Pure Leverage Review - 2022

Once upon a time, Pure Leverage was one of the most popular platforms in the marketing industry when it comes to affordable marketing tools. How do they measure up in 2022 and is it still worth spending money on? With this updated review, we will take a look and see if the buzz is over or if it is still worth the investment.



What is Pure Leverage?

The program provides marketing tools that include an autoresponder, lead generation, website builder, and so forth. The idea behind Pure Leverage is to make money via Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) by re-selling the marketing tools.

Founder and Short History

Pure Leverage was founded in 2012 by Joel Therien as a way of helping people to grow their online businesses at an affordable rate. Marketing tools can be expensive if purchased separately and the idea was/is to group these tools into one platform at an affordable price. Since the creation of Pure Leverage, many marketers had used the platform as a start-up.

Joel Therien is also the founder of GVO, a hosting/autoresponder service, and Now Lifestyle, which is basically an upgraded version of Pure Leverage. (Providing marketing tools).

About Joel Therien

MLM and Joel go hand in hand. He is an expert in this field and if you plan to make money via one of his programs, it will be via multi-level marketing. MLM's is like grating carrots, at some point you get tired of it and move on. Cudo's to Joel for keeping it alive and successful for this long!

What Does It Cost?

It costs $24.97 a month for as long as you’re part of the program.

Any Up-Sales?

Pure leverage does have a single up-sale. It will cost you $19.97 to become a reseller.

What About A Money-Back Guarantee?

Pure Leverage offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for those who decide that they don’t want to continue with the program.

Is The Program Legit?

Pure Leverage is most definitely legit, as proven by the thousands of members who use/used the tools thru the years. They have also been around for about 8 years now and Pure Leverage is not the only successful program founded by its founder, Joel Therein.

If you want to make money with the program, keep in mind that it is an MLM. Not the easiest marketing concept around since forever, because it is seen as a pyramid scheme by many and it takes hard work to be successful. Definitely not for everyone and many will fail, claiming it to be a scam when it is not.

What About Support?

Pure Leverage offers good support in a few different ways. They are always ready to help solve any problems that may occur.

Pure leverage reviews

Pure Leverage - Pros

$24.97 a month is reasonable, considering you get 6 different services.

Pure Leverage offers some admirable products for persons in email marketing campaigns to make money.

There is a 30-day refund period for those who decide that this is not for them, as well as a free trial period.

They provide a complete explanatory guide to help you out.


Credit card information still needs to be entered to get access to the free trial.

The tools and training are centered on promoting Pure Leverage, and Pure Leverage only.

There is a blogging page, but it is the same for everyone with the same domain name.

Let's Sum This Up...

Pure Leverage is NOT a scam. They offer some good products when it comes to email marketing and the price is reasonable when you consider the tools you are provided with. A great product for those who cannot afford the expensive products that are out there, but still want to start somewhere in life. In my opinion, a great product for newbies to learn from as the more advanced high rated programs takes some skill to get used to.

Pure Leverage - Main Features

Live Conference Room

Your Live Conference Room tool will come in handy once your team starts to grow. This system is almost like a video call turned big scale. It allows you to communicate live with real-time audio and video. You conduct presentations and even share desktop files with the rest of the attendants. The broadcast is in real-time, no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. This can help you sell to your prospects or train your team, all in an efficient manner.

You can broadcast live to up to a hundred seats at a time. There is also the possibility to upgrade to get more seats.

Lead Capture System

You will have access to an absolute library of lead capture templates with the Lead Capture System tool. Are you terrible at web designing? Do you hate to do things that involve tech? Do your skills in ad copywriting need a boost? Not to worry, this tool has your back.

This system works by capturing the important data, like the names and emails of your prospects, and then saving it to your account. This information will also then be tied to your auto-responder which is also included with this awesome tool suite. It does not matter if you choose to write your own email series or if you choose the pre-written email series from the library, all leads and prospects will be converted into sales. You can create your own templates with the point and click custom template builder or you can select one of the pre-existing Pure Leverage based templates to use for your existing business model.

