Stiforp Scam Review (Closed)

Let me first say that I am not an affiliate with Stiforp and this review is based on statistics and not intended to be a sales pitch. Within this Stiforp review, I would like to point out the basic functions of the program along with the general statistics like page views, rankings, and so forth.

Update: As of May 2021, this review is closed and will not be updated!  

Too little interest in the program as it has run its course over time. 

Feel free to read some updated reviews and articles:

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What is Stiforp?

Stiforp (Profits spelled backwards) is a multilevel network marketing company that offers MLM business-building related resources and tools to benefit marketing businesses. Naudar Khazan founded the company in 2011. Stiforp members have access to hundreds of dollars worth of business building software, tools and training materials, and you will be able to make money by referring other people to the program. Stiforp have slick designed web pages that are able to work for almost any topic along with training materials on how to get prospects to your site.

How much does it cost?

As a Stiforp representative, you have to pay a $40 once-off membership fee and then only $9.95 every month in order to stay within the compensation program.

Can you make money with Stiforp?

When you become a member, you will be placed in the “power line” and as soon as you refer 3 members and they join underneath you, you will receive a commission of $2 for the first person and $1 for the other two. You can also earn the quick start bonus every time you sponsor a brand new member and earn $25.

The compensation plan is based on a 2 x 14 forced matrix with an attachment of Power lines. As a 3 star member or above you will get paid $2.50 per member on all the levels across the board.

Stiforp include some the following marketing tools:

Lead Capture Pages – Members have full access to all of the tested landing pages that had proved to be highly responsive, you will also get your own website URL allowing you to send prospects to your lead page to the website or page you prefer.

Autoreponder – Your Stiforp system will send the prospects who visit your lead capture page a series of emails inviting them to join your business with highly responsive pre-loaded follow up messages. You have the option to create your own or just use them instead.

Interactive Flash Movie presentations that explain your opportunity – Video presentations allow prospects to interpret information much more efficiently and have a better success rate when it comes to grabbing attention. Video presentations are tailored to the home based business industry but can be used in many other fields as well.

Contact Manager – Members get an integrated contact manager with built in software to track leads in order for you to know where they are coming from and give you the ability to manage leads with the click of a button.

Video Spokesperson on your site – You can have a real person that appears on your pages to encourage visitors to take the next step. You have a choice of actors that will be able to fit in with your design or needs.

Conference Call Bridges – With Stiforp you can get your own Conference Call Bridge, you will be able to invite new members or even host a team call. Up to a 100 people will be able to call in with no limit on how much you can use it.

Private Webinar Room – This will enable presenters and business owners to hold online webinars that can host up to a hundred seats.

Traffic Rotator – This enables you to run co-op ad campaigns in order to help your team grow. There is no limit to the amount of websites or team members you can add to your rotator, and you can decide what percentage of leads each individual gets.

Phone Burner – The burner allows you to import a list of leads and the system will automatically dial the numbers for you and leave a recorded message on voice mails. With this system, you will cut calling time in half and do not waste time on disconnected numbers, answering machines or busy signals.

These are just the main tools but there are much more like:

  • Follow up script that will enable you to explore the closing ratio.
  • Banner ads to increase online marketing efforts. 
  • Print ad ideas to build your local market along with a team-training site.

Now that I had covered all the basic services that stiforp offers, let me get to the big question everyone is actually here for; 

Are Stiforp a scam or not?

Most defiantly not, this is still a company that is in the stages of building themselves up all over the internet and therefore not that common to most users. Their traffic had indeed climbed over the last year up to 76 979 daily visitors and they had climbed the Alexa rank up to 8097, which is impressive if compared to other programs offering the same service.

Unfortunately, you will have to build a large down line within this program in order to make money and total commitment is crucial. In addition, you will need to have patience for this program will take a few months in order for you to start earning a good amount of money. Multilevel marketing can be a difficult method of earning, but if you are good with referring others and don’t mind investing in this program there is absolutely no reason not to generate an income with Stiforp.

As I had stated so many times, every person works on his/her own phase and has their own goals and skills making it hard for me to say just how long it will take you to generate income within the program. I have to take into account how many hours a person has to invest in this program, along with that I always analyze whether people have the right skill sets, motivation, personalities, and so forth in order to make real money online.

Stiforp is a solid company with quite a few members already earning a good amount of money. You need to understand that this is still MLM and a very difficult method of marketing; you will need to implement the right strategies and be patient for you can earn money as long as you do not expect it to be a get rich quick program.

There a so many people nowadays screaming scam, when in fact they had not done proper homework and failed to market the product within the right strategy and method. Multi level marketing programs had proven over and over in the past and the present to be one of the most profitable methods of earning an income, but it had also proven that this type of business is only reserved for those who either know how to market it or for those willing to be patient, learn and stick through a dry period first before seeing good results. 

The fault is not always within the program but sometimes also within the lack of understanding of users.

Stiforp offers some awesome tools, which alone is worth the price tag if you use them to full potential, I do not promote Stiforp at all, but I love their tools and had used them effectively with my current online business. If you fail in the beginning by promoting Stiforp, then at least give the service itself a second look for it has huge power in itself.

I dearly hope that this review about Stiforp had answered a few questions, but in the end the comments added to this review is what’s making it better, for others can also see real people and how they had personally experienced the program Please share your personal experience by leaving a comment.

If you had enjoyed this post please “like and share” so others can also benefit from it!



Darell Vermeulen said...

Thanks for the good review of stiforp, I see this site online quite often now, and want to sign up, but not sure yet for I am not that good with MLM yet and prefer to do direct sales.

Elliot said...

Thanks for the review about stiforp Christene, I was just about to join up with this program, but thankfully read this first, I did not know that this is MLM based, because I am not good with multi level marketting at all.

Christene said...

Thanks for commenting Darell and Elliot, MLM is indeed a difficult industry to be successful in, but I would like to add that the tools Stiforp offer are also worth the small price tag for it have the ability to take your business up faster than normal. You are not required to promote the program and only use the tools.

Emma Le Roux said...

Hi Christene, I would love to join Stiforp, but not sure how to and where I should start and you pls advise.

Thank You

Derick Loubsher said...

Hi Christene, I would like to use stiforp as well but not sure about the monthly fees also don't want to promote but use the tools for now

Bill Bateman said...

