Empower Network - Scam Review (Closed)

Before I give my honest Review about Empower Network I would like to state that this is not an affiliate link, and I am not receiving any compensation at all to write about them, now let’s get started... 

Update: Empower Network No Longer Exist!

Feel free to check out some other reviews and articles about similar programs. 

What is Empower Network all about? 

Empower Network Scam ReviewEmpower Network is an online opportunity that supposedly enables its members to earn money without experiencing the most common challenges, pitfalls, and problems that most individuals go through when they start a home-based business. They provide marketing training, information products, and digital services like a blogging platform called Blog Beast. The affiliate program pays commissions that allow members to create a substantial online income from home.

What will the scheme cost?

  • The basic membership will cost you $25 a month and will give you a blogging site.
  • You will have to pay a  monthly fee of $19.95 if you wish to promote the EN products and earn commissions. 
  • If you decide to join the Inner Circle membership, a $100  monthly fee will be added. (Needed for drastic success)
  • In addition, you will need to sign up for an autoresponder service to manage emails and communication with future prospects.  

Empower Network Membership Levels

If you join Empower Network, you will have several different levels of membership to choose from. For each level that you purchase, you will earn a commission when the specific level of training is purchased. If you did not purchase the level, you will not earn commissions when your referrals buy it.  

Blogging Platform - $25 a month

The first level is the basic membership that provides you with the Empower Network blogging platform. You will have access to the fast training and core checklist. This contains the principles to build an online business. In addition, you will have access to the back office tools, capture page systems, and Monday night Empower hour. It is required to buy this level so higher levels can be accessed.

Empower Network Inner CircleThe Inner Circle Membership - $100 a month 
This membership level grants you access to a library of audio. This contains information about the Empower Network founders, team leaders, and members.  You will have the right to sell this level and earn commissions from it when someone joins under you.


Empower Network Costa RicaThe Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – One Time Payment - $500

This is a video series that is based on a private 3-day retreat that was held near David Wood’s mountain home in Costa Rica. These videos cover most of the concepts that change the way you approach your online leads or audience along with some advanced marketing strategies. 

The 15K Formula – One Time Payment - $995

Empower Network 15k formulaThis level is more focused on technical training and teaching members how to market online. The training focuses on strategies to get targeted leads and grow your online business on a long-term scale.

Masters Retreat – One Time Payment - $3,500

The master's Retreat level consists of about 40 individual training and includes a workbook that enables members to learn as they earn.

Again, keep in mind that you need to purchase all the levels that you want to promote with Empower Network. In other words, if you purchase the $25 blogging platform, you can only receive commissions from that. When someone signs up under you and purchases higher levels you Will Not receive the commission.

Now that you know the basic setup and fees, let’s get to the part which led you here in the first place… Is Empower Network a scam and what are the Cons?

No, they are not a scam because they do not take money from members without their consent or fail to pay commissions to their affiliates. However, the program is similar to an MLM scheme because you need to refer more people to the program to make money. Basically, you have to sell Empower Network itself and teach others to do the same.


  • No description - So you might wonder what they sell and what will you have to sell? Empower network has no clear description of its business model and they do not tell new prospects exactly how they will make money or gain success.
  • Too many up-sells - EN is the King of the internet when it comes to “up-sells” and frankly, it is blunt out annoying, to say the least. You would think that it will eventually end with the 15K formula, but no, do not rest that easy. When I was part of Empower Network I got extremely annoyed when members tried to sell me customized sales pages, “the big idea mastermind”, lead capturing programs, to only name a few. The most annoying part? They actually tell you that you need it to make money.
  • You have to pay $20 to get paid - Yes, ladies and gents, you will have to pay for the card every single month, oh and do not forget that it is a privilege (ha ha ha) I got my Payoneer card for Free and it enables me to cash out my earnings on various affiliate programs – Now that is a privilege!
  • So how much do you have to invest to succeed?  Nope, not just $25, this will only give you a blog with some very basic training. If you do not purchase the Inner Circle, you will miss the “awesome videos” and the commissions when your referrals upgrade. Now how would you earn money if you do not purchase the payment system, yes, that is an extra $19 – Still there is no promise that you WILL succeed but that would be the minimum requirements for “success”
  • Affiliates, without manners or ethics – It seems to me that you literally need to be a “badass” to become an Empower Network member. Some members promote EN in any way possible, whether it is legit or not. I considered getting a restraining order at some point and I even had a personality issue for a short time – Seriously, I thought I was a flower and they were the bees chasing me! However, all jokes aside. Facebook banned the EN links because of this behavior. I use Facebook for marketing and I am sure that others do the same, what is the use of having a program with limitations on a social platform?
  • Too many complaintsWell, what did they expect was going to happen if members run loose and spam every given platform they can find on Google just to make a quick buck?
  • The Blog – Although they make it out to be shiny, I just do not see the “bling”.  You have limited control over it, just a few templates to choose from and without the options for additional plugins or personal control. Most of the Empower blogs are plastered with the EN banners and all the “sign up now or forever be doomed” adverts. Most defiantly not worth $25. The new phone app is nothing new and many blogging platforms added the app months ago. WordPress is still the most popular, not to mention that you can have it For Free! 
  • Ranking Blogs – What ranking blogs? A few years back it was common to see an Empower Network blog with some nice content, but that is not the case anymore.
  • No support within some groups - Empower Network has grown immensely within the last 3 years and some groups got so big that support became non-existent. Many Empower Network affiliates promote the program in the wrong way and only set out to get sales. This causes failure when it comes to supporting and team building. As an affiliate, you are responsible for keeping trust and communication, this is the fine line between failure and success.
  • No Free trial – Would you like to have a peek before you reach for your Visa? No chance of that happening, sorry!

Bottom Line...

My concern - Building an Online Business that is not 100% mine. The blog will still be owned by Empower Network and you will be stuck with the EN template. I personally prefer to have an online business of my own that I can gradually build up and modify the way I want to.

Call me lazy if you want to, but I still prefer to go after the easy money, by promoting products without too much competition. Empower Network became one of the most famous products, and I am sure that most of you would be familiar with the name by now, therefore it would take some added skill to promote them successfully. Allow me to elaborate for those still a bit unfamiliar with the advanced marketing strategies – By promoting products that are well spread over the internet, you enter a highly competitive market and you will have to double all efforts to gain success and make a profit. The advanced marketers promoting Empower Network will clearly have a better shot than those who are new, for they already adopted the skills and tactics to sell a highly-priced product successfully.

My honest opinion...

There are programs that cost less with better value.

Currently, there is a competitive market for new entrepreneurs in internet marketing who desperately want to make money online. Unfortunately, the economy is horrible and most of these people looking to start an online business do not have that much to invest in the beginning. I would always try my very best to point new entrepreneurs into directions that do not require a huge investment or better yet, offers a trial or Free Methods.

ReviewEmpower Network suffered setbacks on the social side and Facebook had banned direct linking mainly because of the huge amount of members that is spamming or promoting the program in an unethical way. Personally, I think David should tighten the ropes with his members before they ruin all the hard work that he and David Sharpe invested in the business. An online "makeover" for Empower might not be such a bad idea.

I've read tons of “Empower Network Reviews” and have to admit that I feel a bit disappointed. Most would simply just be a sales pitch to get others to purchase the program without highlighting the pros and cons. Again, I am not shooting at anyone trying to get their product promoted, we are in the marketing industry and need to make a sale to survive.  A review should be based on personal experience, highlighting the features and the type of individual skill sets that would fit into the program. 

Questions and Answers

Can a Newbie Succeed with Empower Network?

It is possible with hard work and dedication. However, it will take some time and earnings will not be instant. The success rate is low and only a small percentage of members earn a substantial amount each month. Do not take my word for it, but rather see for yourself by having a look at the Empower Network Income Disclosure.

What about a money-back guarantee?

EN has a strict 14–day return policy that begins on the date of purchase.

How does the Empower Network compensation plan work?

Allow me to give a quick example using the $25 subscription:

If you refer Jhon, and he purchases the blogging system, he will fall on your first position. You will receive a direct, monthly recurring payment of $25.

You will pass up the product purchases from sales 2, 4, 6, and every 5th to your sponsor. (You will not earn commissions for sale 2,4, 6, and every 5th sale)

If you then sell the system to Sue, she would stay connected to you for future products, and the sale will pass on to your sponsor. You would collect commissions on 3, 5, and 7-10, etc.

When John starts to generate product sales, you will receive direct payments for monthly subscriptions for his 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 11th sale.

If John continues to sell the product, you will receive a commission payment for his
16, 21, 26, 31, etc. sale

John will keep 100% of sales 1,3,5, 7-10, 12-16, etc.

Is Empower Network International?

Yes, you can join from any country as long as you have a valid method of payment. Some payment processors like Payoneer is not accepted. The saved ones are PayPal, CardFlex, Authorize.net, and AlertPay.

Are there hidden costs?

Yes, If you are serious about earning commissions with Empower Network, there will be added costs that include, your autoresponder, paid advertising, additional hosting, domain purchase, and so forth.

What do I need to make money "instantly" with Empower Network?

  • A blog or website with traffic to gain leads.      (Read More)
  • A list for email marketing
  • A Social following to establish trust and relationships
  • A killer personality – If you are shy, and do not like to communicate directly, forget about MLM!

To make money online is not as difficult as it might seem, yes, it is not as easy, but surely there is a workable solution and a tactic that will overcome the impossible.

Any Other Options
Empower Network Review

Web site development that goes along with Affiliate marketing is and will always be the best method to generate a substantial online income. No false promises or misleading methods. Your success will be determined by your own actions and willingness to learn and work hard...

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Joe Maciarz (A Tutoring Enterprises) said...

It' very refreshing to see a well covered review for a change. I appreciate all the hard work that went into researching this article and writing it. Thanks so much Christene. I know this is going to help a great number of people in figuring out if this is the right opportunity for them. Stay well.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Joe, dearly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

hello Christene
I'm Esteban and i just read your review on Empower Network,enjoyed it very much and thanks for your opinion.I am in E.N. I look forward to reading other material that you will write.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Esteban, Glad to hear that you had joined E.N and I hope that you will keep going with the program no matter how hard it seems at the beginning. Keep consistent with the training and blog posting and you will see definite and constant results within months.

MICHAEL lADD said...

Beware of Empower Network

Big Ideal Mastermind is part of Empower Network. This pure hype and BS They get you join for $45. Then they tell you that this is the basic level and the training and money you make at this level is not very good and need to upgrade good to the $500 level. or $1000 or all in at $3500. They don't tell you that up front..

Read this.
The hard work will be based on where you're positioned. For so...meone positioned at the bottom it would take 200 sales in a month to get to $5000 per month residual. *NOT taking into account passups* Someone at the $125 silver level it would take only 40 sales. Gold level - 10 sales Platinum level - 5 sales and Diamond level - 2 sales is $6000 a month. It's much less "work" to do 2,5 or 10 sales in a month than it is to do 200. That's why Vick is always talking about how important positioning is.

Wish They told me all this before joining that you needed to up grade or go all in at $3500. They don't tell that to get you to join.

Be very careful joining Empower network and a lot of hype for their training was the biggest disappointment. Charging an arm and a leg for a few hours of recorded webinars of "this is how you publish a blog post" kind of training is... well, it's outrageous.

Of course, Empower Network is more than happy to point fingers rather than addressing the real concerns from both their members and people who are "thinking about it".

P.S. Just found out you have to pay $145 month for training on blogging and using a blog that is $1800 a year. I don't feel right about this. See how David Woods and David sharp are getting rich on a overprice hyped crap and very expensive training on blogging Oh my god. People are falling for this? Help me lord.

I can't push stuff like that and lie to people. I need your opinion people please. $145 month fee for what? Over hyped training and a over priced blog $1800 a month.
Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Oh yes and have use there autoresponder, Aweber and getresonse and there not cheap. I am kind of pissed off. Not free more expense.

They never told me this.
need go to my bank before it i to late.

Michael Ladd
I feel I just got scammed

Christene said...

Thanks for the well written Comment Michael, you would not believe how hard it is to get honest reviews on E.N that does not have an affiliate link attached to it. I had to delete so many sarcastic comments with the intention of a sales pitch on My blog. I am worried about the program as well lately, for too many people are desperately trying to sell the program, but without the proper sales technique, wonder what the training provides then?

In the end my honest opinion would always be to just start your own blog, bury the laziness and create super content that's evergreen. The blogs created by E.N are not your sole property and belongs to E.N - no sole ownership, meaning you are building an online business onto someone else's property.

I had no idea about the heavy fees that's been added lately, and I am glad that you had mention it, for this is a serious matter for those who are still struggling financially.

Obviously statistics on this platform is very hard to come by, and if you have "snapshots' or any valid materials, I would be more than happy to add them into this review.

Thanks for the feedback

Susie Brown said...

For those of you bashing Empower Network, obviously do not know what it can do for not only financially but help you personally to become a better marketer. Yes, there are many newbies out there doing it wrong, but they have the training to do it right.
The only way you can fail in Empower Network is to not study the material. It is way more than just a few videos. Go look it up on YouTube and see for yourself.
You do not have to blog, but I highly recommend it. It is all about empowering you with the tools to market your company (whatever it is). You get powerful back links because Empower is so huge. It really is the fastest growing company on the internet! The top dogs from all of the top MLM companies such as Amway and Visalus are stampeding over to Empower because they know money when they see it.
This is not a get rich quick scheme you actually have to apply the training to make it work. And the training is bar none the best you will find anywhere!

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Susie, it is indeed well appreciated. May I remind you that I had been with EN for quite some time in the past and absolutely see no fault with this system, but the fact that everyone is overlooking, is that no person are the same, and no one have the same skill-sets and interest, otherwise all of us would have been doctors, leaving us with no teachers, engineers, managers and so forth. Empower Network have basically 2 options to make big money - blogging and affiliate sales, if you lack in both, you are not going to make that much money...period! Not everybody have the patience or skill to write constant quality posts on an ongoing basis. (you will only get ranked if you provide quality content) Secondly, promoting Empower Network is no picnic, a year back I could easily get signups with only writing a nice sales page and posting a few links, This system had become so popular that about every second affiliate within this niche is promoting it now - Massive Competition! For a newbie, that have no idea about strategic marketing and paid advertising campaigns, this would be close to impossible to master, for the social platforms had already been taken over, along with the advertising network.

Yes back links are such a wonderful thing, but unfortunately the most recent algorithm changes had also made us realize that they might not always determine rank, for Google had already started to take revenge on the link-farms - Yes I know Google started this link popularity game, but unfortunately now they want to take their ball and go home. Quality back back-links are very easy to obtain anyways by being more friendly towards others and by negotiating with fellow bloggers.

Again like I said before, if you are willing to put everything into EN and give it more than just a hour a day, there is no reason not to, but you will most defiantly fail if you think it's a get rich quick program.

Jhonathan said...

Thanks for pulling up this review page about Empower Network, Normally I only stumble upon pages that review this product by selling it. I had read such a great amount of reviews both bad and good and I am not sure whether I should join or not. I don't have that much money to spend but I am willing to put in all the hard work, just don't want to fall into another scam.

Would appreciate it if you could help me make a decision.

Cindy Hoovre said...

Cool review site! the most detailed one I had come across lately, this will sure make it more easier to decide. I would also like to join empower network, because I had seen a lot of people making money, but not sure if it will work for me. Hope you will add more updates. Thank you

jerusalemarchitects said...

Before I go on, Christine you are awesome and a true leader my new best guru. So all I know is that empower works if you have powerful leadership. You need to join a Team of online marketers that have success (Success leaves clues), their are smaller teams in Empower that have awesome support, Facebook groups, daily assignments, and a community of people communicating online, so that you are not alone online. I joined my team, because the energy was awesome,and we have the top 9 income earners running it."Its like being part of an army, but in cyberspace", success will come over a couple of months, if you willing to take action that the leaders tell you to take everyday, "You will not be alone".

Eben Scholz said...

