Banners Broker Scam Review (Closed)

Lately, many rumors had surfaced around Banners Broker and I had felt the need to do some investigation and write a full Scam Review on this program. Usually, I would test it myself before writing a review, but I had decided not to sign up with Banners Broker again for my own ethical reasons and If they are indeed a scam as suspected, then I would just feel horrible to put individuals in my down line and risk not only myself but also other people’s money and efforts. I had recently come across some very disappointing members of BB who contacted me in order to ask for help in order to get their money and that would be the main reason for my review. 

Update: Banners Broker No Longer Exist!

Feel free to check out some other reviews and articles about similar programs. 

The Basics – What is Banners Broker?

Banners Broker International is an online advertising platform similar to the online brokering of traffic and ad space that merge publishers with advertisers for the benefit of both. Website owners can earn money by placing relevant banners on their websites or blogs. Banners Broker has an integrated solution that benefits both the publisher and the advertiser and it is called the Combo Package. With Banners Broker, you will be able to join as a publisher, an Advertiser, or an Ad-Pub Combo.

How does Banners Broker work?
Banners broker scam
As a Publisher – Website owners are able to sign up for a free account and register their websites or blogs while submitting the necessary details like traffic statistics, website topics, industry, and so forth. You will then be able to put banners on your site that is relevant to your blog or site and fits with your content or layout. You will earn revenues for impressions that are generated through your website traffic and keep track of earnings with the online reporting system.

As an advertiser – You will register your business and specify where you want your banners to be displayed in the terms of geographic location, industry, or impressions. Ads will be placed on websites that match the advertiser’s criteria, and you will be able to monitor and evaluate the results of ads through a comprehensive online tracking system. When you register as an advertiser you will receive a 1000-banner campaign for free in order to test the platform and see how well it works for you.

Combo Package – If you are both an advertiser and website owner looking for more traffic the Ad-Pub Combo package can be purchased, even if you do not have a website. While you pay for advertising you can earn revenue to offset costs.

Now for the big question – Are Banners Broker a Ponzi Scam?

For those a bit unclear about what a Ponzi scheme is, allow me to give a quick recap – A Ponzi scheme is an investment designed to convince individuals or businesses to place money into a fraudulent investment and once the promoter feels that enough money has been collected they will take the money and disappear.

Read more about Ponzi schemes and what they are

Banners broker is setting off way too many red flags, and in my opinion, I honestly only see more and more angry members in comparison to positive comments and posts. 

Allow me to speak my mind and argue my statement on this subject.

First Red flag: Payment options

In order to get paid by Banners Broker, you have to use a site called Solid Trust Pay or Payza formally known as AlertPay as well, and this is a warning sign by itself for many fraudulent companies just love to use this type of paid method because the security is minimal. You will get a pre-paid credit card that will be used to transfer your funds.

Banners broker does not allow you to use your credit card and required that money will be placed in a temporary place called an eWallet. When you want to buy panels, packages, or need to pay your membership fee you will use the eWallet account, and when panels payout, guess where the money goes – yip the eWallet. From there you will need to transfer your money onto your Solid trust pay card. 

Banners Broker Ponzi

Well just, shoot me if I am wrong but I just don’t see the positive side with this system and according to me a legit company will not be afraid to use the popular and trusted systems like PayPal, check, or direct bank transfer. Do not feel me wrong for these transfer portals have been used before without any incidents, but tons of people had some worrying experiences as well – just enough for me not to take the risk no matter how sweet the money looks. I dearly hope that banners will make payment processing easier in the future.

Red Flag 2: Buying expensive advertising 

Banners Broker fraud
When you enroll in Banners Broker you will obviously need to cough up some cash to buy banner space to get started and they offer various packages from starter to Ultimate. The cost of packages will range anywhere from $25 up to a hefty $3,655 which are presented in such a way to encourage members to be greedy and buy even more for they believe that they had indeed fallen into a gold pot without asking where all the money is coming from.

Red Flag 3: Media goes bananas!

Scam Review
Banners Broker had indeed held up an outstanding reputation for some time without gaining suspicion from anyone  Lately things had suddenly changed for more companies, and individuals; social media sites along with newspapers had started to raise serious questions and even downright had marked it as a Ponzi scheme.

ReviewThe Banners Broker program had indeed spread across the internet like wildfire in 2012 and huge payouts that go along with promises kept had attracted huge amounts of individuals, but this had been dying off rapidly within the last few months. Banners Broker had indeed implemented “damage limitation” to slow down the speed at which their members can withdraw cash from the system. 

Banners Ponzi
Numerous individuals started to experience problems getting their money after the press had dug up information, and along with the panic, a huge amount of investors had started to withdraw their money from Banners Broker just raising suspicion.

I had even come across Facebook Pages that is only focusing on the "Banners Broker Ponzi scheme" and I was quite amazed to see all the likes that go along with the scary comments left by various members as well as the public.

Banners Broker FB scam page 

Banners Broker Ponzi scam Fb

Red Flag 4: Where are the ads?

My first question would be where the ads are appearing online and no matter how hard I had looked, I could not find them on any popular or busy websites or blogs,  I had managed to dig up two sites after a very hard struggle and found that the reputation of the sites itself was not that great and the traffic no more than 170 views a day. Well, all I can come up with would be the fact that the ads are just the cover to attract marketers and sellers to gain traffic and more exposure.

The question on everyone’s mind I guess would be when all will be over If it is indeed a Ponzi scheme and when it will collapse. In my honest opinion, I doubt if they will be able to keep it up for yet another year unless they start to implement some serious changes in the system that will be able to handle the vast amount of payouts that’s recently being demanded by their members. The credibility of the company had been questioned seriously. Recently they had started to do some damage control in some countries and some members had indeed received some payouts, but will it be enough? Only time can tell.

Now even with all the red flags and angry members that struggle to get paid, I have no right to climb on my blog and scream “Pozi Scheme” and I will not label them as one either, but I do have my doubts for the warning signs had become too obvious to ignore. I had done quite a bit of research into this subject and some will have a defensive attitude towards promoting the program, while others have an anger management problem towards it since they could not retrieve their money.

We have to remember that these types of programs are designed to work efficiently for most of their online existence in order to keep trust and have more members adding on – after all, who would question a program with regular payouts. This will not only encourage people to invest and reinvest more money but also get more people to join and sign up. Usually, the older and newer members have no problem in making money and therefore their actions will attract more signups.

In the end, I only have one question left - How did Banners Broker manage to get so many members this angry and how did they fall into bad publicity to such a great level?  Something must have triggered it. The only reasonable answer I have been the same of those arguing - If they had kept promises and payouts to the level it's supposed to be, there wouldn't have been negativity in the first place, but then again this is only my opinion.

If you are still earning from Banner Broker I do feel some great relief for you, just make sure that payouts are still a possibility by doing a test payout for a small amount.

Obviously, I will attract some really angry and defensive readers by writing this review, but I do not care, for I know how hard it is to work hard for your money and then end up losing it all to someone who doesn’t really give a damn.

I believe in fair judgment, therefore feel free to send me your payout statements from the last 30 days and I will gladly post them to bring some positive hope to those who are struggling with payments.
(The offer had expired on 2013/7) 

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Kind Regards   



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Nathan said...

Wow, I had considered to sign up with Banners, most defiantly out of the question now. Thanks for the Review Christene - indeed an eye opener.

Daniel Ferreira said...

What a shock Christene, I wouldn't have believe it if I did not saw this!!!
Who can argue against facts like these. Thanks for sharing this banners broker review, I will have to check my acc and see if I can get some money out of it.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comments, well all I can say about Banners broker at this stage - Be Care-full. There are literally hundreds of good money making opportunities out there and I would rather find something with a good online reputation before I choose Banners.

Anonymous said...

have u find any one? plz inform me at

Unknown said...

Please Christene, I am young enthusiastic man looking for online business opportunities. I was just about to sign up to Banner broker. But I have given it a second thought now. Thanks so much for your outstanding research. Bless you. Please when you said "there are litereally hundreds of good money making opportunities out there" what what other business are you referring to please..I am really interested in doing business. kindly reply through my email.

I will be very happy to hear from you. Regards

Unknown said...

Please Christene, I am young enthusiastic man looking for online business opportunities. I was just about to sign up to Banner broker. But I have given it a second thought now. Thanks so much for your outstanding research. Bless you. Please when you said "there are litereally hundreds of good money making opportunities out there" what what other business are you referring to please..I am really interested in doing business. kindly reply through my email.

I will be very happy to hear from you. Regards

Christene said...

Hi Elvis hope you are doing well. First of all I sadly don't have any program that will be able to generate you a huge income within weeks. Most programs that promise you this are a scam, I create blogs and websites and make my money through them for it is a long term solution rather than sort-term. In the end it's the only true way to build yourself an online business that will keep making you money in the long run. a year ago I started working with my mentor Chris Farrell and he had taught me how to build my own profitable sites and blogs and how to make money from them, I know that it seems long but I now own several blogs that make me money when I am sleeping. Having your own blog have more benefits for you can use it in any way to make money.

I just finished my review on Chris and his membership site feel free to have a look at it, personally I recommend him for he is honest and always try his very best to help people without ripping them off or overcharge.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Anonymous said...

Christine is 100 per cent correct here, I am a member of banners broker with a so called 12000 dollars in earnings. The system has recently put in so many changes unless you have loads of members under you buying panels and thus feeding you credits, you end up just chasing your tail. Even when you put a bit of money aside and try and withdraw it, they don't pay out in Ireland anyway. I hear they are paying in the new countruies they have launched in, probably to sucker people in. I have several friends in I reland involved in banners aswell, one has 150,000.00 in so called earnings and cannot get a penny out. He has thousands pending for months. It is amazing the site has no problems whatsoever now that they have adapted it to slow everything down. Do mnot join this scam. I got once person below me involved 4 months ago when I got one payment out, half my initial investment out, and feel really bad now because I don't think they will get a penny back....I haven't been able to get a penny out in over four months and neither have four of my friends involved. These guys all have 12 to 14 people under them who aren't getting paid either. It is all over the internet that the guys leading the scheme were involved in a previous property scam in the US. I knew going into it, it was risky but decided to take a punt. IO think I have lost but maybe I can save a few others. I am not leaving my name here because they are closing accounts of people who speak out and I still live in the faint hope I may recover the rest of my initial investment. Again this is a warning sign when a company tries to block free speech.

Anonymous said...

Nice review. I personally have a ton of money invested in BB and to date all I have been able to withdraw is $45. I have a few payouts pending for months now! BannerBrooer is nothing but a BIG RIP OFF. I am contemplating taking legal action against them. Just waiting for the right time.

Christene said...

So sorry to hear about your misfortune with Banners Broker, I dearly hope that you will be able to retrieve some of your money before they close down totally. Personally I just hate people doing this for they don't care about the damage they done to others and a lot of new and even existing marketers tent to give up after being scammed in a big way. My best advise would always be to just start your own online business for in the end you alone will determine success and no one can take it away from you once it's build up to earn you money.

Christene said...

Personally I can't lift any complains against them for I never joined up, because of all the warning signs. If you could indeed manage to take steps you will be a good example, for so many people get ripped of on a daily basis by programs that fail to keep their promises.

Unknown said...

Well wriiten.. I am waiting for the day it will collapse.. I have withdrawn from bb and still withdrawing...sorry to hear abt those who did not.. BB is life changing at least for me

Anonymous said...

I am always concerned when individuals come and talk about online business, how much of a scam they are and as a solution what they do is market something of their own.
I must admit that some of what Christene said sounds reasonable, when she attempts to describe the workings of the company. For me the biggest problem I see with BB is the Payout situation and recently the many changes which makes earning Traffic difficult(Organic via Campaigns and to me the most insulting is the Click Incentive; or expensive(TPs).