Thanks Christene for a great overview of Stiforp. I have associates who don't as good a job. My Stiforp business continues to grow - over 200 in 4 months. With over 100,000 active members - the low cost and a host of upcoming upgrades I think Stiforp is poised for some explosive growth. Anyone who wants additional information is welcome to contact me - here's a Stiforp post I wrote that includes my contact information

Christene said...

Thanks Bill, I also have a suspicion that Stiforp might become a very successful money making opportunity in the near feature.

Mark Watson said...

Thanks for the overview Christine. I have been a member of Stiforp since the launch and am in the top 50 on the company leaderboards. It's a good opportunity if you're willing to put some effort into it (like any other MLM). Anyone who is interested can take a free tour here: My sponsor is the top earner in the company and we have a few good systems in place for recruiting members into the program.

Christene said...

Thanks for sharing Mark, I am also considering to enroll with the program in a later stage for they are indeed one of the best MLM companies at this moment.

Keep up the good work with Stiforp and have yourself a profitable day.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Emma and Derick, I dearly appreciate you asking me for advise with Stiforp and in order to give those who are struggling a better solution I had asked my friend Bill to post his link below. He is one of the top earners and excellent with helping people enrolling into MLM.

Pls shout if any questions come up

Tony ang said...

Good Info, very straight to the point, and honest pont of view, saying MLM is not a easy moneymaker system, in any biz op is neccesary a continue flow of leads, targetted leads

Christene said...

Thanks for the comments on Stiforp, Olivier and Tony - dearly appreciated!

Unknown said...

Hey.. can see my review at or

Anonymous said...

Christine ... I joined Stiforp and quitted few months later as I was concerned if its really scam????
They asked me back few times but I have doubts...
Is it worth try again??? Thanks

Christene said...

No they are not a scam Susie, it's a well designed Multilevel marketing platform that pays out on time. I have an online associate that work with Stiforp on a permanent basis and I have records of his earnings. Personally I struggle to promote Mlm for I have a passion for SEO, blogging and direct marketing and stiforp require some dedication like any multilevel in order to be successful, therefore it doesn't fit in with my hectic time schedule, but yes that is about the only reason I am not with them at this very moment. If you have the ability to create leads or even just have the talent to chat up all your social friends then it will work for you just fine.

Unknown said...

Hi !

My name is Luca Battiston and I'm a member of STIFORP and I'm still alive :-)))) If you have questions, or if you want to join, feel free to contact me. Christene tells the truth, it is not a "overnight get rich program"

Best wishes from Germany

Unknown said...

From may 24 - june 2 I'm in holidays :-) but remember being self-employed without investing money is not possible.

Good luck

tahar said...

stiforp annonce une novelle classement nomee:3***Plus.entre3star et 4star.very good this new rank .hello

Dhon Han said...

Thanks Christene for you comment for STIFORP, It is a balance and neutral comments. I like it! I join this program 3 weeks ago and have been using their tools. These what I means :

and this my local tools :

Thanks again. Bye

Don Sabelhaus said...

Thanks Christene for a truly unbiased review of Stiforp. So many times a so called unbiased review is either from someone promoting or tearing down the program.

I have been with the program for close to a year and have earned money with it, I also have a good support team in place for anyone interested in joining you can use my signup link:

Thanks again for a fair, unbiased, review.

Christene said...

Thanks for all the kind comments from visitors - I gladly except all the affiliate links on this specific post for I know that Stiforp have power!

Keep up the Good work

Loizos P. said...

Greetings. Thank you for the honest review. I have been in the Stiforp company for just a month and i have to admitt that although i have not yet met the BIG money, i could assure that the system really works. If you remain focused the results will come for sure. Do not hesitate to contact me for any details:

Mark Watson said...

Thanks Christine, looks like your blog is getting a lot of traffic. I'm suprised you haven't joined yet. :)

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Mark, I would actually love to join Stiforp, but at this given moment I am already fully dedicated with 2 programs that is based on teaching complete newbies basic skills. Stiforp is most defiantly a program I will join in the feature.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shawn Oliver said...

Thanks for the non Biased Review of the Stiforp Company Christene.
I have been a member of STIFORP since June 6th and I love it.
I have my own health and fitness website and the Tools Stiforp offers to help me grow MY Business have been great. I have been an Empower Network member and a Pure Leverage Member in the past and no matter the Business you are in or affiliated with Stiforp has Tools that can grow THAT business. Thats what I like about it. It is MLM but you can earn over $2000 a month without ever recruiting anyone. Plus the tools to grow YOUR Business are a great Value for less than $10 a month. I do many things on the web for Earnings and Honestly, NO BS Stiforp helps with ALL of them. Just my 2 cents
Shawn Oliver Any Questions about it just ask

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Shawn, have to agree %100 with you, Stiforp are a great opportunity for everyone including those who just need the tools.

Unknown said...

what will i taught in the training and how will that help me make money

Mark Watson said...

I totally understand Christene, maybe when you're ready. By the way, I got a Stiforp upgrade today from one of your blog visitors, so I owe you a thank you! :)

Unknown said...

I check today and has a poor rating so your blog is mis-leading! Most likely you will not put this comment up for viewing.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christene said...

And your point would be? I am not blind and surely my readers is not blind as well, thanks for highlighting the bad points we can all see that the mywot rating is below 50. Stiforp is a new company, and it will take some time for the ratings to climb (just in case you didn't know that)

Also get yourself a good pair of classes - The rating on "SITEADVISOR.COM" is good and yes I did check it again.

I guess you already noticed that your comment had been published - I am not scared to publish bad comments, after all that is what a review site is all about, the good, bad and ugly.

Anonymous said...

Christene, to be more effective you need some basic grammar coaching. :-)

Christene said...

Please don't post the same comment multiple times.

Christene said...

Thanks for the advise Anonymous, but I think I am doing just fine, I had learn to speak English and write it, all within just over a year. Still making progress and proud of it, negative comments coming from people without names is hardly going to dis-encourage me.

Hervé said...

Thanks for the review about stiforp. I really enjoyed your review. Thank you Christene.

Christene said...

Pleasure Herve, Keep up the good work.

Cristina said...

Anonymous said...

Very great review about Stiforp
I got Stiforp blindly with my freind & looking after this is scam or not
My ref link is
Thanks a lots

Anonymous said...

I guess if you sell Amway you could do stiforp...

Unknown said...

What is the product?

Christene said...

Stiforp offers MLM business-building related resources and tools to benefit marketing businesses.

Christene said...