Hi Christene, just want to say thanks for a great review, I see a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to Empower Network, for some it works for others not, so I am still confused and feel that I should maybe do more research.

Toney Lizarch said...

Thanks Christene, love the empower network review, have to admit that I was thinking about joining in also, but after reading all the comments I am not so sure now, like Eben said "mixed feeling" Hope to see an update soon.

Christene said...

Hi Jhonathan, choosing an money making opportunity is always i difficult task especially when it comes to spending money. I would advise you to do proper research before spending any money. Like I stated before...you need to be one hundred percent dedicated to Empower Network if you want to make money from it, also depend a great deal on your marketing skills and if you have the power to generate leads. Personally I am dedicated to SEO services for I had more success on this level, I am not so good at generating constant leads but rater generating traffic that provide instant sales. Good luck and thanks for reading my review on empower network.

Christene said...

Thanks Cindy, I am planning a full back up review of Empower Network within the next 2 weeks and I am busy doing some interviews with real EN members to find out about their difficulties and also success. Will keep everyone updated.

Christene said...

Thanks Eben, Empower Network is not a scam, but you need some good skills to promote the program and like I stated above, everyone have different skills and also a different approach towards things, what works for me wont necessary work for you. Doubt is an awful thing, rather be hundred percent sure before deciding.

Christene said...

Thanks Toney, I am indeed working on another Empower Network back up review and hope to post it as soon as possible.

Deab Loubsher said...

Finaly a Review without a affiliate linked to it, It is hard to find reviews that does not sell anything. Thanks Christene I will be looking for your update on Empower Network.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I am thinking about going into EN to make some little extra money. I don't want to make a lot because if I can make between 2,000 to 3,000 I would be happy. If I get into the 25.00 deal how much would I be earning with that? And is it good to use EN. Also,I don't have a lot of money and the 25.00 one is all I can afford for now.

Christene said...

I will be honest here, the $25.00 deal is going to give you the blogging platform and some basic training, If you are very good at generating leads and have some SEO skills in order to get your blog ranking on the first pages of Google then it can be profitable as long as you don't expect to earn 2,000 from the beginning. Empower Network is highly competitive, and the most successful way to earn money will be in paid advertising or ranking it out on the Engines. Also if you love writing original keyword rich content you will have better success to get your blog listed. (around a post a day for approximately 90 days)

Sadly you are not going to make a huge amounts by just purchasing the $25 dollar deal for the most valuable training and support is within the more expensive add- on's.

Personally I spend $10 a month paying for my hosting with HostGator and that enable me to build my own blogs, host all my files and sales-pages and host my own personal domains. I also use blogger which is free and add adsense, within 3-8 months each of my blogs earn me around 2,000 dollars and it's climbing. This method works great for me because honestly I absolutely hate generating leads and prefer instant signups on my blogs. That is just me, but like I said if you have a skill for generating tons of leads then Empower Network will most definitely work for you.

Each person have different skills and that is the main reason why a program might work great for some individuals and fail for others.

Daniel Ferreira said...

Great Review Christene, I am interested to sign up, but I would be nice to work under you rather for I had deal with you in the past.

Larry Hochman said...

Full disclosure...my wife and I recently joined Empower Network and have had more success than most in network and affiliate marketing. We are well positioned in the industry. That's not intended as a brag...just for perspective. We are not struggling or "newbies" in the industry.

Christene, the comments you make about due diligence when joining are dead on. Yes, it is wise to have a blog that isn't dependent on whether or not it will go away. That's why I back up every piece of content I create in my own files. I also maintain my own blog which has a different focus.

I would also say an advantage of posting at E.N. is the fact that the Alexa rank is so high, a properly tagged, formatted and keyworded post will draw attention, simply because it IS on E.N.

Having written professionally for a number of years, I can honestly say the training I got at E.N. as a blogger has been superb. It is a very different skill set from regular writing or publishing, and that training has carried over to success in other aspects of my business.

Others have opinions on the culture and marketing plan. I leave that up to each individual. To me they are fine and ethical, so long as each person reads the fine print for themselves. After being in this industry for 13 years, I honestly have no sympathy for those who say they were "railroaded" into buying stuff. If they didn't do their own research it's no one's fault but their own. There is full disclosure all over E.N.'s sales documents.

Bottom line: Yes, we make money from our participation at E.N. A lot, in fact. Anyone can, given the patience to learn some new skills and willingness to implement them. It can add up quickly, but usually there is a ramp up time before the breakthrough to financial success. That is true in any business. The ratio successful people vs. those who fail doesn't seem to be any different from any other network marketing company.

Christene said...

Thanks Larry for your honest comment on Empower Network and what it had done for you, always a good thing to see comments from members that have success with Empower. Keep up the good work.

Jean Marc said...

Jean Marc commented on your blog post
I'm not sure these guys are really serious. I entered their fast training program and i'm just in the middle, let say this is a so called fast training program, but this is a real mess of good promises about making more and more money with no content, but just the appearance of it. They first hacked your mailbox and you can find plenty like them. This is some kind of new techno hype relatex and co topics to nothing else about money. I think even that empowernetwork is a kind of new sect where God is replaced only by money. So they start to stalk your mailbox to make you believe in their dreams, YOUR DREAMS! Being rich with no complication... I guess they live themselves in some kind of dreams. There are no three steps formula instead of blogging and report daily. And indeed it's a very bad product if you don't have any skills in marketing. there are no real support and no email ad on their mailing, so...?

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Jean, I feel so sad that you had a bad experience with Empower Network, I know how hard it is to lose money and time on a program that does not give you the results you are looking for. Like I had stated above; Empower Network is a very competitive market and it had become a great hassle to earn commissions because so many marketers are already selling it. Personally I prefer to own my own blogs and use my "power tools" to rank it on the Engines, for me the most safest way to make money online.

brett said...

Hi Christene
I would like to thank you for your very open post! I have been looking to add the Empower Network to my blog for the benefit of both myself and my readers.As I read more articles I am feeling that it may not be a good idea after all, but with everyone joining the program, I don't want to miss the boat so to speak.Do you think I should stick with what I am doing or promote the system for my readers. Any help would be appreciated.

Christene said...

Hi Brett, Home business money tree, is indeed a very impressive blog and I can see that you had put a lot of effort into it. Well I am sure that you had read up on all my comments and get the general feel on how I feel about Empower Network. Personally I would rather build my own online businesses for promoting Empower take some great skill due to the huge competition but also the high price range.

I am considering to enroll into the program again, in order to show individuals how to make money with it, but I will be honest here - I will have to use paid advertising methods in order to gain targeted leads for free methods will take too long and be more difficult, again not everyone have access to huge funds and will have to promote the hard way.

If you have any specific questions regarding Empower Network feel free to contact me on one of my social platforms and we can have a talk.

Darius Pretorius said...

Thanks for the review on Empower Network Chirstene, I would just love it if you could join Empower and give us all step by step proof that this system work even with paid advertising.

JKenyon Enterprises said...

Very insightful and very well explained about the Empower Network. I've been seriously considering joining the Empower Network. You bring up some very relevant points about the positives and negatives of presently joining the Empower Network. You have made my final decision easy as to whether or not to join it. Thanks very much.

Unknown said...

There are 2 Types of People NOT Bashing Empower Network, The ones who are still pushing this Ponzi scam, or the ones who just don't know any better and find the tools some what useful in marketing their own person business...

The only thing you get with the Empower Network is the ability to sell someone a membership within the Empower Network.... nothing more.. nothing less. unless you want to count simple videos showing something 90% of people can do (Post a blog online, simple networking , email marketing etc)

So all you are getting for 150$ PER month is the ability to sell someone HOT air ... its a 100% PONZI scheme since you ALWAYS need NEW people at the bottom.... since the ONLY thing they ALL are selling is the Empower Network.... these people are selling people the "DREAM" of living the Online lifestyle, but not actually teaching people HOW to make that kind of money so you can live this kind of life style.

Have you ever wondered why they charge you 19$ for E-Wallet ? to you can get paid ? ... because compaines like Paypal , Sharasale, etc ... dont DEAL with SCAMS.... hence why the are in COSTA RICA .... and have to charge YOU ... to get Paided....

It should also be of warning that THESE Guys .... David Woods or w/e didn't even START Empower Network ... they bought it from some other wannabe - Guru ...yet they tell the story of how they Lived in a Van ... poor ... typical Make Money Online Hype Crap ....

I have yet to find 1 PERSON who supports this Scum ... (some misguided people who mean well do, but not After they figure what a Scam it is ....

Think about how Evil this scam is ... Your Paying Money each month so you can post on someone else's BLOG ? .... I mean WTF .. they should be PAYING YOU FOR YOUR CONTENT... heck you can make 5$ per Blog post if you outsource them on Fiverr....

Why in the world would someone do this ? Many believe this Blog is "Their Own" but its NOT .... its OWNED by Empower Network.. that and ALLLLLL the content your Post to it ... is OWNED by Empower Network ... Scam scam scam ....

O and the Back links you get from that Blog is no Different that if you posted that on your OWN Blog ... its not like the Empower Network Blog has some kind of Special Back-link lol, and even today Backlinks are not what they were 2 years ago ...

All in all ... the Empower Network is 1 big FAT scam .... and many are working with the FTC to help Shut this place down for good ... so other hard working individuals don't get scammed by this place...

- Cheers

Unknown said...

If your want to make a Legit, Full Time Income online, than Turn an RUN away from Empower Network ... among Successful Internet Marketers ... The Empower Network is known as a Scam... Selling People the "Dream" of making a Killing online.... It gives people who do REAL Internet Marketing a BAD name... and its the Reason I have to Help all my facebook friends when they ask me about the "Empower Network" ... I have to point out how its a scam ... and how they are working out of Costa Rica since the FTC already tried to shut them down...

The sad part is ... If you Join the Empower Network... The Training only Teaches you how to SELL the Empower Network membership ... Which isn't how you grow an Online buiness

You first want to Learn Basic SEO Knowledge ... Understand the buying Cycle online etc... and than seek out a place like Wealthy Affiliate or the Warrior Forum so you can rub elbows with people who make "REAL" money .. and don't just to Push you to buy some crappy program... or call you names when you don't go "all in" and blow all your money on their scam....

- Cheers

Unknown said...

Hey I just wanted to Warn you... that your gut feeling is right ... the Empower Network is 1 BIG scam ... if someone can show me EVIDENCE of how I'm Wrong ... I'm ALLLLL Ears ...

The Empower Network Charges People 150$ PER MONTH .... so you can sell someone else the ability to Join the Empower Network, so they can learn how to sell the Empower Network to someone how than sell it to someone etc..... Starting to See a Problem ? .... Yep your right ... Its a classic PONZI Scheme.. Nothing MORE ... FACT..

Theres are REASON you have to PAY 19$ PER MONTH to get paided ... its because, other Online Merchants like Paypal etc don't DEAL with SCAMS.... hence why they are located out of Costa Rica ... so the FTC can't shut them down for selling a SCAM ....

But what about the BLOG you get for 25$ ? .... umm you mean the blog THEY OWN ... that YOU write content on .... and since they OWN the blog ... they now OWN your Content as well... mmmm paying 25$ per month to build up someone else's Blog ? .. or you can build up your OWN blog ... pay NOTHING ... and get to KEEP all the content .. and maybe even sell the blog on day...

and if you DO find someone making $ with the Empower Network... I'm 100% sure they made it "SELLING" the empower Network... and NOT selling something "REAL" ... and using skills that learned while at Empower network.... Instead they are just continuing the Ponzi scam...

There will be some that say "WELL I learned ALOT from the 15k , and Costa Rica Training's blah blah blah" or "You have to go "all in" to get the good training's" ..... All the stuff you learned in those Over-priced training's is stuff you could have learned for free online in your spare time...

All in all the Empower Network is 100% a Scam ... Many Are currently trying to shut it down before it does more harm...before these F**kers close shop and jump over to some other remote island and start up a new scam under a different name...

- Cheers

Unknown said...

Don't .... Run away ... I'm trying to help as many as I can before getting suckered into this Scam ...

Its nothing more than a Scam ....


Christene said...

I was considering it Darius but in the end I am not sure, for I am a strong believer in building ones own business within legal terms. Building a blog on Empower Network will be hard work to rank out and in the end it will not be mine, meaning the system can close down within years from now, and all my hard work will be gone. I am trying hard to find some-one willing to give me full insides on how they are preforming, but unfortunately it's not as easy, for people become very "shy" when asked for their payment proof - but I will keep trying for I believe in fair judgement.

choNa said...

basically this EN are only for those people who love to write blog? thanks

Christene said...

Well no and yes ChoNa, If you have the ability to generate a good amount of leads to your affiliate link without having content it will work, but generating targeted leads for a highly competitive product will be difficult. The most successful method to create some sales would be the blogging system and you have to write a post every day for about 60 - 90 days straight in order to rank and make some sales of your Empower Network blog. Keep in mind that you can't just write about anything and expect it to rank for the same rules apply to rank with a general blogging platform, like your keywords, SEO tactics and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Christene Swanepoel, can I please have your email ? or you can email me with it at: alennysonay@yahoo.com Thanks.

Carlos Sisk said...

I think this has been the most honest review I've read yet. Great Job!! I was once with EN and decided to just have my own blog. I still get alerts a month about getting paid in my e-wallet. I have no intentions of getting back but EN still uses my blogs. I don't really mind as they point back to what I really want folks to look at :) Again I'd just like to say good job on this review.

Unknown said...

Well I have huge fan following on facebook. My personal page has 8 lacs fans and my profile has 1.5 lacs subscribers. Can I use this following to gain something from E.N
Till now I have seen mixed response and now really confused should I give it a try or not.

Unknown said...

Thanks Christene.
It is really nice to see a balanced review. I have been in Empower Network for a week now, at the basic level, and writing a blog daily is not an issue for me. But the lack of direction at this level on the technical side. Yes they do set up your blog with all their advertising, but I feel it is very unfair that if you up sell, you don't get paid for it as that was how I intended to compensate moving up the levels myself.
Will take the $45 loss and bail as there instructional videos are very repetative and condescending by constantly calling potential customers "Wussy's".
By the way excellent review

Christene said...

I have the message box on the right side that allow members to email me directly. Also feel free to use my gmail address at christene.swanepoel@gmail.com

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Carlos, well appreciated, always good to hear that some people indeed had some success with a program and that effort and money did not go to waist. Keep up the good work and have a profitable day.

Christene said...

Well honestly I can't tell you if it will work or not Uday, for each person have different skills and motivation. Social media have to be approached in a different way and you will need to build trust with those following you in order to get them to buy from you. Facebook does not allow for direct linking to empower anymore, meaning that you will need to approach your followers and tell them personally what you are selling, which in my opinion can be spammy if not done properly. When I promoted Empower in the past I use to give followers a good product or service for free in order to get them to sign up with me, also you will have to give those who sign up under you some guidance as well, otherwise you will give the impression that you just need facebook to sell and don't care about your signups at all.

Hope this will help

Christene said...

Sorry to hear about that Rapid, no indeed I do feel sorry for every sent that goes to total waist without gaining back anything at all. I do hope tho that you will still try to build your online business and make success out of it. $45 can buy you a good amount of hosting with the right hosting company and a domain, and you can start blogging within a few days. Like I stated over and over again...I have no issues with Empower Network and this review is not intended to make them look bad for they have very successful members that make money. BUT personally I prefer to have my own blogs for it gives me the freedom to promote what ever I feel is suitable trusted and working for myself and my readers.

Keep trying and pls don't give up, even if you have to start with a free blogging system and just buy your domain.

Lucas Gordon said...

Hi! I want to thank you! After I have read review on www.empowerscam.com an this your review I have decided not to join Empower Network. And why thanking you? Because your and this other review probably saved me from another catastrophic investment. Thank you again!


Christene said...

Thanks Lucas, my intent is not to make Empower look bad, but only to bring facts and nothing more or less. I did a huge deal of investing further into this matter, for I really wanted to start working with them again in order to proof that I can make money with them, for the sake of this post and the sake of those that claim to make money on Empower Network. Unfortunately I did not end up with anyone that could actually help in answering questions and some individuals even lost their humor completely when I was asking for payment statements to post on my blog.