Since these new changes which to me only benefit the company, I have become very skeptical. Affiliates joined this business to make money and if you cannot get your money then what is the purpose of being in the business? Well the latest is ...they are coming with a new payment solution...and of course they are already hinting it will take forever to be implemented. The BIG question is can Chris Smith be trusted? I have spoken to some of the larger players and they as well are fuming because they are not getting their money...But does all of this mean that the company is really a Ponzi or Scam?
Could the company really be legit but the amount of negativity they could hardly breathe. Any company will fire you if you bad mouth them consistently and at the same time want to earn from them; whether the company is made from Steel and Concrete or a virtual company on the internet.

Let me ask this question? Isn't Google doing similar business like BB. The main difference is...Google is not sharing its profits or returns with any Affiliate/s. Is it because BB attempt to assist the average man to earn a decent income over time that so many attacks have been directed to BB??
I have lost money on the internet in the past and this is the first time I have earned enough to recoup my money that I started with. Is that good? Is that Bad? Christene your jumping on the BB negative bandwagon an opportunity to earn some cheap bucks?

What about Melvin Tan and there are Thousands of others who will tell a good story. Is it because the company was started by a "Black Man"?

I have another question..."I came to my own and my own received me not..." who said these words? I am here trying to be as objective as possible. I think that things are not all honky dory with BB at this time, However does that mean it is not legit?

Christene said...

Well it's a sad thing that you are posting as "Anonymous" for I always make a point to contact people who are lost in order to help them see the light. You should make a point to read my article on "what is a ponzi" and what the danger signs is. But for the sake of you and others I will give a quick recap; Ponzi scams are designed to give out big payments to some of their customers, for they have to look legit and by giving out these payments, more people will get inspired to join up and refer even more people to the program.

Personally I would not refer people to a program that even have the slightest signs of being a scam or even just struggling to pay members, for I do have a conscious and a reputation, and if I play along and refer people and they do get ripped off, it will make me just as guilty.

My solid goal is to inspire people rather to build their own online businesses, for it's safe and success will depend on your own hard work, meaning you can't blame anyone if you fail except yourself. I get tons of emails on a daily basis from people asking me advise on which programs to join, in order to make money, and yes I send them directly to the Chris Farrell membership site, because I DO NOT have the resources to teach people in the proper way on how to build their online businesses and secondly I trust this guy for he had helped me and thousands of others to get where we are today without milking us for money. I can sleep easily knowing that I did not rip off anyone and they are in the hands of a professional who had been named the marketer of the year for 3 years in a row. I refer people to programs that give them a choice and control for as little as possible ($5 trial) - My main income comes from paid advertising and my niche websites that sell digital products, I had been in the marketing industry for a few years now, sorry to disappoint but I don't need to write up a bunch of lies just to earn "some cheap bucks" for reputation have far more value than money.

Well BB is not anything like Google,and it's hilarious to even compare them, you will notice that Google make most of it's money directly from advertising, not by selling shares or ad packs. If Google had the same concept, they will eventually end up broke as well. Banners Broker could not even give half the percentage of free resources back to it's users like Google, think about it next time you use some of Google's free products like blogger, gmail, drive, webmaster and keyword tools, to only name a few.

I don't really tolerate racism on my sites and it makes my blood boil, for every single person in this life are seen by God in the same way. What makes us different is how we approach life and choose to make it work, and it's totally irrelevant to whether the person is pink, blue or green. People of all races had made their mark in history and lived up to our greatest expectations.

Just remember when you put someone in your down-line and they lose money, you will lose reputation and trust - not a good way to start out any online business, why would you take any risk at all?

Jason Leon said...

Thanks for yet another great review on Banners broker Christene, I had my doubt about it from the beginning for it pay out more than any company can afford to give away without going bankrupt. Your blog have honest reviews and you are not hiding the negative, exactly what readers need.

Darius Pretorius said...

I had my doubts when you referred me to Chris and his program, but now I only wish I had found you sooner. Just want to say thanks for all the help, motivational emails and support. I am still building my site and learning from the video's, but I see light in the end of the tunnel now and I know that I will soon be earning a good amount without ever losing money again. Will keep you updated.

niloc said...

Hi Christene,
Thanks for a very informative blog. This is so true with Bannersbroker. I am getting tired of all these Ponzi schemes...losing money in all those HYIP Programs. I've heard Liberty Reserve is in big trouble now?
All those payment processors that I've signed up in, (STP, LR,Perfect Money,Payza,) may soon be buried.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Jason, I always try my best to keep people from losing money without making anything back or at least get valuable learning from the program.

Christene said...

The pleasure is all mine Darius, always a great feeling to know that you had actually help someone and they didn't get ripped off but got the help they needed to get them a few steps closer to building their own business instead of making those rich without any conscious. Remember to keep up and use all the training materials to full advantage - hope to visit your site soon.

Christene said...

True indeed, so many scammers had used these type of payment processors in the last year, that trust had been lost, personally I avoid anything that don't use direct transfer or Paypal, if a program is legit they will make sure that their payment structures can fit in with Paypal or direct transfer, anything other than that just raise suspicion.

Anonymous said...

Dear Christene,

Thank you for explaining what a ponzi scheme is. I joined banners broker a year ago. Luckily, i put in an amount i could afford to lose. Although i made a profit, it seems a virtual profit as i was unable to withdraw much. When i received the banners brokers credit card which looked more like a pretend credit card for children, the message came that they were no longer using the cards.
I don't want to be part of a scam and will be closing the account regardless of whether i manage to withdraw the money. I'm glad i didn't sponsor anybody. I'm also glad i did not invest a vast sum of money into it. This has been a learning experience and I will probably steer clear from passive programmes now and explore other ways of earning online.

Your review was valuable. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

i am also a victim from Nigeria in west Africa, a lot of my guys are also victims and I just learnt the truth now that I have read ur blog. I invested $415 and its lost just like that. thanks anyway.

Barb Genest said...

Good Morning,
I fell for the Banners Brokers claims of making money back. I originally put in only $490 at the suggestion of a good fried who was in it but cautioned me that he was going in carefully and would taking his money out immediately and playing with earned monies. I believe he did only can part of his out before everything started falling apart. I have trying to get money out since December. I tried to get the card and never through and then tried the direct payment method and my withdrawal in still pending since. Feb 28th. Still waiting. If the advertising worked then at least money could be utilized in that respect but the advertising is also a big fat JOKE.....

Christene said...

I truly feel bad for your bad encounter with Banners Broker, even if you didn't loose much, I know that it is still disappointing to end up with a program that don't deliver as promised. I always encourage people to rather start their own businesses for there is no risk if done properly and with the right mentor and training program. Building your own online business takes work, but in the end it is well worth it.

Christene said...

Again I get so tired to hear about innocent people who lose huge amounts with programs that fail to deliver, sorry for your lost, but never give up for you can't let them take your enthusiasm into earning an income online. Schemes like these are the main reasons why people just give up in the end.

Christene said...

Sorry to hear about your misfortune Barb. Honestly in my opinion I think Banners Broker had it's days and it will be a struggle to get paid, all the negative publicity had forced members to withdraw money and they can't afford to pay out anyone now. I only hope that you will have some luck in getting at least a portion back.

Anonymous said...

So happy I read this review. I was just about to (I mean in the next five minutes) about to sign up to banners brokers through a friend in Nigeria. Thanks a lot for this review.

denni said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christene said...

Sorry the comment section on my blog is exactly what it stand for - Comments from readers that want to share their opinion, a link only will not cut it. Please try again.

Anonymous said...

this is fakebb is true not a scam people do this posts on internet because they have nothing more to do go do youe homework antie

Anonymous said...

go back to school.... fool

Christene said...

Thanks anonymous, but I did my homework on Banners Broker, also did my homework in school which had enabled me to write and read, try education it will do wonders for you and also enable you to read all the comments from people who did not get their money, maybe you will have a good heart and pay them out of your commissions?

Anonymous said...

It's funny how people like to post information on a company they are not a member of or make opinions about an industry that they know nothing about. The first is where are the ads. If research was done correctly. You would have found that the ads are served on a blind network. Did you know Google also runs one of the largest blind networks. Where are the Banners Broker ads they are on Myadmarket which is also used by many top advertising companies including Clicksor, Ad Run, adfluxmedia, clickmedia, net media and hundreds more.

Does Banners Broker have problems most definitely but it is by negative publicity. with words like scam or ponzi. Lets see over 1 year Banners Broker would not allow deposits through certain payment gateways. Certain times during the year they did not accept direct deposits but paid out frequently via these methods. Not a typical habit of a ponzi is it?

Card issues many negative publicists also lodged continuous unjustified complaints directly to Mastercard. Justification none. That was their primary source of paying its affiliates. Had no bearing on anything other then paying affiliates in a timely manner.

Don't be fooled in believing Banners Broker was a get rich quick program or ponzi. The program just gave the appearance of people making a lot of money. None of which was true. I personally have been in the program for a long time. Do I have a ton of money. Not even close. The average affiliate makes less then $600 a year.

If you are going to post falsified information based on rumors understand you are damaging peoples lives. Investigations have taken place by at least 4 governments. 1 of which shut them down in that country but allowed them to reopen and expand. Not a common practice by any government. Current investigations are currently taking place in the US and Canada neither has shut down operations but required changes to be implemented. This is not common practice for a ponzi the US alone is quick to shut down ponzi's they do not give any a second chance.

Last but not least are they having payout issues. Yes without a doubt. Tens of Thousands of payout requests were deleted when the Mastercard was pulled. Accounts frozen due to numerous requests to reverse funds. Ironically This month they have almost completely caught up with all pending direct deposit requests even with frozen bank accounts and not accepting payouts via direct deposit. Are they still behind yes but yet strides are made consistently to get back to where they were. So for those that believe this post and the numerous claims keep in mind one thing if there is no government that has shut them down after numerous investigations including OSC in Canada and SEC in the United States. You can draw your own conclusions. Do your due diligence before joining any program and never believe anything you read.

If any negative publicists have any information that can prove that Banners Broker is a scam or a Ponzi or both you need to direct that information directly to your government agency so they can take action. If your right then you are providing a great service to all, but if your wrong you may be bringing down a life changing business that can help alleviate poverty and unemployment in many countries including the United States of America.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Anonymous, that is your name right? I dearly value your opinion on Banners Broker, but I had started this blog with the intention to help people in deciding when it comes to choosing programs, I do value every visitor on my site and I do have a conscious when people sign up within my down-line and then end up losing money or struggle to get paid.

Personally I don't care if they are a ponzi, a scam or legit, I don't care if publicity had sink them and most of all I don't care what people think. I see lots of warning signs, I talk to people on a daily basis that never got their money since February. I do apologize for the sarcasm, but how about you actually give me your name or contact details and I will send those who are literally suffering from not getting paid your way and you can explain to them that they don't need money on a daily basis and for those who had done it as a full time income depending on that money every month, you can maybe compensate them?

I assume that you have a stable job or stable online income that enable you to pay your bills and take care of yourself or family, what would happen if your boss tells you tomorrow that he can't pay you for a few months because the company have problems? Would you be able to survive that long without a payment?

You are talking about a company that can be "life changing" but ironically I had seen people who's life's had indeed change from investing big amounts online and then losing it. Poverty is no joke, and a huge percentage of people literally take their bread money to invest in hope of making something online, and when it fails, they end up on the outside with no support and feeling negative. I am quite sure that you know how to Google, feel free to look up the failure statistics for those making money online, not only with Banners Broker but hundreds of other programs as well, including Google.

Feel free to send me some payment proof within the last 30 days, I am a reasonable person and will post it gladly for I do care about my readers and don't want them to end up as part of the 93% failure rate.

Phil Swift - Eecom Ltd - said...

