Photo Pos Pro Review

Looking for a free “all-in-one” photo editor to get the job done? Photo Pos Pro is apparently one of the most popular ones around that will get almost any job done. Or is it? With today’s review, we will have a look at the program to see if it is worth space on your hard drive or just a waste of time. So, without wasting time, let’s get started…


What is Photo Pos Pro?

It is a photo editor that will allow you to edit, enhance, create and manipulate your graphics and digital photos. With the program, you can create collages, business and greeting cards, website designs, and so forth. To sum it up, Photo Pos Pro is a complete photo editing suite that can be used for creating whatever you feel like.

  • Fix poor photos
  • Advanced photo effects
  • Text effects
  • Remove, replace or erase backgrounds
  • Add collages and frames
  • Remove unwanted objects

To only touch the surface.

Photo pos pro review

What does it cost?

Free Version: Fee for as long as you choose.

Premium: $49.90

System Requirements

Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10

Pentium(R) 350Mhz/equivalent processor or faster.

300 MB free disk space.

2GB of RAM.

24-bit color display

1024x768 resolution

MAC with Windows Apps emulator installed.

User Interface

Once installed, you can choose between two types of interfaces. One for beginners with only the basic tools and one for more advanced users with a wide variety of tools available. In addition, you can customize the controls to fit your needs by adding and removing tools. Smooth editing in general and the tools are organized in such a way that it does not interfere with the editing section. Both beginners and pros will have no problem familiarizing themselves with the interface.

Photo pos pro review

How Stable/Safe is the Program?

I use Photo Pos Pro for many years now and never encountered a major problem with the program. Sometimes after running it for hours on end, it tends to become a bit sluggish and requires that I close and restart the program. Then again, this happens to many other programs as well so it is hardly an issue.

What about Tutorials and Help?

Photo Pos Pro offers beginners a “help system” that they can follow step-by-step to help them familiarize themselves with the program.

Photo pos pro review

Photo Pos Pro – Pros

Tutorials to help you to become a pro-user.

Support a wide variety of file formats.

The free version offers A LOT compared to other free editors.

Work on a number of projects at once.

Have the ability to “expand” the software to your own liking by adding extension packs.

An interface that can be customized to work for both beginners and experts.


Extension packs are not as great and could offer a wider variety of frames and such.

Photo pos pro review

Photo Pos Pro – Main features

Okay, so the program has way too many features to name them all and I will only highlight a few below. The best would be to test it out yourself with the free version and only then upgrade if you like it.

It supports any file format which includes GIF, PSD, and RAW.

Allows you to save your work in any format that includes, PNG, JPEG, RAW, GIF, and so forth.

Ready-made layers that you can change or edit.

Remove, replace or erase backgrounds.

Remove unwanted objects.

Collages and Frames

Text effects

Advanced Photo Effects

Masks, Layers, and effects

Browser for easy viewing of images and to enable working on multiple images at once.

Create your own brushes and script (advance users)

Support of digital cameras and scanners

Tools for precision editing

Tools for creating computer graphics

Convert file types

Apply artistic effects, gradients, and textures to create a project from scratch.

Extension Packs - These comprise of new collages, styles, brushes, frames, plug-ins, scripts, and so forth. These packs will help you to basically “expand” the software to your own liking.

Allows you to search Pixabay for a wide variety of images.

Photo pos pro reviews

Photo Pos Pro Premium Edition – Quick Overview

The pro-edition is basically just a bit more advanced than the free one and will include;

  • More sophisticated selection tools
  • Advanced brushes and drawing tools
  • Smart AI selection toolset
  • Command script recorder
  • Robust color and blend curves
  • Vectorial objects
  • Magic eraser
  • Ads-free

To only name a few.

Conclusion Drawn from Own Experience…

I’ve been using Photo Pos Pro for as long as I can remember and it came along with me from the first time I had a digital photo that needed “red-eye” removal up to now, where more advanced work was done with graphics for my websites. All my computers handled it well from the first Pentium up to my i7, without a problem.

