Wealthy Affiliate Review 2022 - Scam or Legit?

I Joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2013 and thus feel qualified to review all the features the program has to offer. With this Review, I would like to explain how WA can benefit you and if it is the right program for you or not. If you are looking for a review that includes every aspect of WA then you landed on the right page.

First, allow me to give you a warm welcome. Thanks for taking the time to visit my website, it is much appreciated! Hope that your short stay (you can make it a long one if you really want to) 
will leave you with some added knowledge. 

So, WA has updated the platform! A New look and wait for it, they now have a section for expert marketers and super bloggers to keep up with the growing competition. Still worth joining? Did it get better or are we on a sinking ship in the affiliate world? Let's get to the review and find out.

Talking about Review, WA is a Huge platform with A LOT of features, there is no easy way to make this one sweet and short so yeah, you are going to read a lot today, but you can handle this!  Headings are bolted out, feel free to skip thru to the parts you are interested in. 

I hate it if an opinion is one-sided, don't you? If you are familiar with WA, please be a sweetheart and leave a comment at the end of this review, this will help others to make a more informed decision. Thank You, now let's get started. 

Wealthy affiliate scam



WA Questions and Answers

Not in the mood for a detailed review? Feel free to check out my post that answers the most common questions I get asked by my readers about my experience with Wealthy Affiliate. 

What is Wealthy Affiliate All About?

Wealthy Affiliate is a membership site that will teach you everything about website development and internet marketing. Training comes in the form of video courses that is not only neatly organized, but also easy to understand. Apart from the training courses, the site also has one of the biggest and most active online communities with many skilled marketers sharing their knowledge.

WA is basically an “All in One” when it comes to building an online business. It provides all the things you will need to start up, like your WordPress websites, a keyword tool, domains, and more.

Short History and Owners

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson as a keyword membership site, where monthly lists of the most popular keywords were sent out. Since then they have added, SEO tools, Affiliate Marketing, Training, Keyword Research Tool, and much more.

When it comes to Kyle and Carson, these two never rest, constantly trying to better the platform to keep up with the growing online world. As you can see, they recently (Nov 2020) upgraded the entire platform to meet the demands of their members. New features, new training, and an overall user experience upgrade.

What Does It Cost?

WA has 3 different plans to choose from:

Starter: Free

  • 7 days of 24/7 live support
  • 7 days of Networking capabilities and Integrated training help
  • Website builder
  • SSL Certificate
  • Analysis
  • Duplicate Content checker
  • Fast Hosting
  • 1000 Visits (Bandwidth)
  • Botnet Protection
  • 1 Website
  • 10 Affiliate Bootcamp and Core Certification Course lessons

Premium: $49 per month or $499 per year.

  • 1000+ Training Modules
  • All levels of core training and 52+ expert classes per year
  • Website builder and free hosting
  • 50 premium websites
  • Enhanced hosting security and hacking prevention
  • 24/7 Managed- and Site-Support
  • 250 000 monthly visits
  • Unlimited 24/7 live help, community communication, and Q&A
  • Private messaging
  • Jaaxy Lite (Keyword Tool)
  • Unlimited Keyword Researches
  • SiteRank

and much more.

Premium Plus: $99 per month, or $999 per year.

Contains everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer in maximum capacity, including;

  • 200+ Expert Classes per year
  • Advanced website and Hosting
  • 50 premium Websites
  • Advanced Hosting Security Suite
  • 1 million monthly visits
  • Priority Expert Private Help
  • Jaaxy Enterprise
  • Extra Siterank Scans 

and a bunch more.

Any Up-Sales?

There are no additional up-sales if you upgrade to premium plus, everything is included. Domains, however, are obviously an additional service and will have to be purchased separately.

What About A Money-Back Guarantee?

Wealthy Affiliate does not offer a money-back guarantee as they already have the free starter plan, which can be used to test out the program before upgrading. This is the type of program where no Money-Back guarantee is needed as the free option does not expire, giving you ample time to test the program.

Legit or Scam?

WA has been around for more than a decade! Scams usually never last that long so yeah, definitely not a scam. So why do people sometimes label it as one? Easy, it takes effort to make it work and one has to actually complete the training and implement it to see results! Many people expect instant riches without doing much and when that does not happen, they feel scammed. WA is merely the platform that makes it possible, you still have to do the work. The affiliate side (If you promote WA) payout every single month. I have been with them for many years and not once did they skip a payment, on time every 1st of the month.

In addition, the online world is competitive, A LOT, and the competition will sometimes get nasty among affiliates of different programs, smearing each other in order to get more sign-ups. The bottom line, WA works and so do other programs. Each person has different needs with online marketing and thus will choose what works best for them. WA is a great "start-up" platform, especially for those who have little money to invest in expensive tools and hosting. First page rankings on Google are more than enough proof to show that the program has one powerful/trusted hosting platform around, which is ultimately the goal, to have a website that does well.

Can I Make Money with WA and How Long Will It Take?

This is the most commonly asked question and NO, I cannot tell you if you will be able to make it work or not. Each person is different and has a different lifestyle, mindset, and time management. Some are patient and dedicated, some are not. If you expect instant results, this will probably not be for you and you will definitely fail at this. However, if you tackle this like a business opportunity with long-term goals, the chances of being successful are high.

And as for how long it will take, it once again depends on the person and the work that is done. One can start earning within 6 months, if the work is done, and done correctly, as indicated by the training. It will take longer if you only work a bit here and there, and if you do not, give it all you got.

So how do you go about it to make WA work for you?

Do the training, ALL OF IT! Start at the beginning and work your way thru it. If you do not understand a tutorial, do it again until you do.

Create your website and work on it! The number one mistake WA members make, they fail to do the most important thing and that is working on their means to make money, their websites. The longer you take to develop your site, the longer it will take to make money with it.

Pick any other niche BUT the "online marketing" one. Highly competitive compared to others. Create more than one website with multiple niches! Never put all your eggs in one basket, if one niche fails, you have the other(s). If all of them are a success, you have more income.

User Interface

Easy to use platform with clearly marked tabs that are 100% newbie-friendly. Training is easy to access and one can continue where one left off with ease as training modules can be "marked", once completed. The WordPress builder can be accessed with the click of a few buttons and is easy to manage. A "search" option on top of the page makes it easy to find training or simply to navigate if you can not find anything.

Wealthy affiliate scam

Community and Support

WA has a big community that will help everyone in, any way they can. There are Live Chats where people from around the world can talk to each other no matter if you are a beginner or an expert. If live support isn’t what you are looking for and you want something a bit more technical, no worry, WA provides that too.

The SiteSupport feature is a technical support system that will answer any question you may have. Say live and tech support isn’t in your blood, that is okay too. Private Messaging will allow you to communicate with any member privately, and there is also a feature called Ask A Question where questions are answered all around. You can see if the questions you have, have already been answered or ask the question yourself. They have top-notch support and usually solve problems with 48 hours.

Wealthy Affiliate and WordPress

WA uses the WordPress platform for website creation. WordPress is the most popular platform when it comes to building a website/blog and most of the popular hosting companies work with WP. Websites build on WA hosting usually performs well since they are a reputable company that goes the extra mile to ensure that the websites are secure. Unlike many other builders that basically hold your website captive with their hosting plans, WA gives you the freedom to move your site to another host, if for some reason you feel that the program is not suited for you.

Wealthy affiliate scam

Wealthy Affiliate - Pros 

With the latest update, Wealthy Affiliate is much more accessible and easier to navigate.

Thousands of training videos, courses, and step-by-step tutorials, plus a bunch more expert classes. Training, courses, and tutorials are self-paced, no one forces you to do anything in a certain time period.

Amazing 24/7 support. 

There is a 7 day grace period for paying your premium membership.

The free membership is not limited to a certain time period. You can stay a free member as long as you like. 

Wealthy Affiliate websites are now designed for mobile, meaning no matter the template, platform, and such, the website will always be mobile-friendly.

WA offers a FREE SSL Certificate for all Premium and Premium Plus websites hosted there. 

Beyond superb hosting. Websites do very well in the search engines. (You still have to do the work tho, a website cannot do well if there is no content on it) 


I had found that the site has a huge amount of information and new members get somewhat overwhelmed if they do not follow the 1st start tutorials first on arrival.

No Free memberships for certain countries - Due to the fact that some countries have a much higher fraud statistic, free memberships are not available. These include counties like Nigeria and India.

Wealthy affiliate review

My Personal Opinion About Wealthy Affiliate Based on 7 Years With the Program.

I have joined many programs in the last 7 years, searching for "something" better to provide my readers with, and in the end, it always comes down to Wealthy Affiliate. I am fuzzy about what I promote and recommend because if it fails, my reputation will go down the drain. I can honestly say that I feel comfortable recommending the program to others because if they put in the work, the chances of success are great.  In addition, money is tight for everyone and it becomes a financial nightmare if one has to purchase everything separately. WA is a nice "all-in-one" platform that includes hosting a keyword planner and everything needed to build a thriving website. They do make an effort to help their members as much as possible as you can even earn credits to help you pay for your membership. I paid my yearly membership using only credits that were accumulated via the platform. 

To sum this up

Is the platform perfect? No, there is no such thing as perfection in the online world! However, if you want to make money via website development/blogging and affiliate marketing, this is a good place to start. The Free Membership has more than enough to get started with.

Wealthy Affiliate - Features


Almost everyone these days knows what hosting is and the importance of choosing the right company to work with. Wealthy Affiliate offers you fast, secure, and reliable hosting like no other.

Grow A Business With Them - It does not matter if you are a beginner or a person wanting to grow multiple businesses to new heights, SiteRubix (hosting platform) will help you through your journey. There are people at the moment running million-dollar companies on WA’s platform with success.

They Are Fast - The ranking of your website can be impacted by slow hosting, luckily with WA, you do not have to worry about it. One of the main focuses is speed, and you can rest assured that your WordPress website will be hosted on the latest and most powerful servers at all times. They have an average page load time of about 1.3 seconds and they have a load limit process that monitors your website, making sure it is always running at optimal speeds.

Double Host Your Site - When it comes to hosting, there is one thing that everyone fears, and that is downtime. WA hosting can ensure that you do not have downtime using a feature called Double Hosting. Double Hosting hosting works as follows: Your website always has a mirror. When your site goes down the mirrored version will be put in its place, ensuring that your site keeps running until the problem is fixed.

Got Your Backups - Everyone has made a mistake when they were playing around with the tech. WA’s Managed WordPress Hosting is aware of this fact and gives you peace of mind, knowing that all your data will be backed up so that it can be restored when you wish to.

Site Manager

Site Manager allows you to manage your website and so much more. It tells you when things were last updated, website “health” when last it was backed up and so much more. It really helps you to manage your site and to keep it successful.

Site Builder

You can do so much with WA’s online website builder. You can build on a free domain, a domain you already own, or register a new one, it is that simple. After choosing your domain just pick one of the hundreds, if not thousands of templates and you can start building. Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress which is a great plus because WordPress is the most used platform for building sites.

Wealthy affiliate review

Site Domains

Wealthy Affiliate now has a part, set aside for domains and domains only, called Site Domains. Site Domains offer everything you can think of, including:

  • Domain transfers
  • Domain search
  • Free Domains
  • Domain registrations

You also have the ability to register or transfer multiple domains, so you are not limited to just one or two.

Site Content

The content on your page is very important, so you do not want it to look dull or anything like that. With WA Site Content you can easily and comfortably manage, creating, and design your content. You can have beautiful, exciting content, and it would be easy to create. With features and the ability to: Get Full Metrics on content in real-time, create and utilize templates, manage different versions of any document and instantly export directly to WordPress.

Site Comments

Everyone knows that comments play a very important role when ranking on Google. With WA’s Site Comments, you earn credits for commenting on other people’s websites, or you can request comments for your own site to help it rank better.

Wealthy affiliate review

Site Feedback

Feedback on a site is just as important as comments. Now you can earn credits for giving feedback on other sites or request it for your own site, the same as with Site Comments.


WA’s Education is more improved, but yet simple in every way. When you join, you will be guided through a state of the art, step-by-step training platform, no matter if you are a newbie or a professional marketer. The focus of the training is to teach you everything that you will need to know to have a long-term, successful business.

The training is adjusted to suit everyone's need and includes:
  • Video training
  • Tutorial Training
  • Classrooms on specific topics
  • Question and Answers
  • Live weekly training classes
  • Task-based Courses
  • Participate in interactive discussions
  • Expert Classes

Online Entrepreneur Certification

The Online Entrepreneur Certification consists of 5 phases, aka 50 lessons. These phases are a series of courses that will guide you through the actions of building and growing a company within any Niche that you choose.

Wealthy affiliate reviews complaints

Affiliate Bootcamp

The Affiliate Bootcamp Training consists of 7 Phases, aka 70 lessons. Each of these phases is a series of courses that will guide you through the actions of creating and constructing a company within a Niche related to the promotion of WA.


With the classroom feature, you will find a list of, well classrooms. These classrooms offer videos, Webinars, courses, and tutorials, each with a questions and answers section, that will allow you to get the answers you need.

