Plug-In Profit Site Scam Review (Closed)

This website I reviewed purely because I get loads of people perpetually questioning this site being legit or not, honestly, I can’t tell since I didn't participate as a member. The site hauls up low statistics which make it a “high risk” for me as I only subscribe to sites that have a high online rating in traffic and with few negative feedback's from customers, I urge you to do your own inquiry on this site before decision making, I can simply provide the numbers. Numerous reviews I found online seem to be more based on marketing the site and promoting their links than actual user reviews.

Update: As of May 2021, this review is closed and will not be updated!  

Too little interest in the program as it has run its course over time. 

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They offer you a fully functioning website that promotes a couple of different affiliate programs. The task will be up to you to promote your site and drive traffic to it. The site offers a lot of extra programs that you'll be able to participate in like "Empowerism", My World Plus, and GDI but adding together all of this comes to a quite hefty price, and then in addition you still need to pay for domain and hosting. These programs are not a must and you don’t need to purchase them but you'll need them, in the end, to make some kind of success with your website, considering the marketing experience you have.

I had detected that the site promotes products toward the home business market which represents a very competitive niche to be successful in with lots of highly experienced marketers already in the field to brighten up the heavy competition. Promoting these sites can be very difficult, especially for a newbie with little marketing experience, a lot of effort and time would be required to make success and it could take about 7-9 months to start generating a solid profit. Expecting a “Get Rich” scheme? - Sorry this one is not for your period. Well in all respect to individuals making net worth here, I would rather just go buy my domain, pay for hosting and build my site on my own niche and still save money while making money.

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Unknown said...
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Christene said...

Would like to Re-post your comment Shane, for I Value every opinion I get. Pls take note that I had removed your affiliate link, for this website is based on honest opinions and not a sales pitch.

Shane Gibson 22 March 2013 11:17

Hi Christine, I can't see the date on which you posted this but I do see two of the programs you mentioned are no longer being offered with the pluginprofit opportunity.

That being said, you should have taken a closer look before making this judgement call.

I AM a member utilizing this Opportunity and I can tell you without a doubt, the training you receive in itself makes the opportunity a must.

Add on that, the opportunity to build out 5 separate Income Streams, and you've got a powerhouse of a program to work with.

a program doesn't last 7 years in this industry if it doesn't work. Check it out again and I'm sure you'll sing a different tune.**********

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Shane, dearly appreciated, if you take some time to know blogger, you will notice the date of publishing within the address bar (2012/10).

Again as I clearly stated I did not participate with the program, only did an analysis on the statistics. The problem with these programs are "no honest reviews" only sales pitches along with an affiliate link as you had also demonstrated on my blog.

Next time leave us an informative link towards your earnings, ROI, advertising campaigns and so forth, for that would be helpful towards understanding the fundamentals of a program. Giving another sales-pitch along with an affiliate link does not help readers in understanding the program.

Ati's Blog said...

If you can, do a review on this site..

Unknown said...

PluginProfits is too hefty a price tag for a lot of newbies seeking success. I just think Newbies,who these plug and play sites cater to, should learn the basics of IM fist and build from there. Get involved with proven systems like Chris Farrel,Jeremy ShoeMaker's program or Wealthy Affiliate to learn what IM is REALLY about and you will see you can do what these overcharging pushbuttons are selling you. In fact you may find it a bit easier than you thought if you find the right coaching platform. I have actually used all three of those as the bases for my learning and now run 11 successful online retail stores. You can do it. Try and avoid the 'shortcuts' and just LEARN the business first. Success will come with Knowledge.
Christene, Great write up as always. You are a Shining Star in the IM field. Always Honest. Always Fair. Very much Respect you.

Christene said...

Thanks for the well written comment Gordon

I agree with you 100%. At first all new marketers should build a solid foundation by learning all the basics first. My first learning platform was Chris Farrel and then after that I got stuck at WA because the training is never ending and always updated.

If I did not participate in the Chris Farrell Membership I would most likely gave up out of pure frustration and misunderstanding about the online industry.

Congrats on the online retail stores - It is a massive acievement and I personaly know how much work and dedication it takes to succeed in this industry, You are a star as well.

Keep up the good work

John said...

The Plug-in Profits program is owned by Stone Evans. He is one of the top marketers with SFI.

I took a look at Chris Farrell's membership for a month. It seem to be a very good course, but I didn't have the money at that time to continue.

Just recently I've signed up to Jeremy Shoemaker's course, so far 2 months. I think for me as a beginner, maybe I should have went back with Chris Farrell, at least for 6 months. Then I could have moved on to Shoemakers course. Which is a very good course also. Just that it is up one level from where I should have started.

They both seem to be great guys and very honest.

Thanks Christene for letting me post this comment.

Unknown said...

As far as I am concerned Plugin profit Site is a scam. I fell a victim to their scam. They only get you to register with a whole bunch of other programs where I believe they have some sort of interest (at a minimum, as affiliates). My main membership number with them was 35144. They even continued to charge my credit card for domain renewal for a website I was not longer using. Like every other scam artists out there, when you contact their so called Support desk to question these charges, they claim they have no relationship with the company. My credit card was charged by while the domain name was maintained by which is setup and yet they claim they have nothing to do with them. I have screen shots and emails to send to you to verify these things.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Hi I am too using this technology at my site and it is everything is OK. Nice money making system but not so quick...

Unknown said...

Ive also had this problem, its GVO, secretly charging for domain hosting, anyways ive canceled all this complicated programs & just started my own website called

karan Sawant said...

Do i need to learn coding for this?

Kevin Persson said...

all scams