Pure leverage reviews

Auto Responder

The money is in the list, but most importantly, money comes from the relationships that are built in your list of subscribers. Keep your subscriber list fully engaged with daily, weekly, or monthly email marketing so that you can create a brand for yourself with a massive following.

Put your business on autopilot by creating unlimited mailing campaigns and by setting up a complete email follow up series. You can send emails immediately or you can choose a date for it to be sent on. You can send an email to one person or to everyone on your list.

This is a truly great system; it even tracks how many people take the time to open your emails. Any business model will be impacted by this email marketing system.

You get 10,000 subscribers with the option to upgrade and get more.

Pure leverage reviews

Web presence & Site

The most essential thing today for a successful business is your presence on the internet.

This tool allows you to build, customize, host, and update your blog or website easily. You can now use your own domain name to build and market your business website by using the PL website feature known as Domain Mapping.

Blogging has created more rich people than almost anything else online, in recent years. Joel used this tool to help build his 8 figure business, showing you how powerful it really is.

Elite Coaching

With this feature, you will be able to join the live interactive environment 2-3 times a week with certified Pure Leverage instructors. This will show you how to use the complete Pure Leverage tool suite and how to tie it into your business model to get great results.

This will also give the great opportunity to learn from blogging and WordPress experts, you can be blogging in a matter of minutes. You will also be able to learn about auto auto-responder setups, email marketing tips, and tricks in capturing and following up with leads. You can also learn about online conferencing and then use this to turn your conference room into a money-making machine.

The live training classes are recorded for you to use at a later date.

Video: Email & Streaming

Your leads list will grow, causing your downline to build itself, once you have traffic being sent to your successful lead capture pages and websites. This is when you have to keep your people motivated by taking advantage of the video email and streaming services.

The best way to communicate is via a pre-recorded video. You can do this simply by following a few steps. All you have to do is choose a template, record the video, and then send it to your whole team’s inboxes or you can post it on your blog.

Your downline members and leads can get to know you in comfort with the use of awesome videos.

You can deliver videos for up to 10,000 subscribers.

Affiliate Program

If you were to join Pure Leverage to use it as a way to market your online business, but you did not purchase the $19.97/month resell right it would work as follows:

For the first month, and only the first month, after joining Pure Leverage, you get 100% commission for every direct referral. After the first month ends you will get 50% commission for every direct referral from then on out. The MLM allows for downlines to be created. (People joining under the first person, then the second, and so on). This means the original person would make a 50% matching check based on all the referrals at all the different levels that are being recruited.

If you pay the $19.97 everything will work the same as previously stated, with the only difference being you will become a reseller and earn residual commissions.

Pure leverage reviews

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Next Article

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Do you use Pure Leverage or used it in the past?

Please be so kind as to tell us a bit about your experience with the program, it will help others to make an informed decision prior to buying.

Thank You!


Unknown said...

I think what majority people fail to realize is that..opinion is just an opinion and success is just success. What they don't pay attention to is..that successful people struggle first before they become successful. And when people see other people's success story they just try to shoot for the moon hoping and dreaming that they too will be in the same boat if they join the same business. It is all about struggling, making mistakes, and self-improve for a betterment. I will guarantee anyone that if he or she went through the struggle part first...success is instantenouly.

Christene said...

Thanks John , I agree 100%. People need to understand that success does not come for free, it takes some hard work, sacrifices and struggles.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how many leads I can have with pure leverage (like aweber allow me 500 basic plan)
Also do I have a blog system to build blogs pages or it's just one blog to resell the system instead

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Carl. I have to agree that every program have it's pro's and cons, and in the end it is all a matter of finding what works for you and how much trust you have within the community.

Silver said...

I always enjoy your reviews. I especially enjoy your honesty and diplomacy when reviewing different systems. One system that found its way into my inbox is called "The Last Gold Mine". As usual, the owner is making amazing claims and guarantees about his marketing methods, and how much money potential members can make. I haven't seen any real reviews about this system. Mostly what I find are sites promoting it. The $47 price tag sounds nice. But, there's no free trail offer, and my concern is that once I pay the low low price of $47, I'll be instructed to make even larger purchases so I can get "all in" (sound familiar?).