My Training Activity

With WA’s My Training Activity feature, you can keep track of every single video you have watched, what you have learned, and so forth without any trouble. It helps you to stay on your toes and tells you if you have seen something or not.

Training HQ 

Training HQ is where you will find every single piece of info, from tutorials and videos to events and courses, all in one place for your convenience. They are listed from the newest to the oldest, to maximize efficiency.

Wealthy affiliate reviews

WA - Research

Proper research 
will be crucial to your success, seeing as you will need to learn and gather information. This feature will help you to research and gather information on topics like: 
  • Search Analysis
  • Site Rank
  • Niche Keyword Lists
  • My Keyword Lists
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Brainstorm HQ

Wealthy affiliate reviews

Live Events

WA has weekly live events that are easy and fun to learn from. It covers a wide range of topics that includes everything one needs to know about building a successful online business. All the live events are available afterward for those who could not attend or feel like they want to go thru it in slow motion again.

Wealthy affiliate review

Please Note!

Unless you are a skilled marketer, you will not get rich overnight. WA is Is Not a “get rich quick” scheme. The platform will help you to build a solid online business that will endure for a long time, along with active support that will be needed to subdue the “notion of doing it alone”.

Visit Wealthy Affiliate

Visit My WA Q & A Post

Wealthy affiliate reviews

Do you use Wealthy Affiliate or used it in the past?

Please be so kind to tell us about your experience with the program to help others make a more informed decision.

Thank You!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks Christene, I have a better understanding now into Wealthy Affiliate and would like to join with you. I am still new to marketing and don't if it will work for me or not, I also don't know how to get leads or traffic, will it be worth to spend money to buy this?

Christene said...

Building an online business does take some time, but if you stay focus and have the right mindset you will surely make it. Wealthy Affiliate provides all the training that you will need in order to get traffic and leads along with very helpful professionals to help out when you get stuck, the only reason for failing is the lack in taking action and not having a well set plan. You don't have to pay anything to join and this will give you some time to check out the program and community without feeling obligated to upgrade.

If you have questions please feel free to mail me, on the right-hand side is a box especially created for those who are unsure or just want to interact with me.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comprehensive review christene, i always find your reviews very informative and genuine. I went into another program after reading your review and never regretted. It was the best decision i made. You truly have a heart to help other people and i have a lot of respect for people like you.

Thanks once again, keep up the good work christene:-)

Christene said...

Thanks Anjum, I dearly appreciate the kind comment. With your kind of motivation and the ability to take action I know you will use the training and make the most of it.

Keep up the good work and keep motivated, your day of success will come soon.

Kevin said...

Thanks for the well written review Christine, I had joined up with Wealthy Affiliate some time ago, and even tho it's been hard work I can't describe the feeling of getting my first sale. I know that there will be more sales in the future as long as I keep up the hard work.

I had been with Empower Network for more than 3 months and could not manage to make one sale, with Wealthy Affiliate I had managed to make my first sale within 1 month - not too bad for me.

Unknown said...

Thank you for responding Christene. I was thinking about joining Empower Network, but decided not to after seeing and hearing so many negative reviews (videos and articles). I think WA is a better choice. I only saw three negative reviews about WA (the ironic thing about it is that two out of the three people said that they would still recommend WA to friends or newbies). The third one didn't like the $47 dollars per month and that's it so they joined Instant Pay Day Network instead. One of the people claimed that they received an email last month from a WA member who paid the annual premium fee but was put on restriction by Kyle for some reason. My guess is that individual must have tried some abusive form of marketing like you mentioned before or was rude to other members. I plan on giving WA a shot in the very near future. Have a great evening Christene.

Christene said...

You are absolutely right Cory, If you spam, use abusive marketing or disrespect members, you will get yourself in trouble with Kyle, and that is the main reason why I recommend them above all.

As marketers it is just as important to have a good online reputation then it is to just make money, and WA have strict rules against spamming or cheating the system for that exact reason.

Looking forward to see you there in the future.

Be safe and have an awesome day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review, I want to ask a question that you had failed to answer.

Will Wealthy Affiliate be able to help me with training on various platforms?

I am sick and tired of joining one training membership after another, some are only giving training on certain thing like keywords and how to get leads, then you need to join another program to learn how to write and blog, another to learn how to do seo for google.

I have a limit budget and can't afford paying for so many programs but not make any money.


Christene said...

Hi Tim hope all is going well

I completely understand your frustration, I had been there myself in the past.

With my review I had done my utter best to highlight all the training and classrooms to give readers a basic idea of what they can expect.

The classrooms, boot camps and discussions cover such an enormous part about any topic that you can think of, it would be close to impossible to name all.

Wealthy Affiliate focus on teaching individuals how to build their own blogs/sites - everything about Wordpress, article marketing, keyword research, Up to date SEO training, Traffic generation, affiliate marketing and so forth. However if you are looking for training that will cover the finer details when it comes to MLM, you might want to look elsewhere - WA focus on helping people to start their own blogs and all the techniques that is required to rank well and make money in a legit way while doing it.

It had been proven that you need the following components to succeed online, and WA's main focus is on those with the training.

A blog/site


The right support system

How to implement knowledge and training.

YoursTruley said...

Thanks for the information Christene. I want to give Wealthy Affiliate a try. You stated that Knowledge is power and power equals success. I want to know how do Kyle and Carson stay in business by giving away the knowledge, free memberships and all of the other tools needed? In a way it sounds to good to be true.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment and question

Wealthy Affiliate has a premium subscription as well and they use part of those funds to provide those who can't afford the premium with a free subscription and training.

Kyle and Carson had put together the most successful method of earning and that is by building a blog, getting traffic to it and so forth. People get better results with the methods that they teach and that is the main reason why WA have such a good reputation and loyal premium members.

Affiliate Edge said...

Wealthy Affiliate is a good place to start if you never made money. They helped me make my first clickbank money selling ebooks in 2007. Actually selling ebooks related to non money making niche. Many newbies think the only way to make money online is with MLM or selling money making products. Its not the case. But once you learn internet marketing you can use it to promote whatever you want. I once sold a ebook on how to build a chicken coop successfully. As I remember, My first sale online was for a clickbank ebook for child anger management. I haven't been with WA in a while. You do out grow them as you get too advanced. Had I been in the money making niche in 2011 I probably would be with them today. Their affiliate program is very lucrative and member retention is up their because it actually is a great product. But its something to revisit. My success today is directly related to my success in my WA days.

Unknown said...

Great article Christene!I am definitely giving WA some consideration. I am currently in EN, but I am at a point of major frustration with the constant high priced monthly fees and trainings. I have been with them for a few months now and haven't received any positive results in return just yet. WA seems much more affordable and the great thing about it is I can receive those similar trainings like EN but without the hefty price tag. Now, the only thing that is putting me at a standstill at the moment is that I am unsure of what I would like to promote in this online industry. Does one need to already know and have a topic handy to blog about and promote when joining? I am trying to get my juices flowing, but I can't seem to think of anything.

Christene said...

Hi Jasmine hope all is going well.

You absolutely don't need to have a topic right now, most members join without knowing what it is that they would like to promote or write about. Once you have done the basic training you will have a good idea what it is that you want to promote. The training will help you to pick a niche that you will be comfortable with and also that will be the most profitable.

I always advise those who want to start a blog to go sit down with pen and paper and write down all their hobbies, interests and life skills - your job skills or college education can actually make you money because you will provide valuable information. Every single person in this world has a skill that others are dying to read about.

Within WA no one gets left behind and you will find lots of people who will be more than willing to give you ideas for a niche. We also have the "keyword list" that contains the hottest keywords and niches of the month along with their traffic stats and competing pages, that alone should give you tons of ideas.

Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.

heart2hearts4life said...

HI Christene,
I was looking for EN posts good or not to know more about them. You gave me a great idea to not do it. I was alo searching a way to have training for internet business so with you I have found .
I am very happy. I will do the training for me it is extremely important to be trained and coached .
I like very much the concept of WA . Simple and direct very clear in the goals and the best point is helping others really.
Thank you so much for your work .

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive comment - dearly appreciated.

Training is the most important factor of every business and the online industry works no different. Too many people bounce around from one program to another without learning valuable skills, and without that, the struggle will be long and hard. If you follow all the lessons step by step there is absolutely no reason why you can't have success.

Always remember to ask if you have any questions at all - I will help out gladly

Victor Essang said...

Hello Christene, thanks for your honest review. I tried registering a new account with WA, but I keep having errors. I think maybe their site has some problems. Don't really know what to do now, maybe will try again tomorrow.

All the same, thank you
Essang Victor

Christene said...

There might be a few possibilities that keep you from signing up, normally an account created from the same IP address may cause difficulties.

Feel free to contact Kyle directly at: kyle@wealthyaffiliate.com if you struggle.

Victor Essang said...

Thanks would do just that

Martin said...

Hallo Christene,

Als het goed is, is Zuid Afrikaans een beetje anders dan Nederlands.

Thank you for your review, I enjoyed reading it. At this moment I like to start with an MLM program. Therefore I like to use the internet to generate leads, can you point me in the direction of a good program who can teach me?

Me vriendelijke groet,


Christene said...

Hi Martin - thanks for the comment.

I worked with various MLM programs in the past and must admit that it was a struggle. I had bought a Clickbank product named; mlmwealthtraining some time back and it was the only training that I thought was worth the money.

They have a free trial available, feel free to have a look.


This is a recommendation and I have no affiliate link attached to it - rest easy

Martin said...

Hi Christene,

Thanks for the fast reply i'll check it out.



Ian said...

Hi Christine, I enjoyed reading your review on Empower Network and must admit that I have to agree. I had spend thousands without making much, and then they tell me after 3 months that I am not blogging enough to make money. I am tired of these schemes that promise the world but deliver nothing.

I am interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate but scared that it would be the same as EN. I just want to start my own business without been pressured to upgrade to all kind of products all the time.

Christene said...

Sorry to hear about your misfortune with EN. There are so many aspects of marketing that they fail to teach to members. Blogging alone won't actually make you any money with Empower unless you can manage to get good page rankings, and that alone can take months with the EN blogging system.

Wealthy Affiliate is the complete opposite of EN and you will only have two options on the platform; the free option that includes your 2 Wordpress sites along with all the training to set it up correctly and the premium version that will allow you to have unlimited websites and more advanced training.

We have quite a huge amount of members on the platform that has managed to build themselves some awesome sites with the free option. No pressure or up-sells. The Wealthy Affiliate sites have some good reputation with Google and usually does not take long to rank well if you follow the training and implement it.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Riaan Loubcher said...

Great Review Christine.

I joined so many programs in the past and only lost huge amounts of money. I am not afraid to work hard and I am not greedy, but at some point I would like to see results and not only debit orders from my back account.

How long did it take you to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Christene said...

I absolutely understand your argument. There is no use in spending money constantly without gaining success and profit. At some point all of us need to invest in our online businesses but when it is the wrong program or learning platform people eventually give up. Constant failing due to scams cost individuals dearly, because they not only lose money but also the hope of earning a real income online.

I started blogging quite some time ago but only after I had my fair share of scammy products and individuals who promised the world without delivering much. Blogging was my own attempt and failure did come with it. Took me some hard learning all by myself to get successful. WA is hugely based on blogging for profit but you won't need to do it by yourself like I did. If you follow the training and keep consistent without giving up easily you can earn a good amount in a few months.

Wealthy Affiliate was not my learning platform, but I wish I discovered them 2 years ago, it would have made my online journey so much easier. I earned my first commissions with WA within the first few days of joining, but you can hardly compare, because I have traffic and marketing experience. I benefit hugely from the training because fresh content is added daily and it helped me to even fix flaws in my own business.

Never compare yourself to someone else Riaan, each person is unique and have different skills and motivation. As long as you are willing to give it your absolute best and don't give up easily, you will have success.

Ginny said...

Thank you for your review of both EN and WA. I have been researching EN for about the last 1-2 weeks and was seriously considering signing up; however, as I researched, I realized that I was going to have to pay out a large amount of money each month that I don't really have right now.

As I read your EN review and saw that you recommend WA, I realized that I have a WA account that I signed up with sometime at the beginning of 2012, but have done nothing with it. In fact, I forgot I was even a member! I will start the program right away.


Christene said...

You should definitely put all your effort into WA, it will cost you nothing but dedication, time and effort. You won't be pressured to upgrade or purchase various levels or additional up-sells.

Empower Network is costly especially for total newbies and without the right support structure it is virtually impossible to make success. You will have to pay the large amount a month for quite a few months without making much, and that can easily put you into debt or financial strain very quickly.

Research proved that members who are under "billing pressure" fail to get successful because their focus is on money not success. With WA you don't need to stress about a huge monthly bill and this will help you concentrate on building your online business.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the information in this article and also in the form of the replies to comments.
I have a few more to ask.
1. I have no website and no product to sell. Will joining WA still be of any use to me?
2. I do not live in US. I am in Asia. Will it be a problem?
3. Do I need to write articles for a blog in order to make money at WA?
4. How exactly does the website work?
I am interested in joining. But a little apprehensive for I may loose money if I am unable to keep pace.
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Just have to say that this is a very well written review, the best out of them all. Clearly you have a passion for Wealthy Affiliate and know they system inside out.