Most defiantly, MLM marketers love to combine the two, and use the Stiforp tools to market Amway as well.

JP Smith said...

You go, Girl! JP Smith

Nita said...

I came across this program several times but never took the time to learn more. Thanks so much for your helpful information.

Christene said...

Pleasure Nita - Thanks for the comment. Have a awesome day!

Christene said...

Thanks JP - Appreciated!

Umbaran said...

Hi Christene, I read your review and appreciate to your detail coments. Do you ever read the review from Dean Robinson in this link
I think every business way always have 2 faces in one coin; profits or loss; so depend on us how to use the tools.

U. Permana

Unknown said...

Good job Sir. Long live STIFORP..they also provide a rotator:

Unknown said...

Yeah, i read the review too. After reading his review, i went ahead and joined Stiforp. That sound weird right? Well, the only way to know if it works is to take the risk. I could sense Dean Robinson was placing down stiforp and wants to market another company. I joined stiforp today and i will give you details in a month's time or so. Until then,hold on. Cheers

Christene said...

Thanks for the comments Permana and Oluseyi

I had found the review quite interesting and must admit that Dean have a few good points, but we have to remember that Stiforp had never missed payments to their members. MLM is the most difficult form of Marketing and the failure rate is a massive 95% because you need certain skills to master it completely.

MLM take some time - you will not get rich in a month.

You need to be Consistent - If you had found a marketing strategy with positive results you need to stick with it and explode it to the max

Most importantly - If you have a fear of talking to people, you will struggle immensely. Research had shown that a vast majority of rich online entrepreneurs is involved in MLM - Not impossible to make it work, but an open mind is required for this type of business.

Those that scream scam, had problems to find leads, do cold calling or communicate in the right manner or they had given up way too soon.

Your feedback would be appreciated Oluseyi - we are looking forward to it.

Attapol said...

I have already bookmark this page.

True honestly review ever :D
U are so smart, wish ur dream come true soon sis :)


Christene said...

Thanks Pol I dearly appreciate your positive comment

May all your dreams come true as well.

About Stiforp said...

Do not join Stiforp before you read this complete Stiforp review

Don said...

I agree with Don Sabalhaus.Many so called reviews tell you the opportunity is great to promote it for themselves or shoot down a opportunity to promote there own.Nice to see a real review.

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive comment Don - Dearly Appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hello Christene,
I am new to net marketing.This is a nice review and the first time i read it i was about to get into stiforp. Then i did a little more research and i came across POWER LEAD SYSTEM.
I don't know if you've heard anything about PLS but anyway I thought you'd be interested in this, just have a look at what network marketing xperts already call as "the best network marketing tool ever to be released". This Company is About to Go Viral, it launches at September 26. I think you'll be overwhelmed. Go watch the video and if you like to pre enroll freely then just do it

Hope i did sth good for you today

watiman imantep said...

I was a member who had joined distiforp nearly two months, but so far I have not been able to master the tool with well.And why my website was not able to get out? about what went wrong application of me?

Unknown said...

I have a business with It Works Global. I am trying to go viral and let the internet help me with the growth. I have no idea how to do it...will the marketing tools here help me. If so then why don't they work with marketing this company as well??? I really need to find the right program. Anyone ever heard of Empower network? Please if you have good information and are not just trying to sell me something, HELP I am a single mom and I need to figure this out. What a great product I have to offer!!

Unknown said...

I like your objectivity in this article. However I'd like to find somewhere a wiki about different matrix because I don't understand very well the advantages of it.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christene said...

Comment has been removed because of racial remarks - The obvious reason why this person had preferred to stay Anonymous - Too scared to show his face.

Unknown said...

your blog is really great also visit my blog about Rudy Setiawan, Indonesia's world-caliber marketer .. make money from the internet, in bluntly certainly

Gene Seus said...

Hi Christine,
I found this review to be good and balanced. One of the things I like it that the tools are VERY useful for any online business. Here is a short FREE movie which shows you WHY.

This means you can use it and at the same time get paid for telling others about it who are in other businesses. You start getting more than one stream of income from the same efforts with people.
Link to the movie...

The link to my regular business is...

Anonymous said...

How many languages do you speak Anonymous???? Only English???...d...... said...

I like your review about Stiforp. it is a futuristic company and I feel will become a household name. I say get in now it could pay off big a year from now.

Christene said...

Have to agree. So far Stiforp is playing by the rules 100% and payout are on time. Search queries had rise and popularity increased. Most defiantly a program that will bring something for the future.

Unknown said...

Hi Christine,

Just wanted to update your readers, there is now an annual 3 Star Plus position available to all members that pays out $50 fast start commissions. Some other good things coming soon as well!
What Is Stiforp?

Christene said...

Thanks for the update - dearly appreciated!

Unknown said...
Whether you’re an experienced veteran in the realm of network marketing or brand new to this exciting world, one thing everyone can appreciate is having someone to guide you toward your destination!

When that destination is a rank advancement bonus that pays out $550,600 in rank advancement bonuses – ALL on TOP of an ULTRA LUCRATIVE COMPENSATION PLAN – then you’ll REALLY want to pay attention to the directions your GPS is giving you!

Advancement bonuses :

4 Star - 100 $
5 Star- 500 $
5 Star Elite- 5000 $
Diamond Star Elite - 500,000 $

Total : 550,600 $
Thank you

Hemantrai Desai said...

Hi, Christene, I have joind Stiforp on 23rd. and Compny Momentum showes that76964 Paid member &231131 Pre enrolled Member under me.I am not good with MLM, but as a3Star Distributer in matrix 14th level 32735 member is require to get $.8100 some thing.Now my question to you, they say even if you don't refer a single member you will get $2400[Roundfigure] on 14 th level As i said with in 2days in my power line 76886 Paid member has joined under me, are they fall in matrix all paid member [76886] under me ? If it is so, can i get minimum amount $.2400[Roundfigure] from the next month? please explain.

Unknown said...

If you do not want anyone you're Simply a Distributor and you are entitled to commissions from Matrix to level 12.

You will receive Commission from the Matrix at the end of the month, depending on how many people you have in your personal matrix every 0.25 per person.
Persons who come under you are sent by your sponsor or the one under which you were placed in the Matrix through that system called Spilover.
You'll earn harder because you sit and you wait for others to work for you and will take up when it handles the 12 levels of the matrix when you are entitled to a monthly postal $ 2047. That in case of a Matrix on 12 levels.-Distribuitor

If you want to earn more and recommend your business to better your knowledge for starters then try doing promotion.

