Banners Broker Scam Review (Closed)

Lately, many rumors had surfaced around Banners Broker and I had felt the need to do some investigation and write a full Scam Review on this program. Usually, I would test it myself before writing a review, but I had decided not to sign up with Banners Broker again for my own ethical reasons and If they are indeed a scam as suspected, then I would just feel horrible to put individuals in my down line and risk not only myself but also other people’s money and efforts. I had recently come across some very disappointing members of BB who contacted me in order to ask for help in order to get their money and that would be the main reason for my review. 

Update: Banners Broker No Longer Exist!

Feel free to check out some other reviews and articles about similar programs. 

The Basics – What is Banners Broker?

Banners Broker International is an online advertising platform similar to the online brokering of traffic and ad space that merge publishers with advertisers for the benefit of both. Website owners can earn money by placing relevant banners on their websites or blogs. Banners Broker has an integrated solution that benefits both the publisher and the advertiser and it is called the Combo Package. With Banners Broker, you will be able to join as a publisher, an Advertiser, or an Ad-Pub Combo.

How does Banners Broker work?
Banners broker scam
As a Publisher – Website owners are able to sign up for a free account and register their websites or blogs while submitting the necessary details like traffic statistics, website topics, industry, and so forth. You will then be able to put banners on your site that is relevant to your blog or site and fits with your content or layout. You will earn revenues for impressions that are generated through your website traffic and keep track of earnings with the online reporting system.

As an advertiser – You will register your business and specify where you want your banners to be displayed in the terms of geographic location, industry, or impressions. Ads will be placed on websites that match the advertiser’s criteria, and you will be able to monitor and evaluate the results of ads through a comprehensive online tracking system. When you register as an advertiser you will receive a 1000-banner campaign for free in order to test the platform and see how well it works for you.

Combo Package – If you are both an advertiser and website owner looking for more traffic the Ad-Pub Combo package can be purchased, even if you do not have a website. While you pay for advertising you can earn revenue to offset costs.

Now for the big question – Are Banners Broker a Ponzi Scam?

For those a bit unclear about what a Ponzi scheme is, allow me to give a quick recap – A Ponzi scheme is an investment designed to convince individuals or businesses to place money into a fraudulent investment and once the promoter feels that enough money has been collected they will take the money and disappear.

Read more about Ponzi schemes and what they are

Banners broker is setting off way too many red flags, and in my opinion, I honestly only see more and more angry members in comparison to positive comments and posts. 

Allow me to speak my mind and argue my statement on this subject.

First Red flag: Payment options

In order to get paid by Banners Broker, you have to use a site called Solid Trust Pay or Payza formally known as AlertPay as well, and this is a warning sign by itself for many fraudulent companies just love to use this type of paid method because the security is minimal. You will get a pre-paid credit card that will be used to transfer your funds.

Banners broker does not allow you to use your credit card and required that money will be placed in a temporary place called an eWallet. When you want to buy panels, packages, or need to pay your membership fee you will use the eWallet account, and when panels payout, guess where the money goes – yip the eWallet. From there you will need to transfer your money onto your Solid trust pay card. 

Banners Broker Ponzi

Well just, shoot me if I am wrong but I just don’t see the positive side with this system and according to me a legit company will not be afraid to use the popular and trusted systems like PayPal, check, or direct bank transfer. Do not feel me wrong for these transfer portals have been used before without any incidents, but tons of people had some worrying experiences as well – just enough for me not to take the risk no matter how sweet the money looks. I dearly hope that banners will make payment processing easier in the future.

Red Flag 2: Buying expensive advertising 

Banners Broker fraud
When you enroll in Banners Broker you will obviously need to cough up some cash to buy banner space to get started and they offer various packages from starter to Ultimate. The cost of packages will range anywhere from $25 up to a hefty $3,655 which are presented in such a way to encourage members to be greedy and buy even more for they believe that they had indeed fallen into a gold pot without asking where all the money is coming from.

Red Flag 3: Media goes bananas!

Scam Review
Banners Broker had indeed held up an outstanding reputation for some time without gaining suspicion from anyone  Lately things had suddenly changed for more companies, and individuals; social media sites along with newspapers had started to raise serious questions and even downright had marked it as a Ponzi scheme.

ReviewThe Banners Broker program had indeed spread across the internet like wildfire in 2012 and huge payouts that go along with promises kept had attracted huge amounts of individuals, but this had been dying off rapidly within the last few months. Banners Broker had indeed implemented “damage limitation” to slow down the speed at which their members can withdraw cash from the system. 

Banners Ponzi
Numerous individuals started to experience problems getting their money after the press had dug up information, and along with the panic, a huge amount of investors had started to withdraw their money from Banners Broker just raising suspicion.

I had even come across Facebook Pages that is only focusing on the "Banners Broker Ponzi scheme" and I was quite amazed to see all the likes that go along with the scary comments left by various members as well as the public.

Banners Broker FB scam page 

Banners Broker Ponzi scam Fb

Red Flag 4: Where are the ads?

My first question would be where the ads are appearing online and no matter how hard I had looked, I could not find them on any popular or busy websites or blogs,  I had managed to dig up two sites after a very hard struggle and found that the reputation of the sites itself was not that great and the traffic no more than 170 views a day. Well, all I can come up with would be the fact that the ads are just the cover to attract marketers and sellers to gain traffic and more exposure.

The question on everyone’s mind I guess would be when all will be over If it is indeed a Ponzi scheme and when it will collapse. In my honest opinion, I doubt if they will be able to keep it up for yet another year unless they start to implement some serious changes in the system that will be able to handle the vast amount of payouts that’s recently being demanded by their members. The credibility of the company had been questioned seriously. Recently they had started to do some damage control in some countries and some members had indeed received some payouts, but will it be enough? Only time can tell.

