Basic Guidelines To Avoid Internet Scams

There are in reality numerous reasons why people fail building an online income and the major reason for this are because there exist A hundred times more scams, than people actually making a real income online. All the hype and promises could easily make any newbie turn to their credit cards to purchase the next new “Ripoff”. At a time I was there myself and needless to articulate I had been very optimistic and exiting to embark on making my first online income, after all that was what the scammer's had promised. After a few months I realized that I am following people in blind trust.

When going for all the "gold" in cyberspace, remember one thing, thousands of other people are going for the same thing and marketers will virtually do anything to outmaneuver you, including scamming you out of your're hard earned money.

Scam:  Be Lazy and Earn More

Alright acquires a couple of moments and ignite your brainpower. Statistics bare witness that making money online categorized as one of the most difficult things to accomplish. Strategy, skills, time and most defiantly ongoing learning are required, to at least bringing in solid revenue online. Honestly how many people like friends, family or even acquaintances do you recognize making success online?  Trust me if it was that easy I would not be sitting here at this moment creating this website, doing search engine optimization and spending hours of work.  But sure, I consider myself to be open-minded and please wait before you through with a stone in my direction. I did feel the need to be spiteful and purchased an inexpensive program predicting that even a child could make profit from doing it!  I took them up on the offer and introduced my eleven year old girl to my computer and the software package, it took her approximately three hours to assure me that I'm behaving a little unintelligent since the classified web site that was provided to her to post her advert and hyperlink, doesn't allow for link posting...I rest my case and sent her back to school to become rich perhaps a couple of years later after finishing up school! I trust that you actualized how ridiculous the promises are that many of these sellers rub down on you.

Seriously let’s be realistic. When we started our first jobs, a great deal of us barely had any experience and yes even less salary, most of us had worked backbreaking hours and were required to take steps for learning and development in to get ourselves promoted into a more beneficial placement and salary. Working on the web is not any different; it acquires more or less the same commitment. Now if I had bare on you today proposing that you diligently buy a $39.00 package from me as a way to acquire yourself a promotion inwards the workplace tomorrow, earning millions from your current employee, what would your reaction be?  You would for certain order me to buzz off right?

I acknowledge that there are numerous online entrepreneurs unquestionably sharing an indisputable amount of their success and provide the new entrepreneur with excellent and effective learning and development programs at no cost or with less fees, nevertheless I should add that most of these businessmen and woman had their fair proportion of work, learning and loses before they had become successful. The genuine online guru’s are busy enjoying their profit and engaged with strategic marketing within the time they spend online, trust me they do not need to sell a low priced product that don’t work, it will ruin their online reputation.

Newbie’s seldom have the instant cash flow to start a home based internet business, and the majority surely do not have the knowledge to understand how to make it work. Bringing about a money generating webpage acquires a few fundamental skills and knowledge of the internet and its structure - do not be fooled into believing otherwise. Does mailing lists, links, Auto Responder’s, article writing, SEO, traffic, keyword optimization, effective Hosting and Domain sound familiar to you, and do you at least know a little about internet marketing strategies? Those are just a small portion of the simple things you have to at the very least have some knowledge about to succeed, at long last producing stable income that would last for a few years onwards.

Be Smart and Look Out For the Basic Sign's

Do not fall into "blind trust" - There is no such thing as trust in an online based business, unless that trust was developed with online contacts or mentors over a period of time and with entrepreneurs that conduct an outstanding online reputation. A great deal of individuals will indeed treat you as though they know you and care for you to make money, whilst in fact they are the ones earning money off you.

Desperate Selling - I stumbled upon numerous site’s that appear more like an auction sale to me, attempting to get me to purchase their product. Allow me to explain...The offer begin at $49 and when you click away they lower the price down to $39, still too much for you? By clicking out you ultimately get to the actual price of only $19. Now listen very carefully I had some good experience with sites like these and ended with a good quality product for less, but only after I had done my homework thoroughly. When I create a product I add value to my work and I keep several factors in mind like the hours of work and the sum of money I had to spend to create it. Once I finally put a monetary value on it, I would under no circumstances lower my price for good quality. Be honest would you pass out yourself and the effort of your work to a lesser degree it is worth?  I like to buy products online with a fixed price, because I acknowledge the company or individual are most likely distributing quality product's that have earned value for it.

Be careful when applying for “work-from-home” jobs Several legit and reputable jobs does exist online, but in this category, also a large number of scams. This segment in the online industry is where a lot of new entrepreneurs turns to for their first online income. New online entrepreneurs are not internet smart  yet and can not wait to earn their first online income, therefore making it comparatively easy for a scammer to prey on them. These companies would ask for a fee to approve you or give you the position. I at one time had applied for one of these and just  received a file with a list of places where I could apply for online jobs, most of the links were broken, and two actually had contained viruses in them, that left me with worthless information that I could have found online for free with a little effort. More or less scam sites promise net income up to $100,000, and far more a year taking surveys, buying software or subscribing to the next “get rich program” most of them are scams. If an individual could earn that much annually from just answering surveys online, or just simply installing a program, there wouldn't be anybody left that is unemployed, workplaces could well be empty and everyone would simply sit behind their laptops at home, even kids would Stay home since these sites even predicts that you do not require any skills to make a good deal of money.