I have a huge number of associates that is working with empower, some are struggling, some claims to make money, which makes my post a difficult one, but in the end I have to think about my readers and write what I had observed.

My Empower Network Review update on my findings with members will be available soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christene
Very good article. Question can the blogging platform be used for product for physical products, products not in the Network Marketing Space.?


Unknown said...

Thanks for the clearance... It's really a challenge nowadays to find good advice.
Producing any kind of desired results always depends on the information one gets. Naturally information leaves it to us making the decision what to do with it. My tip is decide based on your standards. Ask yourself: Do you feel pushed doing action or did you enjoy the sales presentation? Can you actually call up or Skype the Sponsor? Does the company provide a 100% refund policy? And always remember this: if someone wants you to act fast (because offer will be down soon etc...) act fast and leave the page. No one knows everything. But usually people who are more relaxed about what they sell are sure about the value the product or service will actually provide.

Christene said...

Unfortunately you can only use it for blogging and not use the entire blogging interface. The only way to implement your own products would be to use them in the post itself, the ads on top and on the right side will have to remain, why I prefer to rather run my own WP blogs for it give me the ability to custom them for my users or products.

Christene said...

Thanks for the great comment Karl and it is truly nice to read something that will also benefit my readers for I just want the best for them in the end. Have to agree 100% with you, whenever you get pressured into buying or joining up with a program it take the feeling of control away from your prospect, and that is just enough to break trust for all of us want to feel that we have control over a situation and be able to make decisions within our own time when we are ready.

Dennis said...

Great Review on Empower Network, I personally don't think they are a scam but I feel a bit down for I could not make any money on Empower due to the fact that my support group did not give much help.

Christene said...

That is the main problem I had with Empower Network as well Dennis. The program in itself have really good qualities but I think they had grown so big that it had become impossible to keep an eye on all the groups and see to it that members look after their referrals. I know that there are still a few groups who look after each other and the people they have under them. I am trying to get in contact with a few good groups in order to give some positive feedback as well, but mostly members are just trying to force me into buying into the program before they are willing to tell me more, but I won't give up yet and will keep updated when I find a trusted group.

jerusalemarchitects said...

Hi Christene,

I was outraged by the screen capture you sent me, of a so called Guru in Empower, denying the validity of true mentor-ship in a comment on a blog he said " no one on my team is gonna hold your hand, and pat you on the bum..."

This Guru without a clue, read the comment?

This is someone with multitudes of people under him. He may be a guru at attracting people, but he sure doesn't have a clue at empowering. Those members in empower that don't find mentor-ship and success will resign,some will never come back and most will will look elsewhere for mentor ship and human contact / guidance.

You see if someone invests to make money in empower they need to understand, how to actually manifest it, without this they will feel worthless and self belief will go out the window!

The good news it is not your fault, the system is abused, but their are amazing people out their that can and have empowered thousands.

Leadership is key to Empower Network. The issue for most leaders as time goes on is their teams get to big and they lose control of that personal touch, Dave Wood keeps his personal touch alive in his videos, but the danger of empower for the masses is sterility(lack of Human Connection and Accessibility of an Empower leader).

This fools comment above, is just a lack of wisdom he doesn't understand the human condition and seriously immature. His attitude will ultimately create confusion, he has made loads of cash signing people up but helping them is his shortfall, if you have experienced this you are not alone.

Having a connection to a leader if you are reading this, and you are already in Empower is the missing link. Most individuals including myself need real live guidance .Real live guidance is worth the world to those who haven't quite clicked at what empower is, its an energy game, and yes it can bring huge success, but without a mentor your in trouble, and the truth is that your mentor cant just be, a hangout, or an avatar, the transmission of the energy needs to come from a real live person, who has cracked the secret.A gentle push in the right direction will create confidence and ultimately bring reward, so be careful who you follow.

There's is a need for the element of human connection and warmth in any business. No system can sustain itself on technology without soul ( robotized,) relying on video, audio & Google hangouts can help,but everyone needs to feel a real live person as captain of his ship, and not to mention getting results, they need to show that they care and also have achieved enough results in their back-end to show you their success, ask them to see a screen shot of their sales and pass-ups before even considering them as your chosen leader.

The conclusion is, that there is also good news, there are real live mentors out there that do have the capacity to cope with empowering you, and also will show you how to make some sales?

Click the link for me online Facebook and join this group which is dedicated to the discussion of finding out who are the right leaders in empower to join, and those that actually make a difference, post you questions so we can all have a group discussion.

We would also like to invite,those who have achieved success in empower to join us, Christene and I for the hunt for the Hero, or to just simply comment below.


Remko said...

Hi Christina,

Thanks for your review. If I understand what yoy are saying, it's that there is no problem with Empower Network but some teams do not provide support. Well that is real life for you. If you work for a big corporation you may or may not get a good boss. Should you quit your job if you don't have a good boss? Maybe?

The thing everybody needs to understand is that if you want to be an entrepreneur, you are responsible for your own success.

While I myself am in Empower Network, with a very good team, I am still responsible to follow my team's instruction & coaching. I just started. Been in there a few weeks and am already seeing results. I'm not better than anyone else, I just follow instructions and execute.

BTW about the affiliate fee everybody seems to be harping on, let me explain that for a minute. When Empower first started they didn't have this fee. The members were responsible for their own merchant account though. What happened is that a lot of merchant account providers will simply shut down your account if you make too much money. Imagine that.

So Empower Network had to revise their plan and started their own merchant account. Now they charge you 19.95 to manage & maintain that merchant account and Empower members no longer have to worry about that aspect.

Also the blogging system does work. I managed to rank two posts on page one in Google without using any kind of complicated backling strategy. Just basic keyword. SEO.

Anyway. If anyone is serious about becoming an online entrepreneur, Empower Network may very well be the best way for you to go. If however you are looking for one of the thousands of "FREE" opportunities, and you are not willing to invest time, money and effort, I doubt you will find ANY business that will work for you.

My $0.02


Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Remko, like always it is well appreciated to get feedback from real members.

Please allow me to explain the word "support"

We have to keep in mind that most of our prospects are new to the online industry and I personally come across people on a daily basis that don't even know what words like "a blog" keywords strategy" or "leads" mean. When you sign them up with a complex mlm all you manage to do is get their money and nothing more, because they do not have the very basic skills, and end up all confused. All of us had to learn how to read and write and none of us would have ever made it throughout school without completing grade 1.

There are tons of materials online that any marketer can obtain for free or buy for cheap that cover the very basics of online marketing, and like you said you have to invest, therefore using just a little bandwidth and by sending your signups a free report or even a email course will not only benefit them but you as-well, because if you take the time in helping people to the best of your ability, they will be the ones that make up a good chunk of your earnings once they are on their feet and making money. There are literally tons of ways you can use to motivate and teach your new signups and it will only take a little effort in the end with big results. If you build your signups into strong educated people you will eventually have a strong down-line with a solid earning rate.

There is no ethic in seeing a prospect only as good as for his money, and I personally see it as downright lousy to take someones money and then left them to cope on their own. There are quite a few groups on Empower that really go the extra mile in helping new members and I had personally talk to a few of these people in the groups, none of them have struggling members.

In order to make Empower Network or heck even any other business work, members need to learn how to work with people, how to motivate them and how to get them into taking action, without that all the training in the world will not make a difference.

Look I feel your pain, and sometimes I feel like hitting myself with the keyboard due to some impossible people who simply refuse to listen or follow basic instructions, but hey if you had done your part and you know that you can't do anymore then so be it, no point in wasting any more time.

David had a goal with Empower Network Remko - to help people, not only financially but also to motivate them. The total lesson would be to become successful in helping others.

Thanks again for filling the cap on the $19 fee, payment processors had indeed become a big problem for all of us, and I agree 100% with you on this one. The payment system is legit and also make payouts easier and faster.

RemkoBlogs said...

The biggest reason why people fail in ANY business is mindset. People ignore the importance in cultivating believe or faith in their ability.

The second reason is the freebie mindset.

The word FREE is IMO very deceptive. Nothing in the world is free. Sure you can get a lot of information "free" and you can learn for "free". BUT how long is that going to take you? What is your time worth?

If for example you are a McDonald's employee and they pay you $10/Hour... Multiply that by the time it will take you to learn for "free". Also make sure you include all the trials, testing & tweaking you will have to do to come up with a system that converts well...

I'm sure it took you a while to learn the stuff you know.

That is why I no longer look for "free" stuff because I find that my time is better spent by paying someone who already has the information I want so I can focus on other income producing activities.

Time is money! People want to make money to gain more time! :)

There is a reason why people that have money don't mow their own lawn, fix their own cars etc. Stuff they could easily do or learn. But once you understand the value of your time you will be very careful how you spend it. Speaking of which...

Take care.

P.S. I think you would do very well in Empower

Unknown said...

Correct me if I am wrong... Empower network is the same as mobilemoneycode.com? I'd just listen to mobilemoneycod webinar and almost at the end of the presentation... did the speaker show a glimpse of Empower network.

Darren said...

Christene, great review, very honest. I am also in EN and I use Big Idea Mastermind as a selling tool. There is one thing that I notice about people who keep yelling scam when talking about EN and that is they seem to misunderstand the "all in" concept. All in doesn't necessarily mean you have to buy all the products at once to be "all in". I was all in at the Inner circle level, and the difference was I listened to what Dave Sharpe, Dave Wood and my mentor Vick Strizheus were telling me and kept saying over and over. You have to work on yourself first. It says it in the core check list, it's called the 30/30/30. 30 minutes a day reading something positive(like your blog post)30 minutes a day listening or watching something positive and do this consistently for 30 days.Guaranteed if you do this you will be a changed person and suddenly the money will come in. People who dismiss this and never do it will always fail and stay broke. Negative crap you take in, goes out and people see it even if you're trying to hide it or disguise it. You take two people who are promoting the same product, advertising with the same budget and in the same places, yet one of them is making tons of cash and the other is not making a dime. The difference is, the broke person is asking why they can't make any money and the other who is wealthy is asking "how can I make money". Until people wake up and understand that it's not just all skill or luck, that they need to reprogram themselves and their thinking first. Until they change that they will never achieve what the successful people are achieving. I followed those instructions and I eliminated all the negativity from my life and business and then my business started to grow really fast. Another aspect that people misunderstand about EN is that when you start making money, you can branch off and do whatever you want in business and use the EN leverage to its fullest. The training in EN is for you to utilize in any business, so people who think that it's just training to just sell the EN program are just missing the point. Empower Network, keyword "Empower" is a platform built for people who just want to start their own business and who are new to the industry. Create content on a blog that is designed to speed up your progress, not just for ranking purposes but to get the content everywhere and if you are consistent with it every day by the time 60 days comes around your blog gets traffic naturally, and by 90 days it will begin to grow fast because of the momentum. Then you start to get sale and then you take 20% of what you earn and put it back into the business and then it will become a real money making machine All this will happen if of course you have relevant content and of quality and you must be consistent every day . It works well because I've done it. But you have to be "all in" in your mindset first even at the basic starter level.

Christene said...

Hi Ross, I am not completely sure if the two are connected but I know that mobilemoneycode helps you to build websites that will be visible on smartphones or android, my guess would be that empower users combine the two methods of earning together in order to make more profit. The concept is similar to Empower though because they also provide training and up-sells.

Anonymous said...

Nobody has even mentioned the "advertizing budget" you are supposed to come up with. For the lowest level $1125 to the highest level $9000 on top of all of the other fees. They recommend you get a credit card, bank loan, borrow from friends. Maybe they should add bankruptcy attorney?

Success With Peter Mantu said...

I have noticed that Empower Network has been suspended by Google, thus de-ranking them and making it even more difficult to market any products through them, including EN itself...

Christene said...

Empower Network affiliates does not apply within all the rules Peter and some affiliates are using serious methods of spam in order to promote the system. Facebook does not allow you to use your direct link as well - Personally I think Empower Network should get their Affiliates to obey some rules if they want to keep the success they had work so hard for. Most Affiliate programs especially CPA have strict rules when it comes to promoting in order to keep their members on the legit track.

Unknown said...

Susie Brown, really? Do you know I became a member of Empower Network and tried to promote Amway (which I am an independent business owner) and Amway refused to integrate with Empower Network? Who told you Amway was running over to Empower Network. You are giving false information before doing your research. I can show you Amway's e-mail turning it down. Empower Network's Link has been banned from Facebook? Are you aware of that? I just cancelled my Empower Network Membership. Of course, they refused to give me my money back so I filed a claim with my bank and guess what? They got scared and forked over the money. I advise anyone who wishes to cancel their EN membership to file a claim with their bank to get their money back. Cancel your debit card number and get a new one so they don't charge you again. Thanks for listening

Unknown said...

I guess Empower Network is losing it's touch. Corporate Giants Like Amway do not wish to be associated with them for fear of tarnishing their reputation.

Unknown said...

Hi, Jhonathan..Not sure if you joined Empower Network by now. I will be totally honest with you. My sponsor is currently making two thousand dollars a month is residual income, but he just started about six weeks ago. This does not mean this is for everyone and that you, too will make $2,000.00 a month. He got lucky and got a few leads. However, it is very very difficult to get people to listen or read your emails because there is so much spam going around that they might deem the emails spam and just delete it. It is very expensive. It will cost you $175.00 a month between empower network, university of science and to add your website which is another 40.00. If you do not generate income within the first month, you will incur these charges every month. That is something to think about. I send literally thousands of emails my link and never even got one response. Some people make money and some people don't. It's a gamble just like anything else. I personally cancelled it because it would have conflicted with my schedule (I work full time with long hours). I have seen my sponsor spend all his time spoon feeding his prospects too lazy to look over the materials. It is very expensive and time consuming. He quit his job to do this and that is something I didn't agree with.

Unknown said...

Here's my results on Empower Network. Let me just say this. I am a mother of 2. I was laid off from my job, last year in May of 2012. I searched for other ways to make money online, because people told me that I could work from home as tech-support and etc. I came across EN. I didn't know anything, I repeat, anything about marketing nor blogging. I started learning the materials and then I upgraded to get my mind right, to the inner circle, after that, I upgraded to the other products. A year later being with EN, I now have a team of 40+ people and don't have to worry about going back to a 9-5 job if I don't choose too. This is what I am saying to you guys from my experience. Yes, I grinded in the beginning trying to learn as much as possible. However, I didn't stay in learning mode. I learned then implemented the strategies and taught those strategies I learned. I watch, rinse, and repeated. Instead of me focusing on the money, GOD knew I needed it, I focused on adding value and the money surely came. See I didn't have 5 years of experience like some marketers. I started from the bottom with no list, no nothing. I also understood the process by me staying into this and not giving up, it will be well worth it in the long run. See people always expect something to fall into their laps instantly, but don't want to do the work to do what it takes to make it happen. As we speak about other marketers who already had experience before joining EN, remember, there was a time when they too were brand new to marketing. They weren't born knowing how to market. The difference between them is that they didn't give up. Back then it was twice as hard, where you had to do everything to be successful. Now, the 2 Daves have paved the way for mothers like me, who didn't have a clue, to make a decent amount of income in a year tops. So what is that worth my friend? You mean to tell me, you can go to college, get in debt with student loans, graduate after 4 years, and go work for someone else for maybe $20-$25 bucks an hour. Or you can grind this thing for a year, help people along the way by providing value, instead of worrying about a quick buck, and you make the same amount of money or more in one year , not putting in any extra hours to make that, than you would going to school for 4 yrs. HELLO.. That's a no brainer. Also, I have a college degree in Computer Information Systems so I did both. I can tell you one thing, I am my own boss and would choose to change someone life so they can live their dreams before going and slaving my self away to a job where, if I am lucky, I may get a raise and not get laid off again, like I did from my previous job. If you want to open a burger stand, expect burger stand pay. If you want to open a Mcdonald's, then expect Mcdonald's Franchise pay. So you choose and decide. I tell my people up front the cost of the entire opportunity and we work out a plan from there. If a person don't have the money at first to get all the products, then that's fine. It's a growing process. However, don't expect to make a substantial amount of money without having to work your ass off at the $25 level. Why work harder, when you can work smarter. Besides, the products are worth 10 times than what they are selling them. I can't even begin to say how many breakthroughs I had from just the inner circle alone. You are learning how to market to whatever company you want and not just EN. EN is teaching you to be successful online period. So if anyone has any questions about EN, you can personally call me at 404-951-0176 or email me at info@keepallthecommissions.net. Have a bless day and Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there. Your family deserves more.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Latanya, I am so glad that you had been able to earn from Empower Network and wish you all the success for the feature. Unfortunately there had been a lot of negativity on Empower lately for affiliates is facing some difficulties in promoting the system now. As you know Face-book had already banned links and Google is also in the process of dropping ranking positions on the blogs, and that is a major factor for me, New as well as experts like us are earning incomes from social marketing and Seo and if that is taken away it takes a huge chunk out of our earnings.