Now even with all the red flags and angry members that struggle to get paid, I have no right to climb on my blog and scream “Pozi Scheme” and I will not label them as one either, but I do have my doubts for the warning signs had become too obvious to ignore. I had done quite a bit of research into this subject and some will have a defensive attitude towards promoting the program, while others have an anger management problem towards it since they could not retrieve their money.

We have to remember that these types of programs are designed to work efficiently for most of their online existence in order to keep trust and have more members adding on – after all, who would question a program with regular payouts. This will not only encourage people to invest and reinvest more money but also get more people to join and sign up. Usually, the older and newer members have no problem in making money and therefore their actions will attract more signups.

In the end, I only have one question left - How did Banners Broker manage to get so many members this angry and how did they fall into bad publicity to such a great level?  Something must have triggered it. The only reasonable answer I have been the same of those arguing - If they had kept promises and payouts to the level it's supposed to be, there wouldn't have been negativity in the first place, but then again this is only my opinion.

If you are still earning from Banner Broker I do feel some great relief for you, just make sure that payouts are still a possibility by doing a test payout for a small amount.

Obviously, I will attract some really angry and defensive readers by writing this review, but I do not care, for I know how hard it is to work hard for your money and then end up losing it all to someone who doesn’t really give a damn.

I believe in fair judgment, therefore feel free to send me your payout statements from the last 30 days and I will gladly post them to bring some positive hope to those who are struggling with payments.
(The offer had expired on 2013/7) 

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Kind Regards   



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Unknown said...

But now off course they have o problem with revenue. What business wouldn't have after so many dumm asses talking SO dumm things about it?

Jerry said...

Lol. The caliber of the BB shills and cheerleaders is deteriorating. Rafal, posts like yours actually Help us to show the nature of BB. Are you one of the "officially smarter peoples" ?? If so you would realise that BB is a scam and a ponzi, always has been. Chris Smith (I.T) genius and Raj Dixit have scammed thousands of poor people all over the world. From pakistan to india. From cambodia to uk. And you say it is the victims fault that BB is collapsing???
Keep up the good work Rafal. You are a great help to us.

Christene said...

Please I beg you not to take offense Rafal, but you don't seem too bright, let me help you quickly here, YOU CAN NOT PAY GOOGLE TO GET ON TOP OF THE ORGANIC SEARCH RESULTS (THAT IS WHERE I AM - GO BACK AND TAKE A LOOK). In order to get your blog there, you have to do HARD WORK and write quality content!

(Would be nice if we could pay Google for organic listings hahaha dream on they are not BB)

Secondly, please give me a moment to take you back in time, the BB webinar to be exact...

Allow me to quote...

"#1 is regarding the payouts. The good news is that I mentioned we have our new solution in place. It is a long process, however we are making good strides to get that done. That will be ready shortly. We are sending out payments, and those who get them, please share the news."

Now I guess you got that part, and you had picked a blog with the most traffic - Cool what a great idea to "share The news". You didn't come here to share anything else of value, you simply had just quote what's already been said in the webinars and updates - yes we do watch them as well.

"Don't give power to negativity and negative blogs (/media)"

All the negative bloggers will disappear Rafal, the moment they start paying and prove that their business is real .... They can't

Now last but not least, allow me to quote one of the tweets:

"Affiliates were asked not to believe everything you read about #bannersbroker "are you a puppet or are you a discerning human with a brain?"

I find it so funny, when affiliates come here and simply re-write all the things that Chris mention within the webinars - Wonder who's doing the real thinking for you Rafal?

I suggest you switch on your "officially smarter peoples" skills and think clearly what might happen if your referrals don't get their money, an angry person who got ripped off is not a nice thing to handle, and you will need your own brainpower to sort that issue out - Good luck

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Anonymous, I wish that I could tell you that your money will pay out, but I can't if I have serious doubts myself. The best advise that I can give at this moment would be to see if you can do a charge back, like Jerry suggested. Also make a point to contact your referrals asap. I know it is a daunting task, but the sooner you face them and work out a plan of action together the better. Banners did not only took money from members but also claimed their reputation and credibility. By helping your referrals in any way possible you will gain back some trust.

Christene said...

You know what they say Jerry, "the rich will become richer and the poor will pay for it"

I hope the profits will go towards paying some members - but then again I won't hold my breath.

Thanks for your comments I appreciate it.

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive comment, I dearly appreciate the kind words.

Keep up the good work and have yourself an awesome day!

Jerry said...

Sorry about the double posting Christine. Didnt click the "load more" link, and thought the first 1 had not gone in.
You know, in the early days the shills would defend BB with reams of info. Blind networks, ppc rates, explanations . And we would have to go off and do some research.
Then we would come back with proof that what they had told us was absolutely impossible. And they would change the story and give us a completely different working model.
They were publishers or advertisers or brokers as the story changed. Always we had to do our research, then come back with the proof that they had been lying. It was hard work!!!
Now that is all finished. The shills are all of the level of Rafal Siudak.
Seems to me that there are only 2 types of shills or cheerleaders left for BB now. There is type A, like Rafal. Knows it is a scam but is angry at us for exposing it. and says bb is legit company and paying. Angry at us Because he wishes it to last a little longer in the hope he can get his money back.
Then there is type B. Also knows BB is a scam. But says that BB is changing, and is becoming legit. So we should leave it alone and give it a chance. there are a couple of these posters on mmg. On that logic we would release a bank robber if he said he was going legit.
The common thing with all types of cheerleaders is that they do not want us to continue damaging BB. Because it hurts the already small chance of BB paying them. Sorry that is not a good enough reason not to fight against a ponzi scam which has victimised thousands.
The good thing is, that because of the caliber of these shills our work is easy. No more hours of research needed to provide proof. the hard work has been done.

Paul said...

Unsure when you wrote this article, but as far as I can see BB have gone from strangth to strength and have even gone on a semi world tour.

