Chris Farrell Membership Scam Review

Within this post, I would like to Review the Chris Farrell Membership and pin point the advantages as well as disadvantages. I had specifically done this review as a reference for those constantly seeking for online help and I would like to put my own perspective alongside with the Chris Farrell review. Currently I am not active within the membership anymore for I had learned everything I need and I am more geared to learning techniques that are more advanced, but I still have access to my membership and from time to time, I like to update on knowledge a bit. 

Chris Farrel reviewThe post might be a long read but I strongly advise newbie’s or even those still struggling to make an income online to read through it, for it will give you a better understanding on how to become successful and the skills you need to learn in order to do so.

Who is Chris Farrell?
Chris Farrel
Chris is one of the most successful and respected internet marketers in the industry and he had been voted as the number one Coaching Program by the famous IMReport card in 2011, 2012 as well as this year. Chris had started online in 2008 without any experience and within 6 months, he made an average of $200 a day and then after 9 months he had his $1000 days. In August 2010, he had made well over 1 million in sales and has been keeping it up ever since. Chris Farrell has a huge audience and members are very fond of him and his learning techniques.

What is the Chris Farrell Membership?

Chris had created this site for people interested in building their own online businesses and profit from it. This membership provides all the strategies and tactics that you need to build your own website, drive traffic and build leads, to only name a few. All the products on the membership site will show you step by step all the methods that Chris had used in order to become successful in an understandable way.

Why Chris and Why Basic Training?

Well let me be honest with you, the failure rate is high in fact just a little over 90 percent, and the odds are against you right now if you are a newbie or still struggling to make a good amount online. I am not the type to soft-soap for honesty has better results, and if you are reading this, I am quite sure that you are still struggling. No matter how much you Google and browse around in the end you are going to lose money on scams or advance programs that is meant for marketers already having all the basic skills. I am telling you right now that it is going to take hard work to make hard money and the sooner you start with getting your priorities straight the sooner you will start to earn money. You cannot walk before you had learned how to sit period, and this is unfortunately where the majority just miss the entire concept and rather buy into the “get rich programs” and then complain that it does not work or label the product as a scam.

This membership site teaches you exactly how to take your first steps into the online industry and give access to a complete catalog of helpful information, tutorials and downloadable products give you a head start.

The Chris Farrell Membership will teach you the fundamentals along with some advance strategies and encourage you to build a real business that will grow over a period of time into a success. The benefits of having your own business are better for no one can take it away, and you don’t have the risk of a program folding and leaving you without your hard earned money.

Unlike many other online marketers, Chris is very transparent and reveals his entire formula on how he made a success. If you join the membership, you will have access to his private blog and see how he is making online success up to date.

Who will benefit from it?

The Chris Farrell Membership is created for:

  • Individuals that are looking for a supportive and active community
  • Individuals that like to learn through video tutorials
  • Individuals that are interested in free traffic techniques and,
  • People who are new and struggling to make it work

If you are already heading for success and generate money online, I would not recommend this membership since it is indented for those who are still new into making money online or those who struggle to build their own online businesses and drive targeted traffic. 

If you have all the basic skills in tact but looking for a program and mentor that will teach more advance marketing skills I would rather recommend Wealthy Affiliate and like the Chris Farrell membership, the program also has the popularity and trust to provide quality training well worth paying for. At this given moment I am working through his program and the education and support from it is remarkable

What can you expect from the Chris Farrell membership?

Free Unlimited Hosting – This is worth half of the membership fee already for you will be able to start up right away without the difficulty of looking for hosting and struggling with technicalities. The tutorials will help you in setting up your site on the hosting servers, cut the nightmare of dealing with name server settings, and so forth.

Step by step guide on how to build a website – The tutorials are designed to accommodate for even complete beginners without experience and if you do have some skills in this department it will just make your training easier.

Done for you website – Chris and his team had put a series of websites together for those who don’t have the time to build their own or for individuals that is still unsure. You simply download it and follow the instructions and within an hour, you can have a professional sales page ready to make money. 

Chris Farrell Membership
Video Tutorials – Chris provides video tutorials that will walk you through just about any topic and it varies from how to create your website, setting up the auto-responder, having the correct mindset, driving traffic and social media to only name a few.

