Pi Network Review

With today's review, we are going to have a look at PI Network. Is this the scam to look out for, or a chance to get one's hands on some Pi the easy way, before it becomes a valid cryptocurrency?  I will not go over the technical details as this can be found on their whitepaper and the Q&A, so no need to be repetitive and waste time. 



Invitation Codes

If you do decide to give Pi Network a try, be sure to join under verified users with security circles.

Here are a few valid invite codes, if you are looking for some.





What is PI Network?

Pi Network is a program/app that was created which allows users to mine PI currency. The founders of the program are looking to grow as large a community as possible, verifying PI, and hopefully soon, turn PI into a valid cryptocurrency that could be bought, sold, exchanged, or even used to buy things with; similar to Bitcoin.

Pi network reviews

When was Pi founded and short history?

The network was launched on 14 March 2019 and has since been developed and updated. It started as just a mining app, but quickly started evolving, adding community chats, social media groups, and so on. They recently launched the beta version of their program for computers, along with the possibility to use your computer as a node. The number of users is rising every day, and the founders are constantly updating and being involved with the community.

Scam or Legit?

Pi is currently NOT yet a valid currency, so many will say it is a scam, however, the app is definitely legit.  Pi is basically a gamble for the future. You install and mine now, with the hope that in the future when it does become legitimate, you will have a bunch of Pi that you can exchange for real cash. Plus it does not cost anything, so if by some chance, it does not become valid, you can just uninstall and move on, no worries.

How does Pi Network work and how do you earn?

The app allows you to earn Pi by making contributions to the community. The more you contribute, the more Pi you can earn.

To earn Pi, you will check in every 24 hours and tap on the “lightning button” to start mining. You can boost your mining rate by inviting trusted friends or family to join the community. After 3 days of mining, you can start building your security circle to contribute to the overall security of the network.

Note: Members, who joined up first, will mine at a higher rate than those that came after them. There are also different levels to the program that will allow you to earn at different rates. These levels include:

Pioneer – Those who are new to the network are called pioneers, after a few days or after adding your first referral, this tag will change.

Contributor – Build a security circle of 3 – 5 trusted members. Basically, you will add members who you trust to your circle. Those will be people who verified their phone numbers.

Ambassador – When new members join your earning team by using your invitation code when they sign up. You will earn up to a 25% bonus on your base rate for each person that you invite to the Pi network.

Node – Node is software, which allows you to earn Pi on a PC/Computer.

Pi network reviews


Pi has an email support service as well as a community chat, both of which are used for support or anything related to the network. The community is rather active, and you might want to mute the notifications, to avoid the constant message alerts. They also have a FAQ page where recurring questions are answered.

Is Pi worth anything and can you withdraw it?

Pi at the moment is not worth anything at all, but once the founders of the program exchange it for flat currency, it will become a valid cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. It does have the potential to become valuable, but how valuable is not known at the time. Because it is not yet a valid currency, it cannot be used, withdrawn, or exchanged. This is more of a gather it now so you have it when it becomes valid in the future.

What does Pi Cost?

PI does not cost anything to join and is completely free to partake in. Earning is also completely free, with only a little bit of time and internet needed.

PI is not yet a physical currency, which means it cannot yet be bought or sold. The only way of getting it is by mining it using their app.

User Interface

Pi is not yet on any devices other than mobile. The app in itself is rather easy to use and simple to understand. A few buttons here and there, nothing too complicated.

Pi network reviews

Any Tutorials?

When first installing the Pi app on your mobile, you will be taken through a tutorial, which will show you where everything is on the app and how to use it or what it is for.

Pi Network - Pros

The Pi Network community chat is very active with millions of users that can answer questions, ask questions, and provide info, and so forth.

If Pi currency becomes a valid cryptocurrency, their users will be able to turn the Pi they are earning now into real money.

The Network is completely free to join, with no payments needed, only a bit of time, and internet once every 24 hours.

The Pi app does not use battery life in the background or even data. Just have to power up once every 24 hours, click mine and then forget about it.

Available in a multitude of languages.

Planet-friendly, no electrical waste. 

Questions and answers provided for most topics.

Is pi network a scam


Pi Network’s email isn’t as responsive as it should be. Sent them an email, never got a response, but the community chat helped me out.