I want to ask a few questions as well, hope you don't mind

Why did you decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate? There are hundreds of other similar programs that promise to help new online entrepreneurs to build a business of their own.

Does WA help you to better your current online business? I know that you are not a new to the marketing industry and does not need the beginner training at WA nor do you need the classrooms.

Do you plan to stick with Wealthy Affiliate for a long time, or did you join for the purpose of giving a review?

Thanks in advance for your reply. I know by now that you will respond swiftly.

Keep up the good work


Christene said...

Hi Alex, hope all is going well.

Questions are always welcome and I will answer them gladly.

1. WA is the home for total newbies and they teach people to build their sites and pick the most relevant product that will benefit you the most. You do not need a website or product Alex, you will learn to create your first site with the "Getting started" training.

2. You can live anywhere in the world and join. I live in South-Africa myself and run a successful online business.

3. Wealthy Affiliate teaches members to make money with their sites, there is additional training as well that will help you to earn in other ways, but yes you will have to write posts for your own blog to get traffic and make money from it.

4. The websites at WA are Wordpress blogs. They work similar to keeping an online journal. Basically if you choose to create a site around Dog training you will write daily or weekly articles around the subject and publish it. The hardest part of starting a blog is not the writing but choosing a topic (niche). If you choose something that interest you, you will have no problem writing about it

If you do not prefer to do writing, then I don't recommend that you join WA.

Christene said...

Great questions Sasha - let me start from the top;

Since I started my blogs I joined numerous programs to help people in making the right decisions. My main income comes from other means of generating money online, but these methods I use take a long time to perfect and they are not intended for newbies. I have a soft spot for new marketers because I know how easy it is to get scammed over and over again. Finding a program that could actually help individuals overcome most of the difficulties was not easy, took me 10 months of reviewing one program after another to find a platform that will suit all my requirements like trust, reputation, success rate and support. Wealthy Affiliate's training is up to standard and members success are measured by doing the work. Building an online business is not impossible Sasha, but if you have to do it by yourself, it becomes impossible. WA have the best Support structure I ever came across. I know that when I send newbies to this membership site they will be looked after.

My own business had shown better results after joining the platform, the training and discussions is not just random but also targeted to improve any online business. WA's community is the best, and savvy marketers will gladly point out mistakes and then recommend a solution. Believe it or not, but I did learn a lot of new information from the classrooms not to mention the discussions. The online industry is ever changing and I like the fact that information is kept updated.

Initially I joined Wealthy Affiliate to write the review but also in search for a platform that will be suited for newbies and advanced marketers.
No business is perfect and that includes mine, I will benefit from this platform for a long time to come and not planning to go anywhere soon. WA enables me to correspond with my referrals directly and help them out whenever it is needed. No other platform has such an interactive community - Defiantly the place for me.

Hope this answer your questions, feel free to ask if you have more.

Goodness said...

Hi Christene, I stumbled on your EN review through Google, that brought me here and I must say that right now, I'm totally stuck on WA. Just like Anon, I'm a total newbie to the online business and would need mentorship. I really wish to get started right away cos the only thing I have lots of these days is time.


Christene said...

I am quite sure that WA will help you to reach your goals. Mentorship and quality training is the most important part to get you started. Just keep motivated and persistent. If you have any problems or questions just ask, all of us on the platform help each other to reach our goals faster.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Christine. That was helpful.

Unknown said...

Hi Christine, it's me again.
How exactly writing a blog translate into money?
Thanks in advance.

Christene said...

Easy Alex. Say for instance you have a blog about "dog care" you will add your own product, like dog shampoo or something relevant to your blog and make money each time someone purchase a product. If you do not have your own products you can then add affiliate products and each time someone purchase the product you will earn commission from it.

Affiliate products or programs are other people's products and you earn a commission if you sell it on your blog.

You can also add advertising from sponsors to your blog and earn from that. If your blog is about a specific topic that includes your personal services, you can advertise yourself and get more business leads.

Unknown said...

Hi C awesome blog! I have been been scam a few times but every-time it's been a big learning curve. I live in South Africa and my question is; will WA work in my country?

Christene said...

Hi Lukas.

Yes it will work in South Africa. I am from this SA myself and have huge success with the platform. WA have quite a few members from SA already.

Unknown said...

i am completely new to affiliate marketing..which website should i join to earn a decent income??? pls suggest me a perfect platform for me..i am at present getting offer from empower network,should i join them?? i just want a genuine & exact income...

joel said...

I'm completely newbie to online marketing and hate writting articles I have already joined WA I don't have product or website how do I go about it? Please help.

Christene said...

Empower Network is difficult to promote. They make it out to be easy to earn lots of money but it is not. Most newbies take months to get successful with EN and a big percentage give up eventually.

The best way to earn an income is to build your own online business over a period of time because you will earn what you put in. If you work hard you will get success. Programs like EN have massive competition and the failure rate is huge when you are up against skilled marketers who do the exact same thing you do.

By building your own blog in a niche that is not so competitive you will have a better change to get successful.

WA will teach you to build your site, drive traffic and earn from various products that you can add to your site.

Christene said...

With WA you do not need a product or website because the training teaches you how to build your site and add affiliate products to it. Very few people add their own products. They sell other people's products and earn commissions when they make a sale.

After joining WA, you should immediately get started by doing the "getting started" training and then the classrooms.

Unknown said...

Hi Christene!

I stumbled upon your blog looking for info on EN and I'm glad I did! I have been thinking about joining mainly to get training and support on how to get started blogging and affiliate marketing. I honestly put signing up on the back burner the past few months because I'm a full time student (busy & short on cash). I will def look into WA but my question is about EN new blogging platform (EnV2) and how that opportunity compares to word press? I personally feel that like any new technological innovation other companies will just adopt the same process eventually? What are your thoughts on how they have changed the use of their blog, the option to have multiple blogs and different domain names (that are not EN)? I have been searching around for other marketers opinions but have seen non? I'm personally still on the fence because of the monthly fees (for basically just learning), but find the ease of setting up the blog tempting. You seem to be objective even though your not with them any more and promote a different platform, so whats your thoughts and advice for a newbie like me?

Christene said...

Hi Sonja

The new blogging platform from Empower Network is not actually new. They just developed an App that will allow you to blog from your phone as well. All hype but nothing major. The blogs are still branded with EN advertisements and the ranking is still non existent.

Wordpress already created similar apps along with some of the most popular blogging platforms. This is not new technology and blogging on a smart phone comes as no surprise. Many WP bloggers integrated to this months ago. This technology is not commonly used because serious bloggers do not like to write out a 800 word post on a phone.

The blog might be easy to set up Sonja, but keep in mind that blogs do not rank themselves and they do not fix their own errors or SEO flaws each time a Google update pops up. If you are serious about building a proper blog that will rank and have traffic, you need to learn how to manage a blog properly.

EN blogs are limited and you are stuck with what you get. The only control you have is the control they give you.

Wordpress is currently the most popular blogging platform and still growing. You can customize your blog to suit your needs and use it for any niche. EN blogs can only be used with the marketing niche.

Nicole said...

Hey Christine, I sell Thirty One and was wondering if this program would help me learn how to bring traffic and help my business?

Christene said...

It all depends on your marketing strategy Nikki.

Do you have a website yet? - Without one you will struggle to get targeted traffic. WA teach members how to set up a website correctly and give useful training that will help you to get the best out of your site.

It does not matter what niche you promote, a website or active blog is needed to get organic traffic and targeted leads. Other methods is not always effective and can be costly. WA provides a solution for new marketers who do not have their own "online space" yet.

Unknown said...

Hello Christeene,

I am PaulMarie and also a struggling internet newbie. Yes, I do Believe Helping Others
To Be Successful In Ones Life, Is The Very 1st Step To Creating Ones Own Success In
JESUS' Name . ! . I will be back tomorrow hopefully you'll have answered, I to would like to be on Your Team Dear as I've had alot of questions unable to get answers when needed, even if I write them down after a couple of days I do not know where they are so I continue in my newbie struggles alone in this venture. Thank You GOD BLESS You and Yours. Peace, Live, Laugh Out Loud, Love Always . payit4ward1317@gmail.com

Christene said...

Hi PaulMarie

You are absolutely right. By helping others, you also help yourself.

You are welcome to ask as many questions as you like. WA have an excellent support structure that helps newbies to build up their first business.

Many people think that they can become successful on their own and although it is possible it is a struggle because questions are not answered directly and flaws cannot be recognized. This is the major reason why I recommend WA because of the awesome support. Help is available whenever it is needed and the platform has many skilled marketers who are more than willing to answer questions.

I am quite sure that you will enjoy the platform and eventually be able to help others as well with your learning skills. I am a Christian myself and WA was a God sent to me, because I get to help people in a legit way.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info. on WA, right now am over my head in other training, but will consider later, thanks also for the post on PlugInProfitSite, that was also very helpful

Christene said...

You are welcome Eric. Always a good idea to finish training before you move on to the next. Keep up the good work and best wishes.

Unknown said...

HI Christene,

I am a new WA affiliate and I want to say thank you for what you have shared =)

Christene said...

You are welcome Michael. Feel free to send me a message at WA if you need any help or just need advise.

Unknown said...

Hi Christine,

Nice reading your blog.

Am actually a WA free member. Have yet to sign up as a Premium member due to financial constraints as i have 3 kids to support.

Was wondering if i could start earning money with my free membership & later upgrade to Premium?

Actually i was also looking for free ways to earn money online but most of those free ways/systems do not apply in my country, Malaysia. As i really need to have enough money to upgrade to Premium & subsequently pay monthly at $49 (which is a lot for me).

Would really appreciate your kind advice.

Thanks & God bless,

Christene said...

Hi Cheryl.

You can absolutely earn money with the free membership if you are dedicated to the basic training and building your blog. Many members had done that in the past and still do.

Feel free to contact me at WA on the platform or just send a message to my personal email: christene.swanepoel@gmail.com

I would like to see your progress so far, only then I can suggest the next steps that should be taken.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christene, awesome website just started at WA, and have been looking for content ideas, your site rocks , if I can build a site 1/10th as good as yours I'll be happy , I almost signed up again it's that great , good going.

Christene said...

Thanks for the good feedback Maurice. Glad you started at WA, the site will defiantly help you to build a website that you will be proud of. Feel free to get in touch on the platform and ask if you have questions or need advice.

Unknown said...

Hello Christene. I am considering joining a free company called Online profits for dummies. There appear to be no strings attached, however the presenter does ask you to consider Empower Network to create residual income. In researching Empower Network, I came across your site and you have "Peaked my interest" regarding WA. I will be in touch

Christene said...

Yes Online profits are a free platform, BUT you will not earn much. In addition you will need strong leads and a solid social following to make it work. Basically it is just a diversion to get individuals to purchase Empower Network.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions or just need advice.

Unknown said...

Hi Christene thank you for this review I am from south Africa I have been scammed a few times and lost confidence in being successful with online marketing. you are a God sent being in south Africa made it harder and lonely since most affiliates programmes are international and lack human contact. I'm definitely giving WA a try and I have so much hope that by this time next year I will be in a better position.

Christene said...

Thanks for the reply Anele. Yes online scams are the major culprit that cause people to give up when it comes to online marketing. It is a vicious cycle because individuals will purchase all the shiny programs that promise lots but deliver nothing. Eventually they are broke and lose hope.

There is no such thing as getting rich quick. It takes hard work and patience to climb the ladder to success and many programs and fake products fail to mention it.

If you dedicate yourself completely to WA, follow the training and implement it, you will definitely be in a better position next year. We have quite a few members from South Africa and you will not feel alone.

Feel free to send me a message at WA and introduce yourself. Always great to meet a fellow South African. Also feel free to ask if you have any questions or need advise.

gerbercage said...

About the discussion part at bottom of each lesson.

I had just found out that after 7 days, when I still watching and learning the video in each lesson, I can't complete those task which require me to write something at bottom of discussion because I am not a premium member.

I can't even contact you at there.
I though they should allow non-premium to complete the task at each lesson by allow them to do discussion at bottm part.

Christene said...

Unfortunately discussions are only reserved for Premium members. Free members are allowed to use this functionality in the first 7 days to ensure that they communicate with other members to build up a "follow" list of people to help them when the 7 day period ends.

Like I stated, you are more than welcome to send me an email whenever you need help.

Emmanuel Magaji said...

Christene I just came across your site few minutes ago when I was looking for honest review on EN. I thought it was a scam site considering the amount of money they required from people who want to do home business as an additional income to their merger earnings. Thank so much for enlightening me about this website. But I have another doubt concerning marketing site I subscribed to called Plug-in-Profit Site. Please do you have any idea about the website? The founder is one Stone Evans. I will be highly glad if you can review them too. Thanks and God bless you. Keep up the good works. I will join WA soonest and meet you there.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment and positive feedback Emmanuel. Yes, You are absolutely right. EN products are pricy and you can end up paying thousands without earning much in return. Most definitely not for new marketers.