System and career steps are so easy to achieve. With just 2 people you can qualify from 1 Star to 5 Star and recommend those who are doing the same thing: performs duplication.

Those who find you on site at the company's Momentum and statistics are not assigned to you in the Matrix.

This bonus is paid once a month, and for a full Stiforp pays commissions matrix as follows:

- $ 2047,5-a distributor or 1 STAR (full matrix 12 levels- 4096 people)

- $ 4095,5-2-a STAR (full matrix 13 levels-8192 people)

-$ 8191,5- a member of 3,4 or 5 STAR (matrix full 14 levels-16384 people)
Like I said you'll get from the people above located in the Matrix: your direct Sposorl and under that is placed but harder because you will stand to wait to work others for you.
As you fill your matrix will last: 2.4 ,8,16, ... ...4096 people (level 12)

Commissions from the Matrix for each person in our matrix we are paying 25 cents each, whether those individuals are or not submitted to us.

Unknown said...

Hi, I just enrolled two days ago, Now I got this......... since you preenrolled, 76 PAID MEMBERS and 2706 Preenrollee have already been placed under YOU in the Powerline!........ Is that a good thing? Am I going to get paid? or is their a whole lot more to do?

thank you.

Christene said...

You are a star Adriano - Thanks for the detailed explanation!

Unknown said...

I am an engineer by profession but I work in online business for over 12 years where we have networks that handle from 25 to 300 people.
In Stiforp coordinate and help a team quite beautiful as a number and I'm not crying that the business does not work.I think the first IMPORTANT thing is to understand how it works, to do something to develop and to earn more.
What many don't realize the gains here are endless ....
But Stiforp does not mean submission to sit and wait for others to work for you as your winnings will automatically come harder because it will take some time completing the array.
If you follow and understand Stiforp recommendations to present this opportunity, your aquaintance and you'll realize how easy it is to advance in step in step with 2 people.
That's in case you haven't been put to sell anything!
Suppose your friends list has been exhausted.What will you do?
Having a business (are you even a small EMPLOYER, EMPLOYER and even the jobs crisis is everywhere) with a derisory cost $ 10 per month and YOU HAVE a business globally in over 200 countries.
What we need to do?
To promote this business and your links on your pages, which the company already put them at your disposal already customized with your username in the ONLINE environment.
You will need to learn if you want to achieve success faster and earn more money than Internet Marketing, promotional methods, etc.
You will need to read and experience and advice ...Christene Swanepoel even if some don't refer to Stiforp
Stiforp is also called rapid gains business for those who understand and wish, learn and know how to promote this opportunity you have.
Weekly and monthly payments are
In addition the company payments as TRANSPARENCY and pay them on time and exactly CORRECT, cannot be put to doubt.
For further details with your permission allow me to offer you my blog address for more information and besides who needs help to contact me to try to find a solution to better and progress.

Unknown said...

I offered for information before my blog address which can be translate with Google on the blog with more information I hope but for those who want my site in English can be read here :
in addition can be contacted for any further misunderstandings and misinterpretations in connection with Stiforp

Christene said...

Thanks Adriano, very few people have an understanding on how the online industry works and most expect instant results too fast, especially with multilevel marketing. You sure have a better understanding about Stiforp and know what it takes to grow a business. Will gladly add your full link in the post. Feel free to mail it to my personal email:

Unknown said...

It's perfectly true what you say!
Coordinate several teams in several business including in Stiforp
Online Conferences in which we present business and answer the questions in English.
To those of my help standing on network and learn how to develop your business Stiforp.
Many do not understand but I'm looking to make them understand and successfully do business that is so EASY.
The question of the post before I ever thought of how we can provide a simple answer to be able to be understood by all.
Is a difference in understanding of terms 2 :
-persons who you come from, you, the sponsor, or the person that you were placed in the Matrix for which you'll realize that passive income of $ 0.25 per month no matter who enrolled them in Matching Bonus
- -persons who have registered AFTER YOU means that you won't get anything not written by you
Is an evolution of the company and a trust company in which enable or you decide to activate it
For those who have not experienced and do not know how to build networks, although the Stiforp can win and so heavier, but expecting others to work for you Not realize other simple things
The Internet is vast and depends on the advertising but last but not least the quality of advertising that you do
In addition all should see the benefits of this opportunity where you have nothing for sale for a ridiculous price advantage of marketing tools that can help you develop your business or any other business Siforp.
It would be simpler to understand, learn to promote your business with marketing tools provided and why not ask for help from people who can help, mainly their sponsor directly.
I've seen so many Internet businesses, many try to copy Stiforp but in all analyzed and studied in terms of the advantages offered does not compare with Stiforp.
Luck to all

Anonymous said...

thanks for review Christene, i join stiforp since 25 aug 2013

anyone can join with me

Unknown said...

Hi Christine !
I M from Serbia And i Am Stipforp member about more than two years without a single cent earnings...
I know i dont have anybodey in my downline but Stipforp says to like you : "You are not required to promote the program and only use the tools."
Best Regards : Lajos J.

Angela smith said...

Very good review Christine. Thank you
I will be using Stiforp with my Organo Gold Business. My sponsor uses the webinar facilities to do group training with people all over the world.
Organo Gold is a company selling coffee, latte, tea, mocha,and hot chocolate with a healthy ingredient - Ganoderma the 'King of herbs' in Chinese herbal medicine, also know as Reishi or Linghzi. Organo Gold is sold through distributors and offers a fantastic compensation program.

Unknown said...

I managed to set up everything with stiforp tools. I sent some emails as tests to my email accounts and they were flagged as spam. Any suggestions to avoid this?

Luis said...

Thanks for sharing quality information and important for help those who like me have Internet Business .In my channel also have information .

joel said...

only on stiforp , you will get the fast bonus without, selling, promoting dan ever find downline, with just $49.99, you membership full 1 month, you will got the bigest income you never imagine... , click and join now. just lock you positions, nice review, lets succes together

joel said...,
lets succes together

Anonymous said... Stiforp naver fail to pay.

Anonymous said...

nice review, let become a succes people: an join us

Unknown said...