How can any of you read this and take it as fact? Reading stuff on the internet and acting on it is total lunacy. If you want the facts on Banners Brokers, the only way to get them, is to join and try it out, keep a diary and notes. Christene Swanepoel admits she has not joined Banners Broker. How would she know anything about it?

Christene said...

I have the capability to earn my way in a legit way by doing hard work, I will absolutely not join a program with tons of unhappy members, and refer even more to risk them loosing money just to prove that I am not capable of running my own online business,and need fast cash. I have an inbox that is flooded daily from people who are desperately asking me for advise on how to get their money from Banners Broker, that is more than enough proof to me. As you might have noticed I have a good standing position in traffic and I will be so easy for me to just write a juicy review about BB and tell everyone that they can make money, this page alone could easily earn me tons of signups on a daily basis with Banners, but I do have a conscience, which might be the reason you feel the need to ask people bluntly to "join and try it out" because of my traffic volume?

Yet again there is an open invitation to you as well, send me some proof of payments within the last 30 days and I will gladly post it, for I have an open mind - this invitation had be open for a long time, yet no-one had ever sent me even one payout see this kind of behavior is suspicious already.

Joseph said...

I have been struggling to get paid form banners, I had payout in Feb, but nothing ever since, is there a number I can call for the support tickets don't work anymore?

Thanks any help will be appreciated, I am from Nigeria

Anonymous said...

I do wish people that write reviews actually join first before mouthing off.
I am a proud member of banners and have earned over $21k. Now when you said it was bs about card you should of got your facts right. The mastercard was so you could withdraw money not to pay in.

My good friend has made $174k & my friend Jem has hit over $1million and has the bb millionaires ring. Yes bb has made so many changes and the reason why this is is to go with the rules that the government are placing on bb. Bb is getting a audit so they can be certified and be a legitimate business not a ponzi scheme as you say.
Please in future join a company before writting a review. That just makes no scence writing a review when you have not even tried it oh dear.

Bad press about bb makes all of the 400k affiliates laugh because people that do not try it will never know. Plus the people that do come into bb must work at it and not be lazy. This is a business and you need to write blogs no not reviews that slag of company's. You need to do your figures and work out how much traffic to use on panels. You don't need to bring anybody on board with you but if you do you must teach them how to do it right.

As for the india some clown on the affiliate side was trying to con people. India bb is back up and running.
Bb has been running for 3 years and plenty years to go.
It will be sad people that read papers lol that will never make money. Why listen to papers omg.

Banners broker has paid for my wedding. So please please tell me is it a scam??

All the best

Christene said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles Joseph, Banners Broker's site is up and running again for now and paying out some of their members.

Sadly I can only advise you to mail them again at:

Please keep updated for everyone is eager to hear some positive results for a change

Anonymous said...

Iam up in the air now and am hoping bb do get their act together and we all can be paid on what we have pending and keep building it up.Will stick it out for a few more months and hope all is well.
Thanks for all the comments,

Anonymous said...

Why does every one have to go broke and moan about it after wards? why not go after the owners now, take massive action for them to pay back every one who is not happy. The Canada Goverment Cannot let a company like BB RUIN its image, with a business that is clearly upsetting thousands of people by the fear that exist around the payment plan, PS Can you help me get to the main people we need to an take action on bb ,before they run off with their ill gotted gains or land up in prison,my friend put in £800 and i would like to get it back for him. love to put my nameon this post but bb do close accounts down as they are ruthless and i believe crooks .please help

Anonymous said...

BB has paid out within the last 24 hours. 5k, 10k, 250, 1k, all sorts of sums. It will catch up but will take a while. Isnt it funny how those idiots on a certain site are slamming BB as a scam yet praising Bank on traffic on the same forum when it is based on the same principles. Jealousy, vendettas and moronic bloggers like here will not stop this trust me. I would have serious respect for a blogger who writes subjectively AND doesnt have advertising that require hits on his/her site which he/she gains money for OR advertises other programs/ her money making "skills". Join the queue moron, BB aint goin anywhere,


Anonymous said...

Very interesting reading, I am suffering at the moment, horrible job no real pleasure at work, I think companys like BB aim themseleves at people like me who are vulnerable. How ethical and trustworthy can a bussiness be when they operate in such a way?


Christene said...

Isn't it strange how all the names defending so badly are the same "Anonymous" and even more strange is the way I had openly without fear ask people to submit their payout statements of the last 30 days, so I can give hope to those so desperately looking for it!

This page had been on top for many weeks and I had even enlarged the invitation to make it more obvious for those who struggle to read....Yet no one had even send me one "proof of payment" or had the guts to put their name along with a contact link!

I rest my case, clearly you are blind to the comments from people so desperately asking for help, not only on my page but also the huge FB pages

Christene said...

Nice but without touch or YET AGAIN no personal link or proof of payment, maybe you are struggling to read properly or just have the nag to miss "certain Information" I clearly stated that I am open minded and will except any proof gladly in order to give hope to those who had struggled so much with payments, after all it would mean so much to most of my readers if they could get some good news and hope that this nightmare is over for them, but no just a bunch of "cleaver Investors" without names or links - Scared of what? If you have some good news help me share it.

As for the advertising? Well I only see one banner add, that of my WordPress sponsor, unless I am blind to my own work, secondly I only see one link on this page and it is leading to another review that is intended for people who run their own online businesses, and only use programs like banners, link-share and so forth to fuel their businesses for start-up.

I guess you also missed some reading on the way down, but then again you would not really care about Joseph and all the other readers asking desperately for help.

As for must be kidding right?

Christene said...

Clearly Banners had left quite a few people in an outrage, Personally I do hope that they will get back on track Mike, not only for themselves but especially for those who have lots of money in the system. At this point no one can tell for sure and guarantee payments for some members had indeed managed to get paid while some is still waiting, only time can tell.

Anonymous said...


I hope you join BB and try it out and create blogs from experience.
Also, I do not see how we can post our name other than Anonymous. What are you selling here? Are you trying to get folks to follow you so you can hit them with ventures you consider safe? I am in profit in BB and everyone I brought into BB is earning money too. Most of the folks who are not earning money in BB are the ones who came into BB under someone who did not show them the business and they are floundering and lose money and blame BB. Changes happen in any business (brick & mortar or online). I know because over 90% of the stuff online is junk. BB is in the 10% that works if you know what you are doing. Finally, yes BB lost Mastercard because of the negative blogs like yours. You and bloggers like you are the reason Mastercard wanted to not be associated with negativity. So rest easy knowing you impacted so many people's lives negatively with a blog based on your worldwide well respected opinion. I have no idea what is your motivate for this negative blog on BB but all you are doing is preying on folks who need an escape route from BB because they do not understand BB or innocent folks who read your blog and believe it as fact. I will gladly post when BB catches up in payouts on this blog in 2013.


Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Antonio, like I said I did not join BB "again" this time for what use would a review be if indeed it is only a sales pitch and I would never make that mistake ever again. I still have members contacting me asking advice on how to get their money because the support tickets don't work anymore, what do you suppose I should tell them? Just be patient hopefully you will have money, or should I just tell them how stupid they are for not being able to sign up under the right affiliate that should have thought them in the right manner - it doesn't make sense.

You are about the only person who offered updates in payouts, hopefully I will see them soon and like I stated we can bring something positive to those so desperately needing it. I am an open minded person and will write what is presented to me, but not even one person except for you had even bothered to back up with payment statements, when in fact I was hoping for floods of mail from people sending me payment confirmations - very disappointing indeed, all of you have the power to turn this post into something positive, but all I get is just a few one's mouthing off on my blog without bringing something to the table. I have friends and online associates in Banners, and I would just love it if this could turn around, which is why I had put up the invitation in the first place.

As for the selling part, are you blind? My main income comes from traffic brokering and market analysis along with doing SEO for private clients and working on a trusted platform, that I don't even mention once in this post - Please be so kind and point out my services on this page, because clearly I had become insane for promoting something I do not even earn a sent from.

As you may have noticed there is an email box on the right side of my blog, you can use that to send me payment statements or updates, if all fail then you have permission to send it directly to my personal gmail address at

You had the power to write the comment right? Okay so if the comment box does not allow you to select your name or link (that usually happens to those who doesn't have any Google products like Gmail or G+ and is not verified), then you just type your name, and contact details below the comment, as easy as that.

Dian said...

I am still waiting for payments from Feb, and need the money real bad now, can you plz help with any advise?

Anonymous said...

So Christine I am guessing you are not a member, but have decided to write an article without investing any money. I invested 2,500.00 in November 2012, and at the moment have over 23k without anyone joined under my name. BB is like a business, it requires strategy and time. I agree with Antonio, what are you trying to sell here. I have withdrawn so much money since I have joined. I am so disappointed in people like you, articles like these are the reason that makes us the members suffer. BB made changes because of damn shame reviews put on websites with cynicals who are not members but sit there and have an opinion on everything. Let these people try for themselves and the way I see if someone is investing any money in anything, they must have that income as disposable income. If they cant afford it than they should not invest and utilise their income in their daily chores. BB offered MasterCard because it is legit and easy to use in any ATM in every country, not because it is limited. U are using trends that you want people to save money, let them be the decider of their money and you decide on your money. I did not wanted to join BB and waited 3months and watched the people who were part of it and finally made my own decision to invest and it is the best thing I did. It is a business not quick scheme of making money. If you have ever run a physical business than you should know that returns in any business are slow the first year and than once strategy are put in place, returns increase to how far you want to go. Yes I was annoyed that changes were made this year with BB, but if you sit down and think about it they were made to prove it to people like you that it is not a scam or ponzi...

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Antonio..another person with an opinion and no investment. We have a business group and we attend once every two weeks, we share ideas and strategies...We help each other and come up with ideas on how we can increase our business. Seriously annoys me to the max who have nothing to do all day but writes crap...

Christene said...


Christene said...

Next time you want to be useful please leave your name and contact details - or better yet send me some payment proof within the last 30 days and we can add it to the post, and hopefully get those who desperately seeking for good news some hope. a Bunch of "anonymous" comments without adding to my open invitation does not help those who are struggling instead it makes them even more angry for you create the impression that you are scared to be associated with the program.

Christene said...

Hi Dian, I had found a legit BB representative that work on the current cases, unfortunately I am not allowed to post his contact details - feel free to inbox me.

Anonymous said...

No Christine! Point is that so called helpers (like yourself) who are so quick to put a product down but have no interaction. It amazes me that you are so upset with the positive feedback from the members who are putting comments as Anonymous, but have no issues with the Anonymous people who are saying bad stuff. Please don't start something you are not personally familiar with..I don't see why I have to provide my statement to all negative people, it is confidential information, and more than happy to provide it to the people who really want to win with this business. Point made to help anyone in need, I am more than happy to help them with their business grow. To grow a business it needs help of someone who is familiar with the product and understands the needs of the business, not someone who is testing other businesses and having an input with no experience. I understand you decided not to invest the money but why would you go ahead and call it a scam. Sorry but which ever way you present it is unethically wrong. I am being useful and providing you with my name, it is Rim.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dian

Have you contacted BB, their number is on the website. I am surprised that you havent been paid. I just got paid yesterday. Something seems odd.

Anonymous said...

alloo to you from ,here from andré from canada .my freind got a 160.00 $
3 weeke ego ,we aske for this $$ for 2 months ,this is in my 2013.
my self now waiting science 16 april 190.00 $ ,still waiting to get my $$$,mt self andré ,from québec canada

Working at home easy job to do on the WEB! said...

excuse from andre beaudoin info


Christene said...