There are always doubters, but BB have always paid out quite well.

What would you rather do? Sell an acne ebook for $7 for a trickle of traffic or make easy money with no work involved?

Christene said...

Hi Paul thanks for the comment.

The date is up in the address bar - 2013/04

BB is paying in some countries, and only a few selective members is getting paid - to help them in spreading the "good news". They desperately need new affiliates to fix the mess and by targeting newer countries they hope in accomplishing it.

The weekly webinar is a classic example - they blame the media, negative blogs and about anything else, then send out their affiliates do the dirty work by fixing their reputation. The members defend BB on blogs and social without any valuable information, and yes some even act dumb - In the end that poor members catch the heat, because angry BB members who did not get paid will attack them badly some time. ( I do delete quite a few comments with excessive language and threads) What a noble way don't you agree?

As far as "gone from strangth to strength" I am not sure I follow your expression but from what I have seen it has gone from good to bad to ugly. Only 80 affiliates had pitched for Niagra Falls - You can hardly call that a "crowd"

I would rather stick with hard work Paul, for my rewards are not only based on money but also pride.

Christene said...

I have to agree with you 100% Jerry, they are just blowing smoke in the wind nothing more. When I had written the post in April I invited members to send me their "proof of payout" and I even offered to post it if indeed it was legit - do you know how many people had sent me a proof? NO ONE - NOT EVEN ONE - I got a few promises obviously but up to date no one came back with their so called proof - Most had suddenly became very "shy" and felt that they didn't have to proof anything because banners is legit, O yes I won't forget the ones who had suddenly preferred to stay anonymous because their payouts is private (just months ago they were so eager to flash screenshots of their payments around for everyone to see - and even had their names and pics next to it). I think my post had spoken for itself, just by reading all the comments.

What do you think about the "wipe the slates clean and start fresh" part?

Now obviously we can't tell if indeed they will do it, but just the fact that they're thinking about it is quite troublesome lol - would just love to see the affiliates faces if that should happen.

Jerry said...

Not sure what they mean by " wipe the slate clean and start over" Christene. there has been so many millions given out to Stepsys, Hooker, Raj, Chris, Holvoet etc etc. And that money has come from victims. BB has spent the last 6 months trying to force those victims into negative with new rules and forced change of contract. The money just is not there any more. As Chris has stated himself. Now Under pressure from OSC and other authorities BB is trying to diversify and appear legit with new cockamamie plans. But it does not change the fact that there are many many thousands of people all over the world who have been scammed and victimised by BB, and are now starting to shout about it, and fight back. Cant see how they can get around that uncomfortable fact. unless they paid every single one of them back what has been stolen from them.
As for Paul who has just posted, I wonder what dimension he has been in since December? "Strength to strength"?? And "BB have always paid out quite well"??? I could post him proof that both these statements are ridiculous,Alexa rankings, Chris's own statements and apologies. Links to hundreds of people crying on internet for months about not getting paid a cent, not being able to contact support, etc etc.
But I cant be bothered. paul is a lightweight Bb shill. No thought out justifications of Bb. Just normal bb clichés Just surprised he didnt post "I put in $100, and have withdrawn 10,000$"

Wilma Kajunga said...

To make things perfectly clear for everyone reading this blog and the current state of Banners Broker and why things happened and how. Why not hear it from the horses mouth. People are not getting paid due to sabotage. There are no ads yet the same group was able to sabotage a relationship with their ad broker. please refer to the statements made by the ringleader and understand why you have not been paid. visit and refer to post #12411 from the administrator of the site. but see bellow.
"I think we've all done a great service.

A list of things that we may have had a hand in (directly or otherwise):

Mastercard discarding of Banners Broker
Clicksor will not deal with them
Eventbrite wanted nothing to do with them
RCMP, UK Police, Indian authorities, SEC and more investigating
Negative media attention
HIGH SEO rankings for 'Banners Broker scam'

We've done an amazing job and you can't say we've not had an effect on the slowing down of this Ponzi; without this community BB could go on for years.

Jason "

Jerry said...

Wilma Kajunga. Can you understand cause and effect?
BB is and always been a PONZI and a SCAM. From the start there have been victims ! When these victims start to fight back against their MUGGERS, can you possibly be surprised???
Now there are more and more victims posting angry comments about the BB SCAM. From almost every country in the world.
Yes victims have been sending documentary evidence to Mastercard, Eventbright, Clicksor, OSC, etc etc. And the documentary evidence has been examined by these, and they have decided that BB is a shady operation.
I think the victims can be proud of their work in spreading the truth about such a perfidious scamming company. Because the truth is coming out, so the number of new victims are drying up. Hence there is no money. = PONZI.
Now you mention Jason. He is a victim of BB. He asked akward questions and his money was stolen. Instead of putting his head down like a sheep, he decided to fight back!!!
His story was in the newspaper, and he was harrassed and threatened by BB. Same story with Phil Hendy, an accountant who asked akward questions about tax!!
So Wilma, your logic is that all the victims should stay quiet like sheep. So that the BB PONZI can keep getting new victims joining, so the PONZI can last a little longer???
Is that your arguement?? Seriously???
Victims should be very proud of fighting against an odious scamming PONZI, and proud of damaging it!!!
The fight goes on.

Anonymous said...

Before you shout i have not been paid for 4 months, so what is your point? mastercard have their reasons for dropping BB.
Do you think its normal for people to be upset when time and time again they are promise payment which does not arrive,
BB cause all the negativity its getting and people that defend it are also part of the problem like your good selve Rafal,it will be your turn soon not to be paid unless you are one of the lucky ones, to have your money back already are you

Anonymous said...

every vitim should look to get their money back,
go after the leaders look to make sure once all this comes to light,
they are black listen and should not be trusted, David hooker , chris smith raj dixit simon stepsley and all the big money earners

Unknown said...