Christine, what can you tell me about this particular program? Have you heard of it? What are your thoughts?


Christene said...

This is one of Jamie Lewis's newest products, I did not look at it personally because all they offer is a sales-page without much information or detailed description about the product itself. They tell us that he will be closing the offer soon and that it is reserved for only a few, yet below the sales-page you have the option to promote it yourself - Doesn't look like the "reserved for few" is actually the truth if they are looking for more affiliates to promote it.

I personally stay away from these types of products because yes like you had mentioned there is always an up-sell involved. Basically you have to pay before you will have the opportunity to see what it is all about - I don't like products or sites that hide the detailed information from readers.

ronmojohny said...

I joined Pure Leverage and never looked back. It's true they had some growing pains in the beginning, but now I have to say things are running smoothly. I had a few support issues lately, but their support desk is great, and they respond very quickly. 24/7 I must say. I've been in both Network marketing & Internet marketing for almost 10 years, and they put them both together beautifully. Hats off the Joe and the team

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you spoken like a true woman...advice taken Martha

Michael Sparks said...

We gave pureleverage a try for the last 2 months. I enjoyed this article and agree with most of it. The tools are substandard. We're do we start. I love the idea of all in one at a fraction of the cost for the tools. I currently pay about $20 a month for my email program (Icontact). The PL autoresponder has several drawbacks.

#1. you can't add a list you already have or from other places without a double opt in. For instance I get a monthly report from my company with new customers and distributors, I can't just add these folks to the list without opting in.

#2. The authority blog has a lot to be desired, we had a heck of time trying to copy and paste content, Secondly since you don't own the blog what happens if you decide to quit. All that contenct is as they say "up in smoke". If you own your blog and content and don't like your provider you can take your content with you. This is easy to do in Wordpress...If you are going to blog get one you own.

#3. Those landing pages and Joel's "icky" videos make me want to puke. Even if I could afford a 7000 sq/ft house and a Ferrari I wouldn't buy neither. I'm not that kind of guy. As they say in in Texas, BIG HAT NO CATTLE. That just turns me off.

#4. The training isn't so much about using the programs but to get more people in pureleverage. I wanted a system that I could sell to my group and help them get going better with online marketing not find another program to push. It seems that everyone that is signed up in PL is pushing PL and not using the tools for their online marketing business they currently have. This again another turnoff. Give me a tool I can resell to my group without all the hype of PL.

I really loved the idea, I would again use the program to help my current distributors in my current company get better online, but in the current form PL isn't the program for me.

Unknown said...

Hi Christene,
Could you be so kind and make review about Power Lead System?

Anonymous said...

Pure Leverage offers 10,000 lead capacity with their autoresponder, which is a pretty good deal for the price. As far as tools programs go, I personally like Stiforp. They offer a lot of value for $9.95 per month: Stiforp Review

Joe Pheto said...

Thank you very much Christene, you are no doubt doing your level best to be as objective as you possibly can. It is anybody's choice to take your advice or not, as for me, you rock and prefer to listen to what you say and it works for me, I also now advise people I recruit to read your reviews and thank me for that, keep up the good work.

LClarkson said...

What is WA?

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive feedback Joe - Dearly appreciated. I always try my best to highlight programs that is worth the effort and will enable newbies to get definite results. After all, everyone should get quality if they pay for it.

God Bless.

Christene said...

WA is a membership site that offers basic training along with 2 websites for free. You also have the option to upgrade to premium and this will give you access to more advanced training, the forum, discussions and live chat for getting instant help when needed.

Feel free to read my review on WA.


RobertnTina said...

Thank You For The Review...I think that if Marketers lead with reality not hype that would help out with the Internet Marketing MLM..Industry there are many platforms that one can promote products or services on, however from my Experience if you are looking for longevity in your business..

...You are going to have to communicate with your Potential Business Partners/Dowline and Provide Results....You have to help Invest in their success which will increase your success..we are in a results Driven Industry, so you just can't just sign up people and don't care about their success you must create a Duplicatable Platform for Them To Follow...

