Empower Network - Scam Review (Closed)

Before I give my honest Review about Empower Network I would like to state that this is not an affiliate link, and I am not receiving any compensation at all to write about them, now let’s get started... 

Update: Empower Network No Longer Exist!

Feel free to check out some other reviews and articles about similar programs. 

What is Empower Network all about? 

Empower Network Scam ReviewEmpower Network is an online opportunity that supposedly enables its members to earn money without experiencing the most common challenges, pitfalls, and problems that most individuals go through when they start a home-based business. They provide marketing training, information products, and digital services like a blogging platform called Blog Beast. The affiliate program pays commissions that allow members to create a substantial online income from home.

What will the scheme cost?

  • The basic membership will cost you $25 a month and will give you a blogging site.
  • You will have to pay a  monthly fee of $19.95 if you wish to promote the EN products and earn commissions. 
  • If you decide to join the Inner Circle membership, a $100  monthly fee will be added. (Needed for drastic success)
  • In addition, you will need to sign up for an autoresponder service to manage emails and communication with future prospects.  

Empower Network Membership Levels

If you join Empower Network, you will have several different levels of membership to choose from. For each level that you purchase, you will earn a commission when the specific level of training is purchased. If you did not purchase the level, you will not earn commissions when your referrals buy it.  

Blogging Platform - $25 a month

The first level is the basic membership that provides you with the Empower Network blogging platform. You will have access to the fast training and core checklist. This contains the principles to build an online business. In addition, you will have access to the back office tools, capture page systems, and Monday night Empower hour. It is required to buy this level so higher levels can be accessed.

Empower Network Inner CircleThe Inner Circle Membership - $100 a month 
This membership level grants you access to a library of audio. This contains information about the Empower Network founders, team leaders, and members.  You will have the right to sell this level and earn commissions from it when someone joins under you.


Empower Network Costa RicaThe Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – One Time Payment - $500

This is a video series that is based on a private 3-day retreat that was held near David Wood’s mountain home in Costa Rica. These videos cover most of the concepts that change the way you approach your online leads or audience along with some advanced marketing strategies. 

The 15K Formula – One Time Payment - $995

Empower Network 15k formulaThis level is more focused on technical training and teaching members how to market online. The training focuses on strategies to get targeted leads and grow your online business on a long-term scale.

Masters Retreat – One Time Payment - $3,500

The master's Retreat level consists of about 40 individual training and includes a workbook that enables members to learn as they earn.

Again, keep in mind that you need to purchase all the levels that you want to promote with Empower Network. In other words, if you purchase the $25 blogging platform, you can only receive commissions from that. When someone signs up under you and purchases higher levels you Will Not receive the commission.

Now that you know the basic setup and fees, let’s get to the part which led you here in the first place… Is Empower Network a scam and what are the Cons?

No, they are not a scam because they do not take money from members without their consent or fail to pay commissions to their affiliates. However, the program is similar to an MLM scheme because you need to refer more people to the program to make money. Basically, you have to sell Empower Network itself and teach others to do the same.


  • No description - So you might wonder what they sell and what will you have to sell? Empower network has no clear description of its business model and they do not tell new prospects exactly how they will make money or gain success.
  • Too many up-sells - EN is the King of the internet when it comes to “up-sells” and frankly, it is blunt out annoying, to say the least. You would think that it will eventually end with the 15K formula, but no, do not rest that easy. When I was part of Empower Network I got extremely annoyed when members tried to sell me customized sales pages, “the big idea mastermind”, lead capturing programs, to only name a few. The most annoying part? They actually tell you that you need it to make money.
  • You have to pay $20 to get paid - Yes, ladies and gents, you will have to pay for the card every single month, oh and do not forget that it is a privilege (ha ha ha) I got my Payoneer card for Free and it enables me to cash out my earnings on various affiliate programs – Now that is a privilege!
  • So how much do you have to invest to succeed?  Nope, not just $25, this will only give you a blog with some very basic training. If you do not purchase the Inner Circle, you will miss the “awesome videos” and the commissions when your referrals upgrade. Now how would you earn money if you do not purchase the payment system, yes, that is an extra $19 – Still there is no promise that you WILL succeed but that would be the minimum requirements for “success”
  • Affiliates, without manners or ethics – It seems to me that you literally need to be a “badass” to become an Empower Network member. Some members promote EN in any way possible, whether it is legit or not. I considered getting a restraining order at some point and I even had a personality issue for a short time – Seriously, I thought I was a flower and they were the bees chasing me! However, all jokes aside. Facebook banned the EN links because of this behavior. I use Facebook for marketing and I am sure that others do the same, what is the use of having a program with limitations on a social platform?
  • Too many complaintsWell, what did they expect was going to happen if members run loose and spam every given platform they can find on Google just to make a quick buck?
  • The Blog – Although they make it out to be shiny, I just do not see the “bling”.  You have limited control over it, just a few templates to choose from and without the options for additional plugins or personal control. Most of the Empower blogs are plastered with the EN banners and all the “sign up now or forever be doomed” adverts. Most defiantly not worth $25. The new phone app is nothing new and many blogging platforms added the app months ago. WordPress is still the most popular, not to mention that you can have it For Free! 
  • Ranking Blogs – What ranking blogs? A few years back it was common to see an Empower Network blog with some nice content, but that is not the case anymore.
  • No support within some groups - Empower Network has grown immensely within the last 3 years and some groups got so big that support became non-existent. Many Empower Network affiliates promote the program in the wrong way and only set out to get sales. This causes failure when it comes to supporting and team building. As an affiliate, you are responsible for keeping trust and communication, this is the fine line between failure and success.
  • No Free trial – Would you like to have a peek before you reach for your Visa? No chance of that happening, sorry!

Bottom Line...

My concern - Building an Online Business that is not 100% mine. The blog will still be owned by Empower Network and you will be stuck with the EN template. I personally prefer to have an online business of my own that I can gradually build up and modify the way I want to.

Call me lazy if you want to, but I still prefer to go after the easy money, by promoting products without too much competition. Empower Network became one of the most famous products, and I am sure that most of you would be familiar with the name by now, therefore it would take some added skill to promote them successfully. Allow me to elaborate for those still a bit unfamiliar with the advanced marketing strategies – By promoting products that are well spread over the internet, you enter a highly competitive market and you will have to double all efforts to gain success and make a profit. The advanced marketers promoting Empower Network will clearly have a better shot than those who are new, for they already adopted the skills and tactics to sell a highly-priced product successfully.

My honest opinion...

There are programs that cost less with better value.

Currently, there is a competitive market for new entrepreneurs in internet marketing who desperately want to make money online. Unfortunately, the economy is horrible and most of these people looking to start an online business do not have that much to invest in the beginning. I would always try my very best to point new entrepreneurs into directions that do not require a huge investment or better yet, offers a trial or Free Methods.

ReviewEmpower Network suffered setbacks on the social side and Facebook had banned direct linking mainly because of the huge amount of members that is spamming or promoting the program in an unethical way. Personally, I think David should tighten the ropes with his members before they ruin all the hard work that he and David Sharpe invested in the business. An online "makeover" for Empower might not be such a bad idea.

I've read tons of “Empower Network Reviews” and have to admit that I feel a bit disappointed. Most would simply just be a sales pitch to get others to purchase the program without highlighting the pros and cons. Again, I am not shooting at anyone trying to get their product promoted, we are in the marketing industry and need to make a sale to survive.  A review should be based on personal experience, highlighting the features and the type of individual skill sets that would fit into the program. 

Questions and Answers

Can a Newbie Succeed with Empower Network?

It is possible with hard work and dedication. However, it will take some time and earnings will not be instant. The success rate is low and only a small percentage of members earn a substantial amount each month. Do not take my word for it, but rather see for yourself by having a look at the Empower Network Income Disclosure.

What about a money-back guarantee?

EN has a strict 14–day return policy that begins on the date of purchase.

How does the Empower Network compensation plan work?

Allow me to give a quick example using the $25 subscription:

If you refer Jhon, and he purchases the blogging system, he will fall on your first position. You will receive a direct, monthly recurring payment of $25.

You will pass up the product purchases from sales 2, 4, 6, and every 5th to your sponsor. (You will not earn commissions for sale 2,4, 6, and every 5th sale)

If you then sell the system to Sue, she would stay connected to you for future products, and the sale will pass on to your sponsor. You would collect commissions on 3, 5, and 7-10, etc.

When John starts to generate product sales, you will receive direct payments for monthly subscriptions for his 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 11th sale.

If John continues to sell the product, you will receive a commission payment for his
16, 21, 26, 31, etc. sale

John will keep 100% of sales 1,3,5, 7-10, 12-16, etc.

Is Empower Network International?

Yes, you can join from any country as long as you have a valid method of payment. Some payment processors like Payoneer is not accepted. The saved ones are PayPal, CardFlex, Authorize.net, and AlertPay.

Are there hidden costs?

Yes, If you are serious about earning commissions with Empower Network, there will be added costs that include, your autoresponder, paid advertising, additional hosting, domain purchase, and so forth.

What do I need to make money "instantly" with Empower Network?

  • A blog or website with traffic to gain leads.      (Read More)
  • A list for email marketing
  • A Social following to establish trust and relationships
  • A killer personality – If you are shy, and do not like to communicate directly, forget about MLM!

To make money online is not as difficult as it might seem, yes, it is not as easy, but surely there is a workable solution and a tactic that will overcome the impossible.

Any Other Options
Empower Network Review

Web site development that goes along with Affiliate marketing is and will always be the best method to generate a substantial online income. No false promises or misleading methods. Your success will be determined by your own actions and willingness to learn and work hard...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cristene, I am in a very bad financial situation. And just received a mail from some marketer, asking for $25, so I thought if I'm being a part, I can make money, But I don't wanna be get cheated. So help me out...... I should join or not?????

Christene said...

No amount of money will give you instant results and most of these marketers have promised the world just to get your money, be careful.

I would rather advise you to sign up with a free system that allows you some basic training as well. I would recommend using WA (click on the recommended tab) and then after you had learned some basic technical and marketing skills, you can make a clear decision whether to add Empower or not.

The most effective way to create an online income, would be to create a niche blog of your own that is not related to online marketing. The marketing niche is too competitive and it will take you a long time to make enough money from it.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions

Anonymous said...

Thanks Christene for an awesome review on Empower Network. Recently I have joined EN and I did some research on what they say as driving traffic to the website by properly applying seo tools but I was amazed to see the top earners blog posts did not have comments on them. This was surprising because if their articles would have been driving traffic, there should have been at least some comments. As comments is one of the indicators of online traffic, isn't it?

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment. Yes the major indicator of traffic is comments and social sharing.

The Empower Network blogs had lost ranking with Google and all the SEO in the world is not going to change it. The only way to get traffic fast on a new post would be to link it to another busy website, buy traffic or by social sharing.

Most of the top earners does not make much money with their blogs itself. They have email campaigns, huge lists and paid advertising to only name a few.

lyzzie hill said...

HiZach!just curious why you keep stating thatENis based inCostaRica?why is it then that I keep calling their main office and support crew and billing office(sounds like headquarters,huh!?!)inStPetersburg,Florida?my parents are in a nursing home near there and did me the favor of driving by their address and sure enough,it is a real building!:)!,maybe you're confused...one of theDaves just lives there,like I live nearDeathValley!!still love ya as a fellow human,don't hate so,wears you down before your time!

Darren said...

Hi Christine

A few months ago (7 to be exact) I joined Empower Network and decided to go with the blogging and inner circle because that was all I could afford. I made a whooping $150 in this time and put in a great amount of time. My group leader have no interest in helping and only come up with excuses why I am not making enough money. The inner circle training did not help at all and have no technical training, took me months of hard work only to find that the blogging platform is worthless.

I decided to take your advise and join the free option with WA. I must admit that I was full of doubt in the beginning, after-all quality does not come for free.

I just came back to say; THANK YOU!

Today I made my first sale on Clickbank after only a month of hard core blogging, something I could not accomplish with Empower Network. My blog is ranked on the 4th page of Google and I know it will only be a matter of time before it climbs.

I decided to end my Empower Network membership and focus on my WA blog.

I finally find a home at WA and even met new friends who helped me to get where I am now.

Thanks Christene - One day I will return the favor.

Anonymous said...

Great review, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliates and I believe that is the best thing that happened in my life. I just love Wealthy Affiliate, not only a awesome training but also a community.

Christene said...

First of all, Congrats on that sale! There will be many to follow.

Remember to keep consistent with your blogging every week. Ranking is determined hugely by fresh content that is added to your blog. Ranking on page 4 in a month is something to celebrate, don't you think?

I know that Empower Network had let you down and I must admit that the support is not up to standard. I am sure you will make great progress at WA because we look after those who are still "online babies" and help them to grow.

Feel free to connect with me inside WA whenever you feel the need for help or just support in though times.

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive comment. Have to agree - WA have an awesome community with outstanding support whenever you need it.

Anonymous said...

I watched the videos didn't sign up of course... They use allot of conversational hypnosis techniques in their videos.Example snapping their fingers, using words like Now. they are really just trying to bypass peoples critical thinking in the mind by showing flashy trips. So in essence when they say SALES PSYCHOLOGY they literally mean NLP lol

Christene said...

Yes sadly that is what Empower Network is all about - Manipulating people to purchase without thinking clearly. The Inner Circle is based on that mindset and how to be a "smooth talker" with the right audience in place.

Empower Network will work perfectly if they add real constructive training that will provide for the technical side of an online business. Also a good idea if they could maybe add a few products that we actually can use.

Denise said...

I joined Empower Network twice because the first time i did not join the right group. I lost too much money by doing this and still my blog have no ranking after i am blogging for months now. I feel down and disappointed. Can you suggest any other program that will help. I saw you on the first page and figured that you must do something right to get on a page that Empower can't even manage to rank for.

Anonymous said...

I can,t believe these guys are not in prison. It seems to me no complaints has been filed because the F.T.C takes this stuff very seriously

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know what led me here, or what E.N. really is all about, but one thing is for certain....personal development is crucial to success. There's a lot of work to be done here. Neither bitterness, nor boasting will get you anywhere.

Christene said...

Hi Denise

Empower Network is based on the MLM concept because you have to build an active down-line of marketers that make sales on a regular basis. MLM is difficult and require a different marketing strategy that is not fool proof. This is the major reason why so many fail because you are tied down to promoting only one specific product or platform. The competition is also massive and only the skilled make it.

Sadly the blogging platform have no value and ranking is difficult. If you want to promote EN successfully you will need to get leads by advertising and social media to only name a few.

Currently we help people to build their own sites at WA because in the end a ranking blog with traffic will give you power. Feel free to look at my recommended tab on top of the site to get more detailed information.

Christene said...


Sorry to disappoint but I don't feel bitter. I run a few blogs and I am involved in a good business opportunity that helps people on a daily basis. I had some good and bad with Empower Network and honestly don't feel like boasting them.

A business is not based on personal development alone. Support and technical training makes up the other part. Will you trust a doctor who only had personal development training but no actual technical education?

PS: You don't know what Empower Network is all about? Yes I agree "lot of work to be done here"

Unknown said...

I do not think we have alot of people like Christene when it comes to online business :)

She is too honest.

Unknown said...

Let us say it's a very closed group or chain of few counted people. If they let you enter in then you will get rich and see the income, otherwise you will stay at your place as an affiliate or pormoter no more no less :)

Christene said...

I absolutely agree. With Empower Network you need to be in a group that works together like clockwork and consist of Skilled marketers that have powerful leading capabilities. These groups are hard to find because normally the group leaders will only seek out marketers with experience and skills to add to the group.

Anonymous said...

I have a question Christine and I'm not that knowledgeable in this, though I do have friends who are involved.

Ultimately, are you just selling empower network to other people to get commission. So the sales are based on no physical product? In fact, you just sell the dream through landing pages, blogs, videos, etc.

