Empower Network - Scam Review (Closed)

Before I give my honest Review about Empower Network I would like to state that this is not an affiliate link, and I am not receiving any compensation at all to write about them, now let’s get started... 

Update: Empower Network No Longer Exist!

Feel free to check out some other reviews and articles about similar programs. 

What is Empower Network all about? 

Empower Network Scam ReviewEmpower Network is an online opportunity that supposedly enables its members to earn money without experiencing the most common challenges, pitfalls, and problems that most individuals go through when they start a home-based business. They provide marketing training, information products, and digital services like a blogging platform called Blog Beast. The affiliate program pays commissions that allow members to create a substantial online income from home.

What will the scheme cost?

  • The basic membership will cost you $25 a month and will give you a blogging site.
  • You will have to pay a  monthly fee of $19.95 if you wish to promote the EN products and earn commissions. 
  • If you decide to join the Inner Circle membership, a $100  monthly fee will be added. (Needed for drastic success)
  • In addition, you will need to sign up for an autoresponder service to manage emails and communication with future prospects.  

Empower Network Membership Levels

If you join Empower Network, you will have several different levels of membership to choose from. For each level that you purchase, you will earn a commission when the specific level of training is purchased. If you did not purchase the level, you will not earn commissions when your referrals buy it.  

Blogging Platform - $25 a month

The first level is the basic membership that provides you with the Empower Network blogging platform. You will have access to the fast training and core checklist. This contains the principles to build an online business. In addition, you will have access to the back office tools, capture page systems, and Monday night Empower hour. It is required to buy this level so higher levels can be accessed.

Empower Network Inner CircleThe Inner Circle Membership - $100 a month 
This membership level grants you access to a library of audio. This contains information about the Empower Network founders, team leaders, and members.  You will have the right to sell this level and earn commissions from it when someone joins under you.


Empower Network Costa RicaThe Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – One Time Payment - $500

This is a video series that is based on a private 3-day retreat that was held near David Wood’s mountain home in Costa Rica. These videos cover most of the concepts that change the way you approach your online leads or audience along with some advanced marketing strategies. 

The 15K Formula – One Time Payment - $995

Empower Network 15k formulaThis level is more focused on technical training and teaching members how to market online. The training focuses on strategies to get targeted leads and grow your online business on a long-term scale.

Masters Retreat – One Time Payment - $3,500

The master's Retreat level consists of about 40 individual training and includes a workbook that enables members to learn as they earn.

Again, keep in mind that you need to purchase all the levels that you want to promote with Empower Network. In other words, if you purchase the $25 blogging platform, you can only receive commissions from that. When someone signs up under you and purchases higher levels you Will Not receive the commission.

Now that you know the basic setup and fees, let’s get to the part which led you here in the first place… Is Empower Network a scam and what are the Cons?

No, they are not a scam because they do not take money from members without their consent or fail to pay commissions to their affiliates. However, the program is similar to an MLM scheme because you need to refer more people to the program to make money. Basically, you have to sell Empower Network itself and teach others to do the same.


  • No description - So you might wonder what they sell and what will you have to sell? Empower network has no clear description of its business model and they do not tell new prospects exactly how they will make money or gain success.
  • Too many up-sells - EN is the King of the internet when it comes to “up-sells” and frankly, it is blunt out annoying, to say the least. You would think that it will eventually end with the 15K formula, but no, do not rest that easy. When I was part of Empower Network I got extremely annoyed when members tried to sell me customized sales pages, “the big idea mastermind”, lead capturing programs, to only name a few. The most annoying part? They actually tell you that you need it to make money.
  • You have to pay $20 to get paid - Yes, ladies and gents, you will have to pay for the card every single month, oh and do not forget that it is a privilege (ha ha ha) I got my Payoneer card for Free and it enables me to cash out my earnings on various affiliate programs – Now that is a privilege!
  • So how much do you have to invest to succeed?  Nope, not just $25, this will only give you a blog with some very basic training. If you do not purchase the Inner Circle, you will miss the “awesome videos” and the commissions when your referrals upgrade. Now how would you earn money if you do not purchase the payment system, yes, that is an extra $19 – Still there is no promise that you WILL succeed but that would be the minimum requirements for “success”
  • Affiliates, without manners or ethics – It seems to me that you literally need to be a “badass” to become an Empower Network member. Some members promote EN in any way possible, whether it is legit or not. I considered getting a restraining order at some point and I even had a personality issue for a short time – Seriously, I thought I was a flower and they were the bees chasing me! However, all jokes aside. Facebook banned the EN links because of this behavior. I use Facebook for marketing and I am sure that others do the same, what is the use of having a program with limitations on a social platform?
  • Too many complaintsWell, what did they expect was going to happen if members run loose and spam every given platform they can find on Google just to make a quick buck?
  • The Blog – Although they make it out to be shiny, I just do not see the “bling”.  You have limited control over it, just a few templates to choose from and without the options for additional plugins or personal control. Most of the Empower blogs are plastered with the EN banners and all the “sign up now or forever be doomed” adverts. Most defiantly not worth $25. The new phone app is nothing new and many blogging platforms added the app months ago. WordPress is still the most popular, not to mention that you can have it For Free! 
  • Ranking Blogs – What ranking blogs? A few years back it was common to see an Empower Network blog with some nice content, but that is not the case anymore.
  • No support within some groups - Empower Network has grown immensely within the last 3 years and some groups got so big that support became non-existent. Many Empower Network affiliates promote the program in the wrong way and only set out to get sales. This causes failure when it comes to supporting and team building. As an affiliate, you are responsible for keeping trust and communication, this is the fine line between failure and success.
  • No Free trial – Would you like to have a peek before you reach for your Visa? No chance of that happening, sorry!

Bottom Line...

My concern - Building an Online Business that is not 100% mine. The blog will still be owned by Empower Network and you will be stuck with the EN template. I personally prefer to have an online business of my own that I can gradually build up and modify the way I want to.

Call me lazy if you want to, but I still prefer to go after the easy money, by promoting products without too much competition. Empower Network became one of the most famous products, and I am sure that most of you would be familiar with the name by now, therefore it would take some added skill to promote them successfully. Allow me to elaborate for those still a bit unfamiliar with the advanced marketing strategies – By promoting products that are well spread over the internet, you enter a highly competitive market and you will have to double all efforts to gain success and make a profit. The advanced marketers promoting Empower Network will clearly have a better shot than those who are new, for they already adopted the skills and tactics to sell a highly-priced product successfully.

My honest opinion...

There are programs that cost less with better value.

Currently, there is a competitive market for new entrepreneurs in internet marketing who desperately want to make money online. Unfortunately, the economy is horrible and most of these people looking to start an online business do not have that much to invest in the beginning. I would always try my very best to point new entrepreneurs into directions that do not require a huge investment or better yet, offers a trial or Free Methods.

ReviewEmpower Network suffered setbacks on the social side and Facebook had banned direct linking mainly because of the huge amount of members that is spamming or promoting the program in an unethical way. Personally, I think David should tighten the ropes with his members before they ruin all the hard work that he and David Sharpe invested in the business. An online "makeover" for Empower might not be such a bad idea.