Support – Chris offers a good support team that will be able to respond to questions via the forum or direct response.

Optimize Press Lite – This software is for more advanced marketers, and I am not going to explain its functionality right now, but as a member you will get a copy for free, which is a huge bonus in itself.

Additional courses – Chris always makes a point to add value to his membership site and you can benefit greatly from his courses like “I love Traffic” and “21 days to success” to only name a few. Lately he added a course on the “no 1 mistakes any newcomer makes” and even though I am no newbie I had learned some new things that had slipped my mind and since I implemented it I could almost see immediate results.

Any disadvantages?

Although the membership itself has good value for money, you will still need additional funds when your business starts to grow for you will have to start outsourcing, buy products or additional software, this will differ from one person to another and it all depends on what type of business you own. Chris have a wonderful motto – to genuinely help people by keeping everything as cheap as possible without being ripped off and the price you see is the price you pay, you are not required to buy additional products on his site in order to use the tutorials or hosting. Running an online business does not differ from any other business and you will have to invest at some point in order to make it big. Chris only provide you with the basics and education the rest will be up to you, but then again if you can find someone who will just hand you a complete successful business for cheap, you would not be here now would you? 

Chris Farrell creat your site
I had found the site to be a bit confusing in the beginning for Chris have tons of information on there and navigating the first time can be hard for new subscribers. I think the best would be to just start at the top and then work your way down the training.


This is NOT a get rich quick program and if you expect to make thousands without doing some hard work then this is not for you and you should go back to Googling for scams. I am not sarcastic nor am I trying to break you down, but I had been on this road in my past and I clearly remember the disappointment from each product I had tried that had promised me tons of money. I had a fair share of being clever enough to indeed milk some of these programs but the joy and profits did not last very long for these programs have a limited life span and popularity does not last, leaving you without income and sitting for hours searching for the next new thing that will bring in the next few dollars. I have my own websites and blogs now and even though it took me a year to create all of them, they earn me an income while I am writing this post. Endurance was well worth it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to dump this program on you and if you leave and go Google further, it won’t make me poor or work on my conscious. If you indeed struggle and your mailbox are filled with spam instead of payment confirmations, then I strongly suggest that you rather browse Google for education on how to build your own business instead of feeding the scams day by day. In the end it is well worth it, and even if you can’t afford the memberships and training right now, you can still find free info in the form of reports that could help you a great deal to step into the right direction. 

Visit the: Chris Farrell Membership Introduction

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Unknown said...

Excellent review Christene, thanks for the honest and balanced review and yes i've had a look at Chris' membership page and it is what it says on the tin, an easy to follow program that breaks everything down for the newbie:-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent review Christine.Passion time & commitment I have in abundance marketing skills zero.Marketing skills & capital I'll need to work on .

Christene said...

Thanks Anjum, The program is indeed formulated especially for newbies and help them to enter the online industry with the most essential skills.

Christene said...

Just Remember that passion and commitment are the main ingredients to success if you keep that up you will reach the top.

DBurke said...

hi I am Damion...what do you think about binary options and binary option signal sites?

Christene said...

Hi Damion, I had used some trusted sites in the past and sadly have to admit that I lost more than actually making money. I have quite a few online associates that have massive success with it. However they might tell you how easy it is, when in fact you do need some skills in order to read the signals right. Sometimes the signals will go up, but as soon as you purchase they go down again, and in order to interpret the signals to your advantage it does help a lot to have some trading knowledge in the Forex. Absolutely not for newbies or those who will stress over losing a few hundred dollars every now and then or all at once. It is a gamble in the end without definite results.

Chrisfarrellmembers said...

Awesome marketeers, having great techniques.

Motshelisi said...

Excellent review Christene. So, tell me, how long does it normally take before someone starts making money online with Chris Farrell?

Christene said...

That would be an impossible answer to give you Motshelisi, for some individuals had indeed made money within a month, while others did not even make one sale within a year.

It is all about yourself and how hard you are willing to work, implement the training and how driven you are towards making success. The membership will give you training and the tools, if you take action and implement it, it will have positive results.

