Global Test Market Review (Closed)

Global Test Market is a company owned by Lightspeed Research. They offer people the chance to make a little something on the side by filling in surveys. Global Test Market is, moreover, available in over 200 countries, meaning almost anyone can participate, and they have. With millions of members being rewarded every year (almost $30 million from 1999 until 2016), you can be sure that this program is credible. There is a very good chance that you have heard about Global Test Market before, and if you have not, no worries. This review will help you to get familiar with the program, helping you decide whether or not this program is for you or not. 

Update: Global Test Market No Longer Exist!

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How Does it Work?

After qualifying for a survey and then filling it in, you will get rewarded with either points or sweepstakes entries. These points can then be exchanged for vouchers and so forth when you have collected enough. They can also be exchanged for dollars and so on through the use of Paypal.

There are a few different surveys to partake in, including Automotive, Tourism, Media, B2B, Accessories, Electronics, Leisure and Personal, restaurants, Social, and Food, to name a few.

Oh, and if you were thinking, why would I want to fill in surveys that have no purpose? These surveys are used to develop the products and services from top companies. So think of it this way, while earning a little something on the side, you will be helping to shape the future of the products that most of us buy on the markets today. 

global test market review

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

It is completely free to join Global Test Market. There are no up-sales, nothing. Just register and you are good to go.

How to Register?

Registration is very simple, all you have to do is give a name and email or you can register directly using your Twitter or Facebook account. It is free and there is no unnecessary information needed, just click the validation link sent to your email and you are good to go. You can increase your chances by filling out your profile. (This is not personal or private information). Your personal profile consists of things like your interests, lifestyle, or health. This makes it easier to identify the surveys that you are interested in.

Global Test Market does have Privacy and Confidentiality. Personal data is kept undisclosed and the online survey responses are anonymous. The online survey responses are only used to help with market research. Unrequested emails will not be a consequence of joining Global Test Market. 

global test market review

How Much Money Can I Make?

It is very important that you know, that survey sites, including Global Test Market, are not the way to go if you are looking for a way to make a monthly income, but it is a great way to make a little side money.

The average time it takes to fill in a survey is about 15-20 minutes. All surveys have an estimated time, so you can know how long it will take before you even begin. There are guidelines to help you fill in the surveys faster. The time you will have to spend filling in the survey, can be a good indicator of what type of reward you will be receiving.

Please Note: There will not be a chance to get rewards every day. Global Test Markets offers surveys only as a way to earn, which are not available from day to day.

What Type of Rewards do They Offer?

The points you earn can be exchanged for cash via your PayPal account, vouchers for shops that are in the country that you live in, Gift Cards from Amazon, or rewards can be donated to charities in the country you reside in. The points you earn can be seen within the account after about 30 minutes.

When you have not done surveys for 12 months the points will expire. Gift Card requests, requires about 3850 points. The points needed for a payout can vary, depending on the country you reside in.

When completing surveys, you will frequently get the chance to enter the Global Test Market lottery. With the lottery, you stand a chance to win anything between $1 and $1000. The shorter surveys only give chances to the lottery. The email invitation you receive will tell you what your awards are before you even start.

global test market review

Global Test Market Pros and Cons


  • It is free to join the program.
  • Market Points can be earned by referring friends and family. It is called Referral Points.
  • Global Test Market has a dependable company behind it.
  • There are numerous amounts of surveys to fill in and it is very easy to use.
  • The use of PayPal for cash payments is also a bonus.
  • Global Test Market is available in countless countries.


  • There is a lot of profile info to fill in after joining.
  • It takes a lot of time to fill in a survey.
  • You can only cash out when you have earned enough points equivalent to $50.
  • You need to qualify for a survey and in order to qualify you to need to fill out a questionnaire that can take up to 20 minutes. Sometimes after spending the time to fill out the questionnaire, you do not qualify for the survey which means your time was wasted. You don’t get compensated for the time spent filling out questionnaires.
  • It takes 4 to 6 weeks for a payment request to be processed.
  • The customer support is about average.

Bottom Line...

There are a number of success stories, but there is also numerous amount of reportedly unsatisfied customers that are unhappy with the services provided.

Unhappy users reported the following:

After completion of surveys, they do not get their rewards because the quota is full, or the survey just shuts them out.

Some complain that it is just too slow, it is not paying enough, or that they never receive their money.

Accounts get closed for no reason once they reach the minimum amount of points needed for a cash-out.

Customer support is basically unreachable when you have a problem that needs immediate attention.

Due to just too many complaints over the years that never got resolved, I DO NOT recommend joining this program if you are looking for guaranteed payment! 

Do you use Global Test Market or have used it in the past?  
Please leave a comment below about your experience to help others make a more informed decision. 

Thank You!


Unknown said...

Hi guys. I have been joining many survey sites in the past 3 months. So far, i've got $140 from 4 survey sites. I also joined GTM and just requested a payout last night, hopefully they will really pay me coz it is surely hard to get into 1216 points to redeem $50 paypal

Unknown said...

About the $140 ive got, $100 come from the most amazing survey site i joined so far. Its called Opinion World. Its amazing!! 1st, they only need 500 pts to cashout $10. 2nd, to get 500 pts is quite easy coz one survey usually gives us 80 pts (approx). 3rd, the points get credited straight away right after u finished te survey. 4th, u seldom get screened out n the survey is not as long as GTM. 5th, once u reach 500 pts, u can redeem straight away and in one second, the money is there in ur account. No need to wait for even 10 mins!!! So, just forget the GTM business, they r crap and move to OW!!

