GoDaddy Review - 2022

With this review of GoDaddy, we will cover all the services they provide, including GoDaddy Domains, Hosting, Website Builder, Email, and more. In this post we will review prices, features, tools, and so forth, to determine, whether or not GoDaddy is a go-to program or just a waste of time. We will also determine if the program suits what you need, and whether or not it is worth your time. So let’s not waste any more time, and begin.


What is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is an all-in-one internet program that provides not only domain services but also hosting, website builders, and so forth. They have services for everything website-related.

Who Are The Founders?

GoDaddy was founded by Robert Ralph "Bob" Parsons.

What About A Money-Back Guarantee?

Some of the GoDaddy plans have money-back guarantees, whereas others have refund policies.

What About Support?

GoDaddy offers above-average support, and they usually solve problems within 24 hours should they occur.

Any Up-Sales?

GoDaddy does not have any up-sales whatsoever. Yes, they do have a lot of separate purchases and plans, but it all comes down to what you need, use and then eventually get.

Godaddy reviews

GoDaddy - Pros

GoDaddy is an all-in-one site with everything one can need, located in a single place.

The Website builder is rather easy to use, and simple to understand.

They have loads of different hosting plans, suited to everyone’s personal needs.

Their support is above average, and higher plans get premium support.

Creating a website is done fast, and can be up and running within an hour.

All yearly plans include a free domain, as well as the more premium plans.

They offer hosting; with both Windows and Linux Servers.

They offer a lot of WordPress solutions for those who prefer it.

Up-to-date courses are available to stay on top of things.

Godaddy reviews


Prices can be a bit high; especially considering you can get similar services from other hosting companies at a lower rate.

WordPress solutions can be a bit more expensive, especially if you want access to a lot of the features/tools.

Not all plans include web security, not even basic SSL Certificates, so they need to be purchased separately.

Let's Sum This Up...

I've been using GoDaddy for almost 10 years now and host many of my domains with them. Awesome customer service by 'n team that is tech-savvy and friendly. Usually, I dread calling customer support when I get stuck, but with GoDaddy, it is actually a pleasure. If you fail to understand how to resolve a problem, they will many times just go in and fix it for you, cutting time, and frustration.

WordPress hosting is a breeze and my favorite part of GoDaddy, however, I am not too crazy about their website builder when it comes to "advanced blogging". Then again, if you are advanced, you will most likely just go for WordPress straight away, right?

They are a good service provider and therefore, the prices are steep to accommodate that. However, in a competitive market with cheaper options available, I would not recommend them if you are counting the pennies.

GoDaddy Hosting - Features and Pricing

Web Hosting: $3.99 - $12.99 per month, $3.99 to $16.99 per month when you renew.

Reseller Hosting: $39.99 - $89.99 per month, prices stay the same after renewal.

Dedicated Servers:

HDD - $129.99 - $399.99 per month.
SSD: $139.99 - $419.99 per month.

Fully Managed:
HDD: $239.98 - $509.98 per month.
SSD: $249.98 - $529.98 per month.

VPS Hosting:

Self Managed
Standard Ram: $4.99 - $69.99 per month.
High Ram: $9.99 - $99.99 per month.

Fully Managed
Standard Ram: $99.99 - $159.99 per month.
High Ram: $104.99 - $189.99 per month.

WordPress Hosting: $8.99 - $20.99 per month, $9.99 to $24.99 per month when you renew.

WordPress Ecommerce Hosting: $20.99 per month, then $24.99 after renewal.

WP Premium Support: $49.99 to $149.99 per month.

Site Management Tools (GoDaddy Pro): Free for life.

Domain charges are separate from hosting plans. If the hosting plan chosen (Annual plans or plans for more than 12 months) includes a domain, you will still have to pay $0.18 per month as an ICANN fee.

Extra resources can be bought if that which is provided with the plans is not enough. Prices vary on what you get.


Web Hosting (Shared Hosting)

Web Hosting, also known as shared hosting, is the cheapest form of hosting currently out there, as this is possible because shared hosting is when a group of people shares a singular server. Web Hosting is great for beginners or smaller sites.

  • cPanel
  • 1-click domain setup
  • Websites
  • Performance/processing power and speed
  • Office 365 Email (Free First Year)
  • Free Domain (Annual Plans Only)
  • Free SSL Certificate (Time Depends on Plan)
  • Databases (10 To Unlimited)
  • 1-Click WordPress Install (Free)
  • Premium DNS (Free With Certain Plans)

Windows Web Hosting

Web Hosting, otherwise known as Shared Hosting, but with Windows servers instead of Linux. The same concept as Web Hosting, but with a different Operating System.

  • Websites
  • Office 365 Email (Free 1st year)
  • MSSQL databases (200MB each)
  • FTP users
  • MySQL databases (1GB each)
  • SSL certificate (Free for 1 Year)
  • Free domain (Annual Plans Only)
  • Premium DNS

Business Hosting

Business hosting is like a 2-in-1, the easy to use and simplicity of a cPanel, but with the fast, amped-up power of VPS.

  • Websites and Databases
  • Storage
  • Traffic
  • RAM
  • CPU’s
  • SSL Certificate

Reseller Hosting

Create your own hosting business, by buying and reselling hosting offered by GoDaddy. Your business, your plans, your choices, it’s that easy.