Unknown said...

Christene hi my name is terrance im a desperate man (I tell it like it is) and I also have messaged you on facebook my questions is what is the best internet marking place that can give me the results that I need and yes I'm a newbie but I've been reading a lot of books on it and my other question is what is some sites that give free marketing? I know that money doesn't grow on trees and there isn't get rich quick plan but I lease want to get my feet in the door I'm very ambitious and determined to provide for my girlfriend and me

Christene said...

Hi Terrance hope all is going well.

I do apologize for the Facebook message that had slipped through, recently my account got hacked and I did lose a massive amount of messages in the process.

I always advise my readers to rather build themselves a legitimate online business because you will not get scammed and also because you will earn more over a period of time if you work hard.

I only send my visitors to membership sites that offer an all in one training module along with the tools they need, because I know that those who join will get success if they work hard on it. In addition, I try my best to get my readers into a program that allow them to join free and test before paying anything.

Feel free to look at my Review on WA and do not hesitate to ask if you have questions.

Chris Farrell has some awesome training when it comes to absolute newbies but WA on the other hand will work great if you can manage to stick with the classes one by one. WA have a free option as well and that usually helps people to get a good head start.

First and most importantly, never approaches the online industry like a quick cash machine, expecting to make millions with very little work, but rather see it as an opportunity to start a real business along with the work required to gain success.

No person in this world has the exact passions, interests and skill sets, therefore not everyone can make money doing the exact same thing and be successful - find a method that makes you feel comfortable and suit your skills, then you just cannot go wrong!

mc4health said...

Christene I am so impressed with your blog. You just saved me a lot of money. I really appreciate your honesty and detailed information. How long have you been doing this and do you join these companies in order to give reviews?

I am a newbie and I want to start building an online business but I fell like a technology idiot espically when it comes to blogging and doing websites. Where should I start to learn and build as well as earn while I earn?

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive reply. I do join up with the programs before I review them to make sure that I give my honest opinion.

Chris Farrel is an excellent program for total newbies and I am still thankful to Chris and his program since I had learned a lot from the membership site. However I had found that when it comes to more advanced training, it lacks quite a bit.

I normally just advise people to join WA's free membership site before they decide to join Chris Farrel because I hate it when people lose money. WA is similar to the Chris Farrel membership site, but provides more support and a wide variety of training. You can even make success as a free member if you work hard.

Feel free to read my review on WA - The link is in the comment above.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christene,
I am a newbie for blogging & was wanting to do a blog for my business online & I was thinking about joining up with Empower Network, but have been taking my time to think about it, & have been googling different things to do with EN. & that is how I have also found you. I found your article on them to be very interesting to say the least. Thinking Not to do it now. But I was wondering if you have heard anything about Team Freedom - Level One Network? Not sure now how Im going to come back here to see your reply.

Christene said...

I had found your direct message in my mailbox - you will receive a reply shortly.

Anonymous said...

Hi christene,
Thanks for this great and honest review...I am receiving a lot of emails from EN and just read a few. And today I decided to read its latest email sent to me thinking im going to unsubscribe from its mailing list once I don't find it worth joining. So i googled and glad I found your site and at least I made up an impression of how great your reviews are. Thank you so much for sharing your review, you saved me, in the first place!
I am looking forward of joining wa.

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive comment, dearly appreciated.

Empower Network sure have a nag to make it to our mailboxes on a regular basis and that alone is enough to annoy many, including myself.

WA will never sent out tons of mail or ask you to buy endless products. Our goal is to get people as far as possible in the online industry with quality training and the support needed to succeed.

Feel free to ask if you need any help with the platform or classes.

R J said...

HI Christene,

It's fentastic and honest review i can say, but can you give me some details about the actuall income growth you have seen after joining this programe.

Christene said...

I had joined the Chris Farrell program when I was a newbie. I had given up hope on building an online business because of all the bogus programs that promise riches but do not deliver. I entered the program with much skepticism but decided to follow it by heart. Chris was the beginning of my successful online career.

No, honestly I did not make much while I was following his training but the knowledge I gained got me where I am today.