When a company claims that you will be able to earn over 6 figures within only a few weeks - walk away. No one in their right mind could guarantee you that you will earn that much, certainly it could happen but No one can guarantee that except yourself. A scammer target individuals with a low level of “online experience” who believe they'll be capable to get rich by answering some simple questions to which even my 11 year old girl can respond to. Listen every individual is different, and have different skills and interests, likewise motivation and patience will be different from one to another. I'm a patient soul with loads of time to sit and work out strategic marketing tecniqes or attend learning and development sessions. The average individual has a day/night line of work and additional obligations, it would be obvious for me to earn and acquire more than the person who can only give 2 hours a day online. With a little common sense I had come to the conclusion that I never had to pay up in real life to get a job, and would never do it online again. A Job had better provide you with income, not vice verse.

Do research on the site and its owner - Always check the site for visible information like an address, a phone number and location, and then ascertain if the data are valid by calling the number, also check the name and address for multiple mis-related registrations. Scammer's typically do not provide this information because they have several furious customers, and prefer to go unknown for the fear of prosecution. A site with incompatible addresses and zip codes are also to be called for as a warning sign. In addition look up the domain with having to get some additional information.

Read site disclaimers and the privacy policy - Several scam web sites make a point to be within the practice of law. They make certain to add “disclaimers” expressing that not everyone will earns the same amount of money - make sure, always to read the “disclaimers “from any site that you plan on buying from, I acknowledge that it's time consuming even so it can save you time and money in the long run. Whenever you find a site that doesn't provide a privacy policy, terms of service or a disclaimer you could easily fall victim to your information being sold to other spamming companies. A legitimate company will acquire the steps to legitimize products and services sold online.

Obtain all the details about the product or service - Before you purchase a product make a point to receive all the information around it. A legitimate seller should provide you with all the inside information, such as the total price with all the services included in the guarantee and terms that go along with it. It's never a good idea to purchase a Program without knowing what exactly it will be that’s required from you to build an online income. Resist pressure from site’s that will try to force you into purchasing their offers. A Scammer commonly attempts to get you to buy within a short time limit, to minimize your inquiry on the offer they represent you with. A legitimated web site or company will grant you a reasonable amount of time to make up your mind as well to obtain the money for buying the product.  Also bare this in mind; guarantees are not always a piece of mind. With many scams sites or programs it’s an uphill battle to get them to refund your money, since they refuse your calls and emails most of the time or making it hard for you to get your money back by having you sent out reports to them insuring that you had done all the program requires from you.

Do a “Scam Review” - A great way to get on top of the scam sites are forums, I am always interested to determine what others have to say about the site and the experiences that they had, positive and negative. Some other easy method would be to type the site's name or product along with the word “review” or “proof of payment” in all likelihood you will find quite a lot of reviews published regarding the site which will give you a good estimate of what is going on. Make a point to read at least 8 reviews before deciding, occasionally someone will review a dependable site as a high-risk one. Remember don’t be fooled by testimonials and likes on the website itself, Many individuals will compensate others to post positive responses on their sites and in addition to pay for likes on face book pages. Keep in mind that the site owner holds the power to remove bad responses from the site and only keep the beneficial ones.  For a bit more detailed info on how to use a review site in the right manner, go to my Site Reviewpage.

Look out of site errors - I make sure to view the site for errors, like the grammar and spelling, the data format, excessive upper case* and boldface words along with flashy graphics of dollar figures and “limited offer” signs all over the place. Videos recorded in poor quality also lit up a light of cautionary for me. All of these signal an amateurish look to me, and I know that a lot of these pages don’t even rank well in Google and Yahoo. Think for a second here...If these guys are making all the money that they claim they do, well don’t you think they would at the least be capable to pay for quality recording materials and hire a professional to build them a good search optimization page that fits in with all the requirements of Google?  Apart from this bare in mind that a good looking site should all the same be researched thoroughly, for numerous “professional” scammer's will indeed commit time and money into making sites appear real, therefore don’t be fooled easily.

Fraud sites almost frequently have photos of flashy cars and huge mansions on their websites and include testimonials on their pages from individuals without any surnames also as occasionally no method of responding with one of these supposed big earners. Now once again I'm not stating that all of them are scams and unfortunately these sites bring down the reputation of those who are genuinely legit and making a genuine net worth, then again there are a few easy ways to sniff out the legit sites in addition to as the fraudulent sites.