I've read tons of “Empower Network Reviews” and have to admit that I feel a bit disappointed. Most would simply just be a sales pitch to get others to purchase the program without highlighting the pros and cons. Again, I am not shooting at anyone trying to get their product promoted, we are in the marketing industry and need to make a sale to survive.  A review should be based on personal experience, highlighting the features and the type of individual skill sets that would fit into the program. 

Questions and Answers

Can a Newbie Succeed with Empower Network?

It is possible with hard work and dedication. However, it will take some time and earnings will not be instant. The success rate is low and only a small percentage of members earn a substantial amount each month. Do not take my word for it, but rather see for yourself by having a look at the Empower Network Income Disclosure.

What about a money-back guarantee?

EN has a strict 14–day return policy that begins on the date of purchase.

How does the Empower Network compensation plan work?

Allow me to give a quick example using the $25 subscription:

If you refer Jhon, and he purchases the blogging system, he will fall on your first position. You will receive a direct, monthly recurring payment of $25.

You will pass up the product purchases from sales 2, 4, 6, and every 5th to your sponsor. (You will not earn commissions for sale 2,4, 6, and every 5th sale)

If you then sell the system to Sue, she would stay connected to you for future products, and the sale will pass on to your sponsor. You would collect commissions on 3, 5, and 7-10, etc.

When John starts to generate product sales, you will receive direct payments for monthly subscriptions for his 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 11th sale.

If John continues to sell the product, you will receive a commission payment for his
16, 21, 26, 31, etc. sale

John will keep 100% of sales 1,3,5, 7-10, 12-16, etc.

Is Empower Network International?

Yes, you can join from any country as long as you have a valid method of payment. Some payment processors like Payoneer is not accepted. The saved ones are PayPal, CardFlex, Authorize.net, and AlertPay.

Are there hidden costs?

Yes, If you are serious about earning commissions with Empower Network, there will be added costs that include, your autoresponder, paid advertising, additional hosting, domain purchase, and so forth.

What do I need to make money "instantly" with Empower Network?

  • A blog or website with traffic to gain leads.      (Read More)
  • A list for email marketing
  • A Social following to establish trust and relationships
  • A killer personality – If you are shy, and do not like to communicate directly, forget about MLM!

To make money online is not as difficult as it might seem, yes, it is not as easy, but surely there is a workable solution and a tactic that will overcome the impossible.

Any Other Options
Empower Network Review

Web site development that goes along with Affiliate marketing is and will always be the best method to generate a substantial online income. No false promises or misleading methods. Your success will be determined by your own actions and willingness to learn and work hard...

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Christene said...

I Agree Steve.

It is sad to see so many people wasting so much money for nothing. The truth, if you are dedicated and have the will to succeed you can build an online business for much less or even for free. People want a "quick fix" and do not realize that it takes hard work and loads of patience to become successful.

Thanks for commenting, have an awesome day!

Christene said...

Hi Zahara.

No, lots of blogs is not your answer, unless you have a lot of time to write fresh content on a weekly basis and do active SEO to get them ranked well.

With MLM based programs you need to focus on building relationships with your leads, active or not. You need to coach your referrals to become active and supporting and implement what they learned. If referrals become inactive and leave it is a sign of a bad support structure. You have done a great job to get so many leads and I am sure you will get more, your focus should be to build a strong referral base, the money will come from them and the efforts they make.

If you fail to do this you will earn a bad online reputation and people will not sign up under you in the future.

Christene said...

Thanks for your detailed comment and info on Herbal-life Tara, it is appreciated.

I agree, MLM is a tricky business and only the guys on top is making the big bucks. The new members earn very little or nothing at all.

Niche marketing has better results. You can create a blog and add a reliable product or service that actually have a demand and help others to solve their problems.

Keep up the good work and have an awesome day.

Christene said...

Hi Gary.

Yes, Empower Network owns all the content you create because your website is hosted on their servers. Basically, your hard work is earning someone else a commission now.

Before I left EN, I deleted all the content on my blog.

Pixie_dust said...

Thanks for the excellent review. Yep I've watched so many of these ''get rich quick'' presentations and can even finish off some of their sentences by now! LOL. Any scheme that has no visible tangible product/service is dodgy. It may sound harsh but nothing great comes without at least some work and that's a simple fact. There's no such thing as a sustainable ''get rich quick scheme''. If you want to acquire wealth, you're just gonna have to be diligent and get involved in a long standing sustainable business associated with a tangible and marketable product/service. Frankly I've given up on all those ''magical money making software'' and reverted to good old selling and network marketing. To be honest it may require some work and perseverance but wow once it starts paying off, it's income for life. Coffee is currently the 2nd highest traded commodity after oil and the global trends show that the coffee industry keeps growing exponentially every year. You can't lose; it's the most consumed drink after water, it is not a luxury and the average person in the states drinks up to 4-5 cups a day, paying up to $4 a cup. This trend is also taking off rapidly in the UK. Also speciality coffee sales are up 20% every year!
This business promotes coffee products that are actually good for you because it contains a certified organic herbal extract that has been researched and shown to have so many health benefits! Which other coffee brands pay you commission for recommending their product? Exciting opportunity to own and grow your own coffee business and earn residual income. Definitely not a scam because there's an actual product! My aunt who is a critical care registered nurse in the USA has just given up her job because of this. Check out: http://momsorganiccoffee.myorganogold.com. There are 7 different methods of earning!
There's nothing wrong with MLM as long there's a visible product and your primary source of income is recruitment/referrals. Good luck.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Christene for this information.
and what about wealthy affiliate, can I trust them.
Thank you again

Christene said...

Pleasure Nadja. WA is completely different from Empower Network. You will learn how to find a suitable niche, build a blog, rank it and make money from it. You can join the free membership without having to enter any card details and see if the training, support and layout suits you. You will not lose a dime if you decide that it is not for you. Many programs, including EN do not offer this option. WA have a good reputation.

With EN you need to promote the platform itself to make money and you do not have a blog of your own. You do not need to promote WA to make money and the WP blogs are your own. (You have sole ownership to your content)

Unknown said...

The company may be doing Good.But there are few people in India who are cheating others in name of Empower,by taking money and not lifting the phone.Mr.Praveen Kumar is great example.

Unknown said...

I don't understand : Why you keep saying" Empower Network is not a scam"
Unless you mist it the U.S. A. FEDERAL TRADE COMMISION tried to close them down.

Unknown said...

Great review, thank you very much. It is the most comprehensive review on EN that I have been able to find. And you are right about WA it is a great community and even though their commissions are not as high as others it is very honest and helpful.

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive feedback Francis, it is appreciated.

I agree, the commissions on WA is not as big but, many small payments can fill a bucket quicker than a few big ones. You are right, the community is honest and helpful and that is the major reason why I swopped the big commissions for the small ones, you cannot put a price on loyalty and trust.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Infinity Processing System said...