Unknown said...

It's an awful Market Research Site! Please don't use them! I have more than enough points to redeem and get my first £10 voucher for Amazon, but I have been told that I have to reach 1000 points first? This does NOT happen with the other legitimate sites! If I reach 1000 points I should by rights get 2 £10 vouchers (£20) with points left over. Feel well and truly shafted!! DON'T USE

archidev said...

I redeemed my 1000 points in GTM on 20th March, 2014. Though I got a reply from them revealing the cheque would reach me within 8 weeks. On 10th week, I wrote to the GTM support group telling that I received nothing. To my surprise, I'm still unanswered and don't know what to do. Can anybody give an advise?

Anonymous said...

Global Test Market is a scam site. The CEO of my company received check of $50, but his check bounced. My wife never received the check. My wife installed a software Comtracker on her computer which was a chinese software and that software stole $4400 from my wife’s paypal account. We got the money back but Global Test Market is a scam site. It steals your money.

Unknown said...

Hi, My name is simran and i am a part of globaltestmarket since 2.5yrs and today i m unable to login .tried many time sbut still unable to login and not only me one of my friend is also not able to login he confirmed his email id ans passwrod and again tried to login but he is also not able to login please help.please help me as i have too many points in my account...please help me to login

my email=
GTM account number=25957156

Anonymous said...

Don't waste time with GTM. I recently deleted my account because their "business model" seems to border on scam. While you do eventually get to cash out, it takes forever and as others have noted, they've increased the minimum points total to 1100 before you can cash out. I get screened out of most surveys (seems to happen more often as my points total gets closer to that 1100 mark!), and often I get "screened out" after I've already answered up to and over half of a survey's questions! Also, I've repeatedly had problems with getting to the end of a long, tedious survey, only to find that either the survey is suddenly and mysteriously "closed", or I just plain don't get credited for having completed it. And the so-called GTM support is horrible - they generally claim they have no record that I was even invited to a particular survey. (Yeah, I hacked into their system to take surveys because I was bored!) Again I advise "DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH GTM."

Unknown said...

I am unable to login today. I have done survey and got more than 1150 more points. I thought to reddem those points today, but I am not able to login. Why

Anonymous said...

that is their scam they bann you and then write you a threatening letter saying you were not answering the way they want. they do this after signing up and surveys don't work I think they phish too be careful and protect your Ip or use a computer that is nothing you use personally. they need to be investigated

Anonymous said...

I received my cheque in March 2015, which was bounced due to signature mismatch. After so many follow ups Till now I have not received my cheque till date. Now I received message that your payment is forfieted. Feeling disgusted and cheated by GlobalTestMarket. A big fraud survey company.

Anonymous said...

Me, I redeemed 1100 for lazada ecert last December and I received it for 2 days only. now I am waiting for my second redemption for paypal

Anonymous said...

Hi there did they gave you an ecert on your email? It's been a week and I still don't get mine

Anonymous said...

@unknown have you received your ecert yet?

standard said...

those involved in this company have been written 970 930 and now to delete because I did complain! and I gave at the end then the same survey and now removed it is thugs liars thieves and robbers. who does not believe I have all the data to send me message to see the documents, attention is big cheaters !!!

Anonymous said...

GMI recently changed to LifePoints. Each LifePoint is worth $0.0091 (yes, less than 1 penny). Here's a survey invitation from today (April 25th).

Survey Number: 487767
Time: 21 mins
Reward for Survey Completion: 30 LifePoints

30 LifePoints = $0.273

So for 21 minutes of effort, they're going to pay you $0.273. This equates to $0.78 per hour.

I refuse to participate in any surveys with less than 100 LifePoints. They are a waste of my time.

I'm hoping other participants will jump on the bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else having trouble logging in to the site. I cannot get in and have been a member for years.

Anonymous said...

Recently they have changed their tactics (in addition to the poor $/hour).

Even if you manage to complete a survey, their system crashes. When you file a support ticket, they tell you the survey is being audited, it may take 6 weeks, and you should assume that you failed to complete the survey if you haven't received the points. Here's the exact text from one of their responses:

Thank you for your email. We apologize for the issue you experienced regarding this survey. However, please be assured, your concerns have been escalated to our Project Team and they are looking into them.

Also, we have now requested that this study be audited. If you completed this study you will be credited once the audit has been completed. Please keep in mind this is a very time consuming process since it's done manually. If points are awarded, they will post to your account within the next 4-6 weeks.

If the 6 weeks has passed and your account still hasn’t been credited, this means our Project Team determined that your participation in this study did not qualify to be awarded.
Please understand, unfortunately, we will not have any additional information regarding your participation in this study until after the audit has been completed.

For reference, I sent them jpgs of the my web browser showing the last question and the resulting error.

Christene - you need to update your review and warn people to stay away from these morons.

Janet Webb said...

Absolute nightmare. Inundated with unwanted emails. Trying to unsubscribe without success. They keep saying my email address is invalid even though they keep sending emails to it.

Anonymous said...

The same thing is happens to me I cant unsubscribe it doesn't recognise my email address but they keep texting me crap !

Christene said...

Review has been updated!