Once you enter a phone number, you cannot change it, and in order to verify your account and that it is yours, you will need a working cell phone number.

Pi could flunk and never become a valid currency.

My Opinion

At this point in time, there is a lot of speculation if it is just another clever scam or could have the potential to become real crypto. When Bitcoin first came out, the majority reckoned that it was not legit and would never gain any value. Yes, PI has some trademarks of a scam, but so did many other valid cryptos at their early phases. In all honesty, there is just no way to predict if Pi will become a cryptocurrency and valuable or not this early in the game.   With over 15 million users now, it would make waves if they do end up being a scam, thus, I have a good feeling about this one. 

I've been running the app for a few months now and can honestly say that it does not drain the battery or use an excess of data. Takes a few seconds to turn on mining each day and that is it. If it turns out to be a bust, then I lost nothing and will simply just uninstall the app and move on. If it becomes valuable, it will be the easiest way I ever made money so for me, it is a gamble worth the time.  


Verify your phone number when you join!  I made the mistake of not verifying my number, collected a bunch of PI, and then for some reason, my number did not want to verify. I had to start over from scratch. You can do so under the "settings" tab. 

Is pi network a scam

Do you mine Pi and what are your predictions about the future of it? 

Please be so kind and leave a comment with your opinion, not only will it be interesting, but also help others to make a more informed decision.

Thanks a bunch! 

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Internet Download Manager Review

With this review, I would like to have a go at Internet Download Manager (IDM) to see if the program is worth the space it takes up on the hard drive. I’ve been using the program for what seems like a decade (most likely is) and thus feel qualified enough to give an honest opinion. We will have a look at the pricing, features and I will include my own user experience with the program. Now, let’s get started…




30 Day Trial Available

One-year license for 1 PC – $11.95

Lifetime license for 1 PC – $24.95

One-year license for 2 and more PCs – $9.95 for each PC

Lifetime license for 2 and more PCs – $19.95 for each PC

How Does It Work?

IDM is quite easy to install and manage with the following steps:

Download the program and install it on your computer, then restart.

Once installed, open your browser/s and give permission for IDM to integrate, and then restart your browser/s. You will now be able to download videos/files/audio and so forth. A blue “download” button should appear next to the content which will enable you to choose from the file types available to download.

If you open the program on your computer, you will be presented with a multitude of other options like the Add URL, Resume, Delete, Grabber and Queues. In addition, you will be able to fine-tune your settings, have access to “help files” and manage your registration.

Internet download manager review

What about the Free Trial Version?

IDM offers a 30-day trial to test the program. Most of the main features work in the trial version and you will be able to download directly from a page as soon as the “download” bar appears. After 30-days the program will stop working and you will need to purchase the full version.

How Stable/Safe is the Program?

I have been using IDM for more than 7 years and I can honestly say that the program has never caused any problems on my computer. It uses little CPU power when running in the background and barely uses up RAM. It furthermore, does not interfere with the performance of the browsers.

Please Note! Only download IDM from their own Website to avoid scams or a program that is unstable.

What About Support?

On the IDM website, you can find articles that will explain how the program works. These can also be found when the program is opened on your computer. They moreover, have a “support webform” that you can fill out if you cannot manage to solve a problem by other means. I would say the support is standard and not above average, but then again, never had problems with it, not to the extent where I needed expert help.

Any Upsales or Advertisements?

IDM has no up-sales whatsoever and there are no advertisements linked to the download bar or program.

Internet download manager review

Internet Download Manager – Key Features

Easy downloading with just one click – When you click on the download link in your browser, Internet Download Manager will take over the download and accelerate it. IDM supports FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and MMS protocols.

IDM supports all the popular browsers that include IE, AOL, Netscape, Chrome, Mozilla, UCBrowser, and many others. By using the “Advanced Browser Integration” feature, it can also be integrated into any Internet application to take over a download.

The program is multilingual and can be translated into many languages that include Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Italian, French, Japanese, and Russian, to only name a few.

IDM can accelerate downloads by up to five times. Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically and reuses available connections.

The program has automatic antivirus checks that make downloads free from viruses and Trojans. It can also run a scan when downloads are complete.