Hello everyone -

I joined Stiforp August 2013. I am still trying to build a downline.
I am disabled in a wheelchair and my income is limited with being on social security.
So I don't have money to invest in advertising.
I would like to try to purchase the leads that Stiforp provides, but it will take time for me
to save money to buy the leads. They are expensive.
For those of you who are members of Stiforp, can you offer me tips on how to enroll
new members to build my Stiforp business?
Such as Bill Bateman - how did you bring in 200 members in 4 months?

Thank you.


Unknown said...

1.Spasm Google : "What messages are marked as spam" :

2.I don't know if you have done so.
At the end of each message you must enter a text that you can give it to unsubsribe if you do not wish to receive such messages and will not be interpreted as Spasm:

If you only want to <> receive such messages from me you can unsubscribe by clicking on the Unsubscribe button in the discussion from the basement of this message and you will be automatically unsubscribed.

Unknown said...

Hi Sandra,

I'm currently in the top 40 overall with Stiforp, and would recommend trying safelists and listbuilders to promote with if you're on a tight budget. You can find a great source of safelists and listbuilders HERE. TO find out more about Stiforp, you can read my Stiforp Review and make sure to read through Christene's blog thoroughly. She has a lot of great info on here!

Unknown said...

I wonder how does this work? Do we need to create a web site? If so we need to have a host? Do we need to choose a niche market for our own web site before we put it to FB, Tweeter, Linked etc.. Please let me know. Thank you

Unknown said...

Hi Christine, I'm a loyal member of STIFORP eventhough i just jumped in for 2 months now. I received many misguided information about STIFORP based on what Dean's wrote in his review. I notice most of what Dean's wrote was not really based on real fact. I like Oluseyi attitude toward this, how he decided to try because he saw that the review was not clearly depict STIFORP since the reviewer never went "deep" inside STIFORP.

I just made an article today in Indonesian, about whether or not STIFORP is money game. I look over ponzy and pyramid schema definition, and I found none pointed to stiforp's business type.

Most of people think, stiforp's products is unreal. Now, as you know, and i know, that isn't true. Email marketing service for instance is very useful products, and i don't see any one who claimed themselves as internet marketer donno how to use such product.

And can the product be sell again? Of course i said. Take conference call bridges for instance. Stiforp set it up. And you got all the setting. You can sell it to your friends, colleague. With the setting in your hand.

Not to mention the price. Cmon! It's so cheap.

But i do have to say the flaw in stiforp system so far, is their customer service. I think mr. Nauder Khazan must really take emphasize on this. They have really bad customer service. Whoever behind their desk must be rolled out. If they able to furnish this CS line, their business will rocket high even further.

And regarding the domain, which will be expired in 2019; i think Mr Khazan also have to renew it next to 2040 or something to let everybody having peace of mind knowing that their company plan to stay in long row.

If stiforp really serious, i think they should hire you in.

For those who like to join my network, getting private tutorial on how to begin mlm business with stiforp, how to promote, how to recruit online, how to make a website and all, and integrated it with stiforp products, you guys most welcome to join me:
please sign up here:

and for indonesian, do take a look and our website support for stiforp in bahasa: Bisnis Online Paling Menjanjikan

Unknown said...

Hi Angela, if you don't mind i'm going to take screenshot over your comment and put it in my website to prove that stiforp product's does work to be used on other business as well.


Unknown said...

Hi Ramunsyah, r u indonesian? if so i would like to invite you to join stiforp under my team. You can read more info about stiforp in; and do check several posting as well. And i'll be happy to mentor you on each step of the way. Please also add my facebook.

But need to explain here, this is not - and there's no such what most people expect to be: get rich quick.

I would like everybody to read this article:
Defeat Your Fear of Losing Money and You Will Gain Some More

To answer a little regarding your question; perhaps i need to underline 1st: STIFORP is MLM. You can enter stiforp in 2 entry point: 1. to use their products which is very excellent products with very low price. Or 2. Join their MLM Business. By meaning 2; to run MLM business you need to promote stiforp to others or recruiting. The great things about STIFORP as 100% internet based MLM, all the recruiting can be done 100% from internet. That's why stiforp said you don't need to call your friends or relatives. In internet you can promote stiforp to anyone in the world that you haven't know before.

How to do it? Internet Marketing should be implemented. How? Well, i can teach you how. Do we need a website? Yes and no. You can start promoting without a website. Of course! Stiforp had created website referral for their members. Integrated with good follow up system, so anyone you sent to that website, role in, will be followup by stiforp, and once their joined you get the "price".

Really easy to do this. In-fact it can be just a copy pasting things. But, eventhough this is really easy, what makes most people failed in this industry simply because they don't have the right mindset and attitude to success. All you need to do, in whatever u do, in everyday's life simply: keep on going and do things continuously. If you failed, don't blame stiforp. blame yourself for not having the right attitude to success.

- 2 cents-

Unknown said...

Hi savvas, one of the mistake we often used during email campaign is putting too many links inside our email. This is also one of the aspect why our email trapped in spam folder. Try not to use too many links.

Unknown said...

hi watiman if you are indonesian, you can add my facebook. Eventhough you are not my team in stiforp, but i'll be happy to help you explaning more about stiforp.

Unknown said...

Hi Hemantra, if you don't mind i would like to help answering your question here.

The things about powerline did confuse several people when their 1st joined stiforp. Powerline is actually "tricky" marketing act. It's just a way STIFORP telling you how fast they grow over time. People below your powerline doesn't mean right away going inside your matrix. When they said there were xxxx people under you in powerline, meaning there were xxxx people join stiforp just after you joined. It is not clear, however whether the sum of people here does reflect all the new members who just signup as pre-enrollee in stiforp after you, or only some of it; because they have divided it into several lines.

But whatever it is, you can put aside this powerline things, and study more about stiforp bonus plan.

In excerpt you got 3 type of bonuses:
1. direct : based on your own recruit and your downline's recruit.
2. Indirect : based on stiforp matrix system
3. bonus


Let me further explain 1st Matrix Commission. Matrix is pyramid. Stiforp using forced matrix binary. You have the right for 2x12 level if you join monthly membership, and 2x14 level deep if you joined yearly membership.


Unknown said...

Now this matrix will be filled automatically by stiforp system (you don't have access directly to this matrix). Stiforp system will fill this matrix for you based on:
1. Your own recruit (people you recruit will go to different tree of network:
a. Network of your own sponsoring - no restriction - you can recruit as many
people as you like (proof that stiforp is not pyramid scheme!)
b. Network passively created by STIFORP system using forced matrix
binary system, where all member stiforp will be arrange by matrix binary
(everyone only have 2 downline)

2. Spill Over
The matrix will be filled by someone above you who keep recruiting people.

3. People already in your matrix who also recruiting.

Before i made summary on this, let me give lil picture:
you (A) bring B to join STIFORP. B will be in your matrix binary as well as in your sponsoring tree.