2 Years back Plug-In-Profit Site was a great option and many members made huge success. Ever since I left more issues came up and many members complained about the platform not being up to standard. I will make a point in the near future to go back and investigate again. Will keep updated.

Looking forward meeting you at WA, you will have my full support.

Unknown said...

Christene, you may want to edit the paragraph in your closing section, which reads:

"Wealthy Affiliate will most certainly not make you rich and it will not make you successful, in the end the decision to take action will all be in your hands and no amount of training or support can replace free will."

I'm sure it was not your conclusion that no one can become wealthy or become successful with Wealthy Affiliates!

Unknown said...

Hi Christene,

Thanks for the reviews. Wow you really do work hard. It is very admirable to see that you make a genuine effort to help others and respond to everyones comments also. I was very close to joining EN but thanks to your reviews and the feedback from tue comments I feel it may not be for me. I feel the product is losing integrity and whilst I havent been offended myself, I have certainly experienced the forceful and bordering arrogant nature of some their team. You have helped me see it that way. I have spent a long time on myself and making sure I am able to help others with integrity and humbleness and I cant help but feel that buying into the wrong program may conflict with my sense of pride. I think I will be joining WA.
Thank you to you and your followers. Keep doing what you are doing.

Christene said...

No program or platform can make you rich or successful Elliott. Those who sit idle and do nothing will not make it no matter what. You are responsible for your own success rate and by working hard and keeping persistent you will pick the fruits.

WA is the best learning platform that I came across. The support is outstanding and the members are helpful. Still, we get can not force some to participate and take action on what they have learned.

WA gives you the tools to make YOURSELF successful and rich.

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive comment Damien, it is appreciated.

You are absolutely right, EN is losing integrity fast. I do not get this myself and frown upon many of their actions. A business, whether it is online or offline needs to be built up with trust and legitimacy. Calling a new customer a "wussy" is bad for business plain and simple.

Helping those who absolutely have nothing to invest in their program is impossible Damien and that is the major reason why I left EN. I have a soft heart as well and I simply cannot take money from those who do not have it. Yes, as a marketer I need to make an income myself, but only from those who have the money to spend on training and find value for their money.

WA makes this possible for me because they provide a free option for those who struggle and many created their online businesses without spending much. The owners of WA are professionals and treat all their members with respect. We do not judge those who cannot afford to upgrade, but rather help them to make progress.

I am sure that you will enjoy WA, feel free to connect with me inside and shout if you have questions or need advice.

Unknown said...

Yes Christene, I now see what you are trying to say in the conclusion of your review, and I still think it would be better expressed if you'd edit your statement a little. For you are saying that by simply joining Wealthy Affiliates, but doing little in the way of further action, you certainly would not become wealthy or successful. I wholeheartedly agree, taking action is the key! But the sentence I quoted in your conclusion is put together a bit awkwardly in my opinion.

I suggest something like "Simply joining Wealthy Affiliates with little or no further action will most certainly not make you rich and it will not make you successful..."

The way it currently reads is not clear and could be easily interpreted in the wrong way, which is obviously how I first interpreted that sentence. Just trying to help you communicate exactly what you're trying to communicate. Thank you for your review.

Unknown said...

Hi Christene

I am so pleased I stumbled across your site. It is refreshing to find someone who gives an honest and unbiased opinion of a product. It is almost impossible to know whether a product marketed on line is any good and provides value for money.

Like others I have been considering joining EN, but having read your review and the WA review I think I know which sounds like a fairer and better proposition. What I really need is a straightforward blueprint to guide a novice through the internet marketing hoops. I am well aware that there is no such thing as a free lunch in this life and I am more than prepared to put in the effort to get success.

I have recently joined 'MyCash for Freebies'. This appears to be a legitimate product based on sound principles where you are offering leads to Fortune 500 companies and get paid for the introduction. What is your view of this product?

Again thank for an excellent blog and best wishes


Christene said...

Thanks Elliott, your help is appreciated.

English is not my first language and I am still battling to overcome the impossible! This post will be updated very soon. WA added some new features that will be added to the review. Will use your advice in the closing line.

Have a great day!

Christene said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Peter, the positive feedback is appreciated.

I am quite sure that you will enjoy the WA platform and the community. I always advise my readers to start with the free option first. You are not constantly pressured to upgrade and have the choice to stay a free member for as long as you like. Many free members managed to build a successful online business by implementing the training.

This is the major reason why I choose WA. EN does not provide any free options, you have to purchase a level before you can test it.

My Cash for Freebies is not a scam, but you will need to refer people to make money. Same scenario: Without leads, a social following or a blog with traffic it will be hard to make anything.

I will definitely have a closer look at "My Cash for Freebies" in the future and keep updated.

Tejas said...

Hey, nice blog got some really good content i'm a regular visitor here now :) Great review of the wealthy affiliate program. I am member there now and I feel its a great place to learn and achieve. I hope to make a blog as informative as yours :)

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive feedback Tejas. Glad to know that you are part of the WA community. I am sure that you will learn a lot and reach your goals. Feel free to send me a PM at WA whenever you have questions or need advice.

Unknown said...

Hi, nice blog, you seem like an honest person. But on average, how much someone on the starter and the premium membership are making? what is the success rate for people on the premium membership?

Christene said...

Hi Carlos.

To be honest, it would be impossible to answer your question. WA provides the training, tools and support the rest is up to you. We have free and premium members that earn a substantial amount of money from their blogs and have massive success with the program. We also have members who do not earn a dime and have no success rate.

If you plan to follow the training and classrooms and implement everything that you learn it will go well. Hard work is required to build any online business. If you sit idle and expect easy money without much effort, then sadly you will not make it with WA.

When you join WA you have access to the "Top WA Ambassador" page. All the top successful members are listed. You can view their blogs and read their success stories.

Unknown said...

Hi Christine, I am just a Lil curious. I have been reading a lot here. I actually found you from searching reviews for EN. But just as I thought I didn't like the reviews about them. However I am more so interested in WA. I have no experience at all with any of this and yes my funds are truly limited. What is the possibility of me being successful if I don't have no experience or nothing to sell. I am interested but really need more info and a mentor. Is that at all possible and can you send me more I fo. Thank you

Christene said...

Hi Godrenia.

WA's training is specifically structured for new marketers like yourself. You do not need to have experience or a product to sell. If you have the capability to learn and follow instructions then you have a good change at success.

WA will teach you how to create a website from scratch and you will learn how to earn from it. Many marketers like myself do not have our own products but promote other products or services and earn commissions from those sales. We call it Affiliate marketing.

Building an online business takes time Godrenia, and there is no get rich quick method. If there was, almost everyone would have left their jobs and get online. There is much to learn and a certain skill set needs to be developed. WA have all the training and courses that will teach you these skills. If you are determined and have the will to give it your all, then yes you will become successful.

At WA you will have many mentors including myself. The support structure is listed as one of the best. All you need to do is ask for help and you will receive it.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. You can also contact me directly by using the mail box provided on the right side of my website.

Unknown said...

Hello Christene,
I just want to say Thank You so much for all your help, I was just about to join EN, but after finding your review blogs, I've decided to go with WA and join under you because I like and enjoy reading your quality content it is very informative. Keep up the Good Work you are such a Blessing to all of us.

Christene said...

You are welcome Maria. Your positive feedback is appreciated.

I am glad that you found your way to WA and friendliest online community. It is always a good feeling to see others succeed and reach their goals. I am sure that you will see results and make progress with WA.

Remember to send me a Private Message or email if you have questions or need advice

Unknown said...

It is so darn hard to find really quality reviews online because so many of them are just people advertising their affiliate links. I run an internet marketing firm that handles Local B2B internet tactics, so I deal in website dev, seo, ppc, other local web tactics, and marketing strategy consulting... but no affiliate stuff at all... yet. I've always wanted to get into it but after spending a few thousand on a few different things (programs that turned out empty and similar to EN or much worse, and extremely expensive coaches that basically took my money and ran) I gave up based on a combo of info overload and being taken advantage of... and at a time where I literally started my business with a $2500 credit card and $400 in my bank account I just couldn't afford to gamble anymore. I lost motivation and interest in affiliate marketing and focused my efforts on my local business. Well, the local business is holding it's own and growing slowly now so I have some free time and have decided to spend it learning more about this area of internet business. To conclude my overly long point, your reviews have helped me narrow down my options and I send my thanks for the quality content. WA really seems to be the system I was hoping to find. My only frustration is that I haven't seen another one like it to compare it too. I like to have at least two options to evaluate and pick a winner before I make a major financial or time investment, soooo if you know another that I could compare WA to that would be great, if you can't think of one that's ok. I won't be upset :) ! I'm just happy that after two years I've finally found WA, a system that seems to be what I've been looking for. I'm not sure how I missed it in the first place!

Unknown said...

Hi Christene,
I’ve already seen your blog page and I’m amazed. I was searching for the “empower network” and the famous “Big Idea Mastermind Latino”, and then I arrived at your blog with your personal opinion about it, and then I saw your comments about WA and you really convince me. Just one thing… I read that you have 2 blogs, and none of them belong to WA, can you tell me where or how did you made them?
By the way sorry for my poor writing English skills
I’m about to create a free account on WA, I hope you can help me forward on that. I will fallow your blogs periodically and keep on touch. Thank you very much!

Christene said...

Hi Tyler. Thanks for adding your comment.

Yes, the online marketing industry can be confusing and it is hard to make a success. The major reason is scammy programs and false promises. Many adverts make it seems easy to earn thousands without any hard work and dedication. People will try out one program and platform after another only to fail.

The reason they fail:

Without traffic, leads or a strong social following you can have the best product or service, but you will not make lots of sales, if any. 80% of all "Work at home" programs require you to sell either the program itself or the products. It is a continuous circle and the big marketers with traffic, leads, a long list and huge social following will obviously make more sales and "proof" that the program or service works. The newbie who does not have any of these will obviously make no sale and lose money.

Many promotions will state that you do not need to have a website or any skills - This is a blunt lie. You have a business yourself, right? Think about it this way, If you do not have a store, how will people find your products each time they want to purchase something? Walmart, for instance, do not sell their products on the street, they have various stores and people know where to find them.

An online business is no different. You build a store (website), get visitors (traffic), build relationships (social media) and sell your products.

WA is all about teaching individuals how to set up their websites properly. Obviously more advanced marketing learning materials are also added to the platform.

I also recommend the Chris Farrel membership strongly. I used it myself in the beginning of my online career and although I did not earn much from it, I got all my fundamental training from his platform. Hower, I only recommend it for those who have no skills and no basic knowledge.

I am still looking for more platforms like WA myself, Tyler, and it is a huge struggle. Many programs offer excellent training, but lacks severely in support. I strongly believe that new marketers need to ask questions and receive instant results. It is frustrating to work by yourself through training and have no answers to questions. I can recommend many other programs that work just as well, but you will not receive any support from the owners themselves and you will be stuck with a forum or support ticket system.

The Shoemoney program from Jeremy Shoemaker is excellent, BUT there is much up-sells. First, it is $47, then $34 and finally $67 again. Not much direct support. Feel free to have a look, but please do not blame me if missed to mention an up-sell, (I could have missed one or two).

Christene said...

Hi Alberto. Thanks for the positive feedback and for visiting my blog, it is appreciated.

My blogs were created long before I joined WA. I have 2 blogs in the marketing niche that was created by Blogger. I also have blogs in various other niches that is created with WordPress.

In 2014 my goal is to create at least one, maybe two blogs with WA. The hosting platform is excellent and have good authority with the Engines. Blogger will always be my favorite platform, I used it for a long time and developed the skills to manage it properly. However, I never recommend others to do the same.


Blogger belongs to Google, If you violate their terms and conditions (sometimes unknowingly), your blog can be deleted. Many new marketers do not have the skills yet to spot crucial mistakes. I DO NOT want people to hunt me down if that happens to them.

With WordPress your content and blog is save because it is on a private host.

Feel free to contact me at WA whenever you have questions or need advice. Looking forward meeting you inside.

Unknown said...

Hi Christene, it's me again...

I've just discovered this LibertaGia thing... can you tell me your personal opinion about it?
This thing looks pretty good to be real, and i have my doubts about it... Anway, i have already create my libertagia account just to check it.

Thanks in advice

Unknown said...

Hi Christene,

I wanted to Know how do i Join WA with your reference? and Will you provide help and Guidance If I become a Part of WA with your Reference? Also how can this help Me building my MLM business apart from Affiliate marketing?

Thank You

Christene said...

Hi Yogesh.

You can join from the link provided at the end of my Review. After you joined you will receive a welcome message from me.

The beauty about WA is that we do not restrict help to "referrals only". My point; if you join under me, you will receive help from me whenever you ask for it. If you did not join under me it is fine as well and you will receive the same offer. We work together as a community to help each other.

You are welcome to approach me with any questions you have regarding your MLM business. I will gladly give advice.

Unknown said...

