Good Reviews v.s Bad Reviews

Reading reviews make up to be an influential part when it comes to ascertain whether a web site could be a scam or not, just bear in mind that even review sites should be checked up on for being scammy. Numerous pages exist that conduct fake reviews or without even testing the program or site.

Whenever you Google for the phrase “scam” or “review” you will discover loads of sites that are in reality just affiliate pitches, meaning people, that are promoting their own products inwards the form of a review, without the appropriate statistics or user experience themselves.

I had followed up on various review sites and pages that claim websites or programs to be scammed, and I was curious if jealousy could be the root-age or perchance a lack of mental capacity. Several web sites feature stacks of bad reviews, but they have no domain. Loads of page breaks and the worst case of graphical illness, I had ever come upon, I wanted to allow for a couple of illustrations of the links, but sadly it makes my website, feel nauseous in some way as some of the links are actually 2 lines long, sorry guys not worth all the trouble, but please bear an open mind when reading reviews from sites. Go for the busy ones like review message boards and sites like the IM Report Card, in order to base a conclusion that is trustworthy. In addition to, try to interpret reviews that date back no longer than 2 years. Web sites or platforms with defects generally find time and methods to correct them over time, meaning whenever a program had a problem 2 years ago there is a good possibility that it had been sorted out and no longer have the defect, I tend to study the more recent reviews to make a better conclusion.

Remember all programs have a flaw or two occasionally, heck I had even undergone a problem at one time with HostGator my hosting company, but ultimately the problem was resolved and I was happy again. One problem merely give me the right to publish a full review and label them for being a scam. Please more brainpower for all!  Having a problem with a program or a little glitch hardly puts a site up in the scam label. Scammer's take money okay, they take your time and bully you into buying, again one or maybe two flaws in their programming or a glitch with customer support hardly qualify as a scam. Also take into mind sites with a high traffic volume and customer base generally would take a bit longer to respond when it comes to customer care.

I added a few website reviews, to demonstrate how I do a check-up beforehand, and included the statistics to make it easy. Just for me to get clear before hand; No, I do not promote all the site’s I reviewed, but I had indeed worked with every one of them in the past or at present. I would also like to state that this makes up merely my opinion and build upon the fact of being there myself.

For all the honest entrepreneurs progressing to success and a stable internet income, please do not let me step on your toes. Thank you for trust and value

I am not going the sarcastic way, I merely believe that you cannot distribute or promote a product without using it yourself. No point in attempting to teach other people, when you do not have a clue and just spit bawling in the dark.  I induced only the site’s with more positive than negative features based on traffic, page views, Alexa ranking, message board reviews, popularity and reputation.

I am an “anti scam” person and always attempt to promote products that feature a free or trial run option, to make it possible for individuals to test first before buying something that they are not completely pleased with, and okay I hate it when my name gets associated with cheap “low reputation products”.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Christene, this had made me see reviews in a different way. Will be more alert now when reading them.

Luke4w2 said...

It is very helpful in giving me that information