No experience? Look closely Rim, I have the power to literally get tons of referrals if I wanted to join up again - did you notice I have quite a few ranking pages? but all of us are not into the "money" but rather to see that those who struggle get the attention they need, how many people did you sign up that is struggling to get payment? not so long ago I had literally told people to sign up with banners in order to make extra money to fuel their online business on the "membership site" (I will not post the name, otherwise I might be accused of wanting to sell something), guess what quite a few people had lost that hope because they could not pay the hosting or training for they did not get paid with banners - One mistake I will never make again, I have to help them now in getting their money back, only 3 out of 10 people got paid this month and those who had taken action got banned without getting any money. I literally spend hours to help people in submitting their support tickets or finding them help within their own countries - guess what I don't make a cent from it and my own online businesses suffer, but hey as long as you get paid who the heck cares right?

As I had stated below I will not except any comments including negative or positive without a name, technically Google prefer that I use a login Id for comments, but I had disabled it to give everyone a fair change even those who are still struggling to get verified online, clearly it was miss-used for one specific person had posted 3 times pretending to be a different person, and then on top of it saw me as a fool thinking I will not notice, does not say much about ethics now does it?

Just a year ago tons of bb members including my partner had no problem in flaunting payment snapshots in order to get signups, heck we still see hundreds of marketers doing the exact thing, now that I actually give an open invitation on a page with good rankings nobody is interested.

BTW I did see the webinar script, for as unprofessional as I am, I still keep members depending on me for help up to date with the latest in hope that the nightmare might be over. A lot of comments on this page is basically just quoting what Chris already said in the webinar about "bad bloggers" and so forth.

I can always post the script but then again some comments will look out of place then.

Christene said...

If you click on the "Reply as" window in Firefox or "Comment as" in chrome Rim you will find a drop down window that will enable you to choose between Live Journal, WP, typepad, Aim or your open Id, if your Google verification code is running in your browser it will automatically choose the option, this will prevent your comment from landing in the spam box. Unfortunately we have to enable measurements to protect our own sites from robots or multiple spam. For those who doesn't have one of the above accounts or having trouble with browser settings I had kindly ask just for a name in order for me to sort out the spam box. Google have rules for webmasters, sorry we have to stick with them, and very soon I will have to disable the "anonymous" action as well.

Anonymous said...

Banners Broker is real and it has paid me many times. I understand that some people do not know the rules of how it works and simply when you can withdraw. So they cry out loud SCAM! I've learned that when you look at each individual you will find its not always the company its the affiliate that has no clue about the business they joined.

Anonymous said...

My e-mail to Banners Broker,

but nobody answer!!!!!!

WHY bb???
I am very disappointed.
I'm in bb from 7 November 2012,
and I put to your wallet $ 1,500, but I did not earn a penny.

The biggest shame for me is that
I was "seduced" into bb other people
and last month I have had to return their money inserted to all my referrals.
More than 7000 dollars!!!!!

I had to take a loan to returned money to my referrals
because they did not earn anything.

Dear bb, why????

I am 58 years - I take care of 6-year-old lonely girl, I do not have my own housing, and the bb "help"me to even greater misery.

I do not hope you have a heart!

Me and my referrals(Usernames) THANK YOU!

Helena Kisova said...

Sorry -
up my name is Helena Kisova

Jarka said...

And I add other e-mail to bb, and nobody answer:

Hello Banners Broker!

Why you don´t pay?
We play some games on kids in all countries.

For Withdrawal?

What? PAID -
2013-03-14 01:42:15 $ 89.00 Withdrawal to STP: $89 PAID 2013-04-11 00:00:00

Yes: 00:00:00
Thank you, it is a fable!

And other?

2013-05-01 01:31:08 $ 410.80 Withdrawal to STP: $410.8 pending
2013-04-23 13:21:30 $ 331.60 Withdrawal to STP: $331.6 pending
2013-04-13 09:42:30 $ 84.00 Withdrawal to STP: $84 pending
2013-04-03 00:03:57 $ 55.00 Withdrawal to Payza: $55 pending
2013-03-25 00:46:30 $ 490.00 Withdrawal to Payza: $490 pending
2013-03-14 01:45:16 $ 490.00 Withdrawal to Payza: $490 pending

Unknown said...

Hi Christine, I have been in the Banners Broker scheme for approximately 1 year, I brought £30000 of investment in from other people at the beginning including my own. My account now say I have earnings of over $40,000, I have pending withdrawals totalling approximately $6500 ad have in total

kinda said...

please can you help me.. I don't know how to go about getting my money back . put £1000 into bannersbroker.. please help me Christene


UFDpoint.COM said...

I invest 400$ on Banner Brokersand revive only 110$ . now about 330$ pending but banner broker not paying :(
i was very upset. i join AdHitProfits
and earn 350$ with in one month .
I suggest to all friends join and start earn money Today.
You don't need to wait for withdraw because its instant.

Anonymous said...

We are a groupe of people that are in Bannersbroker and none of us have gotten any money out of this and we are still waiting. Also Bannersbroker do not respond to any questions. A few times they respond but with no useful input or answer.
We do not suggest Bannersbroker to anyone anymore and we do not belive we will see any money. we are just waiting for it to close.
Also, they keep changing things in the accounts and not in a positive way for us.
Dont waits your time and money on Bannersbroker!

Anonymous said...

Within the last week, all BB staff in the UK employment terminated, all except FIVE staff at BB's Canada HQ likewise. How can a 'staff' of just five people handle the 'accounts' of more than 300,000 'affiliates' worldwide? Don't expect Mr Smith or any of his lieutenants to answer any questions, they are probably too busy stuffing their pockets with any remaining cash before performing a 'Lord Lucan'

Christene said...

Thanks for all the comments that I had received regarding my post on Banners. I can not begin to even tell all of you how sorry I am for those who had fallen victim to these heartless people, for they are indeed the reason why so many new as well as existing online entrepreneurs give up on any hope to build themselves an online career.

Within the last week it was truly an impossible task to get help for my readers, for even the trusted resources that used to help out had suddenly just withdrawn or decided that it is not worth the effort anymore. Some of my readers had reported them with the online fraud police and Banners had immediately closed down their accounts.

Personally I think that Banners Broker is closing down slowly within some countries where investigations had been launched. Newer countries still get some payment in order for them to attempt to collect more members in order to pay off the huge sum of money they own their members.

Please feel free to comment on our FaceBook page and also look at some solutions that had helped for some Banners Broker members.

Unknown said...

I found some advertising on Pinterest . I found several people trying bto recruit . Been burned before not anymore .

Anonymous said...

I'm still a member of BB but I would not recommend anyone to join because of the payout issue to me it takes too much time to receive your payment.I have one referral with more than 10k payout pending for more than 3 months so stay away from Bannersbroker.

Unknown said...

Christene please I would be grateful I f you can send good online business to my email

Anonymous said...

If BB was a ponzi it would have been shut down by now. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, you are another of the people who think that if THEY decide not to trust an opportunity then the rest of us should also stay clear. Fine, do not invest yourself, it's your choice. It is also the choice of every other individual. By the way, 10 month $350 investment has yielded me $16000 return, so nah nani nah nah!

Anonymous said...

Not possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its interesting I hear a lot here, I am Coomans Rudi from Belgium, also started at 26 december 2012. I invested 480 euro, about 630 dollar then. I earn money but I did not widrauw yet. I have a FULL working Job so no problem in waithing. I am also not 100% sure that I can get money from them but I do not give negative comments. Some people invest money in BB but forget to buy the pannels, therefor nobody who do that can earn money. The people who do buy the pannels then think it will work now, surely you now that you have to activate your account. Activate the pannels etc. I understand some people are angry but I see the problems that theyself make. I am sorry for my english but i do my best.

Christene said...

I had found the comments and general discussions all over the web quite interesting, and have to admit - we are dealing with a few "chameleons" here, allow me to explain. When we see general advertising on Banners Broker most affiliates will tell you how "easy" it is to make money and yes they can't wait to tell you how much you will be earning without too much effort at all! Now see I am confused because quite a few comments from the "successful" promoters tells us now that it is a complex system and you need to have "special" skills in order to get your money or make money...Which way is it now? Point is that if you are willing to go and make huge promises to those you refer you better make sure that it will deliver.

Christene said...

Damn right it is my choice to make sure that people do not land in the same boat I had landed in, struggling to help all my referrals to get their money, when indeed I had left banners without damage, I believe that if you promote something you should be 100% be behind your referrals - I dearly hope you have a solid backup plan for them just in-case, for it is not only about the money right? What will happen if indeed this problem becomes a reality even if there is only a slight change, Will you pay back those people whom you had referred, or will you take your money and pretend that you didn't know them. Huge responsibility for those with a conscious.

Anonymous said...

Rudi thats the problem People do want to withdraw,why would they not want to withdraw thats why they joined to make money

Anonymous said...

Christene i have been in touch with the chamber of commerce by phone,they told me to get in touch with the Better Business Bureau of Canada which i did
but could not get through their email system of making a complaint against Banners Broker
what i find quite complexing they are behaving like its normal not to pay out some money All these people who bring up positive points make it worse as massive action should be taken against banners brokers to stop all the positive chat and pay out, as they are causing unnecessary pain

Anonymous said...

I do not refer anyone to BB. Please do not presume we all follow your business ethic. I simply made a small investment with my own money. I keep my own council and might suggest that many people who use the internet as a sounding board for misinformation,gloom and discord do the same. By the way, it's "conscience".

Christene said...

Thanks for noticing the little spelling mistake, I hope dearly that you had also notice your training on Banners, because I did, and it does tell affiliates to refer people in order to make more money. Do you even know how stupid this sound, you promote a program positively right here on my blog and now all of the sudden you claim that you do not refer anyone into BB, if indeed you trust the program so much why don't you follow their advise then? On top of that you had made that "huge amount" with one little investment, come on I can't even get that high ROI with my gold shares. You might or might not refer people directly but your actions most defiantly can and by posting stuff like "I made so much money" you will get people who indeed see dollar signs and signup, and might not be as lucky as you are.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that you are hell bent on dissuading people from this investment, however I repeat "Why?" IT IS MY CHOICE! Nothing to do with you or anyone else. I wonder, if you see yourself as the conscience of the free world will you be willing to apologise to those of your followers, whom you persuaded to leave Banners, when it is shown that it does make money? Or will it be solo flying, autonomous, independent me who will be apologising to all those touched by my greed.....................................NO ONE!

Christene said...

Your choice? Didn't you say "the rest of us" in your first comment? How is it now to the point that it's got nothing to do with anyone else?

I got out free without damage, but the 10 people I had referred DID NOT. I did not abandon them, but went out of my way in order to help them get their money back, and yes one person had even lost his house because there was no payment and he did it as a full-time income, not a nice feeling, when you know that you had told this specific person to join a program and then he ends up in big trouble. I still have 5 people waiting for payments, because the support system had suddenly dried up an no one wants to deal with these "problems" anymore - how convenient for people to just mouth off without actually dealing with people who desperately need a payment and help, therefore yes you are absolutely spot on...I am hell bent to never make that mistake again. I had learned my lesson the hard way, and it had cost me valuable time and money, I will make sure my readers will never fall into a program that is not 100% secure again.

And as for the "when it is shown that it does make money" part, please forgive me but my "followers" are already making success by building their own online businesses without having to invest that much or anything at all, and we absolutely do not abandon those who are lost, or suddenly become "anonymous' for we are not scared to face our actions. Maybe you should consider that there are thousands of people who's making a full time income online without using Banners, just Google there are more than enough programs and strategies to go around.

I have to wish you happiness in your solo flying dreams and also my best wishes to those who will be touched by greed. I will just be the common person and rather try helping those who had lost money in the hand of those who had greed.

Have yourself a profitable day and keep up the good work!

Christene said...

Have to agree, I have too much anger at this point, for all the mail and support tickets we had send in did not produce any action at all. Last week we had to make 2 forceful decisions and some money got paid out, but now we are back to square one again, for the only updates are those already been posted several weeks ago. In the mean time the seminars are just saying the same things, and blaming the media for failure within the program.

Christene said...