Someone stumbles across it, likes what they see, wants to earn more money, so signs up to the program. If it's the program layer you've bought into, you get paid.

But once again, glitz and glamour aside, the empower network is just a dream that you sell and earn money from?

Otherwise, the language, the videos (why are they always 30mins long), the style. Everything looks like too much effort for general products sold on the internet.

Am I right?

Christene said...

You are spot on. Empower is a dream and vision that you present potential prospects with. Most of the training is based on personal development and motivation.

I have to admit that some of the training especially the 15 K formula has information that will help you with any business, especially if you are not in a positive mindset, but it is expensive and it will do you no good if you can't re-sell it.

To answer your question straight - No, Empower Network have no physical products or tools, only the training modules at different levels. You will have to promote EN it and go through great effort in doing so to outsmart the massive competition. This is the reason for the long video, nice sales pages and personal blog pages.

Anonymous said...

I have been with the instant payday network for 4-5 weeks made 50.00 so far lol. but its all me,my posts my blogs did first 3 steps all free. step 4 is optional which is the empower network.So i can stay at this no monthly fee state(step 3) which i like and may be pick up a second online job if i can find a free enough one to my liking.Judging by all the comments here 2 friendlier companies to work for would be better then joining empower?

Unknown said...

If more people believed God was their boss, the world would be a better place. Thank you for having the courage to add that to your post.

Christene said...

First of all, Congrats on earning with IPN, always a positive sign if you can earn from a platform for free.

Empower Network has both good and bad qualities and personally I have no bad feelings towards them. But we have to face the fact that competition is extremely high (not joking - it is a mine field) and their reputation is not a 100% after links had been banned from Facebook. The blogging platform was a great hit a year ago, but after the Google updates ranking become difficult.

I have a saying: "You can make it as hard or as easy as you would like it to be"

Why choose products and programs with high competition and work yourself to death, when you can choose a program with low competition and do half the work.

Earning an Online Income is hard enough - Choose a platform that will make your efforts work for you and not against you.


Choose a program with low competition or a program that is not too overcrowded in the same niche. When 20 000 people promote the same product within the same niche, you know that you have room, because the internet has plenty of space for that amount. When a hundred thousand individuals do the same thing you will have to be the best to outsmart the huge amount of skilled marketers in that specific niche.

A program with a good online reputation is a must, not only will it be an easy sell but you won't have to work so hard to convince people that all the negativity outside is only based on fiction. Also a platform with a bad reputation have the power to label you in the same category and you will struggle to build trust.

Fill your bucket with small drops instead of waiting for a flash flood - Huge commissions can be nice, but keep in mind that it will take blood sweat to get them. Individuals will not hesitate to purchase a good quality product for less, but when it comes to more expensive products and programs, skepticism will kick in and you will have to be a skilled marketer to get them to purchase. I personally prefer a hundred $10 sales before I opt for one $100 sale.

Empower Network is one of the most popular platforms online, with thousands of marketers. If you want to have success, you will need hot leads, capture pages that are unique and most importantly a group that has skilled leaders with additional tools and strategies for promoting. Without that you will struggle.

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive comment June. Yes God is most defiantly is my Boss. Previously I tried to do everything by myself and I never managed to get success. Since I gave everything over to Him and asked for His advise before I take on a task, my online business had grown positively.

May God bless you abundantly and help you to reach all your goals.

Unknown said...

I think everyone can blame the company, Empower Network but what it boils down to is working it as a business like you would if you had a retail store. Empower Network does tell you what you are selling. They are Educational Materials for anyone that wants to know how to promote their current business or to become an affiliate and promote those materials for their monetary gain. In either case, we are in EN and loving it. We have made more money with this company than a few of the others we've tried. But yes, you have to work it. Also you have to know where to place FREE ads in order to offset your marketing budget. When you post a blog, you have to hit the google and tweet post to get it out there.
Anyway, we believe in this company and anyone that wants to get where they want to go can do it with EN. They are also coming out with some new technology that will allow any newbie or grandma/grandpa to use it. Just check out the press release on NPros.

BridgetFields.com said...

Great Review, I was wondering how it worked. They have such great bait with joining for just $45...then comes the 15K Formula for $995, Uh Oh! So let me get this right, I'm paying for people to teach me how to market my business online...BETTER, right? I'm a graphic designer so of course I would think this goes hand in hand with building someone a site and then helping them to promote it. But if EN provides a turn-key site, then there's no need for me to build them a site right? OK now I'm confused.

Christene said...

Thanks for the Comment Michael - appreciated.

I have to agree that some of the products like the 15 k formula, have some great training to develop any business, but it is costly and most new marketers have trouble to go beyond the Inner Circle. Personal development is important for any person who wish to become successful in the online industry but half the cake does not sell well and people need a platform that will provide for both technical and development.

You can motivate anyone to go into the ocean and try surfing, but it won't do any good without an instructor, a surfing board and waves. I came across the very same problem when promoting EN in the past. I had a bunch of motivated referrals but none of them had a clue where to start and how to get the blogs to preform. Additional training need to be provided and you have to coach newbies yourself.

Tweeting and sharing works well if you know how to leverage the social platforms, but in order to do this you will need a good following. Most newbies do not have this and do not know yet how to use the correct social marketing techniques, therefore it is quite impossible for them to rank a blog that is already suffering under the latest Google update.

I mentioned numerous times that EN needs an upgrade and a new approach, I dearly hope that the new changes will make the platform more "newbie friendly"

Christene said...

Indeed confusing lol

Explaining Empower Network is no easy task, especially if you are the one selling it.

Most of the training is based on personal and business development. However I will not take the change to state that is will work for any online business because each niche calls for a different marketing and promotional strategy. I found very little information on the concepts of the marketing mix and the different marketing strategies that goes along with each component.

Let me be safe and say that the 15 K formula "may" help you in a specific targeted market, especially multilevel marketing businesses.

On the technical side of the online industry you can't expect too much. There is very little training on advanced SEO methods that is updated with the most recent Algorithm changes and a lack in WordPress and site development training.

Personally I am a great believer in building a business on a rock and not a sand dune. Turnkey sites can work great, but only if Google and the Engines have love for that hosting provider, once it gets a slap from the big G, all your hard work is down the drain.

WordPress is taking over - rather teach individuals to build themselves a site on a trusted host and help them to get freedom in promoting products that cover all niche types.

Joe said...

Very interesting points have been brought up here, my two cents would be that, One,after being part of EN for sometime is that it is not a scam, It works just like any other internet marketing service, product etc. You get pay by referring other people. TWO, It is increasingly becoming very hard for newbies to make any money with it since competition is fiercefull due to the amount of, NOT only people but the experience online marketers promoting EN. Most people will want to sign up under the big dogs even if they were refer by someone else, so thats all I have to say, yes you can make money but reagardless of what any guru or promoter will tell you it is going to be hard and you will have to do things that the average person can not do, so take this into account before joining. have a good day everyone.

Unknown said...

yes EN is completely customizable and you can promote any product or service using the system without selling the system and without showing any EN banners on the blog, i have almost made it through the comments , and i am hoping a member of EN has mentioned the compliance overhaul , and the launch of ENV2 coming up.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Joe, You made a point to call it exactly the way it is.

I agree that Empower Network is not a scam and in fact have better qualities than some other platforms that is fraudulent and take individuals hard earned money. I honestly think that there is no program that is "perfect" Every platform have flaws. As marketers we have to decide if we can cope with the cons and make something out of it or not.

People join up under the illusion that they will become rich fast with Empower Network and does not realize that it can actually take months before they will make a decent amount. Not true, there are many factors that will decide the outcome and each person will differ from another.

Best of luck with your online business, may all your goals be reached.

Anonymous said...

well praise the lord!!! i found this review,, i have just wasted about 28 days of my life dedicated to learning , watching you tube videos most of the stuff positive about Empower network, and i had bloging down to a fine art SEO and all that words i knew ziltch about 3 weeks ago, but getting not a single lead, and i think id just be wasting another months subscription, i aint got much money and well tried to make money online you need to me getting leads sales etc, thanks for explaining the hidden costs etc think ill cancel my subscription today before my bank charges overdraft fees lol, i got involved with empower through instant payday network now that is free, but really i need Awebber for that to work sucesssfully 19 quid a month, TUT!! think ill go back to online gambling somtime ya win somtime ya loose but really was!!!!!!!! wanting to try make money online succesfull Glad i came across this very good review, id share on facebook but then they would all laugh at me as i was upping Empower network everyday lol, Thanks a million Angus the wanna be online Entrepreneur lol

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Angus.

Empower Network is not an easy sell and it will take more than just a few months to generate profits. EN is not a definite MLM, but it works on the same principle of marketing and even though people will tell you how easy it is to make money with the platform, it is not.

MLM programs are the most difficult form of marketing, whether it is online or offline. The failure rate is close to 95% at this given moment and there is a reason. To make a good amount of money you will need hot leads and plenty of them, because this is a numbers game. Having leads is one thing, converting them is another difficulty, especially in an overcrowded platform like Empower Network.

The Inner Circle has some great ideas on how to get leads, but the only problem is that hundreds of other members have implemented it already, therefore the strategies lost power as time went by because the online environment got used to it. This is the reason why you struggle to get leads.

Last but not least...

People have different skills, personalities and interests and therefore not every person can do the same thing and be successful. If you are not a "people person" then stay away from any MLM program. Multilevel marketing requires cold calling and constant communication. Yes we all dream about that online business that makes us money while we are asleep and the freedom to have more spare time - No such thing with MLM. If you want success you will have to make calls, answer questions and be available 24/7. A hot prospect will see you as untrustworthy if they can't reach you immediately.

Want a turnkey business that eventually after hard work earns you money while you are asleep and give you "some" freedom?

Just create your own sites, add real products with recurring income and build traffic - No secret. Yes it will take hard work and no it is not easy in the beginning but you will have a site that gives you freedom to add affiliate programs, your own products and advertising.

* I absolutely hate when platforms push members to purchase auto-responders and additional programs because it is only a waste of money. Awebber is useful if you have traffic or a definite way to get leads. Teach a person how to get traffic and then sell them an auto-responder.

John Petralito said...

Christine and all who commented. I have read all of the comments posted. And I almost fell into the Big Idea Mastermind / EN program. Something in my gut just kept telling me, "This is not for you". As I listened to the marketing by Vick and additional videos on Youtube, I found one BIG flaw with all of the hype. The videos don't teach enough for the length of the video. The majority content of every training video is selling an up sell. Before you get to the heart of the training, you are being brainwashed to buy something else. Times are tough. People are hurting financially. They are looking for something that they can actually do from home and earn a living. The chances of many people succeeding with BIM/EN or WA or the host of others are slim. Yes, a few will make big bucks. They are the ones at the top. They have a huge list of "followers" and each one the followers is hoping that they can get to the top of the list of the next BIG thing in online marketing. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Ebay and the host of other billion dollar companies did not buy from EN or any of the other ONLINE marketing guru programs. What made them successful was spreading the word of who and what they were. Look at PINTEREST. It was accepted my millions of users virtually overnight. And it did not cost anyone a dime to join. It does not cost you anything to join Facebook. Now think. What is it that the BIG guys (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) did that got everybody to join and use them? A Platform that they created. You see. The money is not from the Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest members. It is from the ads that will be seen by the members. The money is in advertising and the ability to have a captive audience that will see the ads. Many will click the links and look and see. Some will buy. Now it is up to the advertiser to get the money, not Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. They are just a platform that sells ad space. Like a magazine did. And Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest will grow leaps and bounds financially with paid advertising. What BIM/EN and W/A are selling is hype and tools. If they spent their time and money creating flow charts and diagrams showing the student how things work in the ONLINE marketing craze, then they would have something. If they took the time to explain each step that shows how things actually work, they would make a killing. The reality is this. Everything that is being sold by the "GURUS" is available free and online. No one has taken the time to publish a real road map that instructs how to really make an online business work. The person or company that takes the time to teach how to start and build an ONLINE business by showing all of the needed parts to become successful, will be the next BIG ONLINE thing. What people are trying to buy with BIM /EN and W/A are a collection of what is needed to be successful. There are many training videos that waste time and money. With EN you get to buy in, pay monthly fees just to learn how to market what you never use. What you do get is the opportunity to get 100% commission at your level. And the person you sell to probably won't spend the time working the program because the HYPE is on the selling of the HYPE and actually not using it. Why spend countless hours training and watching videos when all you have to sell is the program to your down-line. They sell it their down-line etc etc. The guys at the top get FAT with your cash.

John Petralito said...

Part 2

I am in development of a new platform. It will teach step by step. As the formulas change with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Ebay and Amazon change, it will change. The course will start off with basics, terminology and it will get more detailed and will explain more. The difference is that it will teach a novice how to get a blog published for free. It will show how to build a landing page for free. It will show where to post ads for free. It will show how to build an auto-respond email director. It will teach how to build a list from the landing page. It will show how to build a web page for free. The point is everything I mentioned is available for free or free trial for a limited time. If it is a limited time trial, that is enough time to try and test your campaign. For example, if you want to build a landing page, you can get one built with stock templates for free. I just did a search for "Free Landing Pages". I wanted a free web page so I searched for "Free Web Page and Hosting". I wanted a free auto email response system so I just searched for it. I wanted to find free classified posting websites, so I just searched for it and found thousands of free space to advertise. Christine what I am in development of is what people are searching for. The tools that you need, a flow chart diagram showing how and why certain steps are needed and the education to help someone launch an ONLINE business at a price that is honestly priced with no hype. Each package will not consist of videos. It will be in print or .pdf format. It will not sell up sells. It will be complete. Period. Because that is what all of us have been asking for. I am not a GURU. I am only talking common sense. If and when I ever get it finished, I will get challenged by the GURUS because I will be exposing the falsehoods of what they are all about without ever mentioning their games or names. And lastly, business is business. They all operate the same. If it is a mortar and brick business or and online business, you have to offer a product or a service. There is nothing else to sell. Then you need to advertise your business. Then you need to inventory product or have the skills to service your clientele or both. When you advertise, you must have a hook or a lost leader to get people into your store or to your web store or site. Then once you have them, you need to be able to capture the visitor so you can convert the visitor into a customer. You need to build a client list of visitors and customers so you can create a marketing campaign. Then you need to email or mail to each and every visitor/customer your newest item or service. Discounts and free trials work very well ONLINE. Everyone looks for a deal. Without letting all of my thoughts out of the bag.

John Petralito said...

Part 3

I will close with this simple truth. We all want an easier way to make money with minimal effort and minimal cash out of pocket. The best way to do this is to start with a small budget allocated to the steps you need to get off the ground. Once your campaign starts and shows promise, increase your budget and advertise more. Never increase your inventory unless you have the sales to back it up. Stick with a product that you understand well enough to sell yourself before you try to sell it to someone else. Keep your eyes and ears open to NICHE items and services because they can be fast money makers but do not last a long time with high profit margins. So be ready to get on to the next one. You must use social media as an authoritative acceptance to your existence. You must tweet, FB and Pin to be successful. You must be able to write a blog and design a web page and you must be able to roll with the punches and not fight the tide. An ONLINE business will cost you your time and money. Use it wisely and effectively. If you launch a campaign and it works great for you. Congratulations. If it does not, look at all of your steps and look for what is missing not for what is there. And lastly remember this, The only failures are the ones you did not try. Good day and God Bless.

Sara Bebber said...

I love Empower Network, I have joined a little while ago being a beginner never working online before and I am glad I found this company.. I have made over $1000 so far and it has changed my life completely. Its not all about making money in this company everyone is family and its great.. I am doing a 10k in 30 day program right now and so far its going good! I am so thankful I have found empower network. It has saved my life and gave my husband and I freedom to be with our kids and that is what life should be.

manoj said...