Thanx Christene for your prompt Reply. Your Reply has been Helpful. I will use the link below your Review for Joining with WA. God Bless

Unknown said...

Hi Christene

I just tried to Join through your link but it does not allow me to signup even with another email id and details, since I had already signed up before I asked you the above Question. So what do I do now?

Christene said...

If you signed up on the same computer (IP address) that you had signed up previously, you will not be able to create an account. Your first account must be deleted and then you will be able to create another. If you lost the log in details of your previous account it would be wise to contact Kyle directly and ask them to remove the account.


Unknown said...

Hi Christene,

I have signed up with another user name with ur reference id from a different computer. My new ID : eternity
looking forward to work on this project seriously. Kindly guide me


Yogesh Mansharamani

Christene said...

Glad to hear that you made it to the platform. I personally hate the usernames myself, hard to recognize new members. I searched Hi and low and could not find the username. Could you please send me a message on my profile.


Unknown said...

Thank you Christene! I have recently been approached with three different offers. EN, MSLP, and Mentoringforfree.com. I have read your blog on EN and Matts blogg on MSLP. Do you have any information on the last?

Unknown said...

Hi Christene!
I have enjoyed your honesty and humility in reviews and opinions.
I'm signing on to WA premium today through your review page.
First month at $19 is a no brainer!
I have been intrigued with online marketing and I'm lucky to have
come across your sight which showed me that there are alternatives
to all the hype and traps out there. Being ranked #1 on google for
WA review didn't hurt you a bit! Ha Ha!
Thank you my dear! (I call you my dear
because I'm old enough to be your Dad)
God bless you and all your efforts!
Sans in California

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive feedback Sans, it is greatly appreciated.
Glad to hear about your progress with WA. I assume that you find the training and community up to standard and that is the reason for upgrading.

You are spot on, WA eliminates all the false promises and hype and only provides what is needed to get successful. I am learning from the platform myself and find the support from members to be the best. (Yes, even with first page rankings I still need to learn more LOL).

I hope to hear from you inside WA. Feel free to send me a message if you have questions or need advice.

Have a blessed day and keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

were you in the free membership when you made your first sale or with the premium?
Sorry to bother you, I'm very interested and i have desperatly been looking at every making money online system possible but many of them had bad reviews.

Christene said...

Hi Aaron.

Do you want to use the EN blogging platform?

Keep in mind that the EN blogs do not rank well and do not have authority with the Engines anymore. Your content does not belong to you and if you decide to cancel your membership at some point, you will lose the blog and the content. The EN blogs are set up to promote the platform itself and you will have very little customization.

My best advice is to build your blog with WordPress and try to promote EN from there. If all fails and you do not have success reselling EN, you can replace it with another product or service without losing any hard work.

Gabriella said...

Hi everyone! Here's my experience with WA. I signed up as a free member. A week later I decided to go Premium for $19. I soon realized that I couldn't keep my premium membership which the second month goes up to $47. I wanted to go back to a basic membership (free) but I was told you cannot downgrade. On Feb 28 I was locked out of my account.

I wish I had asked before I decided to go premium, if I can downgrade. Live and learn. I hope this helps you make a more informed decision if you decide to go Premium.

Christene said...

Hi Gabriella.

Yes, you will not be able to downgrade. This is for logical reasons. In the past many would grab the $19 discount, copy all the training and convert back to the free membership. This is unethical and not fair to the contributors who spend a great deal of time to create the learning materials. (I am sure that you have noticed the massive amount of information that is available)

You may have noticed that the training, discussion and the platform in general is always kept up to date. This takes time and money and if WA has to "give away" all the premium training it will eventually have to close down.

I am NOT accusing you of doing the same Gabriella, but merely want you to understand why the platform cannot convert you back to the free membership.

You did not lose your WA membership and all your progress and your profile is still intact. If you return as a premium member it will be restored.

Going premium is a big discussion and it is always wise to consider your financial status carefully before taking on the responsibility. WA is one of very few platforms that offers a free membership that does not expire for those who cannot afford to pay for training or hosting. I always advice members to keep the free membership until they are financially ready to upgrade.

Gabriella said...

Hi Christene,

Thank you for your reply. Yes, what you explained makes perfect sense. When I went premium I thought to myself; Wow, anyone could copy tons of information and go back to basic or simply leave. I also though, I hope people are not that unethical to do such thing. I see that they are.

Now, while I find it absolutely correct and necessary for Kyle and Carson to take precautions, I submit to you that there is a way to make things fair to both parties. Let me go this route by quoting you.

"Going premium is a big discussion and it is always wise to consider your financial status carefully before taking on the responsibility. I always advice members to keep the free membership until they are financially ready to upgrade".

What you just said, should have accompanied Kyle's frequent recommendations and encouragements to us to go premium. You said "I always encourage people to consider ... why, I don't remember seeing that any place where going premium was offered. Seeing this here now, it's too late for me. So, Kyle in order to not give people a $47 value for $19, he protected himself by "failing" do disclose that once you go Premium, you cannot return to Basic.

"I always advice members to keep the free membership until they are financially ready to upgrade" you said. ON the other hand Kyle and Carson pressure members into going premium by stating that the $19 introductory offer, will expire in seven days. How's that for cautioning people to make a wise decision? I wish I could have made an informed decision, but that would have required a disclosure from Kyle stating that upgrading is irreversible.

So, what happens to me now since I cannot afford the $47/mo? I am locked out of my account. I continue to get notifications of comments left by other members to me, request for following, but how would they know I can't get back to any of them? Can you imagine how frustrating this is for me? I wish to cancel my account since I can't be there, but guess what? I CAN'T. I'm locked out. My account is being held hostage. I have never heard of a place where you are kept against your will and you can't delete your account. Does this seem fair to you?

PS. I would have loved to stay as a free member and learn. I sincerely regret having had to "leave". It is what it is. Live and learn.

Looking forward to your reply.



Jimmytst said...

Thanks Christene for your in-depthl review and helpful tips in the comment section.

Wealthy Affiliate kind of reminds me of Instant Superstore, which also involves affiliate marketing (eg Amazon and Google ads). I have tried it for a couple of years to gain some experience, before deciding to set up my own free Wordpress blogs, although I can no longer use Google Ads on these blogs, nor can I use the Amazon widgets since free Wordpress blogs don't have plugins. At the most, I can only post links in the blogs that link to products in Amazon.

I wonder if you have come across turnkey websites such as Instant Superstore? If so, what are your thoughts on them?

Also, since I already have a few free Wordpress blogs now, I wonder if I still need to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and get two more free blogs plus training material? I have already learnt some basic information on SEO and affiliate marketing from Instant Superstore when I signed up with them several years ago, so I wonder how much value or help Wealthy Affiliate can offer me if I were to sign up for their free membership?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your reply at your own convenience.

Christene said...

Hi Gabriela

Would it be possible to send me your profile link to WA. Would like to help.

email: christene.swanepoel@gmail.com

Christene said...

Hi Jimmy

I took some time to research Instant Superstore to see what their program is all about.

Their training and websites are completely different from WA. They offer turnkey websites (ready made) that is already loaded with articles and content to start with. The problem, these sites have duplicate content and will not rank well, unless you change the entire site and re-write all the content.

WA teach members to build unique WordPress sites that rank well in Google. Basically you learn how to build it, rank it and get traffic to it.

WordPress works more effectively with certain plug-ins. Some awesome plug-ins for SEO, spam, and marketing are available and WA help members to setup these with success. The free WP blogs do not allow these plug-ins as you have noticed already. The free WA membership has all the basic training of website setup, SEO and content generation.

The free websites that WA offers have good authority with the major search engines and although they also have limits compared to the premium, they are still doing well in the Search. If you have free time and want to create another website, WA can help you to build a free website with a little more power. If not, the basic training can help you to fill the gaps.

I am not sure how old your current sites are and where they stand in the rankings. Therefore, it would be hard to do a proper analysis and recommendation.

Feel free to email me your links, I will gladly give you some honest advice.


Unknown said...

Hola, he leído en muchos sitios que EN es una estafa, incluso leí tu Blog que es el mas detallado en la evaluación sobre EN, pero en verdad este WA es de fiar? Veo que no habla sobre tener afiliados ni nada de eso, entonces exactamente como se hacen las ganancias?

Jimmytst said...

Hi Christene

Thanks so much for your detailed reply to my queries. I appreciate your time and efforts to research Instant Superstore to share your thoughts on this program. It helps me to have a better idea now on how it compares with Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, as you have noted, Instant Superstore comes with preloaded duplicate content, and I had eventually decided to remove the existing blog posts and write new blog posts every other week or so when I first started my (now defunct) website in 2010. It was only several months later that my website was finally listed in the first few pages of Google search based on certain keywords. I was - and still am - finding my way around learning and applying SEO, and although I encountered some technical glitches along the way (such as the website was down for days), using that program has been a good learning experience overall for me for a start.

I will surely email you the links to my current websites for you to do a proper analysis and recommendation soon, as I have been busy with work lately. I am planning to sign up for free membership with WA soon too, as I believe I can benefit from the free websites and basic training, which would be a good refresher for me as I am a bit out of touch with affiliate marketing by now.

Peace and blessings to you.

Christene said...

Looking forward to those links Jimmy. Send them when you have time. I am sure that you will benefit from the WA free training. All the basics are covered and that is usually, the training that we missed in the first place. I still learn something new everyday, with so many skilled marketers on the platform you realize just how much there is to learn about blogging and online marketing.

Unknown said...

Hello Christine, is it possible to bring someone into WA while a Starter membership and still earn a commision if the person I sponsored upgraded before me?

Christene said...

Hi Franklin.

Yes, you will earn a commission with the starter membership if your referrals upgrade. Many free members earn commissions by referring others to WA.

Unknown said...

Christeen, with your permision I will answer Gians question.

Hola Gian, efectivamente WA no es un MLM. WA es una universidad para aprender a montar tu propio blog donde puedes promocionar negocios como afiliado. Es prácticamente tu negocio en línea y de ahí es donde tu recibes tu dinero. También WA te da una comisión por referir gente al programa, pero solo de tus invitados, no de los que ellos inviten ya que no es un MLM, es una universidad.

Unknown said...

Please let me know can I promote WA and earn commissions ? Without upgrading my free membership ? Do you provide promotional tools to promote WA to free members ?

I am free member of WA long back but I lost my login ID. When I fill and submit form again for free membership I get message this email ID is registered. In mail search I am not getting history of my joining. What to do ? My email ID is speedexoffset@gmail.com

Christene said...

Yes, you can promote WA and earn commissions with the free membership. You will find a huge variety of tools within your WA affiliate panel.

You can email Kyle directly at: kyle@wealthyaffiliate.com

He will help you to rejoin, using your old email ID. Alternatively, you can use a new email and create an account on a different computer. You can use your old computer again after you set up your account

Unknown said...

Hi Christene

Would this sort of thing work for book sales?

Unknown said...

So, WA is basically a training site that actually helps you get started as well as helping you find product to sell? Is there an average cost a month to run great sites? You talk about the costs of doing this adding up to do it right, so I was wondering if you could quote me a number of that would be around. With premium membership being $47 a month and AWeber another $20 a month, what are some other costs you could make me aware of so that I can come in with what I need to instead of learning of each new cost as I go through. I want to take advantage of the valuable information at WA, I just want to come prepared.
Thank you for your time and anticipated response.

Christene said...

Hi again Thomas.

Each and every online marketer have his/her own needs to build their online business. There are many tools that make life easier for you, but, they are not a necessity. Think about it this way, a small business that just start out will not need much staff, a huge financial output or capital. The coffee shop around your corner have a very low budget compared to the KFC branch.

The online industry works in the same way. As a beginner, you do not need an autoresponder unless you have a way to capture leads. You will do most of the work yourself, therefore you do not need outsourcing or additional tools to make work easier. A normal brick and mortar business will only spend money if that expense can make them more money. You do not purchase a tool or service if it cannot produce a profit.

Example: My blogs get around 500 000 page views a month. My social media sites like Facebook, twitter and G+ provides another 100 000 views and inquiries. Now if I build an email list it will pay for Aweber automatically right? I use a variety of tools and services that add up to hundreds of dollars a month because I can't do all the work myself anymore.

For now, the free training is all you need, if you decide to go premium, you will have everything you need including your websites, keyword tool and support. With these you can build an online empire without spending another dime.

Bottom Line: You only spend money if you can earn a profit from it long term. As your business grows you will have different needs.

Please shout if you have questions or need advice

Christene said...

Yes, you can build a WordPress site that focuses on book sales. There are many plugins that can be used to sell your books. You can even create an online store.

Christene said...

I dearly apologize, I did not answer your first question.

Yes, WA is a learning platform that will teach you how to create a website that will get traffic and earn you money. You do not need your own product, you will learn how to choose one that is profitable and complement your niche.

Unknown said...

Hi Christene,

I would Like to join affilliate programs for purposes of making money but I have no idea which ones are the best. I thought I had found the ones I wanted (GVO, 7 minute workout and others) only to be told that my country (Uganda) is not elligible to transact with them. Do you mind recommending to me some programs (at least 5 where I can participate?)

