GetResponse Review - 2022

With this review, we will have a look at GetResponse, one of the most popular email marketing platforms around. Use to be mainly an Auto-Responder service; however, they are now better known as an all-in-one marketing service provider. Their email marketing service was always good but how do the other services stack up and is it worth spending money on? Let’s find out... 

GetResponse – Quick Overview


What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is mainly an email marketing service provider, which provides tools necessary for creating emails, email lists/campaigns, and so forth. The best way to describe it is; that it is a hyped-up auto-responder with a bunch of extra marketing tools. They offer a lot more than most of the other Auto-responder service providers and that includes:

  • Email marketing service (Auto-responder)
  • Landing pages
  • Marketing Automation
  • Webinars
  • Conversion Funnel
  • Tools to manage and run paid ads

Founder and Short History

GetResponse was founded in 1998 by Simon Grabowski. He needed a way to set up an email list and send drip content at preset times. So with $200 he created GetResponse. As time went on the program grew, it was updated to keep with the times, tools were added, and so forth, rising against its competition, becoming more popular, and giving it a better success rate.

What Does It Cost?

GetResponse does have a trial version that is free, and the following plans.


Monthly - $19 to $539 per month depending on the list size.

Yearly - $15.58 to $441.98 per month depending on the size of the list.

24 Month (2 Years) - $13.30 to $377.30 per month depending on list size.


Monthly - $59 to $599 per month depending on list size.

Yearly - $48.38 to $491.18 per month depending on the size of the list.

24 Month (2 Years) - $41.30 to $419.30 per month depending on the size of the list.


Monthly - $119 to $699 per month depending on list size.

Yearly - $97.58 to $573.18 per month depending on the size of the list.

24 Month (2 Years) - $83.30 to $489.30 per month depending on the size of the list.

Custom pricing for the MAX plans.

Any Up-Sales?

GetResponse does not have any up-sales in itself. The plans are the only thing that you have to pay for, after joining the program. They have different kinds of plans including a custom one.

GetResponse does however have a marketing toolkit, that has to be paid for separately as it is 3rd party service/program, but it is not a must-have. For premium members, there will be discounts.

What About A Money-Back Guarantee?

GetResponse does not have a money-back guarantee. They do however have a free trial, that one can make use of, to test the program, before deciding to pay and join. The trial is for any of the plans, except the custom one, and lasts a total of 30 days. There is also the free for life free plan.

Is The Program Legit?

GetResponse is definitely a legitimate program, as not only have they been around for years, and offer great tools that actually work, but they also have lots of clients, that are successful with the program.

User Interface

The platform itself is easy to navigate with a “neat” appearance as everything is sorted in easy to reach tabs. What I like most is the “quick actions” section that will list your most performed tasks. You have the option to manage your dashboard by adding or removing widgets to custom it to your need.

Email marketing – Drag and drop that allows for a wide variety of email types. User friendly and does not take long to get accustomed to. Templates are easy to use and editing is a breeze. List management is relatively easy to manage once you get used to it. A good variety of templates available for forms (Opt-out, Opt-In, and Registration) that are easy to edit and manage.

Over-all, the email marketing service is easy to use and get accustomed to. As for the other marketing tools, it does take a bit of learning before one can navigate and use these tools successfully, as with most programs. I had found the landing page tool to be a bit on the glitchy side. 

Getresponse review

What About Technical Support?

GetResponse offers good support, which includes an online chatbox, filled with tons of people, a lot of them are professional and know what they are doing. This allows one to ask questions, and get accurate answers within minutes. There are also other forms of support, which include GetResponse employees offering to help. All in all, reasonable support.

What About Tutorials?

They have plenty of helpful articles available on each tool/section. Anything from setting up your email marketing campaign to managing your list and marketing automation. In addition, they also have the “GetResponse academy” that will teach you how to build a list. (Actually very good and on point).

Getresponse review

GetResponse - Pros

GetResponse has a 30-day free trial, which gives you access to all of their tools, without having to give up any payment details. 

When paying upfront for the 1 or 2-year plan, one receives a significant discount. 

GetResponse has integrated CRM. 

They have a great array of features/tools to be used, including some very impressive ones, such as marketing automation.

The tools/features are mostly easy to understand and figure out. 

GetResponse offers a multitude of great-looking and functional templates, as well as blank ones that can be designed any way you want. 

Getresponse review


GetResponse does not have a money-back guarantee/refund policy, at all. Once you pay, you aren’t getting it back! 

Not easy to cancel a subscription. 

The platform can sometimes have glitches, especially when I tried to create a landing page.

Hard to get your list excepted if you import it from another service provider.

My Personal Opinion... 

I use to be a huge fan of GetResponse and I still prefer some of their functions above other email marketing services. HOWEVER, I sadly do not recommend them anymore for these specific reasons: 

They have dubious terms that are just flat-out confusing! 