@ Rafał Siudak... You are full of it! Stop the "BLOG BLAME GAME" .. That is BB Propaganda.. Master Card dropped BB because of all the complaints... Call them and ask them. BB is a Ponzi that is not paying... Let's stick to the facts and not BB cheerleader tactics.

Unknown said...


New docs acquired tell the the TRUE story. The Banners Broker "Believers" will automatically try to say these documents are photo-shopped, fake, etc. Do your due diligence. These documents are a matter of public record.

BB has seemed to hide who Chris Smith really is... Look up Banners Broker BBB (Google IT), then do the same for Stellar point.
BB would have had to give the BBB this info
BBB file opened: 27/02/2012
Business started: 03/01/2012,
Type of Entity,,Limited Liability Corporation,Business Management,,Please note that the President of Bannersbroker Ltd, Mr. Rajiv Dixit, is also the President of Stellar Point Inc. You will find a direct link to the BBB review for Stellar Point Inc below.

Now Stellar Point:
BBB file opened: 01/05/2013Business started: 30/07/2012,
Business Management,,Please note that the President of Stellar Point Inc., Mr. Rajiv Dixit, is also the President of Bannersbroker Ltd. You will find a direct link to the BBB review for Bannersbroker Ltd below.,Contact Information,Principal: Mr. Rajiv Dixit (President and C.E.O)Mr. Grant D'Eall (Director, Corporate Training/ H.R)Mr. David Hooker (International Compliance and Business Development),

Related Businesses,Banners Broker - 5700 - 100 King St W, Toronto, ON

So where is the REAL BB office?

While reading the Docs. Ask yourself:

Who is Chris Smith? Is that his real name?
Why is Chris Smith's name not mentioned as CEO on most of the documents?
Did Chris Smith have a previous Canadian Securities violation that prohibited him from promoting other ponzi's?
Why haven't the webinars told us the executive officers have resigned in may of 2013?
Why so many shell companies?
Where (Is any) is the money?
Where is the transparency?
Have Certain "Recruiters" been paid recently? To keep the lie going?
Is Stellar Point and Banners Broker Really One Entity? ( See Canadian Docs)
Why do they have a corporation management company in the isle of man hiding their identities?
Why have Raj and David Hooker distanced themselves from Banners Broker?
Does Banners Broker Still really exist other than a website?

Doc 1:

Doc 2:

Doc 3:

Doc 4:

Doc 5:

Doc 6:

Doc 7:

Doc 8:

Doc 9:

There are many more docs. Did BB tell us why the trust company all resigned in may as directors? Did they tell us why there is a new address in Belize after the move from the Isle of man?

There are 2 Belize addresses.. The new and the old...

Why all the shell games to HIDE the money? What is left...

Unknown said...

URGENT: >>> PLEASE READ <<< Just got off the phone with a Canadian BB affiliate who says he has contacted the different Canadian authorities. They need more Canadians to step forward and contact their local Canadian police dept. when multiple provinces are contacted the Canadian National authorities can get involved. PLEASE step forward. They say many people are embarrassed when they have lost money in a PONZI. Contact anyone you know who is a BB affiliate in Canada immediate and ask them to take action.

Christene said...

Thanks for Providing us with detailed information regarding Banners - It is well appreciated and hopefully people will think for themselves from now on and stop blaming the media, bloggers and fellow members.

Anonymous said...

Banners Brokers is a fraudulent company with so many layers it will take a federal investigation to ever uncover who actually is behind it.

Anonymous said...

Personally I feel that most of the people who claim they earned money with BB cop on to yourselves -IT IS VIRTUAL MONEY EARNED - This rubbish of receiving money from BB is obviously written by affiliates who are encouraged by BB to send blogs of a positive nature so that they can gain traffic on their account. The blogs are inspected by BB for approval. The fact of the matter is BB is a scam and I have lost my hard earned money with them. Initially I bought panels worth 20,000 USD and requested money after 15 months in April '13 and I am still waiting.BB have used a number of diversions to distract its members from the fact that they will never see any of their money requests paid out. Rafal I think you are a bit harsh in your comments making out that you manage your account -we all manage our accounts but when NO MONEY IS FORTHCOMING it does not matter what virtual money is in the ewallet. Playing Monopoly would be more productive...BB is a scam and I have no doubt about that - and I am one of the ones who has been stung

Christene said...

Thanks for the feedback. I personally think that Banners are going to struggle to keep up with their "game" for much longer. You can only do so much blaming and find so much excuses before it all crashes down on you.

Anonymous said...

The BB site is gone today. Anybody with useful information?

Christene said...

A Lot of members experience problems like logging in or the "up for maintenance" screen. Try cleaning up your acre and cookies if you have log in problems. Try using another browser if the site fails to load up.

Allow me to quite a few lines from the webinar on Friday.

"Trouble accessing the website? The site is optimized for Firefox. Other browsers will work, but IE does have problems. Please try using Firefox.
BB manual update with BB 3.0? Yes most things will be new and a complete rebuild, so there will be new tutorials, new manual and new webinars as guides for the next version."

Banners have too many issues, first payment now difficulty with the site - seems like the troubles just keep adding on!

Anonymous said...

How does Chris Smith keep a straight face
what happens if he just holds is hand up and admits to this illegal scam
does he go to prison and co scammers?