...Before You Start Promoting any Internet Marketing or MLM Product You must develop a REALISTIC PLAN..1. You might have to keep your Job to be able to promote your products or services. 2.If you don't have a Job you might have to go find one because the odds that, you are going to get rich out the gate is Just a Fantasy for a large percentage of people...

3. Depending on the Marketing Platform If you want immediate results your are going to have to purchase..Top Teir Traffic...Solo ads Cpv,ppv,ppc banner exchanges....you are going to need tracking source..etc... so this is Reality...

........and you must realize that everyone is not ment to be Internet Marketers...(Keeping It Real) I need someone at the register if I go to the Grocery Store..or I need someone to pickup my garbage outside of my Home..etc. everything is not for everyone...In closing just remember when you bring someone on board you must cummunicate with them in order to Build a Business on Solid Foundation..I know I went off Q sorry....Everyone Have A Very Blessed Day Of Abundance

Unknown said...

HI Christene,

Thank you for the very insightful review of Pure Leverage. I will always ask your oppion of a prgram before I purchase it! I think all of these so called "Guru's" are like politicians they tell you what you want to here! They talk the talk, but don't walk the walk!!



Anonymous said...

hi, thank for your blog it's already helped me more carefully evaluate a couple of opportunities and saved me some wasted money and time. thanks

Remy Lepage said...

Oh damn, I wanted to post with a different profile and
I screwed it up lol... Anyway...

I can't agree more with Tauei who posted here in two months ago... He said:

"Doesn't matter how hard you recruit, you still fail. Even offering
free marketing training to those who join you, still make you fail."

I can't agree more and I think the vast majority aren't aware that
we have to change ourselves first in order to succeed.

More eyes needs to be opened BIG TIME, friends!

There won't be any programs out there with 50%+ of success.


Because we are not programmed, by default, to be a real entrepreneur.

The % of people who earn more than $100,000 a year in MLMs won't change
unless they change themselves... unless they reprgram their mind.
No matter what kind of new compensation plan...

No matter what is the product...

And offering everything for free won't make people more successful either.

I don't believe that.

I personally gave my free time to coach people and to take them
by the hands, literally. I was even following them up, always taking their hands.

Yet... more than 50% didn't make it happen.

Strangely, when they paid me, the success rate was HIGHER :D Interesting!

It's like if we need a gun stamped to our head to say YES YES

That's normal, we are lazy creatures...

Making money as an entrepreneur... It's like starting a weight loss program.

Out of 10 people who want to loose big weight ALONE...

Out of 10 people who wants to stop smoking alone...

There is always more than 70%+ who won't succeed long term...

And I'm SUPER conservative! Why that? Because those programs
don't work? Or... is it us who don't make it work? Bling bling!
The second answer, my friends.

Isn't interesting that when there is a coach that is constantly
there to support us that it's easier to get to our goals? Whether
this is for loosing weight, making money, or stopping a bad habit...

That coach... what he does, is he/she reprograms our subconscious mind.

Then when all the "programs" that we have in our mind change,
all of suddenly, goals are achieved. Awesome!

So my friends...

When you don't succeed in a business, then in another business,
then in another business, take a look at yourself. Outch! It hurts,
but that's the truth.

What you need to do is to focus on changing yourself and to
reprogram your subconscious mind.

How? Read as much books as you can on wealth creation.

Stay as near as possible of all those wealthiest guys on
the planet. Hear everything they have to say and APPLY
even if this is AGAINST your will.

Because there is many thing that they teach, that is against
our will because we are not programmed this way.

Sooner you will be aware of this, faster you'll succeed!

By the way, by now you must think like...

"This guys seems to know it all, he must pretends he is
the God, he must blahblah"

But I have still A LOT to improove on myself, in
order to get better results. So I'm far from being
smarter than anyone else or far from being perfect.

I'm basically saying here what I've learned from people
who knew more than me, what I've learned from my
mentors, and what I've observed years after years...

Damn that was a long post!

Much love to you and success, never stop and keep on charging :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great article. I was considering Pure Leverage but was hesitant because of all the get rich programs on the internet. So after doing a search on Pure Leverage I came across your article and it helped clear the fog! Thank you for a great article, it was very helpful!

blackscorpion said...