IDM has a “download all” feature that enables you to add all downloads that are linked to a current page.

IDM has a quick and easy installation wizard that will make the necessary setting changes for you and ensure a trouble-free installation.

Advanced browser integration, when enabled can be used to catch any download from any application.

Internet download manager review

IDM can connect to the internet at a set time and download files you specified, disconnect with the built-in scheduler, or even shut down your computer when it is done. You can also synchronize changes by using the “periodic synchronization” of files.

Program updates are quick and on a regular basis, normally once a week or so. Always be sure to update the program to have it run smoothly.

IDM will resume an unfinished download from the place where it was left off. The error recovery and resume capability will then restart interrupted or broken downloads that were caused by network problems dropped connections or computer shutdowns.

The program supports a variety of proxy servers, for example, Microsoft ISA and FTP proxy servers, to only name a few.

You have access to “How to” files and questions/answers that will help you to use the program with ease.

You can Drag and Drop links to Internet Download Manager and also drag and drop downloaded files out of IDM.

Internet download manager review


I had a hard time finding anything negative about the program and will only mention points that might be a problem for others.

Besides the web-form and Q&A, there is no other method to solve a problem. Personally, I never encountered a problem, and thus no need for more support.

Firefox does not always integrate well with IDM; sometimes the download option will be available on YouTube but not Facebook. This, however, has nothing to do with IDM, but rather interference when Firefox updates. Usually, once IDM updates, it works fine again. This does not happen often though.

Conclusion Drawn From Own Experience With IDM…

I have been using IDM for more than 7 years (could be way more) and cannot go without it. Definitely, the best download manager that is not only reliable but, beyond reasonably priced.

Videos on Facebook are always the “come and go” type and once your timeline refreshes, it is almost impossible to find them again. In addition, there are not many download managers with the capability to download Facebook videos. With IDM’s download button, above/below each video, it is just a click and you have the video safely in your download folder to watch again later. FB usually has quite a bit of content on the timeline that might include multiple videos. With other downloaders, I found that it will sometimes download the wrong video, with IDM, that is never the case.

Internet download manager review

YouTube is bliss with IDM and one usually has multiple file formats to choose from. I like to listen to “music remixes” and most of them are like an hour to 2 hours long and takes way too long for them to load on a slow connection. I have found that IDM downloads the video faster than the actual load speed on YouTube. A must-have for those who struggle with slow connections.

To sum it up: Internet Download Manager is an impressive tool that allows you to download almost any type of file. I would say that it is under-priced for what it does, taking into consideration that they do not have up-sales or annoying advertisements.

IDM is a trustworthy platform with a product that delivers! Whenever I buy something online, I usually get an eerie feeling that this might be one of those purchases where I am going to be overcharged or end up with a debit that just goes off without permission. (This happens often since I review products on a regular basis) Every time I purchase IDM, the transaction is secure, no over-charging and I get exactly what I paid for. No additional charges on my account.


Just because you can download any type of file, does not mean you should!

A lot of content has copyright and it is considered stealing when you download those without paying for it. There is also common courtesy and please consider that content creators work endless hours to bring you awesome videos and such. Be kind and share/like/recommend their stuff. It is also good manners to ask if you can download their content for personal use before doing so.

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Do you use Internet Download Manager or used it in the past?

Please tell us about your experience with the program as to not make this a one-sided opinion.

Thank You!

Advanced SystemCare Review

Have a sluggish PC that is not performing well and no time to clean it manually? Advanced SystemCare supposedly solves that problem with their all-in-one tool that does the work for you. It comes with all the tools to help you save time and obviously a computer that is well taken care of. Is the hype worth it and is it any good for the well-being of your computer? With this review, we will have a look at the features, pros & cons and also include my own user experience. 
What is Advanced SystemCare?

ASC is an all-in-one program from IObit that cleans, speeds up, and protects your Computer. It has a 1-click approach that will clean up invalid shortcuts, junk files, remove spyware threats, manage startup items, sweep privacy traces, fix system weakness and accelerate internet speed to only name a few. Most people will manage these themselves by using the tools that come with Windows, but this is time-consuming and one will most likely miss something. ASC basically does all of these tasks with only a few clicks.

How Does It Work?

