WebStarts Review 2019

WebStarts is an all-in-one, when it comes to creating a free website, an online store or even a blog. It does not matter if you are an enterprise, or creating a personal website, WebStarts have you covered. The drag and drop feature makes it easier for all to use, but it is still robust enough for the experienced to use. The web design software, web hosting and domain name are also included. 

WebStarts allows you to build your website without needing to code or program it. WS is a Do It Yourself web builder with hundreds of templates to choose from. You can decide if this program suits you after we discuss it and go through all the pros and cons.

Webstarts Features

Create a distinguished mobile version of your website with the Mobile Ready feature.

Resize, crop and apply effects to any image with the Image Editing feature.

WebStarts has free video hosting. You can upload and share videos on your website with the "Hosted Video" feature. 

webstarts reviews

Boost your content marketing by writing a blog using new content with the "Write A Blog" feature.

"Create a website" allows you to build a magnificent website that indicates the significance of your information, products and/or services.

The "Search Engine Submission" feature enable you to submit your site to Google if you upgrade to the paid plan.

Sell services and product directly from your website by creating an online store with the "Start An Online Store" feature. It is made easy with the instant payment processing.

The "Right Click Disable" averts others from downloading your content without permission. 

webstarts reviews

If you know a bit of code the "HTML Access" feature enables you to write your own CSS and HTML so you can modify any or every characteristic of your designs.

The "Automatic Domain Setup" allows your domain to instantly start working after you choose a domain and create a site.

The "Easy Access Domain Name" enables you to search domain names and see if they are still available.

You can connect with the visitors on your website with the "Live Chat".

Another important feature is the capability of backing up your website and being able to restore previous versions of the website. This helps you so you do not lose the work you have done. It also allows you to go back when you made a mistake so rest easy.

There are different plans, each with a different amount of monthly storage and bandwidth. 

webstarts reviews


What About The Cost?

Free plan comes with 1GB storage and 1GB bandwidth: Free

Pro Plus Plan comes with 10GB storage and 100GB bandwidth: $7.16/month

Business Plan comes with 40GB storage and unlimited bandwidth: $19.99/month 

  • The price is totally worth it. Instead of having to buy the entire program, you have the choice to obtain other products too.
  • WebStarts allows you to enter a domain name to check if it is available. Aldo this feature is not included in the free version, it is very handy.
  • The fact the social media sites like Facebook and Instagram is incorporated helps a lot seeing that a big portion of time spent on the internet is in fact spent using social media.
  • WebStarts has excellent customer care, and has an easy to use platform.
  • The web pages are easy to maintain after an easy setup.
  • The ability to create a website from your mobile phone is an extraordinary feature.
  • There are tutorial videos and articles to help you thru the process and to help you learn.
  • WebStarts provide excellent customer support, with email and forum support. They do also have a blog for all users. They always answer questions within a business day.
  • They provide professional templates to help you get going without exhausting your time. The drag and drop feature is also an easy to use attribute. 


  • WebStarts is not completely optimized for mobiles. The templates provided does not always work the way you would want them to.
  • A few of the templates are not designed to the extend they could be.

Bottom line...

Webstarts is a great website builder, considering the price. The free version has more than enough features to start a basic website or blog. Most people are not familiar with coding, making it the perfect builder for coding dummies. Like always, I recommend products with a free version that enables people to test the service before they spend hard earned cash and Webstarts allows you do just that! In addition, I find the regular blog posts on the site to be quite useful, always great tips about website development. 

Do you use WebStarts or have used it in the past? 

Please leave a comment below to help others find the website builder that works best for them. Thanks!

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  1. I have been using webstarts for about three years and have seen it go from a good product and with good service to a very bad experience. Webstarts now has constant tech issues resulting in my website(s) being down. When I call, they say 'we are working on it' but never have an answer as to when the issue will be resolve and seem irritated at my inquiries. I am currently seeking other services as it is unprofessional when consumers can access your site and you can't tell them when it will be resolved!

    1. I want to attest to what you are saying. Webstarts has become a great disappointment. In addition to their inferior service they have become a complete scam. I have had numerous issues with them overcharging my credit card. They will have all the charges listed that are due and as soon as you pay them the next day they charge a new fee as well as increase the fee upon billing. There deceptive business practices have become so prolific that they should be avoided. Beware do not use webstarts!!!

    2. Hmmm. My webstarts website just magically disappeared including my account even without any prior notice. Upon inquiring the reason why, they just said that the system may have detected it to be fraud. However as I thoroughly explained that it cannot be. The final answer was it was because I am in Indonesia. Since the company just decided to take out all the accounts in the particular country I am currently in since there were many problems encountered for fraud and would not be to open an account again any time soon. I hope they would just verify first before completely eradicating my hard work for the design. Just when I was already getting traffic. **kapuff** account gone without any trace in their system.

      On the free website offer. Yeah maybe they detected as fraud because we used their website for free for the meantime since we are just starting and just testing the waters first. But that doesn’t mean we are frauds because we didn’t subscribed yet or become Pro or Business user accounts. Haist.

  2. After reading positive comments regarding webstarts, I set up an account with them. While their websites are user friendly in that a novice can set up a website , their support is so inattentive that I can not recommend them.

    My issue is that the navigation menu would not work in preview mode, nor when we tested it as a 'customer mode' The only time the navigation menu worked was in 'edit mode'. I sent many emails to the customer support team, only to be met with silence. I called their support number only to be put on hold for vasts amounts of time sans no answer. This issue, after over a month is still unresolved and ignored by this hosting company.

    I have repeatedly contacted them regarding the fact that the navigation window never worked and as such our website is useless for our customers to no avail. Yet, while all our attempts for customer support are met with silence and indifference, this company sends us daily emails, pressuring us to upgrade .the final insult was their email threatening us with removal of our account due to inactivity . ... yet, the irony of this situation is that we can not use this site due to the fact that the navigation bar does work, has been repeatedly brought to their attention, only to be ignored.

    My review . .... pass on this site, no good. We have given up on this hosting site are are going with another site due to their very poor customer service and their daily emails pressuring us to 'upgrade' with the final straw being their threat to delete us due to non activity. .. yet, they have ignored all of our emails in addition we have spent untold time on the phone on hold with never an answer.

    We do not recommend this site for your hosting needs.

    1. Do you people expect Webstarts to work for free! Give it a break..webstart employees need to make a living too. They probably prioritize their customer service for the people who actually pay for their services and free web hosting. I am one of them and I have only been a customer for a short time but they have been great and very professional and have always replied to my questions.

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