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Update: 24 August 2018 
I register all my domains with GoDaddy and feel qualified enough to write a full review on them and the services they offer. Owning a domain and hosting would usually be required if you are serious about owning your own blog or site and want a good web presence. The search engines tend to favor websites that have their own domain and most of the time you will have better results when it comes to ranking. Within this GoDaddy Review I will point out the pros and cons to the best of my ability in order to help you make a more informed decision.

godaddy review

GoDaddy was founded in 1997, almost 21 years ago, as Jomax Technologies. Their name was later on changed to GoDaddy. GD has loads of domains for you to choose from and the pricing is very reasonable. It does not matter if you want to create a blog, start an online storefront or need a host for your website that you can rely on, GoDaddy has it covered. It does not matter if you have loads of needs, GD can meet the most of them. Even though they has existed over 20 years, their number one priority is still to provide the people with a service that is affordable, and can help with putting ideas online in a simple manner. Now to help you make the choice, let's review.


Product Cost

GoDaddy offers numerous products to choose from, each with their own price. Pricing is included in the detailed overview in their individual categories. 

godaddy products

Detailed Overview

Domain names

GoDaddy use to offer only a few domain extensions, but this has changed. There is now a great number of domain extensions to choose from, these include .Net, .com and .Org to name a few. It does not matter how many domains they offer if the perfect one has already been registered. No problem, a GoDaddy broker can always help you get it. Do you already have domains registered somewhere else, you can always transfer them to GD, or you can always buy and sell domain names using the end-to-end investor tools.

Cost:  $0.99 and up. 

godaddy domains

Domain Privacy

Regulations require for all personal information to be entered into the public directory, which is often hacked into or used by spammers to gather mailing list and steal domains. Don’t let this worry you, GD has different offers to keep you and your info safe.

$7.99 a year.

Website Builder/GoCentral

Features includes:

  • Social Media Integration
  • Create a blog (new feature)
  • Website hosting
  • Globally-Optimized Speed
  • Security (SSL)
  • Responsive mobile design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • PayPal integration
  • 24/7 support
  • Email Marketing

Cost: $5.99 - $19.99


Site management tools: If you are tired of logging into multiple control panels this will come as a relief to you. You can access all the WordPress websites that belong to you from a single dashboard, with Pro sites. You can deactivate or ignore updates on a huge scale, and even apply theme, plugin and core updates to your website all at once.

WordPress Themes: You will need to find a theme that suits you best when you are building your website, WordPress Themes makes this quite possible, because they offer you thousands to choose from. There is no limit to what can be created when you have 8 pre-built customizable pages, thousands of easily accessible WordPress plugins and easy to use drag-and-drop page building.

WordPress website design: It can be very frustrating to build a website, so what if it was made easier. WordPress offers a team of design specialists to make it easier for you. Your website can be built with your vision in mind, also giving you the ability to adjust it to fit your creative mind.

Local Web Designers: You can always hire a professional to get the job done. 

WP Premium Support

Features includes:
  • Administrative updates
  • WordPress Core
  • WordPress development
  • Website evaluation
  • Database management
  • Theme maintenance

Cost: $49.99-$149.99 

Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SEO is looking for a way to optimize your website for the search engines. GD’s SEO helps you by going through some of the suggested changes step-by-step, including the important things like keywords and phrases that will help to improve the rankings of your website and to bring you more visitors. 

Cost: $6.99/month.

godaddy marketing

Email Marketing
Gather email addresses, by putting a SignUp form on your website. Every time someone signs up they will receive your emails. You can keep track of everything that happens to your emails, like who opened them and which ones get the most clicks. You can create the best emails with the HTML email creator, using themes and templates, also text and photo modules. It can even do your routine tasks, giving you the time to focus on running your business.

Cost: $9.99-$29.99 per month.

Web security

SSL Certificate: These certificates create tunnels thru which your personal information can pass safely. When someone visits a SSL protected website, a secure and encrypted connection with their browser will be created. A site will be more secure when SSL is established on all the pages and subdomains.

 Cost:  $75.99-$349.99 per year. 

godaddy web security


Hosting plans and pricing...

  • Web hosting: $7.99-$16.99 per month.
  • Business hosting: $29.99-$99.99 per month.
  • WordPress hosting: $8.99-$24.99 per month.
  • VPS hosting: $39.99-$149.99 per month.
  • Dedicated servers: $199.99-$379.99 per month.


There is 24/7 customer support which I have tested myself multiple times and the response time was excellent. Friendly tech guy even helped me to move a website once and it was done within minutes.
GD has tech support specialists that are always available through phone, email and live chat to help you with any and all issues no matter what time of day or night.

godaddy support

GoDaddy offers money-back guarantees on basically all of their products. They have different time periods depending on which product you are dealing with.

The most basic host plans offer unlimited bandwidth.

There is a multitude of services that they offer, making it a "all in one" platform. No need to use different companies for hosting and website development needs. 

GoDaddy’s pricing is more reasonable than most other companies. In addition, they ALWAYS have some nice deals, special offers and discounts available to save tons of money.

godaddy special offers
GoCentral gives you the personal plan, with the option to upgrade at a later point.

You are provided with email accounts for most of the hosting plans. You also have the ability to purchase email services that are more advanced.

Websites are backed up daily and the GoDaddy security is done very well.

If you like to buy and sell domains, GD has a special panel that enables you to list your domains or look for specific ones. Great feature that makes selling and buying a breeze.

godaddy review


Even though a money-back guarantee is offered, it is vague and it depends on the length of your plan.

Once you have chosen a pre-made designer template, you cannot change it again without losing your content.

The display on the mobile website builder is not as great as it can be, and is outdone by other programs. 

Bottom Line...

I have been with GoDaddy for many years, in fact, the domain of this website is registered with them along with many others. Customer support is up to standard and I always get multiple notifications via email to warn me if a domain is about to expire. Domain names are like property, the older they get, the more valuable they become. Also, your domain is your brand, your address online and most likely, your investment. Better to use a trusted company to manage that domain and GoDaddy is the one, in my opinion. 

Visit GoDaddy

godaddy rating

Do you use GoDaddy or have used it in the past? Please be so kind to tell us about your experience. This will help others to make an informed decision. Thank you! 

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  1. Look like you earning from that review(aka paid review)?

    1. No, this is not a paid review. If you click on the link you will notice the normal .com link instead of a affiliate link

  2. Hi Christine:

    Good Article, the only thing that I would like to point out (and I just went through this with them) which is why I am actually leaving them.

    I spent over 5 years creating a website called, As you can imagine, being a Tourism Site on Arizona, it is not some small site and invested a lot of money in advertising. The domain name came up for renewal and they sent me a notice (great communication), however, I felt that the renewal price was a little off, so I called them, after a 1/2 hour discussion (i am persistent in not accepting BS) the sales people tell me that the "higher ups" look at domain names and reports that are coming up for renewal and "they decide" how much your renewal is by what they believe is the value. Of course I asked the direct question something like "So let me see if I understand this, I can spend years with a domain name, spending lots of money to advertise it, when it comes up for renewal, your higher up determine that the domain name is NOW valuable, so they can charge what ever fee they want like $1000? Being persistent like I am, I got the "yes" answer. I don't know if other Registers do this, but I think this is a "behind the scenes" Scam. At the very least its unethical in my book. Remember Godaddy has lots of services and can make more money if someone does not renew their "valuable" Domain name. This is like saying to the government "godaddy's" trade name is now worth a lot of money so in order to renew the business license, it has to pay thousands of dollars. It may be legal,. but unethical and immoral in my book.

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