Download the setup file from the official IObit website and Install it on your computer. The Startup Manager and Tubo boost will stop all the unnecessary apps, services, and startup items to accelerate your PC. The performance monitor will monitor CPU, RAM, and Disk usage as well as the CPU and mainboard temps. A scan will check for broken registry entries, temporary files, unnecessary startup processes, and broken shortcuts, to only name a few. Other options that can be included in a scan are system optimization and registry defrag (Not for those with an SSD).

Iobit advanced systemcare reviews


Advanced SystemCare Pro – $19.99 annually for 3 PCs.

Advanced SystemCare Free – Free but without some of the features.

Money-Back Guarantee?

The program has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What About the Free Version?

Advanced SystemCare’s free option includes all the basics like optimization, scans performance monitor, and start-up Manager. In my opinion, it can be listed as one of the top free programs when it comes to PC maintenance. I’ve been using Pro, Ultimate, and the free version and can honestly say that the free version is just as good with the only difference been added features in the paid versions.

How Stable/Safe is the Program?

I have been using Advanced SystemCare on my computers for about 10+ years on Windows 7, 8, and 10, and never had major issues with it. A lot depends on the machine you are running obviously, the latest version of ASC on a Pentium 4 with windows 7, will most likely cause a bit of drag. New updates on programs are designed for bigger machines rather than old age ones. An i5/i7/i9 or Razen with enough RAM will hardly notice the program while it does its thing in the background. I also found that it does not interfere with antivirus programs like Avast, but that it does not like others like Malwarebytes much.

What About Support?

The tech support is available 24 hours a day and you do not have to pay additional for a diagnosis. They also have feedback forms that you can use for queries or suggestions. There is an FAQ section as well that will give you access to questions/queries that have been answered. The website also has a forum section, but I found it not to be busy at all. Overall, their support is great with many options to choose from.

Any Upsales or Advertisements?

When installing Advanced SystemCare, you will be asked if you want to install the Opera web browser, but you do not have to and can simply dismiss. In addition, you will be asked if you want to sign up for the newsletter and again, you are not required if you don’t want to. The newsletter is helpful tho with regular giveaways and so forth. The software itself has a small advertisement on the free version but one hardly notices it and it does not come in the way when running a scan.

Advanced SystemCare User Interface

An easy-to-use interface that looks beyond awesome; definitely not “dull looking” like many other programs with its modern tech look. The interface is multi-tabbed and leads to neatly divided sections like the Toolbox, Care, Settings, and Speedup section. Navigation is easy with categories neatly divided in one place.

Advanced systemcare review

Advanced SystemCare – Pros

Easy to install with a clean user interface that is easy to use and navigate.

Protects your digital fingerprints and personal data.

Faster Internet Speed with optimized browser settings to speed up the internet connection.

Regular updates are easy to install.

Advanced SystemCare clearly marks the options on the free version that is only available for pro users. Some other free programs can be sneaky with those and get you to click on those only to be re-directed to a sales popup that urges you to upgrade.

Technical support that is available 24/7

Single scan to detect all issues.

Settings enable you to configure all the actions.


You will most likely need other IObit programs like the uninstaller and driver booster to fully get what you need. It would have been nicer if they merged it completely with a higher price tag.

Advanced SystemCare and Malwarebytes DO NOT mingle well at all. (With my personal experience). Have to uninstall Malwarebytes before installing Advanced SystemCare. This, however, might rather count as a con on the Malwarebytes side.

Conclusion Drawn From Own Experience With Advanced SystemCare

I have been using the program forever and it is usually the first thing I install after a format or new hard-drive/PC. The program works well in the background without being a nuisance with constant popup windows that asks you to verify or confirm something. Best of all, it does not interfere with my Avast security and it seems like the two get along great.

I am not the type that has the time or patience to go and perform cleaning tasks manually and my frustration will reach the top peak if a problem persists while I am trying to work. I can honestly say that I solved many problems in the past by just running a full scan with Advanced SystemCare.

When it comes to the additional programs from IOBit… Yeah, a bit frustrating to have them separately instead of merged with the main one, however, Driver Booster and Uninstaller are also great and I use them on a regular basis without problems.

If you have an old machine, the latest version will definitely cause it to drag a bit and you might want to disable some of the features via the settings. Razen and the i3/i7/i9 computers will have no problem running it smoothly.