Empower Network is a good system in general, and me myself had gotten some inspiration from the inner circle, but the competition is out there and the marketers who are running programs are indeed producing more and more quality materials for a lot cheaper that work just as effective.

The problem?

Empower Network allow their affiliates to literally run loose and do what ever they please without implementing any rules. Members use massive amounts of any given spam technique there is online, including spamming Google, spamming facebook friends, buying unapproved traffic and lists, and like you placing their contact info on blogs with high traffic in hope for a lead. This would be the main reason that Facebook had banned the use of empower links. New members who join into Empower Network would be the main cause for this because they do not know any better. Members should be thought on how to market properly and how to build relationships with their prospects, not force their links where it is not welcomed.

If Empower network start to tighten the rules on their affiliates it will gain back some reputation, and in fact I hope they do implement some rules in the feature before their members sink the reputation that David had worked so hard for.

Personally I think it is time for Empower Network to start thinking about a "make over"

Anonymous said...

I'm part of Big Idea Mastermind & Empower Network. I was told right from the very beginning about ALL of the costs involved and it's absolutely worth the $145 that I pay per month. It may seem like a scam to some people but over 100,000 people are being scammed?? I don't think so. It's got quality products and yes you do need to work hard to make sales, but I haven't found a product on net that is easy (let me know if you know of one ;). Also most internet marketers already have an Aweber or Get Response account, I did. You don't need an advertising budget if you are creative or can blog and the highest level is around $4.5k so unless you're buying it twice anonymous, you've got your figures wrong.

Anonymous said...

My wife was in EN for almost 6 mths spend 3k in advertising publish 200 blogs and never made a sale.

The problems is lots of sponsors doesn't help peoples. If you are lucky enough to sign up under someone that got a team you will have a chance to succeed but again some will only help if you buy all the products.

They try to make you believe you are in a big team but it's not the case. No one care about the peoples struggling and that's why so many peoples quit. When they started the business they wanted to help peoples make money online but after they started to make huge amount of money they have seem to have forgot why they had started this business.

It's true that lots of place don't accept EN advertising and the cause could be the out of control peoples spamming every where.

Another thing that scare peoples off was the fact that one of the owner was calling himself the guru slayer and the other one a 5 start general of a unknown movement of ego.

They created something that could have help lots of peoples make money online but they are ruin it with their over inflated ego.

If they don't fix their problem soon I don't think they will make it to the 3rd years in business. They open October 31 2011.

Let's hope for peoples still in EN that Dave and Dave will wake up and get this boat under control before in sink.


Anonymous said...

blah, blah, blah. And are you going to help me pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars to fund my training and help me climb this gold plated later? I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

be realistic. A person who searches the internet can get the same info online re: SEOs, blogging, driving traffic, website design, motivational talks, internet marketing, positioning, etc, etc, for free of a hundred times cheaper and just as good if not better, so, why join EN and fatten up their wallets? A person would have to be naïve, misled or downright deceived to even thinking of joining EN. There are exceptions to everything and apparently you are part of maybe 15-20% of EN affiliates (members, newbies or joiners) who are getting psyched over these fat-cat egotistical scammers. (And I think you know it!) Get real and stop verbally promoting a company that is financially crippling many who are already desperately trying to avoid homelessness because of going under financially.)

Unknown said...

Sorry about putting that on but was testing blogging as pretty new to social media. Will put my post on now how I feel about EN as wanted it also like the lady from amway to help me with my company as a distrubutor at www.wikanhelp.wikaniko.com I owned quite a large building contractors business in the UK. However with recession the last few years have been terrible & did bt feel my right vocation anyway when making great money with it in the past. For a year I searched & read all networking companies as was involved 20 years ago & loved it back them but circumstances took me away. Eventually after trailing I think all of them (or felt like it) I found a one that businessopportunitywatch gave business of the year 2012 & gave the highest mark for any networking it has reviewed in all the years it gave wikaniko a 9/10. After reading about EN, I thought like the lady from amway on here, it could help towards my business www.wikanhelp.wikaniko.com, however after reading a lot if reviews on EN there are too MANY bad reviews! Yes everyone can get bad reviews like someone going on holiday you look at trip advisor & 98 loved the place & 4 maybe gave it 1 out of 5 with a terrible review! This is how to me the world works with math & percentages however if you go to trip advisor & see what I have seen, more the other way around 98 giving it a1 out of 5 & 4 giving it a 5 out 5! It his defo would put me off going to this destination. I think back in my early 20's when I was a s**t hot salesman then a national sales manager & trainer, I would of joined EN. But now in my 40's with ethics & family etc etc this seems to me that you can make money but at the misfortune of a lot of people who will lose a lot of money & this is defo what my path in life is about. Don't get me wrong i still want the multi million mansion etc etc, but NOT at the cost of others!!! I want to help people earn (in the right way) so I earn & I have found the ideal company what you can't earn $20,000 a month in a few month but you can in 18 to 24 months (with my mantra, which is DMCA Determination Motivation Comittment Attitude) then after that you can earn even more. But the first 3-6 months practically nothing (been there, done that, it takes time) it's not get rich over night (wish it was lol) but if it was its normally unethical or DODGY!!! I have looked at the formula & I agree with the blogger site here it does seem to work for people going full on & spending but at what cost (ethically I mean) how are you really getting this money? From where? It seems to me (sorry again) but from the misfortune of others. This is NOT for me I will study somewhere else on blogging etc for my business to promote it. Have a look at my YouTube video also wikanhelp.wikaniko.com fun video (sorry cant seem to do the link as like I said a bit of a social media IDIOT lol. Take care all & ask this question I always do "would I sell this to my family"? I would & do with my business but defo NOT with the EN & that made my mind up. Take care & good luck with prospering & health everyone.

Christene said...

All is Okay Gary, Google is very strict on us as bloggers, when it comes to comments that only contain links without content to it, for a blog can easily lose rank or get a warning with too much links that is not consistent with written content. Also we disable direct linking due to a lot of factors like, links containing viruses or leads to unsafe sites, therefore only a written link is allowed. Again Sorry for deleting the link, and thanks for coming back and correcting it, this show that you have a great deal of "online manners" and know how to be professional.

Thanks for the comment, I had indeed enjoy reading it and have to admit that your question made me think " would I sell this to my family?", mine would be absolutely Not!
because too many people is actually suffering than the percentage that indeed do make money. Any online business does take time, and with Empower Network you should except the fact that you are going to pay that high monthly fees for a few months without getting much in return. People are under the impression that you join and then become rich, NOT TRUE! Me myself had been with Empower, and yes I do have traffic, and some means of getting leads, but I had very low success for most people simply just don't have the money to waist anymore.

Personally I only recommend programs with efficient training, tools and support that will allow my readers a free option as well in order to help them instead of milking them for money. Yes I would just love to get those big payments, and also sit on a beach enjoying myself, but like you said; not at the cost of others, at this point I rather take a low commission and see to it that my signups get the help they need, for at least if they don't make it for free, I know that I had given them choice without asking them a penny.

Take Care, and always feel free to come back and raise a question or your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hey I am so happy I found your web site, I really found you by accident, while I was searching on Aol for something else, Regardless I am here now and would just like to say cheers for a marvelous post and a all round thrilling blog
(I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to go through it all at the moment but I have book-marked it and also
included your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the great work.

Christene said...

Thanks for the great comment it is dearly appreciated. I had include your link in the name, for Google gets a bit angry when we allow for direct linking and may flag a blog for spam. (must be in written form/or linked with your name).

Keep up the great work on your Blog and have an awesome day!

Anonymous said...

You don't think that over 100,000 people can be scammed??

Oh YES they can and they ARE being scammed. The genius of the two Daves is not that they have managed to get people to part with their money, but it is that fact that they can get OTHER people brainwashed enough to show OTHERS how to part with THEIR cash. Intellectual, but not wise.

All empires built upon lies FAIL. It might takes years, but they always FAIL.

Look up Madoff ponzi scheme and you'll soon realize that thousands CAN get ripped off.

The ONLY way people make money is by OTHER people joining and telling OTHER people to join and that's it and to be honest with you i would never want to make a million dollars by lying and cheating people. Do you know that the BIGGEST scams are the ones that are covered up by the leaders giving to charities and so called good causes and you might think to yourself, well atleast they're giving to charities right? What, by stealing ff others? NO way would I stain my heart with these thieving lying jerks.

the so called top earner Shaqir hussain wanker thinks he is different from other other money makers? He's the same. i saw his bullshit photos of him standing in a mansion that was apprently his. Oh no it wasn't his mansion mmmmmmm look that up too. That mansion belongs to someone else and he at no point even told everyone that left a message of congratulations about his so called new mansion, that it wasn't his hat he was just using it as a training house.

What liars and these people talk about the law of attraction? More like the laws of lying and becoming rich and all I cam say is this: They will one day, whether they believe it or not, meet their Lord. They will NEVER be able to carry that bullshit then will they.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christene Swanepoel,

I actually joined EN and also attended thye events and went ALL IN.

I left for a number of reasons. Firstly it was not because I did not make any money. I did, but I have a personal work ethic and that is to be absolutely upfront and when I mean upfront I mean ABSOLUTELY upfront with no BS at all. In our private meetings, the top earners personally told me NOT to be concerned with people that are not ALL IN and that i would be wasting my time if I spent even ONE DAY trying to teach them anything.

Secondly i was also advised to ONLY respond to people IF they went ALL IN. What this does is creates anticipation and a sense of urgency in the person that has not gone ALL IN. It also makes them believe that your time is to valuable and that the only way they can WIN your time is if they invest.

This to me personally is NOT ETHICAL. I help people in my life and have helped hundreds of people so it is not as though I do not work hard or that I'm a so called 'WUSSIE'

I have personally helped people get out of debt and it has ALWAYS been ethical and belive me when I say that the top earners are NOT ETHICAL PEOPLE. They belive they are, but looking from the outside i can see that that THEY can't see outside of their little, 'Let's make more money. Let's change the world. Attraction Marketing. I'm great.' bubble.

The top earners have not earned money by blogging. The system is only promoting the blogging system to get people in so they can be promoted more stuff on the back end.

Christene said...

Please don't use my blog for spam, go to the empower training and let them help you in getting leads. Only comments that is related to this post will be excepted. Thanks

Unknown said...

I'm an Empower Network member and I love it. I retired my wife from a job she hated in retail and now we're on the road to being able to move to our property in the South. When Dave Sharpe said this it changed my life....


Unknown said...

Hi Christene, is there a marketing program that your doing that i could do my self that you have found that works, other then the empower network, which i will try ?

Unknown said...


Christene said...

Hi Jonathan

There are tons of opportunities out there and I know some good ones that is legit as well, but I always advise my readers to rather build themselves legitimate online businesses because you won't get scammed and also because you will earn more over a period of time if you work hard.

I only send my visitors to membership sites that offer an all in one training module along with the tools they need, because I know that those who join will get success if they work hard on it. In addition, I try my best to get my readers into a program that allow them to join free and test before paying anything.

Personally I had great success with WA in the past for the training is spot on and the support even better. I had joined up with quite a few programs in the last few months to test them and also to see if I can get better results, but I find myself back with WA for in my opinion if you can't make it with WA you will struggle making it with anything else.

I also like to get people into programs that I trust myself and respect and WA is an easy sell because it is legit and truly help people even if you have the free membership.

Please feel free to look at my Review on WA and do not hesitate to ask if you have questions.


Chiprang said...

Even Peng Jong has started promoting this. My take is, if this system is really real, then why don't these BIG EARNERS create free accounts of people like us and when we get those profits we can repay them?

I'm asking them the same question and let's see what they got to say. I'm yet to be convinced. :)

One needs to be very careful when it comes to investing on these schemes.

Christene said...

Have to agree Chiprang, there is no free option and also no way to check out the system before paying anything. Empower members usually try to get you to sign up for not only the starter membership but also get you to buy the inner circle because they make you believe that you indeed need the expensive training in order to make it online.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Christene. I got into EN with the $25 and then when they wanted more to set up the blog etc., I had to stop. It just wasn't in my budget at the time to do more than $25 and I never had time to set up a blog. I felt scammed when I signed up for $25 and then the amount kept growing before I could even set up the blog. My sponsor is making good money, but she has time to work the business and some internet marketing experience. I have neither. If you have time and are able to consistently apply the information they provide, you can be successful .... but it is all about selling EN. Not into selling EN. I want people to pay for getting benefit from my personal content not selling someone else's stuff.
Thank you for the honest review and allowing the comments posted here to fill in more details for everyone.

Frank said...

I think Empower Network works for people who are professional marketers. Vic made his money because he has a list of over 200,000 optins, that's why he is successful. His successful members are doing mainly solo adds and i think pop up adds too.
If EN was a scam, it would of close down real fast, the truth is quite a few make good money and maybe the majority or hanging in for the dream.

Laura Hison said...

Thanks so much Christene! I have been searching for a review for over a week that is not packed with affiliate links. I am considering joining EN to expand my business Globally. I'm already what I personally consider successful in a network marketing company. By the way 97% of people quit N.M. companies leaving only 3% to follow through. Therefore, if that whopping 97% quit with a sour taste in thier mouths, they're likely to "bad mouth" the company, opportunity, or value of products. Knowing that, this is the BEST content I've come across in my search. I love to write, have discipline to start/ finish projects, and am willing to put in the necessary funds. I have been considering blogging for some time but still the fact remains that I will not OWN my blog on EN. Plus, so many people are aware of EN & have sour opinions; I don't want to blow my credibility from the gate. Those who know me personally know my character and love for building relationships without price tags attached but potential readers, friends, & biz partners won't know until they know (lol) My point? My personal problem with EN is that I don't want to sabatoge quality relationships from being built by losing trust before it's gained by becoming a part of EN (and paying for that to happen). I already have a great deal of skeptics in my primary business, Do those wraps really work? Is this a pyramid scheme? etc. I think I just might have to build a blog organically & a loyal following. How ever many people I can help that way will just be what it's supposed to be. I bet there are a chunk of ppl in EN, like me, out to help people in crappy situations. The real challenge is getting those folks hooked up with ppl that will actually work and follow through. Most times those people willing to bust their humps can't afford to shell out what it takes to be successful in this model. For me, I can't see myself leading people down that road unless I could offer a much smaller investment to success ratio or total refund. Thanks for the great content and saving me some time :)

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment, have to agree that Empower Network is a difficult program to promote, for the price is very high in comparison to other programs that offer the same amount of training and also offer some free options. Personally I think people should have the choice to join for free in order to see if the program is right for them or not.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Laura, have to agree with you, it is hard to find programs and individuals that will actually come through on what they promise. Nowadays everyone is just purely focused on making as much money as possible without any sympathy to those who doesn't have the finances to start out big. The thing about Empower Network that really puts me off is when they call people "wussies" if they don't sign up, when in fact a person who only have a few dollars to invest can't be judged just because he/she don't have the money.