Anonymous said...

hello i live in Queensland Australia , my sister in law got sucked into
this scam for well over 3,000 , she told me about it the other day , the bad thing is she had someone tell her about this and their church that has well over 2000 members are getting sucked into this too ! i was going to sign under her but when she showed me what this was and with me being experienced in affiliate and turn key business scams i had to do some research and i run into to your blog she took out a loan for this scam , i will tell her right away and her church pastor as well this is awfull :/ this is a ponzi scam as i have myself did research from this and its a bait and switch also they bait you will all the promised and take the money then disappear , people need to know if they want to do a on line business there is a safer way with just starting a blog and having a affiliate add or banner ! but the problem is if you are not computer smart with how millions are scammed every minute with everything from pfshing sites that will grab your info from your bank card , like Ebay or even Yahoo and google if your not aware of what a fake unsecured page is . And the BIG RED FLAG is that stupid credit card Oh sure they have you place it in a pre paid card of their business , are people aware the business can take out your money ??? if you dont use Pay Pal or a secured payment this is a BIG RED FLAG ! and you will be scammed

i am hoping its not to late for her to get her money back
this is terrible i will pass this on
your a angel

Debra Yeppoon Queensland , Australia

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

most of the people here have been involved in a scam not good timing!

Christene said...

Please don't use my blog for advertising - this space is reserved only for those who have a comment about banners. Pay for advertising or build your own blog.


Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Debra.

I feel sad every-time I read yet another Banner story that had gone wrong and it is just cruel to use people and their feelings to make money.

Did your sister in law try to claim the money back from the credit card company yet? Some Banks and Credit card companies will refund the amount if you issue a claim before a certain amount of time had passed. At this moment this method had helped many people to at least get their own money back. The virtual money can't be claim though.

Unknown said...

Christine, Bannersbroker was launched by criminals for criminals. They are not a business. They never cared if honest people could see right through the BS because honest people are not BB's target market. I can go on for days about how easy their BS is to disprove, but it is not necessary to keep rehashing the same things over and over again. I feel compelled to write this only because I find it aggravating to read posts from criminals crying over BB petering out - not paying everybody. Grow up and stop your whining folks. Just like me, you knew the deal going in. If you are going to put your money in to a pyramid scheme, don't cry if you joined to late or did not put together enough of a down line to reap the illegal proceeds. As for comments about people with $150k invested in BB, please save that ridiculous talk for the comedy channel. No one with the brains to earn and invest $150k, unless they earned it selling dope or robbing people, would ever put that kind of money in to a criminal scheme. Please understand that I am not trying to offend anyone, including you Christine. Who am I to criticize how you drive traffic to your web site, but having read other things of yours in the past, I have to admit that I am surprised that you chose to review a criminal scam as if it could even remotely be a business. If you want to end all the BS speculation of if BB is a business or not, simply check them out with Dunn and Bradstreet. If D&B does not have volumes of information on a business that claims to have generated millions in revenue, than you can be assured that said business is a scam. Finally, I am sorry to anyone who invested in BB with only honest intentions. Unfortunately, schemes like Bannersbroker sometimes draw in people who are truly honest and end up costing them to lose their money. Thankfully, the majority of people who joined BB are criminals who laid their money down and crapped out.

Anonymous said...

I have heard good things about Google Adsense - you won;t make millions but you will get some pocket cash

Jerry said...

Well @tellingitlikeitis. As is usual in such posts, you have stated some things correctly. Bb was launched by criminals, on the usual suspect blogs and forums. As a straight line doubler cycler.
It was aimed initially at serial hyip players, who knew what it was, and took a gamble on getting in and out at the right times, to make a profit.
It was aimed at recruiters from previous scams, the likes of Stepsys, Jens Holvoet etc, To bring in their downline lists, and expertise at enlisting new fodder. Plenty of scams like this online.
Now, if these were the only losers in BB, I would not argue with your statement, " I find it aggravating to read posts from criminals crying over BB petering out".
But these knowing gamblers and players are a small portion of BB victims.
From this early phase of the BB scam, it soon morphed into a monster. They started targetting vulnerable people. Gathering groups of elderly in dingy hotel rooms, dazzling them and pressuring them to commit.
There are plenty of photos and videos of these gatherings, and it shows a sea of grey hair and walking sticks. And when they had them hooked, then they persuaded them to "help their families" by bringing them in!!
They targeted naive people, people with limited or no knowlege of t'internet. They dazzled them with "proof of BB legality" Mastercard endorsements, BBB A status. Offices opening worldwide.
BB went recruiting to some of the poorest, uneducated places on earth, with their "we are the new google" story.
Now @Tellingitlikeitisnt, you are coming out with the new BB apologist story. The majority of victims really are criminals. LOL.
Your statement "I am sorry to anyone who invested in BB with only honest intentions" Rings hollow. You have no empathy with them. Your statement "The majority of people who joined BB are criminals " shows your agenda of further insulting the victims.
I am here to tell you that yes there were many serial players/scammers in BB, but the majority of BB victims are not serial hyip players. There are victims from all over the world, from villages in Pakistan, indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, to whom $200 scammed from them is a months wages. OAP's in UK Ireland Portugal, etc, to whom Dunn and Bradstreet mean nothing.
Really your post is insulting to victims, shows a poor understanding of the progression of the BB cancer, and a complete lack of empathy.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment - I honestly think that I cannot reply better than Jerry did. I am sure his intelligent comment will make you look at things differently.

Banners Broker was registered as a business they did not state blunt out that only criminals are welcome to participate - otherwise they would obviously not been excepted. They had done a great job in misleading people who need additional income, wanted to expand their business ventures or even those who where desperate to earn money. Criminals do not pray on other criminals but on the innocent who does not know better. They had done an excellent job in promoting the system, in the beginning the payouts was on time and very little people had a suspicion - advertisements was directed towards those who wanted to start their "own online business" NOT "own online ponzi"

I am curious to know how many members you had actually spoken to, was it 5 maybe 10?

Will you tell a single mom who had invested her life-savings in hope to give her kids a better life that she is a criminal?

Will you tell the same thing to church members who had joined under the impression that they will be able to do some good for others with their earnings?

The list goes on and on - try talking to these people and feel their pain before you judge them.