The Chris Farrell program is not intended for advance marketers or those who already have knowledge about the online industry. The program works best for total newbies and it contains all the crucial training that you will need for the future.

Most members join, complete the training and then move on to stand on their own feet in the online industry. I know quite a few big marketers who managed to earn massive amounts while doing the training. All a matter of will and motivation.

Unknown said...

Christene thanks so much for the WA & CF program information. I am inspired and have now been warned by both you and Kyle about Empower.

I'm just glad I spent two hours of my life doing research and not joining, I would have been so embarrassed to attempt to involve my sphere of influence in their scams.
I am considering an online business and thank you for outlaying two very real methods for this.

Christene said...

The pleasure is all mine Jan. Empower Network is not as easy as they made it out to be, in fact it is the opposite. Selling dreams works well in the beginning but after people start to speak out, you will have to literally work double time to keep up.

Programs like WA and CF have no bad reputation and deliver. Also you will find very few promises because it all depends on how you implement the training and take action on it. Any program that tells you way too much fairytales are bogus because success depends on taking action yourself.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! It was very honest..i'm glad there are people like you who help other people avoid scams and lose their hard earned money.Keep doing what you're doing!

Christene said...

I believe that every person has the right to know what they get themselves into, especially when it comes to spending money.

Thanks for the positive reply - God Bless

Unknown said...

Christene! you are a ....... Sorry I could not manage to get any word to describe you. your reviews are so helpful.
Thank you for saved me from BB and Empower Network.

Mohit said...

hello Christine this side is Mohit From India as I am looking for legitimate online job from home i am still unemployed as the global recession Sufferers . Please help me to find online job from home. As per you have reviewed the chris Farrell It is quite outstanding for newbie like me. Wish to hear from your side soon.

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive reply Mark - It is dearly appreciated.

BB is a total scam and many lost huge amounts of money, I am glad that the review helped you to stay clear from them.

God Bless

Christene said...

Chris Farrell has excellent training for complete newbies and you will learn all the basics and some advance training. I joined the membership some time ago when I was new myself and although I did not make much when I was learning, it helped me to get where I am today.

Building an online business takes time though and there is no getting rich quick. It does take hard work and motivation.

Unknown said...

The information provided was helpful. I'm in the process of making a decision on who to enroll with. My funds are limited. Thanks for all the help.

Christene said...

You are welcome Grace.

Both Chris Farrell and WA are outstanding learning platforms, but when you are on a budget WA is the best choice to start with because of the free option that is included in their membership.

gerbercage said...

Thanks for your review. This help me a lot.

Can you comment about My Top Tier Business that introduce by John Chow?
Normally for this kind of product/system if introduce by other people, I will never look into it but because John Chow is quite popular in blogging field (Internet Business), so I take time to look into it but I still fail that this is not a very good time plus the startup cost is too high. I just don't understand why John Chow will like to introduce this if the thing is not good.

Christene said...

You are welcome.

Yes I noticed that John is promoting MTB and frowned upon it myself. Many bad reviews are circling the web when it comes to MTB. Also the pricing of the product is outrageous. (No Free option like some say) I nearly got a heart attack when I saw the pricing to obtain the license to sell the products.

From my personal experience and 2 years of hard research I know that most new marketers cannot afford to pay much in the beginning. That is actually the main reason why they type "how to make money online" into Google - They DO NOT have the money!

I can't say if MTTB is worth the money or not but personally I will not promote it because I do not have the heart to take huge amounts of money from those who I know can not afford it and stand a change to fail.

Here are some interesting conversations from the Warrior Forum about MTTB:

When people start to hussle over a platform or product it usually makes you think.

To conclude:

John Chow has an excellent reputation and his products and books sell well by themselves. Why he chooses to promote a program with so much negativity attached to it leaves me with just as many questions.

Unknown said...

Hi Christine,

I am currently in the process of completing my BCOM degree through UNISA(University of South Africa, I'm sure you know ;) ). I had taken on a full time job as well, but this left me exhausted at the end of the day and as a result my studies suffered. On top of it all, I was paid REALLY badly for what I was doing, and so, I made the hard decision to give up the little money I was earning, to take on my studies full time (for hopefully only the next semester!).