Due to the fact that so many people are struggling with finances I always make a point to recommend programs with a very low or free signup.

Anonymous said...

hey Christine,

Some people tend to look at Empower network in either being black or white colored

Well, it is somewhere in between.

There are many pros and cons about EN.

1/ the blogging system: To be honest, I have not used it. I have even advised some of the members on the Facebook group to use their own blogs, so that they can have full control over them. I don’t see why you have to pay someone to blog, when it can be done for FREE. Yet, even if you use free platform such as WP, it is still good to get a good course/coaching on blogging ( just a time saver at the end of the day).

2/ The Innner circle: it has quite interesting videos., motivational and not. And most of the people who have succeeded online should agree the technical skills without proper mindset will lead to NOwhere.

3/ Coaching: mastering any sort of skill, including making Money takes time, and/or money, whichever you have more of.
Sometimes it is much cheaper to spend $5 or $10k on the right coaching, and start moving on forward, instead of digging yourself in the send, and trying to rediscover the wheel. I personally spent 2 years time and > $15K on products trying to figure things out.
So, the question is: how much is your time worth?
Just going to the cheapest public college for 1 years will cost you >10k. is it worth it???

4/ Does Empower network have a product?
EN is the product itself. The “expensive” Costa Rica Retreat , and so on products are simply “personal development/growth” products.
Do you think FTC will anytime ban Les Brown or Tony Robbins for selling their Motivational products???
And how much a coaching from Tony Robbins would cost you? How would you quantify the benefit you possibly reap from his coaching?

5/ Can everyone make money with EN?
The answer is YES. But the answer is what are you willing to give, in order to get?
If you are a beginner/enthusiast marketer, and are expecting to get rich overnight  forget about it! The closet undertaking that could provide you with such result is either:

a/ win the lottery
b/ rob a bank

You decide which one is for..:)

6/ Are there flaws in the Empower network: sure there are.
But there is not perfect system for everyone, simply because we not perfect. You just grab what you feel like is good for you, and go with it.

And after all, do NOT forget that you if you are in “Marketing waters”, so expect to be sold on stuff.

Good luck to everyone..:)

Make Money Hobby said...

Hi Christene, I came upon your blog because I always see EN marketers promoting EN. I get a few emails in my inbox every now and then, so before I joined any "make money online" stuff I want to read reviews and see what it is really all about. I have been reading EN reviews all over the net for quite sometime now. I was thinking of joining EN, but I was not sure. But your blog post help me decide to finally not join EN. I am already earning from affiliate programs on the health niche, which is easier to promote than the make money niche, I should say. But your honest Empower Network is very detailed and truthful. I am sure it will help a lot of marketers out there that are on the fence and not sure whether Empower Network is right for them or not. For me, I am sure EN is not what I want. Thanks very much for all the information. Cheers!

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment, it is dearly appreciated.

I will advise you to stay within the health niche as well, Empower Network is very difficult to promote nowadays due to a hundred reasons like massive competition, the pricing and obviously because the affiliate links are not excepted everywhere. I always make a point to rather direct people into programs with a very low start-up cost or free if at all possible, for I believe that each individual have the right to see what they will be buying into before spending a cent.

Anonymous said...

Yes, lots of drama centered around EN these days. They are now getting ready for a Live event in Denver this month. I did not book a ticket yet. I am not also "All In" yet. Any company who experiences this much success so quickly will always be targeted by anyone who blogs who markets online as it generates just the right amount of controversy and resulting low-cost traffic. After all, it's smart marketing to use "empower-network-scam-review" in your blog title. Christene wrote a very nice unbiased article and did not bash the EN at all.

I just signed with EN at Affiliate Level ($44.95/mo) Not sure if I will go "All In" ever. I don't care if Dave Wood and David Sharpe call me a "Wussie" For now, I am doing my best to blog, market, and learn online marketing skills. I have spent $1,000's over the years on worthless junk and still not made a dime.

Take Care All
Online Lifestyle Dreamer

Kimberly Jackson said...

Thank you so much for the review! It was well thought out and well presented. I felt it was a balanced. Thank you. I am in Empower and do blog regularly. :) I am going to bookmark your site so I can read up on your work. Kind Regards. Kimberly Jackson

Unknown said...

what do you think of ebayprofit.biz ?

Unknown said...

It's amazing how many comments you have, and I don't even see anywhere that you promoted Wealth Affiliate. That's awesome and admirable.

Could you clarify this statement:

I had read up on tons of “Empower Network Reviews” and I have to admit that I feel a bit downed, for most would simply just be a sales pitch to get others into buying the program without giving the pro’s and con’s with an affiliate link added to it. Again I am not shooting at anyone trying to get their product promoted, for we are in the marketing industry and we need to make a sale in order to survive, but reviews should always be based on personal experience and they should highlight the features and the type of individual skill sets that would fit into the program.

I couldn't find the relevance.

Christene said...

Hi Sandra thanks for the comment.

Yes I do have a EN account (Obviously otherwise it would be impossible to write a review on them) but I do not promote my EN link on this page. If you had notice the new improvements on the blog along with the date's you will find that I had added WA on the top of my blog as well because I find it hard to keep up with all the private messages and comments from readers who are asking me which program I personally prefer (as you might have notice in the comments), and it had become a tedious task to write the same reply over and over again.

And yes I stand by my statement (thanks for the quote) - a lot of people do write up reviews without actually testing the program themselves, you can hardly write a EN review when you are only subscribed to the $25 blogging system and did not purchase at least the inner circle, because Empower Network is not all about just having a blog. A lot of EN members do write up reviews without actually knowing anything about the system or the basis behind the inner circle just to get a sale. MY POINT: If you are going to write a review, at least do the effort to join a program yourself before you make a fool out of yourself and get caught out by readers for being unable to answer questions. If you can do that then you are worthy of selling it to your members.

I am not embarrassed to add WA to my blog because obviously yet again I am part of the membership site and I know the pro's and cons from the inside out, therefore I don't have to lie or make up stories if visitors ask me some questions.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Kimberly.

Always keep up with your blogging and remember to take action on the training. Making money online is all about keeping consistent with what you are doing and never giving up on your goals.

Anonymous said...

Don't join Empower Network
at first its only 25 dollars but keep it rising and call you words if you don't go all in
I support Zach lets lodge a complaint

Unknown said...

The only way that anyone make money is from other people. En Has products just like any other company, people buy and people get paid. That is the fundamentals of business!!

Just go get a job and stop being a hater. You are turning everything you see into a negative situation.

I think that millions are being scammed when they work at a job!!

Christene said...

Hi Jonathan, I don't have a review on them or had the privileged of testing them, for the program is relatively small without much popularity at this moment, I guess it is still new. I had pin it down on my "task list" and will have a look at it in more detail.

By the looks of it, it just seems like another "get rich quick" scheme that is designed to have you doing the very same thing that they are doing, and that is to sell the system itself.

I actually had quite a few of these within my spam box lately, and most of them comes from rented email lists, that alone seems like just another scammy product to me. Like I said I can't tell for sure because I did not actually participate, and this is based on my opinion.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion EN fouls us and tell us to do the same thing to others to get our money back.
Or you can considered that you are buying class lessons. But they seem a little bite expensive.

Christene said...

Unfortunately I am no longer with EN Daniel for I had joined WA quite recently. I feel more comfortable in referring members into a system that offer a free option as well as live support. People all around the globe is suffering when it comes to finances and I would rather refer them into a free starter system with the same benefits and see to it that they do get the help if indeed they want it.

Feel free to inbox me if you have questions

Anonymous said...

so I blog I get paid for who purchases it how much did itget purchased forwhat type of items do they sell what do they sell what do we blog abouthow much can you expect to make the first go around to make 10 sales 20 sales 30 sales and again how much does the sale go forsome numbers in percentages some stats.sell me this don't just preach it to me.if I'm going to invest my money I want to know who what how oftenwhen I get paidthe turnover ratehow many people are in the company how many people quit.

Christene said...

Unfortunately this is not a sales page and I AM NOT PROMOTING EMPOWER NETWORK! Reviews and Sales pages are somewhat different. Reviews are based on personal opinion after a person had spend some time within the system and then highlight the pros and cons along with the features. Sales pages are designed to get the reader to purchase.

Empower Network is a MLM program and it is also divided into groups, while some have success, others have huge failure. It would be impossible for me to tell if you will indeed make any sales with Empower or not, for I don't know your marketing skills or what type of person you are. Many marketers had indeed made huge sums of money within only a few weeks, while a huge percentage had failed - No one can tell you a definite number on how many sales you will be able to make for no one actually have the ability to forecast how you will approach the system and what kind of strategies you will use to sell Empower Network.

Most of your questions is answered within my post, as well as the pricing. In short - They sell the blog system, inner circle, Costa Rica and 15K formula - you will have to do the very same thing in order to get paid, you also need to buy all the above if you want to make commission from each of the products.

Anonymous said...

Great work Christene... i was rather hesitating whether to join EN, in the end, i think i prefer not to.

Anonymous said...

pls keep us updated... great work christene.

David Sharpe Scam said...

I don't see the logic in your comment. No wonder why you are anonymous. I can tell that you know absolutely nothing about internet marketing... I know of too many internet marketing membership products that charge that much and sometimes more. Yet you don't get to make any money by promoting them.

Anonymous said...

can i know, i used ELPP as introduced by one of the empower network member, easy landing page pro, to create a website, but somehow when i removed the web link, the website still appears and its like ELPP controls it and as though there is no nothing i can do to remove it...

i wish to own back the website as i bought the domain... can anyone help? really appreciate it.

Christene said...

You should contact the member who had introduced you and ask him/her to assist you, or ask for help within the group that you had signed up under.

Anonymous said...

but no one willing to say.......... anyone can help?

Anonymous said...

Everyone out there, just ask yourself this one question...Does Empower Network have any products that you would buy if there was not, I repeat...WAS NOT...a business opportunity promising 100% commissions attached to it? For those who have purchased the products that answer should be very clear to you by now.

Unknown said...

at least i found one person whom write the exact weaknesses of this network. Thanks Mr.Zach Manning

Empowerville said...

Empowerville was created to help other affiliates succeed in Empower Network. We realized there were many affiliates who needed help getting started, especially since they weren't big time internet marketers, so we formed a community dedicated to helping one another.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Christine. I paid for internet cash commission few days ago then recoginized that it is a scam, i stop buying anything before i lost more. Now i just make my own blog on wordpress, it takes time to success but i can try before i want to know more about empower network. Thanks so much for your review

Chris said...

One thing I have to say in all fairness is that Empower Network blogging system is a good alternative to the strict rules over at Squidoo.com. Squidoo is great for leveraging their authority and getting faster rankings, like many other Web 2.0 sites.

However, they are very strict when it comes to doing product reviews ("google sniper" style) so it can be annoying to get posts deleted from squidoo after having a true passive income.

Therefore, empower network blog has the same amount of authority as squidoo and power in the search engines, and allows to get faster rankings with less amount of backlinking.

So without buying all the thousands of dollars worth of training and without buying into the MLM opportunity, empower network does actually have it's positives in terms of SEO ranking ability.

You just have to look at google's search results for internet marketing and business opportunity related search terms (keywords) and you will see what I mean.

You can rebrand the Empower Network blog to be uniquely designed.

That said, I would rather build up my own assets and build up my own blog with content and therefore I own it and can sell it on in years to come.

So it's all a matter of being patient.

"Don't set out to build a wall. Instead, focus on laying one brick as perfectly as you can, one after another, and eventually you have a wall" - Will Smith Quote

Use Empower Network to drive traffic to your own assets/websites. Or just use other web 2.0. ;)



Christene said...

Thanks for the comment. It had become close to impossible to find groups that will physically stick with their members for the long haul - I dearly hope that your community will be the change that could make a difference for those who are lost.

Christene said...

Thanks for commenting Tracy.

I absolutely understand how you feel, people sound so genuine when they want you to buy their over- priced products, and afterwards they get rich while you are left in the dark. I could not agree with you more, your own WP blog will give you authority and in the end no one can take it from you.

Christene said...

Thanks for the Comment Chris it is appreciated.

I have to admit that Squidoo had indeed changed their rules very aggressively within the last few weeks and posts are getting deleted one after another.

Empower Network however had a knock down from the Panda as-well and blogs that ranked well before had dropped down.

I personally don't think the empower blogs will survive a few more Panda attacks if they don't start to implement some changes.

There are more effective ways to build authority blogs that will not cost you a arm and a leg.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be so dumb, but I still don't understand this entire concept of how you can make money with a blog? Or is it irrelevant, and all this Empower Network is about selling the Empower Network, just like a Ponzi scheme? I don't see any mention of how you can make money with a blog. Are you an affiliate or products that you promote on your blog, like Clickbank or Commission Junction or others? Red flags go up when they don't tell you any of this, not to mention the other hidden fees.

Unknown said...

You stated correctly when you said (in your review of this company) "what will this SCHEME cost you?" EN does not disclose any of these costs upfront. Instead they attempt VERY HARD to MAKE you to believe you'll get all of their information completely (100%) free if you join within a special 24 hour period "open door" opportunity that they offer you. They say they'll explain why they're doing this later. Therefore, their behavior fits completely my understanding of "DECEPTION". What I understood (as a young grade school kid) deception to mean. They may indeed be legal. Legal (in my opinion) is not synonymous with legit. Legal just means they cannot get busted. What about ethical? You know...just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD. Personally, I would be 100% ashamed of myself if I knowingly chose to make money by deceiving people. And I'm sorry and disgusted that anybody would consider an "OBJECTIVE" review to be anything that makes it sound like deceiving people might be right for some folks. SHAME ON YOU!

T-Aps Sharman said...

Hello everybody... My inbox is flooded with EN promotional emails.. almost 12-20 different peoples sending those emails from last few months.. finally i have downloaded the webinar watched it curiously and i felt like this could be a scam. because they do not have a product except EN. And why paying for blogs while you can blog for free!!! Thank you Christine for punting up this blog... You are really good at it..Looking forward to your posts.. Thanks guys for sharing your precious knowledge...

Christene said...

Well Krista I do agree with you and I had promised my readers a post update on the con's of Empower a few weeks ago, I had finished my subscription with them and therefore my Review is finally concluded now. Feel free to read up on the Con's.

Time for me to move on and test another program to its full extend.

Thanks for the comment - dearly appreciated.

Bricktowntom said...

After reading about half of this noise concerning Empower Network I came to the conclusion that I will stick to my slow turtle process with my own property that I own and continue figuring it out as I go.
Bricktowntom (Google Me)

Christene said...

Have to agree, having your own property is a much better option than having a blog with limitations. In the end the hard work is well worth the effort.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment - dearly appreciated.

Yes that is the major "glitch" for me to Empower Network, they spam on every platform that they can find and the floods of emails are getting on everyone's nerves.

Christene said...

If you own your own blog and learn how to get traffic to it, you will be able to make money by selling Clickbank products or by promoting Affiliate programs on your own blog. With Empower Network you are given a blog that mostly contain their own product, basically you have to get others to join underneath you and they have to do the same thing as well.

No actual product(s), just like you mentioned.

Laticia Taylor said...

Hello Christene,

I was so surprised to see that someone got it so right with this review. You didn't shade anything. I personally think of Empower Network of a real opportunity and was advised on the different levels to make money. My problem was once your pay for the first level $25 and the second level $100 there is no real training for you to go right into. You get brief directions and some calls to listen to but some are more visual, as myself not mention questions and that said you need to have someone to ask that will be informant. When I called with questions, they tell you to relay your questions to your sponsor. Well that seemed to be my problem.... I felt the sponsor was getting hers but not involved enough to help others get there's. The sponsor I had did have there own site setup that was suppose to prep you but I still had questions and when I did try for support I didn't feel I had enough. EM is obviously a system set up to make money and they provide a true opportunity for others but if you don't have the marketing background, you need more and if your sponsor doesn't feel they need to provide more the a daily inspirational call, you are stuck. I did see other sponsors that was making money and if you joined them, they'd help you freely with what they used exactly and you had a personal contact with them if need be. But with EM you can't leave from one sponsor that doesn't provide what you need to go to another....so I left.