Frank said...

Hey Christine, great review

I considered to join Empower Network but decided against it because the competition is too high. I would rather take your advice and join WA because they have a way better support structure and not so over rated. Plenty of room for marketers with a passion to do things the legit way and also a easy sell without the massive competition.

Thanks for the advise I see light again.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Frank

Empower Network is too wide spread across the internet and competition is high, I am sure that you will have no problem to build up a recurring income by promoting them.

Keep in touch and feel free to connect with me inside.

Anders Mikkelsen said...

Hello Christene.
Thanks for you opening my eys. I have not seen it before and go in EN. But very quikly I understand i must always bey more and more, because there alweays come new product and platform, there cost much of money.
I have today takes descision of leave EN.
I must found other way to my freedom.
Best regards
Anders Mikkelsen

Christene said...

Pleasure Anders. Yes with Empower Network you will basically need to buy all the products to make a decent amount of money, very risky.

Best way to get successful is by creating your own online business, no one can take it from you and you will have freedom to customize it later in time.

Unknown said...

Thank you sooooo much. I just spent the last 2 days looking at videos and just spent over $400 setting up a "landing page". I might just keep that, but I was very concerned about what it actually is that they sell and was hoping that I wouldn't have to join EN to get the big idea mastermind deal, but u do. so I decided to research it and see what it is. Apparently no one REALLY knows. So I'll just stick to the company I'm with. And figure out my own details on how to make my money. U r greatly appreciated for this blog. Wow!!!

Kunius said...

The way I see it, blogging now a days is free. Why pay for a blog? lol Build traffic and rank for someone else's domain and then claim to be your own boss? Anyways great article! Right on point awesome review, thank you.

Unknown said...

Empower almost got me huh! I am newbie in this industry and I am still looking for great platform, easy for beginner like me. This blog save me from start up fall. Thank's

Adaugo said...

I really appreciate your comments. i just signed up into the EN and the prosperity Team . I SEEM TO HAVE LOST HOPE soon as I learned that I have to go ALL IN inorder to really be at the money making level. Now I am considering asking for a refund because I am a nurse with poor computer skills. A single mother of four with limited time,but can make out the time if I would know what to do. and to crown it all I have a very limited cash at hand to spend.. I am confused right now.

Christene said...

Yes Vick is also part of Empower Network and the big idea mastermind is one of his "added products". BIM is mostly about paid advertising Shonna, and you will have to invest quit a bit of money. I would absolutely not recommend it - the negative reviews is overpowering the positive and in my opinion it is too risky. I am sure that you will make it just fine. Rather join programs or learning platforms that have free options for learning or ask a minimal fee.

Programs like Empower have members who can sell ice to a Eskimo and you can loose a lot of money on a program that might not fit with your skills or personality.

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive comment - dearly appreciated.

Yes I absolutely agree on having your own blog, or at least a blogging system that does not own your content.

Too much risk when blogging on a host that you have no control over because other bloggers can actually drag you down with their bad content that includes spamming and duplicate content. Most of these blogs like the one's Empower Network is offering have duplicate pages and that is one of the reasons why Google does not rank them that highly anymore.

People should not look for the perfect blogging platform but rather the perfect hosting. You can have an awesome blog with unique content, if it is on a host that had too much problems in the past or one that host similar blogs with duplicate content, then STAY AWAY.

Christene said...

Pleasure Arnold.

Newbies have a hard time to make money with Empower Network because of the massive competition that you will be up against. The best method would be to start small and then build your way up. Very few people make it in the online industry because they do not start with basic fundamental training.

Christene said...

Yes sadly you will have to purchase all the products to make a good amount of money from Empower Network. Most will tell you that it is not needed, but you will always be pressured to "go all in".

Adaugo I am not going to tell you some fairytale here, but be straight and honest. Your changes are slim here because you do not have any skills yet and still have a lot of basics to learn. If you spend too much money on a platform without seeing any results you will become depressed, broke, negative and then give up. This is the Internet cycle and that is the main reason why so many just give up. I see newbies that come and go on a daily basis because some fool had promised them the world and then fail to deliver.

Earning an online income is not hard at all, I do it in my sleep now. But...you need to start from the bottom and work your way up, once you realize that, you can do anything.

I would advise you to start your own business and not build someone else's. Pick a program that is affordable and give you the fundamental training.

Because I am a single mom myself and know the difficulties and responsibilities that goes along with it, I would love to give you free advise.

Feel free to send me a message by using the message box on the right or email me on my personal gmail at christene.swanepoel@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Also for people who have products to sell online. After seeing what's missing with the EN bloggers I have put up a some great resources I use to make money online. http://89unrestrictedplr.onlinemarketinghq.co.uk/

IT Network Support said...

The information is excellent and really helpful.

Anonymous said...

Hello Christine,

Do you know how to opt-out of the membership? I keep getting charged each month but cannot seem to find a way to stop the membership. Can you help?

Christene said...

Did you cancel your full subscription?

Log in to your dashboard - You can do this even if you canceled.

In the "Business" tab click on "Terminate subscription" and make sure that ALL subscriptions are canceled.

If it is canceled, then contact your sponsor and ask him/her to remove you. You will find the "sponsor" link at the top left corner. Also send in a support ticket demanding a refund.

If all fail, then you need to cancel the payment with your credit card provider or bank ASAP.

Tip: Make sure to cancel your e-wallet, blog and EN account. Remove all your credit card and personal details from the system before you close the entire EN account.

Getting your money back can take anything from a few days up to weeks.

If you still have problems after you followed the steps and waited the "2 weeks grace period", contact me for assistance.

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive comment - Dearly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

You are an answer to prayer. I have had someone diligently emailing me for months to sign up with EN. I nearly caved tonight because of a big push to get in on a new system. I asked the Lord to send help with this last minute decision. He sent me to your blog. Know matter what I did or didn't do to generate business - I could never convince people to spend the kind of money they say is necessary to make money!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Christene! I terminated all of my subscriptions and will be in the look-out for any future charges.

Christene said...

Thanks for the Comment.

Yes it is the hardest thing to do especially if you have a heart. I hate taking money from people whom I know can not afford it. With EN I lost my goals and got focused just on making money instead of helping people while doing it. I also believe in free will and with Empower Network it is not possible because you have to change people's thinking completely to make a sale. I like to promote products that give new marketers the option to make a decision all by themselves without pressure.

All the video's and sales pages makes Empower Network and many other programs look promising and it creates a dream. The back end is much different though. When you talk to a single mom on the other side of Skype who just managed to scrape her last savings together to pay for the Inner Circle and she have that positive tone in her voice, telling you that she can't wait for the end of the month to see all the earnings....You feel nauseous because you know that her changes are slim and she will not see much earnings for the first few months. Not the kind of marketer I want to be.

John F. Sapp said...

I'm glad I did some research on Empower before I hit that send button. The last few days I've been really considering this one and was just a few seconds away from joining but your article is very well written and covered most of my questions about marketing it Christene. I've been with a few programs where all you're doing is spamming the hell outta of folks across the planet and that ain't for me. I want pages and a website that I have total control over. So thanks for the information Christene. You just saved me a chunk of money and a lotta stress I don't need.

glad2notBu said...

...right, 'cause "TurnAround165" is more "descriptive" as "anonymous"? Keep on believing that.

THANK YOU for your objective info, CHRISTENE, I was literally on the *click* button to go ahead w/ EN, but glad I found my way to this great info.

First of all, LATANYA, you did just desperately shove your contact info "for hopes of a lead" and did minimal but that. So simple for me to see who & what you are as a person. Trust me, you're not an "evil person", HOWEVER, you DO seem to not understand some things.

Primarily the fact that the whole "just ignorantly nod while making money in the most shallow of ways" is probably not what "your God intended". Last I checked, Jesus wasn't a money grubbing Capitalist. ...and throwing in certain "key phrases" like "wussy, God, etc" kinda gives a person like me red flags.

I'm honestly glad I didn't follow through with it, despite what seems to be nominal successes, because the thought of the content I put out not being mine is kind of ridiculous to me. Also, as it seems like you're only allowed to sell EN on your blog, it does nothing but make me think that it is, in fact, "just a shallow scheme".

Now, I say this w/ the full understanding that EVERYTHING IS A SCHEME. Every workplace is "profit-focused". It's all "lowly masses at the bottom working hard for the top's benefit". Restaurant, Medical Office, all the same. It's what Consumers "think" drives Capitalism. ...just going for the dollar, regardless of how shallow it is.

BTW, dogging on an actual education, in the process of shoving a very "limited" on-the-job "education" past what it is, isn't progressive to people giving you any respect. "Just having money" is not respect. Look at Donald Trump. Biggest most worthless douche on the planet that got "rich & famous" for being a "Bankruptcy Expert".

I wouldn't personally go on his show to take a dumb on his desk, but that's just me & I'm not a tool named "Latonya" or "Omarosa", or WHATEVER. I'm of mixed race, mostly black & white, but this whole new "just make that money, yo, no matta' how tooled out you are, because it's all for GOD" crap black people do nowadays is as embarrassing to me as that same vapid "focus" from white people. It's that b.s. way of thinking that's the root of so many problems.

Doing it the EN way seems like an "in" to "your own financial independence!!!", but it seems just shallow to me. ...and you're talking to someone who decided to not be a lawyer due to my dislike of "having to compromise w/ scumbags, all across the aisle, in order to play games w/ peoples' lives". But, then again, I know the difference between "you're & your", as well as how to MAKE A PARAGRAPH.

Good to hear the objective, good to hear the negative, good to hear the positive. It's all very informational and telling. If you people can make money online by doing this, I'll be making a lot more, sooner.

I've always worked hard, always been an artist as well as working many manual labor jobs, as well as administrative positions, in the medical field, etc... The main kicker for me was the thought of having to water down a blog so as to protect myself from someone else USING my work for their own gains. I'm not a selfish person, far from, but I know what I'm worth.

There's nothing wrong with that.

...and to anyone who does, in fact, have a "bad boss" in literally every field on the planet: "Don't be used. Learn from them, use them for what they're worth, then either walk away to something better or walk over them". Nothing worse than having to SUFFER through some crap-for-boss and/or douchebag employees taking credit for your hard work.

glad2notBu said...


Something is majorly wrong (RED FLAGS!) if Facebook kicked EN off its' site, as well as others (Amway, Paypal, Google, etc comments).

Just thought I'd add another $.02, because that seems wEiRd to me.

...regardless of peoples' successes w/ EN, which are fine & dandy and all. We all do different things for income, even people in the same position in the same company will yield different outcomes due to PEOPLE being different.

Kudos to whomever has made a living w/ EN, kudos to everyone making an honest living doing something else.

Personally speaking, I've been able to sell ice to an Eskimo, but then stopped because I realized that I had a problem w/ selling something I didn't have FAITH, TRUST, CONFIDENCE, ETC in. I've sold ice to an Eskimo, as it were, but then I got to the 2nd igloo and said, "You know what? You don't need ice, clearly, and I'm not gonna try to trick and/or force you to take food out your babies' mouth to make me a couple bucks."

...or $25. ....or even $1,000.

But, again, that's just me.

greg crocker said...

Wow, a booatload of comments. Listen I snuck into Enpowerment network when it started, ctually got in free but system didn't work so i just watched these guys. Had prouble with payment systems, finally took care of it themselves. Now empowerment does lack good training, that's why i stayed out. The big idea mastermind is so much better and they did tell me about the up sells and my mentor said i should at least do platinum that's the 1000 program. I took it one step at a time basic, just a blog so I jumbed to silver two days latter, There was so much training there if you pay attention that i stoped to implament what i learned there. Now If you like learning and exspanding your mind and want to be an internet marketer, you have to have training and a mentor.
I choose a guy that was 8 months into the program because i knew i could get him on the phone and pick his brain. you see he knows enough to get it started and hes making over 10,000 a month now. Also you have to really focus and not jumb from one thing to the next. just like football, you need a team owner, coaches and the quarterback, The big guy doesn't have time to talk to you, neither does the coach, Vic, but you must become th quarterback, you need to learn the plays , strategies that your coach is teaching you so that when he calls a play. You can do it automatically at the right time.
Make sense. If you don't get what I'm saying ,maybe this business isn't right for you.
if you do , come to my site,bigideamastermindgenius .com I'm a quarterback looking for like minded team members. Honestly I would of never lasted in enpowerment network- I think only the gurus with experience. But i have a mentor who was brought in by vic, but he will tell you vic the bigidea creator doesn't have time for him even though he has his phone number. I'm succeeding offline in my roofing business and doing this on the side.
This takes a special skill set, My mind concentrates on one thing at a time, but with training you can learn how to make priorities. You women are better at this than men, you already do this. My point is if you want to learn internet business, once you do this, you'll be able to set up your own thing if you so desire. This has structure and with my additional program 1-30 day without moving to the higher level, you will succeed if you follow the steps. good luck- work hard- focus-focus focus

Christene said...

Pleasure John

Yes programs like Empower Network along with many other, basically encourage members to "force" themselves onto others to make a sale. Your own site with traffic give you the freedom to market your products in the way that you prefer to do it and not how others tell you to do it.

Keep up with the good work and just keep patient and persistent.

Jen said...

Looks like another EN member failed to answer your questions and choose to run off. I got my answer. I am going with WA!

Thanks Christene you are a star.

Christene said...

Thanks for your comments - A good read.

I have to agree - I don't think that it is wrong to make money but it all depends on how you do it. Many people will flat out state that it is wrong to take money from others in this way, they even say that it is "only business" and I can go on, the comments proved that everyone has their own opinion.

For me personally I did not have a hard time to take money from others, heck you get into the "sell now or forever be doomed" mindset with Empower. My problem was looking at myself in the mirror and spending my money. Each time I bought something I was thinking to myself, somewhere on this planet there is a person sitting in-front of his/her screen with nothing but hopes and dreams and I am buying myself a nice dinner with their money. That was the major reason why I decided to step away and look for something that will not only help myself but others as well.

They can call me a "wussy" I do not care because in the end we have to live with ourselves and the actions that we took.

The "Empower Dream" is far from being a dream, In fact it is a nightmare for new marketers. There is constant stress, you need to preform well and on top of it you need to pay huge fees each month - Most defiantly not a recipe to become free and living the "dream'.

Last but not least - I do not judge Empower Members (The new ones) They just do not know any better. The pressure in some groups can be downright impossible to handle. You need a certain amount of sales, you need to upgrade, You need to do this and that, a never ending story. When you place an individual in a spot like this especially a newbie, they panic and will do about anything including spamming their links on pages just to meet the demands.

The real culprits are the leaders who teach new members these tactics and make them believe that it is okay to do so. In my opinion they are the rotten apples that poison the online industry because they use the innocent to fill their own pockets without damage to their own reputation. You will never see any "Empower Big Dog" use the same tactics like spamming and begging for leads, because the little guys who does not know any better is doing it.

Unknown said...

Victor Perez I just happen to cancel empower network using their website, there is button that said cancel I press the button an think that the account was cancel, that happen 3 weeks ago and them find the charges on my bank account for the internet circle $100.00 and the blog $25.00 and the account was never cancel. Be aware of this and to cancel the account do not use their website, call 888-262-1934 , this is not nice from this company, when I call to complaint was told about the no refund policy and the account was never cancel.

Unknown said...


Can any one tell me whio is success in the EN?

Victor Perez said...

I just happen to cancel empower network using their website, there is button that said cancel I press the button an think that the account was cancel, that happen 3 weeks ago and them find the charges on my bank account for the internet circle $100.00 and the blog $25.00 and the account was never cancel. Be aware of this and to cancel the account do not use their website, call 888-262-1934 , this is not nice from this company, when I call to complaint was told about the no refund policy and the account was never cancel.

Christene said...

Before you cancel your account you need to cancel all subscriptions first and remove all your credit card details from their system. It can be a nightmare to get refunded and they will keep charging your account.