I don't want to sound harsh or anything, but your traffic skills suck!!!

I can't believe you people sometimes. You write a few nice words then paste your opportunity without any regards to other readers and especially the owner of this incredible article.

Here is a thought, try to add a little value to get people interested in your crummy site.

Sorry Christene, lost a little control.


Christene said...

No problem Oscar. By now I am used to this type of "advertising". Unfortunately, I have to remove it, Google hates it when comments are based on links without added value. I will keep yours as an example for those visiting.

Keep up the good work and have an awesome day.

Unknown said...

tell her lol

Eva Suzuki said...

Hi Christine,
I like your review. I too was in Empower Network and was all in. I do not believe EN is a scam. I enjoyed my time there but then left after they switched platforms to the Blog Beast. It quickly became a program I could not promote. Wordpress was hard enough to help my downline with but at least I understood it and how it worked. Once it switched over to the Blog Beast it was over for me. It was sad, but not for long. I bounced back and now promote another product that I'm doing very well with and happy. What I am interested in is your Wealthy Affiliate program. I still do need a good blogging platform and I think WA may fit the bill since it offers WP. I have a site now but it is on Weebly. Weebly is great but very difficult to share "posts" on FB, and FB is my number one marketing strategy. I think WA might be a good way to promote my product as a blog rather than as a stand alone site only but wonder what strategy to use, as in what niche. . Can you take a look at it and possibly recommend a niche. http://myskinnyfiber.weebly.com/ (I do have a custom domain that re-directs)

Thank you!


Christene said...

Hi Eva, hope all is going well.

Yes, Blog Beast is not the ideal blogging platform and others like Weebly, Webstarts and so forth lack severely when it comes to total customization. WordPress is the only true form of website development that will allow you to do just about anything you want. You can add your own online stores, forums, live chat box, polls, and video to name only a few.

Your goal with your online business is obviously to grow and expand over a period of time. Nothing can be more frustrating than having a blogging platform that does not allow you to expand. In addition, you have to look at the bigger picture, remember, a website creator is only one part of your website, the other half is the hosting. You can have the best blog that is optimized to perfection, if it is on a host with a bad reputation you will struggle to see the first pages of Google, if ever. This happened to EN, some bloggers spammed and did not optimize their blogs correctly, this caused the rest of the blogs to fall in ranking.

WA provides you with 2 basic free WP sites on the starter level that includes training and setup. The premium membership gives you unlimited websites and domains and include your file and video hosting. These are full WP sites that you can customize fully with hundreds of plugins. The hosting is one of the best, siterubix have a good reputation with Google and websites rank much quicker. I recommend that you sign up for the free membership at first and check out the features before you make any decisions, a lot of members have successful websites without upgrading to premium.

Here is the link to the free membership: http://goo.gl/0JCmPo

I totally agree with you, without social sharing it is hard to get anywhere. I use FB myself and it will be a total disaster for my websites if I could not leverage it. WP has lots of plugins that make this possible.

I think you have a good product that will sell well. The diet and weight loss industry is huge and evergreen. I recommend that you create a blog that focus on weight loss and then add your product as a recommendation. You can create a post each week about a variety of topics around this niche. In addition, you will never run out of ideas for new articles, there is plenty to write about when it comes to weight loss. You can post exercise tips, healthy recipes, calorie charts, product reviews and testimonials to only name a few.

Feel free to shout if you have any questions or need advice.

Hatem AbdAllah said...

Thank you very Much, Christene your blog is very informative and great! thank you again I was just about to sign up with EN but I started to think twice!!
So what's our options now for people like me who wants to make many over the internet, I have a very good computer skills and I figure things on my own plus I have that talent in doing lots of online researches and getting exactly what I need! so can you please recommend something for me? I read earlier you said you work for "WA" which I still don't know what is this abbreviation for besides Washington :) Sorry I'm new for the whole internet marketing thing, but I'm sure I can be successful in whatever I do.

Thanks again for everything!
Hatem AbdAllah

Rose Vidal said...

I agree, it's such a rip off. What bugs me is that there will be lots of money going out before you ever see any yourself. If you ever see any...

Christene said...

Hi Hatem, hope all is going well.

I dearly apologize for the late reply. Our weather system acts strange this year, makes it hard to work efficiently. Hopefully I am forgiven?

WA stand for Wealthy Affiliate University. It is a learning platform that teach members how to create their own website(s) and earn from it.

With most programs you join you will need traffic and leads, if you do not have your own site and readers it is extremely hard to make sales or promote your offer. This is the major reason why many fail, they have a great product or opportunity but no-one to see it. An online business works similar to a real brick and mortar business, you will need a store (website) customers (visitors) and buyers (leads or direct sales). This is just a short explanation but I am sure you understand what I mean.

A real business will seek out the most targeted and popular location for their business. Online it is the same thing. You need to find the best hosting and most popular building platform (WordPress) to build your website. WA basically will provide these for you. The company is trusted by Google and their WordPress sites have good ranking. You have the choice to use the 2 basic WP sites along with basic training for setup and you also have the premium membership that gives you access to all the training and unlimited domains and websites for $47 a month. If you are hardworking and a fast learner you can start an online business and earn from it only by using the free membership.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick program. You need to learn before you earn. But then again, there is no platform that will make you thousands instantly.

Please read my overview on WA, this will give you more detailed information. If you have any questions you can email me directly at christene.swanepoel@gmail.com


Evangeline PhD said...

Thank you Christene, I was about to sign up for Empower and IPAS but decided I needed to find a good review. I like the fact that you gave both pros and cons of the product, and let us know what will happen after we sign up. I am grateful to you for helping me decide against joining and continue with my websites and blogs.

Christene said...

It is a great pleasure Evaangeline. You made the right choice to continue with your sites and blogs, your own online property has much more value over a period of time if you keep developing. In addition, you do not have to spend too much to make money. The pet niche is always profitable and evergreen, you made a good choice.

Keep up the good work and have an awesome day.

Unknown said...

I think EN is nothing but a glorified gifting program. It is not ethical, moral or worth doing.
You're paying a sponsor a crazy amount every month for a product that does not have that much
intrinsic value. This is not all, besides all the hidden costs, and low success rate. The leader of this company does not act like a businessman at all. He dresses and acts like a bum, and uses VERY foul and vulgar gestures and language in his presentations. I would not refer him to anyone I know. So if you don't mind crap, and also giving your hard earned money endlessly to a product you'll be paying for again and again...go ahead and waste your money.

enlighten said...

nice article

Unknown said...

I really like the way you put things. I think you hit it spot on. I was laid off from work 6 months ago and while looking for work I have been trying to learn how to make money online. I am a member of Empower (not for much longer). They offer no support and for a newbie you need that the most. After 8 weeks I have made zero and spent $89. My understanding of Empower is you are writing a blog trying to coax people into paying money to write their own blog so you can make money from them paying. I see no other value in this marketing and it does give the impression of a pyramid scheme.

Unknown said...