I still had a desire to join and be a part of something similar but just felt there were some things that were needed. Not knowing what they were I did some research and found a company called Pure Leverage. Now they have it right!!! I left Empower Network last month and joined Pure Leverage this month and haven't looked back. Immediate success... Please do a review on them next since you seem to be extremely honest.

Pure Leverage offers the total package and it's yours. Here you go:
*Ad Copy
*Url Links

I know you say like EM right but here's more:
*Lead Capture System
*Auto Responder
*Video Email Service
*Conference Room
*Live Calls Schedule
*Recorded Calls
and you still have call in from your leader.

And all this is just the Basic Level. There's more on the second level. They don't offer 10 levels for a lot of money before you make money to get the good stuff that will give you a real opportunity to make money.

They do offer additional perks you can purchase at crazy cheap cost that help you succeed like the $400,000 traffic Co-op, limited time offer,which is awesome.

For $19.93 they give you 200 clicks and a guaranteed 30 leads.


The additional difference for me as a new leader learning from the mistakes of others, I've done additional research and found the marketing perks that are new and innovative and I give them everything for a member joining my team. That's what is missing from some leaders of EM.... They want to keep you at bay and make them money but not share what they are using. That's the key to expanded success for everyone and I share that with pleasure with my team. I'm reachable not just through email that I don't respond to.

Here's the link (no email needed/ no optin) to review the perks and get the details for yourself.

( http://www.pureleverage.com/launch/4?id=DivineDiva )

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Anon is a moron who knows nothing about internet marketing or about business for that matter. Of course people wouldn't buy the products if they weren't looking to make the commissions because the products are about how to build a business by selling products that earn you a commission. Would you buy a cleaning product if you didn't intent to use it for cleaning? Or a cooking product if you weren't going to use it to do some cooking??
Geez, this guy's a friggin genius...You mad bro?! Or just a hater in general?
Do everyone a favor and get lost with your stupid comments you know nothing about, you're only making yourself look even more stupid than you already are and everyone else's brains sad in the process...
Anon retard, GTFO!!! :P

Anonymous said...

No serious fees have been added Christene.
Check your source, Michael is full of crap about all that level BS! He wouldn't know his ass from his elbow...

Christene said...

I did ask for snapshots and proof, none was provided. I think Michael felt like most people do, Some EN promoters do promise riches and gloom without actually telling their prospects in detail what would be required from them. All of us who were or still is part of EN knows that the $25 blogging platform is not going to do much for you, you will need to purchase the inner circle and the payment processor at least if you want to make serious money, and even with that it will still take some hard work to get success.

I came across too many ads that promise riches for only $25 a month - Affiliates need to learn how to promote the system correctly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! Very nice to see an actual review for these products. Like you mentioned in your review, all the other "reviews" are merely adverts for EN.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christene said...

Thanks for the positive comment - appreciated!

Christene said...

The comment section is for those who want to share their opinions on Empower Network, not for free advertising. Thank You

Dylan said...

hi Christene, thanks for this review.
I agree with your point of building a brand that you don't own, otherwise known as "digital sharecropping"

I think the real problem with Empower Network is its core.

Essentially, they are selling "recipes" that teach others how to sell the SAME "recipes"!
There is no real value generated to customers outside of the inward sucking ecosystem.

The details are here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the write up, however...

To me, this seems like a pyramid scheme. All you're doing is feeding someone else's back pocket and to make money, it appears that you need to sell the same concept forward.

I haven't ever registered on any sites that would have any affiliation with this network and have started being bombarded by a spate of emails from guys on this network which sell the Empower Network. That's how I actually got to your site.

So even though you don't say it's a scam, I think it is really just SPAM.

Anonymous said...

So it is a Ponzi scheme?

Christene said...

Well honestly they are not my favorite when it comes to building an online business because of the exact fact that you had mentioned above; too much spamming and obviously because there is no concrete product. It is hard to sell a concept, it is easy to sell a product with value attached to it.

At some point I had worked with Empower Network to see what it is all about to write a legitimate review. I had trouble from the start and members would literally call me up at 3am in the morning to pursuant me to join their group and quit the group that I had joined with originally. (yea right, I have tons of money to just waste)

If you scroll through my blog (even just this one page) you will find many comments that was deleted from Empower Members just spamming my blog without even asking for permission.

They should really make a point to teach their affiliates some manners and marketing ethics.

Thanks for the comment - Have a Awesome day!

Anonymous said...

Hi, tommorrow, it is going to start in Mumbai - India. I dont know how many people are going to join. But they have kept one presentation.

Anonymous said...

Mr Zach you really sound hurt. I understand your first post, but based on my training and experience you really may need to lay on someone's sofa and talk it out...
Ms Christene awesome review. Thank you for your viewpoint. I have read the pros and cons here. The bottom line is people are going to do what they see is fit for their situation at the time. I am going to join EN because I see it fits me. I was in another company David Woods was in and he had great training there. And for the record he has been in Costa Rica way before EN was created. The new person that does not dive in to any training will to survive in any business or job. In order to reach the top training is required. Be it online or classroom..ie high school or college. We pay for learning and most will charge to share it. I don't know any FREE PROFESSORS. EN will work once the skill set is established. Newbies will spam get frustrated quit then come on the net and discourage others from doing something they couldn't. If its not for you great, but don't discouraged the next person. It reminds me of my daughter. Her mom hated water because she couldn't swim. So she had my daughter hating water to until I put her in the water and taught her how to swim. Passing fears can hurt others....wish the brave well...oh I am in law enforcement and reached out to someone I know at FTC and he said who aren't we investigating. We have everything from twitter to Jay Z...lol

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment, your opinion is greatly appreciated.

I have to agree that every person is unique and have his/her own skill sets and interests, that is why no one can succeed by doing the exact same thing.

Empower only have one set of training and in the end it boils down to reselling the system to make money, without much added training on Updated SEO tactics, Marketing analysts, PPC, CPA, the online industry and its changes for the future.

Empower Network also lack in detailed WordPress tutorials, how to effectively use the plug-in's, how to set-up a blog to be effective in rankings and so forth. WordPress is the future of online marketing and we all know that Google favor WP sites that is built on a secure and trusted host.

I had been with Empower Network myself, and the "motivation part" is truly great, but I personally think that it is only based on motivating people to join Empower and not to motivate them when it comes to building multiple streams of income like their own online properties that cover eCommerce and membership businesses - No training for that whatsoever.

I have no problem paying for my "education" but then it better be well worth my money. When I had chosen a college years back I had enrolled in a proper one that would not only suit my needs but also give me the most options when it comes to choosing my subjects in my line of study. The Online Industry is no different and you need to choose a program that will teach you ALL the aspects of marketing that will be required to get success for a long time to come.

Sales are made from trust - Most important part of any online business - Trust comes from treating people with respect and by valuing their decisions.

Tell me would you like it if I just enter your home without permission, and then ask you to buy my product? I think you will kick me out or even give me a punch right? Spamming is not cool - Period! No matter how hard you try to justify it, it is still unethical to force your opinion on those who does not want it, BTW I am not the only one thinking like this, Google along with top ranking sites pest it as well and will ban you in an instant for doing it - Empower and Facebook is a classic example.

Eliah said...

not eveyone is spamming in Empower Network Christene, and it is unfair to blame everybody. Empower had helped me to make money online and I am proud to promote them. You don't like Empower but promote Wealthy Affiliate, Empower have better ranking that Wealty Affiliate does and also have more members. You mentioned that you had quit Empower, was it because you could not rank the blog or promote the system? You should have joined the 15k formula as well because the real training is inside, you can't just buy the inner circle and expect to make money Christine.
Stop bashing Empower Network and rather make it positive, it had help people who had nothing to make something.

Unknown said...

I'm Christine from India .I'm so confused about joining empower network ??? Plz help me out should I join or no ??? Really need help

Christene said...

Well let me be polite and thank you for the comment.

Did you ever hear about the "rotten apple that spoils the bunch" ? Yes, obviously there are marketers within Empower Network that is still walking on the straight and narrow, but the damage is done by those who just don't care.

Secondly - Are you kidding me right now? Type the word "Empower Network" in Google, Wealthy Affiliate's blogs are outranking Eliah, and we also outrank Empower on every possible keyword you can find that goes around "Empower Network", In fact to be even more precise the owner of WA, Kyle holds the strongest rank on this keyword for months now - Empower Network can't even manage to rank themselves on that first page.

I truly apologize for my sarcastic behavior, but what are you thinking? I don't want to rank a crappy blog that does not fit my fussy self, and no, I do not want to promote a system that lacks in precise marketing and SEO training - read the review I had left them because the system had no value to me and did not fit with my ethics.

Empower Network certainly have more members, but WA has more page rankings, way better training and live support (that is why WA blogs are ranking so well). Call me crazy but I would rather refer my visitors to a site that suits everyone - including those who does not have the immediate cash, but still wants to learn. FREE TRAINING and GENUINE HELP have better effects Eliah, and the best part...I can sleep easy because I know that those who had joined WA for free will have the ability to make a clear decision whether they should upgrade or not. Our free members get the same treatment within the community and we don't call them names if they can't afford to go premium.

You had mentioned that it is necessary to buy the 15K formula "because the REAL training is inside". Basically you had just admitted that the other products are worthless right? - I rest my case.

I will defiantly not argue, Empower Network helped many people who "had nothing to make something" but how much are "something" and what would be the failure rate of those who did not make anything? We can't possibly tell.

I do not "bash" Empower Network, I had written my review on actual experience not fiction - I will not publish lies just to make things "positive" In the long run honesty will prevail above anything else.

Christene said...

Hi Rasmika

First of all allow me to ask you a few questions to make it easier.

1. Would you be willing to pay the monthly fees for a few months without earning much or anything at all?

Any Online business takes some time to develop, and since Empower is an MLM you will probably wait a bit longer before you see results.

2. Do you love to communicate directly with people?

Multilevel marketing is most effective when you have people skills and have the ability to do cold calling and chatting up warm leads, especially if you do not have traffic yet.

3. Do you have the capability to find leads without having traffic?

If you plan to pay for Empower Network upgrade's by selling it, you will need to find prospects in other places (Facebook will not work effectively because you are not allowed to post EN links)

melisha said...

Great review, Empower Network is not working for me, had been with them for 5 months without earning anything at all, I waste my money but the training does not help and the support is non existent.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Melisha.

Many people that join Empower Network are under the impression that they will earn money straight away when in fact it can take months to establish yourself online. Without the right training all is wasted and yes you are absolutely correct - the support is absent and without that the changes of failure is massive.

Anonymous said...

I'm 6 days into EN, after reading the posts, I don't think it's for everyone. I was not misled by anything, I understood all the costs, and levels. I believe there are products to sell, just because you can't see it like a bottle of lotion, doesn't mean there isn't value to them. Not knowing anything about internet marketing previous, or even what SEO was, I think this may be my platform. It's probably in my best interest to not know all the in's and out's of online marketing. This gives me an edge because there's no confusion or cross referencing comparisons to other MLM's, and I can focus. The marketing I do for my daily job is the same concept, only face to face, I am in the health care business. I have worked my way up the corporate ladder, and quite frankly sometimes feel like I've just had enough of the professional verbage and just want to let my hair down, so I am not offended by the "wusssy" and "badass" button. C'mon I don't feel like it's always payday in the marketing world either if you don't understand that if your not open to selling to all walks of life, not just the sophisticates then you won't make a sale. Some of the ways these entrepreneur marketers talk, you don't understand them either, so I wouldn't buy anything from them. When I first moved to the country and I mean country in the backroads of Tennessee, I couldn't get help or buy any services if I tried, but when I started acting like I belonged, went barefoot with a country drawl, I got anything I wanted, and Man did I learn how much people knew and where to get help for my house, I was happy little camper. I have learned a wealth of information from EN, and now I can only read, read, and read some more, I think EN has the core foundation to really help you move forward. I am a Nurse, and I don't care where your from or what you do, EVERYONE needs motivational and inspirational products whether it be in the form of a video or someone just telling you "your Awesome". My only hardship in this EN venture will be my tech skills, as I have gotten too comfortable with the keep it simple, same sites, and not ventured on into the www. I have been too lazy to move forward, so I will struggle with the technical part, but this will be my hard work to earn my commissions. As far as ethical, as a Nurse, I have inbred and learned ethics and morals, and I will never sell this product, or EN without full disclosure, and I will not beg or plead. If I see some teams in EN doing that I will not conform, do you think they are going to fire me? I'm willing to put in a lot of hard work, study, learn, motivate and teach, and all the rest of this business for 3 months. This will not cause me to break the bank or tap into 401K. I will spend a $100 any day to make a $1000. I can get along with just about anybody and not lose my morals. If it doesn't work in 3 months, I'm not getting on the pity party wagon. I will say there is not much support for the tech end of it only. But I realize this is going to be a catch-up on my part only. The daily motivation and inspiration is awesome so far in EN, as well as the core principles. I'm a fast learner and I don't have 5 years to invest in online marketing education verbage. We'll see if their 3 step process works, in 3 months, and if not I'm out.

Christene said...

Thanks for sharing a well written comment

The right mindset is very important when it comes to everything in life. I am glad to see that you have enthusiasm, but most of all you understand that it will take time to succeed.

To be successful in this kind of business we absolutely need to brand yourself as trustworthy and professional - If you keep your ethics and morals when selling Empower Network you will come out as a shining star if you manage to succeed with the program.

Please feel free to come back and keep us updated - Success stories with Empower Network had become rare and I am sure everyone will enjoy reading a positive update.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Alex, I am a graduate of the class of 2013 and have been looking over the past couple of years for directions to take in my life. Recently I had heard about the empowered network through various videos on youtube and have become very exited by the idea of creating a profession solely on the internet. I am wondering if empowered is right for me and have a few questions to ask about firstly empowered network and secondly internet marketing in general.

What type of person can become successful or at least make a living In this profession? what does it take (timewise and amount of effort required) to make money doing this?

where is a good place to start involving myself in this work so that a minimal amount of time gets wasted before I can begin to make progress of any kind?

and lastly, what is the range of possible time and money that could be counted as loss should I join empowered network for example and then choose that its not for me? (an 8 month span to calculate this would be really helpful)

Thank you for your time and thank you for such an incredible and insightful review I will definitely be a regular viewer of this site, your honesty is amazing and proves an arduous task to find on the internet these days.

yours truly from a new watcher of this blog, Alex

TJ Waller Photography said...

Hi Christene.

I would like to clear up a few erroneous comments made by Michael Ladd:
His comment was far from well-written and certainly wasn't altogether true!

First of all, it does not cost $45 to join EN. The cost is only $25.00 for their viral blogging system. That's it. Nothing more UNLESS you chose to become an affiliate and use their credit card processor; then that adds $19.95 to the monthly bill. End of story.

Now, should you chose to purchase purchase their Inner Circle Audios, then that is $100 a month (and well worth it if you USE them!) There are no "levels" (silver, gold, platinum, etc) in EN! The are courses that you can buy that do cost: I've already mentioned the Inner Circle; there is the Costa Rica Intensive: $500; the $15K Formula: $1000; and the Costa Rica Masters: $3500. These are all OPTIONAL. However, because of the high bar of ethics David Wood and David Sharpe has placed on this industry, you cannot earn the 100% commission on these courses unless you yourself have purchased them. That is only good and fair.

Michael stated - also erroneously - that there were only a "few hours of recorded webinars" in the training. In the Inner Circle, $15k and Costa Rica Intensive courses alone there is OVER 158 hours of audio and webinar training!! And it is hands down some of the very BEST internet marketing training on the internet today. Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe are just genius (and no, I have never met them).

