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Updated: 22 August 2018

DreamHost is a web hosting provider and domain name registrar that is based out of the great city of Los Angeles. The company was founded in 1996 and is relied on to power 1.5 million websites. They have been a hosting company for almost 20 years, giving them a lot of experience. DreamHost will help you to create the website that you have always dreamed of. They have a community and support to help you to create your website faster and easier. They have even received the PCMag’s ‘Best Web Hosting Service’ award, not once, but two times in a row. So lets review so you can decide if this product, and which product is for you.

Dream host review

What about the cost?

DreamHost has different products with different prices, which can be anywhere between $2.00/month and $120.00/month. Detailed prices are discussed in the detailed overview below.

Detailed Overview

DreamHost offers different hosting programs and other choices, I will sum each one up in a short manner to save you time.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting has limitations which can be expected seeing that is the most affordable option. Web hosting is made possible by a computer, which is revered to as a server, that allows websites to be published online. The members of Shared Hosting share the server’s resources with other members. Shared Hosting is perfect for those with blogs, personal or business sites, portfolios and database-driven sites. The cost of hosting is reduced simply by the fact that you share a server with others. Please note that you share a server, not your personal information.

dreamhost review

It is possible that your site might run slower as a result, when another website that uses the same server as you get plenty of traffic. However, DreamHost places a large amount of time and effort into making sure that websites that are on the same server, never disrupt each other. 

Cost:  Anywhere from $2.59/month to $7.95/month depending on which package you choose.

WordPress Hosting

When starting to build a website, the first thing you need to do is to select a platform that is best suited for your site. This is not as easy as it sounds, seeing that there are thousands of options to choose from. So we all know perfect does not exist on the internet, but I would say WordPress comes really close to it. WordPress is an easy product to get started with and the benefits are plentiful. WordPress is a Content Managing System that helps you to build and manage your website. You can build anything from business sites to e-commerce stores using WordPress Hosting.

Cost: From $2.59 to $16.95 per month depending on which package you select. 

dreamhost review
VPS hosting

Virtual private server (VPS) also known as virtual server is a hosting solution seeing as their server resources are secluded for individuals. The members of VPS have a more constant performance, making for faster and more responsive websites. You can also have an unlimited amount of domain names.

dreamhost review

VPS hosting only uses Linux, not Windows or any other operating systems. The Managed Virtual Servers do not have root access, but those who need full control can use the cloud servers, they do have root level access.

Cost: Anything between $13.75 and $110.00 per month depending on which package you choose.

Dedicated Hosting

A server that only has your files on it is called a dedicated server. This option gives you root access, which can be pretty useful when you want to modify your server to fit specific needs. Note, If errors are to occur due to customization of the server, DreamHost support will not be able to assist. Your MySQL server is on the same server, which is another benefit, because it allows for faster access. Dedicated servers are perfect for those with huge websites or for apps that use a lot of resources. 

Cost: Contact for pricing.

dreamhost review

Cloud Hosting

Two different cloud hosting products are offered by DreamHost. They are as follows.

 Object Storage:  This is an affordable cloud storage service. You can use Object Storage to host static data for your websites, you can store backups or you can invent the next big thing. DreamObjects can be accessed in your panel by using the built-in interface, programmatically via standard APIs or with the growing library of applications. Amazon S3 API and DreamObjects are compatible. 

dreamhost review

Cloud Computing:  As a highly scalable computing service. DreamCompute was built to power the following.

  • Big data
  • Web and Mobile applications
  • Testing and development environments
  • Digital media and e-commerce websites

The DreamCompute’s dashboard that was built off OpenStack’s Horizon can be used to manage the above mentioned instances.


Website Builder 

  • Easy Click-to-Edit Website Builder:  Personalize your site by adding different page sections like image galleries, location maps, contact forms, menus and so much more.

  • Gorgeous Customizable Themes:  Get started by choosing one of the professionally crafted themes from their library and then you can bring your website to life by modifying the mobile optimized theme so it can fit into your personal brand.

  • Stunning Filters and Image Editing:  The days where you cannot filter an image are gone. Use the filters and image editing tools to bring your images to life. You can crop and save, rotate, scale to make your images look stunning.

  • Customized Colors and Fonts:  Highlight your text or backgrounds with custom colors, then choose your favorite font from the broad selection of fonts, so everything can match how you imagined it. 

Cost: Between $4.95 and $7.95 a month depending on which package you select.


Domain name

A domain name is more then often the most important part of your brand, because you can use it to direct people to your sites, social page, e-commerce store or even blog. Your sites can get a professional look, your brand can get strengthened and visitors can find you easier on the web. DreamHost domain names not that pricey, especially for "renewals". Many domain companies, sell the domains for cheap but, the renewal can cost a fortune, not the case with DreamHost.  

dreamhost review 2018


  • There is 24/7 support.
  • There is a 97 day money back guarantee for the Shared Hosting products.
  • You get a day’s service credit for every hour that their services are interrupted.
  • The DreamHost page loading times are not too bad in general.
  • It takes a lot of electricity to run servers, never mind being a web host. That is why it is great to know that DreamHost has been a carbon neutral company ever since 2007 after they started purchasing carbon offsets. They have neutralized 29,298.1 tons of greenhouse gasses in a time span of 10 years.

dreamhost go green

  • It is a one click installer for WordPress and other apps/CMSs.


  • There is no cPannel. For some it will be a downside, others simply don't mind.  DreamHost created their personal control panel to produce a streamlined version for the non-techies, but for those that are accustomed to working with cPannel or Plesk, will most likely not like this.
  • Their WP Platform does not support HTML sites, so those who have sites that are composed of both will need 2 hosting plans.

Bottom line...

Like always, I recommend caution when you start with a company you have not used in the past. Start with one website, and test the service yourself before you go big scale. If all fails, it is easier to move one site than it is to move 10. I personally cannot find much flaws with their hosting and domain service, support is good, website builder not too bad and the Price is worth it. 

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dreamhost rating 4/5

Have you used DreamHost in the past or present?   

Please be so kind to leave a comment and tell us about your experience. Always nice if a opinion is not one sided and shared by many, it will help others to make the right decision and save time and money. Thanks! 



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  2. I've read so many good reviews about Dreamhost but I haven't tried it yet. I've used many other services and I had the best experience with Namecheap. I like Namecheap becasue of its great customer support. After reading your review, I think it worth it to give Dreamhost a shot and test the performance. Thanks.


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