To sum it up, the Free and Pro version has everything that is required for better PC performance. The free version alone will keep your PC in a “healthy” condition.

Keep in mind that it is only Advanced SystemCare Ultimate that has the built-in antivirus! With the free version or Pro, you will still need added protection.

Advanced System Care – Key Features

ASC Pro has a multitude of features and it will clutter this post completely if I have to name each one. I will, therefore, list the important ones that are mostly used.

PC Care – Optimize and Clean

Basic cleaning and optimization include; startup optimization, junk file clean, shortcut fix, registry defrag, and disk optimization, to only name a few.

Speed Up

This will boost speed for a much quicker startup and response time with Turbo Boost that will stop unnecessary programs. In addition, there is also the option to deep optimize and a Toolbar/App cleaner that will help you get rid of plugins/toolbars that are not necessary.


  • Basic Protection for detecting and removing infections and spyware.
  • Block malicious links and senders in emails.
  • Surfing Protection and Ad removal.
  • Capture intruders with FaceID
  • Digital fingerprint that will keep your online behavior private.
  • Detect and block security holes.

Please Note: If you want full virus protection, it would be better to purchase IObit Malware fighter or Advanced System Care Ultimate instead.

Advanced systemcare review


Too many handy tools to mention everything but here are a few important ones (at least for me) that are very useful.

  • Startup Manager
  • Internet Booster (Pro)
  • Smart Ram (Pro)
  • System Information
  • Win Fix (Pro)
  • Context Menu Manager
  • Disk Doctor
  • System Control
  • Undelete
  • DNS Protector
  • File Shredder
  • Shortcut Fixer
  • Process Manager
  • Registry Clean (Pro)
  • Software Updater

Multiple Language Support

The standard version supports well over 20 languages that include Japanese, Korean, German, and so forth.

Performance Monitor

This will monitor the key factors that affect your PC performance in real-time. It provides you with some quick-launch options to enhance PC performance.


Here you can tweak the program to perform the way you want it to by disabling some functions like switching on/off the performance monitor, how you want the program to respond during startup, and so forth. There is literally a setting for everything so you can set up the program according to your own needs.

Advanced systemcare reviews

Other Software Options from IObit

IObit has other software programs that tend to work together with Advanced SystemCare. It is not a must to get them but, recommended if you are looking for something specific and want “more” in that category. The programs are:

Iobit Uninstaller – Uninstall unnecessary programs to free up more space. A great program that I use A LOT. Removes programs properly by doing a deep scan to remove all the tiny bits that usually gets left behind with the normal uninstall process.

Driver Booster – Updates drivers. 3, 500,00+ drivers that include rare, outdated, and faulty ones. I personally use the program to update my drivers on a weekly basis.

Iobit Malware Fighter – Full version that protects against all kinds of malware and prevents ransomware attacks. Compatible with other security software.

Smart Defrag – Optimize games for a better gaming experience. Maximum hard drive performance and higher file access speed.

Visit IObit

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PhotoScape - Free Photo Editor 

Do you use Advanced SystemCare or used it in the Past?

Please tell us about your experience and help others make a more informed decision.

Thank You!

PhotoScape Review - Free Photo Editing Software

With today’s review, we are going to have a look at PhotoScape, a free photo editing program. Let’s highlight the pros and cons to see if this is just a waste of space on the hard drive or worth having. I have been using PhotoScape for more than 8 years and thus feel qualified enough to review the program.



What is PhotoScape?

It is a free all-in-one photo editing program that was created to edit photos taken from smartphones and digital cameras. However, the programs go beyond photo editing and do much more than just the basic tools. Apart from the editor, there is an image viewer, Gif Animation, screen capture tool, batch editing function, and effects and filters that can be applied, to only name a few.

Photoscape review


The program is free. Donations can be given.

Devices Supported and System Requirements


Vista/7/8/10 and Mac

System Requirements for Windows

Memory – 512 MB or higher

Processor: P4 or Higher

Hard Disk Space: 500 MB

Requirements for Mac OS

Operating Systems: OSX 10.10 or Later

Hard Disk Space: 500 MB

Memory (RAM): 1 GB

Language Support

The program has two default languages, English and Korean. More language packages can be obtained via the downloadable modules.