B take C to join as member.

You (A) take D and E as well to join your team.

In matrix binary STIFORP arrange each people to only have 2 member below them and will spill it over below till each got 2 people as their downline (please beware this is different from your sponsoring tree which is unlimited!).

I already asked STIFORP directly on how the method of this; they explained that people will be 1st filled below left, and then went to the right till the end of the line, and back below left again, and so on.

so your matrix will be like this:


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...


| B (direct sponsoring) and D (direct sponsoring) |

|| C (B's direct sponsoring) + E (A's direct sponsoring) ||

B in this case got his matrix filled by your spill over ; which is E
And YOU (A) got your matrix filled by B direct sponsoring which is: C

In this case : YOU got matrix commission bonus as follow: 4 people in your matrix x 0.25 = $1

If they continue become stiforp member, you continue get this $1 per month!
Now in your different tree : your TREE OF SPONSORING, you get this:

You (A)
Level 1: B D E
Level 2: C

You can also benefit for monthly bonus from MATCHING BONUS which is based on matrix commission bonus on each people under you in this SPONSORING TREE.

That means, the only person has matching bonus is the one with matrix already filled. From above case; B has 2 people below him on the matrix (one from spill over from you; and the other from his own sponsoring) - meaning B received 2x0.25 = 0.5 matrix commission.

And you (A) deserved 50% matching bonus out of B's matrix commission; meaning you got $0.25 matching bonus.

Your total matrix commission plus matching bonus in such picture above:
$1.25 per month

- forget the powerline explanation all you need to know, once you joined stiforp you got cash back named "powerline bonus" $4 = that's it.
- when you serious with stiforp - put aside first about matrix commission and matching bonuses; because at beginning it will only bring you small amount of money
- concentrate only on : RECRUITING. Just recruit and recruit. Limitless. And help people you recruit to duplicate what you do. Everybody concentrate on recruiting people online.

Manifest internet marketing.

Do it everyday. Just say at beginning you can only recruit 1 people a month, just do it again and again, in times you will be able to recruit 1 people a day; and the number will expand along the time, the more you master this online recruitment.

Imagine if you able to recruit 1000 people already. Meaning you got $25 x 1000 (but i recommend joined 3 star plus so you got $50 per person you enrolled) ; you get: $25,000 already in your pocket as FAST START BONUS

And $0.25 x 1000 in your matrix commission bonus each month: $250 per month!

Total for 1000 people you enroll for 1 year:
Fast start bonus = $25,000
Matrix Commission Bonus : 12 mo x $250 = $ 3,000
GRAND TOTAL = // $28,000 //

These haven't yet depict your income from your network. From your downline who's also duplicate what you do.

Is stiforp have the potential to bring wealth to your door step? Definitely. Is it going to be easy? Yes. But, it will need serious effort, time and focus, consistency, the right mindset of success; the same things you need to be successful in anything you do in life.

- hope this is help-
Nuke Hatta,

Unknown said...

thanks for the unbaised review about stifop.
my kwesi from Ghana and proud member of stiforp. I joined stiforp about 6mongs ago and am proud to say that im doing this business full time with a very powerful system in place. All i can say is that it is a proving income generation system.
my link is

Suhrita Roy said...

Thanks for the review Christene I had joined the stiforp on 19 and same day I enrolled a paid member. Even though they say that we earn without sponsoring anyone, I am doubtful whether one can earn without sponsoring. Let me see. Wish me luck.

Christene said...

Congrats on getting your first member.

I have to agree that you will not make that much without referring others to Stiforp. It is always a good idea to build up a down-line with any MLM program.

Feel free to keep us updated on your progress.

Best of luck, I am sure that you will reach your goals.

Unknown said...

Well Ms Reviewer dudette, how do the tools match up with Pure Leverage? I've known Nauder for 20+ years and was contacted when they started but, as much as I respect Nauder, wasn't ready to do anything with anybody. I've known of Joel since the kiosk days, matter of fact I was one of the first 100 or so to join the .ws deal. Was doing something else in both cases. Been sitting on my butt since. On the surface it appears they are bringing similar tools to the table. Don't know that I want to do either, but wife needs help with her business and the internet seems the obvious place.
God bless,

Unknown said...

See, told you I'm a technophobe!!! last time I posted I had to log into google...this time???

Muhammad Ehsan said...

Thank you for review its refresh my mind ,its hard to type using mobile. ...pleasure to join can read my review here .

Suhrita Roy said...

Hi Christene
This is a very nice post. I had once been introduced to STIFORP by someone but before joining I checked this review. Once I joined, I saw that everything you said was true. STIFORP has a bonus plan called fast track bonus where you have to recruit 3 members and attend 3 webinars to gain 200 leads. Burning with enthusiasm i recruited two members in first day itself. I got $50 as commission. Next I tried to update the payment option section. I am from India so cheque facility is unavailable for me. I tried to update my bank details for getting my payment through direct transfer process. Here started the problem. Every time I tried, same error message was given by the systemthat the IFSC code was wrong. I checked with my bank and even in the Internet. The code I knew was correct. Next I tried the same procedure with two other banks where I have my accounts. The error message was similar. I contacted support. After a gap of six days they replied, that the system will accept only that IFSC code which is available in the system and that I should try the other payment option. The third payment option was ipayout. I had to pay signing charges of $35 and also monthly fees. So, now I feel like cheated.
I am already in a home based business and I had invited my affiliates from that business to join STIFORP. I am afraid due to this problem I might lose their faith on me. My team url in that business is
They really have a very good back up support. Even if the direct sponsor is inactive, there is a co sponsor and upline team leaders upto 6 levels who are ready to answer any questions. I am a person with non marketing background but with the support of my sponsors I got 306 affiliates in 5 months which for me was unachievable earlier.
When I compare the two business, I feel that SFI is outstanding in transparency, , in my opinion is the foundation stone of a sustaining business.
Anyone who joins me at will get $8 if they qualify as a Team Leader in the first month. For knowing how to become a team leader you may refer to
Looking forward for your review on SFI.
Once again thanks Christene, your reviews are unbiased and elaborate

Unknown said...