Meanwhile I am still having issues signing up with Wealthy Affiliate. The system tells me that I aready have an account which I have never opened.

Kind Regards,

D.B. Mwebaze

Unknown said...

Hi Christene,

Here is Alex , from Brazil .

I read your review and I am encouraged to experiment with this program . Well , I must say that I am online seller since 2010 . Prior to that , I was an ordinary employee . I worked for almost 17 years in the technology. After that , I decided that working at home would be better to have more quality of life .

But , after four years working as an online seller, I realized that the factor of working from home is not such a big benefit. I have many problems with the treatment of customers , product inventory, logistics, call center and other things . Anyway, today my time is shorter than the time when I was employed .

I believe that affiliate marketing may be the solution to reconcile a good income with time . Today , I have a 5 digit income as an online seller, but I have no free time and very poor quality of life .

I have also looked at the business model with blogs and monetize them with selling advertisements. This is very practiced here in Brazil . Finally , I would like to contribute and learn from you . I want to put my experience as an online seller and leverage a new business , from participation in this community.

Best regards,


Christene said...

Hi Alex

First, I completely get what you are saying, having an online business does not mean less work or more free time, it only free you from having a boss and restricted salary. Scammy products promise so many that they will earn thousands without doing anything and I think that is the major reason why the majority fail, they expect instant results. I am sure that you agree?

Unfortunately, I am also struggling with the "time" factor myself. I have 5 blogs that generate thousands of views a day and my mailbox, social media platforms and online communication platforms are flooded with messages on a daily basis. I spend approx 6 hours a day to reply and catch up. (Lol, that is why it took so long to reply to your comment). I am constantly looking for ways to get more value out of my time and get my business on the level of self-sustaining. I have ways that work and some ideas that might work. Feel free to mail me directly at christene.swanepoel@gmail.com. It is always nice to have a talk with an experienced marketer.

WA is an awesome community, I am not just saying this because I promote them myself, but because it is a platform that does provide exactly what it promise, no fairy tales or spammy actions. With your marketing experience you can help many others and earn a good income while doing it.

Feel free to shout if you have any questions.

Christene said...

You received a reply by mail.

Unknown said...

This seems interesting so Ill give it a try. Huh work work work :), tnx for reviev.

Unknown said...

hi christene,
i have often followed your reviews which i can authoritatively adjudge very constructive. please can you within your limited time do a review on this HYIP- High Yield Investment Plan. The Site is SWFINVESTGUIDE.COM.

With Best Regards

please help before i fall victim of a hype. just inbox me at infohubmart@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Hi Christene,

If I join and pay for the full year. Would I be able to get on the payment plan the following year?

Christene said...

Hi Sandra. If you join and pay the yearly membership your payment plan will automatically be set on "yearly". In your dashboard you can change payment settings and either cancel or change to the monthly membership when your next payment is due.

Unknown said...

I have set up my website and am going thru boot camp now as a starter member, but I seem to only see how to promote WA and not other affiliates and am not sure about adding content. There was a video for your About Me and Privacy Policy pages, but I feel like I am lost and can't find the info to finish my site and begin to monetize it...

Christene said...

Hi Sonya.

It would be hard for me to advise you on the training because I have no knowledge about your actual progress with all the training. Did you finish the getting started, training first before you started the affiliate Bootcamp?

You will find the training on content at phase 2


Christene said...

Hi Rachel.

WA can definitely help you when it comes to support. We have a huge community that is made up out of skilled marketers in every area of the online industry. Being a successful marketer does not always mean that you are skilled in everything like email marketing, strategic promotions, website creation, content generation, SEO and so forth. That is the beauty about WA, different marketers with different skills and if one cannot help with a certain problem there is another that can. We work together as a community to support each other. I am always active on WA and more than willing to share my amount of skills with others all you need to do is ask.

I am glad to see that you know that it does take time to develop an online business, that alone will give you a good advantage. An online business does not differ much from a real brick and mortar business, first you need to learn the skills and implement it before you will see drastic results. I am sure that you can reach your goals with WA Rachel, I did, next week I will be with WA for a year and I do not regret joining the platform, I learned a lot and accomplished even more.

For many people time is obviously a factor, the secret is to keep moving forward and avoid being idle at all cost. Even if you can only afford 10 minutes a day it will accumulate knowledge and get you closer to your goals.

Feel free to connect with me if you have any questions or need advice.

Unknown said...

Hi Christene,

I have been looking at your posts for quite a while and I am very much impressed by your depth of knowledge. I am a WA premium member too and I too agree that WA is the real deal in an internet full of junk.
Please check out my review of it on my new website:




Unknown said...

Thank you for the time you have spent on this . I am now going to try and go for it ...I am not IT trained , but here goes...Watch this space.

Christene said...

Thanks Jon. Remember to drop by at WA and give me a shout if you have questions or need some serious advice.


Unknown said...

I have been in several different programs. EN, MOBE, The Internet Millionaire, JBudd's program, MLSP, PRO U, and others. All have taught me something and many have cost me more money than I have made.

Since you have asked for something that might be comparable to WA, one program that stands out from the all of them so far is DMC (Daily Marketing Coach) with Ann Sieg. It might be one that you would like to take a look at since you are asking for other programs that compare to WA.

DMC is not an MLM and the support is outstanding. There is every level in the program and while there are more expensive levels, you can learn everything you need at the basic level. They also have a $1 trial period for 7 days. They teach you how to build a business around what you are passionate about. There is wordpress, SEO, traffic and lots more and you own everything whether you keep paying or not. I have not tried WA, but have filed it to have a look at just for research. I am always on the lookout to see what is out there so I can help other people.

Unknown said...

Great article Christene, thanks!. Patrick

Christene said...

You are welcome Patrick. Thanks for the positive feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

Have an awesome day!

CarrieW said...

Is the free trial link at the top make you pur referer? I want to see what wa is all about soon. I would like to make sure when I sign up it is under you :)

Christene said...

Hi Carrie. Hope all is going well.

Some of my links are raw without affiliate codes. The link that leads to my own WA profile page at the bottom of my review have my referrer code.

When you join WA I will send you a welcome message, please take time to respond to your questions. It is much easier to help if we know the concerns of new members.

Hope to chat soon.

Unknown said...

Hey Christene!

I am so lucky to have stumbled upon this article before joining EN. I am a recent college graduate and as you know, the job market is looking rough right now. I am currently living with my parents and working minimum wage. The pay is terrible and the hours are unstable.
I was very impressed with what WA has to offer and I am willing to put in as much work as possible. Do you think it's possible to make a living off WA? Can I have this as my sole source of income? I know it's a very direct question... but I would love to finally move out and have the financial stability to quit my shitty job. I don't intend to become a millionaire (like EN promises) I just would like to be financially independent.

PS: English is also my second language!! I love what you're doing!

Christene said...

Hi Andrea. Hope all is going well?

My apologizes for the delayed response.

It is definitely possible to make a living off WA, I do it and so does many others on the platform. WA helped me personally to grow my online business and enables me to earn more than I did when I was working.

Now, I do not tell fairy tales and hate to mislead. Some WA members have huge success while others give up and do nothing. The reason is simple, some understand that it does take effort and hard work, while others are just looking for a "get rich" quick program. If you follow the WA training and implement it, you will see success.

WA teach members how to build successful websites and it provides all the tools that go along with it. In addition, you have the best support system that will help you to get ahead. If you use all these things and work hard you have a good change to make it big.

Bottom line, if you are willing to work hard for the first few months and do not expect too much at first, WA is the best place to get started.

Building an online business takes time because you have to get yourself noticed online and learn how to market properly. Similar like schooling, first you learn and then you apply the knowledge. Some people learn faster and implement what they learn immediately, while others sit idle and waste time. In the end it depends on your own actions.

Please give me a shout if you have any questions, I will answer them gladly

Teriyaki Madness Garner NC Review said...


Great and informative post. I like how it flows. I wanted to ask you 3 questions, if I may?

1) With the affiliate program for WA, do FREE members earn $11.25 per month when they refer a member who upgrades to the premium membership? Also do premium members earn $22.50 per month when they refer a member who also upgrades to premium status?

2) I saw in one of your previous comments when you mentioned $8.50 in relationship to a referral commission (or $8'something). Where does this figure come from if the above amounts in question 1) above are correct?

3) I like to view the page source of different webpages at random, just to give me some ideas and also to help me identify key patterns. Am I correct in thinking that WA members are taught to use some type of plugin to hide their keyword data in the page source?

You're doing an excellent job. Keep up the great work Christene.


Christene said...

Hi Cliff. Hope all is going well?

You are welcome to raise your concerns and ask any questions.

1. Yes, free members earn a recurring $11.25 commission each month if the member keeps his/her membership. Premium members earn $22.50 recurring commissions each month for as long as the member stay premium.

2. If you refer a new member and they upgrade to the premium you will earn an instant $8 if you are premium, thereafter you earn $22.50 that is recurring each month as long as the member stay on. In addition, you also receive a $1 credit if the person completes his/her profile. Free members will earn $4 and then $11.25 recurring each month. Unfortunately, free members do not receive the $1 credits.

3. Unfortunately, I cannot give much information about the type of plugins that is used (I am not a WordPress guru yet). I do know that the basic SEO plug-ins are recommended upon installation and setup, but WA has full tutorials on Keyword research, content creation for SEO and basic SEO setup. I never actually saw learning materials that taught members to hide their keyword data. The SEO training is up to standard and based on "Google"s rules and standards. The reason why these sites rank so high.

I am not sure if I am permitted to share web pages publicly for this purpose and I do not want to step on toes. You can join the free membership (no need for credit card details) and browse through the websites created by members. Those who want to share their websites usually have the links on their profiles. Our WA Ambassadors are the most successful and their sites are ranked highly. Well worth checking them out.

Last but not least, not every WA member joins WA with the intention to build a website, some already have websites but struggle to monetize them or earn from them. The training helps them to fix flaws, and also stay updated with SEO, marketing and social media related training.

Feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions.

E-Tan said...

A very comprehensive review indeed! :)
I decided to join WA (and recently did), but one question bugs my mind:
Will I lose my website if sometime in the future I leave WA?

Christene said...

First, your content will always belong to you whether you are a free member or a premium member. If you have the free membership, you automatically get a WA domain name included and therefore you cannot move the entire website if you cancel the membership. If you are a premium member and have your own domain, you can move your entire website and domain over to another hosting provider if you do decide to leave WA. Your site will be intact and no content or progress will be lost.

Anonymous said...

If i may I ask the daft question of the day, is all this basically a numbers game, and at what point does it become that there are too many fingers in the pie? I hope that makes sense. What I mean by it is, say there are 5 apples and 6 people want one, there aren't enough to go round, so if the number of folk doing this sort of thing grows faster than new products coming out etc it surely has to dry up? I'm not having a go, I'm seriously considering it. Not being in marketing I've no idea what's growing at what rate so the question may well be ridiculous, and I apologise if I make no sense. P.s. your grammars better than mine and I'm English!!

Christene said...

No problem, always a good thing to ask questions.

First, let me answer your question, No, there will never be too many fingers in the pie, almost the same as the real world. There will never be enough shops, outlets, warehouses, chain stores and so forth. The reason why, because peoples needs always grow and with each year passing, people need products or services that was never in demand before. Example, 5 years ago no one had interest in buying a high end smart phone because obviously they were not that popular. However, currently a huge market had opened up for smart phones and thus more cell phone retailers, repair shops and warehouses had opened up because of the demand. This will only grow because technology will always advance. On the dim side, shops, factories, service providers and local businesses fail due to various reasons like, mismanagement of funds, poor customer service, bad choice of advertising and so forth. This gives other people a change to fill that cap. Ever seen a business closing down only to be replaced with another?

Now, the online industry is not that much different. There is a constant grow and need for information. Example: The new iPhone 6 had just hit the market, soon if not already there will be a big demand for information regarding this phone. People would probably search for terms like "how to reboot my iPhone6" or something like "How to download iTunes on my iPhone6" and so forth.

The online industry is a big "cake" and no one would ever be able to eat it all up. See 95% of those who try, fail because of a few reasons. First, people just don't have the patience to wait for their websites to grow and produce results. Secondly, a huge portion does not have the skills to do it correctly. The average person will give up on what they are doing after 4 months because there is no instant results. They will then go look for another program with the hope of instant riches, a vicious circle with no end result.

This is good news for those who keep trying and keep working to develop their websites and online businesses because they are the ones who see results eventually. WA for instance get lots of new members each day, all going after one thing. However, most leave again within a short time because they expected to see instant results. This makes room for those who are dead serious to succeed and follow through with the training and developing their websites. It works the same way with almost every program, people sign up, give it a try and then leave when there is no "get rich quick" option.

My honest opinion, if you stick with the WA training and IMPLEMENT it no matter what, you will see results. In the end it is a numbers game, you need to decide if you want to be part of the 95% failure rate or fall under the 5% success rate. It does require hard work, lots of patience and endurance to get there, but once you have reached the top it will be hard to get knocked down.

