Amazon Mechanical Turk - Scam Review

MTurk is an online market place for finding work. This site provide more human Intelligence based jobs and tasks meaning basically anyone with a little bit of online experience can make a quick few bucks for work done. They have thousands of hits available from good rates to low payment. Most of the tasks on MTurk are simple and quick to do like for instance write an article for $2.50 or write a product review for $1.50.

MTurk sadly isn't for big earners for the payouts are genuinely small, but you will be able to perform quite a few tasks in an hour earning some bucks, and again if you take this site on with an open mind and a bit of thinking prior to acting you'll be able to do well enough to succeed and get payments.

On MTurk it’s a big advance if you will be able to write worth full content fast, implying that if you are able to start writing a small reasonable and readable article on any give topic in a short amount of time, then you will do well at Mechanical Turk. When I was working on this site I had found that the “ask require tests” seem to unlock quite a lot of tasks that had paid up well, leaving me with more than just the $0.10 tasks. What I like about Mechanical Turk is the fact that you get paid when you prefer to. Funds will be ETF into your account or you will be able to spend them on Amazon.

Okay so let’s bring forth the scam issue. Again MTurk is not a scam the site is merely providing a service, and I have to add a good one. Unfortunately anyone can request work, and yup the scammer's did not miss MTurk, but if you avoid them and be cautious, you'll be able to make money. Let me give you a hint; you may well see a person that offers you a ridicules sum of money simply to fill out a credit report, they will likely decline your work and use the personalized information that you had entered into the credit report against you. Apply common sense, for no company in their right mind will offer you so much for a simple task only worthy for more or less a dollar, they'll lose heaps of money. Amazon unfortunately like most of the other freelance sites don’t have a police patrol to keep out the scammer's so be intelligent and not greedy, and if for instance you do fall into these traps, make sure to write a bad review on the “employer” and not against MTurk, in this way you can actually help to eliminate the scams and improve the site.

MTurk had helped me a great deal in the past to earn a couple of bucks here and there, and sadly I had even fallen for a scam or two, but nonetheless when you need a quick $12.00 for a domain name or whatever reason, this site along with Elance had helped me in the past to pay for my success online without digging into my own finances, and quality education in addition to the right support have a cost to it. Why not start simple and work from the bottom up, at least when you fall down you'll know which stairway to avoid in the future.

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  1. hi....i was working in amazon(mtruk).i made around $1000 they paid one time but the next time when i requested for 2nd payment and i had balance of $240 then they suspended my account they didnt pay any amount ,my account approval rate was 98% .they took all the money ..they are thief ...dnt trust them any time they can suspend your account without any reason .my amazon worker id-A2LG0SJYIUIRNC..I lost total 400+240=640$


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