Be cautious when promoting scam sites - Sending fraud like offers and marketing scam sites can very well get you prosecuted and could mark you out as an “online scammer”. You could in addition to end up with a bad reputation online and therefore struggle to build up trust with your own customers. Before you promote a product conduct the same research and be careful for most sellers hardly buy these products themselves to test and examine for themselves if indeed it's a bad offer or not. I preform good deal of research before I promote offers. Once you are branded as distributing scam products, it will be hard to reverse the effect. Remember negative reviews can’t be removed from the internet, and they will be in cyberspace for a long time, damaging your online image and buyers trust. This will make it hard if not impossible to have a reputable online based business. Bottom line do not try to be sarcastic online and pretend to teach others to make millions when you are unable to do so yourself!

Be aware of phishing emails - These companies will try to give you a legit reason why you should provide them with personal details like your password, credit card number or social security number. Emails like these will create a sense of urgency forcing you to reply, for instance they will sent an email stating that your account will be terminated, unless you log on or that a sum of money has been added to your account and you have to provide personal details to confirm. These are just a few examples so be cautious with unknown mail.
Take caution when downloading links inside emails, you could very well be downloading a virus that could wipe out your files, do damage to your computer or connects your modem to a foreign number that could result in expensive charges to your account. I only download software and programs form trusted web sites. Make sure to install a firewall and ensure that you have the latest anti-virus software and spyware that is kept up to date regularly.

Check out the email address of the site or new employer you are planning to buy from. An email address like; or likely would not be credible, since these are free email accounts and not in use most of the times for business purposes.

Be careful with your information - Never give out your personal information, and never provide your bank account or credit card number unless you are paying for something on a trusted site. The majority of fraud sites simply exist to gather your personal information and they will most likely sell or rent it to telemarketers or spammers, however I am halfway intelligent online and usually smell a scam coming from a mile away on a clear day. Credit cards for me are the best and the safest way to pay for all my online purchases. It allows me to dispute the charges when for instance I did not receive the goods or services, and if the offer was misrepresented to me.

Treat your social networking sites with caution - The games, quizzes and forms on these sites is sometimes not as innocent as you would like to believe, never give up personal information such as your phone number or address  to participate. When you are asked for information that is improper or make you uncomfortable just leave or block the person/ program. I regularly update my password and never use the same password on all my social sites. Don’t become a victim of harassment, when people make you nervous or become demanding, end conversations and do not respond back. Whenever harassment continue, save all the messages and acquire assistance from the authorities.

Be careful with twitter - Every day I get a bunch of spam related messages in my inbox from followers, that allow their twitter accounts to be hacked by not being careful with apps. Make sure to check the programs and apps that you allow to use your twitter account, as many will use your personal information as well as sending out unwanted direct messages to your followers. This can cost you followers and reputation in the long run since people hate to be spammed and will simply unfollow you if it persists.


Internet marketing is something everyone would like to learn about, and there are many individuals out there taking advantage of those wanting to learn. Most of the information you need is accessible online, free of charge. Stop paying into the scams and start protecting yourself. The most beneficent way to be protected from any fraud would be to avoid all things that sound too good to be genuine. 

When buying a program or paying for any tools online, Keep the following in mind...

Signs of a good offer:

A simple non flashy site with good grammar and quality Information

Free trial period, at least 2 weeks.
A clear sales pitch or video telling you exactly what you’re about to buy or what is required from you.

Point out that effort would be required from you to make success with the program or product.

A no questions ask money back guarantee.

Signs of a bad offer:

Offer to make you rich with no effort or internet knowledge at all

Pictures of fancy mansions, boats, holidays and cars that get your attention away from the information

The sales pitch or video is unclear about what you are supposed to do or what you will be purchasing.

Short trial periods, 5 days or less.

Just me thinking...

I had discovered several programs, and entrepreneurs in the past, derogating on the fact that they desperately feel the need to help people in generating an online income. Now see I am too much of a skeptic I guess but this got me recollecting a bit. Why would they feel the need after pulling in millions to hard sell their products? I must admit that these online entrepreneurs sure have good hearts. I guess, and I feel a bit through out to darkness of my mind, after all if it’s that simple to make all these money, why not just put the cake in your fridge instead of sharing it? Yes skeptic me yet again, but we do live in a world that had become selfish in a certain way, I look at starved children, homeless people and income loss through unemployment also a struggle in all countries to support these people due to the reality that we as humans had become self-serving in our own ways and turning our faces the other way.  Even so at present I turn on my laptop and  I stumble upon a flood of people claiming that they will help me to get rich! Sadly I can only count for a few online mentors that had made a difference in my online success, and I know that there are many more making a difference. But in respect to everyone doing honest work online in helping others, if it was that easy to pay a few bucks and become rich our world would surely arise to be a better place.

Now this left me with just one last question for all. Statistics show that a lot of people embarking on an online business will fail or struggle to become successful. Many of these will give up and return to their jobs.

Did all these individuals miss out upon the one and only money generating website?

No the truth would be a lack of understanding the web and its structure, and most of all a deficiency of knowledge. Sad to say that greed for the promises online, had cause many marketers to fail and give up after falling into these scams, thinking that money comes for free and with little work. Conduct a case study into the famous online businessmen that had in fact made a difference and millions, you will notice that for most of them it took some time and hard work to become successful.

Thanks for visiting...Have Yourself a good earning day!