Hi, I am with Syntek Global as a independent distributor. Take a look my site:
The internet marketing business for those who are not familiar with the company. This is a company selling a fuel additive XFT (extreme fuel treatment) that decrease fuel consumptions in average 10%, dramatically reduce emissions (over 30%),improve performance and horse power and decrease repairs and downtime. Let's say a very useful product without doubt. I leave in Croatia where I found very hard to promote this kind of business because standard of population is not on a good level so I would like to expand it over the boarder and go global.
Do you think Stiforp could be helpful for this kind of IM business too? Regarding all I have read till now I would say yes.

Suhrita Roy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suhrita Roy said...

Hi Slavko
I think I will be able to help you. If interested you may contact me at my email
Best wishes With your business

Unknown said...

Hi Suhrita,
I wrote you a mail yesterday. Hope you get it. Thank you for your willing to help me. Can you be a littlke more specific? How can you help?
Best redards

Unknown said...

one spelling mistake pls can u notify that

Famous Gadget Store said...

Thanks for this honest review Christine. I just sign up but not upgrade yet but I probably well soon.
For now I am making money with eBay and working with the top Power Seller on ebay.

Kris said...

Hi, Is there anyone who has earned out of STIFORP actually? I got myself enrolled few days back but did not upgraded yet. I can see that there are more than 120 Paid members in my downline and many more who are unpaid members. Can anyone tell me if I upgrade to member I will get any advantage of my downline paid members.

Kris said...

Hi Suhrita,

I joined STFIORP few days back and also upgraded to paid member 2 days earlier. Now I have over 92 paid members in my powerline. Could you please guide me if I will be benefited from these paid members? Or I need to recruit people to earn from this?


Suhrita Roy said...

Hi Kris
I am a member of STIFORP and here downline and power line are two different things. Power line shows the growth of the company you won't earn any thing from powerline. Downline is your earning potential. You need to actually recruit members yourself to see some bucks. They pay $25 for recruiting a new member instantly. I got paid for the two members I had recruited.
If you are interested in Internet business you must check out It is free to join and has a gold mine of information on Internet marketing.

lorzyhere said...

Always have a whois lookup at those scam looking sites from and check whether the disclosed contact details are true and whether they are trusted to your knowledge.If not it is likely to be a scam.You can also check the website reputation and safety at

Unknown said...

Have to admit the ad is quite interesting promising you earning with all people placed below you and then reading a different story here about you get paid on people that you recruit.

Unknown said...

Hi, may I have some information about the payment of stiforp please? I don't have a credit card and master card to do the payment. I watched a video which explains about credit wallet in the system that can be used for the new sign up that doesn't have a credit card or master card. I want to be a member of stiforp, any information about that? Thank you

Unknown said...

click sini untuk maklumat lanjut:

Bagaimana kami membantu anda menjana pendapatan RM50 dan RM100 secara berterusan.

Hanya bayar RM50 sahaja dulu dan anda sudahpun boleh menggunakan kemudahan sistem ini, serta dapatkan kembali modal RM50 anda itu dalam tempoh tak sampai 24jam.

Ya, inilah tawaran terbaik dari kami. Anda hanya perlu membayar RM50 sahaja dahulu dan akaun anda akan diaktifkan sebagai "Paid Member" serta-merta. Apabila diaktifkan sebagai "Paid Member" maka anda sudahpun boleh menggunakan kemudahan sistem yang disediakan

Sponsor seorang hari ini, maka hari ini juga anda akan dapat semula modal anda, jadi ianya tiada risiko langsung.

Anda berpeluang menjana pendapatan berterusan dalam gandaan RM50 serta-merta terus ke akaun bank anda, mulai hari ini juga, iaitu melalui program Pemasaran (Reseller Program)

Setiap peserta yang menyertai kami dan telah menjadi "Paid Member", maka secara automatik, dilantik sebagai Reseller kami dan diberi hak untuk menerima pendapatan berupa bayaran RM50 dari semua tajaannya (Direct Referral) apabila mereka ini membuat bayaran bagi menggunakan kemudahan sistem laman web ini. 100% tajaan anda akan membuat bayaran terus ke akaun bank anda tanpa melalui pihak admin atau mana-mana pihak ketiga. Tiada mana-mana tajaan anda yang akan di pass-up kepada upline anda, sebaliknya 100% semua bayaran ini adalah milik anda dan apabila mereka menyertai program ini

click sini untuk maklumat lanjut:

doris said...

great new business like a Stiforp ,but with compensation plan a very profitable.Between $ 25 and $ 75 for each new direct and $ 20 a month for every two people in your network,

Unknown said...

Wealthy Affiliate is a amazing community with training and support. I love it. You can start with a free account.

Anonymous said...

The video to join is saying it is free and your article is sharing that there is a cost. I believe that is misleading on Stiforp's end. Marketing that there isn't a cost. So thanks for revealing that part. When I see discrepancies in what is being told my the promotions..I am already suspecting there is more being twisted. This goes to show..always research before jumping in! I am into low cost systems and tools, so for this to ask for $40 and then $25 per month..People will once again say I am not going to pay to work from home. Is it the access to software or the system?..They need to at least explain and you can get software to promote for a one time $100 and get leads. So this is charging before people can earn. Also, the video says you pay $10 a month. What's it going to be Stiforp?

Unknown said...

I think this needs to be said: work is supposed to pay YOU, not the other way around. Any legitimate company would never ask for money from their associates, no matter where that is, even online. If you're looking to do MLM, one of the biggest warning signs is having to pay for it, since the company's income is you and all the others they got to join, and the whole plan is very unstable and unsound; this only works if you don't think of the bottom-most level, where they're paying for no profits, and so aren't going to stick around long. Unless you're an amazing recruiter, the bottom will fall out eventually, and STIFORP will be the only one left the winner. If you feel that you'd like to do work-at-home MLM, though, there is a free option, and I mean free as in you never pay for anything, ever, not even membership: SFI. Yes, it requires you to advertise their items, and you earn based on commissions, but at least there's no risk involved, since they never ask you for a dime. If you feel like trying it out, here's the link:
Best of luck to all of you, and I hope this helps!

Unknown said...

stiforp est une belle affaire si vous voulez la rejoindre cliquez ce lien

Unknown said...

I dont know how in the long run the stiforp will do but I still thought to give it a shot.
I would really appreciate if anyone could register from my link. >^.^<

edi martinez said...