Obviously, it is not Photo-Shop, but in my opinion, it is not too far off, almost like a mini version. The free version is what I would call “a proper free version” and much better than average “paid for” editors.

A few things that stand out for me personally;

The zoom in/out function is awesome and you can literally zoom in on each pixel that makes for easy editing if you are doing precision work.

The browser concept to work on multiple images at once is beyond convenient.

You have two interfaces to work with, one for total beginners that only want to do basics and one for more advanced users. You can switch between these with only a click of the button, making it easy to work with when multiple users with different skill levels use the program.

Things that I do not like;

The extension packs are not that helpful to me since it is almost always geared towards Wedding, Christmas, New Year, Love and Baby theme when it comes to the collages and frames. Not much for business or other niches. I usually end up working from scratch.

Do You Use Photo Pos Pro or Used it in the Past?

I am not a huge fan of one-sided opinions and would like this review not to be one. You can make a difference in preventing that by leaving a comment with your own experience regarding the program. It would be much appreciated!

Thank You.

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eToro Review

Today we will have a look at one of the most popular trading platforms called eToro. Is it worth spending money or just another program to waste hard-earned cash? I will keep this review short and to the point and only highlight what's important. If you wish to know more about all the features they offer, feel free to visit their page as everything is highlighted over there.  Now, let's get started...


What is eToro?

eToro is a platform that is used for online trading. They trade in cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETF’s, and even CFD Trading. They also teach members how to trade, read the graphs, and everything else which is needed to do be successful at trading. 

Short History

eToro was created back in 2006 by David Ring, Ronen Assia, and Yoni Assia. The company is based out of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, and they employ over 500 workers. It was first founded in 2007, as RetailFX, the name later in 2013 becoming eToro when they became available to the UK. Their android app was released in 2010, and in 2014 crypto-currencies were added to their trades along with the others, including stocks, CFD’s, and so forth.

In 2018 eToro launched GoodDollar, a non-profit project, the objective of which was to reduce global wealth inequality through UBI with the use of blockchain tech.

Since they were first founded, eToro has continued to grow, expand, and upgrade, landing them with over 13 million registered users in 2020, and now in 2021, they plan to become a public company through a SPAC merger.

Scam or Legit?

EToro is a legitimate platform, with real-time trading, payments, and payouts. It is not a scam, and you will be paid what you earn, however, keep in mind that you can and will most definitely lose some money as you will not always make the right trades. 


EToro has many different types of support, including a help center, FAQ pages, How To pages, and a service center plus help center. One can create and send a ticket, ask for help from the community, browse the trending articles, or send feedback/questions directly to their team. Depending on the support method, support can be offered within 14 days, tickets, taking the longest.

How does eToro work and how do you earn?

EToro is a trading platform, where once sign up, a user can trade with stocks, shares, and so forth, using the different trades they have available, which includes crypto-currencies, commodities, stocks, currencies, ETF’s, Indices, CFD’s and so much more. They offer tips, tutorials, graphs, charts, and so forth, giving you everything you need to study a platform, and then use that knowledge to make trades. If trading is done correctly, you can earn quite a bit, depending on how much you invest. Then once a few small fees have been paid, you can deposit your earnings into your bank account, or put them back into trading. Not sure how to trade? You can also "copy a trader", meaning, you can copy and learn from other traders that are successful and thus have a better chance yourself.

Etoro scam

Any Cost Involved?

EToro itself is completely free to join, with no payments needed; however, there are fees and payments required afterward. These fees and payments include:

  • Fees on commodities
  • Fees on overnight trades
  • Fees on weekend trades
  • Spread fees
  • Withdrawal fees
  • Conversion fees
  • Inactivity fee

User Interface

You do not need to be a tech-guru to use eToro and does not take long to familiarize yourself with the platform. Trades go smoothly and are without glitzes. Obviously, if you have a slow internet speed, you might experience difficulties when trading, always make sure to have a stable connection before trading.   