The best thing to do would be to get in contact with your bank or credit card company and stop all payments asap.

Unknown said...

Hello there, I hope you would have joined Empower Network by now. I am from Bangalore and if you have any question please add me to Skype AshuReta135 or email me Evalue4Money@gmail.com.

Thank you,
Ashok Arumugham

Ashu said...

Hello There, I sure you would have join EN by now, if not and you have any quarries you can contact me on Skype: AshuReta135 or Email me Evalue4Money@gmail.com

I am Bangalore and looking forward to connect with you. For more details you can visit my page below.

See you at the Top
Ashok Arumugham

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ifegwu Onyike said...

Personally, I am excited about this program called empower network. I have read a lot of reviews which try to discourage people from joining this great movement that is revolutionizing the online marketing industry. One thing about empower network is that the strategies and formulas they teach can be applied in any business with tremendous success.
Among all the negative reviews I have read about empower network, they all have several points in common which I would like to highlight here.
1. Empower Network is not a scam. All the reviews I have read all accept and agree completely that empower network is not a scam. It is real.
2. Empower Network members are making real money. It is true not all the members make money because not everyone puts in great effort to make it. I have learned over the years that there is nothing like something for nothing. Despite all the promises in empower network, you cannot expect to make money when you do nothing. Hard work breeds success.
3. They pay commissions to their members.

I have learned that in doing any business we have to be open minded and positive. We have to believe in ourselves. If others are making huge money in empower network, what makes you think you cannot make it as well? The only limitations we experience is that we place in our minds. Believe that you can make it and you will surely make it.

For the fact there are people making it in empower network is a proof that you can make it as well, no matter the competition. Do not allow anything to discourage you. There’s a great opportunity in empower network, and you will not know it until you get in.

Ifegwu O. Ukiwo

P.S. Need more money? Go here:


Christene said...

Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I removed the link attached to it. I gather that you are still very new to Empower Network and did not pick up on the fact that spamming can get you into hot water. This kind of advertising is what got EN banned from FB and popular platforms.

You will not be able to generate much leads by doing this and you will struggle to build an online reputation.

Tip: Create a blog that evolves around your niche and rank it for traffic, this way you will have solid leads that have a better change to convert. Also try to interact directly with people on your social platforms - Posting links have very little effect when you do it without the permission of blog owners, and individuals will not take you serious because they will doubt your ability to generate your own leads and traffic. You have to practice what you teach.

Hope this helps.

hortonteam said...

Christene are you any relation to Stefan Swanepoel?

I was researching BlogBeast and ran across this blog. Very informative, Thanks.

10Kweeks said...

Hey Christene
Ed Przybylski here (a.k.a. EdFromOhio)
Not afraid either to have my last name listed.

Isn't it somewhat untrue to say that:
"and I am not receiving any compensation at all to write about them "
When in fact by writing ANY of these reviews you hope to get ranked and cross promote your own WA program? Then you use WA to cross promote your other stuff... Hence You Are Compensated for writing this or any review.

As far as your comment to Kenny about not having affiliate links to your stuff... Yes you do ... the review leads to it... it's on the side bar and all over your site. For that I do not fault you, for saying you receive no money nor promote your stuff is simply, again, untrue.

Also As far as success ratios... from reading your post it appears your WA has been around much longer than EN. Yet as of oct 2013 you have less than 1/3 of the members?

And I guarantee Revenues from WA are not approaching $100 mill as they are with EN.

Personally I am in EN and would also bet that my income surpassed yours last year as well as 99% of WA affiliates even with their multiple income streams.

Be negative all you want the numbers are in, and WA is found wanting...

Take care Christene and God Bless You and Yours....

10Kweeks said...

Oh yes and I neglected to mention...
170,000 members in EN and you think it's too much competition?
Amway, Avon, Mary kay, herbalife and many other programs have millions and millions of members and still thrive.... several hundred thousand NEW people (more than all of EN) go on the internet DAILY looking for info to make money from home... There are people with individual teams in other companies bigger than all of EN....

Christene said...

I do not know Stefan Swanepoel.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Bravo!
Very well done!

This is how this site works: Empower Network affiliates promote, promote, promote. Empower Network advertisement is everywhere on the internet.

Thousands of people every day want to find out what Empower Network is; they Google it.

Where do they get to? Here.

Cos right here, we have the incredible Christene.
Christene has obviously seen her fair share of network marketing and online businesses,

I take it she knows SEO.

So now that she has a bunch of people landing her site everyday, she tells people everything about EN, but from a negative perspective.

And last but not least, she wraps everything up by promoting another program: Wealthy Affiliate...

Real smart marketing, Christene!
Smart, but a little dishonest.

I salute you, and I'm gonna use this as a bad example of how NOT to promote a program.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Ed.

Well first of all allow me to correct - I clearly written that I do not promote Empower Network and No there is not one affiliate link on this page from EN or WA. Affiliate links are on total different pages and you have to click through to other pages to get to the few that is placed.

I visited your blog - Interesting. A few reviews as well and loads of advertising. NO income disclaimer, T&C or privacy policy?

Tell me Ed, how much time did you invest in data analysis? I am a bit confused here, well to tell the truth I honestly think you are confused but to keep polite I will ask first?

How do you use WA to cross promote "other stuff"? Are you seeing something that I missed?

Sorry if I have a "dumb moment" here but I do not use WA to promote anything - We are not EN and we will get slapped for spamming or using the platform for self promotion. You clearly missed my WA dashboard by a mile otherwise you would have noticed that there is not even one promotional post. The discussion board is for answering questions and creating your own training to benefit members.

You said "hope to get ranked" - LOL Yea okay lets assume I am hoping.

Any given person can come and state that EN is all bright and shiny but very little can actually come and write a comment that actually give my readers the truth by telling them specifics like;

Your marketing strategy with EN and how long it took to pull up your perfect marketing campaign.

How long before you saw your very first dollar?

How did you overcome the social barrier and what did you do to enhance social engagement with new leads?

Well I can give you a few more, but I guess you get my drift. All you actually did was rewriting what Kenny already said and not much more.

I already explained to Kenny why EN have more subscribers than WA, I guess you missed it, but I will give a quick recap.

Empower Network allows members to spam their links on any given platform including first rank posts like mine. It was effective in the beginning and news traveled fast online by using these tactics. WA does not allow this kind of behavior.

Do your homework on WA Ed, the platform is not even remotely similar to EN. WA members are not required to promote the system to make money. Only a few, including myself choose that option. We have quite a few members in WA that is part of Empower Network and helped them to better their business. You should do a little homework.

To be honest here, I don't actually know you and I do not care if you made more that me last year. I am not sure if you want a tap on the back or a full analysis but congrats on making ????. NOW be so kind to tell everyone exactly how you did it it.

The question here is NOT how much you made, but HOW you made it. I know some "scammers" who is earning loads more than me. Sadly you will have to go bet on someone else.

"WA is found wanting..." Serious?

Wanting what? WA blogs in all niches dominate the first pages of Google. (I am sure you noticed)

* Just a quick question: If WA is so irrelevant and "small", why do people like yourself defend Empower Network against WA? I have 2 other programs on my blog that I am promoting but you and Kenny did not mention one of them. WA is huge competition - A small but powerful platform that produce results!

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment - Dearly appreciated.

Well I am not Incredible yet, sadly I am only a human.

Yes I do know SEO, and one of the most recent algorithmic updates de-ranked blogs for having too much affiliate links on their pages.

I recommend WA because you can use the platform to learn from scratch, you can even use it as a EN member. We have many successful Empower Network members who use the training to fill the gaps that EN does not provide.

You may call me dishonest - But I write about my own experience with the various platforms and services. But then again you can't please everyone. Feel free to read a review that is written without actual participation and riddled with "buy now or forever be doomed" links, you will find many.

WA is a supplement for anyone who is struggling with their online business and we DO NOT encourage anyone to quit the platform that they chosen but rather enhance their education. But then again I am sure you have no idea what WA is all about do you?

"Last but not least" I have lots of reviews on my blog, and most of them are in a positive perspective without promoting the program itself. (I bet you did not look) Stiforp is one of my best ranking reviews and there is very little negativity on that post. No I do not promote it and others are free to use my traffic with permission to add their links without compensating me.

Yes you know me so well do you?

Would you prefer I write a bunch of lies and then add my EN affiliate link to it instead? I will get hundreds of leads not to mention the loads of money I will make!

I think that would be dishonest

Christene said...

How on earth do you get to compare Empower Network with Amway or even Herbalife. All these programs have actual products that is evergreen. With Amway you can create content in multiple niches and add their products. The products is evergreen and there will always be a need for one of them. I use dish-washing liquid daily not to mention shampoo and soap. Woman including myself will always use makeup and Avon have a great range that I purchase myself, again evergreen.

Please explain how motivational videos and self development can be classified in the same category as actual products? Not everyone is looking to make money online, therefore it is NOT evergreen marketing. At some point it will die down and need to be replaced with updated content.

A good amount of people are looking for info to make money from home yes, but the failure rate put a damp on it. 95% is no joke. Read the income disclosure on EN Ed, you will find that very few are actually making big money. With Empower Network you need to build an Empire and I am sure you know this by now. Without strong referrals you will have a weak income. Picking the strong ones out of the 5% that is left is not easy because the skilled marketers is doing just that. So much for the thousands of new marketers that search online.

Real products like those Amway is offering, can be sold anywhere because there will always be demand and that is the reason why these MLM companies manage to strive and grow each year.

I am far from being the perfect marketer yet and still have a long way to go, but I do know the concepts of marketing and how Amway, Herbalife and Avon use the marketing mix and the 4 and 7 ps of marketing to dominate. Empower Network have none of those strategies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christene , Firstly may I say I liked your openness and honesty in this post.
A friend and I recently threw in the towel with Empower because firstly, there was too much hype for buying into everything. The blogs were never ours so we removed them. There were some members pestering you to buy any way they could and never gave us any support. I am the first to admit that I am still learning Internet marketing. My friend and I have moved on. Yes sure there is a small percentage of people who have made good money, but the vast majority will not make really big money. If you only have the basic membership or new to empower then you will notice that if you wish to see the other affiliate packages it says ACTIVE. meaning you have to buy into it.. So all very well for someone to say buy into all. but that's a lot of money to pay out each month especially if you don't get any sales. on the other hand, you can join other affiliate companies without having to actually buy in as with empower.it's much cheaper and you don't have the burden of products stuck round your neck if you can't make sales. Too much hype has been put on Empower sales and there will no doubt be the die hard's who will defend the company. The Internet is full of opportunities to market and our experience will hopefully serve us well in our new ventures. Thank you for a very fair post.

Unknown said...

My application was rejected. Credit Sudhaar was my choice. Initially they were slow. But their counsellors were able to handle all my queries. I will give Credit Sudhaar a positive review.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment.

Have to agree, Empower Network is no place for newbies. Advance marketers have a better shot at making money with this platform. But then again I always choose the easy way. You do not have to struggle and crawl over broken glass on your hands and knees to succeed, there is other methods that works better without carrying the burden of huge monthly fees and constant pressure.

I can absolutely relate. When you promote EN you are under constant pressure to sell the products just to make up the next months premiums. I use to spend hours just promoting the system and exhausted myself doing it. This was not my dream. I wanted to create my own online business and do the things that I enjoy doing like blogging, giving back to others and most of all get some sleep at night.

The commission structure is what makes people join fast. Yes Empower Network is one of the few companies that pays generously when you make a sale (you do not get commission for each sale though), but those sales does not come easy. I rather prefer constant drops of water before I chose one flash flood.

One of the biggest obstacles I found with Empower Network was the fact that you need to buy a "product" yourself before you can earn commission selling it. This put a damp on many members, because they are under the impression that if they purchase the basic $25 blogging system they will be able to work themselves up by selling all the products and earn enough commissions to upgrade themselves. Many members who only purchase the $25 level sell the other levels as well and don't get the commission for doing all the hard work. This is enough to break their positivity, after all you need to be rewarded for hard work not only for purchasing.

Keep well and all my best wishes with your online journey.

Nestie said...

This is off topic, with regards to adding adsense to my new blog hosted in gvo, how can i get approved by adsense? Easily?

APT said...

Thanks you Christene Swanepoel, I have been taking my time now with Big Mastermind and Empower Network. This folks they started with me on Purely Hosting an Affiliate membership program, with a website that they promise to built and banners to sale the program as Affiliate members.
The Website never prop not working or they promised fully customize website and just took money and come back to Propose Empower and Big Mastermind.

Anyway, I'm new on the online net business. I have let go built a personal website and trying to make it work day by day, as a novice in web building and also with little funds to spent.

Literally, with Google ads though not much yet, I was able to earn my first online dime.so hoping, to go step by step, to setup my online personal business to be earning some extra money just little by little taking offers from some different online day by day proposition.

Please much thanks, for your excellent review Christene Swanepoel remain bless.

Christene said...

Sad to hear about your encounter with these platforms. Unfortunately this is how they operate, get you to purchase one product after another without actually giving you value and the support you need.

Building your own online business is much better and you will be able to customize it and earn in various ways. It is not easy but well worth it in the end. Taking it step by step and learning as much as you can will get you far.

Programs like Empower Network and many others promise the world and money that is not for certain. Most individuals only see the short term effects and fail to plan ahead. Get rich programs have a life cycle and they can come to an end or lose popularity at any given moment, a huge risk if you plan on having an online business that will be evergreen and last for a long time.

Good luck with your business. Remember to have patience in the beginning and never give up easily.

Anonymous said...

im just starting EN and it is very hard to get started but i wont quit and i will have success

Bill Steele said...

Any update on EN? They claim that they've made some changes with the new Blog Beast Platform just launched - have you looked into it? And if you do, will you review about it? Is it just the same scam, with a different name? They claim that you can join with just a one time payment at either the $500 level, $1000 level &/or the $3500 level. Not sure if there will be any other fees attached to these levels. They also still have membership at the $25/per month level and $100/per month level. Your thoughts on the "new & improved" Blog Beast Platform...

Eva Suzuki said...

I can see many of your points, well written article. For myself when I joined Empower Network I was fortunate to join under someone who gave me the facts. I think a lot of our success whether online or off has to do with how much we are willing to investigate and how much we are willing to take at face value. The idea of online riches is something that just does not happen for most people. I really enjoy my involvement with Empower Network but I think I'm different in that I actually use th blog system for the reason it was intended, which was to promote yourself and promote your product. The $19.95 doesn't scare me because I have been charged this about this same amount in other systems I use. The other is that I use my blog to train people in social media and in promoting my product which is jewelry. I also train people in how to use the system itself. Thanks again for your honest review, and I wish you well.

Best regards,

Eva Suzuki aka 5dollar diva

(Here's my site if you want to see how I use it: iblogforprofits.com)

Christene said...

Hi Bill

I am currently busy with my update on the new blog platform and EN v2 and it will be published within the next 2 weeks after I done proper research. I had a chance to look at the new blogging platform and I must admit that I am a bit disappointing because it is basically the same but only updated to work with tablets and phones as well. The duplicate pages still exist and the EN branding and advertising is also still there. I was hoping to see a more "personalized" platform that will allow users to change the overall look and templates of the blogs but it seems very limited.

The major hype goes around the fact that you can use the platform to write and publish posts from your smart phone and then share them easily with other bloggers and social media. I do not get the excitement because WP and Blogger made this possible months ago.

I personally hate to type out an entire post on my Samsung note, yes even with the big phone it is still a tedious task. Most bloggers use their laptops and tablets when they are on the go because it is easier to type a full post on a real keyboard. I can't imagine that this method of posting will actually be easier.

I will post my review as soon as all the facts and obviously fairy tales had be looked over.

Anonymous said...