Hola Christene soy miembro de Stifor.
En todo el que colabore a nivel PLUS anual, DOS BONOS DE INICIO RÁPIDO se pagará.

La primera $ 25 Bono de Inicio Rápido se pagará exactamente como lo es actualmente, al reclutador.

La SEGUNDA $ 25 va a la calificada miembro de 3 estrellas plus en línea ascendente o superior.

Para todos los miembros que alcancen el rango de 3 estrellas plus o superior, ya sea mediante el cumplimiento de los requisitos de inscripción y de volumen, o simplemente por unirse a la opción PLUS anual que le da la clasificación automática, usted calificará para ganar 25 dólares adicionales Bonos de Inicio Rápido en TODO EL MUNDO inscribirse personalmente en el nivel PLUS anual y en todo el mundo a tu pueblo NO CALIFICADO inscribe en el ámbito PLUS anual.

Esto significa que si usted está calificado a las 3 estrellas plus o superior, usted ganará $ 50 Bono de Inicio Rápido en todo el mundo que hayas inscrito. Y cuando uno de sus inscriptos personalmente sin ranking, de 1 estrella, 2 estrellas o 3 miembros de la Estrella se matriculan a alguien a nivel PLUS anual, van a ganar el primer $ 25 Bono de Inicio Rápido, y usted ganará el segundo $ 25 Bono de Inicio Rápido en sus personas codificados a USTED.

¿Qué significa esto - IMPORTANTE

Esto también significa que si alguien que usted personalmente inscrito actualizaciones a anual PLUS otro Bono de Inicio Rápido se dará a conocer . Que Bono de Inicio Rápido se destinará a la primera calificada estrella PLUS 3 miembro o por encima clasificado en su línea ascendente. Así que si usted no es 3 estrellas PLUS cualificado, que Bono de Inicio Rápido rodará sobre ti y depende de la persona por encima de usted que esté calificado en 3 Star Plus o superior.

Así que asegúrese de actualizar a anual PLUS ANTES sus miembros hacen para que no se vean perjudicados en cualquier Bonos de Inicio Rápido .... además de que podría recoger algunos los extras de la gente que se inscribió que no actualizan con la suficiente rapidez cuando su gente actualizar.

Y no hemos terminado aún .

Unknown said...

I am looking to expand my current working from home business that ive been doing for some time now im happy an successful what im doing not realy interested in making the money from "stiforp"but im interested in the tools they offer .
QUESTION : Can "stiforp" show me how to more traffic to my website an if so what level do I join in as the first level or the top level? Curious an would love some advise to be pointed in the right direction thank you

Unknown said...

Not happy with Stiforp, came on as a 3 level , which cost $199 , 3 months later I decide to terminate my membership and they won't give me any of my money back. This company is not a fair company to deal with. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

They are not a fair company to work for.

Unknown said...

not a fair company to work for!

IAMtheBLOGGER said...

Ms Elaine, you are now on the right path. If you want to know some details, just check my website:

It really works! You will also see there some of my Payment Proofs during my first weeks in the business.

Keep it up!

ALVER said...

I have read many things and stiforp opinions on the internet, and doing careful research I came to a conclusion , for all those who believe the scam or unreliable , or even the classic chain santantonio.The STIFORP's concept that offers services , such as listed in my other post , the most inportant in my opinion and 'to email marketing , which already covers the expenses of its annual STIFORP asks for registrarsi.Tanto to make an example if you search on the internet companies that offer this service are all for a fee , with prices much more high at around 15/16 dollars a month to be able to send email 20/30 thousand per month , so with this I have already responded to many doubters topic.There are also other services that STIFORP offers , including some already , and others for a fee , and this ' confirmation that STIFORP offers services , high quality' and does not sell smoke , otherwise we would not see dozens of members per day . Then if we add also the compensation plan that offers STIFORP here because of the success it is having .

Unknown said...

I want to see some proofs and who has earned money in this, and for how long was that money earned. Thank you, joining is not a problem, but getting the real person who can give real proofs.

Anand said...

Hi Christine!
Your's is a wonderful site. I am a regular follower. I like your posting...........I am a full time Online Entrepreneur that is actively engaged in marketing, traffic brokering and blogging. SEO is my hobby and keywords research my addiction. God is my Boss!

Anonymous said...

leo is the easy earning way company everyone please visit and join

iqbashaz said...

I am also a member of the site. But I have stopped to pay monthly fee of $10 long ago. I don't know to how to do marketing. I tried through traffic exchanges but could not succeed. I got Three leads out of which one upgraded member. I got my first commission of $25 through alertpay. But later I could not get lead. So I stopped. Please help me how to succeed in this business.

100 percent walling said...

Thank you very much Christene for all your hard work in keeping us posted. I have followed your advise and training throughout 2015. I took what I've learned from you and went looking for an Online Business that will suit my needs. Recently I signed up with All In One Profits, and I'm very happy with the move that I've made using your tips. For the first time I'm actually earning Online for the first time.
Thanking you kindly.

Unknown said...

I joined Stiforp and I pay $9.95 a month and they pay me $29 a month at the moment. I have only started to promote and have not recuited anyone yet. Imagine what would happen if I started recruiting my downline.

Anonymous said...

All depends on how you wanna make your monopoly play-money. Work like a slave to the system as a good little wage-earner, build a "legit" business and hire others to slave for you, or convince others to share of their hard-earned debt-money to line the pockets of these MLMs' executives and receive your trickle from their massive profits. I don't know if any of it matters. Build your own MLM and stand on top of all the smucks that pay into it.

Taker 316 My Adds Up said...

It amazes me how someone can give a review on something that they are not a member of.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Jennifer Rouse.... Empower Network is basically another business model to help you get business. Great tools, but expensive. I joined National Wealth Center, which is a 17 yo debt-free affiliate can check it out at Your team is crushing it. Superior training; great products.

Jannet said...

Christene was actually a member at the time of the review and helped me to understand all the basics. One does not have to stay with a program if you are not going to use it.

rabiegeorgey said...

I joined stiforp for 2 month now and I have over 3000 people in my PowerLine but I have not received aNY money from stiforp everything I email them they give me excuses that do not make sense can any one who had 0 people recruited can send me a picture of thier earnings to prove to all of us that this program is legit and I paid the $199 yearly membership

Anonymous said...

hi, medam Sfi How many days to take payout? every month 15members to joined to qualify next levels up to 14 levels it is ok, tell sfi how to take commission without enrolled members...