Etoro reviews

Education Available

Financial market guides – Guides on every aspect related to trading, available on eToro. These guides provide info such as if crypto-currencies are still worth it, and so forth, providing users with more knowledge when they enter a trade.

Podcast – A podcast, with hosts, Naor Meningher and Eytan Weinstein, joined by a star trader, as they discuss anything and everything finance, including analysis, trading, currencies, business management, economics, and so on.

News & Analysis – Daily news feed of everything going in on in the world that can impact the markets.  In addition, an analysis of anything financial, providing you with the information needed to make trading decisions.

Video Tutorials – Video tutorials, of everything there is on eToro, showing you not only how their tools and platform work, but also the ins and outs of trading itself.

Trading School – The eToro trading school is a combination of online classrooms, tutorials, and so forth, where you can learn everything trading, plus you can sign up for a demo account, which will provide you with an account with cash in it (Fake. You cannot withdraw this cash) which you can use to test out strategies, your knowledge, and so on.

Social Trading – Copy-trading strategies from other successful traders, and make use of all of eToro’s social features, as eToro is a social trading platform.

Daily Market Review – Daily updates/reviews on the market, and everything in it, including, but not limited to, wall street, crypto’s, and anything else that can affect the markets.

Etoro reviews

eToro - Pros

More than 2000 assets, including ETFs, commodities, Crypto, Stocks, FX, and indices.

eToro users can connect with, copy and learn from other network members in real-time. 

A rewards program for top traders who have a following of "copiers. 

The platform allows for access to over 15 different crypto-currencies.

Available in over 140 countries worldwide.

EToro is available in many different languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Nederland’s, French, and so much more.


Crypto fees can be a bit high, higher than most other trading platforms.

Minimum deposit of $200.

EToro is limited in some countries. Yes, it is available in quite a few, but it can be limited. In some places, you are limited to only crypto trading, whereas in others, you have access to not only cryptocurrencies but all other currencies as well.

Etoro reviews

Let's Sum This Up...

eToro is my favorite platform when it comes to trading. I am not a "trading guru" and have limited knowledge when it comes to advanced trading tactics. I like that you can copy other successful traders and have a better chance at making profits. Fees can be a bit high compared to other trading platforms, but then again, quality has a price. I've tried other platforms and with some, I had found that it can be quite the mission to withdraw your money, and "terms and conditions" sometimes held my money captive. With eToro, none of this nonsense, you can withdraw your earnings with ease.

Note: It is not that easy to make money with trading unless you are an expert and invest quite a bit of money. Even the pro traders on eToro do not strike it rich overnight or profit from every bet they make. There are obviously a few here and there who hit the "jackpot" but that is indeed just a few.  Unless you are an expert, this should still be considered the same as gambling with your money. DO NOT see this as a means to replace your income if you are not trained in this field. 

Tip: Education is the key to success!  If trading interests you, educate yourself prior to spending. Get the basics down like learning about candlesticks and all the different graphs used, how the markets work, and so forth. eToro offers educational materials that are extremely helpful, in addition, there are mountains of free education available online to help you become smart at it. 

Do You Use eToro or Used it in the Past?

A one-sided opinion is boring, right? Please help me to help others by giving yours, it would be much appreciated and make this post way more fun and educational.

Thank you, you are a star!

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Senuke Review

Welcome to my in-depth review about SEnuke TNG. All the information needed to determine whether the program is legit. With the price being so high, it is understandable that one would like to be 100% sure that there is no risk of paying for a product that might be a scam. Well, you have come to the right place and I know reading is not everyone’s favorite thing to do, however, if you can just stick with me a little longer, we will determine if this is the product for you. Now let us begin...


Who are the Founders?

SEnuke TNG was established by a company with the name IATC Enterprises, which was in turn founded by a person with the name of Joe Russell.

What Does it Cost?

SEnuke TNG Pros has two different plans.

Plan 1 – The single license edition.

$97 per month or you can choose to pay outright; $1377 once off payment or $777 per year. There is also a 7-day trial which costs $1 if you would like to test before purchase.