I purchased a software product easysketchpro and I received an email that I'm now entry level with innercircleriches. But in order to sell easysketchpro as affiliate (if I decide to) I have to upgrade to level two which turns out to be empowernetwork program and to get to level three MOBE program. So is innercircleriches a smoke screen to camaflage EN? I'm not going to upgrade because I just wanted the video sketch software to use to for my small business to make youtube videos for my business products. Any insight on this would be appreciated.

Christene said...

Yes, MOBE and Empower Network is the up-sells. Easy-sketch-pro is used to attract more MLM leads for EN and MOBE. Apart from Easy-sketch-pro they also have the "YouTube, Pay Per Click and the CPA Tsunami" products that is offered separately but used to gain more EN and MOBE signups.

You can use the software for the price purchased, but you cannot sell it as an affiliate unless you upgrade and spend hundreds of dollars for products that you do not want.

enlighten said...

nice article

Unknown said...

Hi Christene, I am looking for a real,honest and affordable online marketing program to work from home, which ones would you recommend ? Thanks

hindahoney said...

Do you know anything about iPAS2 system? I think that they are an affiliate of Empower Network, not sure. If you have any information about iPAS2 system please email me at: hindahoney@gmail.com. I would like your opinion on this NEW program.

Christene said...

Hi Gonzalo. Hope all is going well.

My apologies for the delayed reply. Hope I am forgiven?

My top recommendation is blogging and site development. This is the most popular form of earning an online income because it is easy to learn and also the most successful.

With most programs you join, you will need traffic or leads. This is the major hiccup and the reason why people fail. Without traffic you will have no one to sell to and you will have to go hunt down people just to make a sale. With your own website and traffic you have a huge variety of options to make money. You can sell advertising space, promote affiliate programs or even sell your own products to name a few.

From all the learning platforms that teach website development and blogging, I recommend one above all, it is called WA, a learning platform that teaches members how to build their own websites, get traffic and promote their products in the correct manner. In addition they also teach more advance methods as well. Most of all their support structure is currently one of the best online and the company is more than 9 years old with a good reputation.

Last but not least they have a free and a premium membership to suit everyone's pocket. The free membership includes 2 WP websites and basic training, more than enough to get you started or at least teach you all the basics about the online industry and it will not cost you a dime.

Once you have a website with traffic, then you can pick the products or methods of earning that you feel comfortable with. Remember, a lot of products, even Empower Network requires traffic or leads in order to make it successful. Without it, you have no-one to sell to and thus people label these programs as scam because they cannot earn a dime from it. Most of the "big sellers" have traffic, leads and website development skills.

You can read about WA here:


Feel free to shout if you have any questions.

Christene said...

Yes, IPAS promotes Empower Network and it is part of their Sign Up. The program is costly and you will have to purchase at least the silver membership to get some sort of decent training. In addition, you have to join EN.

The IPas Silver Membership is $322 in total

Viral Blog at $25 per month and $297 for the Viral Blog Academy (one time fee)

My honest opinion, you will need a good amount of money to get anywhere with this as a beginner and the results will not be guaranteed. Basically, you stand a change to lose a lot of money if it flops.

qualitybargain said...

Here I am in 2014 and trying to decide if I want to get involved with empower network. After reading Christene's review and all the comments I could read, I decided that empower network can benefit some, as for my self I'll keep having my aha moments. Thanks for your review and comments.

Unknown said...

Hi Christine,

I read your review while researching on EN because I came across an iPAS2 system that is made to sell EN and its products. To be honest, for me its look rather like a Ponzi scheme or financial pyramid due to the fact that in order to get "rich" you have to assign new members. MLM marketing as far as I know is about to create your network (the bigger the better) and then sale products (often physical) using this. So you getting rich by selling different products that have an end customer (consumer) and because you have so many of those customers you making a lot of money for a long time. Your end customers may order the same product over and over again or buy a new one that you bring the market.

With the products like EN there is no an end customer that would be buying the same product over and over again although new ones will be sold. Therefore, I conclude that such schemes are not long-lasting and they inevitably collapse. My income is hugely depend not only on my efforts which you HAVE TO make but on the time when I started to participate in the scheme. If it is too old the chances you get a good income is minimal.
I am not an experienced internet marketer but do a few standard businesses. May be my conclusions are of those from the people who have not got a clue about internet marketing but there is a common sense at least.
Generally, I am doing my research now in order to do a new venture from home probably publishing and selling expertise info materials.

debtfree4life said...

Hi Christene, this is an excellent piece of work you've done here on EN I will mark this as one of my favorite blogs. I was a member with EN a few years ago, I had put up over 160 articles within a six month period, and I did not get one sale, so I said enough and went in search for that proven system in which I started my own blog and begin to write for myself. i.e make money in direct mail, which is the way to the promise land in online and off line success.

Some of us have to learn by way of trail and error, that is the only way you'll succeed in anything.

If you have a good mentor or coach that has been around the block in network marketing or is successful entreprneur then you'll have cut the learning cure in half by 50% or more, and then it's just a matter of time before you'll hit pay dirt.

Unknown said...

Some of these comments are so ignorant till it's not funny, Empower network has become one of the best and biggest online business opportunities online in the last few years.

In it's infancy, there were some challenges but all has been smoothed out to perfection for a very long time now. It's sad how some people will believe anything they read without proper investigation and follow up investigation because things change quickly online.

Shame, You may have lost out on a great thing for Your ignorance.

Christene said...

Ignorance? Could be, but I don't think so. So let me pretend to be a little ignorant and ask, why on earth did Empower Network dropped so immensely in the search results the last 3 months?

You are absolutely right about "things change quickly online". Only a couple of months ago Empower hit high on the search, now the rank had declined with a massive 1 433. In case you are wondering, it means that people are no longer interested in EN like they were 5 months ago. Spamming the social networks and Google was the cause just like I predicted 8 months back.

Just wondering, when last did you do proper investigation?

A massive lost in traffic is not something that can be smoothed out easily. No traffic, equals little or no sales. Links are banned from G+ and FB, and Google finally tossed all EN blogs from the rankings (reason for traffic decline). Just curious, how do you make money online without traffic?

I don't think I lost out, in fact, I got out just in time!

PS: Wonder why some of the big EN earners left the company? Hmm-mm something to think about.

L. Adams said...

Thanks very much for that post Christene. I was going to join iPAS network, which is a funnel system for Empower network. I think I'll stick to what worked for me in the past - affiliate marketing.


Christene said...

Pleasure Lloyd.

You are absolutely right, iPas is a funnel system for Empower Network. In addition, it cost a lot of money to "go all in". Those with huge lists and enough money to spend on advertising might have a change, but it is just too big of a gamble.

I agree, affiliate marketing is still the most popular method to earn money because of the flexible methods to promote the product or service. In addition, affiliate marketing does not require too much out of pocket expenses.

Tom Smith said...