Here is another example from a WA member. This person followed the training and implemented it immediate.


Do not hesitate to give me a shout if you have any questions.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Very well covered. If I were to join wa, my intention would be for it to pay for itself, I.e, go premium when I've earnt enough on free. My question is, when the seven days has gone and the forum side becomes unavailable will i still be able to get the ball rolling, as I don't know how much I'll be able to tap into the extras in that week? I assume it'll be OK, but just checking to see whether I ought to wait for a quiet spell to join and have more chance to drag as much out of those extras as possible.
Oh, and I know its mobile freindly, but I no longer have a pc\laptop, could I manage without?
Thanks again

Christene said...

The free WA membership can absolutely pay for itself if you leverage everything you receive to the full extend.

Yes, I would definitely recommend that you sign up in a quiet week when you have time to sit down and use the additional premium features to the full. My advice, complete the basic training and keep your pen and paper handy, write down every question or concern that you have and use the live support structure to get answers. Once your week is over, you can then pay full attention to building your website.

For now I guess it would not be too hard to manage without a computer because you will mostly just ask questions and learn. However, it would be advisable to have a computer at some point to work on your website. I would be hard to type out blog posts on a mobile. But, if you are used to do everything on your mobile and have no difficulty doing the typing, then I guess there is no real problem.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. One more question ( until another floats into my head!) I don't engage on fb or twitter. Is any of that a problem?

Paul said...

Hi Christene, I joined Wealthy Affiliate family on March 2014. Truly it is one of the most awesome programs online to learn to build a successful profitable niche website. I suggest to stay with W.A. hosting as it has an awesome active community to help you.

Christene said...

No, it is not a real problem, depends on your preference of using these social networks. You do not have to engage actively but some sort of activity will help enormously. For instance, you can create a FB page (not a personal profile), that will be used to promote your website or products. You don't have to talk to others, it will serve as an advertising platform. Obviously it is optional and not nessasary.

Christene said...

I agree with you 100% Paul. Their support system is one of the best ones I have ever come across. They make it so easy to get questions answered quickly via the live chat and I love the questions and the answers addition on each profile.

Thanks for the feedback, please stop by at WA and say hi from time to time. Always great keeping up with everyone on there.

Mark said...


Mark said...

Your free website are removed after six months
Hey Mark,

We really want to thank you for using the Wealthy Affiliate platform and we hope you have enjoyed using your SiteRubix.com domains for the last 6 months along with the service inside of Wealthy Affiliate. :)

To free up room for those folks that are serious about creating a business online and for our newcomers, we are clearing up space on our hosting platform to keep it of the utmost quality.

As a result the following domain that you have associated with your Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership will be removed in 14 days.


You can absolutely keep this domain if you are interested by upgrading to our Premium membership which will allow you to retain this website and will also give you access to UNLIMITED websites and hosting within WA (plus a ton of other stuff).

Learn About & Upgrade to Our Unbelievable Premium Membership

Something that you may want to consider if you are still serious about creating a business online.

Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate

Mark said...

Blackmailing is against thelaw

Christene said...

Blackmailing? Not sure I follow you correctly.

You did not follow the training, nor did you work on your website. It is basically empty!!!! The last effort you made to add something was way back in May 17, 2014. If you had followed the training and worked on your website like you are suppose to do, then your free site would still be active.

WA make room for those who are dead serious about building up something. If you are going to sit around for months doing absolutely nothing with your site, then maybe WA is not the right choice for you in the first place.

In addition, you cannot expect the company to keep thousands of inactive websites around for such long periods of time.

WA is merely being gracious to you, they still give you the option to keep this specific site, but because you were not active you will have to pay the premium to keep your site because your site is taking up space without developing. This can harm the WA hosting for everyone who is actually working hard to create content (that includes free members as well).

My motto, if you get something for free make the best out of it or give it to others who will.

Please forgive me if I sound a little off, but honestly, you got basic training and a free website that has the power to make you money. On platforms like EN, PL and many others you pay $25 for way less. You didn't do much or implemented any of the training over a long period of time. Now you complain over a free service that blackmail you. Really?

Gopesh said...

Hi Christene Swanepoel Greetings,
I am Gopesh Sahu from India and highly impressed by the comments given above.

i am totally new to internet marketing and putting my focus on to it to start as an affiliate marketer.
i personally wanted to ask will it worth joining WA.

Thanks & Regards

Christene said...

As a new affiliate marketer it is definitely worth it Gopesh. Not only will you learn all the basics and build a good foundation, but, you will also have access to the best support structure currently online. WA have many skilled marketers in every aspect of marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing and so forth, your questions will never go unanswered.

The basic training alone, will help you to understand what everything is about, how you will make money and what would be required to become successful.

The basic training is free, you can SignUp without giving out credit card or personal information and you can get started straight away.

Testi said...


Can i make profit with free account member? Is it simple possible?



Christene said...

Hi Miikka.

Yes, it is possible. Many free WA members do just that. They leverage the websites and training and use it to the full extend.

Simple, no, just like the premium membership, hard work and dedication is still required to make it work.

Love Life said...

Hi Christene, thanks for all the great information. Is there a way around getting paid if the country an affiliate is based is not supported by Paypal to receive payments?

Christene said...

If you plan on using Wealthy Affiliate as a learning platform, you do not need to have a PayPal account. However, if you want to promote WA you will unfortunately need a PayPal account to get paid.

Wealthy Affiliate teach members how to make money via different affiliate programs, some of them supports Payoneer payouts. You can get a Payoneer card for free, it is like having a US bank account that can be used at almost any ATM, for payments and to receive payments.

Some countries support Payoneer and PayPal and you will be able to link the two if your country supports it.

M said...

Hi, I put a comment and can't see it, but I'll type again. If I sign as a free member and refer people who then go as premium members, I earn half the amount ($11.25) of a premium member for referrals. If I decided to then become a premium member, do I then receive the full commission ($22.50 each) of the previous premium members I referred when I was a free member? Thanks for the review, very helpful. Mark

Christene said...

Hi Mark. As a result of the spam filter, comments may take a few minutes to appear. My apologies.

Yes, if you become a premium member you will earn $22.50 instead of $11.25. That includes all your referrals, both new and previous ones.

M said...

Thank you Christene :)

Unknown said...

Hi Christene, i am trying to join and sign up but am being told i already have an account with WA, but this cannot be so as i have never joined. What do you suggest? I really want to start as soon as possible! Thank you.

Christene said...

I send you an email James.

Terrance said...

Great review, thanks for the effort to cover every part of the program.

I do have a question, how long does it take approximate to make money with the program?

Thanks in advance.

Christene said...

Hi Terrance.

Unfortunately, it would be impossible for me to tell you how long it will take to make money. There are just too many factors that determine your success rate.

Each and every person is different and have his/her own level of knowledge, skills, patience, devotion and so forth.

For example: Person A joins WA and start the training. He implements it and start working straight away and implement everything he learn. He works on his website and the training 5 hours a day and do not allow for distractions.

Person B joins WA and browse through the training, he is not implementing the knowledge straight away and does not work hard to complete his website or the training. He works about an hour each day and get distracted by other "get rich" programs or tasks that does not produce results.

Obviously person A will see results much quicker and make money faster than person B right?

Wealthy Affiliate is not a "money making" program, it is a platform that will teach you how to make money. Almost like school, you gain knowledge and then use that knowledge to get a job or in this instance, make money online.

If you do not apply the knowledge, you stay behind and do no make a dime. Some members start making money in a short period of time, others take months or even fail completely because they are not actively working to grow their online business.

To make money online takes skill and knowledge about certain topics like Website development, SEO, social media, email marketing, affiliate marketing and social marketing, to only name a few. Unless you are a total genius, you will not learn all these within a few weeks and make a lot of money.

Bottom line, if you are determined, have a bit of patience, work hard and set goals for yourself, you have a good change to become a successful online marketer and earn money sooner than those who chase after the "magic money making programs" for years, only to end up broke and scammed.

To summarize, your question, It would be the same as asking a new student doctor how long it would take for him to make money. There is no answer, he still needs to learn, pass exams and work for less in state hospitals before he can open his own practice and make real money. Same here, hard to determine success because I do not know your characteristics.

Shout if you have any questions.

apollos said...

hi Christene
is there a free membership for india, how would i start up with

Christene said...

I am sure there is, depends on location and if you have a valid PayPal. You do need PayPal to get paid if you want to work online.

You can also contact me via email and I could see if something can be worked out.


Unknown said...

i am a starter. Does the person you refer need to upgrade to premium before you receive commision of 11.25 dollars a month?

Unknown said...

Gidday Christine,
The referral idea sounds just like Amway or similar MLM plans and seems to be an unknown % of someone's revenue?? If I go straight to the WA site and register then how would anyone know who referred whol? If I said you referred me Christine, what benefit is it to me??
Thanks Sandy

Unknown said...

Hey Christene I was curious if a 30 day turn around would profit $1000 or so I'm not looking to get rich quick but $1000 would help pay some bills and get started in the right direction. Are many people making a significant amount of income doing this ? I'm interested in finding out more about WA in hopes that the eduction would pay off in dividends.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you!
Corey - millercation@hotmail.com

Christene said...

Yes, you will receive commissions for referrals that upgrades to premium. Keep in mind that you do not need to promote WA itself, it is only an option. The program teaches members how to make money with any niche. You can promote other affiliate programs as well.

Christene said...

Like I mentioned in the review, It is NOT an MLM program. WA is a learning platform that teaches members how to make money with a website in any niche. The majority of WA members do not promote Wealthy Affiliate itself, but rather affiliate programs that compliments their niche.

Promoting WA is only an option for those interested and works on an affiliate based program. Meaning, if you refer people and they decide to join the premium membership, you will receive a monthly recurring commission for as long as they keep their membership. If the people you referred, refer people themselves, they will earn their full commission and you will not receive a percentage of it, it is all theirs, just as you do not have to share your commissions with others. Bottom line, you do not have to build some down-line to earn more money.

Secondly, WA does not work on a basis of the referral "has" to help those who signed up under him/her. We work together as a community without restrictions. Meaning, if you sign up under me, you will still get help from all the skilled marketers in the entire community if you have questions or struggle. If you do not sign up under me and choose someone else instead, guess what, I will still help you if my advice or assistance is needed. Thus, if you sign up under me, you will get help from the entire community, if you don't, you will still get help from the entire community.

If you go straight to the WA site and register, you will obviously go into the program without a referral and if you do decide to upgrade the commission will go to WA itself. If you decide to sign up from my link, you will receive a welcome message from me with an invitation to contact me via private message or via my profile if you need help. I do not push people to upgrade, nor do I nag at them to stay or make progress. After sign up, they have free will to make choices. The idea here is not to solely seek referrals, but rather for people to get real help from an active community that does not exclude help to only their referrals.

As always, feel free to shout if you have questions. Will do my best to help.

Christene said...

Hi Corey.

Yes, many online marketers make a significant amount of money doing online marketing. In fact, there are quite a few who became millionaires in the past and present. However, it does take some time to see results, you will not make a lot of money in the first couple of months, not impossible, but it will be hard.

The online industry works similar to a real brick and mortar business, you also need knowledge, skill and time to build up an online presence. Only difference, with an online business, you do not need such a huge capital start-up.

It is impossible to tell exactly how long it would take a person to earn a specific amount of money in a certain time frame. Each person is different and approach the online industry in a different way. Some need constant support, while others learn fast without much encouragement. Person A has more time than Person B and one individual might have more patience than another.

Just way too many factors that determine a person's success rate to speculate on a time frame and amount. There are people that try to make money online for years and eventually fails, you get those who earns a good amount after only a couple of months. The failure rate is a whopping 95% and only about 5% become successful and earn a full time income from the internet.

The main reasons:

1. People have no patience to wait and work for success, looking for a quick fix. There is no such thing otherwise everyone would be rich doing this.

2. No Website - A website is your central point of communication, selling and your space in the online industry. Without one, there is no traffic, you find it hard to brand yourself or product and you fail to build a relationship with potential customers.

3. People bounce too much - There are a lot of scams out there, I will not argue that, however, not all of them are scams. It just takes time to understand the concepts and learn new skills. Most people will join a program and after a month of not earning anything they will go to another. This vicious circle can literally go on for years and eventually people give up. Most of them would have become successful if only they choose a good program and the method of earning online and stuck with it until they saw the results.

Bottom line...

30 days might not be enough time to learn all the basics like Website development, SEO, keywords research, niche research, content generation and so forth. In addition, unless you already know these things, apart from learning, it will take more than 30 days to create and finish a website. Not saying it is impossible, but I am not going to tell you a fairy tale in hopes that you will buy something. It takes hard work and total dedication to earn a significant amount of money online. First couple of months are the hardest.

On the bright side, If you follow the WA training and IMPLEMENT it, you have a good change to be one of those 5% that makes it. It is a good program for beginners and you will learn all there is to know about website development and marketing.

Feel free to shout if you have any questions, will do my best to help.

Unknown said...