This Includes:

  • Macro Recorder
  • Captcha Solving
  • Site lists
  • Links Indexer
  • Emails
  • Proxies
  • Content Scraper

And more

Plan 2 – The three license edition.

$147 per month or you can choose to purchase it outright; $1997 once of payment or $1477 yearly subscription. They furthermore offer a 3-day trial for the price of $1.

This Includes:

  • Content Scraper
  • Captcha Solving
  • Proxies
  • Links Indexer
  • Macro Recorder
  • Emails
  • Site lists

And more

Any Up-sales?

There are no up-sales or any additional purchases needed or even offered. What you see and buy is what you get.

Short History

SEnuke TNG Pro is one of many SEnuke products offered by IATC Enterprises. It was created and made available to the public in 2008, 11 years ago. It was designed as an SEO automation tool that basically does your SEO for you. Ever since then they have worked to improve and keep up to date with Google. Now in 2019, it is much more than just SEO automation and there are even multiple versions that have been released over the years.

What About Money Back Guarantee?

SEnuke offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their products except for the $1 trials.

Scam or Not?

SEnuke is most definitely not a scam. For one the product is 11 years old and they still get members to this day and the program is kept up to date with everything including Google. With this in mind, there have been complaints about the way the program works and the consequences of those “actions”.

What About Support?

SEnuke offers a few different types of support; however, their focus is mostly on one. The support ticket system; works by basically file a ticket with your problems and then they will get back to you. As previously stated, there are different ways to get the support needed and all of them work pretty well, but there is room for improvement.

Senuke reviews

SEnuke – Features

SEnuke uses the top ranking factors to boost websites to the top of Google, without you having to do tons of work. It is basically done automatically.

It is basically SEO automated to the finest, with the following tools/features.

Crowd Searcher: Makes it look like thousands of people are searching for your site and keywords.

Built-in Proxies: Over a hundred thousand proxies, which imitate real people all around the world.

Blog Network Module: Syncs your already existing blog so it can be managed from inside SEnuke.

Built-In OCR: Solves almost 50% of all captcha s.

Loop Mode: Create a single campaign, which will run on its own, creating links and so forth.

Super Fast Turbo Wizard: Setup SEO campaigns without having to be a pro.

Step-by-Step Wizard: The 15-minute step for step wizard provides even more than the turbo wizard.

Easy to Use Interface: A platform that is easy to use and understand.

Powerful Macro Recorder: Simulate links from other websites, without having to write any code.

Promotion Strategy Mapper: Pick or create diagrams of how the links of your site are supposed to work.

Smart Link Placement: A “program” that uses your keyword placements within your articles to place links that will appear one hundred percent natural.

Automatic Authority Links: This “program” will help make your article look more credible by placing generated automated authority links within your article. It also helps to link your site with other credible websites.

Senuke reviews

Content Sources: SEnuke TNG is furthermore integrated with The Leading Articles, Article Forge, Article Builder, and Content Matching, giving you access to specific and unique niche content.

Improved Spinning: Access to different spinners, which allows you to pick your content from multiple sources and spin it any way you want.

Advanced SEO Wizard: A wizard that can automatically create SEO tags and titles with the use of data gathered straight from Google.

Streamlined SEO Turbo Wizard: Automates 90% of the original wizard so that everything can be found and done on a single page. It makes creating a campaign much easier and faster.

Loop Mode: Allows you to loop entire campaigns within a few easy steps. You can furthermore recycle the account or have the program create new ones for you.

Article Manager: Use the article manager to directly add, remove or even edit your content. Use the same content again and again without hassles.

There are tons of other features, which will be listed below, however not all will be explained as the list is very long and I do not want to waste your time.

  • Premium Social
  • Wait Project
  • Wait and Retry Feature
  • Features for Rank Domination

The following features are to help with everything related to rank and ranking a website:

  • Built-in Proxies Now With Rotation
  • Indexing & Spider Tool
  • Built-in OCR
  • Crowd Searcher Module
  • 2 Captcha Integration

SEnuke – Pros

Basically everything is automated, leaving very little for you to actually do. Just fill in, make a few decisions and the rest will be done for you.