Hello Christene. Thanks for this awesome review. I couldn't join ENV2 because the carts were closed a little bit before the deadline (10 am) that Tuesday morning. I´m glad my payment didn't go thru. After checking the INCOME DISCLAIMER chart... no way I'm joining. Do yourself a favor and CHECK IT OUT. NO CHARGEBACKS.

Anonymous said...

You are so right!!! For all of you who don't believe, go and check out their INCOME DISCLAIMER chart, on the Empower network site. Besides, I got all that training for $65 and now four of my seven pages are on the first page of Google. Wake up!!!

Christene said...

I keep an eye on the disclaimers constantly and yes you are absolutely right - No charge backs.

People gets exited by all the promises of making lots of money and completely forget to check the income disclaimer. Many new members are not making much money. Only the skilled marketers are earning the big dollars.

Debbie Emelander said...

wow, a lot of good and bad here about Empower Network. I'm glad I didn't join. I had joined Wealthy Affiliate, and then dropped out after one month. The first month is $19.00 to 'check it all out and get your feet wet'. After that, it's $47.00 a month, which is a lot cheaper than a college education. I however, had to drop out before they began charging me the $47.00/mo, simply because I only make $7.40/hr. at my job (which is probably why I need Wealthy Affiliate in the first place, so I can stop doing that), and I need to get some Christmas Shopping done. Wealthy Affiliate has a Dashboard, live chat, they actually answer your emails (which I think is great)! and a lot of videos that are in the classrooms, as well as new videos that are being added daily. I am not sure where I am going right now, .... I have a lot on my plate. Wealthy Affiliate does have a lot to offer someone just starting out with marketing online. A LOT of information to get through. I think it is definitely quality information.

I was glad to find out about all the fees (from reading all the reviews here) attached to Empower Network. I was initially drawn in by all the videos I was being emailed that Vick was doing. He seems to genuinely interested in helping people (like myself) succeed online,.... but I sure don't have THAT kind of cash lying around to put into it, oh HELL no! I've always believed that there is money to be made in affiliate marketing, it's just that I haven't found anyone online to teach it (except Wealthy Affiliate so far) that isn't out to sell You this, or that product, w/crazy upsells - for yet MORE info, because the info product you 'just bought' from them for $37.00, whatever ... didn't have enough info... bla bla bla. Sorry, to say, but I wish this stuff was taught for free somewhere. Yes, I'm poor! .... so I don't have a lot of money to spend on learning this. I have found a couple of sites that have some decent information, but I'm wondering if I could learn anything from people on this by registering on forums? I definitely appreciate finding this page review on Empower Network. I have given my experience with both, and fortunately for me, I haven't spent any money with Empower Network. I was a bit disappointed though, as I had originally found Vick's videos on YouTube, and got 'hooked' into watching them, .... only to find after a week and 1/2 of watching, that in one of the end videos, to find out it was all about Empower Network. I felt let down. Now, because of all the money You have to spend, I'm glad I didn't get involved. (Guess I kind of repeated myself there, didn't I).

Unknown said...

Once, in year 2000, I was stupid enough to pay $300 to participate in "business opportunity" of network marketing scheme. It didn't work out and the guys who were behind it went to jail. That's why it boggles my mind that people still buy into this stuff... I mean you are getting paid only if you make another sucker to participate in the scheme ! That should be a big red flag right away, no matter what kind of product you supposedly suppose to sell. In my case it was some stupid stuff which you could have bought in CVS..... One positive thing was that in my case it was $300 and I can image how someone must feel when they are $3500 deep in it and spend thousands of dollars promoting this crap.... Poor suckers.... Also for such a great company with hundreds of thousands "happy customers" it makes you wonder why this company doesn't have wiki page. You can find wiki pages about goat mating habits but not "Empower Network".... lol

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Sergey.

You are absolutely right - Red flags all over the place. Most people sign up because they see the promises of instant riches not to mention that some members will spin the most beautiful fairy-tales to get you to sign up.

In most cases members stick with the program in a desperate attempt to make the money back that they invested. Empower Network is all about playing on feelings like fear, the need to be excepted and most of all the fear of being useless and unsuccessful.

Most people have fear when they think about their bills, financial duties and in some instances even job loss. Individuals will sign up if you are a good liar and promise them that they earn thousands and that fear can be demolished.

Secondly, almost every person on this earth wants acceptance, and EN promise just that. You will be part of an "awesome" group and so on and so forth. They make sure to use many live events in videos and posts. Many people will automatically see the "happy people" in the group and want to become part of it.

Last but not least - When you convince a person that he/she is not worth much and needs motivation to become successful, it usually have a big impact. Most of training on EN is all about "personal development" and the name calling confirms it. Calling someone a "wussy" if they do not want to sign up, makes them feel that they are inadequate.

This type of marketing is the most powerful and that is the main reason why programs like Empower Network have success. If you can manipulate feelings, you can make a sale!

$300 is still a lot, but I am glad that you did not waste more. For the price tag they put on their products, you can build ten online businesses. (20 if you are determined lol)

Unknown said...

Great review. I became part of the empower network in August. My primary goal was to learn more about internet marketing. The guy who pitched EN to me was convinced it was the best thing since sliced bread.

It was easy to rationalize investing the $25 on education. That quickly turned into another 19.95 so I could accept payments.

Long story short, their training gave me one piece of info (that I'll give you for free) that helped. Lots. Blog everyday. No exceptions. Thus far it's done wonders. I no longer have commitment issues, my poetry (I never knew I could do that) is doing great, long articles are easier and I feel more confident, as a writer.

HOWEVER -- There's a major caviet. Here's some cautious advice for anyone who is thinking about empower network.

If you're looking for a blog that will gain traffic, don't sign up for empower network. That's right, DON'T DO IT! Facebook has blocked them. Mailchimp will block your account if you send a empowernetwork blog link in an email. Google plus will freeze your account.

In other words, on the net, empower network is considered spam, Spam, SPAM.

After about a month, I ask myself what that hell am I doing investing $45 per month on a crappy blogging platform that won't do anything to help my rankings? If anything, it was a setback, so far as rankings.

However, there is a silver lining. The habit I talked myself into with EN, blogging daily ... I'm still at it. Just on my own blog. One that google, facebook and mailchimp don't hate. One that shows up in search results and one that better represents, me.

Anyways, hope this helps.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Paul.

I could not have said it better myself. Empower Network is all about spamming and they did such a good job doing it that the online world is starting to ban links and accounts all over the place.

One major concern for me is promoting the system. After all if you can't use Social media or rank your blog, what is left for the newbies (even advance marketers) to do.

Social marketing became the most popular form of promoting along with blogging. Newbies do not stand a change if they can not use these platforms to get a head start.

I am glad that you decided to create your own blog and move forward. You are one of the lucky ones who decided not to get defeated. Many others give up the fight after they invested all of their money to purchase all the products.

Keep up the good work Paul and keep those daily posts coming.

Anonymous said...

Hello Christene,
First off I would like to start off with saying if you are still with EN, good luck in your endeavors. My opinion is that I don't find this lucrative for the masses cause not everyone wants to be online marketer. Unlike others I am not going to tell you what I am doing. But one thing for sure I am not doing EN. I have been in the network marketing business for over 10 years and seen alot of wannabes. There are only a few real companies out there that supply for the masses and not just a small remnant of people. I am very successful in my company. The biggest scam here I see is capitalizing on peoples ignorance of the marketing and charging them to learn how. There are alot of free info out there to learn the same stuff they are trying to claim they teach. But again this is my opinion and everyone has the right to one. But again I wish you luck if your still doing this.

angelnga169 said...

Hi Everyone! I just want to let you know I am not here to bash nor am I hear to disagree and complain to you ..being a mom that stays at home I would like nothing better then a work at home job that is easy to make money ...I saw this EN advertised or "discussed" on Facebook by a old classmate of mine and found out another classmate also joined so I thought I would look into it ...I saw that it seemed easy enough and only 25.00!! I thought wow! what a steal ...so I joined "Basic" is what you call it for 25 bucks and for it to really BLOW OUT OF THE WATER with $$$ you need to advertise something with it which my sponsor (old classmate) had BIG Idea Mastermind(basically work together :P ) since the main guy had made his money with EN...It is 25 dollars to join ...you get everything she said above ...you also to have somewhere to put the money you have earned a E-Wallet which is 19.95 per month then after getting your blog all pretty I realize that is not what you advertise the most of...you then have to get a email responder going ...which I got Get-response...that costs me 15.00 then you have to get a domain ..(depending on where.. costs varies) mine was about 50 bucks every two years then of course a web hosting for your domain (can't even remember cost but close to 30 dollars ) after all that you then have to "sell" by going on pages that will let you advertise this company for free,,,(Craigslist etc,) if not and you want more clicks and subscribers then you have to pay for the sites that really get you going....(Google etc.) believe me I think I am pretty good at the computer but when I saw all this that had to be done "Marketing" I felt like a fish with my head above water I started in September and still on Basic and as a stay at home mom I cannot "go all in" to go from Basic to Silver you have to pay 25 a month + 100 a month, then from silver to gold you are still paying 125 a month plus a one time fee of $500=$625.00 and from gold to Platinum is $125 a month still + one time fee of $500.00 + a one time fee of $1000.00= $1,622.00 and from Platinum to Diamond is $125. a month + a one time fee of $500 + one time fee of $1,000 + one time fee of $5,000=5,122 (there must be a discount for upgrading:P..lol) I just saw some package for EN the other day which costs $297.00 and if you don't get it tonight it could go up to as high as $2000.00!! and I have not made anything (I guess I am doing it wrong:( ) correct its not for everyone and someone that is awesome at marketing I say go for it !! this is the one for you and for the not so great marketers like me ..who want to make money and don't have a whole lot of money to spend I say this isn't for you...I am not saying or agreeing with anyone here that its a scam but it is really difficult for beginners like me and you would think it was when you aren't seeing results as quickly as the other person that is on the site saying I had over 1,00o subscribers and made 12,000 today ...it sucks to hear I know and I hope what she said and other people have said on here let's you know the real deal and just be careful thanks for listening

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Erskine.

I am not with EN anymore and participated for the sake of writing a review that will be based on personal experience.

I agree completely with you. Too many wannabes without a proper online education. To become an online marketer, take skill, patience and professionalism.

I have no problem to pay for quality education if there is value to it. We all paid the price when we attended school and university. The major problem though - Too much junk is sold without any value. Empower Network is a classic example. Most of the training is based on personal development and have no real value for a complete newbie or even advanced marketer.

Secondly, I believe if any given person is going to spend money to learn, he/she have the right to "test" before spending a dime. The fact that online programs require you to purchase first before knowing what needed to be done is the root of the problem. In real life we do not sent our kids to a school unless we did not check it out ourselves. We do not pay thousands for a university or college before we had an overview. An online education is no different and marketers like me and you earn our monthly income doing this. The sad part - "Online Education" is turned into a joke and used to make money instead of providing a service that will turn new "students" in to successful marketers. If programs like Empower Network had such a high success rate they would have allowed a free trial or even free option. When a product or service provides value, people have no problem to purchase.

I have to agree that free info is available widely on the Internet, and I went that route in the beginning. For a total newbie it takes twice the amount of time to learn from resources that are spread all over the internet and it can be confusing. A stable platform that provides detailed instructions and learning courses works better along with a live support group.

Unfortunately these type of learning programs or membership sites is a rare sight. Greed took over and help is non existent. The few companies that provides a valuable service are looked over because there are too many "get rich quick" programs and products.

Thanks for your valuable input. Best of luck with your business.

Christene said...

Thanks for sharing your own experience with Empower Network in such detail - Much appreciated.

Many new marketers join EN without knowing how much they will need to spend on all the products. You are absolutely right, only advanced marketers with huge lists, funds for advertising and a solid refferal count are making big money. This platform is very difficult for newbies and for those with limited funds.

Many new marketers does not realize that it is much easier to build their own online businesses without spending a lot of money. Loads of other programs that offers better training for a fraction of the price.

Zack Darcey said...

I agree Joe. Christine you did a wonderful job. I also wrote a review about EN http://yempowernetwork.com/the-death-of-the-empower-network/
It seems to developed more into a cult, in my opinion.

Unknown said...

Joe I agree with you that Christine did a wonderful job explaining EXACTLY what EN is and what it IS NOT. I also wrote a review that some look at as controversial, http://yempowernetwork.com/the-death-of-the-empower-network/ but it is just my honest opinion. I did even leave up some of the posts to help new EN members, and I am NOT a member anymore, so it is for no personal gain, but some people can still use the help when their "sponsors" don't, can't, or won't help.

Unknown said...

the training is top notch and is very much worth the 145 per month. If people think they can get into a business and not think there will be no advertising costs don't know anything about business basics and how to grow a business. I haven't seen one legit company that can grow without advertising budgets and other monthly costs. And even if EN customers do not buy into the affiliate part, the training alone is great info for anyone starting or wanting to grow their own online empire. Takes money to make money is my final thought on this topic.

Infinity Processing System said...

Hi Christene. I just like to point out some of the marketing tactics used by some of the shady marketers in Empower Network that give the honest marketers in EN a bad name.

There is an EN member by the name of Alex Zubarev who is spamming the heck out of YouTube. I have been watching him for awhile now.What he does is create several fake names, copies other EN marketers videos, then litters his URL to his capture page.

I mean he takes up 5 to 6 pages deep post after post. He gets his URL from ( b u d dot com ) which is like tiny URL.

I have proof. I created a screen capture and uploaded it to YouTube so you can check it out.
Here is the link to my video

I really feel bad for the people who are trying so hard to create honest marketing for themselves to have shady people like this from being successful.

I Have no axe to grind with EN whats so ever, I just don't like this type of shady marketing.



Krchmarus said...

Thanks Christene for a honest review.

I am gonna start a 1 month test drive with EN, ready to "sacrifice" $45. I have set out the plan for it. If I do not earn at least $100 first month, then I will simply cancel it. Of course, I will put the hard work to promote EN everywhere, since I learned something about SEO, free solo ads, email lists and so on. Hope it pays out $100 by the end of the first month. If it doesn't, I do not continue and I will find another way.

Btw, I will contact you Christene to show me how you personally do it, so I can copy that marketing style and if necessary, to modify it a bit.

Will make a review here if I earn or do not earn money.

See ya in a month people.

Anonymous said...

Thank you I almost fell for this SCAM I really don't have any income coming in and what I have is time & due to the re-arrangement of the global economy here I am looking for training in this marketing online business though competitive look at the number of individuals shopping online statistic dictate there is enough for everyone so If you Christine can direct me to a very good marketing affiliate program to get me started without all the hype & UPSELL I will for ever be in your debt.

Thank you so much for taking the time to educate the world about SCAM like these.

Christene said...

Hi Oscar. Thanks for the comment.

I have to agree with you, too many "shady" marketers that give the few ones who is working hard to build a legitimate business a bad name as well. You know what they say about one rotten apple that can spoil the bunch.

Thanks for the heads up on Alex Zubarev I am sure that my readers will benefit from it and maybe those promoting Empower Network themselves will also realize that this method of marketing is unacceptable if you want to become a successful marketer.

In some sort of way I feel sorry for these types of marketers. Most people who join Empower Network is not informed properly and they have no idea what it takes to promote programs.

The leaders within Empower Network are the real culprits because they only teach their referrals the unethical ways of promoting.

Secondly is the huge pressure. Members purchase the expensive programs and need to keep paying the monthly fees to earn commission from it. After a few months of paying for something without earning anything they become desperate and will do about anything to make a sale.

When you tell an absolute newbie to plaster his link on social sites, blog posts and any given place they can find, they usually do not know any better and assume that it is the correct way to go.

The big leaders does not participate in this kind of behavior, and you will never find them spamming their way to the top. The newbies who does not have the knowledge, do all the dirty work.