This has freed up a HUGE portion of my day (even with most of it dedicated to my studies), where I am interested in putting that time into creating an online business, much like the one you have. What would you suggest? How should I go about starting up? Please keep in mind that at the moment I am not earning any money at the moment, and although I do have some savings, I would like to keep it like that (for emergencies, etc.) rather than spending on it many different "programs" that require monthly fees to be paid.

In short, I'd like you to take me under your wing, per se, and help me to make a success of myself, in the same that you have done, if you have the time!

I will send you a private email as well, so that you have my email adress as well!

Thank you so much Christene, I look forward to hearing from you!


Shaun de Beer

madispl said...

Hello Christine,

Thank you for a great review. I have been interested of internet marketing for some time, but i just haven't find the right program to get me started. It seems that everywhere i look Chris Farrell's name pops out most often. As i read your review it starts to make more sense that for a newbie like me it is the best way for getting started. My aim isn't to make a lot of money at first and spend it all, but it's more as a way to earn some extra cash. I have to make some more research, but i'm pretty sure that Chris Farrell's membership should be the best choice for me. Thanks for everything.


Christene said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Shaun, your response is in the mail!

Christene said...

Hi Madis.

Yes, Chris Farrell is perfect for new marketers. His training is the foundation that will start your online business. He is one of the most popular marketers and many great interpreters started their online journeys from his membership including myself. His training is simple and easy to understand, it is also categorized very neatly and it is just a matter of following each step.

Best of luck with your online journey. Feel free to ask if you have any questions or need advice.

Unknown said...

Hi Christene

Thank you so much for your amazing reviews and blogs. I have so much respect for what you do and thank you for that, as there are a lot of schemes and scamsters out there.

I am also currently actively searching for a legitimate way to earn money online. Through my searches I have found so many programs that a person really gets lost when it gets to trying to make decisions...

I love to travel and I recently got involved with WoldVentures. This company has done amazing things for myself and my friends. However, I do not want to keep all my eggs in one basket, therefore I am still looking around for other income opportunities.

Unknown said...

Hi, sorry, I published before I was done!

I just wanted to add that it would be super interesting hearing your opinion on the VIP Travel / Lifestyle Club, WorkdVentures. We are absolutely loving it. Maybe when you get a gap you could do a review on them! and

Thank you so much once again on all the amazing work you do.



Anonymous said...

Hi Christene, what is the cost to join the Chris Farrel programme....

the cost isn't clear on his site....see below
Initial Payment $4.95 = 57.06 ZAR Tax 0.00 ZAR TODAY'S PAYMENT 57.06 ZAR
Immediate access to this product or service is available once payment is approved.

Future Payments
Monthly Payment of 426.53 ZAR *
* Next payment will be billed on 03/07/2014.
Amount includes taxes subject to change based on customer location and rate adjustments.

barbieb said...

Hi Christine,
I liked your review on Chris Farrell, and I would agree with everything you've said.
I still have a membership account with him, and keep popping back for updates.
For newbies, you couldn't find a better mentor, and I always recommend him to anyone
struggling !

Chee's Blog said...

Hi Christine,

I have the opinion that to earn an income from Chris Farrell membership (CFM) consistently takes time and hard work and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. With my personal circumstances, due to my full time job and family commitments, I unfortunately only have 2 hours per day at the most to dedicate to work on what is taught in CFM. I wish I could spend more time on it but my other commitments wouldn't allow me.

So Christene, could you tell me whether I can still earn an income online working seriously on it for 2 hours per day? Your answer is important to me because if 2 hours is not enough, I don't have to waste my time and money on CFM.

Christene said...

It would be impossible for me to say yes or no. I do not know how much you already learned with CFM and your current skill set. 2 hours a day is a lot if you implement it correctly and leverage your time.

Would it be possible to send me a direct message at ? I can give you much better guidance once I know a little bit more about your current progress.

Unknown said...

I am currently trying to choose between CFM and internetbusiness mastery. I appear to have about this a little backwards having learned how to program build web apps but not really making any money. any suggestions?

