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Namecheap would be among my favorite places to purchase domain, because it's affordable specially when buying bulk. They also provide hosting, but myself as well as other review writers just use them for buying domain, since other big hosting companies like HostGator provide a better class of hosting.

They have first-class domain transfer as well as SSL Certificates for a very reasonable price, which add up, since they were voted the best Registrar by subscribers, and they captured the rate 4.6 out of 5 on 1,457 reviews via Google Checkout. The site have a user-friendly interface, PayPal acceptance and giving you full ownership of the domain.

NameCheap was commenced in 2000 and they are ICANN recognized, ever since millions of domains are registered every year using their services. They have excellent support and the live chat support is up to standard.

Reading up on reviews left me with simply one conclusion except for a few unfavorable reviews on hosting with this site, they have a good positive feedback with very little complains and bad reviews when it comes to purchasing domain.

Among my favorite sites to use for reading up on reviews is the IM Report Card. You can find useful reviews on there without any altering or manipulation of the reviews itself.

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Advance Fee Fraud said...

NameCheap is great is you are a scammer! It doesn't matter how obvious your scam is they will do nothing about it no matter how many abuse reports are sent it.

Unknown said...

I went to register my domain with name cheap, I was thinking, I had a great idea for a name, and was happy when I found that the name is available, thought I'd give namecheap a chance and register it there (normally I'd register at GoDaddy since I never had a problem there), namecheap told me I was over my credit limit, there was more than enough money in my account, so I though maybe it's a glitch and I''ll try to register it tomorrow.

I navigate my browser to, to find my "bookmark" for my name has disappeared, proceeded to try and register the name again: "THIS NAME IS TAKEN!". Namecheap stole the domain I was going to register after telling me I was over my credit limit which was completely false, they just wanted to steal my name, I advise you not to trust them. Now, I got a name from godaddy for 25% of the price of namecheap, and now I'm happy.

Anonymous said...

You and most experts are definitely scammers yourself if you promote bluehost, hostgator and any endurance international awful services.

Christene said...

Do not promote one of the above.