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Currently listwire are the best "free" autoresponder that serve over 250,000 customers and had delivered billions of emails on their behalf. This service was designed for affiliate marketers, niche marketers, publishers and small-scale home-based business owners. They feature a simple system and do not provide all the features that the paid versions do, like Geo-location and list segmentation. This would be perfect for beginners and individuals with a mailing list under 10,000 or basically for people who is not planning on getting a big list.

Listwire give you the ability to create your mail and send a one-time broadcast message to your subscribers. The primary services include handling removal requests, mail management, tracking your campaign performance and admitting new subscriptions. You will be able to effectively handle small to medium campaigns because they take care of the technical issues.

Listwire makes it easy to create your subscription forms and add them to your blog, website or sales page. They have a “Squeeze Frame” system that basically allow you to add your subscription form onto your site, eliminating HTML and FTP programs which is great for novices. Listwire also have a nifty social media platform and you'll be able to send a formatted message out to your followers or friends on facebook that will show on their wall and twitter stream. I prefer not to use this feature generally, because I hate to spam in any way and offend my customers, I like to deal with them directly for building a relationship and it can’t always be established with responders in every way. I prefer to use my autoresponder only to send out newsletters or tips on how to. Remember marketing are tricky in many ways and when you start to bombard your list with offers instead of useful information you'll end up losing your subscriber base. Do your research every so often, and determine what your subscribers like, and why they joined your list in the first place.

Okay I'm dropping off track here, and I will defiantly add a blog post later on, breaking down the dos and d no's upon creating a targeted list. I had read up on a lot of reviews regarding listwire, Again the positive and negative replies are about equal , and since I had tried out the free service quite a while back it would be difficult for me to give an accurate evaluation on their services, but in all fairness I would say they have a good rating when looking at their site statistics, traffic and rank, so if you are not as yet a serious marketer I'd say what the heck give them a try after doing your research, it’s free and you'll lose no money, but still again I would recommend GetResponse even for starting up, in that way you will learn to use a professional service and no problems will arise in the future.

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  1. I use listwire because I cannot justify paying for an auto responder at this time. My list is extremely small, i take the same position as you about spam. My sign-up is strictly voluntary and not required to view my site. I only send out periodic broadcasts and mostly just trying to get feedback and start a conversation.
    I have more unsubscribed than subscribed. it is almost as if they subscribe, then immediately unsubscribe, so I ran a test.
    I signed up using another email account I rarely use. Went through the process of confirming, there were some ads on the welcome page, I guess I can live with that, but when I returned to my email, there was another email from listwire, or another member promoting some scammy crap, like you I also have a scam buster site, so I know these things when I see them. This list is on my IM Basics blog. are they spamming the members subscribers?

    1. Yes they DO ... and not just for Listwire services! ... After you sign up with them for free ... simply have another account login to the target subscription page and subscribe. THEN see the spam that is not related to Listwire ... ok maybe their interests but NOT the free Listwire services ...

      Ad spam to ME after signing up for free ... Acceptable

      Ad spam to my mailing list subscribers including a line about free Listwire services ... Acceptable

      Ad spam to my mailing list subscribers NOT about free Listwire services ... NOT Acceptable!


  2. Ad spam to me after signing up to the free service = Acceptable
    Ad spam to my mailing list other than for Listwire = NOT Acceptable !


  3. why listwire don't send message to hotmail?
    I tried many hotmail e-mail?

  4. Hi, can someone confirm that if I use Listwire, they will email my list?

    1. No Daniel, listwire will not mail your list

  5. I have been trying to access my list wire page for a couple days now and I keep getting a can not connect to server message do you be chance know what happened

  6. I have been trying to access my list wire page for a couple days now and I keep getting a can not connect to server message do you be chance know what happened

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