In general I had a few bad comments and also had to see those who still have a lack of funds on my blog, and yea I also have some very vocal comments accusing me from anything unreasonable and yes even the gent that called me a moron, but all is appreciated and I dearly value all the comments, for at least free speech will not land you in trouble here unless you spam.

My major concern at this moment is to see so many members of banners broker who had indeed invested all their golden eggs into one basket, and that would be the main reason for this comment.

There is absolutely no program that can guarantee you earnings or a get rich lifestyle and problems like these can break you if you are unprepared. Be sensible and build yourself multiple streams of income, even if you are still getting paid from Banners, if so even better, you can use some of that earnings to invest into building your own business that will be your property and no one can take your hard work or money away from you in the end.

Kind Regards


Anonymous said...

Madam, I think though dost protest too much and if you want too debate the issue, at least stay on station.
My point, which seems to have escaped you is that you want everyone to join your collective. It's a bit like Borg.
My total outlay for BB has been $350. I am under no illusion about the chances of success, but then if it fails, it fails and I lose $350. You could invest the same amount from your "gold shares" (yeah, right) return and see what 6 months of BB brings. Surely a mere bagatelle to you Christine!

Christene said...

O Okay I dearly apologize, so you actually did not get paid $16000 by Banners yet?

Allow me to quote:

"By the way, 10 month $350 investment has yielded me $16000 return, so nah nani nah nah!"

you also said:

"Sadly, you are another of the people who think that if THEY decide not to trust an opportunity then the rest of us should also stay clear"

Now you are saying:

" I am under no illusion about the chances of success, but then if it fails, it fails"

What amaze me is the fact that nobody actually seems to give a damn about those who are suffering from BB, what might be a simple $350 investment to you will be a huge R3,500 investment for someone here in South Africa.

My shares in Ashanti is for sentimental purpose because it was inherited from my father who died in a Gold mine. But then again you hardly know me or had done the effort to see how I make money, which might be the reason you are anonymous, and you don't want to look like a fool.

Banners Broker Agent said...

My name is Nigel Wright.
My Banners Broker name was BBagentNigelWright.
I am about to write a blog warning people not to get involved with Banners Broker. It's a money greedy, Money grabbing scam and a work of the some clever scheme very much like a Ponzi only the head man gets everyone else to to his dirty work, that's why it's by introduction only. Please Please if you want to save your time and your money don't waste it here. In fact if you want to give you money to a worthwhile cause there are many in Uganda or Sudan for example who need it.

if you want me to tell you more or give you further reason why Banners Broker is a scam, you can email me

Dennis Rigg said...

Very well put Nigel - Banners Broker are greedy avaricious bastards with no concern for anyone with the acceptation of the latest people who are putting new money into their business,they made so many changes to the business over the past few months to generate more “new money” ie:- Traffic packs up by 40% !!! – do the maths if there are 400000 affiliates spending an average of 150 dollars per month (being generous) now they need to stop the growth of their panels and set them at 50% in order to avoid putting new money in .
Here in the UK the growth is nonexistent because they are not honouring withdrawals, I personally have nine payments pending I have sent enquiry tickets asking where are the payments and they can’t be bothered to even answer since the exciting new ticketing system
Fromm BB site - We're excited to introduce a new ticketing system which will allow us to be more efficient at dealing with your enquiries. While fully functional please note it is a new system and we are working hard to minimize and resolve any issues you may experience.
What a load of crap!!! They don't answer anymore!!

There were only 17 new affiliates joined in May and the Salford Quays office will be closed down very shortly, so much for the 10 year lease and the talk about protecting the “long term business” they are a set of lying thieves and I hope that they end up in prison.
Advice for existing affiliates - in the event BB disappear or you have your affiliate-ship taken off you copy as much information from your BB account as possible
1. Open your BB account go to wallet and cut and paste into a word document all the details from the funding log (or use the snip tool in win 7)
2. Copy all the transactions
3. Copy withdrawals pending
4. Copy campaign details – this will show impression used
5. Copy all communication via BB website – tickets etc.

Good luck and thank you Christene this is a great site :-)

Anonymous said...

This is the sort of comment I refer to:
"Maybe you should consider that there are thousands of people who's making a full time income online without using Banners, just Google there are more than enough programs and strategies to go around."

Christene said...

O Okay, again I dearly apologize, clearly everyone is broke then and not making money online with various programs and strategies?

But anyways thanks for all the comments I dearly appreciate the huge contribution, for it is indeed loyal comments like yours that will help people into making a clear decision.

I do wish you all the best and hope that you will get that huge payout soon you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

hey what your are saying? why you are writing such negative comments about banner broker. Banner broker has changed my life. there is no one like banner broker in this world. I think you take cash from those person or company who not like bannerbroker. so stop writing fake about bannerbroker. BANNERBROKER IS GREAT. I LOVE IT. Bannerbroker has not changed only my life but others too. BANNERSBROKR ROCKS..........

Unknown said...

I already using Banners Broker but they are cheater, they are not paying my own money to me, it is still showing pending for last 3 months without any reason. Now I think it is confirmed that I have lost my all money because they are not paying and every moth deducting $15 as admin cost, so my whole money will go into drain.

if any one need any proof just email me at, I will provide you detail of this issue.


Nicolas said...

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how are you?
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best regards

Unknown said...

Thank goodness for you blog on the subject as I was going to join the scheme(as I received an email about it)
As soon as you mentioned Alert pay I knew I should run for the hills as I got burnt by them a while ago and it took me nearly 3 months to get my money back.With their no car attitude I wont be joining this scheme and will move onto another if 1 can be found that is

Anonymous said...

Hi Im in banners 1 year and have $20,000 pending withdrawal My total earnings are over $200,000 listen everyone do not join
I fully understand their system and its all bull we all cant get paid yet their rep in ireland maconne online seem to be able to pay 10 staff every week lets average their wages at €600/week inc taxes thats €6000 per week for the last 40 weeks or so thats a quarter of a million of our money that maconne have been paid from banners as maconne online only have 1 client add in paul mcarthys salary of €100000 their riding us bareback Id say that paul mcarthy is seriously fearing for his safety i wouldnt like to be him when this all blows up
Ive put a request into revenue to investigate maconne online in ireland
dont join

Christene said...

Thanks Nigel the comment is appreciated and I agree, too many people fall into scams on a daily basis, we will obviously get some very angry members to try and stop us from telling it as it is but then again we will also help some in saving their hard earned money. Good luck with the blog I am sure it will provide all the facts people need to make a good decision.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people don't understand the meaning of "Ponzi" It is the name of a gentleman called Charles Ponzi. 1910.

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to its investors from their own money or the money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from profit earned by the individual or organization running the operation. The Ponzi scheme usually entices new investors by offering higher returns than other investments, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent. Perpetuation of the high returns requires an ever-increasing flow of money from new investors to keep the scheme going.

Banners Broker is NOT an investment scheme, and you do have to work for your money, whereas you dont do the work when you invest your money in an investment company. you simply trust the investors to make you money, and often fail to.

Banners Broker takes work, and well thought out strategies and calculations to make it work. i dont think anyone who does not operate a BB business cannot start to understand how it works. I have been involved for 14 months and my position cost me £260. I have withdrawn 15k so far. Yes there is a temporary pay out issue at the moment, but even if I never get paid again....I still think I have experienced a pretty good return on my £260.

Christene said...

Thanks Dennis, I rest my case on this platform, I had put out an open invitation more than 2 months ago for any member to show me proof of their most recent payouts, I had one promise and after that a big NOTHING!

Enough to make you think right?

Christene said...

Yet another "anonymous" without any reason to why - Not worth a feedback from me, clearly you missed the part where I asked for a name or link.

It's "Banners Broker" not Bannerbroker, how do you defend a program that you don't even know the proper name of?

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Fahim, also thanks for providing contact information, it is dearly appreciated.

Christene said...

Hi Nicolas, I had a quick overview and it does look interesting, Gold shares are priceless to have and I had bookmarked it for further investigation. Will most defiantly write a review on it in the near feature.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Christene I invested a total of £3000 into banners broker,I tried to withdraw in March 2013 & was requested to reverse the payment because the Mastercard was being withdrawn, I then used Solid Trust Pay to withdraw $1,500 on the 13th of March 2013. It's the 28th of June now and I am still waiting. Please Ignore the people calling you a Moron, This blog has been comforting to me, If I didn't pray as much as I do, I would probably have committed suicide because of Banners Broker.Banners Broker is Evil. Surely there must be a way we can all come together to file a claim against this company.

Unknown said...

Hi, Christine, ignore the people calling you a moron! we know better, as I follow a long time your site.
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And YOU need to be a part of it.

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Christine, you have to look inside AHP, and you will see, that this no lies, take it easy and enjog VERY good correct programs, best regards,
Jo M.

Chris said...

Hi Christine, I have been with banners Broker for around 18 months now , after being introduced by a friend. I have a little under £750,000 in my earned section and close to $1,000,000 in my including unfinished panels section. I put everything I had into this, after being made redundant.
I would love to be able to recover my initial £20,000 that I funded my account with, but being in the UK, I am unsure what route I could take against BB. I would love to hear from anyone who has managed to recover their initial funding and lives in the UK.

Christene said...

I would advise everyone with payment problems to visit the Banner Broker scam FB page...

Quite a few suggestions had been put on there on how you can legally proceed in getting your money back, it is also updated on a regular basis with all the most recent Banners activity. For privacy purposes I had chosen not to publish it on my blog, since I got a bit tired of all the "hate mail" that have no names or proven payouts to show. We are actively trying to help people and these kind of mail is taking up too much of my time that could have been used to help people.

Christene said...

Thanks for the Comment, I dearly feel for your situation, for I am to the point of boiling myself, although I am not a member of Banners anymore I did put 10 referrals into the system and therefore it is my responsibility to get them out with their money. So far we could only manage to get 6 members refunded with the exact amount that they had put in, but yes it is an uphill battle, and one of my associates had indeed lost his house due to these people without any responsibility, therefore I know exactly how you feel.

Please Visit the FB page:

There are some options on there that you might be interested in taking in order to get your money back, but I advise you to act soon for they had actually admitted in the latest webinar that BB's revenue is down hence panel movement slowed, payouts behind due to less revenue generated & they will be doing a payout but no actual date for that.

I dearly hope that you will get your money back and have a positive outcome.

Anonymous said...

Christene, how did those people you helped cancel their account? Since you're not a BB member, how did you get out of it?

I want to cancel my BB account, but they said to send in a letter to StellarPoint INC in Canada. It's been 3 weeks and no response whatsoever.

Christene said...

In my personal case, I had only need to mention my dissatisfaction with Banners and my account was closed, that is the main reason why you see so many "anonymous" comments for people who are still members of BB are scared that their accounts will be closed if they post their real name.

I would advise you as well to go to the FB page and see which route will suit you, every person want to deal with Banners in their own way, for most members still have money that needs to be paid out and want to deal with the problem in a legit way. If you are still paying money into the system, I would advise you to cancel the payments with your credit card company as soon as possible to avoid a "re-bill"

Anonymous said...

