Market Samurai Review (Closed)


Market Samurai has retired as of 31 March 2021, and will no longer be accessible by anyone due to the fact that Adobe abandoned its support of Adobe Air, which is the platform that Market Samurai requires to run.

I personally would like to thank the creators for years of providing a reliable keyword tool, that was an absolute pleasure to work with. It will be missed!

My personal recommendation to replace the tool would be, Jaaxy, for those who are looking for something affordable, yet reliable. 

Marketing samurai review

Market Samurai is a keyword analysis tool for bloggers and online marketers. MS is beyond the ordinary keyword research tool as it offers individualistic software that produces valuable and a wide variety of SEO tools to help niche and affiliate marketers build productive websites and boost ranking. To use MS you will need to have a general understanding of blogging and internet marketing. Market Samurai is a relatively easy platform to use and needs only basic skills.

In this review, we will be going through everything Market Samurai has to offer and see if this is the right product for you.

Why The Fuzz About Keywords? (Newbies)

Keywords are the backbone of search engine traffic. Without keywords, it would be impossible for people to find your articles, and if nobody finds your articles, it's impossible to make cash. Therefore, it's essential to include keywords within the content of your website. It's just an important part of building an online business. If you want your business to grow by leaps and bounds, then you must include keywords into the content of your website. Keyword tools like Market Samurai will help you to find the right keywords.

Market Samurai - Quick Overview


What is Market Samurai?

It is a Keyword/Analysis advanced tool that will be downloaded and installed on your computer (Software for Windows and Mac OS X). It includes features like:

  • Keyword research - Find the right keywords for your marketing campaigns, website content, and so forth.
  • Find Content - Article research, find content to republish.
  • Publish Your Content - Write, schedule, and publish content straight to your website/blog
  • SEO Competition - Research the strength of your competition.
  • Domains - Find domains that will be SEO friendly
  • Promotion - Build backlinks to improve rankings.

What Does It Cost?

For just a single, one-time installment of $149, you gain admittance to the Market Samurai's entire suite of keyword research and SEO tools. This additionally allows you lifetime access to future Market Samurai updates. You can download a free trial of the product, which is a decent bonus, particularly for the individuals who are intrigued yet uncertain in the event that it is the correct product/tool for them.

Any Up-Sales?

Market Samurai is a once-off fee and does not have any upsales.

User Interface

Neat layout with tabs that is easy to identify. Takes some time to familiarize yourself with it, not 100% newbie-friendly, but worth taking some time to learn the software if you are planning to do some serious research. I recommend going thru the training if you are completely new to the tool to avoid some frustration later on.

What About Support?

Helpful training is provided that covers the tool in detail. You can also submit a request via Email support. 

Marketing samurai review

Market Samurai - Pros

Time-saving - Get the best probability of success, in a short time without a waste of effort. A great tool for people who wants to be productive every second of the day. 

Market Samurai has a fairly simple platform that makes it easy to navigate and use, so it won't be difficult for anyone new to grasp the concept of how to use Market Samurai in a way that is best for them. 

It is a once-off purchase, meaning, there are no monthly charges or up sales. Future updates are included in the price. 

Great tool if one wants quick results and working against time. 

Email support is available to answer questions. The response is personalized.

Compatible with Windows (PC) and Mac. 

The interface is not bloated up with stuff all over the place. Easy to navigate with a clean look. 


I have found that Market Samurai mostly captures data from Bing nowadays. I still prefer Google above the other engines and am a bit disappointed by this.

At times, the program becomes sluggish and slow. Since it is a program that must be downloaded, I can imagine it will perform differently on various computers. If your PC is on the slow side, you can expect sluggishness from time to time. In addition, the program must be installed before one can use it, a bit of a hassle if one uses multiple devices.

Let’s Sum This Up… 

Market Samurai is in my option a great “All in one” SEO tool that works effectively and cuts time. Nowadays it is hard to find marketing tools that are not attached to a monthly subscription. The fact that one can purchase Market Samurai once-off and have a tool for a long time to come, is an absolute bonus. Obviously, it is not perfect, but more than capable to kick the competition to the curve and do everyday SEO tasks without the hassle. 