Michael also states near the end of his comment that he "just found out" that there was a $145/month fee for training and using the blog. That also is not true. Again, the fee to use their viral blogging system is $25 a month. Period. Which is actually incredibly reasonable. The Inner Circle training, if you chose to purchase it, is $100 a month. The remainder of Michael's balance is the $19.95/month for credit card processing; which is also reasonable. BUT, you don't have to use theirs if you already have an account with another processor. Just one more thing Michael fails to get right!

It has been my experience that the whiners who quit Empower Network have all been nothing but quitters who don't know how to operate a business in the first place. They are looking for free, quick money-making "schemes" which do not exist.

It is so very possible to make an incredibly good living using nothing but Empower Network! But most good internet marketeers (as I like to call us) have several good money-making irons in the fire at once. Perhaps 'lil Mikey had an upline who wouldn't wipe his butt for him like he thought they should; I don't know. But he can't blame his failure in EN on anyone else but himself and that goes for everyone out there who quits EN. Their paid training is excellent! Plus, there is a TON of FREE training in all the hundreds of other successful member's blogs and websites; not to mention on YouTube.

And... I hope you have noticed that this comment of mine has no links in it; nor is it self-promoting. I'm just wanting to clear up a lot of the misconceptions and bad press that has been unfairly given to Empower Network.


TJ Waller Photography said...

Hi Ross.
No, EN is not affiliated or "connected" with anyone. They stand alone.

Now, there ARE other companies who are trying to ride the coat-tail of Empower Network; so perhaps that's why you may have seen a glimpse of EN at the end of that presentation.

TJ Waller Photography said...

And that's why you comment as "anonymous."

You CANNOT get some of the training you find in Empower for free off the internet. They keep up-to-date on the training since the internet world changes so quickly. And you obviously don't know the definition of a scam either. Because if you did, you wouldn't associate that word with Empower Network.

Empower Network does exactly what their name implies: they EMPOWER serious people to make serious money with a great company.

TJ Waller Photography said...

Hi Make Money Hobby.
It's a shame that these comments can alter your decision to join one of the very best Network Marketing companies on the internet today. Yes, this blog is filled with information, but speaking from someone who knows what EN can do for someone who is seriously wanted to change their financial situation, the information here isn't altogether correct. It is their opinions.

You don't have to promote the "make money niche" with EN. You can promote anything you want. That's what makes EN so great! It is one of the most versatile and lucrative platforms there is.

I suggest that you do some more research on EN before you make the sore mistake of not joining. I researched them for weeks before joining. Read plenty of negative blogs like this and many positive ones. Yes, there are people who ruin things for everyone. The training in EN teaches you the CORRECT way to operate an Empower Network business; or ANY business for that matter. But people are people and too many of them are idiots who spoil a good thing. The remedy? DON'T BE ONE OF THOSE!!! Do it right. Do it legitimately. Do it honestly. And do it without spamming!

TJ Waller Photography said...

Christene, I don't think $25/mo is "an arm and a leg." If you are just speaking about the blog platform itself, $25/mo is quite reasonable! At least it was to me. And... over 100,000 other folks as well. :)

TJ Waller Photography said...

No sir. It isn't. A Ponzi scheme takes your money with the expectation of you getting a return for your investment. Then when it comes time to pay, the originator of that scheme vanishes.

This is obviously not true with Empower Network. They have been paying out millions of dollars every month for the last couple of years to their affiliates!

Christine, please don't forget to mention that the Empower blog sites are customizeable where if you weren't promoting EN courses (their "product"), then you can have a site that has absolutely no EN banners on it at all. :)

Anonymous said...

Empower Network is an awesome blogging site. I'm a speech pathologist and went through all the trainings and am earning an additional >6500 monthly writing blogs and selling as an affiliate. My practice has doubled in value and I am selling my self published therapy materials online as well. I'm not advertising myself so there is no link. K.S.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment TJ - Dearly appreciated

As you may have noticed I made a strong effort in my post to highlight the exact pricing that go with each product to avoid confusion.

I personally loved Empower Network about a year back, the support was awesome and members was constantly communicating with one another - this is not the case anymore. When members have close interaction with each other, the success rate is greater. Members will jump from one group to another to seek out support and obviously will not get results because they need to purchase under a new group each time - they lose more money and have no stability, the failure rate then becomes certain.

In my opinion Empower have to implement a system that requires affiliates to communicate with their referrals - You cannot be successful with any MLM if your are not taught how to build a strong down-line that communicates with one another. Making a sale online is easy - Building a strong empire is an entire different story. A group within Empower Network that does not have a few strong leaders with training skills, is as useless as a Castle with only a few servants.

Empower Network is like a boomerang effect - what you teach to others will come back and build your own online empire - If you teach members to spam and use unethical methods of advertising you will be within a group that is damaging itself and its members - big reason why the spamming got out of hand and also why so many fail.

I had been with Empower myself TJ and met some wonderful people, but truth to be told, when you are in a group with no skilled leaders and no guidance it is bound to fail eventually, because you cannot expect a bunch of newbies to teach and motivate one another. You can give newbies all the training in this world - They don't know how to implement it by themselves, similar to a classroom filled with students but without a teacher.

Those who make money with EN are the marketers that have a higher understanding in MLM and know how to do strategic marketing within specific fields. A newbie that send out hundreds of useless mails or plaster his link on any given online platform will fail because that is not how you promote the system correctly. You need to build trust by supplying your down-line as well as new prospects with additional learning materials, live hangouts, Skype calls, and so forth.

Keep up the Good Work and have yourself a profitable day!

Fardhon said...

Thanks Christene for your good review and will be my information to be a member of EN. So we need much more money to receive any compensation as you say Too Many Upsells?

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment K.S. - Honest opinions are what helps people in making clear decisions.

Dean said...

Great Review Christene. I noticed that you promothe Wealthy Affiliate as well and also you have been a member of both. I would recommend that you compare the two platforms and the pros and cons of each one, this will have better effect and peoples will be able to compare and make decision better. This is just a suggestion because it difficult to see the difference between 2 by looking at reviews.

skip said...

Thank you for the great review, well written, and very informative.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Fardhon - In my opinion yes, Empower Network have too many up-sells and it takes too long to generate money naturally to purchase all the training. You will basically pay for it out of your own pocket for the first few months. Skilled marketers will have much better success.

Chris said...

Hi Christene, I'm in complete agreement with you to be honest. I'm even looking into media buying now too....another great form of traffic generation where we buying low cost banner ads on other people websites. :)

Christene said...

Thanks for the suggestion Dean - I will implement it as soon as I have all the facts straight.

Comparing the two platforms will be somewhat difficult because Empower Network is based on MLM and the training is more focused on teaching members how to promote the program itself. Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand is the complete opposite and the training is more technical and focused on how to build an online business with any type of niche. WA encourage their members to build niche sites and promote a wide variety of products, while EN only encourage members to build their sites around the internet marketing niche.

I will try my best to compare the key components of both programs like support, training and the price structure.

Christene said...

Thanks Raymond - dearly appreciated

jaun said...

Great Review Christine. Thanks for the update and Comparison on the two platforms. I had been with Empower Network for 5 months now and only made $50 in commissions. Without traffic it is no good and I struggle to use Facebook because my posts can't be shared for some reason. I still do not knw how to build a proper blog and how to drive traffic, and do not have any money left to buy the 15k on Empower Network, my sponsor said that is where the training is.
I think I am ready to leave them and rather try out Wealthy Affiliate's free option at first, because I am broke now and wasted 5 months paying for something without making much.

Kenny Johnson said...

I'm amazed at how many uneducated people there are online. Christine may not post this because her "Leader" Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate didn't post my comment on his "Review" Page but Shame on your Christine. I would love to start a dialogue with you because It never fails. I read one of these "Reviews" and guess what??? There is always a link somehow to WEALTHY AFFILIATE. You guys are shameless. You're using the Empower Network name to promote WA? If people can't see that then they deserve to be a part of WA. Honestly, I can give a crap if you love WA and it's the greatest platform in the world but get your own traffic! Stop your shady game play and play fair. I sweat you WA pumpers had a meeting and said "Ok the first thing you do to be successful in Wealthy Affiliate is write an "Empower Network Scam Review". If you don't believe me, type it into to Google and check every Empower Network Scam Review page and guess what you'll see at the end. Somebody promoting Wealthy Affiliate. You call Empower Network shady but your boy Kyle won't even give out his last name? Come on what are you scared of? Also stop saying Empower network is based in Costa Rica! Dave Wood lives in Costa Rica the company is head quartered in the US. Even if the company were in Costa Rica that doesn't mean anything. I'm sure you're a nice person Christine but you're a shady marketer and you know it. If you think this isn't scamming people you're dead wrong. If you're thinking about joining Empower network, do what I said. Go read every Empower Network Scam Review you can find and they all belong to Wealthy Affiliate marketers. It's their strategy for getting traffic because they know Empower Network is the most searched phrase in the world right now. Haha everytime I read these things I get more excited about Empower Network. Thanks Christine. Tell Kyle _____ (No last name) keep up the good work. I'll post my name so you know who I am!

Kenny Johnson said...

You aren't getting traffic because you haven't studied how the whole 3 hour module on social media marketing. You're also doing exactly what Wealthy Affiliate wants you to do. This is why they post these "Reviews" they are doing nothing but trying to convert you to their program. You should join Wealthy Affiliate. They sound like a good fit. Let me know when you write your "Empower Network Scam Review" so you can finally get traffic. That is their number one strategy :-)

Christene said...

Don't people like you feel kinda foolish when your comments get published ? (I am sure you noticed it straight after you had hit the submit button). Read all the comments Kenny I publish the good bad and ugly. My blog is different from Kyle's and we are not hypnotized in WA therefore all of us don't have the same actions.

Know that we are talking about "uneducated people" tell me how many of my reviews did you read? I bet only this one, because otherwise you will have noticed that I have lots of them not only the review of Empower Network, and some are good while others are bad. I say it as it is. Now before I lose track here about the "uneducated people" subject - do a bit of browsing and decent research before you take me on - my post on Empower Network was written in March - just scroll up to the first comments and see the date (11 March). If you still have trouble then look at your browser address, the date will also be visible there. Now my post on WA was published late in June and the updates had circulated. I had joined EN first and then only later I had joined WA - after all what is the use of reviewing a program if you did not participate yourself. Clearly you are the uneducated one here because WA did not "teach me to go write an EN review - after all I did not even know about Wealthy Affiliate until a few months after I had written this one.

Tell me - where on my post do I state that Empower Network is based in Costa Rica? Are you blind or just spit balling? The Costa Rica videos were made in that Country at David's home I DID NOT state that the company is situated there.

As for the ranking factor - what can I say. You had just admitted that the Wealthy Affiliate blogs have better ranking power than those of Empower itself. Just Google "Wealthy Affiliate review" and see how many negativity you can find.... O and BTW I am ranking there and on other programs as well so don't feel that I am just riding on EN to get traffic.

Now - do you know why I have a "bad vibe" for Empower? Members have NO RESPECT - don't get on your high horse and accuse me of being "scammy" to promote a free product, when in fact Empower Members will gladly come to my blog and post comments with links attached to it as a way to promote Empower Network (go see for yourself how many comments had been removed from EN members who try their luck to get free traffic - I even left some of it to be gracious). At WA, members are taught to work hard and get their own traffic. If Empower works out so great for you, why are you not on the first page? Think about it.

As for Kyle, let me just say "lol" and shake my head, you don't know him yet you are quick to judge. Do you know how many people Kyle had helped and may I mention that many of them are actually those that had miserable failure with EN. Kenney don't be foolish - never judge a program unless you had participated, it comes back to bite. I am on the WA dashboard daily and I see with my own eyes how previous EN members are ranked on different niches. WA had become a home for lots of EN members who had failed - do you honestly think they will go and write a positive review after they got burned badly?

Christene said...

Reply 2: Last but not least, let me tell you what a shady marketer is, I will try my best to explain as simple as possible so you can get it completely.

Telling someone that they will be able to make money by purchasing a simple blogging system - if it was that easy, everyone will just download WordPress for free and be rich. I had been with Empower so don't even try to make me see otherwise. First you need to get people into buying the $25 blogging system, then you tell them nicely that they will also need the affiliate fee otherwise they won't be able to sell and make money.... guess what, a few days later you tell them, well you need support and training, buy the Inner Circle and you make more. Okay so they are obviously still struggling because they don't have any technical skills...now you are going to tell them to buy the 15K because yes, you guess right the real training is there. I can go on and on, about advanced marketing tactics and cold calling, but I am sure you are familiar with it. Is that not "shady"?

People who join WA are not required to pay a penny and if they do upgrade, it is out of free will not because of pressure. I can make lots of money with Empower Kenny, I have good traffic I won't even need to go find leads. People need to know that there is help for free as well, not every marketer has the get rich quick attitude.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Jaun. You are not allowed to use your Empower Network links on Facebook, because EN links had been banned due to massive spamming. If you want to use Facebook for Empower marketing you will need to build up a huge "friend" list and talk to people individually. MLM is more advanced than Affiliate marketing and you will need people skills to persuade people to buy as many products as possible without them feeling that you are just after their money - Indeed a difficult task if you feel uncomfortable in taking money from those who can't really afford it.

I would also advise you to start with the free option and focus on building a blog. The training will help you to find your niche and products that go along with it.
You will also find that WA has a clean bill of health and you will be able to use your post links on all the social sites including YouTube.

Christene said...

Kenny you are actually amazing and making my day.

This is a real brain teaser; Stay with EN and spend more money or Join WA for free and "finally get traffic" you said it not me - I ask again do you think a person who got burned by one program and made success with another will actually have any positive feelings left for the program he/she got burned with?

As for the social part - lol yes we know how that had worked out on Facebook and YouTube - Jaun had mention it.

Kenny said...

Ah Christene,

Lets start over. You're right I was rude and mean and I apologize. To be quite honest, these WA review sites are annoying. I can't google anything Empower network without getting your affiliate link riddled "reviews" in my face. I will congratulate you on ranking for "Empower Network scam" I've read through your blog. The point is, your blog post looks just like Kyle's and all of the other WA blogs. There are no negative blogs about WA because (I'm sorry if this comes off rude) nobody cares. As far my judgement of Kyle, I can only judge him by his actions and to me don't call someone shady when you won't even put your entire name as credibility. Either way, this isn't about Kyle it's about you and your review. I'm curious because if we are going to correspond, you are right, I should know more about you instead of writing off of emotion like I did before. You wrote this long thought out review and let me ask...how many of the products did you buy in EN? You did buy all of them right since you're giving a review of the product I assume you used them all. Next, how long were you a member of EN? Because the going consensus with WA affiliate "Reviews" is that EN blogs don't rank and Google is taking down all of our links, but I'm a complete newbie to blogging and one of my blogs hit the second page of google. I mean I could have added keyword scam and probably ranked 1st but I'm a newbie what can you say? Seriously though, I hate bad blood so I'll try to be more cordial. I just wish I'd see one of these reviews without a WA affiliate link promoted everywhere. I don't care what you call it that's shady. I'll agree that telling people all the have to do to get rich is pay $25 iss shady and if someone is doing that they will get what they deserve. When I joined EN I noticed a lot of compliance and a lot of disclaimers and a lot of upfront information. I don't know how many WA members there are, there can't be a lot if Kyle has time to respond to everyone's messages so the fact that EN has grown so large that it's hard to manage is a good problem to have. Trust me the David's will find a way to manage it. They are a new company and growing faster than they ever expected. If helping people is your passion and obviously you saw value in EN at one point why not just say "I'm going to be the person that helps this company grow and change practices that I don't like." Why not be the team leader that writes the manual on how teams and new people should be taken care of?

Kenny said...

