and answers section, that will allow you to get the answers you need.

Wealthy affiliate reviews

WA - Research

The research
 will be crucial to your success, seeing as you will need to learn and gather information. The Jaaxy feature will help you to research and gather information on topics like:
  • Search Analysis
  • Site Rank
  • Niche Keyword Lists
  • My Keyword Lists
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Brainstorm HQ

Wealthy affiliate reviews

Live Events

WA has weekly live events that are easy and fun to learn from. It covers a wide range of topics that includes everything one needs to know about building a successful online business. All the live events are available afterward for those who could not attend or feel like they want to go thru it in slow motion again.

Wealthy affiliate reviews

Please Note!

Unless you are a skilled marketer, you will not get rich overnight. WA is Is Not a “get rich quick” scheme. The platform will help you to build a solid online business that will endure for a long time, along with active support that will be needed to subdue the “notion of doing it alone”.

Visit Wealthy Affiliate

Visit My WA Questions and Answers Post

15 Years Ago, To This Day

Programs Simular To WA

Solo Build It


Wealthy Affiliate vs Solo Build It – The Online Rival and My Take On It.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the oldest programs around and thousands of people made use of the platform to build successful websites. Their biggest online competitor ,Solo Build It, opened up the challenge to push each other to provide top class hosting and training which is a bonus for those of us who seek the best service according to our needs. As with any competition between businesses, sadly some affiliates of both programs do not play nice and like to put one or the other in a bad light. Due to my own experience, both programs offer a solid platform where success is a possibility with hard work and dedication. Solo Build It is a bit cheaper than WA for those who cannot afford expensive hosting. WA is more expensive, but you can build up to 20 websites. Huge differences in both programs and cater to different online needs. The mudslinging between the two companies sadly causes many people to seek training elsewhere and therefore they miss out on high-quality training and hosting. I can assure that both WA and Solo Build It is great platforms, especially for newbies. Both are old and reputable platforms with high-quality hosting.

Do you use Wealthy Affiliate or used it in the past?

Please be so kind to tell us about your experience with the program to help others make a more informed decision.

Thank You!

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Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool - Review

Update: 21 October 2020

So many keyword tools out there, but which one is the best and gives your value for money? Some tools are awesome with loads of features, but it takes a degree to understand or work with them, while others are just downright inaccurate. Marketing, blogging, and website development all have one thing in common, and that is that "One sweet keyword" that will outrank the competition. This brings us to a nifty keyword tool called Jaaxy that simplistic to work with, yet accurate.

PS: This tool and I, we come a long way, about 7 years to be exact, hence why I feel qualified enough to review it in all honesty.

Jaaxy review

Jaaxy - Quick Overview



What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a keyword and research platform, developed by affiliate marketers to make work easier for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and so forth. The platform provides advanced tools to help you with all the aspects of the market, website, competition, and keyword research. 

Why The Fuzz About Keywords? (Newbies)

Keywords are the backbone of search engine traffic. Without keywords, it would be impossible for people to find your articles, and if nobody finds your articles, it's impossible to make cash. Therefore, it's essential to include keywords within the content of your website. It's just an important part of building an online business. If you want your business to grow by leaps and bounds, then you must include keywords into the content of your website. Keyword tools like Jaaxy will help you to find the right keywords.

What Does it Cost?

Jaaxy offers 3 plans to choose from and they are as follows:

Starter - Free

  • 20 Search Results
  • 30 Keyword Searches
  • Affiliate Program Finder
  • Brainstorm Idea Feed
  • Website Analyzer
  • Keyword Competition Data
  • Keyword List Manager
  • 30 SiteRank Analysis Scans

PRO - $49 Per Month

Includes Everything from Starter plus;
  • Alphabet Soup (15/letter)
  • Sort-able Search Results
  • Search Analysis
  • Unlimited Search History
  • Manual Domain Search
  • Manual QSR Search
  • 2K SiteRank Analysis Scans
  • 2x Multi-Threaded Search

Enterprise- $99 Per Month

Includes Everything from Starter and PRO plus;
  • 10K SiteRank Analysis Scans
  • Alphabet Soup (50/letter)
  • 5x Speed
  • Automated QSR
  • Automated Domain Search
  • Unlimited Keyword Lists
  • 5x Multi-Threaded Search

Any Up-Sales?

The keyword tool has no additional up-sales, you choose the plan suitable for you and that is it.

What About a Money-Back Guarantee?

They do not have one, but the free version has enough important features to test the tool prior to upgrading.

User Interface

The platform is easy to use and navigation is a breeze with clearly marked tabs for each action. This is definitely the number one tool for beginners since it does not take too many skills to work with it, yet powerful enough for the most experienced.

What About Support?

Not a lot of support is needed since it is only a research tool. However, they do offer basic email support and it is up to standard. Furthermore, there are videos and PDFs to help one understand how to use the program.