Yet again I have to ask if you had even communicate with those who had invested $150k approximately? I had, and let me tell you it is no joke, they did not sell dope and no they did not rob anyone, some took out business loans, bank loans and even used money that was invested and meant for retirement - yes it seems dumb doesn't it, but for a long time banners did pay out making it impossible for us to proof that they are not legit. Jerry, me and a few others have enough knowledge to see when a business is too good to be true - others had seen it as an opportunity.

Christene said...

Google Adsense is profitable if you have a blog or site with good traffic.

Unknown said...

Hi,Christene. I am from the UK.I invested about 4000 pounds last year with banners broker.I have not took a penny out.I am awaiting four pending withrawels.I don't think I am going to get a penny back. I have read on the net few people have got there money back in full threatening them against legal action. What's your say do you think that's a good idea?Please reply back ASAP. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I look at it this way 1st year they was in UK and Canada 2nd Year they was in U.S. most companies that pay people with new money coming in last 2 years before it comes to a head. So people in the US got 1 year out of them and that is the story. They ran out of money point blank and period. If you came in early 2012 when they first came to the US you made money in 2012 got some withdraws out if you start in November and December 2012 you didn't get nothing that is the way it goes sometimes with these kind of businesses with no product. As you see now they have advertising all over the backoffice getting paid themselves and adding things to sell you to get some revenue if they had some things in the first place they might still be going.

belall badat said...

Hi, I am from the UK.I invested about 4000 pounds last year with banners broker.I have not took a penny out.I am awaiting four pending withrawels.I don't think I am going to get a penny back. I have read on the net few people have got there money back in full threatening them against legal action. What's your say do you think that's a good idea?Please reply back ASAP. Thank you.

Christene said...

Yes lots of people got their money back including the person on this FB page, he helped many others to do so as well. As soon as you start legal action your Banners account will be closed though and then you can proceed because they had then stole your money. I advise you to send him a personal message and get his opinion. Banners is dying quick and tactics that had worked in the past is not working anymore. Best to act as soon as possible.

Here is the link again:

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment - Indeed a superb one! You explained it very well.

Anonymous said...

Well for all you folks who still have prospects for BB, if you live in the UK, there is still hope:

BB Changing people’s lives around the world!
Date: Thursday 15th August 2013
Please note this is a PRIVATE presentation for anyone in Paul Sweeney's team only!
Do not promote this event to any channels or people outside this team they will not be allowed in.

Registration: 7pm
Presentation: 7.30pm prompt start
Guest speaker: Duncan Wood
Top Income Earner!!!
Following the presentation receive training tips from Duncan with tips on how to explode your business !!
Guildford Golf Club
High Path Road, Merrow, Guildford, Surrey GU1 2HL

Guests FREE
BB affiliates just £5 on the door to cover room hire.

Please prior to the event :- Please call Paul Sweeney on 07932 172 020 or email to book your place.


My Comments:
Seems to me there are 2 Shysters still being paid to fleece the sheep!

Well Info flies around the net very fast, I wonder what anonymous will make of the above info, I surely would not like to tangle with them!

Jerry said...

The poor BB affiliates must be punch drunk by now.
In the last week Bb have stopped using the "blind network" they said was the source of their profits.
BB and Stellar point have stopped working together. In a fake display of being seperate companies.
Stellar point have stopped providing phone and email support to affiliates.
All BB offices have been closed down.
The only BB office is in Belize now.
The only source of support is Belize now.
All the Ic's have had their contracts terminated. And have been dumped.
Chris and Raj scrambling for cover. Deleting twitter accounts etc.
Chris does a 5 minute recorded webinar, and runs off without answering a single question.
The talkingbb forum in goes into open revolt, with the realisation that they have been scammed.
Lol you could not ask for more, but there is.....
Iain Sherriff, the moderator of the talkingbb forum, well known for being a dictator, and banning anyone who asks akward questions. Well when the affiliates went into melt down after Chris's webinar. He lost his cool and closed the forum in temper at the "negativity"
But when he tried to log on this morning, he found that the activist group "Anonymous" had hacked his forum and taken it over. AND BANNED HIM FROM HIS OWN FORUM!!!!
BB "the new google"??? yes right.....................

Anonymous said...

paul mcartney or what ever the name is still pushing the business the jerks above still pushing the business whats going on?

Anonymous said...

The SS Banners Broker Sinks... Chris Smith Off To Belize...

Christene said...

Their ship is sinking fast and I guess some want to make a few more bucks before it goes under. The webinars had watered down and the site is more closed than open - Only a matter of time.

Unknown said...

Bannersbroker is a joke! Only a true idiot would put any money in to them.

Anonymous said...

Christene & others, what other action can we take against banners broker and chris smith. I was robbed and fell into serious depression. I even lost my job because of banners broker. I want to contribute by fighting back, what can I do beyond sending threatening emails. Is there a fund or lawyers that we can work with and donate to as victims from all over the world. Lawyers that will be dedicated to dimantelling this fraudilent company. In these modern times, there surely must be more we can do corpratively as victims. A way we can come together verbally and if possible financially through donations to fight Banners broker. In simple terms: writing a letter can help, but hiring a good lawyer to write a letter can be life changing.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
I am at the verge of joining banners brokers but had to do some online research before I joined into the programme. Most of the comments I have read here're right about the characteristics of a ponzi schemme. For those who put in their hard earned cash and have taken out their initial investment with a little profit don't really need to worry but for those who put in large sums of money and are expecting their first payout which is not forthcoming...You're probably greedy because it is people lik you who who reap where you did not sow.

Once again, thanks for this guided review. Let me save the few dollars I have worked for and look for other means of makining money online.

Christene said...

This had indeed become a very difficult situation to deal with. In the beginning the threatening emails had worked well and the charge back still work for those who has invested within 120 days (depends on credit card companies).

