HostGator Review - 2022

HostGator is one of the world's largest hosting companies and it is not that hard to believe, seeing as they host over 8 million domains. Their WordPress is easily installed with just one click. HostGator is the perfect solution, no matter if you are looking for a business host or personal host. HG is reliable so you do not have to worry about regret when joining them. HG has always focused on providing its members with the best hosting solutions on the market. Let us review so you can decide.

HostGator - Detailed Overview

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is when multiple websites share a single server. This is perfect for those who are just starting out with small-time websites or new blogs. You can always upgrade to better hosting plans as time passes and your website or blog starts to gain traffic and begins to grow. Hosting is part of the 3 most important things to have when you are building a website.

Cost: $2.75-$5.25 per month.

Hostgator reviews

Cloud Hosting

When resources are being pulled from multiple virtual servers it is called cloud hosting. This is perfect for businesses and websites that need load times that are fast, no matter the size of the traffic surges. HG’s cloud hosting is known for its reliability, flexibility, and scalability. Everything you will ever need is in one place and easily accessible with HostGator. All plans include unlimited; storage, bandwidth, and email addresses, you can also transfer your websites to HG free of charge.

Cost: $4.95-$9.95 per month

WordPress Hosting

The WordPress cloud interface focuses on usability, making for less complexity when it comes to traditional website hosting. Their Control Panel is easy to use and you can enjoy load times that are up to 2.5X times faster. Some of the plans even include consultation services to make sure you have everything you need to get started the right way. If you already have a WordPress site, you can transfer it to HostGator free of charge.

Cost: $5.95-$9.95+ per month.

Hostgator reviews

Reseller Hosting

Want to create your own web hosting company without having to worry about software, site uptime, the cost of server maintenance, and more, reseller hosting, also known as white label hosting has you covered. Reseller hosting is ideal for those freelancers or agencies that offer development, web designing, and so many other company services to their clients. Reseller hosting allows customers to purchase and host websites by using you as a hosting company.

Cost: $19.95-$24.95 per month.

Windows Hosting

FTP accounts, email addresses, easy-to-use Parallels Pleski control panel, unlimited subdomains, all of these are included in the HostGator Windows hosting solution. There is a bunch of other additional feature which include Microsoft SQL, Access Databases, and MySQL. They also include free website builder tools, one-click installs of the popular scripts, over 4000 free website templates and so much more.

Cost: $4.76-$14.36+ per month.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is when you rent a server for your website and your website only. These servers are much faster than the servers used in shared hosting, because of the reason that they are only for your website's use.

Cost: $89.98-$139.99 per month.


Virtual Private Server, or otherwise known as VPS is a hosting service where one gets full access to one's own personal server which you rent from a hosting company. VPS hosting with HostGator gives you full root access to modify and customize your server, allowing for better progress, speed, and application.

Cost: $23.95 - $59.95+ per month.


HostGator offers a domain name search so you can see if the domain you want is available. They also have a wide net of domains to choose from. All domains can be purchased and easily managed with the control panel.

Website Builder

The website builder offers a wide range of templates to choose from, no matter what your specific industry or niche. Also, it does not matter what device, your site will look great.

Cost: Starts at $3.84 per month.

Hostgator reviews


Features include:
  • File change monitoring
  • Daily automatic website backups
  • Notification of changes
Website time machine Cost: Starts at $2.75 per month.

Website Design Services

Not everyone has learned the skill of web designing, that is no problem, within a few weeks you can have a professionally built website to call your own. HostGator has a team of professionals that built websites for those who cannot.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO is offered by most of the companies out there and it can be really hard to differentiate between them. HostGator has been providing hundreds of thousands of people across the globe with industry-standard web hosting and other relating services for over 15 years. HostGator is a reliable company you can trust.

Hostgator reviews

HostGator - Pros

A money-back guarantee is offered for those who decide that this program is not for them.

There are monthly and yearly billing periods to choose from, with the yearly ones offering the best deals.

Your website can be transferred to HostGator by experts for free within the first 30 days.

They offer video tutorials to help you to do it the right way.

A 99.99% uptime is guaranteed, but if downtime occurs, you will get a month's credit paid into your account.

Hostgator reviews


You can only get discounts on the pricing if you sign up for 1 year or more.

VPS hosting is not windows based.

New server installations can take a bit of time.

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Knowing what type of hosting you want and the service you expect in advance will help you to choose the right company without wasting money. Feel free to read the following articles if you are unsure about your needs.

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Do you use HostGator or used it in the past?

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Another great article and review Christene. I'm not so sure you're completely unbiased on this one, but with the qualities HostGator provides, how could I blame you? I was going to say you forgot to mention the monthly charge but then I looked to the right and saw the HostGator ad for $4.95 a month which is actually about half of what I'm paying on my site right now. So yet again, you've given me some great options to consider for the summer. Thanks!

Christene said...

Thanks Joe, Yes I have great respect for this hosting company, for I had done business with them for a while without any major issues. We are currently running 33 websites on their hosting plan, without having to worry about down-time, bandwidth and space, which is something I absolutely need in order to keep reputation with clients. I am also affiliated with them proudly and most of the time we only use them for the hosting of new clients.


my all sites down i am hostgator reseller from 6 months.

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