Good points on both sides here. I would like to point out a few things. First, I think people use the word scam too loosely here. A scam is an act where one entity intends to rip another off. In almost every perspective of the intent to mean a real scam on here, it is not. First, as stated above, the company DOES offer a refund as stated in the review. Secondly, the purchaser knows full well the money they invested. They even have to sign a separate authorization. So if anyone's been say "scammed", it's the idiots who know nothing about computers, blogging, writing, marketing, business, etc and signed up and said "rip me off!" On a different topic, what business person would not want their hands on some of the most professional and effective marketing tools? (whether it be for EN use or otherwise) That is the idea of the game in business! Most companies pay salary people to market for them because they don't want to do it themselves. And these people cost $60,000 a year or more! And EN is ONLY that much? Who wouldn't want to get paid to get affiliates involved? These bashers also tend to forget that we live in a Free Enterprise country. Yes, you could buy a McDonald's franchise if you could afford it. Anyone is free to buy into EN too for say about <1% the cost! If you bash EN, you are bashing free enterprise. There is a legitimate product here wanted by many people. If it's not for you or you don't know what a scam is, then don't try to take the right away from someone else. As for the minor details in the business that may not have been disclosed, does McDonalds tell you it will cost you $3000 a year for pest control? If the French fry machine goes out of order, it will cost you another $3000? Parking lot gets a pothole, $100? Of course, if you post blogs on someone's private machine, it belongs to the owner of the machine! If you were a smart and successful businessman, you would not do such a dumb thing like that. For those who fail, it's time to move on and out of business ownership. This was not for them. Last point, pyramid is a bad word. Multi level marketing is the core of just about all businesses and even government. IF and I'll say it again, IF EN was inevitably going to collapse as some people have put it because eventually they would run out of people in the world, then it does! Anyone study the law of supply and demand integrated with free market enterprising? No one can go into business a dummy and expect to be bailed out by crying scam and pyramid! In review - legit and free enterprise! Can you say otherwise? Has anyone noticed what the author's credentials are? None, except that she must have failed at EN. She is not qualified to do this impartial review because it is very partial! Yet she explains she is expressing her opinions based on her experience. Take out the banners and the opinions. Lay out only the facts and this may be worth looking at for amusement. All the dozen plus ads on this page are a scam! How do you like that? And one last thing, your opinions have no substance on your subject topic (ie if you think the blogging system is worth it). The free market can decide that. What is your topic? Is it that EN is a scam? Is it not, but unethical? You failed at this company, jumped ship and now your next attempt is somehow much better? See updated and follow up post Empower Network VS Wealthy Affiliate. Sorry, I didn't read that post. Probably more self promoting hypocritic rubbish. Perhaps it isn't the intention of the author, but there a few statements in here that are not factual too. Folks, I suggest get a fact based review. What I would recommend is that you are your best reviewer. Sign up, get full access, decided for yourself. Get a full refund if you're not happy. Simple as that! I would leave you with my banner link, but that would corrupt this commentary as the author has.

De-Power Empower - you might as well go on the campaign to stop super sized fries and drinks.Just say no and be done with it.

Tom Smith said...

As you will obviously be deleting my truthful post, I recommend to you, keep a review to be just that - a review. People are smarter than what you take them to be. You will lose the audience as soon as they get a clue. Nothing personal. Just stating the fact. Sorry if that offends you.

Christene said...

How do you compare McDonald's with EN? I mean seriously? Allow me to elaborate...

If you were to buy a franchise, you would not blindly just put down money and "go all in" without doing extensive research. You would want to look at the companies monthly and yearly turnovers, work force reliability, market investment rates, advertisement strategies that is implemented without consulting, monthly and yearly investment planning on local markets, location efficiency, budget planning and so forth.

EN DOES NOT ALLOW YOU to do your market research. You have to purchase to see what you will get. You honestly expect any serious business individual to come up with a detailed market analysis in only 14 days?

First, I did not label the company as a scam, in fact, I stated that it is not a scam! At some point, it was actually a great program with loads of potential. Secondly, you apparently did not look that far for my credentials, otherwise you might have found it, do you know how to look or should I include instructions and links?

The site is not about pleasing everyone and telling fairy-tales. I do make a point to look at every aspect and make sure to highlight the ups and downs of every business model.

Failed at the company? LOL...Okay, lets say I did, just to make you smile at least once. Do you even know how you sound? Did you notice my ranking position? I can easily make tons of money with EN and sit at the top.EN does not provide for everyone's needs, that includes mine. I am not build to be a ruthless marketer and do not have the heart to take money from a jobless father, because that would be like taking the food out of his kids mouths just so I can brag about my massive EN earnings. WA works for me, my referrals get a free option, and if they work hard, that free option can help them reach their goals. If they do decide to upgrade, I know it is because they can afford it or find the platform valuable enough, not because I pressured them. So no Tom, I did not "abandon" the EN ship because I cannot make money with it. I left because it does not live up to my own personal standard of humanity. Less than %5 earns more than $1000 each month. I simply cannot take the risk to put people in a system with such a low success rate.

WA is not a "self promoting" platform. It is platform that will teach others the technical side of marketing and blogging so they will be able to thrive online and sell their products without having the need to yell scam each time. But, yea, you did not look, did you? Did you know that some EN members use WA to build their websites instead of using the EN blogs? WA's websites is currently in top ranking position and the company is more than 9 years old with a outstanding reputation.

This is the major reason why I do not promote EN anymore, let me quote you..."What I would recommend is that you are your best reviewer. Sign up, get full access, decided for yourself."

Typical, encourage other just to sign up and get "full access". Shame on you! There are people who does not have that class of money, some are desperate and they will use their last savings because they do believe that it will work. IT WILL NOT WORK SO EASILY! If you are lucky, you will see your first earnings only in a couple of months! 95% Fail at MLM, how on earth could you just tell people to sign up without including all the risks involved?

"Get a full refund if you're not happy. Simple as that!" No Tom, it is not always as simple as that!

Let me quote you yet again, "All the dozen plus ads on this page are a scam!" A dozen means 12 right? Wow, you are clearly seeing something that is not there. Could I perhaps recommend a nice pair of reading glasses?

Sam Bernard said...

You are a scammer, People don't trust one piece of crap that comes out of this women mouth. For some resome you wont believe me and in 12 months time you'll be $1000 out of pocket. Have fun losing money

Christene said...

You absolutely make no sense Samuel. I do not promote Empower Network, nor do I sell my own products. I am not part of MLM scheme and I do not charge a "fee" for services delivered. I recommend and promote 2 programs and both of them have free or trial options that will never exceed to the amount of $1000 a year. You need to be more specific here, I DID NOT take any money from you and by suggesting it you can find yourself in deep water legally if you cannot provide sufficient verified proof.

Kristine said...

Thanks for taking the time to put together your review and opinion of Empower Network.

I would like to point out that people will choose what is best for them, based on all information gathered in their search for a company to join...

As an active affiliate of Empower Network, I can attest to the fact that many changes and improvements have been made since the company started.

