WebStarts Review - 2022

This review provides a view into WebStarts, one of the older and higher-ranking website builders out there. In this review, everything WebStarts will be discussed, including, prices, features, tools, and everything else that determines whether or not this program/builder is worth the time and if so, whether or not it is suited for you.



What is WebStarts?

WebStarts is a website builder, meaning they provide the necessary tools, features, services, and so forth needed to design and create an online website. They also have features for creating a blog, e-commerce site/store, and so forth.

Founder And History

Adam Barger founded WebStarts back in 2004 when he discovered that the website builders back then did not provide the flexibility to create and customize as one pleases. He wanted to be able to create unique pages, but could not find a builder to do it with, so he decided to create his own. WebStarts was launched in 2004, but it had a wonky start. At first, the builder received low ratings, but after a few years of tinkering and upgrades, WebStarts became one of the top-rated builders today.

What Does It Cost?

WebStarts has 3 different plans to choose from, each with its own features.

Basic: Free

  • Notification Centre
  • 1GB Cloud Storage
  • 1GB/month Bandwidth
  • Life Chat
  • Ads Shown on all pages
  • Unlimited Pages

Pro Plus: $14 per month.

  • Custom Domain
  • Free Advertising ($250)
  • SEO Tools
  • Social Integrations
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Live Chat
  • Unlimited Galleries and Slideshows
  • Search Engine (Google)
  • 10GB Cloud Storage
  • 1 Email
  • 100GB/month Bandwidth
  • 1 000 Contact Forms
  • Membership Features
  • No Ads
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Notification Centre
  • HTML Access

Business + Ecommerce: $23 per month

  • Custom Domain
  • Free Advertising ($500)
  • 5 Email Addresses
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Galleries and Slideshows
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Notification Centre
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Membership Features
  • Online Store
  • Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Social Integration
  • SEO Tools
  • Unlimited Contact Forms
  • 40GB Cloud Storage
  • No Ads
  • Live Chat
  • HTML Access
  • Unlimited Effects and Styles
  • Lightning Fast CDN

Webstarts reviews

Any Up-Sales?

WebStarts does not have any up-sales whatsoever. You only have to pay if you chose a paid plan or upgrade your site.

With that said, if you are creating an e-commerce site/store, you will have to choose one of the bigger plans, as a lot of the e-commerce features and tools are not part of the basic plans.

What About a Money-Back Guarantee?

WebStarts does not have a money-back guarantee, but they do have a free version that can be used to determine whether or not the program will work for you.

Is The Program Legit?

WebStarts has been around for 13+ years, and though they had a rocky start, I can say with absolute certainty that they are not a scam. With a free version for testing, that never expires, it is safe to say that you will only lose money to this program, if you purchase without research or if you choose a paid version of the program without making sure it is what you were looking for.

What About Support?

WebStarts has great support, with FAQ pages, Help Docs, blogs, forums, a YouTube Channel, a Facebook page, and so forth.

User Interface

The program has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and does not take long to get familiar with. I used/tested MANY website builders in the last couple of years and WebStarts is by far my favorite one when it comes to "ease of use". Tabs are clearly marked and sorted and even tho there is a lot of features, the dashboard never looks cluttered or confusing.

Webstarts reviews

WebStarts - Pros

Hosting and Domain are included in all plans.

They have great support, and problems, should they occur, are resolved quickly.

The dashboard is easy to navigate and simple to learn.

WebStarts has some unique features, that are not found in other website builders, such as; Video hosting, a blank template, and a file manager.

Their plans are reasonably priced, considering what you get.

The risk factor is low. If you decide to take your website elsewhere for whatever reason, you can.


Usually, it is easy to find issues with any kind of service, however, with WebStarts it is hard to find points that will classify as a total flop. One thing I think that would be worth mentioning tho is the editor when you create a new blog post. Not my absolute favorite as I would prefer a simple editor with all the basic editing buttons above and in-sight, that allows for easy Bold, text size, font choosing text format, and so forth. The entire website is beyond user-friendly with editing tools and navigation neatly set above and on the left-hand side, not quite understand why they did not do the same with this editor.

Let's Sum This Up...

The User interface and ease of use is an absolute breeze, compared to many other builders. Despite my small issue with the blog post editor, it is still my favorite builder among many. Simple is more and they kept it simple, yet functional. No fancy dashboard/s that are hard to navigate or understand and the tools/functions included are the ones that matter. Most definitely a very good choice for beginners as it is "almost" impossible to do something wrong. (And if you do, there are easy-to-understand tutorials that will solve the problem).

SEO is good, you get all the basics of SEO and if done right, you will get a good ranking. But please keep in mind; that SEO is not simple, you can get it right or not. It also involves a bit of work on your part to reach for the top of the engines obviously. Content, backlinks, keywords, and so forth is part of SEO and thus, there is only so much WebStarts can do for you SEO-wise.

In the past, the program had a few hiccups here and there, but it had improved greatly over the years to become one of the top-rated.

WebStarts - Main Features

Website Builder

Create a stunning website, blog, or online store with the easy to use tools and features provided by WebStarts. From Custom fonts to image editors, they got it all, and on the plus side, they provide all the tools needed to make your website look great on mobile too. Some of the features and tools that can be found on WebStarts include:

  • Live Chat (For Visitors)
  • Style Management
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • HTML Access
  • Anchor Links
  • Search Engine Submission (Google)
  • Hosted Video
  • Automatic Domain Setup (Free)
  • Right Click Disable
  • Favicon Support
  • Site Map Support
  • Image Editing and Library
  • Icon Library


Choose from a wide variety of stunning templates and edit/customize them to perfection. You can also choose a blank page and start from scratch, customizing your template and pages as you go. By far the coolest option I've seen, not a lot of website builders around, with this feature.