I have broken my own personal rule never to post on sites like this. However I am fed up and totally disgusted by people like you Christine.
You profess that all you want to do is help others. Liar. If you really did then you would focus on whatever it is that you have to sell and leave other businesses alone.
Obviously whatever you have to sell is not very good if you have to take the focus off it and rubbish other companies.
Or are you just promoting yourself, telling everyone how good and knowledgeable you are.
That’s the latest “thing” isn’t it? Brand Yourself. Do it by splashing your photo, name an uninformed opinions all over the web. Professing to be knowledgeable on all subjects and master of none. LOL
Why am I disgusted by people like you? Because you are like vultures, preying on the sad fact that people prefer scandal and negativity to anything even remotely positive. This is how you think you can build your reputation isn’t it? By starting a negative thread and doing whatever it takes to continue it for as long as possible with your nastiness and faked care.
Let me make a prediction, if I were to come back to this site in 12 months’ time you will still be here vilifying another company.
Your double standards astound me. You willingly believe people that post on here saying that they are not happy with BB. However you disbelieve any post on here saying they love BB and ask for proof, just who, do you think you are.
You lash out at those positive people and then you say to those that are complaining oh I hope it works for you. Seriously? Do you even both to read what you say from one post to the next?
You ask why we all post as Anonymous. Because the scum of the earth bloggers that target every company that has anything to do with affiliate marketing, direct sales or network marketing do whatever they can to make an individual’s life misery as soon as they have a name to go after.
I made that mistake once. The result, I personally received emails and phone calls from these lowlife scum negative bloggers threatening me and my family.
The really sad thing is this that if people like you turned your skills to whatever it is that you are selling and focused on that instead of rubbishing other companies you would earn a lot more respect and probably make a fortune.
A word of advice to anyone reading this post. If you agree with me DON’T REPLY or post on this site at all. In fact stay away from blog sites like this, don’t even both to read them you are just giving them what the only thing they want, traffic.
As for you Christine, if you continue rubbishing other people and companies I hope you fail miserably in whatever you do.
However if you turn your obvious skills to transparently promoting your own product/service I hope you succeed.
Now Christine I know you are going to reply to this post, by trying to make me out as a whatever. But the fact is that I really do not care what you have to say. My words will speak for themselves.

JohnH750 said...

My big question is about their actual business plan. Basically they sell advertising space, so they find a company that wants to advertise and charge them X amount. Then they find people with websites that want to sell advertising space and pay them Y amount and Banners Brokers make the profit in the middle, so why do they want to give away this profit to small investors in the middle ? It doesn't make sense to me.

Christene said...

Isn't it strange how you can't even figure out what it is that I am selling and criticize for it, yet other comments will state that I had only written the post to make money of my product. Yea I do apologize as bloggers we can't please everybody.

A skilled marketer don't have to promote the living daylights out of their products or themselves, for the quality will sell it self and value will attract more business. But again do you know me? How many people do you actively help on a weekly basis without taking a penny from them?

As for the "anonymous' comments, clearly you missed a few, and I don't feel like explaining it over and over just because people struggle to understand the reason.

Strangely it doesn't seems that anyone actually cares about those who had lost money, and people like you don't even have the nerve to go reply on one of those comments and give those people some advise or even just an encouraging word.

How many people who got ripped off and didn't receive their money did you talk to lately? How many of those had you seen face to face with tears of desperation in their eyes? Did you help anyone or at least just give them a word of sympathy?

I am not in your class and will not wish failure upon you as well, instead I wish that you have all the success in this world and never have to endure what some of these people had to endure within the last months.

I don't need to make you out as a "whatever" for you have to power to do it yourself, and yes your words does speak for themselves because you are clearly just focused on making money and even openly ask me to go sell a product instead of standing up and trying to prevent others to fall into the same miserable trap that had cost those people dearly when indeed I was selling it myself.

Anonymous said...

Christine, Dont't listen to the negative comments, I am in banners broker right now since August 2012 and haven't been payed. Chris smith keeps saying next week,next week they'll processes payments, people are being decieved because a minority is getting payments & partial payments. I am willing to speak the truth about banners broker, why because all that is required for evil to succeed is for Good people to do nothing. God bless you Christine what your doing is good. If you need any help to expose BB let me know. I don't fear these people Chris Smith (CEO OF BANNERS BROKER) is a liar and a thief. We good people will not be silent, we will speak out and warn others.

Christene said...

You know what they say John, if it sounds too good to be true then there is a good possibility that it is.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment, My entire argument would be based on the fact that there are indeed so many people who lost money with Banners or still awaiting payments for a long time now. If it was based on only a few people then yes one could have assumed that it could only be a negative glitch, but the numbers are big here, I personally have corresponded with more than 30 people just by myself and it is so frustrating when help and options start to run out and you just know that some indeed may loose their money or wait even longer to get some back.

Why take the risk and get more innocent people involved in a system that is most defiantly not %100 secure?

Birimbau said...

Since we are talking about easy money on the internet, i dont believe on this kind of things either TILL i found:

Im getting 60euros per week by just letting the computer on x)

I'm trying coin generation and till now i have nothing bad to point out! :P

Any doubt you can ask me on

Anonymous said...

The problems with payouts are not new. They go back as far as the start of BB2 in January 2012 and have never really gone away. During the Portugal convention it was being discussed among delegates. The card did work well for those with money on it. Unfortunately it is the members who are being blamed for its demise ie. misusing the logo, negative comments about payouts etc. However, even before the card was pulled, payouts to it were becoming few and far between and unpredictable. It was claimed that they were going to automate payments and that this was the problem. Waits of 5 weeks without knowing when were quite normal. Then the STP and Payza limitations were mentioned. Someone once told me that if a company has the money there is no reason not to pay. As you say, too many red flags. The truth will come out sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thank´s for bring to light about BB, still have pending money in my accont, and no answer from support about when i will get it !!!
So i think my money is lost.
Now i want to raise a BIG Warning to all of You who are using Payza (former AlertPay)and it´s ownr Firoz Patel They are BIG FISH, Read for more info:
Money Laundering & Funding Terrorism.
(Cease and Desist order correspondents include Alertpay Inc (now Payza) and Firoz Patel concerning unlicensed money transmission)
(Access to article from Montreal Gazette November 25th 2011, “AlertPay tied to drugs, kid porn “ fourth item on page.)

If anyone have money there, , withdraw emediatly, and close the account.
They will go down.

MT said...

Hi Christene,

Great insight for people who are thinking in investing in this scheme!! as you said all the red flags out weigh the positives when it comes to BB! an account was set up for me think there was $70 put in and now its worth around $1000. the max. i can withdraw at the moment is -$50! funny right!! this business with directors who have previously been linked with proven pyramid schemes say that they are the next big thing in online advertising, banner ads whatever you want to call them! Have you seen the head office!!! its hilarious. Compare it to Google hq, yahoo etc.. it doesn't come close! you have to spend hours online trying to find these "Banners" and when you do the traffic on these sites are in the hundreds!! yet people are making nearly a 1000% profit on what they originally invested. Fair enough some may be paid out but that is obviously to save face for BB and i can guarantee no one will get their full return as stated in their e wallet!!
PEOPLE please stay away from BannersBroker they are trying to take advantage of people like myself who currently live in countries where recession is rampant and people want an easy fix to their financial problems!! as the old saying goes anything that looks too good to be true usually isn't!!
And for all the anonymous people swearing by banners broker on this please stop because we all know ye are either working for Banners or sour at the fact that ye were stupid enough to believe in this get rich scheme!!

Unknown said...

Hi Christene,
my name is Lorenzo. I want to report my situation.
On 1st february 2013, a friend proposed me to invest on BB. I searched online comments, almost it was looking for a safe way to earn some money with that. My friend showed me his account, he invested 1600usd and he got 5000usd already withdrawn on the credit card.
I trusted him and decided to try as well... investing 1600usd.

Sadly i have seen since then, many things changed, in order to earn money in different ways, which was not my intention. I never wanted to look for affilates or be active on campaings to earn....
But still, i was operating with a strategy, aware that one day i will have to stop. My goal was at least to get back my money and see what i could earn with what was left.
In the last 30 days, i had chance to withdraw my first 300 usd. I did a request on the 19th of june and this money is still pending. I have sent several tickets to BB, i also have noticed that some of my panels are not moving (strangly or casually... but those panels are those that i need to be completed in order to continue activating other panels.. without them i am locked). The month is over, and they debited the montly fees... but still i am up to 0 with the balance. If my panels were not blocked now i could say i would cash out other 500usd. This is my situation and in last 20 days i didn't get any answer to the tickets i sent.

My intention is to claim my money back (i dont care about the earnings... but what i invested at least yes). I am ready to put a lawyer on that... but i would ask you some advise how to move with that.
I can't accept that they change rules and i have to accept them anyway, i can't accept that they don't respect their rules too. Honestly i believe reading those posts that i will never recover my money, but i have founds to fight against them... if i have chances to get my money back i will. I am from Italy.

Thanks for help


Anonymous said...

URGENT: My friend in Canada has been instructed by a Canadian Investigative Journalist to contact the Ontario Provincial Police and the Canadian Anti Fraud Unit. He is still trying to set up an appointment with the OPP but has spoken with the Canadian Fraud Unit. They told him as many Canadians as possible need to file a report, even if you have given up hope. NEWS: Recently, this person went to the "BB" office ... The reception lady pulled up his BB information from the computer. (Hmmm) and was was sent to a conference room. They asked for their money back , This person and his wife were then escorted from the lobby and then met by David Hooker.. David Hooker led them outside the building and said they is nothing that office can do as it is Stellar Point. and that "Stellar Point is only contracted as a training company by BB" David Hooker's Name is no longer attached to the Banners Broker. It is clear Stellar Point is a shell company, BB is now lost in cyber space with only a P.O. box in the isle of man. This whole mess is bigger than anyone suspects. Please contact me ASAP is you have been a BB Victim. Also, Please Canadians Please Contact your local police, the Ontario Provincial Police ===> and the Canadian Anti Fraud Unit:

Christene said...

Thanks for the Comment, any information that will help people to stay clear from getting ripped off is always welcome.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment MT, I couldn't have said it better myself. What amaze me is the fact that so many people got scammed, yet the few who are left defending seems to be blinded by promises or temporarily payouts.

Christene said...

Hi Lorenzo, Sorry to hear about your misfortune with Banners. I know that a simple apology and feeling of sympathy can't replace how frustrating and mad all of those feel who lost money but we are constantly looking for new ways to help people in recovering their money.

A new FB page had been started called "Fightback Against Banners" So far this guy had success with his methods.

Unfortunately I can't post the detailed methods that needs to be followed, for this post is based on a review and it will be flagged if I don't follow rules.

I do advise you to act quickly. In the last few weeks all "help" had slowly dried up for people just don't want to be associated with this issue anymore, therefore options is getting limited.

If you have any questions or even just need to lash out to get rid of frustration don't hesitate to use the mailbox on the right side. That goes for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Chrstene its my Birthday today,and you are telling the truth about this company Banners Broker ,but no one seems to be able to stop this scam existing why is that?
i tried to use the traffic packs today but now either they dont work,the support tickets dont work, David Hooker a compliance man with Banners broker a church going attitude keeps defending them saying it will come good,chris a church goer does the same thing, why are they allowed to carry on? they clearly are hurting a lot of people with false hope ,its criminal i want my money back and for every one eles to have theirs and these criminals to be locked up and all these silly people supporting them to be given a warning stop trying to to defend a scam that clearly is hurting people!

Make Money said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christene said...

Seriously? People are suffering and you want to introduce them to another scheme - have a heart or better yet go try that on another blog and get yourself flagged! It's disgusting how people like you still wants to make a profit out of others who are suffering and If indeed I didn't see myself as a decent person I would have reported you for spamming.

Anonymous said...

Banners broker is really weird. What baffles me is the team from Ireland who all proffessed to make a million in one year and have been getting thousands of payments for festivities. I have joined the company for a year now, my account is way below a hundred thousand even though i have affilaites under me. I am beginning to wonder if the Irish team were paid to come to england to scam and convince people about the authenticity of the sceme.
What i know is banner broker is not paying, it is foolhardy for any affiliate to convince people to keep investing until these matters are resolved......Stay away for now everyone

Anonymous said...

This man has abandon ship since 12 october last year so he tells me, and yet still has is name on the invites to the webinars Please contact Banners Broker, as Stellar Point has nothing to do with me.he is now doing web hosting and says he is now nothing to do with Banners Broker?

Rajiv Dixit, C.E.O.

Now Offerring!