I am more than a little curious Christene, why you mentioned that you had to delete "many sarcastic comments" (which I assume were from current affiliates of Empower), while you choose to leave in plain sight here, degrading posts from people who can only run their mouths and bash others who post positive things about Empower while hiding behind the "Anonymous" posting?!?

If you're doing all of this in an attempt to market Wealthy Affiliate now instead of Empower Network, you are no better than what you are accusing all of the blood suckers you accuse us of being ;)

Christene said...

Comments that contain cursing or swearing is deleted. In some instances comments are deleted for the sake of embarrassment for the person who posted it. People who post a comment mouthing off about how EN earned them thousands and then stick an affiliate link below the comments is not welcome. Honestly, if you are desperate enough to spam on popular blogs, then you are flat out lying and not making thousands, period! Those methods of promoting EN are what caused the program to lose popularity in the first place.

I actually feel that it would simply be a waste of time to explain the difference about Wealthy Affiliate and EN, I have done it numerous times in many comments, including the one above and honestly don't think I can do it one more time. However, I do have patience and will try to put it in other words.


Do you know how to build an email list and how to market to it in the RIGHT manner?
Do you know SEO, Website development, content marketing, traffic generation and social development.
Do you know how to build a reputable online presence?
Do you know about keyword and niche research? Do you know how to choose a niche in a profitable market?
What type of niche will fit you the best and be profitable in the shortest period of time?

I can ask you quite a few more questions, but I am sure you understand by now that EN does not cover most of the important topics in advance. The reason why I recommend WA, so people can learn how to actually promote their products and make money. Less wining about a program like EN that does not make money and more learning about how they could actually make it happen. Get it now?

Not sure if you noticed, but EN lost a lot of search traffic, meaning the program lost popularity. Main reason, some of the big EN promoters left to seek greener pastures. If you actually go through all the comments you will notice the reason why. (Click on "load more" at the end of the comment section)


I noticed you are new and does not know the advance side of marketing yet. Trust me, when they tell you to post on popular blogs, social media and so forth, you need to think before you do so. Online knowledge is the key, otherwise no one will take you serious. To simply say that you are with EN and that you like the new improvements will not do much. There are plenty of those comments here. Instead, write about your experience, tell people how a certain product helped you to achieve your goals. Tell people how EN helped you to work out a marketing strategy that works and change the general concept of being scammed. Post about your success level, how long did it take you to earn your first commission, how many hours did you work and what did you do to leverage those hours? What did you do to earn back the money that you paid for those high priced products? How does your group support you and how do they prepare you to become a great leader for your referrals?

These are just examples, however, if you comment with dignity and proof your knowledge and success, you will find that people will take you serious. The reason why I delete some comments Kristine, some really try hard to sell something, they just go about it totally the wrong way. When you start swearing at others and call them "wussies", honestly, no one is going to buy from you, it means you have no business etiquette and no one wants to deal with a jerk. Another reason why EN lost so much popularity.

Anonymous said...

I joined under iPAS2, It was too good to be true. I currently hold a black card membership. Well, after 8 months, I am flat broke. Credit cards are at the max, all 3. I did do everything that I was instructed to do, I promoted like crazy, blogged, and I even went to all the events. Plus, I even did all this with ZERO coach support. I'm dropping out this month... headed back to work at a JOB.. I just started college too. I may be back, I had fun, but I just ran out of funds.

Anonymous said...

I joined under iPAS2, It was too good to be true. I currently hold a black card membership. Well, after 8 months, I am flat broke. Credit cards are at the max, all 3. I did do everything that I was instructed to do, I promoted like crazy, blogged, and I even went to all the events. Plus, I even did all this with ZERO coach support. I'm dropping out this month... headed back to work at a JOB.. I just started college too. I may be back, I had fun, but I just ran out of funds.

Christene said...

So sorry to hear about your misfortune with the program. Many people just like you spend more money than they earn back and unfortunately they end up broke or feel discouraged. The reason, these programs never work unless you are skilled, have traffic, leads, a huge list and a big social following. The problem, these programs hardly teach the fundamental basics that will help you to understand how exactly you will be making money online. In addition, you seldom learn all the methods to create an online business.

The actual truth, you can build an online business without spending too much. In total, it could have cost you a max amount of $50 to learn everything. In many instances, you can even learn skills like blogging, ppc, website development, SEO and so forth for free online.

The Key to making money online is not that hard to find, you just need a bit of patience, be willing to learn the RIGHT skills and then implement it. Doesn't take a lot of money to earn money if you are willing to work hard for it!

Feel free to look at my article about the concept of making money via a website and please do not hesitate to give me a shout if you have questions.


Unknown said...

A killer personality – If you are shy, and do not like to communicate directly, forget about MLM!

Isnt that a bit exaggerated??? MLM is all about breaking these barriers, changing your personality and learning new interpersonal skills! I would actually recommend this kind of business to everyone with problems like that :) greets

Christene said...

Changing your personality? So basically you say that someone should become something they are not? Does not make any sense at all!

It is like telling someone who does not like blood to become a doctor.

Anonymous said...

How did it go? 2 years in, are you still with EN?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ziad said...

Thank you . it was helpful . i found you just a minute before EN subscribe , they try to make it is مهنث mystery to force me . but clear it all . thanks again

Justine Vidal said...

Christine, what a great write up! Although I find a LOT of contradictory points from what I read on this .PDF,

What are your thoughts?

Dr. Edward Schmidt said...

I joined inner circle for 100$ on OCT.3. On Nov. 3 they took out another 100# which I would say is unauthorized for another 100$.. I complained but haven't gotten a reply back yet from customer service since Fri. Also I don'i care for my sponsor. The chance of success is small unless I join the next level. I can't afford it now. I suppose most would tell me to quit. Say yes and I will. I signed up with matt @30day blog challenge. com L ow cost. He will teach me to become an expert in blogging and make more money as time goes on. I AM A RETIRED CHIROPRACTOR, OLD, BUT IN EXCELLENT HEALTH. I did some missionary work in poor countries (treat the poor for free., especially Honduras where it was sometimes a matter of life or death on the spot.I wish to do a lot more of that. Suggestions?

michael said...

muy costoso, muy engorroso, cero garantías, nada que ver con lo que venden o pretenden vender

Khalil said...

Hi All... I was getting emails from EN ever since I supplied my email in a facebook link. Thanks for your Review. I felt it was honest and open. I smelled MLM right from the beginning, since they send me to this video that is basically like all of those 80's MLM's that was all of the rage in the 80's and 90's. All they do is have people brag about how they're doing well and how they came up, but all that says to me is come on on the bottom and get other people under you and you can be similar to where I am now. I am no fan of the MLM system and I have tried plenty, believe me. They never work, unless you actually have disposable income and the ability to upsell people no matter how you feel about the product/service. I personally cannot sell any product I wouldn't use myself if given the choice, so it's a you're stuck with it now stick someone else with the ball untill you recoup at least your investment so you can get out. To me, MLM's are not against the law, but they could use some legislation to tighten the riegns. I'm just against them personally, and your review let me know that that is exactly what this is. An MLM scheme. I'm glad my suspicions were confirmed.