All this could have been avoided if Empower Network added training that will cover the technical side of the online industry as well. Instead the Inner Circle only concentrate on personal development that will enables people to go out and get that all important "sale".

Christene said...

Glad to hear about your quest to make a 100 dollars within a month. I appreciate the fact that you have a plan to give it your best.

Please read the comment above from Oscar. Spamming caused Empower Network their good reputation because members are promoting their links in unethical ways. Now I absolutely do not implement that you will do the same, after all you sound like a person who is determined to make success and build up a good reputation. This is the MAJOR hiccup with Empower Network currently.

If you can proof that you are able make money with the platform without using the unethical methods, then you will indeed become successful and many marketers will look up to you.

I am sure hundreds has read your comment already and awaits your update in anticipation.

Allow me to give you and all the others promoting Empower Network a quick tip when it comes to the wrong kind of promotion (spamming).

Never place your affiliate link on blog posts - Bloggers work hard for their rankings and traffic and spend hours writing posts and keeping up with Google's demand. The last thing that you want is an angry blog owner reporting you for spam. Rather contact the blog owner personally and ask him/her if they will allow you to write a decent comment and add your link. A lot of bloggers including myself will respect the professional approach and allow the link. Make sure to write a proper comment that covers your own experience and does not look like a sales pitch.

Never use the automated emails from Empower Network itself - These types of mail had been distributed so many times and lost power. Treat your list with respect and write out your own personal emails. People will have more trust in someone who goes the extra mile for his/her subscribers. The automated EN emails had been flagged as spam too many times.

Do not post direct links that lead to a Empower Network sales page on any social media site. - Facebook banned EN links because of spamming. Social media sites like FB, Twitter and G+ are not meant for promoting a link but for building up trust. Build relationships first and show interest in what others are doing as well. If you seem genuinely interested in what others have to say or what they do, they will most likely be curious to know what your are doing.

Finally, Put yourself on the other side of your promotion - Before you post a link or contact a person, reverse your promotional tactic and see if you would have liked it if it was represented to you, for example:

Would you accept a bunch of automated emails that is plastered with affiliate links?

Would you appreciate it if a person just plaster a link on your blog or site without writing a decent comment or ask permission?

How appealing would it be to you, if someone you hardly know just post a promotion on your FB timeline without even looking at your own content?

If you do not like your own answers then others will not like it either.

Keep up the good work and may you have huge success!

Christene said...

Pleasure Katr.

You are absolutely right - There is more than enough space for more people to become successful marketers. More and more people shop online and the trend is only growing.

But, most who fail makes one crucial mistake, they choose the marketing niche like for instance Empower Network. Yes there is room for thousands more on the internet but not in certain niches where competition is too much. New marketers try to crawl over broken glass on their hands and knees to become successful with the "marketing" niche when in fact they do not need to, and success can be accomplished much easier with niches that have low competition.

I recommend that you have a look at my WA review. We teach members to build themselves a business in any type of niche. You will also learn how to pick a niche and receive 2 WordPress websites along with all the basic training for free.


You are welcome to ask me any questions that you might have.

Unknown said...


Empower Network is just a blogging plate form straight. And they charge a huge amount of money for a stupid, ugly, basic blog? Oh hell no! I can get a blog for as low as $4/month or even FREE with little ads on the side and have TOTAL control of.


Christene said...

Thanks for the comment John.

I have to agree that the blogging platform is not worth paying for. You can download WordPress for free and have access to hundreds of themes and plugins. You will also have full ownership to your blog and the ability to add your own products and customizations.

Unknown said...

And not to forget your own contact management system as well; where everybody who register there, will be collected in your own database under "business contact manager" tools in stiforp.

Please bare this again; there are also Voice Spoken Person, can be embedded in this landing page. Though they are only talking generic things; but this really put your landing page more "stand in crowd"!

And even further, if you just say, wanna promote your EN page or blog, you can set this landing page to be directed to your own page after people signing up!

Now if you wanna take a look at what i'm talking about, and try for yourself, you can see it here:

So in conclusion, if you are Empower Network's member, and you don't want to put more money in, other than $25 per month, but you want to keep running your EN business by recruiting more member, I suggest you can just invested your money in stiforp instead, for only $9.95 per month (and $40 one time registration fee) and gained access to the product mentioned above to take your EN business to the higher level!

In-fact, with that amount only, which is $9.95 per month, you can also have your own email marketing service up to 5,000 subscriber to help follow up your prospect; webinar for 100 seats per session; conference call bridges, video training about how to promote online, and more.

You can also get discount from several service partnering with STIFORP like: phone burner, lead sources and virtual assistant.

YES!! All for only $9.95 per month! Nothing more, nothing less!

so if you interested to use STIFORP products to promote your Empower Network business, you can take a look inside stiforp for free here:


Nuke Hatta
Mentor from Financial Freedom Network

Unknown said...

LOL Nothing (and I mean nothing) lights the fires of controversy than an Empower Network debate!

Christene is no dummy.

Google LOVES this interaction...good social muscle for the blog.

I've seen it many times...

Sometimes seems like a waste of productive time though doesn't it?

It is clear that some people are in the right place, and some are not (mentally).

Thankfully, not any one thing is perfect for every personality or mindset.

What seems even more disturbing to me is the evidence that supports the classic phrase "There's a million things for sale being sold by a million people trying to sell them."

It's interesting to note that the spectrum is very wide indeed.

Each company stands to be the best, therefore, everyone should join everything! :)


Join nothing and complain about everything. :)

Somewhere in the middle (hopefully) rational thought should win out....uh, maybe.

That's why these threads are great!

All the best to each one of you...endeavor included (or not).

Make it a great day,

Julia weber said...

that's why when I thought about paying monthly I found out she wanted me to tell people about her to get sells and lie about her when I didn't even know if she was who she was. I could'nt lie and back out. I'm still on the hunt for working at home and not paying money that will put my family in debt. All of would agree we don't have money anyways. I got in debt because of these scames that have no real training and I don't want sell products that cost that much or buy them. A busniess should be willing to give it to you to sell making sure they keep their part by not stealing it. I don't think it's right that events be hold in one place. I think it should state by state because I do believe more would join by traveling and holding events for free but signing up a week ahead for event activites. Some people can't travel and don't feel comfortable in big cities. I also saw alot of drinking and not everyone does that and it should be for everyone no matter the background. sound like they forgot what work was like you still need the manners and busniess struchture in any busniess. I remember a lady told me when she first started working at home. she forced herself to dress up for work for focus so she would be serious. some people might do well in jeans the point is find work at home that doesn't scam us and I amd still looking for one online and conventent because I have children is school. I'm glad I looked at this artical because I wouldn't want to join just to make loads of money and then spending most of it on products for their company. He should be paying us after all we do it.

Julia weber said...

I almost joined but I wanted to sell products that promoted health at the time and they wanted me to sell something that most people can't afford and the coach that i spoke with wanted me to gush over to my friends about her when I didn't know her and I didn't want to sell her i want to sell products that people really want like healthy vitiams and excercises that promote health awarness. So many people want to be healthy and happy first. I want to help and modivate others if they are not happy with their jobs or themselves then they need to make a change and that starts with themselves. I thought empower network was what i was looking for but I don't want sell a lie. They have been bugging me alot latley and so I looked up what people thought and clicked on your link. I thankyou for your thoughts and experince because you've been there and I don't want it myself. I would happy to earn 100.00 a day and I would generate enough money. I want to work online without paying 100's of dollars to get started. Is that possiable? My biggset pet pee is lousey training most online busniesses suck at training and don't make it simple step by step. some step by step programs say no experince needed well then have better tools to learning it. I think someone to talk to is very helpful if it's your first time do any program out there. I do think the videos are too long and can be boring, I love marketing but I got bored on some of those videos because they were too long. The events to me are not worth going to and sometimes holding them on the internet is not a bad idea or make it easier for people to get event by paying for them.Empower doesn't think we work and have lives we can't just click and put stop button everytime a busniess has event. Once a year maybe but thats hard on people who can make it and go from pay check to pay check. I encourage my husband to get a new job because he wasn't happy and it was negative place. He found progressive Inc. Awsume company. Owned by three men and my husband and two other men are the only males lol. He is happy and come home happy it's not a dream job but i see the change in him. He support me 100% with my dream of finding work online that will not sucks us up dry and he knows i want to stay home with our kids and today people think I should be working. I will but at home on the computer some how I'll make my dream come true.

Unknown said...

haven't read the entire review yet - i apologize
just wanted to set you straight on the first mistake made --
under "What will the scheme cost?"
"You will be required to pay $19.95 for the affiliate fee."
WRONG - no one is EVER, EVER, EVER "required" to become an affiliate. That is ONLY, ONLY, ONLY if you choose to market the Empower Network opportunity and PROFIT from the sales of the products.
People purchase Empower Network products for the products themselves - the education they provide as well as valuable insights. Many ppl purchase EN products but market their own business thereby precluding further expense, e.g. affiliate fee or auto-responder fee.

Lets talk straight said...

Hello Christene,
My name is Jose Laboy and, like many of your readers, i too believed the propaganda that is the basis of Empower Network. I have been blogging for a while and promoting some customer's products in my blog but ass they say "it,s a jungle out there". Basically i was ripe for the picking and when i received the first spam i fell it hook, line and sinker. But, since i do have experience in actually writing SEO material i immediately noticed their total lack of appropriate plugins and how their system can't be customized to fit my particular style of writing ( you can find some examples of my writing at musicreviewstoday.com). To make a long story short i simply decided EN is definitely not for the experienced writer. I actually tried it for a month and always made sure i had the right % of keywords in every article and assured a good place in the search engines, but (you guessed it) it only got me to frustration city and i said bye,bye baby. Anyway i feel better now that i've had the chance to vent some of that frustration and if you like rock n roll all you have to do is pay a visit to my site. No purchase necessary.

Unknown said...

Barb, this is so typical of all the EN members trying to convince everyone is wrong except the members of EN.

Quote........"Empower Network Scam Review Empower Network is an online opportunity that enables their members to earn money without experiencing the most common challenges, pitfalls and problems most individuals go through when they begin a home based business. They provide helpful marketing training, quality information products along with digital services like a blogging platform. The affiliate program pays a 100% commission that allows members to create a substantial online income from home. "

This is how Christene starts out. She tells you that if you want the business opportunity, this is what is required to make this happen in EN.

The problem with you Barb is you are so concerned rather you made the right decision or not but using a microscope to find anything to merit your involvement.

Instead of trying to correct Chritene, why not educate us how you are promoting EN with your stats and sales.

Tell us how the products are helping you earn the thousands of dollars per month you are earning.

Tell us about how many people are in your down line that are succeeding from your leadership.

To come here and completely mess up right off the bat makes you look a little foolish with your attempt to discredit this review because your comprehension level is low.

Add value to gain credibility, don't come in swinging a stick wildly to have people agree with you.

Anyway, Good luck to you Barb,


Unknown said...

Hello Christene, you are doing Great job to help people......My Question is that can i join EmpowerNetwork through using my Payoneer Card?? here is link of payoneer Website
http://www.payoneer.com/. Can i join using this card?

honestmktg said...

Honest review Christine: If I may add my 2 cents:
A simple message to every person with the inspiration to want to be successful online, from a 54 yr old wised and experienced marketing professional: a great product sells itself in a short sale pitch, so be wary of these so called "great ideas" like EN, who require pages and pages and pages of the same sales pitch to try and get you to buy in. Something is wrong with that. #2 The awesome thing about the internet is that it gives you the ability to start making money without you having to pay $3000 to $ 5000 to make serious money (i.e., EN inner circle product). And lastly, #3, in our days, a true marketing scam is one in which, the business is to the sell the same product to others in order for you to make your money back. Like one person said above, with EN there is no product to sell.....EN is the product itself. That's like me selling you an ebook on how to make money on the internet, and then I tell you that the way for you to make money is by reselling my ebook on how to make money on the internet; and we each keep selling the same ebook to everyone....so the product becomes, not how to make money online, but rather the ebook titled, "How to Make Money Online". This is the purest definition of a marketing scam. Any EN member who tells you otherwise is doing so because they are already deep in loss from buying into it that they will say anyone now to try and get their money back. You sound smart, do your research on ways to make money on the internet for free.....you'll be surprised to find the real opportunities that exist. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

And what product shall she promote to make money? Empower has training that you can sell and keep all the money. In fact they have a blog platform that is already SEO positive and one can make 100% commission on every sale practically. The $20. a month covers credit-card secure capture for you!
Far better than any Amway, vitamin, water tote'n, jungle juice selling opp...

christeraxe said...

Christene wants to sell you a blog platform that has no value in product sales. EN has a mobile blog platform for $25. that you can sell to business of all sorts in you community. Plus of course offer the program to other marketers so they may receive 100% commissions as well. Not an MLM, just extensive training to teach you how to market online and keep all the money with simple downloads.
Have fun. The people and events are uplifting and fun. Better than any Amway or juicy juice opportunity, this teaches people how to make money online while helping businesses get online and market their own product. God bless.

Christene said...

Thanks for your opinion Eric, it is appreciated.

I have to agree with you. Interaction is an important part of any blog and interaction is needed to help people make a clear decision and get both sides of the story and that is why I make a point not to play a "one man band".

Too many reviews are just a sales pitch and lacks in honest opinions from readers. In the end you are stuck with only the writers opinion and nothing else.

Every person is different and no one can makes money doing the same thing. A MLM based program like Empower Network will work fine for those who have excellent peoples skills and can do endless cold calling and group building. Blogging is recommended highly, but an individual who absolutely hates writing on a constant basis will fail...

That is the reason why so many programs and platforms are available - To suit each persons needs.

Not every person have a boat load full of cash to invest and statistics show that those who are looking to earn an online income lacks in money and do not have much to spend.

You might see my review as a waste of time Eric, but the feeling is mutual. You have purchased the EN blogging platform and it lacks in traffic and social engagement - I think that is a "waste of productive time" when your hard work is not out there to be seen by others.

There are thousands of products out there and the choice is never easy...after all who is the scammers and who are the honest marketers selling a product that is worth the price tag?

The answer is easy. The proof is in the pudding.

Proof that your product is working, provides what it promise and provides for the targeted audience.

You promote EN and EZ money formula - What makes your products stand out from the rest?

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Barb.

What can I say, you do not read the review and missed the detailed "payment" part. Make a point to actually read any review, before you post a comment. It will make you look more professional as a business person.

Empower Network is not listed on the top 10 business directories for advanced training Barb and they are not even on the first pages of Google for business or personal development.

Secondly, the blogging platform is set up to promote EN and 90% of all advertising is focused on joining the platform with the intention to sell the products. (Have a look at the inner circle Barb).

Finally, NOT EVERY business will benefit from the products. A blog that is set up on the "marketing niche" will be useless to sell "dog care" products. It is called targeted lead generation.

Christene said...

Thanks for your thoughts on this matter.

I agree 100% with you. The blogging platform is not worth paying for and lacks severely when it comes to customization. Duplicate content is also a problem and makes it impossible to get a good ranking possition no matter how much content you publish on a weekly basis.

With the latest updates I thought that they will introduce a brand new blogging platform with more functionality, but sadly this did not happen.

PS: Your music site looks awesome with loads of potential.

Keep up the good work.

Christene said...

Yes you can join Empower Network by using your Payoneer Card, but you can not receive funds to your Payoneer Card. You will have to purchase their payment processor.

Christene said...

Are you for real?

WA gives away 2 WordPress sites - THEY are Free and I DO NOT SELL the blogging platforms!

Geez how on earth did you become a business person when you can't even get facts straight?

The WordPress sites that is available for free have ranking power and you can add as many products in any niche as possible.

PS: WordPress have a mobile app that provides for Android, Windows, i OS and Blackberry phones. The Blog Beast can only be used on Android and iPhone.