The Niche research tool is quite impressive and quite useful, which is especially great seeing as niche research can be one of the most daunting tasks in internet marketing.

The online community is quite active, with loads of questions and answers for everyone’s benefit.

Easy to understand and simple to use, making it a great program for those who are new in the industry.


Many people have had success, the problem, however, is that eventually Google spiders will pick up on the links and so forth SEnuke uses and seeing as they are automated and not real people, there is a chance your site can be removed from Google or even banned.

Projects are stuck on the computer they were created on as they cannot be moved to another. Information can be moved however, the projects are stuck.

Similar to the projects, links/URLs cannot be moved either. They stay where they were started.

Instead of just updating their existing products, they tend to release a new one instead, like SEnuke X for instance.

The yearly plan and once-off purchase have a high price. Though you get a lot for the price, it can still be a lot to spend on a singular program, especially since there are other similar programs out there at a lower price.

Looking for SEO Tools? Also, Check Out The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Grammarly Review - Is it Worth It?

Are you looking for a spelling and grammar tool to make writing easy? With today’s review, we are going to look at the ever so popular Grammarly to see if it is worth the buzz. With well over 10 million active users, it is currently the most popular grammar/spelling checker, but just how close does it come to a human proofreader? Let’s find out…


What is Grammarly?

In short, it will analyze your text and check for grammar and spelling errors, give you the correct word/line and suggest better words. The free version covers basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The premium version offers “best writing practice suggestions” stylistic and so forth.

Grammarly reviews

Who will benefit from Using Grammarly?

Anyone who wants their writing to be near perfect. However, if your work is published online, even more reason to get it as perfect as possible. The following people will most definitely benefit the most from using the platform;

  • Bloggers and Website developers
  • Copywriters
  • Content marketers
  • Students
  • Freelance writers
  • Social Media marketers
  • Email Marketers

Grammarly - Main Features

Spell Check – Checks every word in your text for spelling errors and offers the correct version(s).

Grammar and Punctuation – Detects grammar and punctuation errors, fragments, alliteration, and so forth.

Writing Style – Offers suggestions and tips on your writing style.

Plagiarism – Scan your text for plagiarism before you publish.

Explanatory feature - Explains why your mistakes are wrong. Not only does it correct, but you can also greatly improve your writing over time by learning from your mistakes.

Feedback – Email once a week that will give you an update on your writing skills and so forth for the previous week. This includes your spelling and grammar improvements, your productivity, vocabulary, and so forth. It will also highlight your top mistakes and give you tips. Awesome service from Grammarly as these reports keep me motivated and improved my writing over time.

Grammarly reviews

How does it Work?

When the tool finds mistakes, it will underline them in red. You can then choose to correct them or ignore them, simple as that.

You can use Grammarly in multiple ways and on quite a few platforms that include:

Browser extension - This is one of the easiest methods to use Grammarly. Simply add the extension to your browser as you would do any other extension, and it will automatically check your writing when you use it on a variety of web pages. This includes checking your text when you write emails, Google docs, and WordPress to only name a few.

Web –Tool - Simply copy and paste your text directly into the online Grammarly web tool to correct your writing. You also have the option to upload a document from your computer. Alternatively, you can just use the tool as a word processor and type directly on the tool and it will check your text on the go.

Microsoft Word – Use the Grammarly add-in to connect it with Word. Once set up, it will check your writing as you type.

On Your Phone – You can download the app at the Play Store and it is available for Android and iOS. The app will check your writing on text messages and email to name a few. It also has predictive text to speed up typing.

Desktop App – This works pretty much the same way as the online version. Download the app for your system, follow the installation and start using it, as simple as that.

Please Note: You need to be connected to the internet to use Grammarly since it is an online tool.