Unknown said...

the sacred geometry in the empower network is exactly that, like Taurus energy field. It is a closed of reality from the rest of the worlds influences

Unknown said...

I was one of the "stupid" people who invested thousands of dollars with EN. Bought the products, did the blogging, invested in advertising and went to their conventions. When I tried to talk to a few of the "Successful Big Money Earning People" and shared my frustration they were rude. Not only rude but arrogant. After months of due diligence and thousands of dollars I opted out. Dave and Dave have successfully conned thousands of people and have gotten very rich selling their hype and their "inner circle". Perhaps many who got in on the ground floor reaped big bucks by promoting and cloning their "bad-ass" boys. I would love to get my money back...won't happen because they do not "walk the walk of "love" that they stand up on a stage and promote. They walk away laughing at the stupidity of the people like me, who wanted to believe that following their lead would reap me the same rewards. I was diligent for 8 consecutive months and earned about 800 dollars. However it cost me $8,000 dollars until I smacked myself upside the head and figured out what a scam EN really is.

Anonymous said...

Hellow Guys... is their any money make or blog that you may recommend to me.. I like to earn money online.. that for those who response to my request....

Unknown said...

Can we say Ponzi scheme, you get paid to sell their marketing products after you purchase products at that level. Suckered are born everyday thinking that this will give them financial independence and freedom from the ball and chain company. Most of these so called bloggers claim they're in a good job with no time for kids yada, yada, yada. Don't believe the hype, get a really job, stop spending more than you make, purchase a home, build equity, and raise your own garden and live for God's sakes.

Unknown said...

Hi Christine I have to disagree about shy people not making it in an MLM there are ways to market yourself online to where you don't have to meet and talk to your prospects unless they ask a question after or before they join your business but if your marketing the hard way telling friends and family and every random person you meet then it would be hard for a shy person to recruit people I'm a shy and not a people person so that's why I choose to market online.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christene,

Thanks for your mostly neutral position on this. It gives me a really clear understanding of what I'd be getting into. I don't think it's a scam, you need to spend money, to make money, am I right? I don't necessarily like the tiers, where inevitably you have buy the highest tier, to be able to sell easily. I don't like the idea of having a horrendous blog covered in adverts. Could someone please link me to a blog? As I'm really curious about that. Honestly, I'm just tired of being broke as fuck. My boyfriend had $40,000 of debt hanging over his head, which inevitably hangs over mine.

I just want us to be able to be happy. We work like dogs, and we're not even doing what we want to do. I want to go to art school, and then travel the world with him, waking up happy, rested, and being able to share our musical gifts with the world. I also want to bring people light and love with my art. I'm tired of being stressed out, barely able to pay our bills, nevermind our minimums. We basically live in a shack. I'm just tired, this isn't how I want to live. Empower sounded too good to be true, which is why I looked this up. However, knowing about the costs, and the tiers, makes me feel better. It's not something I could afford right now, and I don't want to bombard my friends and loved ones with crap. But if I was able to save some pennies together, than it may be something I'd consider doing. The lack of a clear description totally weirds me out. So it's literally "Come check out this thing, that will make you money!" and then "Get other people to check out this thing that will make you money!" Right?
Cause that's what I'm getting from it. Empower currently has a 1$ 14 day trial. I'm just afraid I won't be able to afford it after that.

Maybe I'll just read a bunch of stuff on how to get my art business up and going somewhere. Any suggestions for an online business newbie? I'm an artist, I paint and make jewelry. Although lately with non-stop work and overtime, there hasn't been much time for that. I'm really hoping that I can actually start saving money, and begin to live the life I want to. I am just praying that it doesn't take 10 years to get there haha. I want to enjoy my youth while I have it...

Unknown said...

My thoughts exactly, thank you Christine

Virutual Opportunities and Training said...

thanks you just saved me!

Christene said...

Yes, you definitely need to spend money to make money, but, it does not have to be a small fortune that you cannot afford.

The actual success rate with Empower is much lower than many pretend. Not so easy to sell digital products with a huge price tag attached to them. Nowadays, people simply cannot spend money reckless anymore. They count every dime, and just like you, will research properly before spending, meaning, you will have to be very persuasive to get them to spend $3000 plus. Ethically, it is also a problem, if a product is any good, one should not have to persuade anyone to upgrade, they will do it on their own because they see value.

Bottom line, lower priced products with good value is a much better option. More profitable to make lots of smaller sales than to make one big sale every once a while.

My suggestion, start your own website about your art business. Not only will it be your own, but your success will be determined by your willingness to work hard. Once you have a successful website, you do not depend on a program to generate sales, you are in control over the products you choose to sell/promote and you have the freedom to change your source of income without having to start from scratch each time.

Obviously, building a website and earning money from it, is not an instant cash machine in the making, however, it will be a work in progress with huge potential that will depend on the hard work you are willing to put into it.

Feel free to read my post about website development and do not hesitate to shout if you have any questions, will do my best to help.


Christene said...

You are welcome, Sheila.

Please do not hesitate to shout if you have questions or need advice, will do my best to help.

Anonymous said...

I was in Empower Network for about a year and a half. I made no money at all; not one red cent. Don't get me wrong. I'm not bashing the company or saying that it's a scam. But what I didn't like was constantly being bombarded with buying new products when I hadn't made any money yet. Plus, I'm not sure if the advice they give you is all that sound. For example, they would tell you to blog about "anything." Hmmm, don't you need to have a niche before you even create your blog page? Also, the lower-end products don't give you much value. There is very little real training, just a lot of hype and testimonials from people who have been successful. Because many sites don't like to advertise Internet marketing companies, if you aren't careful, you could get banned from sites like Facebook or even Craig's List. EN doesn't warn you about this at first. Needless to say, instead of getting all "in," I got all out after a year and a half, and I'm so glad I did. I wasted a lot of money, but as they say, you live and learn. It really wouldn't surprise me in EN folds within the next 3 years or so. Sorry, EN fans, but that's my opinion.

Suzanne Smith-Byrne said...

I've not heard good things about Empower Network for some of the reasons you spelled out in your post. I opted for Wealthy Affiliate and am very happy with my choice.

Healthy Living said...

I would like to know do you actually receive the payout in 90 days

Unknown said...

Why do WA affiliates bash other Companies for more traffic? Empower Network is alive and kicking after 5 years and has paid $185 million to its affiliates in that short time without having to bash other Companies. This is outdated and biased like ALL WA reviews

Christene said...

Thank you for your kind words, it is much appreciated.

I think by now all the comments speaks for themselve. Some had success with EN and others failed miserably, not to mention they lost a lot of hard earned cash.

Wealthy Affiliate and Empower Network ARE NOT in the same league. WA teach website development, SEO and affiliate marketing at an affordable price and offers a free membership for those really tight on money. If you upgrade, complete the training and know how to work on your own steam, you are free to cancel and work by yourself. WA WILL NOT keep you hostage in order to earn money.