Market Samurai - Product Overview 

Keyword Research 

Keywords are literally the backbone of any marketing project, website, blog or any given online content that even includes video and social media. The quality of your keywords will determine the level of success you reach. Without a proper tool to do the job, competitors will have a field day outranking you.

Let's have a look at the statistics:

Almost all of the keywords have too much competition, making it hard to get a good ranking position. 90% Of all keywords have very little traffic. This means that only a few keywords are worth targeting, and it is no picnic finding those keywords, hence why so important to find a tool that does a proper job. Market Samurai gathers accurate keyword data automatically by tapping into Google’s own data centers to provide the most accurate up-to-date keyword traffic.


Use Market Samurai to find the perfect domain for you that will not only stand out but boost your rankings.

In-depth SEO Analysis 

Showing all the key SEO factors that affect search engine rankings. Green equals an easy market. Yellow equals potential rankings that will take effort. Red equals a hard market that would be best to stay clear from.

Analyze the quality of your competitor's backlinks. Just because your competition has loads of backlinks, it does not mean that it is quality. By analyzing the quality of their links, you can sniff out competition that uses cheap and low-quality backlinks. In addition, MS also allows you to see how stable ranking foundations are by looking at the anchor text of competitors. To sum it up, MS Finds the weak spots of competitors so you can exploit and get better page rankings.

Find Content

This is obviously a problem that most website owners face right? Market Samurai has a “Find Content” feature that will help to find existing published articles and measure the content authority in the search engines. Low content authority content can then republish as most are content from article directories. Keep in mind that content must still be legally obtained from your end.

Publish Content: You can, furthermore, publish, write, and schedule content directly to your blog, with no hassle. 

Market samurai review

Rank Tracker

Enables you to track your site and certain pages to track your spot in google for particular keywords. It is an incredible method for quickly, keeping an eye out for where your site ranks in the search results on Yahoo, Bing, and Google. 


Allows you to build and create strong backlinks to further up your rankings.


The monetization module helps to turn visitors into revenue. You can compare products from the 4 major affiliate networks, ClickBank, Amazon, Commission Junction, and PayDotCom with filtering tools. This will allow you to only focus on the most valuable products to promote. In addition, you can also create promotions, sales letters, and ads, and publish them directly to your web page. To sum it up, the copywriting tools scour the web for snippets of information regarding the product and you can simply drag and drop it into your own promotion, tweak it according to taste and publish. A job that usually takes hours, is completed in just under an hour!

To sum it up, Market Samurai tells you:

Which keywords you should focus on for the best results and which ones should be avoided. Also, indicate your chances of achieving front-page rankings for a specific keyword.

How many backlinks do you need, where to find them, the quality you need, and how to determine the quality of a page for backlinks.

The topics you should write about on your blog or website.

The markets that are worth targeting and the ones that one should avoid. In addition, it lists markets with weak or impossible levels of competition.
Marketing samurai review

Do you use Market Samurai or used it in the past?

Please be so kind as to tell us a bit about your own experience with the tool. This will help others who are thinking about buying it but are still unsure.

Thank You!


Joe Maciarz (A Tutoring Enterprises) said...

I've watched one video on Market Samurai on YouTube and immediately saw the potential use of this keyword research tool. It's nice to know that a real person that I have some actual knowledge of believes in and uses the product as well. That will give me added comfort as I apply the crowbar to my wallet, lol. But seriously, thanks for taking the time to fill me in on your opinion. I may be waiting a little bit until I can spend some adequate time learning to use it, but I have a feeling this will be a 'must have' tool in my marketing arsenal.

Christene said...

Thanks Joe, I love using this tool on a daily basis for it gives me much more flexibility, but yes only worth spending money on it, if you are truly going to use it in full scale.

Yoann said...

Market Samurai is a great keyword generator, this review is pretty accurate

Kreso said...

Hi Christene,

thank you for your great review of this tool. I am wondering was there some changes on Market Samurai from time you write this article back in 2012. that would influence on you to change your mind? Is it better now in 2015.?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Francheska said...

This text is well written.