Web Hosting

See our other services as well:

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: July-05-13 10:27 AM
Subject: Payment

My traffic packs
Although purchase are worth less
As they default every time I want to
Move the panels
No phone support
No support ticket support
Pending payments for the last 4 months
Please be honest what's going on?
Kind regards
Phillip Cooper

Nicolas said...

i hear about it and a friend want give me the link in FB, but FB block this link an name, you cant send it with FB, i ask me why, if this is scam too , the same idee and business like banner broker, i think Jo they do like banner broker, they pay now so you invest more and in a few month they will not pay out too ;)

let know in time


Anonymous said...

I joined in August 2012, put in about $700, so far nothing paid out, almost $1000 in withdrawals pending jow. BB is 100% scam, don't risk it unless you don't mind never seeing your money again.

Christene said...

Thanks for all the comments and feedback, it is dearly appreciated. Banners is indeed deteriorating fast and within the last 2 weeks payouts had even become less than previously.

Nick said...

If you have problem whit windraw money from bannersbrokers check this website

My Million Dollar Dream said...

I have 4 withdrawals pending for about three months, no support, no answers, no money SCAM SCAM SCAM!

MotoJp said...


next time respect other people's countries. ok?

Christene said...

I am quite sure that Nigel did not intentionally meant to discredit your country at all, but merely made a point that there is people who are in need of help and would do better with all the wasted money. I live in South-Africa and quite proud of it myself, but if someone indeed offer to give my country some donations for the needy children or the rhino projects here I will take it as a compliment.

We have way to many people who are greedy in this world, very few actually cares about the ones that is suffering or need help, I give a thumbs up for Nigel on this one.

chizoba said...

Christene, you said There are literally hundreds of good money making opportunities out the. Iwould be grateful if you can introduce me to some of the online business.

Anonymous said...

thats not a very good site as they take one through all sorts of loops

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christene said...

Please go find a program that could maybe teach you some proper online manners, and then feel free to leave a comment on my blog. FOUL LANGUAGE IS NOT ALLOWED!

Anonymous said...

like these post
banners has gone, the scammers, what a distraction and sad that these people knew how to con people and get away with it!

Anonymous said...

BB Webinar last night was cancelled !!! I´m not suprised, they can´t make up more stories!!

Jerry said...

A lot of the biggest recruiters and cheerleaders can see the collapse of bb is near. Tare trying to cover their tracks now. Deleting blogs and videos they had used to scam in new victims to the bb ponzi. David Hooker's facebook page has just put out a statement stating
"It is important to note that at no time has David ever been employed by BBI, nor has he been involved in any decision making process with that company"
And Jens Holvoet has been deleting all his blogs and videos which were gushing with praise of BB. And pushing victims to join.
It is worth noting that the same Jens was the 2nd most successful pusher of BB, After septic Simon Stepsys. Jens self proclaimed BB millionaire it is too late to cover your tracks now that the ponzi is on its death bed.

Christene said...

Thanks for all the comments, it's appreciated in a big way, and it does help in preventing that more people fall into this scam. Within the last few weeks we were literally scrambling to help people in getting their money back, but changes are fading fast now. Banners still have the same excuse and that would be that bloggers and bad publicity had been the cause of their downfall, If Banners was a genuine company and they had paid their members according to their terms and conditions on the timetable that they had issued, there wouldn't be any negative blogs or publicity but only good feedback. They are their own worst enemy and they can only blame themselves for their own downfall.

To make things worse we are also dealing with even bigger morons who clearly want to use members who are suffering to milk them even more...




Christene said...

Thanks for the comment.

Banners is getting away with it, because members are not acting, and still hoping that payments will come.

Anonymous said...

just listen to chris smith paul mc carthy and they all seem to being saying banners broker have a ?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone speak English around here? That includes Christene.

Paul Goodger

Christene said...

Well technically I had learned to write and speak English within the last year (sorry if the SA accent confuse you a bit), thanks for asking. Now how is that relevant to the post?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Want to know if it`s possible to stop them from drawing the monthly pack-fee? As they don`t pay out anyway, why feed them with more of our earned money !!!.

Anonymous said...

I am going to remain anonymous since I am earning money from BB, admittedly like the author says, the transfer between BB and an ex-scam payment transfer service (stp+Payza) - is taking a substantially long time, I know eventually I will get it, but nether the less a pain.

I would say anyone looking to join at this point, probably don't bother unless you really want to make a small amount of money, i'd started year and a half ago, it was going great until they started adding subscriptions for traffic packs and raising the premium costs followed by introducing higher panels on top of what they call a 'marco scheme' - which means you have to have a certain amount of coloured panels before you can get more above (see Red Flag 2 image) - this never used to be the case, you could have as many as you wanted where ever you like.

Slowly a dying business - needless to say, these guys are billionaires, possibly multi-billionaires by this stage, I can't see them doing a runner, they make money from many different sources now, publicity, advertising on the web, guaranteed subscription fees, events the list goes on.

Just to note one thing: I have never had to add anyone into my BB business to make money, this is the only good thing I like and I withdrew my money that I invested early for the reason it could have been a scam, so far I am awating on 3300 dollars, but as stated before this process is extremely long to retrieve it.

Hope it gave some insight from a member in that community.

Christene said...

Contact your credit card company or bank and cancel the monthly charge.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment it is appreciated, for so many members are looking for answers at this point. I am glad to hear that you didn't refer other people into Banners Broker, for it is a horrible task to explain to your referrals why a company is going down and tell them that they have a chance of losing money.

Christy said...

Greed and stupidity are a terrible combination, some people never learn.

Christene said...

Thanks Christy, I live by one motto "If it sounds too good to be true it usually is"

AndrewCoin said...

Hi Christene
I was asked to join BB at least 3 years ago but declined because it was so ovbious a scam. I know people have made a lot of money but I was not prepared to do that at other peoples expense!
Regards Andrew

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Andrew, I have some great respect for you, because you were not only thinking about your own pocket but also considered those who might suffer by your actions. Keep up the good work and have yourself an awesome day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christine,

I've been with BB for a year now, I started with $1500 - As a company they are trying to survive against negative reviews from many people who have been mis sold this opportunity by others who have been mis sold it - It's very easy to leave a negative comment on the internet and so many of these become biblical. The company is showing signs of Global Growth. I personally didn't join BB to make a few hundred $'s - I've been looking at the workings of the Company and treat it as a serious business - I haven't recruited anyone under me - This is a business that has bounced back from many drawbacks in the time I have been with them - This is the endearing aspect of BB. It's a business opportunity not a free cash generator. Business requires more than just start up capital - It requires understanding, patience and the correct mindset....Success and Failure are part of any business. But ultimately a better understanding is Key. I'm busy building my business and to be honest - I'm going to keep building it with the funds that it generates itself - I'm not ready to withdraw cash yet. By the way my initial $1500 now stands at $25000 in less than one year - This consistently covers my costs and helps me build the business further too! I wouldn't even refer anyone into this unless they are willing to LEARN the business - not just EARN from it.

Jerry said...

No one is getting paid. Webinars have stopped the last 2 weeks. No communications whatever from bb. Most of the big players have jumped ship to the next scam. Septic Simon Stepsis. Jens Holvoet. In fact Jens the second biggest earner from BB has deleted most of his pro bb blogs and videos, and is trying to cover his tracks. Similarly Hooker has released a statement saying that he never worked for bb, and has no responsibility!!! LOL. Angela Delorme bb kapitan has started recruiting for the BOT scam,!!! Only a few diehard believers left now. BB has no money to pay its victims, and is now in fact "the walking dead".

Jerry said...

Hey anonymous, "GLOBAL GROWTH"
ROFL. If you believe that you need serious counselling.

Anonymous said...

'Walk a mile in my shoes'. Anyone who has not joined Banners Brokers and experienced it for themselves is just not talking any facts. Ignore all advice (except this!) and join and try it for yourself. You do not have to refer anyone. You do not have to spend much to start. Only use money you are prepared to lose. See what happens and what does not happen and learn from first-hand experience and fact, not from guess-work and conjecture. All this negative energy is a shame. It shows how flawed people can be. What happened until 'innocent until proven guilty'? A lot of people have nothing else better to do than gossip, curtain twitch, scold and start vile rumours.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

This is not true unless you have tried and tested it yourself. 'The proof of the pudding is in the eating'. What sounds too good to be true to one person will be perceived differently to another. The word 'usually' is used because it can be an erroneous statement.

Anonymous said...

The above was a response to another comment. This blog site does not work properly.

Anonymous said...

Your reply is ignorant. That is not how it works. You prove your lack of understanding of how Banners Broker works. If you had joined it and tried it out like a real reporter or investigator would, you would know how it works. Why don't you understand that this whole blog site is based not on facts and therefore you look a fool and unprofessional to some people?. It is totally worthless. Any professional entrepreneur would not act like this. You wear a 'false crown'.

Anonymous said...

Can you prove this? I could say that you make up everything you say on here but I wouldn't because I have no proof or facts.

Anonymous said...

Using the word 'moron' shows everyone what kind of person you are. Again, all that you write needs citation. It is just opinion and conjecture. Factless.

Anonymous said...

Citation needed. Evidence please.

Jerry said...

Proof? Ok. Lets see if I can put links here on this blog.
Here was Jens blog recruiting for bb.
That site was full of bb propaganda. Gone now.
He is now promoting flexcom, bonofa, and skinny drink.

Jerry said...

And Angela?

Here she is pushing her new scam bot. And she makes a telling comparison between bb, and bot.
" Because Bank on Traffic is not charging Membership Fee, and Traffic Packs are not a monthly subscription, it is so easy to manage my account."

Jerry said...

David hooker running scared.

The trouble with you is that either you are a team member of the bb propaganda team, Or you are a victim who is in denial of being scammed.
Because, for these 2 categories of people, No amount of proof would ever be enough to bring you into the reality.

Jerry said...

Here is one of Jens last posts on the MMG banners broker forum before he started deleting all his pro bb blogs and videos.


Bear in mind that Jens Holvoet was the second highest referrer and earner in the world for BB!!!!
So the writing is on the wall, whether you want to believe it or not.

Christene said...

Every single person in this world have the right to their own opinion and this blog is created for those who have something on their mind regarding Banners Broker whether it is a good experience or a bad one.

You are just mouthing off and like expected have noting of value to say about your actual experience with banners. Are you so desperate to get signups for banners that you even go blindly and ask people to "try it for themselves"?

I might be a moron like you stated, but it does take a big one to spot a little one, and shame should fall upon you, people are suffering and left in shambles because THEY DID NOT GET THEIR MONEY! should I repeat it, because clearly you are as blind as a bat. MANY PEOPLE ARE NOT GETTING PAID...there you have it!

And just to take the "moron" factor a step further - you defend banners but do not encourage anyone to refer? Tell me Phil do you have doubts in the system yourself then?, because you are not making any sense at all. Amazon have some great specials on reading glasses and it would probably be a good idea to get yourself a pair - can't you read all the "experiences" that people had with banners?

I will leave a few of your comments, just so people can actually see a real example on how motionless some people can be when it comes to money. Next time take a little effort to comment on those whom had suffered, since you have so much to say, you might have some advice or maybe, just maybe have a little sympathy to offer as well.

Jerry said...

Well done Christene. Good blog.
Indeed you are providing a public service.

Christene said...

Yet again we have the "blind factor" - For goodness sake, why should I repeat myself? I DID JOIN BANNERS SOME TIME AGO - AND I HAD WRITTEN THE BLOG BECAUSE SOME OF MY REFERRALS DID NOT GET THEIR MONEY.

At this given moment the best alternative would be to stop the payments with your credit card company, for banners simply ignore the support tickets and still take payments each month. This method works the fastest if you want to stop payments asap.

I dearly feel sorry for you, by bashing bloggers and force yourself onto blog comments without actually providing any proof yourself, just seems pathetic and does not make you a professional. If my "false crown" can at least prevent one person from loosing anymore money, I will go ahead and put a diamond in it.