Awesome words Remy Lepage. You hit the nail on the head and illuminated much of what some of us know but could not express as clear you did. I agree with all you said.

John McRae said...

I also was a member of Pure Leverage. The fact that I quit has nothing to do with the program being a scam but more of a financial decision on my part. I am also a member of Joel's GVO and there is a lot of cross products and until my business grows a bit more and my sites start getting more traffic there is no need for the expense. I will be back to PL but not until it makes sense for my business.

Christene said...


The Review is being updated on May 26, 2014 !!!

Saquina Akanni said...

Ditto Daniel Davila... In my opinion this was a fantastic review. Well researched, well written with insight on PL and a bonus comment on Talkfusion. You are right. MLN/NWM is just that network marketing and it is no joke. One must pay their dues. One must be seasoned in this industry to make the top dollar. Whether you have a job, working on your career, profession or practice, it takes WORK in any industry. You are right, if one is looking to get rick quick, good luck with the lottery. Everything else takes a system of goals, planning, a process of strategy, methods, tools, techniques, then implementation, execution, determination, commitment and practice. That creates the luck! I joined GVO back in 2005 for their website services and training and it has served me well. You clarified my thoughts on the new PL program. I wanted to get an idea of how PL compared to Talkfusion. I got that. I have made a commitment to join and rock Talkfusion. Thank you.

Saquina Akanni said...

Christopher Wright,
I believe you mis-read her final verdict: "Pure Leverage is not a scam. It is a platform that provides marketing tools and an MLM business model under one roof. You can choose to use only the tools or combine both and create an additional income stream as well."

Sending Blessings, Love and Light
The Prosperity Doctor

Unknown said...

I have had the PureLeverage products for about six months and been promoting them regularly without any positive results. I was planning to use and promote them to my List when I was dismayed to find that this week I have been kicked out presumably because I have had no success with promotion.

Paul Yeager said...

Hi John, I am currently an active member of GVO/PL but I used to have the same problem with traffic generation. Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to point you toward some places to generate tons of traffic to your site(s). A lot are free and some are dirt cheap. :)

Nathan Argenta said...

Awesome Pure Leverage Review Christine... Whatever happened to Pure Leverage? Is it still around? And I found some success from the trainings that Pure Leverage offered… Did not focus on the 100% commissions as an affiliate as I was building another business at the time I joined (back in 2014). Thanks again! :-)

Christene said...

Yes, Pure Leverage is still around and offering marketing tools. In the last year, many of those were upgraded or improved. Great tools if you consider the price tag, not too expensive for everything you get.

I will definitely update my review in the next couple of weeks to include all the latest.

The Affiliate Zone dot Com said...

I do appreciate your honest review. I have read lots of reviews and comments from Wealthy Affiliate sites and most call everything a scam and pyramid if it is not Wealthy Affiliate. So it is nice to see somebody who is honestly reviewing opportunities. I am an affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate and GVO Pure Leverage. Especially since Wealthy Affiliate does not have autoresponder service. Since your review GVO Pure Leverage has improved, which is the case with most businesses that stick around. You can now have your own domain name for your blog website and you can change it up to make it your own. In fact you can now offer to local businesses to create a website for them. You can see my site if interested which demonstrates what I am saying. It is: BlogwithMick.com Again, though thank you for not just knocking Pure Leverage and honestly reviewing it. Due to your review and attitude I am going to stick with Wealthy Affiliate. I was about to leave due to so much negativity with them concerning so many just creating WA sites to put down other opportunities just to promote WA. Hope you do add this comment to your site. If so thank you.

Christene said...

I agree Mickey, Pure leverage did improve a lot, I am actually in the process of reviewing it again to upgrade information as well as adding GVO. Joel is a great marketer and truly put effort in his businesses to make it better. In addition, he is active amongst his members, not just a silent business owner who left everything to an automated message or support ticket. Did you know that he has another program called "7 minute workout" as well? Great product and like with all his opportunities, he upgraded to make the program more pleasant. The product is a workout based program and truly works fitness wise, thus, not just an empty promise.