Banners Affiliates have the power to report them to the Canadian fraud investigation, but people are too scared that they will lose all their investments by doing this. Banners will immediately close your account if you report them. If enough members stand together and report them, the Canadian fraud investigation will have a strong case, but right now it is too little.

This link have a template to report them to the Action Fraud Police

Phillip Cooper said...

You do not have to be so rude and unkind,
people try things out to see if it would better their lives,its always the critic that stands on the side lines, that throw rude comments like yourself ! who probadly never try anything just rude ,what risks have you taken? or do you always play it safe?

Anonymous said...

Raf...I placed withdrawals in April and June respectively and am still waiting. What do you have to say about that?

Anonymous said...

This blog is so interesting, I doubted this people from very beginning. First of all they have plenty of customers in UK and have trainings on w.ends but all other operations are in Canada, if you have any problem you have to call Canada. With no offices here there is no body to go to. Secondly, their website is full of adverts like (earn $250 a day) you will not get such an easy money in normal circumstances. Unfortunately I invested $450 and when I checked few days ago they said my yellow panel has capped and therefore I need to invest more money. I though something is wrong (there is a scam here) and decided to Google banners broker n' that is how I landed to this blog. Thank you Christine for opening my eyes

Richard said...

Have a business that is legal and legit. for more info email me at

Anonymous said...

I had a go at Banners and now have to advise people to stay clear.
In my opinion, in order to cover subscriptions you really need over 10K in earnings. My account now has over 2.5K in my wallet to date. However it remains to be seen if I will get my hands on it when I draw down.
When I joined I asked a simple question, "what happens when the system gets saturated?" I was told the internet was so big it will never happen. "BS" Excuse my French! If the business was legit and advertising panels were being "sold" on advertising sites, you can only sell so many per day or week. More members, means more panels to be sold!
It may have worked if limits on draw downs were put in place from the start to keep money in the system, but the panels needed to actually exist & earn per view/click. I also asked what website were the panels showing on which I was told, they hop from site to site. The next obvious question was, were the panels branded like AddChoices? The only branded adds I have found to date is Banners Brokers own Adds.
I have heard of members drawing down huge amounts per month in the early days. My next job is to get my investment back now that I have enough funds in my e-wallet. If I get anything extra in the future is a bonus.

Anonymous said...

They seem to have got away with this blantant scam as well

Anonymous said...

BB have started to pay out again, and Payza have "left the BB-buiding!!!

Anonymous said...

More bb complaints:

Anonymous said...

New scheme already look it up BANKONTRAFFIC.COM check it out ready for more gullible investors. Greed and Stupidity perfect combination


Anonymous said...

Nice one Rafal. You are obviously smarter than the 90% of people who can spell "earned profit" correctly. If a company pays on time, every time then blogs such as this can easily be proven as incorrect. A business does not fail because more people don't continually invest. A pyramid scheme in this situation does collapse. You may have been lucky and made some money but lets face it Rafal, Banners is a scam.

Anonymous said...

Phil - your a "MORON"

Anonymous said...

Hi there Christene,

I just talked to someone you just recieved a whole lot of return on their USD 4,000 investment they made last year and now recieving USD9,000 in returns in cash through their credit card. I am still abit worried to join after your research so could you please provide other online businesses that you mentioned in your findings for me at

Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder, who makes money from Bannersbroker but do not want to tell who they are in a chatroom.........

Anonymous said...

We are a big groupe of people that works together with our Bannersbroker accounts, but none of us have yet gotten any payout, even when we have been in Bannersbroker for more than 1,5 year and have been waiting for our payouts for more than 7 months.
Some people online, say they have gotten more money - But do they mean payout or just the amount on the accounts.
We have gotten big amounts on our account but we never see any money when we do withdrawels.
We are in contact with the Police and will keep pushing for this scam to stop.
Only lowlife scum trick people out of the hardearned money.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Christene,

I just talked to someone you just recieved a whole lot of return on their USD 4,000 investment they made last year and now recieving USD9,000 in returns in cash through their credit card. I am still abit worried to join after your research so could you please provide other online businesses that you mentioned in your findings for me at

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment - had sent you a mail.

Christene said...

Thanks for the warning Christy

Anonymous said...

well i don't care about this fucking scam site .i already hacked their site and stole $45000 in payout and sold over $100000 panels to members .Fuck bannersbroker

Anonymous said...

Gifted panels to members for free HEHEHEHEEHEHEHE......................

Anonymous said...

This crap is horrible's hidden...very well hidden scam..some kind of ponzi AIDS virus that destroy everything you hope and they are reestablish in Belize so if you want to bring this criminals in court you must travel in Belize...they are very clever scammers and we shall see more damaging actions the BB will produce...however I do hope they will collapse shortly

Rudolf Brominger said...

Banners Broker is horrible scam and disaster...the criminals are now in Belize so if you want to bring them to the court you must travel there...what a scam ...look what happens in many people waiting for payment that will never happen...and jet so many idiots supporting this crap....this are real bastards..once when the ponzi collapse totally it will be really interesting to see what they will say

Troy said...

Thanks for the review Christine. No problem reading it and your English is fine. I wouldn't worry about that part at all. Very good review and right on track. Everything you spoke about is indeed true. I have contacted support 14 times - no joke. I can't qualify panels with the 2:1 ratio. I have room to qualify 5 panels in Purple and it still doesn't let me qualify them. Support keeps telling me I need traffic allowance and traffic from traffic packs, etc. I have Both! Still I can't qualify panels on Purple. I get a pink box that pops up saying not enough traffic or traffic limit. I have 70,000 yellow, 60,000 purple and 90,000 blue and enough room to qualify everything but yellow panels. Still, it does not let me. Contact support going on fifteen times and I still have no resolution. They give me the same answer every single time. It makes no sense and my account is at a stand still. I have about 500.00 tied up in BB. Doesn't look like I will see a dime of that back. Thanks again for the article! Great job. Anyone, please let me know if you know what I can do about this issue.