Christene said...

Somehow I think Jerry can proof this Phil, hope you will be returning and ask him for an apology.

Christene said...

Thanks Jerry your update's are well appreciated and it helps a lot of readers to make some clear decisions.

Anonymous said...

there are no payments with the credit card company, so your advice is worthless, the monthly fees are coming out of the ewallet

Christene said...

Let me tell you exactly what worthless is...people that's been offered help so many times, yet they don't actually go and read up on the instructions. I can't even remember how many times I had asked people to follow the links and follow the instructions on the FB pages.

How do you fund your ewallet?

Since you were to lazy to actually go and read the recommendations, allow me to quote a few lines.

"If you paid on a credit card, you are in luck. Contact your credit card within 120 days of when you realized there was a problem (i.e. weren't paid on time). You can then claim the money back from the credit card company using what is called a charge-back (credit card companies are jointly liable if a product purchased isn't as described).

If you paid on a debit card, you MAY be in luck. Try contacting your bank first off and see what they say. This varies by country and card issuer, so there are no hard and fast rules here.

If your card issuer can't/won't help, then contact Stellar Point INC at directly. Inform them that as they have not paid you on time they are in breach of contract."

Now obviously each case would have to be handled differently, for some people still fund their wallets with their credit cards in order for the monthly fees to go off, while others are living off the funds within their e-wallets, I am no guru and it's impossible for me tell whether your card is still linked up or not. In order to file a charge-back you must first cancel payments with your card company (obviously)

Anonymous said...

Phil you need to have your head tested swift like

Anonymous said...

Hey Jerry.

Me again....... Serious Counseling? Look here my friend - I'm not here to hurl abuse at anyone or even advise them on psychological needs - Nor for that matter am I looking to recruit or get anyone to sign up with BB - all I merely did was share my experience. So please try and hold back on the abuse - Not only have I built a business of $25,000 from $1500... But the fact that BB has opened other doors through the people I have got to know through it is my single biggest success - I don't want to be judgmental towards you or anyone else here - But when I started BB - I had no knowledge whatsoever of internet marketing - now I have a team of trusted people and we have created a revenue making business based on the fact that BB brought us together. Success is just a measure of achievement Jerry - I now run a company that actually helps struggling businesses increase their revenue. This is all self taught through Bannersbroker. So there you go!!! Like I said - LEARN and EARN - don't limit yourself to sitting there whining about things you let yourself become reliant to!!! Utilise your opportunities! I'm no David Hooker, who is nothing more than a wannabe celebrity! I don't need to slag of one program because I want you to join another - and I definitely couldn't sleep knowing that I've put someone into something for my own personal gain!!! I'm not going to show everyone what I drive (HIRED SUPERCAR) and where I live (SHOWHOME) under the pretense that they too can do what I do - I couldn't sleep at night if I did all that. Good honest living, that's what it's all about for me Jerry!

Anonymous said...

Christine, it's me the one who according to Jerry needs Psychological help, I just wanted to say - You do a great job and I wish you all the best of success - How do I get in touch with you for tips?

Christene said...

Negativity had been sparked by a bunch of factors, I had learned a very important lesson in my life and that would be;

"Touch a man's wallet and see him angry"

Technically this is just a figure of speech, but true for both men and woman. If you want to spark a war take people's money or deprive them of it. We have unions for that exact reason in our workplaces - to make sure that people are treated within their rights.

Banners made the mistake to go into that "no-go zone" by delaying payments for long periods of time and therefore the negativity and anger could not be avoided. Many people had worked on Banners for a long period of time and yes they had the understanding on how the system works, but without the payouts that's suppose to feed their families and pay the bills, these people became angry.

Empower Network have so much bad reviews it's almost unbelievable - Does the company loose members or fail in paying their members? No they only grow stronger every year and still pay out on time, the massive amount of bad publicity can't damage them, because they PAY OUT, members knows that and stay loyal.

My point?

Bad publicity can't hurt you if you're keeping your promises and keep the current members happy, for positive results have a way to overpower the negative.

What would you do if that $25 000 did not pay out and there was a chance of losing it?
Would you feel angry or just let it be and move on?

This had happened to BB members and some where devastated for only getting back their original investment, while others are still waiting for months now.

I dearly hope that you will get paid in the end along with those still waiting, because no-one deserves to loose hard earned money.

Christene said...

I have a "feel free to mail me" box on the right side of my blog, you can mail me directly.

Jerry said...

Ah dear me. The usual bb graniose claims of bb success. Anonymous, It is really hard not to be judgmental,When we spend so much of our time dealing with poor victims of bb,asking for our help. We have also dealt with many shills and cheerleaders like you in the past. Naturally now that bb is in freefall, there are very few of these left. You are one of the very very last people still making the outlandish claims. Why? because Almost every post in forums and blogs is about NOT getting paid!! Victims from pakistan to the uk. Have you not seen them?? Do you not believe them?
Now Anonymous, when I was called out on my claims of the top bb guys pulling out,moving to the next scam, and distancing themselves from the bb ponzi, I was asked for proof. I provided it.
I'm calling you out now. Provide the proof for your 25,000 withdrawals in a year claims.
PS. If you are talking about 25,000 in virtual money in colored panels, then don't annoy me any more, I have people to help.

Anonymous said...

that person was talking about the monthly fee, you said it yourself: "cancel the monthly charge", BB never charges a credit card monthly, in fact they don't even have your credit card details

you don't have to tell people that they are "lazy" while you answer a question incorrectly

if you don't know that the monthly fee is being taking out of the ewallet which is in no way connected to people's credit card, then you don't have to give the advice to contact the credit card company

Kevin Strause said...

Banners does not pay out funds right?
The support tickets does not work right?

We fund our wallets with our credit cards (money doesn't fall from the sky into the wallet - you have to pay for it)

Now concentrate...

Since banners does not pay out or respond, you will do a charge-back on your credit card if you had funded your wallet - this will automatically be noticed as a charge-back and obviously the money will not be in your wallet anymore because the transaction had been canceled. If there is no money to take then they can't subtract the fee.

Basically you will cancel the transactions you had made.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Kevin, keep in mind that this option will only work for a short time, for everyone is implementing it now to stop funds from being taken. I don't believe that it will be a solution for too long.

There are many important factors when it comes to the charge-back, like the amount of money that's been transferred into the wallet and also the time frame since purchasing.

Way too much information to display within one post.

Christene said...

Dear anonymous, It would clearly be a big task to try and explain to you how you might be able to stop the fees, and frankly I am too tired to explain something over and over, when in fact it is written out clearly on other pages that I had recommended.

Let's try this again.

If you demand a charge-back (sorry but you HAVE TO call your credit card company in order to do this there is no other way) there will be no money to subtract the fees from.

As you might have noticed, BB is not paying anything, yet they still take the fees, so we can't ask them to just refund us, and need to go into alternative routes to stop the fees from being taken.

I dearly apologize for the "lazy" part, but I had done my best to help people by providing links where help can be found, and I had explained over and over again that each person have a unique case, If you are serious about getting your money you will follow those links and see if there might be some valuable information that could help you.

Isidora said...

Thanks Christene for a brilliant review. This is the first time I am reading any of your reviews and I am really impressed. Like many, I have also fallen for a few scams on internet (Banners Broker being one of those) but luckily never got anyone else involved. I wanted to make sure the system worked before I started telling others about it. After being there for almost a year I know for sure that BB doesn't work. You will get nothing back from the money you invested. Zero. Nula. Nil. I paid in $450 and am still waiting for my 'supposedly earner $890. I guess I will never see it. Others who are still thinking about joining - please don't do it. Read about it before you pay anything to BB accounts.
On the other hand, I have recently (after serious research) joined a network marketing business which is expanding here in the UK and is based on pure living, and has products related to health, nutrition and cosmetics. It is nothing to do with 'get rich quick scheme' but a lot of hard work, knowing and understanding your business, attending proper training sessions a couple of times a month and growing with a company. I am very much in the learning stages of it at the moment but I am really interested in the products we are offering and how to place them to the current market and its end users. I would be interested to find out what your thinking is on network marketing businesses and is it as profitable as income online? Many thanks.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Isidora

Network marketing is hard work and it does take some skills when it comes to promoting your products, but in the long run it can also be a profitable business. Many of the "top earners" online is involved in network marketing and making millions by doing it, all a matter of sales tactics and implementing the different marketing strategies.

If you have patience and endurance, you can become quite successful.

Anonymous said...

Phil its probaly people like you that are either on drugs or booze that banners have got away with this scam please go see a doctor or stop drinking

Anonymous said...

Fucking Piece of Shit Scam, I have 5 Pending Withdrawals since January over $6000, Neither my self or any of my referrals have been paid. And Support doest reply, and when they do they are very rude. Chris Smith is an Asshole, He acts like everything is fine, and talks about everyone is getting paid. Fucking Scamming Piece Of Shit. Save your Money, DO NOT JOIN BANNERS BROKER. Do not listen to any of the fucking idiots on here, they are making virtual money, that cannot be withdrawn.

Jerry said...

Well anonymous, your referrals might not thank you for bringing them into this. Best thing you can do is advise any of them who have not had their original investment out, to go to the bank and do a chargeback on their cards. On the grounds that BB did not provide the service they had paid for. Plenty of people have had success going this route. Failing that, report them to the fraud squad in your jurisdiction. Your referrals have been scammed and mugged, and rather than slink quietly away they should fight back.

Jerry said...

BB reported they sold 50,000 panels for the Mercedes lottery
Now 50,000 tickets at $180 each comes to 9 million Dollars.
The Merc cost 150k
So BB made a profit fron their victims again. of 8.8million$ !!
And who won the merc lottery??? Elke Waszmann Top bb recruiter and BB millionaire!!
You could not make it up.

Making Money Through Blog said...

Great post. I just located your blog and wished to let you know that I have certainly loved reading your blogs. At any rate I’m going to be subscribing to your feed and I really hope you are writing again soon. Internet Marketing

Anonymous said...

Your words are rough but you are in line and right in what your saying,
a big distraction with new stuff they have just brought out to distract people
, ,keep the law of the scent,
Chris you will end up in jail
peoples lives have been ruin with this scam

Unknown said...

PROBLEMS ARE HAPPENING BECAUSE AF PEOPLE LIKE YOU! FIRST PRIMO: NOONE IS ENTITLED TO ADVERTISE A MASTERCARD, WHAT YOY HAVE JUST DID. BECAUSE OF THAT, THERE IS NO CARD PROVIDERS IN THE SYSTEM ANY MORE. STUPID PEOPLE PLACING STUPID COMMENTS. THATS THE WAY, HOW IT WAS, IS AND IT WILL BE, BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE NEWER LEARN. AS YOU CAN SEE SOME COMMENTS, PEOPLE HAS ERNED PROFIT BUT BECAUSE OF STUPID COMMENTS, THEY PASSING WRONG INFORMATIONS FORWARD. THEY SIMPLY SPAMMING! BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT SMART ENOUGH TO MANAGE THE ACCOUNT. MANY PEOPLES CAN'T EVEN COUNT PROPERLY. 90% OF PEOPLES DOESN'T KNOW HOW MUCH IS: 2 + 2 x 2=??? And thats the people who are posting crap on every topic around the globe, because officially smarter peoples doesn't spend time reading and what even worst-posting dumm post. You probably are getting organic traffic hits for that blog and you even have paid "google" to place that blog on the top!!! That is just blachhead marketing! Smarter peoples know that, google is now full of spam and comers. They made theirs mark, so they can do everything now, what brings profit! PEOPLE ARE THOSE WHO ARE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!! So remember it and don't you break it!

Unknown said...

Just properly managed accounts are getting paid my dear. I've request the payout in april and 48 hours later I've seen them on my money provider.

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