Christene said...

Chris Farrel works very well for complete newbies. The training covers all the basics in a simple to understand way. The training is also outlined in steps, thus there will be minimal confusion. I always recommend this training as a foundation to start with and once members understand it, they can leave and go for more advanced training. Chris Farrel is a top marketer for many years and his training covers everything that is needed for a good head start.

However, if you already know about website development, email marketing, Basic SEO, social media and content development, it would be a waste of time and money. Internet business mastery is more complicated and does not cover all the basics, you might get confused or have information overload.

Chris Farrel is basically a top education program for beginners or marketers who lack certain training in a specific field/

Feel free to shout if you have any questions, will do my best to help.

rpenf said...

Hi Christene, love the review. Just wanted add an update on pricing for CFM apologies if I missed someone else already adding this.

Chris offers his Chris Farrell membership at $4.95 7 day trial followed by $37 per month for as long as you need it. You also get 5 done for you websites with good quality giveaways to help you start building a list. Includes 5 emails to start your email sequence as well - very good.

Chris used to then offer the Mentor Me program at a very expensive $995 but this has been replaced with '4 Week Fast Track" at $297 or 3 payments of $99. This is a limited one on one training (I think it's video plus personal follow up with Chris / his staff), that was full and closed to new members when I checked (apparently they can only support a limited amount of people at one time).

Personally I love Chris's teaching style and would agree that newbies should check him out for themselves.

Christene said...

Many thanks for the update, it is much appreciated!

I have to agree, Chris has a way to teach the most complicated marketing methods in a way that even a child can understand. Those who finish his training have a solid foundation to build their online businesses on.

The 4 Week Fast Track mentoring is also outstanding and great for those who want more advance training and support, I could not agree with you more.

Keep up the good work, and have an awesome day!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Hi christine i read and watch the video of
I am interisted to join.i want to know how to join and
How much there regestration fee.anyway im from Philippines.

Christene said...

The program has a 7 day trail available for $5. I do recommend checking it out first before you commit to any other payments.

$37 per month afterwards

Lalu Rosenberg said...

Thank You so much Christene .It's so hard if You are begginner - but I'll make because of people like You .Thank's again.
( be almost enrolled in Traffic Authority an iPass........)
But I luckily I find You .
Wish You all the best.

Ravi said...

Every word of yours about Chris is true. Though I am yet to start with the training. I heard Chris in one of the Youtube videos where he teaches about picking the right niche. I understood the leson so easily. Chris has a lovely voice and a beautiful way to teach. Just by listening to Chris makes me trust him witnout any doubts. I am waiting to save money to join the program because right now I have no money. But surely I will be the RICHEST SOON. Thank you Christene.

Ravi said...

Christene, highly appreciate if you could update me anything about Chris' s program. Nothing else. I don't need another teacher. I got Chris to teach me. I realy don't know where to start, how to start, what to start with. I am waiting to save money and join CFM. Till then. CHAO.

Anonymous said...

I tried it. it is a step by step program that does not finish to the end. when you complain they shut off your membership. the part of the course that is there is good but very rude people.

Unknown said...

Hey Christene.
Thank you for this post. I think you did very good job being objective as much as you could. I am planning to take that training and at some point I might share what I think about it.
To your success.
(Marketing Pap)

Aaron said...

Interesting insight as always

Brittfrostdreams2k said...

So someone who is wanting to get leads , promote their business for people to work from home with amazing benefits this wouldn't be a site needed for that correct ?

Anonymous said...

Wait, I'm're not calling it a scam and recommending Wealthy Affiliate? I hope they don't get mad at you for not sticking to their teachings... lol

AskDocOnline said...

don't make me lough,the content was put online anges ago, never updated,completely out of date and incomplete& Chris Farrell himself is the biggest scammer in the internet history... he'll try to"sell"you "customised coaching" that doesn't exist!!!

shell shockers said...

Good post, thank you for sharing the article

Gregory3 said...

It would be great if this article were shared more often.

Alexie31 said...

So beautiful! Love it.

Albert Stark said...

I am so happy to say that your review has found been very helpful to me. Thanks again for sharing this review.