Troy said...

agreed - smart people take risks. and so do people desperate to make money online. Not everything works out. I've been in several MLM companies and I'm not going to stop taking risks because one person says it is not wise. :)

shadid said...

Banner broker is just a means to steel you money .. be careful .. I lost like $ 2000

shadid said...

Absolutely right !!!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I agree with you that BANNERS BROKERS is failure to PAYOUT to members. I am member for last 1 year & various request for payments at various stages. But they neither pay nor give reply. They are one of the C HITTERS.
Best Regards

lorzyhere said...

Always have a whois lookup at those scam looking sites from and check whether the disclosed contact details are true and whether they are trusted to your knowledge.If not it is likely to be a scam.You can also check the website reputation and safety at

Christene said...

Thanks for sharing the links. I agree, it is always recommended to double check any company before joining.

Basictech said...

I found your site doing other research, as I stated in my comment on Listwire, I also have a scam review site and did a post on Banners Broker. Very well done, you went into a little more depth as to how the scheme works, I focused on what makes it an illegal Ponzie Scheme and why they should not be trusted. I am a Private Investigator with a degree in Criminal Justice and still get people try to tell me I do not know what I am talking about. Keep up the good work, and if I find anything here I disagree with, I will let you know that too, but there is no need to be hateful, that is what people do when they have no argument. I am not sure if you allow links, but anyone can Google my name and find my sites.

anon said...

Hello to you all on this site i want to quickly share my bad and good experience here with you all, Last year i was scammed the sum of $20,000 by some men who clam to be a bankers and told me that they have money in their bank on my name i need to receive it only if i pay the sum of $20,000 to cut it shout i did and after which i did not heard from them again i cry and i almost give up my life until a friend of my directed me to Dr Okoja email: that he can help me to get all my money back i did not believe it but just have to give it a trier and after i did within the next 3days they contact me on how to refund my money and it was all like a dream to me i am so happy now that i get all the money that i thought i have lost before back with the help of Dr Okoja.

omshah said...

Well done job! Thank you for aware about this type of scams..
online share trading broker

Basictech said...

Thanks for the email and compliment Christene, it seems you have quite a following on this post. Yes it is a a scam, or Ponzie scheme.

I get a lot of negative reviews on my posts, people telling me I do not know what I am talking about. I am a real Private Investigator with a degree in Criminal Justice and yes, I will say it again, this is a Ponzie Scheme perpetrated by fraudsters. Some people will get paid, it is how a Ponzie Scheme works, but eventually, all will lose their money.

Basictech said...

I see this a lot, people looking for ways to earn money online, I have a free blog that teaches IM, but nobody seems to want to take me up on it. I guess it may be due to the fact that I am up front about the amount of time and work involved. Don't get scammed people, it is a full time business and there are no easy buttons. I am not here to promote myself, but if you are interested in learning for free, just Google IM Basics

Unknown said...

Hi, I have been in BB since Feb 2012, have over 30 people under me and have amassed over $100,000. I have over $50,000 that is pending to be paid into my STP account and have over $50,000 in my ewallet. I recently received a payment of $2500 which was requested in March 2013 and the delay is getting longer and longer. I am now $1800 in profit for 2 years work and hope that they continue to payout. Most of my team ask me whats going on and who knows, all I can say to them is to keep going and keep their fingers crossed but one thing is for sure, they are now one year behind with payments.....and getting longer!!

Michael75065 said...

Love your honesty and common sense approach, You do a ton of people a good job and if people don't listen to you or use there common sense then that there deal and loss.

The truth will set you free. This one of best scam blogs I ever seen and I have been on a few scamer sites. Most of them suck.

Michael Ladd

Unknown said...

super smart you pal. You can't even spell. lets have a look at your bb millions then dick wad.

Unknown said...

i have been ripped off by banners too, around $500 invested and not a penny withdrawn. If i try to access my account today it wants another $10 just to prove i really want to use banners. Complete joke, these con men need knocking down a peg or 2. while i struggle to get work in the uk they are probably swanning around in the carribean or somewhere exotic. DO NOT INVEST IN BANNERS BROKERS

Anonymous said...

Now we KNOW - BB was a horrible scam with Chris having lot of black accounts and not legal activity.The liquidators are now investigating all affairs and connections BB might have had.The site is hut down is over but still some idiots -members think they are-were part of a business - that's why this crime took so much time to be shut down - all kind of charlatans ,idiots and mediocrities joined massively the BB scam ....this people you can say anything and they will swallow ...they were never able to realize all the lies Chris was constantly telling them...a true crime stage with tons of fools and clever scammer but as any FRAUD it has collapsed due to its NASTY CHARACTER...thanks God...the scumbag Chris Smith will probably end up in jail but this time many other scammers who were supporting the crime will pay as well

Anonymous said...

..did you try to get your invested money using chargeback?..or contact liquidators and let them put you on their list

Anonymous said...

All the court documents regarding process against BB can be found here:
The Liquidators website.
The Canadian Receivers website

Anonymous said...

I know someone who got involved in BB and has recruited so many people.....they have all lost money....and he is stupid enough to keep putting money into it....not only has he lost money but he has lost friends as well because of it...he is still in denial about the whole thing despite everything...these are the type of people who make the creators of BB rich....all of his family are really worried about him...we just cant get through to him...he has even tried to persuade his wife to sell their family home so he can put more money in.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kobus Louw said...

It so sad what has happened to so many people who bought into Banners Broker! I feel for them I have read so many stories of old people who dumped their savings into it and lost everything! Worst of all is, most of these old people were convinced by Family Members. It's such a shame that so many people got Scammed like this!

Great review Christene!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Alia parker said...

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Albert Stark said...

Thanks for this post. Because Banners Broker has been scamming more people than most other scam products do. So we should have been aware of the scam.

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