Stumble upon - Review

This represents by far my preferred way of driving traffic, because they're cheap and effective all in one. No I do not use this website to "stumble upon" other people’s website’s but for advertisement and I include this review purely to indicate that there are additional ways of advertising other than pay-per-click, that also works in a similar way, but a bit more low-priced for the marketers that’s on a budget, and since SU welcomes adverts at 5 cents apiece to the category and universal resource locator (URL) of your choice at a fixed price, therefore why not for this represents fairly targeted traffic. Keep in mind PPC can cost up to a $3 per click and sometimes the traffic you capture isn't targeted unless you're skilled inwards the playing field and know how to pull up a good PPC advertising campaign that will convert into sales.

Allow me to move over the top reasons I go with SU as my primary traffic source. First of all if you have a glance at the statistics you'll find a huge traffic stream within this website (2 603 147 visitors a day) and an impressive Alexa rank of 146. Stumble Upon refer more social media than twitter and YouTube and you are able to drive your targeted audience directly to your URL by providing relevant content to a part of grouped sites by your interest. The part that is making this site well worth the money I spend, is the fact that you only pay for your unique visitors on a budget that you'll be able to control, without the hassle of bidding.

Like with any marketing campaign you need to set this up correctly to profit from it, but if done correctly and within the right niche, you are able to get tons of traffic converting to sales. I would advice to use blog posts or pages that lead people to curiosity to what you're offering like free valuable information. I never let them stumble onto my pages with offers, but rather to pages or blog post that snap up their attention and give them the impulse to see more, like catchy phrases and photos. Stumble Upon goes over the advert submissions to match-up the category, and the more thumb ups you bring forth, the more viewers to your site.


  1. I think this is one that I'll have to investigate further and think more about. But as with all your recommendations, I'm printing out a pdf copy for my records and I will take what you're saying very seriously. You've been right on everything else you've informed me about as I expect you are here as well. Thanks for the information Christene!

    1. Thanks for the comment Joe, I had used this platform successfully in the past, but got so busy doing blogging and advertising, that I had neglect it for some time, good reason to use them again.


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