Jaaxy keyword research tool review

Jaaxy - Pros

The best free tool to have and the paid version is worth paying for if one is serious about proper SEO.

The platform is simple and easy to use and understand. Not much experience required. 

You can save and share your results to use later. 

You can keep track of your keywords, no need for third party programs. 

The Jaaxy "Help feature" provides videos and PDF to help you use the tool. 

Recommend the program to others to "earn" more searches. (Free version) Not everyone always has the cash on hand to pay for all the additional "must-have" marketing and blogging tools, especially beginners. It is an awesome tool and easy to recommend and in doing so, you can not only earn a little extra cash but MOST IMPORTANTLY, earn valuable additional searches if you use the free version, and ran out of searches.  Few keyword tools that provide for both the expert with money and the newbie without it. 

Jaaxy keyword research tool review


Cannot specify your search, locally or globally. They are mixed results.

You cannot choose the search language. 

My Own User Experience With Jaaxy 

Like I mentioned above, I've been using the platform since forever, both free and paid. I love keywords, thus love keyword tools and tested a bunch. Some are beyond nice with fancy user-interfaces and magnitudes of data, still, I prefer Jaaxy and achieved many first page rankings with my blog posts on all my websites with this tool. Accurate and "lightweight". Simple and effective, is usually the best for me when it comes to marketing tools and Jaaxy is such a tool in my toolbox.

Let's Sum This Up...

Some processes in affiliate marketing can be difficult and time-consuming which is why Jaaxy is such a great product, seeing as it makes all the “processes” much easier and less time-consuming. It's created by the same team that is behind Wealthy Affiliate and quality is their number one concern. 

Jaaxy - Main Features

Keyword Tool

Over 500 million new keywords are searched every day, using Google alone, which can make it hard to find the correct ones to use. This is the reason why a successful keyword research tool that can really dig deep, is needed.

Jaaxy can save you hours upon hours of research, which gives you more time to work on the other important things in your business. Jaaxy not only searches for keywords but provides you with the statistics for those keywords, giving you data like traffic, Avg, QSR, KQI, SEO, domain data, and more. 

Values explained in short: 

Traffic: Number of visits to your website if the first-page ranking is achieved.

Avg: The average searches the keyword receives in a month.

QSR (Quoted Search Results): The number of competing websites ranked with this keyword.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator): Indicates whether the keyword is of great, okay, or poor quality.

Domain Data: Domains that are available to the specific keyword.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): A score based on competition and traffic. Higher means better ranking.

The platform, furthermore, not only uses Google but Bing and Yahoo as well, providing you with 99.7% coverage of search engines. Another aspect that really helps is the fact that you can save, export, share, store, and manage all of your research from a single platform. No need to bounce around between places to get the job done. 

Jaaxy a review

Niches and Alphabet Soup

Doing research can be very difficult at times, which is why they have automated the top research techniques. You can just take a single phrase or search term and build an entire alphabetical list and/or search term variants from it. Just one search will provide you with hundreds of keyword, perfect for you to use for your PPC or CEO campaigns. You can furthermore, generate new niche ideas in seconds, using popular and relevant searches, provided by Jaaxy.

Find Affiliate Programs

Use Jaaxy to search, analyze, and find affiliate programs with the use of their Affiliate Program search function, which has a database of more than fifteen thousand programs. Discovering new affiliate programs has never been this simple and easy. Choose between CJ, Link Share, Digital River, and Click Bank. 

Jaaxy keyword research tool review

Find Domains 

With each search you do, Jaaxy will disclose to you which .com, .net and .org domains are available for the keyword search. A lot of high value, high traffic domains will be revealed with an average search. 

Make use of the Wealthy Affiliate SiteDomains platform to purchase domains. This is done easily, seeing as Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate are integrated and were created by the same people. 


When you want to be successful at SEO ranking, you need to understand what it is that your competition is doing and how they are ranking. This can be easily done, using Jaaxy’s Search Analysis Algorithm, which will provide you with everything you need to know about your competitors. You will, furthermore, be able to enter new niches with success, without having to spend hours of complicated research. This can be done by reverse engineering any successful website. Jaaxy also provides you with the ability to analyze ranking across all search engines, giving you a better edge.

Jaaxy keyword research tool review

SiteRank for SEO

With SiteRank, you can truly know and determine where and how your site is ranking. You can establish which website activities are ranking and which are not, allowing you to better your website, making it rank higher. You can, moreover, set-up rank tracking campaigns, set a website rank tracking frequency, track your competitors ranking, and more. Make use of a timeline to see whether your ranking is getting better or worse and what is causing the clime or fall in ranking.

Signup For a Free Jaaxy Account 

Do you use Jaaxy or used it in the past?

Please be so kind as to tell us about your experience. This will help others to make a more informed decision.

Thank You!