How Stable/Safe is the Program?

I have been using PhotoScape for what seems forever for photo-editing and never had any problem with the program causing interference with my computer and other programs. I used it with Windows 7, 8, and 10, and not once did it become unstable or crash. Unlike many other programs that require constant updates to be able to work with the newer versions of windows, you can install an older version and it will still work fine.

PhotoScape User Interface

When you open the program, you are greeted by a circular menu system that has access to all of the tools. You also have an option in the settings to go for a more traditional grid look. The interface is straightforward and easy to navigate with tabs that are clearly marked. It does not take a mega brain to figure out it works, if you can read, you can navigate the program. With new photo editing software, it usually takes time to learn because functions and tools are marked with icons, thus, one has to learn what each icon does. PhotoScape has tabs that are marked, making it easy to get an editing job done within no time.

Photoscape review

Any Upsales or Advertisements?

No advertisements whatsoever and you will never be bugged to upgrade.

PhotoScape – Pros

An impressive tool that is easy to navigate and work with.

PhotoScampe works fine on older computers, no need to have a “mean machine” in order to run the program.

Free program with awesome functionality and editing features.

No need to download third-party applications and the program supports various file types.

It is perfect for beginners and easy to navigate, yet powerful enough to do some great editing.

Have a RAW image editor.


I had found that images will lose some quality when they are re-sized drastically. Not a lot, but noticeable.

Photoscape review

Conclusion Drawn From Own Experience…

I have been using PhotoScape for many years, to edit the images for my websites, social platforms, and for personal use. It is certainly no Photoshop master but does quite a bit for a free program if one compares it to other free options. The interface is easy, clearly marked, and does not take long to get accustomed to, making it the perfect program for me to do a quick fix when in a hurry to get a blog post out. The editing features do not disappoint.

I did find that if I run the program for too long (6 hours+), doing editing on big file formats, that it will become a bit sluggish. However, it takes like seconds to restart it and continue where I left off, not really an issue for me.

To sum it up, this program has the ability to make any dull-looking photo look like it was taken with an awesome camera. In addition, with the clone stamp and effects toolkit, one can transform any image into a masterpiece once one is familiar with it.

PhotoScape – Key Features


The viewer is for browsing images on your computer and then views them as a slideshow. You can adjust the size of the image and drag the picture into the editor tab for editing.


The editing toolkit has a variety of useful tools like resizing, color and brightness adjustment, backlight correction, adding features, red-eye removal, paintbrush, effect brush, and clone stamp to only mention a few. With the “Undo” function, you will be able to revert back to the previous task or you can use the “undo all” if you need to start from scratch. Even though the editor is aimed at novice users, it is still powerful enough to do an awesome editing job that will make you look like a pro. All the tools are clearly marked and self-explanatory.

Batch Editor

This will allow you to edit multiple photos at once. You set the conversion parameters like how to increase the contrast, brightness, or size and press one button to change multiple pictures at once.


Attach multiple photos horizontally or vertically to create a final photo.

Animated GIF

Use multiple photos to create an animated photo by using AniGif. Set your parameters like the transition between frames, frame interval, and so forth.


Create one photo by merging multiple photos on the page frame. PhotoScape has a wide variety of templates available for this, making it easy to create your own collage. You have the option to change the background, the spacing between images, and round corners, to only name a few.


Cut your photo into several pieces.

Photoscape review


Change the aspect ratio of your image or simply cut out unnecessary background.

Raw Converter

Convert RAW images to JPG.

Screen Capture

Capture a screenshot and save it on your computer. The captured image will also be placed in the editor.

Face Search

Find similar faces on the internet.

Text Tool

The tool offers a huge variety of fonts, coloring adjusting transparency, thickness, italic, adding effects and shadows, and so forth.

Effects Tool

A number of filters that you can overlay on your image, like noise, jitter, embossing reflection, vignette effects, and so forth.


If you double-click an image, you will switch to full-screen-mode, to exit, just press the Esc key. The full-screen mode is more detailed and it is easier to pick up small flaws in a photo.


Allows you to print passport photos, portraits, and CDV’s. The main advantage is the ability to print pictures on one sheet in the form of a preview. You can also install a virtual PDP printer and save your sheet to PDF.