Grammarly reviews

What does it cost and what do they have to offer?

Free Version

This will provide you with the basics you need and will check for;

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation

Premium Plan

Clarity improvements, style, and additional advanced corrections. You will get:

  • Everything in the free option
  • Tone adjustments
  • Word choice
  • Fluency
  • Inclusive language
  • Clarity-focused sentence rewrites
  • Additional advanced suggestions.


$11.66 a month when you pay annually ($139.95 in total)

$19.98 a month when you pay quarterly

$29.95 a month when you pay monthly.

Business Plan

Intended for teams of 3 to 149 and includes:

  • All the premium features
  • Centralized billing
  • Team usage statistics
  • User management tools
  • Priority email support
  • Company style guide
  • SAML SSO for accounts with 50+ users


$12. 50 per member/month – Billed Annually

You can try the business plan free for 7 days and cancel at any time.

Any Up-Sales?

None whatsoever. You only pay for premium or business and will not be constantly bugged to buy additional software or stuff. You can use the free version for as long as you like.

What about Support?

They have the standard “submit a ticket” based support which is very responsive.

Do they have Tutorials and/or Training?

Yes, they do have tutorials that cover every aspect of using their software/app. It includes everything from adding extensions to browsers to working with Word.

Grammarly reviews

User Interface

The platform is not too complicated overall with a simple interface. Works well on most platforms in general without a struggle. I did found, however, that Firefox and Grammarly seem to be not too much in love with each other. After a Firefox update (which is often), Grammarly stop working on certain platforms like Blogger and one has to disable the add-on for a day or two, to get it working again. Works perfectly on Chrome though without any problems so I suspect Firefox is the culprit.

Overall, their app/software is stable and will not interfere with other programs. 

What about Online Safety?

I am using Grammarly for quite some time now (about 3 years, give or take) and never had any security issues at all. They protect your data by using a combination of physical, technical, and logical security safeguards. Also, Grammarly will not process anything you type in text fields such as password fields or credit card forms. 

Grammarly – Pros

Easy to use.

More comprehensive and accurate than most word processors.

Not sure why your sentence or word is a mistake? Grammarly will give you a short and easy-to-understand lesson to explain.

The free version is not a watered-down version like many other programs, beyond awesome and you can use the free version for as long as you like without being pressured to upgrade.

You can add words to your dictionary that will not be flagged as misspellings.

Get tailored writing suggestions based on your audience and goals.


A bit more expensive than other grammar and spelling checkers.

Might not work well with browsers like Firefox. Not a con per se, but still worth mentioning. Firefox can be difficult in general when it comes to other programs/extensions as well.

Let’s Sum it up with my Honest Opinion…

Now, when it comes to writing English, I am NOT a genius! English is not my first language and in 2011 when I got the idea to start blogging, it was my greatest obstacle. I had to depend greatly on grammar and spelling tools to put my thoughts and experience on the blank post in front of me and proofreaders did not always seem to be the option as they turned lively writing into dull pieces of work. Since I met Grammarly, posting blog posts became less of a hassle grammar and spelling wise and my English improved greatly. They say that it will not replace a human editor and I do not argue, however, I replaced the human editors with Grammarly and got better results. After using almost every grammar tool there is, I can honestly say that Grammarly is the best one.

I have a problem with the words has/have/had/has. Good grieve, as an Afrikaans speaking person; I could never grasp these as they are not always used in the same manner in my language. Other grammar tools will miss if they are used in the wrong manner, Grammarly will catch most of these crucial mistakes.

Other grammar tools will do the obvious and highlight your mistakes, with Grammarly Premium, they teach you, why your mistakes are wrong and how to correct them. I highly recommend using the platform if you are like me and not only want to improve your writing but also learn in the process.

The free version in itself works better than most other tools and word processors. However, if you are a pro blogger or plan to earn an income from your writing like a freelance writer, you should consider the premium version if your finances allow for it.

Do you use Grammarly or used it in the past?