Feel free to educate yourself on the distinct differences between the platforms.

Unknown said...

Hello! Thanks for the review. I personally have used the training inside Empower to successfully build three different businesses online. I think the training is great! Not to mention I've made about 3,500 in affiliate commissions. Sorry if you had a bad experience with your team, but the company seems to be doing wonderful things for many people. I use Empower as part time income and I really enjoy masterminding with my team. Too bad this review is ranking so high on Google, because I don't believe it's too honest at all. Thanks! Take care!

reseller7 said...

Hi Christene, very god review. A few points, I think it would be nice to include in your initial disclosure you are an ex EN member and thus qualified to review the program from more than a cursory point of view. Another point EN just entered its third year late Oct of this year. When you were active they were approx. 18 months old, they started late Oct 2011.

I was also an EN member. I joined and left within months. I'm waiting to see if they get all the bugs out. I'm not looking to make the thousands /mth they claim people can make. :) An extra few grand would be OK as long as I saw new people growing and earning.

I joined WA twice in the last 4 years. Recently went back to see what had changed and found a few changes but same old problems. Very confusing courses. Going through a WA course only to get off track with various links throughout the course. They try to cover to much ground instead of step1, step 2, etc. All the ads are distracting from a learning stand point. I'm told they have a new pricing structure coming within days. I also thought it weird that I went from 10,000 to under 1,000 in terms of being active within a few weeks. That only said to me, people are joining and leaving if I could move so quickly.

EN vs. WA. They both preach to do the same thing, teach people to drive traffic to a website and earn $$$. Whether its an EN blog or a personal website. They both teach blogging, marketing, PPC, strategies, to drive that traffic. You can learn from WA to build an EN biz! The real focus of EN is to "target" MLMer's vs newbies with no knowledge. Yes, the $150 costs might seem high, however, if you're an active or been active in any MLM on autoship you know $150/mth is normal cost for the product with shipping. Many EN members have cracked the code to generate 2, 4, 30, or more leads daily. When you have a guy join an earn in excess of $750,000 within 30 days and not bring on ire of the FTC to close you down ,something must be right with the program (OK, he has a decent following prior to EN. In fact if Kyle of WA or his partner were to join EN they could do the very same thing. Its all about ones list.)

EN's thought process is why earn 5% on levels 1-7 in a MLM when you can earn $125 from everyone tied directly to you. The numbers favor EN over traditional MLM. By focusing on MLMer's they don't need to be taught about residual income. They only need to take action. You can't deny their more than 100k members within their first 2 years. Some EN marketers have branched off into their own more specific trainings, thus earning multiple streams of income.

In conclusion, WA, Affilorama, or any other affiliate training that teaches a person to 1) build a list via capture pages, blog or other means. 2) Build a relationship & trust with that list 3) they can add EN to quickly develop a $2500 additional monthly income stream with only 20 members tied to them. That's why I'm in no rush. Paul

Unknown said...

Hi Christene,

Firstly, I just wanted say thanks and well done for writing such a BALANCED and well though out review of empower network. Everything else I've read has either LOVED or HATED it, but these things are rarely so black and white.

I just wanted to pick up on one very important point from your review - and that is the support and training you receive from your upline, which you correctly say has declined since it was founded.

I’ve been an internet marketer for over 2 years now and I’ve been a member of ALL the big online training course such as bring the fresh and chris farrell membership. They are all quite good, but actually, it wasn’t until I joined EN that I started to actually make serious money online.


Because I was lucky enough to have a passionate sponsor who taught me everything there is to know about traffic generation and conversion. I’m not talking about video courses and ebooks, I’m talking about skype and telephone support, and valuable shared resources.

The point I want to make is that the team you join within EN is absolutely crucial. People should only join a team where they have a solid commitment to get 1-1 support and any additional training they might need.

For me, it has been the best education I’ve ever had, but for many, they are left alone to push products they don’t understand and don’t know how to sell, which is I find very sad indeed. Therefore, I TOTALLY agree with you about the training/support element as this is the defining factor as to whether or not people will make a success out of EN or not.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Austin, your opinion is appreciated.

First of all, yes you are right "the company SEEMS to be doing wonderful things for many people". Let us remember that many things seems okay when in fact they are not.

I am not sure if how often you jump to the income disclosure on EN, but you are one of the very few that actually makes above $3,000 from the program.

I could write out a long boring comment and verify all my actions and opinions when it comes to EN, but I did that over and over in the comments and with my posts. You point out dishonesty from my part, when in fact EN advertisements promise individuals the world without delivering one bit. A new member will not have the capability to choose the correct team and stand a change to fall into a team that is steered by a bunch of "Internet Wannabes" with No Help, NO Support and NO Money! Forgive me if I am wrong but that is dishonest.

Now see when someone comes and brag about their earnings from Empower Network, I do get curious. The problem...No one actually tells how they made that amount of money or how they implemented the training.

My blog have spam filters that block posts with links attached to them, but in your case I will make an exception, feel free to share your business links. Myself and many others would just love to know how you create that much money without traffic to your EN blog or a huge social following list.

Any given person can claim to make thousands, but without proof it is useless.

You Ming said...

Thanks Christene. This helps a lots as I don't like upsales.

Unknown said...

Alright people. Just answer my question here.. everyone is either giving good or bad reviews .. But who ever made money with empower network.. tell me .. i need someone to tell me he made 500 or 1000$ with EN .. and i need proof.. so who can do that for me ?

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment. I only left EN most recently and this post was written on 2013/3 and then updated on 2013/7 while my account was still active - You will notice the date in the address bar. You may also notice that I frequently check back with EN to keep up to date with their latest major chances. Below my post is an update on Blog Beast.

Empower Network did not change much over the last few months and you stand corrected, the same problems still exist and in some instance it is getting worse. New audios was added to the Inner Circle but it is based on the same "how I become rich with EN" type of inspirational video's.

Again I agree with you, people comes and go and most members do not complete the 6 month period to success because of various reasons like poor support, financial burdens and so forth.

WA and EN are worlds apart and although many people compare the two platforms against one other there is no relevance. WA provides technical training and genuine WordPress blogs. WA is a learning platform that includes all the basic tools to get started. You are under no obligation to promote WA and it is recommended to build niche websites in low competition markets.

EN is a MLM based program and you actually have to sell Empower Network itself to make money. Other niches does not do well with their blogging platform.

I have to admit that many skilled marketers can generate up to 30 leads a day, in fact I can do the very same thing right now and make thousands by the end of this month. In the end it all comes down to self branding and how comfortable you are with your products and marketing strategies. Each person is different from one another, I simply do not have the heart to take thousands from poor or struggling people to enjoy the better life.

With Empower Network you have to be a hardcore marketer that have one major goal - To make money no matter what and no matter how many people you may hurt financially.

Christene said...

Hi Jonathan.

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

You are one of the lucky ones who find a sponsor that was dedicated to help his down line and give one on one support.

Many books, training platforms and membership sites have quality learning materials that can transform a new marketer into an online Guru, BUT without support it is useless. This would be equivalent to a classroom full of kids with top grade textbooks but without a teacher - Most of them will not accomplish anything.

People will always have questions and doubts and the only way to deal with the issue is to be available whenever you are needed. This builds trust and respect. Would be nice if Empower Network could focus on building strong Groups with skilled leaders.

I am sure that you have the ability to implement what you learned and be a great leader as well in the future.

Keep up the good work Jonathan

Christene said...

You are welcome Ming.

I agree, no one like upsales. It is quite annoying to have a budget and then constantly needs to spend more than your finances allows for.

Christene said...

Allow me to make it easier for you. Asking people for proof is like surfing the ocean without waves.

Go to the Empower Network Income disclosure and see the numbers for yourself.


45% of members do not earn much with the system. The other 31% are making about $53 a month in average. Your required amount for $500 - $1000 falls under the 2% success rate for monthly earnings.

The few percent, who are actually making thousands are the EN gurus who are on top.

wayne said...

Hi there....I am currently in EN but seriously planning to remove myself...I am a beginner and I feel it's too much to pay for a blog in monthly fees,to pay to get paid, it's to much for a small guy like me when I have two kiddies to raise but I still like to blog and make cash...and I can write...I wouldn't mind finding another place to start blogging...something solid and easy...and goes a long way....something of my of own....
All of you seem to understand alot of the Internet world....I'm glad I stop by....thx

Christene said...

Empower Network is not for beginners unless you are willing to lose lots of money before achieving success. Most people have the same problem that you are facing right now and do not have the money to invest in a program that might not work. A big percentage of EN members does not make much money and eventually leave because they are financially drained. Although many advertisement state that newbies can make a fortune with this platform it is not so easy. Only the skilled marketers which only include 2% of the entire community earns thousands a month.

I would advise that you start on a free platform that includes your own WordPress blog and build your business without the huge financial burden. There are many programs that offer free or low priced training for newbies. Once you have traffic and learned all the basic and advanced skills of marketing you can always consider EN again.

Unknown said...
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Fat88Trader said...

Thank you Christene for this sharing especially for a newbie, it's really enlightening. The first thing in my mind is what are these bloggers going to market other than EN products.

Unknown said...

I like the review but what about the total truth.
Vitaliy Strizheus
Michael Millers Story

Unknown said...

Should I understand that this EN does not really promote ' real physical stuff"?? Should I understand that EN is nothing more than a "PYRAMIDICAL SCHEME"?? that is going to collapse at a certain time??? They keep talking and talking and you won't understand what actually they promote, it is just a plan how to sell the plan itself??? This is not ethical, it is more blackmailing and stealing if that was the situation!! Promoting a product to sell it and get profits means there should be physical useful product that could be used and satisfies certain needs, whether a program was it or a stuff used in daily life. EN is a away how to feel people get them in to take your commission from there subscription money and ask them to fool others to get their money back with COMISSION !!

Infinity Processing System said...

This comment section is for relative comments. You are the perfect example of spamming on the internet

Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialists said...

Christene, I have to say this is the best review I have personally read. You don't pull any punches and tell it like it is. Its about time someone put these crap programs in the trash can where they belong.
Mark Whitney

Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialists said...

It sounds like this Empower Network sells you a dream and not a product at all. You can get web hosting and a free wordpress blog for under $5 a month and get free blog training tips on the internet.This sounds like the kind of company that if you hate your friends and family, sign them up.

My wife and I are vendors for a pain relief company. You buy a physical product wholesale and sell it retail. You help other people to do the same as you. The company trains you and sells you your sales aid materials at their cost. There is no monthly fees for your website and the company has a vendor owner plan.

There is no smoke and mirrors about the product or how much it costs. You have 3 plans to choose from on how you want to start your business. No hidden costs or monthly fees and when you sign someone up they make money. This is the kind of company that all your friends and family will love you for. Plain old American Made quality, integrity and people helping people.

If you are not in a business that helps people then how do you keep a straight face when you pitch your friends and relatives. I have worked and look at a lot of make money companies and most have 1 thing in common, The only way to make money is to recruit, recruit, recruit constantly to make up for the 99% that drop out.


Christene said...

To answer your question - Empower Network does not have physical products. The products are based on personal development and most of it is in the form of audio that is made by members itself.

Basically you are spot on. The only way to make real money is to sell EN itself and get others to do the same thing.

Christene said...

You are welcome. Yes, unfortunately Empower Network only provides the expensive products from their own platform and the blogging platform. Basically you make money by teaching others to do the same thing you are doing.

Unknown said...

Christene, I know that you promote Wealth Affiliate over EN and I think you did a great job of comparing and contrasting those two companies. I'm actually someone who is on the fence of trying to decide if I should join EN or WA, and at the moment, I'm leaning toward EN. I'm sure EN and WA teaches you similar trade skills which is Internet Marketing, but my question goes to income potential in WA opposed to EN. I heard in the comment about EN being not worth the money, but I think that subjective to a person on where they put their value. Video, maybe not, but the income potential and group of people to get there with... maybe it is worth the investment.

Christene said...

Hi Peter.

WA and EN are completely different from each other.

Empower Network is a MLM based program. You need to purchase as many products as possible and sell them yourself to earn a commission. You also need to build up a strong down-line to get more commissions. Most of the training is based on personal development. There is very little technical or IM training. You will be responsible to teach others how to sell EN successfully, If you fail to build a strong empire, you will fail to earn money.

WA is a learning platform that actually teach the technical sides of the Online Industry. Most new marketers have a problem to get leads and traffic. This can only be done successfully by having your own organic traffic or by purchasing advertisements. WA teach their members how to create websites that will preform well. In addition you will find the classrooms, discussion boards and webinars that covers all the aspects of IM.

If I tell you to sell 10 EN products today, where will you get the leads? If you plan to do this for a living you will need a constant flow of targeted leads that will convert. This is the major reason why people fail, they do not have a method to get traffic.

3 Golden rules to have a successful online business:

Create a website to generate traffic
Build Social media and integrate it with your targeted traffic
Rinse and Repeat.

WA DOES NOT require you to sell the program itself. We encourage people to build niche websites of their own that is not so highly competitive as the Marketing niche itself. Niche websites have a better change at success, because people actually enjoy what they do and they are not restricted with only a few specific products.

WA's support structure is also different from EN. We have an active forum and a live chat room to help fellow members with their problems. We are a community and help can come from anyone, it is not restricted to referrals. If you join EN you will need help from the person or group that you signed up under. If help is unresponsive, you need to cancel and subscribe with another group.

Many EN members use WA to build their websites and leverage from the IM and technical training.

Infinity Processing System said...

Hey Christene, Happy Holidays.

A friend of mine sent me this link,


I read it and try to find out if this was just a hoax or not but can't seem to find any real proof. Just wondering if you've heard anything about this.

Maybe some of your readers have some info on this, let me know



Anonymous said...

This article has helped me the most in having a clearer head and eyesight regarding EN. It really helped me not jump in with the herd and hype. I took notes on some on what you had to say in addition to what i had learned, and in addition to my financial situation, in addition to the cost effectiveness of previous advertising results, and frankly, i feel you saved me alot of wasted time and money for another product i'm not really interested in. Would rather have my own independently hosted blog. Have an acquaintance in EN who is more disciplined and more skilled in Internet marketing, and he only made $10,000 last year in EN for all his hard work. He could have worked have as many hours at McDonald's and received twice the pay. I'm not against EN, i just realized i'm not int it and the hype and the false !00% commission claim.

Unknown said...

Hi Christene, I was with EN for 6 months. I had a affiliate membership, blogbeast and the innercircle. The comment I like to add is. That EN is easier for people with a big network. Not suitable for people who have to start from scratch. After 6 months and no growth of my team I quit with EN. And started writing blogs on wordpress. All I'm saying is EN is legit for the people who knows how it works. Thanks for your amazing blog.

Infinity Processing System said...

Hi Marjan, Let's follow your logic for a moment. So, the person who has a big network of people will make money in Empower Network. What about the poor dumb-ass who is around the middle and further down of that network? Is that legit? NOOOO!!!!

Not to mention that they advertise to new marketers who believe that they will make money by just blogging on their system.


Christene said...

Hi Oscar. Hope you had a lovely holiday season and a pleasant new year. May 2014 be a blessed one for you and the family.

I tried to follow-up on the Mack story but it is well covered for now. It is spreading like wildfire and many members consulted me for advice as well.

My saying is still the same: The company has bad business ethics and many members use crude language whenever it suits them. The promotion tactics are getting worst and it goes beyond spamming now. Just the fact that this issue arises is a red flag. The online world is powerful and the truth will reveal itself at some point.

Christene said...

Thanks for your comment Marjan.

Yes you will need a big network to be successful at marketing Empower Network. The sad factor is that those who have the big networks choose to promote other programs or their own products. Very few are actually sticking with EN in the long run. Lately too much negativity had surfaced around the behavior of some members that promote the platform in an unethical way.