EN is the complete opposite. You will learn self-development (just in case you have a low self esteem) and MLM. There is no free option for the poor and you cannot just simply pack up and leave after you purchased the thousands in training, you will have to stick around period if you want to earn that money back.

Yeah, if people lost a good deal of money without seeing any results, they will most likely look for the cheapest alternative around and be seriously mad because their money is gone along with the dreams. Anyone would write bad stuff after that! "All WA reviews" Yes, at least we know that WA's hosting and SEO is spot on and the training works perfectly, otherwise, WA's websites would not dominate the first pages of Google! Tell me honestly, how many EN blogs are ranking for high competitive keywords currently? I rest my case. Why pay thousands for a blogging system that does not work when you can get it somewhere else for way cheaper?

The point is, if you deliver a service worth it's money, you will not have bad reviews and those writing bad reviews will quickly be silenced with proof against their opinions.

Members from WA did not pop out of the sky and suddenly decided they want to bash something they know nothing about. The majority of members come from programs where they lost money and were introduced to false promises. WA was the cheaper alternative that provided a blogging and hosting platform that is kept trustworthy through the years and please Google's strict rules.

I have nothing against EN, good option if you are hard working, have time, have actual communication skills, know that you will be able to become a great leader and have spare cash to develop your business. (This is what you will need to cash in on those millions). I would recommend having a WA website with traffic to generate leads to your EN offer as well, but, I guess that would be pushing it. (My apologies)

Emmanuel said...

I need your help in empowr. I wnted to cashout but it showing me "please choose which empowr account you would like permanently associated with this device, you will not be able to change this in the future" and I cant find my email address there.
Please what do I do?

Thank you.

Mike Lawton said...

Empower Network is tough a one. I worked with them for 6 months. My review wouldn't be all bad because I did learn a few things. But overall I would never recommend it to anyone new in the online marketing world. You have to better than the next guy in SEO and have deep pockets. The join now was easy to get but that was about it. Congrats on your blog, Mike

Christene said...

Unfortunately, you will have to submit a support ticket and hope for the best. The reason why I do not recommend the program, getting a refund can be troublesome.

CowGirl Designs said...

Excellent review. I was very close to pulling out my credit card...Glad I found you - to allow me to see the light! These things can sound very good...but usually turn out to be somewhat scam-ish ... Pay to Play...Again...Yuck! There goes another dream ... better safe than sorry. Thanks, Christene!

Product Launch Review said...

This article useful for me, it help me understand clearly aboutScam Review. Thank you for the great review

Anonymous said...

How do I get this empowr spam to stop coming to my inbox!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I just thought I'd put my little piece of news in here. I'm not happy with Empowr at all. I received a cheque for $32.09 USD for early cash out. The cheque was dishonoured and I was charged an extra $32.09 by my bank because it was dishonoured. I have tried leaving feedback regarding this as well as contacting my coach for any answers and have received none - so I'm beginning to think this whole thing is a scam, regardless of what other people have written. I was also charged about $90 in fees that were taken from my account without me knowing that I could just have the fees taken out of what I earn. I asked for a refund, and that also has not been given. I am struggling financially and can ill afford to have all these charges taken from my account. So as far as I am concerned EMPOWR IS A SCAM!

Unknown said...

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Chris Thompson said...

Oh, thank god for these - was actually observing them for a while, glad to see a thorough review from them.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this, EN is blasting my email right NOW! I have 10 emails from them trying to get me to join. I decided to look up everything I could find about THIS company n instantly came across this blog. Thanks so much. They really are annoying!

Tracy said...

Very in depth answer it's nice when you want to know if someone is scamming people and you not only get your answer but you also get a explaination of why you gave the answer you did you covered everything plus some I was going to try the empowerment because it was just 7 but now I know not to because like you said the people who are higher up already will continue to make the big money also I don't have a truckload of money laying around just to get to the top so thanks your helped me Alot

Anonymous said...

What is this!!? Honesty? What has the world come to? Thank you!! Thoughtful and well written review. I've never felt compelled to comment on a blog post, until now.

Anonymous said...

Here’s a big pyramid scam: I think




They are all under one company, Tecademics

Very similar to Empower Network

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This company is a total fraud! I have never had to deal with such a poor company. They sold me a supposed ready-made software, which I paid and then they assigned a very unskilled person in softwares and he never did anything. They scam you be promising you a product, charging you and never delivering the product to you. Don’t fall into their scam, be careful!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I have had an opportunity to evaluate Empowr, and I will tell you exactly what has happened with my account so far.
1. I am a blue power user, with a supposed balance of $11,500. This is not true. If you check here:: https://secure.empowr.com/FBBank/AdCredits.aspx, you will see what they are charging you for ad credits that you have supposedly used and have been given by them. They are charging me $10,500 out of my supposed $11,500 for ad credits that they extended to me. I have never been able to list or sell any items whatsoever. That supposedly now leaves me with $1000, right? WRONG!!!!
2. They now upgrade my power level, and guess how much they charge me? $1000. They take this amount out of my Matured profits, so this means I never have ANY matured profits since I owe them ad platform fees, and they have deducted any remaining amount as a "Power Upgrade" fee out of my MATURED profits. Nothing ever matures!!
3. In addition to the above, Empowr charged me $210.00 last month for ad platforms fees, and then refunded half of that amount back into my Paypal account. They advertised to the community that I had received an early cash payment of $105. That was my own money! They paid me absolutely nothing, and they still had $105 of my money. You see these ads all of the time, and they are complete deception!
4. So what's the bottom line of my $11,500 balance? I will owe them $100+ every month as a negative balance. I never make any money.
5. The way out? You have ONE opportunity to get one month's worth of money you sent them back. They refund it back less early cashouts. In my case, $210-$105=$105. Go to: www.empowr.com/refund
BOTTOM LINE: Never send any money to them, and get out as quickly as you can if you did.

dgc said...

They are scammers and thieves.
My credit card company gave me their phone number 1-877-978-1761. They are in California so contact the state authorities there.

Anonymous said...

Sorry fans of Empower Network. I don't like it, and would never recommend it to anyone. There are way too many upsells and after you pay the initial $25 per month to join, you are constantly badgered to buy something else more expensive. For example, you are called a "wussy" if you don't buy the more expensive products. Moreover, EN has no products! Yep, you read me right. For each one of their so called "training packages," they are simply full of audiotapes with a bunch of hype about how various members were able to pull themselves out of dire straights because of EN. There is absolutely no training. I was in EN for about a year and I learned very little about Internet marketing. For example, some of their "training" was downright erroneous. They teach you to blog about anything. Anyone who knows anything about blogging would know that is bull****! How can you possibly get SEO (search engine optimization) from blogging about anything. SEO is one of the main methods of driving traffic to your website. Don't walk away from Empower Network, run like hell!

Anonymous said...

One day you will find your money is gone and your close one will start to hate you

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Haha that Anonymous comment after mine, you can tell is some crap probably form EN, Its been 5 years since than and like I said back than it WAS a scam, as it has been shut down and I believe David Woods is in Jail.... Mic Drop

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