A one-sided opinion is not nice right? Please be so kind and leave yours in the form of a comment to prevent this. It would be much appreciated!

Thank You

HubSpot Review

HubSpot is one of the leading programs out there when it comes to drawing in more clients/leads, but there is a massive question that lingers. Is HubSpot worth it? Well, that is why we are here, to analyze their program and determine whether or not you should take the chance, or just cut your losses and move on. Now since time is so important, let’s not waste it and jump right on in.


What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a company that uses the inbound marketing technique to draw more customers to a specific point and helps companies attract more clients, plus convert leads. Their tools can be used to host sites and landing pages, manage interactions with customers and leads, create email sequences and blogs.

Now that was a mouth full, so let me explain it, first of, inbound marketing. Inbound Marketing is a technique that is used to draw more visitors/customers to services/products, by using marketing strategies such as content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social media marketing, branding, and so on.

Now along with this technique, HubSpot provides tools and such, which is used to create, build, and host websites, landing pages, and so forth, which will help bring in more traffic and generate more leads. As for why all this is necessary? Well, the more traffic, leads, and so on, the more sales you make, and more sales mean more money and more success for your company/business.

Founders and Short History?

Founded in 2006, by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot started as a company that was based on Inbound, the motion to help people, rather than interrupt. The founders had discovered a shift at the time in how people shop, and people tended to ignore salespersons and so forth, so they founded HubSpot. In 2005 they opened their doors, in 2006 HubSpot itself was founded and released, aka In 2010, they wrote and published a book on everything Inbound marketing, and then in 2013, they opened their first international location in Ireland. Over the years they celebrated milestones, such as 15 000 customers, first public offering, and so forth.

What Does It Cost and What do They Have to Offer?

HubSpot is divided into different sections or Hubs as they like to call it. Each Hub has different plans and pricing, as well as tools and features to go with it. I will list each Hub and everything they have to offer.

Marketing Tools 

  • Ad management
  • Conversations inbox
  • Email marketing
  • Forms
  • Landing pages

Sales Tools 

  • Calling
  • Conversational bots
  • Live chat
  • Quotes
  • Team email

Service Tools 

  • Calling
  • Conversations inbox
  • Email scheduling
  • Live chat
  • Ticketing

Free Tools: Completely free.

Hubspot review

Marketing Hub: $50 - $3 200 per month or $45 - $3 200 per month billed annually. ($540 - $38 400 Annually)

Sales Hub: $50 - $1 200 per month or $45 - $1 200 per month billed annually. ($540 - $14 400 Annually)

Service Hub: $50 - $1 200 per month or $45 - $1 200 per month billed annually. ($540 - $14 400 Annually)

CMS Hub: $300+ per month or $270 - $900+ per month billed annually. ($3 240 - $10 800+ Annually)

Growth Suit Bundles: $50 - $4 200+ per month.

Create a Bundle: Create a bundle that contains the Hubs and tools you want and get a custom price.

HubSpot for Start-ups: $40 - $89 per month. Prices may vary, as different discounts are given for businesses with different investments, and so forth.

Courses and Certification: Completely free and online.

Marketing Hub Onboarding: $250 - $8 000.

Sales Hub Onboarding: $250 to $4 000.

Service Hub Onboarding: $250 to $3 000.

CMS Onboarding: $800 to $2 000.

Partner Onboarding: $3 000.

HubSpot for Start-ups Setup: $300

Classroom Training: $500 to $1 000 per seat, or Private training $5 000 per day.

Migration services: $20+ depending on what needs to be migrated, and the amount of content.

Inbound Consulting:

One time project > $1 500

On-Site Training > $5 000 per day, travel expenses not included.

Ongoing Consulting > $400 to $1 600.

Technical Consulting:

One-time Project > $1 500.

On-Site Training > $5 000 per day, travel expenses not included.

Ongoing Consulting > $850 to $1 600.

HubSpot Partner Program: Completely free to apply and join, any of the HubSpot Partner Programs except for the solutions partner program.

