ClickMeter - Review (Closed)

Update: As of May 2021, this review is closed and will not be updated!  

Too little interest in the program as it has run its course over time. 

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Nowadays I simply can’t imagine how any net marketer could survive without a link tracking system, heck they can even take away my keyword tools and WordPress plug in's but seriously promoting a product in the “dark” to me is like running a marathon with a blind fault. I recommend Clickmeter for link tracking for they're affordable and yes my favorite kind with a free alternative for those that are not convinced.

ClickMeter is a professional link tracking service that you can basically use to track everything that works on a link base like your web pages, email, Facebook, and even sales pages. The program adds to record visitor clicks from and within a website, providing real-time status, the IP, referring URL, and unique clicks. ClickMeter also assists to prevent click fraud because it recognizes when clicks are from crawlers. Personally, I like the fact that I could safely apply the links on my own websites and sales pages without concern about broken links or endless ugly URLs showing up in the address bar, which makes up a good alternative for newbies or marketers with little link constructing experience.

I prefer to use Market Samurai to track links on my site and sales pages that have already turned out to work for me, merely because it's more convenient for me and everything is in one place, but I use ClickMeter just about every day for little tasks like testing a campaign, a link, or if I just need to track a link that I had created for a project outside from marketing. Before I had switched to Market Samurai I had to use ClickMeter full-time for all my tracking and had never encountered any problems using them. The Pro version is complete with everything you need to track all of your links and get access to detailed statistics. There are a variety of ideas, tutorials, and tools for marketers. I like the resources that are related to click marketing and the different ways to use click meter when running a campaign.


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Very good, I think I found the knowledge I needed.

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I thought Chris was very convincing.

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