  • CPU’s
  • Storage
  • Ram
  • 24/7 Support
  • Websites and Databases
  • White-labeled ready accounts
  • CPanel/WHM
  • Integrated WHMCS License
  • Reseller-enabled GoDaddy Domains
  • SSL Certificate

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server Hosting gives you full control and root access, over your server, allowing you to customize it, to suit your needs.

  • RAM
  • SSD Storage
  • CPU Cores
  • Experts to manage the server (Managed VPS Only)
  • SSL Certificate (1st Year)
  • Root Access
  • cPanel/WHM, Plesk Obsidian Webhost Edition
  • Monitoring and alerts
  • Server Setup
  • DNS
  • Back-ups and Recovery

Dedicated Servers

Have an entire server to yourself, with all the resources, features, and tools that go with it. Choose the operating system that will suit you best, Windows or Linux.

  • CPanel (Linux)
  • MySQL (Linux)
  • Disk Mirroring
  • CPU Cores
  • Bandwidth
  • SSL Certificate
  • Dedicated IP’s
  • Back-ups
  • SQL Server (Windows)
  • MS SQL (Windows)
  • Odin Plesk (Windows)

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is hosting that has been specialized to work with WP, giving you better speeds, and the great features and/or tools that come with the WordPress builder.

  • Back-up protection and restore
  • Daily Malware Scans
  • Testing Site
  • Advertising credits (Google and Bing)
  • SSL Certificate (Certain Plans Only)
  • Business Email (Free 1st Year)
  • Free Domain
  • SEO Optimizer
  • Themes
  • Hack Repair and Malware Removal

Ecommerce only!

  • No transaction fees
  • Bookings and appointment scheduling
  • Unlimited products
  • Free access to WooCommerce extensions ($1000 worth.)
  • Real-time shipping rates
  • WP Premium Support - Receive Support from WordPress Experts, and have them help with everything WP-related. They help fix problems, get solutions, and so forth while being hands-on.

Godaddy reviews
GoDaddy Email - Features and Prices

Professional Email: $1.99 - $3.99 per user/month, $4.99 - $6.99 per user/month after renewal.

Email Security: $6.98 - $13.98 per user/month.

  • Professional Business Email
  • Create and manage a professional email to go with your site, store, and so forth.
  • Sites with Professional email are more likely to gain clients and visitors.
  • Domain-based email
  • Sync across devices
  • Email aliases
  • Microsoft Office 365 Suite
  • Microsoft Office 365 Tools and Features
  • OneDrive Storage
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Shared online calendars

GoDaddy - Web Security

With a host of different things to choose from, you can be sure your info and everything else are safe.

  • SSL Certificate Guide
  • SSL Checker
  • Backup
  • Express Malware Removal
  • Website Security
  • Code Signing Certificate
  • SSL Certificates
  • DV SSL Certificate
  • EV SSL Certificate
  • SAN SSL Certificate
  • OV SSL Certificate
  • Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Managed SSL Service

Please Note That the Services have different prices depending on what you need, the plan chosen, and so forth.

Godaddy reviews

GoDaddy - Website Builder

Design and create a stunning website or blog, using GoDaddy’s easy-to-use website builder and all the handy features that go with it.

Features and Tools:

  • Customizable themes
  • Back-ups and restore
  • Drop Down Menus
  • Templates
  • Members Only pages
  • Marketing Tools
  • SEO
  • Advertise Credits
  • Analytics features
  • SSL
  • Image Library

Feel free to read the full GoDaddy Website Builder Review

GoDaddy Reviews

GoDaddy - Additional Features

Microsoft Office 360

Cost: $7.99+ per user/month, $10.99+ per user/month after renewal.

Gives you access to Microsoft Office 365, and all of its extensions, plug-ins, features, tools, versions, and so forth, as well as email migration. Microsoft Office 365 makes email marketing a lot easier, especially with the added customization tools and editors.

Hire an Expert

Hire someone else with expertise, to help you, build your site. They have all kinds of experts, from ones specializing in WordPress to GoDaddy experts, ready to help you build.

Web Design Services

Get a website specially designed and built for you, fitting what you need. Just answer a few questions, and they will do everything for you.

Domain Appraisal

Find out how much your domain is worth or buy and sell domains.

Godaddy reviews

Do you use GoDaddy or used them in the past?

Please tell us about your experience and help others to make a more informed decision.

Thank You!


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Hi Christine:

Good Article, the only thing that I would like to point out (and I just went through this with them) which is why I am actually leaving them.

I spent over 5 years creating a website called, As you can imagine, being a Tourism Site on Arizona, it is not some small site and invested a lot of money in advertising. The domain name came up for renewal and they sent me a notice (great communication), however, I felt that the renewal price was a little off, so I called them, after a 1/2 hour discussion (i am persistent in not accepting BS) the sales people tell me that the "higher ups" look at domain names and reports that are coming up for renewal and "they decide" how much your renewal is by what they believe is the value. Of course I asked the direct question something like "So let me see if I understand this, I can spend years with a domain name, spending lots of money to advertise it, when it comes up for renewal, your higher up determine that the domain name is NOW valuable, so they can charge what ever fee they want like $1000? Being persistent like I am, I got the "yes" answer. I don't know if other Registers do this, but I think this is a "behind the scenes" Scam. At the very least its unethical in my book. Remember Godaddy has lots of services and can make more money if someone does not renew their "valuable" Domain name. This is like saying to the government "godaddy's" trade name is now worth a lot of money so in order to renew the business license, it has to pay thousands of dollars. It may be legal,. but unethical and immoral in my book.

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