The thing with Wealthy Affiliate and many other reviewing platforms, is the huge lack of knowledge. People think of criticizing one program, they will get sales if they recommend theirs. This method of marketing comes a long way, not sure where the origin was but new marketers will observe how others write and simply copy the technique. Obviously, WA's teaching methods does not encourage members to bash programs without proof or by using shady methods to get leads. Unfortunately, WA cannot control each and everyone's review, but, Kyle and Carson are constantly working to fix flaws that cause for concern. Bottom line, you will find that all kinds of people join WA, both ethical and unethical, just no way to tell how a person will use the training. Same thing with any other affiliate programs online, some goes the ethical way, while others prefer to use more sudden methods to promote.

Wealthy Affiliate is in no way a replacement program for any other program. It is a supplement, a source to learn how to promote a program/product successfully without going in circles. Example: Wealthy Affiliate teaches a person how to get their website up and running, covers SEO and marketing techniques, all the basics one needs to learn to build a solid foundation. Once a person is educated and know what he/she will have to do to be successful, then they can choose a program that fit their website, like Pure Leverage for instance.

Keep up the good work and please do not hesitate to stop by at WA, always a pleasure catching up and exchanging ideas.

ezymel said...

Pure Leverage in my opinion is an up and up business and very well established. The membership fees are very reasonable and you do get more than what you pay. Definitely not a scam. However, although there is a lot of training with many videos, you must spend time learning the basics. It is not for everyone who has no marketing skills and you have to work at it to make it a profitable business. Go for it if you have some basic skills and if you work hard at it, then it can be a very lucrative business.

Cas said...

Very Interesting articles and responses... I have tried a lot of these types of systems. I would be interested if you have done a review on Power Lead System (PLS) also know previously as Priceless Possibilities. It has so many features that you can basically eliminate everything else. It is an All-in-one system.

Christene said...

I agree Mel

For the price, it is reasonable. Joel is constantly striving to push up the quality of his products and smooth out any flaws. Truly a great marketer that listen to his members and address their problems. Pure Leverage definitely made huge progress.

Zailinah said...

Hello Christene,

I don't remember how I got into Joel Therien's email list but this morning I received an invitation to join Pure Leverage. I came across Pure Leverage before but never really paid attention because it's MLM (not really a fan).

I thought the $24.95 offer was attractive with autoresponders and all but then realize you need to put in $19.00 to re-sell the product.

This type of program always hype about how easy, fast and how much money you can make. But behind it all, I feel it's the marketing and promotion that you really need to master. And because there're so many ways of marketing, it would take time to learn and be successful.

So on that note, I agree with you that it might not be suitable for those new in the online world.

Christene said...

Hi Zailinah

Yes, with any type of product, there is a new marketing strategy to learn that takes time to perfect.

However, although I am not an affiliate of Pure Leverage, I can say that Joel always goes the extra mile for his affiliates. Also works continuously to better his products each year. Definitely not the worst of MLM's and the products is relatively cheap considering what other places charge. Good place for marketers that need marketing tools but do not have hundreds of dollars to dish out each month.

Joel has a lot of free training materials now, to help his affiliates do better and it seems to be fruitful. His program(s) are the better part of MLM with actual products that is worth something and not just a matter of re-selling a concept.

Christene said...

REVIEW HAS BEEN UPDATED! Please take note, old and irrelevant comments has been removed to provide a better reading experience.

Hari S Nair said...

I have just came here to express my gratitude. I cannot find my comment here but with this one I want to let all your readers know that your suggestion back in 2013 changed my life, I wouldn't have been as successful in the field of affiliate marketing and online business if you would have recommended anything apart from WA 7 years ago.

IMJustice Marketing said...

I once used Pure leverage ... It was not that hard to figure out, and there is an absolute way to earn some money, and they do most of the "creating' ... You just have to apply or implement what they give you ...

As far as the rest of the marketplace for items like this, it definitely is a good buy ... AND, what you don't mention, is the fact that you actually can Market your own products or services with the help of some of their tools ...

And last, the way I saw their $19.97, is you won't make ANY money unless you make that purchase ... In your review you said you can earn money on 2 levels deep?