Templates are also categorized for different types of sites, blogs, or even stores.

Webstarts reviews

WebStarts AI

Answer a few questions and the WebStarts AI will provide you with the best approximate basis for your site, leaving you to only add your content, while tweaking the site itself here and there to get it to perfection.


Search for and register domain names with WebStarts. You can also make use of the free one they offer, provided you are ok with WebStarts ads on each website page you add to your site.


Amazing e-commerce builder and customization tools, to help not only design the perfect store but to run and manage it as well. With great features such as:

  • Coupon Codes
  • Custom Shipping
  • Mobile Ready
  • Digital Products
  • Automatic Domain Setup
  • Email Marketing
  • Secure Transaction Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Reporting
  • Paypal Acceptance
  • Product Variants

Webstarts reviews


Create a blog with WebStarts specially designed tools and features for just that purpose, along with the rest that comes with the ordinary website builder. Have a mobile-ready blog set up within minutes, and publish your first work just like that. With staggering features and tools such as:

  • Built-In Photography
  • SEO Friendly
  • Search
  • Schedule Posts
  • Commenting
  • Apps

WebStarts offers a wide variety of Apps that you can add to your website to customize it to your taste.

Webstarts reviews

Other Tools and Features

Designer Platform – Design templates and websites to sell to others via WebStarts.

Listing express – Get your sites ranked and listed faster.

Traffic Booster – Learn and get more traffic.

Google Maps Embed – Add Business locations to websites.

Local Listing – Shows businesses in the area when searching.

Extract colors from images – Edit Images by customizing their colors.

Examples – A-List of website examples to help inspire.

Designs – Template designs to choose from or to inspire.

Right Click Disable - Prevent your content from being copied without your permission.

Image Library - Plenty of stock photos that come with the built-in image library.

Hosted Video - Upload and share your videos (WebStarts is one of the very few website builders with free video hosting).


Your website will be submitted to the search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google on a monthly basis. The editor is SEO-friendly as well and allows for basic SEO that even a newbie can handle. In addition, you have Site-Map-Support that will allow you to upload your map and make it easier for the engines to index your content.

Webstarts reviews

Do you use WebStarts or used it in the Past?

Please tell us about your experience with the program so that it will not be a one-sided opinion.

Thank You.


Unknown said...

I have been using webstarts for about three years and have seen it go from a good product and with good service to a very bad experience. Webstarts now has constant tech issues resulting in my website(s) being down. When I call, they say 'we are working on it' but never have an answer as to when the issue will be resolve and seem irritated at my inquiries. I am currently seeking other services as it is unprofessional when consumers can access your site and you can't tell them when it will be resolved!

Anonymous said...

After reading positive comments regarding webstarts, I set up an account with them. While their websites are user friendly in that a novice can set up a website , their support is so inattentive that I can not recommend them.

My issue is that the navigation menu would not work in preview mode, nor when we tested it as a 'customer mode' The only time the navigation menu worked was in 'edit mode'. I sent many emails to the customer support team, only to be met with silence. I called their support number only to be put on hold for vasts amounts of time sans no answer. This issue, after over a month is still unresolved and ignored by this hosting company.

I have repeatedly contacted them regarding the fact that the navigation window never worked and as such our website is useless for our customers to no avail. Yet, while all our attempts for customer support are met with silence and indifference, this company sends us daily emails, pressuring us to upgrade .the final insult was their email threatening us with removal of our account due to inactivity . ... yet, the irony of this situation is that we can not use this site due to the fact that the navigation bar does work, has been repeatedly brought to their attention, only to be ignored.

My review . .... pass on this site, no good. We have given up on this hosting site are are going with another site due to their very poor customer service and their daily emails pressuring us to 'upgrade' with the final straw being their threat to delete us due to non activity. .. yet, they have ignored all of our emails in addition we have spent untold time on the phone on hold with never an answer.

We do not recommend this site for your hosting needs.

california said...

Do you people expect Webstarts to work for free! Give it a break..webstart employees need to make a living too. They probably prioritize their customer service for the people who actually pay for their services and free web hosting. I am one of them and I have only been a customer for a short time but they have been great and very professional and have always replied to my questions.

Digital Marketing Training In Chennai said...

Great post. Thank you for having taken your time to provide us with your valuable information. Please keep on sharing the new updates you get.

Unknown said...

I want to attest to what you are saying. Webstarts has become a great disappointment. In addition to their inferior service they have become a complete scam. I have had numerous issues with them overcharging my credit card. They will have all the charges listed that are due and as soon as you pay them the next day they charge a new fee as well as increase the fee upon billing. There deceptive business practices have become so prolific that they should be avoided. Beware do not use webstarts!!!

Bea said...

I read your blog really its informative

pożyczka online said...

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. My webstarts website just magically disappeared including my account even without any prior notice. Upon inquiring the reason why, they just said that the system may have detected it to be fraud. However as I thoroughly explained that it cannot be. The final answer was it was because I am in Indonesia. Since the company just decided to take out all the accounts in the particular country I am currently in since there were many problems encountered for fraud and would not be to open an account again any time soon. I hope they would just verify first before completely eradicating my hard work for the design. Just when I was already getting traffic. **kapuff** account gone without any trace in their system.

On the free website offer. Yeah maybe they detected as fraud because we used their website for free for the meantime since we are just starting and just testing the waters first. But that doesn’t mean we are frauds because we didn’t subscribed yet or become Pro or Business user accounts. Haist.

pożyczki przez internet said...

I read your blog really its informative