I am glad to hear that you decided to create your own WP blogs, you have a much better change to succeed.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your very forthcoming review about Empower Network. Like you, I was also an affiliate with EN. In fact, it was my very first venture into marketing of any kind. I can say that I learned alot from them, and for that I am grateful. I plugged away at it at the Inner Circle level for about 3 months, then had a falling out with my enroller (one of the top guys in EN). Soon after that happened, Dave Wood shared with the world that he had an affair outside of his marriage, and he was lauded by the EN followers for "being transparent" about it. That pretty much sealed it for me. If he can cheat on his own wife, someone he purportedly cared about, then what other morals is he willing to bend with his company and affiliate following? Personally, I won't be paying my dues into a system that thinks cheating of any kind is an acceptable (and easily dismissed) practice.

Christene said...

Hi Kerry, thanks for sharing.

I have to agree with everything you mentioned. I quit for the same reason. The ethics of Empower Network is way below my standard. I want pride in my business and the company that I represent. Name calling and swearing back and forth on public platforms made me leave. In addition I could not take huge sums of money from innocent people who have financial problems and look at online marketing as a last resort.

Very few see the bad side. Only the cold and heartless can sell EN products to a desperate person who scraped the last few pennies together to purchase EN in hope to free him/herself from huge financial struggles.

I am a proud "wussie". I do not have what it takes to sell Empower Network.

Have a blessed day Kerry.

Unknown said...

So by and large... This is like a pyramid... at some point when there is no one to sell to... ppl will loose money. The highest beneficiaries are the people that bought in the beginning. Organized SCAM!!!

ics said...

In reply to .....

"Does Empower Network have any products that you would buy if there was not, I repeat...WAS NOT...a business opportunity promising 100% commissions attached to it?"

The answer is YES. I use the blog, I am NOT an affiliate and have used the training modules to help my marketing of other projects.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this. I've been researching Empower because I actually thought it would assist me in promoting my own home business which actually shows a product and I couldn't get a grasp on what Empower would do for me beyond selling THEIR product. You have CONVINCED me to research other online marketing trails so that I can make my business grow. Thank you so much!

nailsbyedyta said...

Christene, thank you for your review. I was thinking to join to Empower Network, but I was still looking for other people opinion and finally I found! Thank you. I take under consideration WA, their free option sounds good. Take care

Christene said...

You are welcome Courtney. Yes, basically you have to sell Empower Network itself to make money. You need to purchase as many products as possible yourself to earn commissions from selling them to others again. In addition, you have to teach your referrals to do the very same thing. If they fail to bring in new paying members, your commissions are low as well. In addition, you need to constantly pressure your own referrals to buy as many products as possible. This is the only way to earn big on EN.

I am sure that you will find a cost-effective method that will help you to grow your business. It does not take thousands to do that.

Christene said...

It is a pleasure. Glad that you find the answers that you were looking for by reading the opinions of others.

WA's free option has no risks involved and you do not even need to give your credit card details when signing up. Many marketers like the blogging platform and the training, it helps to grow their existing businesses.

Zermat Internacional said...

Im so so happy I read this article, I was wondering why I was being targeted to join. They forgot one thing I always do background looks for all the online business proposals I get. Thank you for writing this article.BB I have someone to block.

Cats Superstore said...

what should i do wealthy affiliate or empower network??

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive feedback and for visiting my blog it is appreciated. Yes, it is always a good idea to do background checks and proper research before joining any kind of opportunity. Best of luck with your online journey!

Christene said...

I personally prefer WA above any other program because:

You get step by step training modules, certification courses and boot-camps that will teach you how to build a successful website and earn from it. I hate training platforms with too much fluff in-between, time is a factor for me and I like to get straight to the point. EN have too much video with only testimonials. It is a struggle to find pin point training on specific topics.

WA in addition have a free option. You receive 2 WP sites and all the basic training without needing to fill in any credit card details. If a member decide to upgrade to the premium option of $47 monthly (still cheaper than EN), it is because they see value and do it out of free will, not because I have told them a fairytale that will not come true.

Last but not least, if you are a WA premium member and you can no longer afford the membership you can return to the free membership without losing your website. If you cancel your Empower Network membership, you will lose your blog and months of hard work.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Unknown said...

Its funny about empower network,I use to be a member to this soon to be dead company. Dave and Dave know how to brainwash people and teach them the real secrets in making success with empower. All those big earners like Tony Rush and Tracey Walker dont share the secrets in making it big.Im glad I was able to learn some of their secrets but its not worth staying with EN with all BS they feed the people. If you want to make money go with MOBE,its 10 times better than empower. Im actually making money with CPA,without making relationships with people plus its not MLM.People are so funny with all these brainwashed companies like empower. Well goodluck whoever is with empower,go make money online with real products.

Unknown said...

Susie is right. I don't see why you all are being wussies. You know before you joined Empower Network that there was a no refund policy. Which is the best way to have a business. That way affiliates didn't have to deal with chargebacks. You folks are old enough to know what no refund means. The system is great. I own the system at the 15k formula level. It is awesome training that is worth every penny. If you follow the training you can be successful. This is an unbiased post because I have only made one sale with the program but that isn't their fault I just have yet to get my advertising out. This is why some people aren't successful, they aren't blogging, making videos, sharing the system with others. The reason they don't use paypal and have an ewallet is because paypal has a limit on the amount you can receive and if you earn too much they freeze your account. That happens across the industry. They let you purchase the ewallet from ewallet services so that you don't have to go get a merchant account which some people can't even get approved for. I hope that clears up dumb bells comment below. EN has been a blessing for many people and yes the blogging system has great SEO you just need to learn to do your keywords and tags, people.
Amway doesn't wish to associate with them because they fear they will decrease their business, people would leave Amway for the better money. You know Amway and Melaleuca tell people they can make a lot of money but many people buy their outdated marketing cd's. Just because I struggled getting sign ups with Melaleuca I didn't call them a scam or ask for my money back. I used the products which were great and I moved on. That's what winners do. What do you people teach your children about the hard knocks or challenges in life? Anything takes work whether it's business or marriage. Yes the Wealthy Affiliate System is great. I enjoy both programs. Wealthy Affiliate is tailored for the wussies who are worried about spending a membership fee each month. It is also a great training program. I think people should use WA to learn about blogging but also have the EN system. And yes I said the word wussy in my post to refer to the crybabies. At the end of the day how much do you think these people have made? Why? Because they didn't apply themselves because that's the only way you won't make money with EN is to not market. But it's the same with any affiliate program. WA is a stable program in my opinion but you won't have the leveraged income and pass up sells like you will with EN. So yes you can give away WA memberships like I do as well. A lot of your sign ups, the laggards who don't apply themselves will not move so quickly to go premium generating you a monthly commission unless they seriously have an interest in building a home business. However the EN sign ups have money invested from the start thus they will get promoting. They will crap or get off the pot and that's what people need to do. I'm just sayin' I do enjoy both WA and EN. Ya'll just need to get your facts straight and I hope I have cleared some of it up for you. May God continue to bless each and every one of you and I hope each and everyone of you are successful.

Unknown said...

Christine as being a member also i'am not able to move further as i dont really have much idea to go about it. even my sponser does not reply me back when i ask for any help. i'am sharing all this because i wanted to make something good out of my decision to join the EN. please reply me.

Christene said...

Hi Kanchan. Unfortunately without an active group you will remain in this position. Empower Network is all about group effort and building a strong responsive downline. Without it you will not get far.

This kind of behaviour is common with EN and it is the main reason I left. No active support for new members.

In all honesty, you have 2 choices here:

Find another group and register all over again - This is not guaranteed and you might just end up in the same scenario or be required to purchase more products. (Some groups require you to purchase more levels if you join them).

Secondly, you can end your membership untill you have more clarity. This will save you money. Your sponsor is not worth your commission if he/she is not even willing to help you.

You will have better success if you build a website of your own on WordPress. The options to make money with your own site is not limited and you will have a lasting online business.

Betsy said...

Thank you so much. I was at the point of joining" EN" WITHIN HOURS of reading your article. So well informative and I can't thank you enough.

Christene said...

You are most welcome Betsy. Glad you made the right choice and saved yourself thousands.

Unknown said...

hi there, I can see here that there are an awful lot of complaints about empower network even if you joined through big idea mastermind, the 10k in thirty days is an incomplete course do not buy it, if everyone wants to complain direct to the FTC here is their link https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx give them all that you know and how you have been treated if you paid for something and just got promises then log your official complaint. believe me they will act and quickly, years ago they took down one mlm operator called frank kern, he lost everything the FTC seize ALL assets. so if you hae a genuine complaint go to the FTC now, I sincerely hope that this helps you guys.

Christene said...

Thanks for leaving a helpful comment and link Helga, it is appreciated.

Unknown said...

Christene, contact me please, want to possibly purchase ad space on this site, let me know, thanks, email me, gosportslocker@aol.com
Rick M.

Unknown said...

Although there are obvious concerns with EN as with any MLM company, there are always challenges to endure while building a successful organization. Hard work, dedication and tenacity are required within the scope of network marketing. There is no get-rich-quick scheme here. I am relatively new to EN, however, They do provide the blueprints for potential success...you just have to focus on marketing. The idea of marketing can be a daunting task, and unless you know what you are doing, you will be eaten alive. This is true whether you are advertising a website, blog, forum or any other activity on the net. The learning curve is steep. Most people aren't willing to learn nor have the patience it requires. If you fail here, you probably will fail elsewhere too. I can can teach you the REAL shortcuts to internet marketing for use with any website, product, affiliate program. There are hidden secrets that will take weeks, even months off of your learning curve. As far as EN, there is no hidden agenda in terms of income disclosure. For more information go to mobileinterface.net. I will be happy to work with you personally.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the review, I also have the blogging platform and just realized that it promises to promote your own business and not there's. However this is not true in the least. I entered my blog site into my search bar, the blog came up with no problem, but in order for someone to comment back or like a blog posting they have to sign up to Empower Network. This is truly a cleaver scam and I will be stopping my use of there lame platform.

Unknown said...

After reading almost all of the reviews I don't think EN is for me. As a small business owner, I work too hard for income to give it away. But Christine I would live pointers on SEO for myself

Christene said...

Feel free to contact me via the email box on the right side. Will gladly give you a few pointer melody.

Unknown said...

This really was a very well done review. Thanks for your input!

Christene said...

Thanks Daphne, your kind feedback is appreciated. Have an awesome day!

Unknown said...

EN is a blogging company...Ive known about blogging for 20 years..
This isnt anything creative..Sure a creative way to collect money...
Simple...No followups on your Blogs and content you dont own on the site..
Really people...Get a clue...

solo said...

Thank you Christene .

Unknown said...

I am so glad I found your review Christene which is beneficially enlightening and professionally composed by an Architectural Wordsmith to whom I am so grateful
Best Regards

4everoptimistic said...

This is a great review! Honest and very thorough. I too joined about 9 months ago. I was downright overwhelmed. I can see how some people can have success yet it seems to be rare. Not only EN but the other platforms as well. The biggest sticker is having the cash to roll until one sees profits. This is not realistic for many people. This leaves the question, How does a newbie even begin to make it online? Thanks to the poster about the payment method. One thing I have seen with a few on these platforms is they dont use paypal or a similar service. I make a small amount with google adsense, this is a direct payment to my bank account, no third party is involved. Thanks Christene for this review.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes and yes... your review is spot on. EN is a money scheme and is not designed to help someone who is trying to make money online. You are building nothing of value, no assets that you can keep or sell after leaving EN. Too many people approach these things with dollar signs in their eyes instead of providing any kind of value, which is why online marketing has such a bad rep.

Unknown said...

I am member on EN about one year. I have more than 500 leads.
Some of them are active and paying. What the great method to increase the leads rather create lots of blogs?.

Thanks Zahara.

Unknown said...

This is some really informative information. As someone that earned $54,000 with Empower Network I never liked some of the methods and techniques they used and the critical information that I ended up having to explain to people. The biggest problem I found was people just couldn't find an easy way to get more leads and convert them into sales. I felt bad for the ones struggling, and would do my best to pull as many out of the trenches I could. My email CMFARCHER@GMAIL.COM

Tara Morgan said...

Finally the governments around the world are looking into these MLM setup online businesses, Soon Herballife will fall, since they are now under investigation. All these businesses where uplines tend to make the big buck off the little guy. Now is that fair? Seen businesses like Primerica, Herballife, and yes even Visalus, making money off new people's referrals that join, where the individual who signed up to join should be the actual ones making that money directly, not their upline directly. Then your left to establish yourself with outsiders your unsure of. Then to find out how you and your friends get scammed in the end. Then you feel bad for having them sign up and it affects your friendships. Look at the whole picture, money goes right to the top where they don't have to make any real effort. I blog and advertise quality products I make commissions directly. It goes right to my clickbank acct, where I have some kind of control over what I advertise as an affiliate for another business, mind you they are not MLM's a lot of them. Soon these MLM businesses will be coming down. I joined Herbalife as a supervisor for almost five grand, got stuck with the product no one wanted. Visalus on the other hand is a quality product but it does have the same setup as these other MLM. They all try to claim they are not MLM's but look at the structure, they are regardless, someone is making money off the little guys hard work unless you surpass the person who recruited you, its still and MLM scheme.

I found the Lance Profit and Holly Mann the most helpful guides to learning how to make money online and yes it does take a couple of months to get your first descent dollar without scamming people. That's being at it everyday, if you have the time. If you are working at another steady job it can take up to six months. As for Empower Network, they have done nothing but spam my email account to its death even after blocked or removed my email acct from their system. That's the reality. Stay clear of MLM's they are a waste of money, find something that gives you control and more independence online.

Unknown said...

Interesting post Christene, and still active after so much time, you have clearly hit on a sensitive issue.

I was in EN for a few months over a year ago. I am not going into the pro's and con's. I have only one issue which I think sums up the credibility of EN...

I can still Google search and find my old EN blogs, with active marketing links, and the landing page still has my EN username as part of the URL. So, I entered my contact details in and I am now getting their auto responder emails.

I guess I did not read the terms and conditions close enough to find the clause that "EN owns all user blog content after they quit".

Unknown said...

I have never seen such a blatant misrepresentation of a company as the comments I have read above. Who and how Michael Ladd is spending $1800/year on a blog that costs $25.00/month. Yes there is an affiliate fee but you are also earning 100% commission on every product you buy (except the Masters which pays roughly 90%.). You aren't obliged to buy other products but logic would tell you that if you want to earn MORE money, you would want to be able to sell more expensive products. Upsells are also, not exactly unique to Empower Network.

itllbegoodtho said...

Hi Dylan, that was my dilemma when I became a member. There was no tangible product per se and it seemed like a dog chasing its own tail. Plus, I could "feel" the hypnotic sales tactics being used on me (as a former copywriter I have spidey senses). In the end, my Buddhist nature won out and I could not align what it was with anything to do with Right Livelihood. But I think there is a real vision there.

Christene said...

The biggest "success killer" is lack of traffic. Very few will tell you the following...

Without traffic, an email list or huge social following you will not make a dime in the beginning. First, you have to get these and then the dollars will come. It can take months to build up a social following, a list and a website with rankings. People do not have this kind of patience and give up before they see results.

Let me give you an example here:

I am an online marketer for 2 years now, I have all the things I mentioned above. With thousands of visitors and a reasonable social following it is easy for me to make sales right? Now, all I have to do is show all my earnings to innocent newbies and tell them that "EN" works for me and I can prove it, many will fall for this and buy the program. The truth... The newbies do not have my traffic, email list or social following how will they promote the program?

Hope this make sense.

Your question: "How does a newbie even begin to make it online?"

First - Get your own WP website, not the cheap imitations, a real one that is hosted with a company that have a good reputation.

Secondly - Build up a strong social media on the major platforms like Facebook, Twitter and G+

Last but not least, have patience and stick with one goal.

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