Solutions Partner program: Need to purchase any of the Hub plans, which start at $50 and up.

HubSpot products: Prices on products, such as eBooks and more, vary depending on the product.

Hire a Service Provider: Prices vary depending on the service provider, and the service provided.

Other services are provided as well, some free, and some of them at a cost.

Hubspot review

Any Up-Sales?

The quick answer to the question would be no, they do not have up-sales. Everything they sell is specifically listed so that their users know exactly what they get when purchasing a product and what they will not get. They have many different plans, to ensure there is something for everyone without the need to purchase multiple items just to get certain tools. They even have custom bundles where you decide what you want and they give you a quote, so no, HubSpot does not have any up-sales.

With that said, with so many different plans, I suggest researching what you need and what you will get before making a final decision.

What About A Money-Back Guarantee?

HubSpot does not have a money-back guarantee, meaning there is no certain time frame in which you can cancel and receive a full refund; however, they do have free trials and a free version of the program which does not have a limit. They will also refund the unused credits when services with them are canceled.

Scam or Legit?

HubSpot is a legitimate program, with services that work. So no, they are not a scam, and there are many reasons for this statement. The program was founded in 2006, which makes it roughly 14 years old, which in itself gives them legitimacy, but they also have millions of users, are recognized by countless companies, and even Michelle Obama, keynoted INBOUND, so yes, defiantly legit.

What About Support?

HubSpot offers multiple ways of receiving support, including Chatbox, Live Support, customer services, and so much more. They also have phone support, knowledgebase, live community, and more, so that there is always a way of getting help when it is needed. They, furthermore, guarantee a response within 48 – 72 hours.

Do they have Tutorials and/or Training?

Yes, they do. HubSpot has an academy, with free courses and certification, as well as e-books, guides, and so forth, to help and teach people the ins and outs. They have content to help one understand their tools and features as well. The different Hubs come with hub-specific content as well, covering all bases.

Hubspot review

Can I Make Money with HubSpot?

There has been a great success with HubSpot, but also users that have failed. With massive programs like HubSpot, and what they do, there is a lot of aspect to it, and a lot that can affect the outcome. So in short, yes, it is possible to make money with HubSpot, but there goes a lot into making it work for you. You will have to have patience, be willing to do the work, and stick with it. I recommend using the free version first, learning the ins and outs, and seeing if it will work for you, before jumping into making a purchase, that is, to say if the program is for you.

Who is the Platform Intended For?

HubSpot has many different elements to it, with different tools that can be used for a multitude of purposes, but looking at the big picture, HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM, created to assist with aligning sales and marketing teams, boost ROI, foster sales enablement, and optimizing your inbound marketing strategy to generate more qualified leads. In Basic English, HubSpot is a software platform that was created to help businesses market and sell more effectively.

So, to put it in short, HubSpot is intended for businesses, who need help in bettering their marketing, by generating more leads, which will lead to a better market and more sales.

Hubspot review

HubSpot - Pros

HubSpot has a free version, which can be used for life, as it does not have a time limit. They also have a 14-day trial for some of their more advanced products.

HubSpot does have great support, and they can help out pretty quickly, and it is hard to find anything wrong with it.

HubSpot has quite a bit to offer, and with everything divided into different hubs, it makes it easier to get what you want, without having to purchase multiple products.

The HubSpot user interface is easy to use, once you understand how it works.


HubSpot has contracts, which cannot be canceled, so if you discover that you do not like what you signed up for, you will have to finish paying the contract that you signed until it is finished.

Templates can be hard to modify.

Let's Sum It Up...

HubSpot is in my opinion the best platform when it comes to marketing tools. I always try my best to find free or cheap services for my readers because I know that money is tight for beginners. This is one of the platforms that I recommend highly. Good quality tools and services that are not overpriced with a reasonable amount of free tools available for those on a budget. 

Do you use HubSpot or used it in the past?

I hate one-sided opinions so please help me to not make this review one and give your valued opinion as well regarding the platform. It would be much appreciated.

Thank You! 

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