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Seomoz are to the highest degree among the most popular  
Search Engine Optimization providers if you are looking for better Google page ranking. You are presented with an all-in-one dashboard that provides you with all the necessary Search engine optimization tools that analyze links and track key performance. Changes to your organic traffic as well as  page rankings get monitored; therefore you will always stay on top of your campaigns and site analysis.

When it bears on Search Engine Optimization they're one of the most effective, they provide for advanced marketers as well as beginners with a powerful but uncomplicated system. In addition to they provide link building tools, and a hefty keyword tool that helps a great deal to bring forth results faster. They are really detailed and cut through everything about Search Engine Optimization with high quality eBooks, Video’s and webinars, meaning they have no deficiency in training.

I had personally worked as a SEO consultant in the past and had to do all the analysis by inspecting pages of html, using expensive tools that only provide limited actions and so forth, back then this service would have cut all my work in half. For anyone doing SEO tasks on a daily basis whether it’s for yourself or others, these tools can help tremendously to gain not only time but also better performance. For the average user with only one website or blog, even better if you plan to get serious about ranking. Unfortunately not everybody have the funding to pay for expensive first ranking positions via Google Adwords, and most individuals have to shoot for the natural results instead.

As you can see from the snap shots taken Seomoz have outstanding Alexa Ranking and a solid amount of visitors, making them reliable with an excellent online reputation and on top of all, the number one Seo service provider currently.

They allow for a reasonable 30 day trial period which is more than enough for such an outstanding service, and you will be able to cancel your subscription at any time when you're not satisfy for what reason you might find. In my honest opinion if you have half the willingness to try these tools with a good full effort within the 30 day trial, you could see results fast, and for those willing to test the system to the max, you could end up making enough profit to pay for it without spending a cent out of pocket.

The site itself provide more than enough free information and you can always use the beginners guide to SEO or check out the blog to gain a better understanding into the service they provide.

Yes this program makes up to be a little costly, but it's well worth it in comparability to some other traffic methods I had used in the past that hardly delivered any drastic results for the small fees I had to pay. The quality of the materials are well worth paying for if you're a serious marketer that desires results faster than the normal 4 to 6 months waiting period it typically takes to make your web site productive and profitable. 

In the past users had struggled a bit with the navigation for there was a lot of confusion, but recently they had updated the site to make it a little more easygoing, coming through better at present for newbie’s.

Is Seomoz a scam?

Most defiantly not – The program does exactly what it’s supposed to do. You have to remember that Seomoz do not have magic powers that can pull your site from 2,800,77 to number one ranking position within hours, and it would be kind of unfair to expect a good ranking position from an impossible niche with HUGE competition like “how to make money”. Seomoz provide upstanding tools to make difficult tasks way better and whether you believe it or not…getting on that first page can be close to impossible if you lack in SEO skills.

I had found a few reviews that yell “scam” and research had show that people sometimes expect the impossible from a program or service, well all I can say is…no one in their right mind will charge you $99 if they could get you on the first page within hours or just a few days with a crappy website or an impossible niche, for it takes some time to develop a successful online business with targeted traffic and loyal visitors - Seomoz simply provide the tools to make this process a bit faster.

I can’t help to find some of the "scam reviews" somewhat humoristic, for the users clearly had such a great time using the 30 day trial that they indeed decided to purchase the full plan and then only they yelled out scam. 30 days is a more than reasonable trial for anyone to test the service – If you do not like it don’t buy it!


If you like Seomoz and have success with the program – why not gain a bit of brainpower and offer SEO services to your friends and associates with blogs or websites, not only will they see you as clever but this method can easily create a additional income – That way your Seomoz account get paid and who knows... better profit

Overview – My favorite Seomoz tools

Keyword Research

The keyword difficulty tool provides the user with insight that would otherwise be almost impossible to track down by giving detailed analysis on the top ranking pages of your site. The tool also show who is ranking for a specific term that you want to target along with a additional metrics like number of searches, page and domain authority and the usual exact, broad and match search requests. The tool will average these scores together and provide you with a keyword difficulty score. Above all the tool also have the capability to tell you which keywords and phrases are sending traffic to your site that’s not yet been tracked. The Seomoz keyword reports are thorough and very easy to understand. This tool alone had helped me a lot in the past to gain better ranking on individual pages.

On-Page Analysis and Recommendations

The on-page analysis would be the main reason I love using this service for they provide the most thorough site checks that analyze a huge list of on-page factors that ranges anything from broken links, 404 errors and crucial keyword usage. This help you to get a clear understanding where things have gone wrong and on top of all they provides you with clear instructions on what to fix in order to see immediate results. The data will automatically update every week and the app will give you a variety of actionable recommendations for your site. I had found these reports very useful for they pick up on crucial things that some of the experienced SEO companies, myself and persons I had worked with in the past had overlooked.

Competitive Analysis

The Seomoz web app gives you a thorough insight into your competitor’s link metrics and rankings with their Pro web app. By using this tool I had found it much easier to see what kind of competitors I was up against and how they had managed to gain better page rank than me. If you feel serious about gaining every step up the ranking ladder I would highly recommend using this tool – Always a good idea to see what your competition is up too when you are not looking!

These would only be among the tools that I use mostly, but you can also find a twitter analytics tool that will enable you to analyze followers and give you better insights about your social graph and much more. The Seomoz toolbar for Chrome and Firefox is just as handy and allow to review Domain and Page authority to only name a few, all without leaving your page(s), therefore saving time – hey anything that saves time and effort means better productivity, more profit!

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  1. Thanks for the well written Review about seomoz, I had indeed read so many negative as well as positive reviews, all the positive statistics makes a deference.

  2. Gongrats with the new site!

  3. Thanks Jhon, and tons of good luck for you as well!

  4. Thanks so much for recommending the program to me, I had indeed follow your advise and now I am using Seomoz to do Seo services for friends and online associates. I am not making that much yet, but still have just enough to pay my seomoz every month, meaning I am getting the best tools for free. Pls shout if you need any help, would like to return a favour.

    1. Great to hear that Peter, I am just glad that you have positive results with the program and that you are using Seomoz to it's full potential. keep up with what you are doing and you will build strong relationships with customers that will lead to more clients.

      Keep well

  5. Seomoz is my favorite seo provider, at first I was shocked at their pricing rates, but now I am ranking very well and my visitors had climbed over the last few months. The blog is amazing and I have got a lot of education from it. Thanks Christene

  6. Christene,
    Went over the moz website, no mention of the affiliate program? I 'Ve been intrigued with seo geo search, they build in a residual in the payment. Can you tell me the difference between tge companies. Have you done any reviews on 'automatic lead'
    I 'm a fan. Love all the info and reviews.
    Matt giegerich

  7. Christene,
    Went over the moz website, no mention of the affiliate program? I 'Ve been intrigued with seo geo search, they build in a residual in the payment. Can you tell me the difference between tge companies. Have you done any reviews on 'automatic lead'
    I 'm a fan. Love all the info and reviews.
    Matt giegerich

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