Their compliance team works hard to ensure that the lists and emails are “high-quality to keep the relevance score high. This is understandable because one would not want emails to be flagged as spam. BUT, maybe they work a little too hard on this, or they can at least tackle this issue in a different way. Allow me to explain. Unless you have an awesome database, your list can be up in smoke quickly and there is no way to get it back. Basically, they do not tolerate a “bad list”.  Obviously, no one wants a “bad list” but this is not the platform then for newbies or those who are not experts at email marketing. I feel that they should give members ample time to export their list(s), before closing it down. 

Want to export your list from another provider to GetResponse? Well yeah, may the odds be forever in your favor, it is not going to be easy. In addition, you can spend a long time building your list, and poof, just like that your account is closed and that list is gone. 

To sum it up; do not pick GetResponse as an email marketing service provider unless you are 100% sure that your database is good. If you violate the terms, your account will be closed down fast and you will have no means to export your contacts. If indeed you use them, export your list often as a means of backup, just in case. 

Final Verdict: Not recommended for novice email marketers.

GetResponse – Main Features

Email Marketing

Create and send amazing emails with tools like:

Email Creator - Drag and drop editor, along with templates to give you everything you need to design amazing emails.

Auto-Responder - Set specific dates and times for already created emails to be sent on.

Email Analytics – Keep an eye on everything, from the number of emails sent and opened, to unsubscribe, and so forth.

Transactional Emails – Deliver emails with orders, receipts, and so forth, to customers.

List Management – Create multiple lists, and sort your contacts into groups, for more efficient marketing. 

Getresponse reviews

Conversion Funnel

Sales Funnel – Funnels dedicated to selling services and products.

Lead Magnet Funnel – Funnels for using lead magnets to grow your list.

List Building Funnel – Nurture lists and get more signups.

Webinar Funnel – Monetize your knowledge and grow your viewers.

Ecommerce Tools – Tools needed to sell products and services online. 

Landing Pages

Facebook Pixel – Run powerful retargeting campaigns with one-click integrations.

Signup Forms – Produce new leads and expand your email lists.

Pop-ups – Use customizable pop-ups to increase conversions.

Countdown Timer – Share time-sensitive deals and promotions.

Ecommerce Tools – Tools necessary for promoting and selling online services and products by creating pages for shopping. 

Getresponse reviews

Marketing Automation

Tags & Scores – Use your contacts’ behavior to build custom segments.

Automation Flows – Create pre-built workflow templates and save time.

Abandoned Cart Emails – Get lost sales back with automated emails.

Website Visitor Tracking – Use the page visits, to send relevant communications.

Product Recommendations – Automated product recommendation, allow you to sell more.


Screen Sharing – Use screen sharing to show products in action and demonstrate processes.

Call to Action Button – Promote and recommend products during webinars for extra sales.

On-demand Webinars – create evergreen, on-demand content, by using your recorded webinar.

Whiteboard – Make use of the online whiteboard to brainstorm and collaborate with audiences.

Polls & Surveys – Use polls and surveys to collect valuable data. 

Paid Ads

Facebook Ads – Setup, manage and run Instagram and Facebook ads.

Social Ads Creator – Create animated banners and videos for social media.

Facebook Pixel - Run powerful retargeting campaigns with one-click integrations.

List Building Program

Join the GetResponse University to learn everything you possibly can about email marketing via GetResponse. Get access to printable PDFs and so much more, with videos and so forth too. After finishing your training, you will be rewarded with a certificate, and the best part, it is free to join. 

Getresponse review

Website Builder

The GetResponse Website builder has 2 different ways of working, the first is a do it yourself, where you build the website using their builder tools, and so forth, whereas the second method is an AI-assisted builder, where you simply answer a few questions and the AI generates a website for you.

Additional Features Worth Mentioning 

Market PlaceBrowse through offers from GetResponse experts that will help build, and grow your business.

Marketing Toolkit  - Become a premium member and make use of the great discount on GetResponse’s partners’ products.

Files and ImagesUpload files and images from your PC to GetResponse to use in emails, websites, and so forth.

Web Push NotificationsSupply hard-to-miss and quick messages to clients who opt-in after visiting your site, without the need for email addresses.

Stores and Products Create your own store, and/or sell your own products, via GetResponse.

Integrations and APIGetResponse offers API and integrations such as Amazon, Twitter, Shopify, PayPal, and so much more.

Mobile AppsApps created for mobile by GetResponse, including GetResponse itself, along with all the features and tools. 

Getresponse review

Do you use GetResponse or used it in the past?  

Please take a bit of time and tell us about your experience in the form of a comment. This will help others to make a more informed decision and keep this from being a one-sided opinion.

Thank You, You Are Awesome! 


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