Hello Christene! This is a great review. Is it possible for you to email me so that we can discuss what I need to do to join WA and work with you as a coach? My email address is trumane.lawrence@gmail.com.

Christene said...

Email sent.

Unknown said...

Dear Christene.

Thanks for writing a valuable and detailed review on WA.
Keep up the good work.

Jhon said...

I joined Wealthy Affiliate about 2 years ago but I guess I did not give it much attention back then and quit before I even finished the basic training. thought it was another get rich quick scam. 2 Years later and I am still stuck, lost tons of money on programs and did not make anything in return. Now, it does seem like you were right all along and I am willing to give it another try if you would work with me. You seem sincere and always helping those who ask for help.

I already tried to join under your link but it tells me that I cannot join because I already registered with my email and now you are not my referral. What do I have to do to fall under you?


Christene said...

Hi Jhon.

Hope all is going well.

First, I am sorry to hear that you lost so much money without seeing any positive results in return. It is indeed frustrating to toss hard earned money in the water without at least earning some of it back.

Unfortunately, this is a vicious online circle and it happens to many who try to work online. Not completely your fault, this industry is not exactly forthcoming and many are just in it purely to sell fairy tales. For those who are new, it is easy to get mislead because they lack the skills to know right from wrong. Almost like a doctor telling you that you need heart medication, when in fact you only have heartburn. You believe him because by all means, he is a doctor right? Same thing online, many gurus will tell their prospects anything they want to hear to make a sale and most believe it because they are online gurus right? Many will tell you that you only need to sell a certain product and you will be rich. However, they fail to be upfront and disclose the fact that you need traffic, leads and a good reputation to be successful at this. Above all, it takes hard work, tons of patience and dedication to have a flourishing online business.

Why do people like yourself fail for months, even years on end and lose so much money trying to find a method that works?

Let's face it, there are too many scams online, however, there are just as many programs that are legit and worth a try. The problem, people do not stick around long enough to make the program work. They have tried for a couple of months/weeks and then move on to the next shiny thing.

My point, Wealthy Affiliate is a learning program that teaches people how to make money online by doing various things like website creation and email marketing. Your success rate depends on your own actions, meaning, if you implement the training and work hard, you will see results over time. To earn money online, you need to learn new skills, and this takes time, just like the real world. You cannot become a doctor and earn a top salary within a few days/weeks, you need to learn a bit first and work from the bottom up. This is the most common perception that most have, thanks to all the scammers painting an untruthful story about how people can earn thousands without any real effort, skills or knowledge.

Do not stress about me being your referral, you already have an account on WA and thus cannot create another one. As a community, we work together and thus are not restricted to help only certain members or those who we referred to WA. You can still get my advice and help on WA, no matter if you are referred by me or someone else.

You can find me at: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/christene9

Please feel free to shout if you have any questions.

Unknown said...

Awesome review, Christene! I don't believe I have seen one quite so informative. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

answers content quite looking the same .... from answer to answer ... mmmnhh ..... is it for real or is it just you purporting to be 100s of different personas?

Christene said...

Sorry to hear that you have difficulties. Unfortunately, yes, if you upgrade, you cannot downgrade again. The reason, once you upgrade, you have access to everything, all the training modules, videos, support system and so forth, thus you cannot go back again because you already had all premium features and the benefit of it. In the past it was permitted to downgrade, however, members took advantage, sign up for premium for only a month and then use the premium training on the free membership. A bit unfair to those who spend hours creating training modules, webinars and helping out other for a huge part of the day. (Some members spend up to 10 hours a day, just replying to those who have questions).

The upside, if you have your own domain, you have 30 days to move your website to another cheaper hosting company. No progress will be lost. In addition, your profile and website is not completely gone yet, like I mentioned, all is kept for 30 days.

Kyle is also a reasonable person, if you contact him and explain your situation, he will most likely keep your profile for longer until you can re-activate your premium account. If you have a lot of progress on your website, but do not have a domain of your own, you can consider paying for one months premium, link a domain to your website and move it. You can also use that month to learn even more and leverage the platform the best you can.

Sadly, it will take much more than a month to make money. First, you need to learn new skills, learn how to implement them, build and develop a website, build an online presence and so forth. Impossible to master all these in one month. I am a successful marketer, blogger and have developed quite a few online skills, however, if I have to start from scratch with the knowledge I have, it will still take me about 3 months to earn money online. If it was indeed that easy to earn an income online, everyone in this world will have a laptop and quit their job.

I hate to see someone losing hard work and feel down, especially if they did put work into something and gave it their all. Feel free to send me a mail at christene.swanepoel@gmail.com and let me see how we can get you on track again in a more affordable manner.

Unknown said...

The is one thing I can see on this platform. If I could have testmonies of members who have received compensation/commission will be of great help. Whats the highest one been paid in the success.

Thank you time and effort to give such information. Your support is greatly appreciated


Unknown said...

There is one thing I cannot see on this platform instead of the above first sentence

Christene said...

Wealthy Affiliate is a learning platform, not an MLM, thus commission amounts are not displayed to keep privacy. Many MLM companies like to display their huge commission amounts to attract more people, WA does not do that.

There are way too many testimonies to display here, I would need at least a couple of pages and a few hours to post it. If you sign up as a free member, you will have access to it all, by typing "progress", "first commission" or "getting paid" into the WA search bar. It would be best to look at this yourself for confirmation to see that it is not fake testimonials, but comes from real active members. In addition, you will also be able to ask them questions if you prefer to do so to verify their testimony.

Nowadays, it is easy for companies to fake testimonials, you can pay for them at various platforms. Thus, I do recommend that you check it out for yourself to ease your own mind. The free membership does not require credit card details to sign up, thus you have nothing to lose to check out the legitimacy of the program. I can easily post a massive amount of links to testimonials, however, it will still not proof that they are original and comes from real active people, thus, it is best to check it out yourself. If you find one fake testimonial, you can come back and shout at me, promise.

WA obviously also have top earners. When you make 300 sales or more, you will earn yourself a ticket to Vegas all inclusive. So yes, definitely lots of people who make money with this program.

Again, please keep in mind that this is not a get rich scheme, it is a learning platform that teaches you how to make money online and do it correctly. It takes time to build a successful online business and if you fail to work hard and implement the training given, you will not get any results. Think about it this way, WA is like going to school to learn a new skill.

Last but not least, WA does not teach members how to sell WA over and over again like with many other programs, although you have an option to become a WA affiliate, the majority of members do not promote the program but rather promote products within their niche.



Please do not hesitate to shout if you have questions. Will do my best to help.

Billy said...

Thanks for the review.

One question: Why do you promote Wealthy Affiliate Christine? There are hundreds of other programs that is just as good right?

My apologies for being blunt, but I seldom see marketers give a good reason why they promote a certain program themselves. Apart from the money you earn in commissions, does WA benefit you directly as well?

Christene said...

Hi Billy

Hope all is going well.

There are quite a number of reasons why I promote Wealthy Affiliate, and they are based on research and the needs of new marketers. Here are my criteria that a program needs to meet before I will consider promoting it.

1. Have a free or trial options available - When any given person walks into a store looking to buy a new product like a car, phone, television and so forth, obviously you would like to inspect the product before you purchase it right? You would like to see exactly what features the product has, if it is quality and if it is worth buying. Purchasing online products should not be different and allows the buyer to see what exactly he/she will get for their money. With most programs online, you simply do not know what you get until you paid for the program, making it seem somewhat suspicious. WA offers a free membership and the first 7 days have premium features, meaning, if you do decide to upgrade, you know exactly what you are spending money for. In addition, not everyone has the $47 to upgrade but still have the desire to learn and get their website up and running. WA caters for that as well, if you work hard and leverage what you have for free, you can make money online without spending that much.

2. Support - Like you mentioned, there are hundreds of programs that is good indeed, however, they lack in support. This is the major reason why I recommend WA, the program has one of the best support structures online with an active community answering questions all day. The owners themselves answer questions and gives support where needed. When it comes to support, WA tops it with many features like the live chat option, questionnaire option on your profile page, questionnaire options below each training module, and a messaging system. In addition, members also have a micro blogging system that can be used for questions, updates or for sharing tips and advice.

3. Updated training - The owners of WA ensure that the training modules are kept up to date and there is also new webinars available almost every week that add to the members' knowledge. This will answer your question, yes, I still learn from WA myself, with so many members sharing advice and tips, there is always something new to learn.

4. Great Affiliate Program - A huge majority of WA's members does not promote WA because they focus on building their niche websites. However, for those who do decide to market the program, there are many affiliate tools available to do so successfully. WA is an easy sell because people can see for themselves the value of the program, they do not "just have to take my word for it" Best of all it cost zero money to do so.

5. Reputation - I do like to keep a good online profile, would not seem correct to warn others about scams only to push them into another one. Like I mentioned above, WA allows my readers to check out the legitimacy themselves and make a rational decision to upgrade or not without having to feel that they got pushed into something that will not work for them.

Obviously, there are many more reasons, but, these are the ones that are a must for me to be a great program.

Feel free to shout if you have any more questions.

SMR Tommy said...

I am 79 and retired also handicapped and not very good at the internet or my english. Not looking to get rich just bring in some extra funds say $1,500.00 a month or so. I do repair a few sewing machines and sharpen scissors and knives but it does not bring in much extra income. Do you feel that this maybe something That I may be able to do. I have a lot of free time during the day as I start about 3 or 4a every day.
Thank you for your help My E is smrtommy@outlook.com

Christene said...

Email send to you Tommy!

Mahmood said...

I want to thank you a lot as you are the one who made me know wealthy affiliate. I was searching for Empire Network reviews when I came across your site and read your wealthy affiliate review and found that wealthy affiliate is much better.
I've joined and learned a lot and now I have two web sites. I am starting to do great with my web sites and learn more stuff from wealthy affiliate owner and members.

Thanks a lot Christene

Unknown said...

Wow,This is the greatest review I've ever read.
Thanks, Christine. I am going to sign up via your aff link.

Christene said...

Pleasure Mahmood.

I am glad to hear that you made such great progress thus far. I would really like to have a look at your websites, always great to see when members make progress. I can also have a look for you and give a few tips if you like.

Again, please do not hesitate to shout if you get stuck. Will do my best to help.

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive feedback, you are so kind!

Please be sure to leverage your first week to the fullest. First 7 days you have access to some premium features, including the live chat box. Write down all your questions and concerns and raise them in the chat box. There are always skilled members who will give advice and help out. This will help you to move forward much quicker. WA is a very friendly community and no question will seem dumb or go unaccounted for.

Please do not hesitate to give me a shout if you get stuck. Will do my best to assist.

midnight jade said...

Hi I was thinking about giving WA a try, you see I have a store on zazzle called eternalized I have made a few sales sofar. By making a facebook fan page and using Facebook paid ads. And posting on pintrest and would like to learn more about advertising and ceo. I don't have a very big budget, I am on ssi because I am disabled I have started a

Zazzle store back in November of 2014 cause I don't want to be on ssi for my entire life.

Christene said...

With a website you could definitely increase your exposure and get more customers. Obviously learning how to create a website and the actual creation thereof does take some time and hard work is required to have a thriving website, however, in the long term, it is definitely worth it.

With WA you will learn how to choose your niche, do keyword research and how to build your website. You will also learn how to drive traffic (readers) to your site and how to market it correctly.

The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate, one you have completed all the training and have a successful website, you can move on and do everything on your own without the need to pay for expensive memberships.

Feel free to shout if you have any questions, will do my best to help.

Nat said...

Hi great review - I've been at WA a month now and it's certainly been a learning curve, but I have learnt an incredible amount. I saw you mentioned you write blogs too, are others related to internet marketing? I'd love to follow them. Thanks. Natalie

Christene said...

Hi Natalie

Glad to hear that you like Wealthy Affiliate, you will never run out of learning material since there are always new tutorials that is added on a weekly basis. I do write other blogs as well that is outside internet marketing and fall in the pet niches. Unfortunately, I do not share all the links to my blogs since I had so many in the past who copied my entire website, graphics and template included. However, feel free to hook up with me at WA and I will gladly share a link.


In addition, you can also stop by anytime you have questions or need some advice, you know what they say, two heads are better than one.

Alex said...

Hi Christene,
Thank you for your reviews on EN as well as WA.
Have come across EN a few months back, but felt it to be a bit of a scam, not really telling you WHAT you should sell and how much it really costs.

Just recently I finally started my own personal growth blog. My goal is to mix personal experience with content curation and affiliate links of products I've tested myself. I think I will have to check out WA. I've researched the whole make money online and do have some idea of what I'm doing but if you could profit from their system I probably will too :-)
Thanks for your reviews, I'll have to check out more of your content for sure :-)

Take care!

Christene said...

Hi Alex. Hope all is going well.

I am sure that WA will benefit you, and help to fill in the gaps. Since most of the training focuses on website development and managing a successful blog, you might enjoy interacting with all the active members that love to share tips and give advice. New training is always added and with live webinars almost every week, one is always kept in the loop about all the new developments on the web.

Feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions or need advice, will do my best to help.

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