Do you use PhotoScape or used it in the past?

Please be so kind as to tell us about your experience with the program.

Thank You!

LifePoints Review - 2021

With this review, we will discuss and overview everything related to the rewards program LifePoints, including the pricing and rewards they have to offer. With such a huge amount of rewards programs available, it can be complicated to find one that is not only effective in all ways but also one that suits your lifestyle. I mean, rewards programs should be a little something on the side, not your entire life. So as to not take any more of your time than necessary, let us begin with the review.



What is LifePoints?

LifePoints is a rewards program, where one fills in surveys and so forth in order to gain life-points which can then be exchanged for rewards such as gift cards or even cash.

Who are the Founders?

Life Points was co-founded back in 1946 by Frank Chen, Ethan Foy, and Jayden Irwin. Ethan Foy is the current CEO of the program, and not much about the two other co-founders have been revealed since the program was first established.

What Does It Cost?

It is completely free to join the Life Points community and program, as it is a free rewards program. There are no costs in joining, however, there are certain tasks and so forth inside the program that may charge you, but you can choose to not complete these.

Any Upsales?

There are no up-sales of any kind, especially considering that the program is totally free. The only costs you might encounter are when you have to pay for a task, but it is optional never the less.

Lifepoints legit

A Short History

In 1946 the National Family Opinion was founded and they conducted their first-ever research study. Since then the program has been updated, changed, developed, and so forth, turning it into a community of people who conduct research studies, aka surveys and in turn, get rewarded with life points which can be exchanged for rewards such as gift cards, or even cash with the use of Paypal.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Since the program is entirely free, a money-back guarantee is not necessary since payments will not have to be made.

Scam or Legit?

Even though there might be people who believe so, LifePoints is not a scam. Yes, it can be hard to gather the points, and yes, it can take a bit of time to gather enough points, but never the less, the points can be gathered and exchanged for rewards. Now, as for the rewards, gift cards to stores such as Amazon, or exchange them for real cash. The moral of the story, it isn’t a scam.

What About Support?

LifePoints has an email support service, and that is about it for the support. They do, on the other hand, have a community where one can ask for help, should it be needed.

What kinds of tasks does one have to complete?

Life Points is survey-based, with no other ways to earn points. It is literally fill-in surveys and that is it. Apart from surveys they also have “polls” or quizzes on the site to keep busy with. Please do note though, that no rewards will be earned for polls or quizzes, they are just for entertainment.

Lifepoints legit

What kind of rewards do they offer and how does one get paid?

Life Points does not have that big a range of rewards to choose from. Rewards only come in the form of gift cards to major stores such as Amazon, or exchange via Paypal. There is furthermore, the option to donate all rewards to a charity, which is awesome.

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LifePoints – Pros

Most rewards programs are limited to certain countries, but not LifePoints. It is available in most places.

LifePoint’s user interface is easy to understand, and simple to use. No Confusions.

Surveys reward quite a few points. Actually, their surveys are among the highest “paying” ones.

The sweepstakes offer great rewards for those who win it.


Yes, surveys can pay a bit more, but that is when you get one. Survey access can be a rare occurrence, especially in certain countries.

They have a very high disqualification rate, meaning that even if you do get a survey, the chances you will be disqualified are high.

You actually need quite a bit of points before you can exchange it for cash or gift cards. To be quite honest, you need at least 10 000 points to get just $5, which is absurd, as it can be quite hard to earn the points in the first place, especially in some countries.

Bottom Line…

It will take some time to earn a decent amount with the program. I guess some countries will have better luck than others and obviously, it will depend on how you fill out your profile. Personally, I lost patience with it as it seems that surveys are scares and just not worth the effort to log in each day just to be disqualified for a survey anyhow. On the bright side, the program is not a scam and I would recommend combining it with other programs like Swagbucks if you want to earn a decent amount. I think it is worth it to support LifePoints since one can donate earnings towards a good cause.

Remember, this type of reward program is not a way to earn a full-time income but rather a means to supplement your current income. In addition, your location, profile, age, and sometimes gender will determine how much you can earn with a rewards program. Not everyone will get the same amount of surveys or earn the same amount of rewards.

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