Trust me you'll help a lot more people with EN then you will trying to get people to join your affiliate link with WA. I understand your issues with EN don't think I don't because of my previous post. Of course you want to own your content, that's why EN is making it easier for people to connect their own domains. Every company has issues. And please stop saying WA is free because we know it's not free. It may not have the same price point, but you're not promoting their link for a pat on the back or a nice message from Kyle. You're trying to make money the best way you know how and EN rubbed you the wrong way plain and simple. I for one am not a shady person so when someone asks me "how much does this cost." It's simple. "It's $25 to start and expect to spend a few hundred dollars to setup your business." I also let them know that there are marketing costs. If they can't afford to upsell I tell them to stick with where they are and learn as much as possible wherever you can. It's so funny because you guys talk about all of this free knowledge but it all comes with hidden agenda just like your and just like Kyle's. Just like you believe that pumping WA is the right thing to do many people believe in EN and their platform. It's obvious why WA has become a home for previous EN people because all it takes is someone in EN to have no success for a week and they google Empower Network and guess who pops up? Someone telling them that's it's the worst decision they've ever made and it's a huge scam. I've read through a lot of comments and the main comments are like this "I just joined EN and after reading your site I knew I made a mistake." "I joined 2 weeks ago and haven't made one sale! So glad I found your site!" "My sister is in EN and she's so brainwashed." "I just went all in yesterday and came across your site and knew I shouldn't have done it!" I had a friend message me and go that Empower Network program is a scam have you seen this site? And guess what there's Kyle's website. LoL, my friend knows nothing about Internet marketing, nothing about EN, nothing about affiliate marketing and now he's convinced by Kyle's "Review". I told him to go back to the site and look at how many times he tells people to join Wealthy Affiliate. Then I told him by the way he's the owner of the company. Right away my buddy tells me that's shady. Either way, keep doing your thing. Christene. Good luck with WA.

Eric said...

very nice, any links to the low cost start up businesses. There are a very high % of visitors to my site that state the cost is to high and they would like to get started but the costs is what holds them back.

gigglesnz said...

Oh My Golly!!! I am SOOOOOOOO relieved to have found your article!!! This guy from empower network for the last 3mths has been trying to get me to sign up on Empower Network and My Lead System Pro. So I did the MLSP which cost me $149 Bucks and after Day 2 pulled out and got my money back.
The guy was like, "Huh what happened?" I just said..."Flip I don't have more money to spend on all the up marketing to be successful in that program!"
Soooooo he was like "Oh well Empower is only $25 and its a lot easier and cheaper to do" So I go there to pay my $25 and well....then it asked for $19 per month and then the Training up markets and so needless to say I flippin pulled out of that too!
I kept thinking, am I totally going to regret my decision?
Will I be able to get my message out there on my own blog?
Or do I really need Empower who say they will drive all the traffic to me, I just need to talk about anything and everything re: my message to the world!
BAHAHAHHAA...Now after reading your article I am feeling very certain I did the right thing, THANK YOU SO MUCH xxxxx
Leilani Smiler :) One happy and Relieved Gal right here :)

cedric rogers said...

You Article is pretty much on. I worked with Empower Network myself. I still have the blog because of the content I have on there. I don't promote it any longer. My biggest problem was I did not have the chance to learn how to blog correctly so the search engine could find me without a huge upgrade cost. I had the inner circle product. I left for many of the reasons you pointed out. Your review was fair... Some people do make money and there are a lot that do not. This is a good review.

Christene said...

Thanks Kenny - First of all it takes a person with ethics to apologize - I appreciate it and the apology is accepted gladly.

Let me start on top and answer all the way down.

First of all I would actually want to correct you, nowhere in this post is even one affiliate link from WA or EN, only a link back to my WA review and updates. My readers are my main priority and if they want me to write an update or relevant content that will compare, I obviously do that. My review is not riddled with any WA affiliate links at all. If people are interested enough they can read the review apart from this one.

Secondly I feel the need to defend Kyle, because honestly this person had changed my thinking completely from being a hardcore marketer to a more sensitive person that actually care about those people who spend so much time and money just trying to make a little money online. Me and you both know the statistics Kenny and it is not pretty - over 90% of new marketers will fail eventually. The internet might seem overcrowded but the fact is that there is plenty of room for more successful marketers, BUT not in the same niche called "internet marketing" because the competition is too much. Kyle teaches people to go after niches that have more room for success, you only see the individuals that had chosen the marketing niche because you Google "empower network" WA have blogs all over Google and they rank in a vast amount of niches. Empower Network falls into the "marketing niche" extremely difficult to rank and compete, especially if you are a newbie.

Kyle had been in the marketing industry for well over 12 years - Wealthy Affiliate is much older than Empower Network. Now let me answer your question to why it is that EN have more members and search popularity. Simple, EN allows members to promote the system in any way they like, and that includes huge spamming factors like renting lists, repeatedly posting on blogs, social sites and even by using software programs that hack contact details from platforms like Skype and Facebook. Kyle does not allow any of these actions and you will get a huge slap if you even try to use unethical ways to promote WA.

WA is a huge community - well over 50 000 and believe it or not Kyle and Carson does answer questions (I have no idea how he cope so well). I tested him myself and send various emails - all of them got answered within 2 days (I can prove it). He recently had a new baby and we were amazed how he sit in-front of his screens and answer questions with a newborn right next to him. I honestly don't care if he has a last name, as long as he deliver on his promises then I have no problem. If a person choose to help his members even when he deserves some time with his new baby he deserve a medal because there is very few people left in this industry that will give that much time to help others.

Christene said...

Reply to Kenny 2 :

Me and my partner had been with EN for 7 months ( he eventually bailed because he did not have the endurance ) I carried on and finally close shop about a month ago. We made money Kenny and the fact that I have a degree in marketing had helped even more, but not everyone have the skills to do the strategic cold calling, building up trusted hot leads and then converts them into sales. I simply got sick and tired to tell each and every person the same fairy tale, when in fact I know that their changes are slim.

To answer your question about me getting commission - well yes I do - a huge $8 if someone upgrade, comparing to the $145 I had with EN. But that is the beauty Kenny because we know how to create multiple streams of income by using PPC, article marketing, Amazon and Clickbank to only scratch the surface. WA is like a supplement to my blog and it is intended for those who are struggling and obviously those who are broke. Not every person can afford to purchase up to $6000 in products - period. (Don't tell me otherwise because if you want to make money with EN you will have to persuade people to buy as much as possible).

Again I ask did you join WA? I had joined both and made success with both, you only had success with EN (I hope). WA have more free members than premium and guess what, some are making great progress. I Know when someone is trying to sidestep my intentions by focusing on a point to make the obvious seem distant. The point is WA offer 2 free blogs and you can optimize them for any niche and all the basic training is also added for free. Empower Network does not offer anything for free and only focus on getting money - This is not a riddle - I choose WA to recommend because if someone joins for free and then moan about not getting success it is out of my hands - A platform hand you 2 free blogs and free training, REALY if you can't make it with that then go home. My Conscious is clear! When I have to tell someone that they might make some money by buying a load full of expensive programs and they fail, I will be responsible directly if that person does not make it, because I told them a fairy tale and it ended in a nightmare - No Thanks I will stay clear and rather earn my main income from traffic brokering, PPC SEO analytic or Clickbank.

Now I am sure you would not mind in answering a few of my questions Kenny after all I want my readers to get some answers and value as well.

How many hours of marketing analysis did you do this month?
Yes I know they won't teach you that in EN, but since you wanted the dialog - I assume that you will be skilled enough to answer.

Tell me how many people search for an "online money making" opportunity with the intention to invest more than $50?

How many people without an income search the same phrase?

How many individuals that use the search phrase have no technical skills or basic marketing knowledge?

How many have some knowledge but not much money to invest?

What is the average time period that EN members will endure paying for the blogging system and Inner Circle before they bail out if they don't get success?

Does the stress factor that comes with the responsibility of paying a huge monthly fee cause a member to lose focus on his long time goals?

Answer these questions and then tell me how the majority of searches will compare against WA and Empower Network.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Leilani, You can absolutely make a success with your own blog if you are just willing to work hard on it.

Try to keep your blog updated by posting regularly.
Choose only a set of 3-5 main keywords for your blog and integrate it into all your posts.
Write natural posts that will have value to readers.

If you can manage these few steps you will have a good start. In the end your own blog have much more value - you can still use training but rather implement it on your own web property.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Cedric.

Yes unfortunately Empower Network does not give much training when it comes to the technical side of running an online business and you need to add all the products together and watch endless videos just to figure a few things out. When I got the inner circle audios I though that I will get some nice tips on SEO and panda updates along with some finer technical issues like WP plugin overviews and so forth - For me personally it was too much motivational stuff and very little "hands on training".

Keep well.

Anonymous said...

Great article Christene. I'm glad I found this. I've been with EN (up to the Inner Circle) for less then a month and wanted to give my shot at it also. The one thing I personally am having a difficult time with is offering/selling all the EN products to someone and of course feeling responsible if they don't put in the time/effort to succeed. I know money can be made but in my opinion it does take more then blogging about anything. Thanks again. It was great to read the article and the thread of comments that followed. Cheers!

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment - Yes the blogging system does not work to get sales even if you manage to rank it well. You will get leads, but ultimately you will be responsible to convert them yourself by doing follow ups and cold calling. People will easily spend the $25 for the blogging platform, but after that, it gets tricky to convince them to go all in. You also have to keep pressure on individuals to make sure that they see the value and purchase. MLM is a very difficult form of marketing and differ worlds from affiliate marketing. You will need excellent people skills if you want to become rich doing it. Affiliate marketing are more effective for those who just need a automated business and doesn't want to interact directly with people on a daily basis.

Sasha said...

Why would you say no to make money with Empower Network? only fools will promote a system that pays $8 commision. With Empowr i am making %100 commisions not peanuts. Only reason I think is that you could not get sales from Empower and run to WA

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Sasha.

Well firstly; You do not get a 100 percent commission for the 2nd, 4th and every 6th sale - Tell me again, How is that 100% ?

I may be a fool for choosing to promote a system that actually helps people but the biggest fools are those who defend a program without actually knowing the program itself. You clearly missed quite a few comments, otherwise you would have noticed that I had chosen to promote a more ethical program that also help individuals by providing a free option as well. Not all of us are money greedy - I will take my "peanuts" and you can go tell your fairy-tales to your next prospects - Remember to tell them about the commission structure as well.

Derick said...

I still do not understand how you suppose to make money with Empower Network. They say you have to blog to make money, but if you can't use any niche then should you use marketing. I understand that the marketing niche is very difficult to make money with am I right?

Christene said...

It is difficult to make money with the program Derick. You are absolutely right, the internet marketing niche is overcrowded and the competition is massive. You will also need to compete with thousands of other Empower Network members - some are skilled and have massive lists and social followings. For a total newbie it is close to impossible to get success instantly. Most Empower Network members does not use their blogs to sell the products or get leads but rather use alternative methods of advertising because it is too difficult to rank the blogs in a short period of time.

You also have to keep in mind that people are used to EN now because so many members had used about every platform you can think of to advertise it. Making sales now come down to interacting with people directly.

Allow me to give you a quick overview on how you will have to promote the program:

First you will need targeted leads. These leads can come from your ranking blog, paid advertising, social engagement, article marketing your list or Facebook in-direct marketing (you will have to get people interested to talk to you, because you can't post direct links)

Secondly you will have to convert your leads by sending out mail or talking to prospects directly. As I had mentioned, the marketing niche is already crowded with EN members and a simple follow up mail will not cut it. You will have to offer your prospects value in the form of free training, books or personal coaching to get them to purchase from you.

Last but not least, and this is where it becomes hard, as soon as your referrals get comfortable, and trust you, you will have to "up-sell" them to the higher priced products and then coach them to do the very same thing.

This is just a basic overview, obviously you will need skills and work out some strategic marketing tactics to outplay your competition. A simple blog post WILL NOT make you rich unless you have the knowledge to convert those leads.

Anonymous said...

How to believe this "Anonymous" peoples words ?

Anonymous said...

You need to employ a proofreader! Also I knew from the first video I saw of the EP that it was a pyramid scheme, was hilarious to watch them constantly mention large sums of money. Oh he's mentioning money maybe that means I can make money, lmao. Some people must be soooo gullible to buy that crap.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment

We can hardly call thousands of new marketers that buy into Empower Network gullible. EN does not teach their members to become tech marketers that drives traffic to well constructed blogs or sites. They teach them how to become ruthless marketers that will use any means to get people to purchase.

Most people turn to the online industry to make additional money because they desperately need an additional income.

Newbies have no or very little knowledge about the online industry and how it works.

These two facts make it so easy for marketers and obviously scammers to make a killing. All you need to do is tell people a fairy tale and show them your own payments and you have them hook line and sinker. This might seem cruel and it is, but as an Empower Network member you will find yourself in a competitive environment and marketers will do anything you can possibly think of just to make a sale, that includes talking to you for hours on Skype, offering you some personal support and even promise you definite earnings.

For most newbies this seems like a dream that WILL come true.

Empower Network have some skilled marketers who can sell ice to an Eskimo - a total newbie will walk straight into it and only see the shiny promises of money.

Unknown said...

Yes yes yes. I would buy these products from Empower Network over and over and over again. because they offer REAL value. Just take a look at the 15k formula training. Do you know how to scale your business up to new levels? If not, that training actually shows you how to do it with paid advertising. I know because I use the techniques talked about in the 15k program. Sorry that your experience was SO MUCH different than mine.

I'm actually making great money with Empower. :)

Anonymous said...

The ranking in Alexa tells us why EN is found in Google on the first page: 315 in the world and 88 in US. I could find such a review for every MLM company. You did not have success with EN and then you write that it´s a scam. I can find those excuses in EVERY MLM. You better Go Pro and do not loose your time with writing about scams.

Anonymous said...

Wake up dude, empower network is nowhere near the first pages of Google. The blogs had lost ranking. Go do your research before you make a fool out of yourself

Ian said...

Empower Network has cost me thousands without making me much. All the training tells you to do is to suck other people in as well. Fool me once but not twice.

I hope that those idiots enjoy the money because karma have a way to come back at all you fools who had called me a wussy and then take and spend my money!!!!!!

My so called croup leader had promised to help me to the end, but then refused to even answer my mail or calls. Right now I am furious because my money was good enough but I got no support from these so called "helpers"

Think twice before you spend money on Empower Network!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add something here...

Take this piece of information with a HUGE grain of salt because I am brand new to the internet marketing scene.
I've been with Wealthy Affiliate for a little less than 3 weeks and have already developed a wonderful site thanks to the help from the WA community.

There is absolutely no pressure from anyone within the community to promote WA and the cost of training is unparalleled when you consider what your getting.

I looked into Empower Network myself and was greeted with a pop-up that referred to me as a "wussy" when I tried to close the tab.

These people are shameless. Props to Wealthy Affiliate for delivering a legit program!

Christene said...

First and most importantly. Unfortunately Empower Network does not have first page ranking and their blogs does not have authority ranking power anymore.

Alexa does not determine the trustworthiness or reputation for a site but the search volume.

Secondly; tell me where exactly I had written that it is a scam? Do you have trouble reading, Amazon have some great specials on reading glasses.

I did made money with Empower Network "Anonymous" and maybe I could give you a few tips on how to do proper MLM marketing without depending solidly on the pockets of others to make money.

When you are ready to talk about; social engagement, mix marketing concepts, survey capture of targeted audiences and the boomerang effect of MLM, then feel free to come back and tell us about the Empower Network marketing strategy and how it relates to the targeted industry.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Ian. I do feel your pain because too many people get signed up with fake promises and then get neglected once they have your money.

We have to keep in mind that most of these marketers in Empower Network are new and use any given tactic just to make a sale. They have no experience when it comes to being a leader, therefore they can't support or help you because they actually need the help themselves.

Too many Empower Groups are not worth anything because of the lack in true leadership - No use having a castle with only servants.

I have a issue with the name calling as-well and that is one of my reasons why I had broke loose. I hardly think that it is appropriate to call a poor person who can't afford to spend too much a "wussie" People should be respected, no matter what decisions they choose to make.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment.

I agree one hundred percent. WA have a lovely community that actually support each other all the way. At first I had huge doubts about the platform but must admit that I am a proud member myself now and don't have to pressure individuals to endless up-sells just to make money.

WA teach you to create multiple streams of income and that alone is priceless.

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