Swagbucks Review - 2022

With this review, we will cover Swagbucks, one of the leading and more popular rewards programs out there today, to see whether or not it is worth the time. We will take a look at everything that they have to offer, and whether or not you can actually earn something. The rewards and ways to earn will also be included to give you the most info possible to help you decide, whether or not this program is worth your time or not.

Swagbucks reviews



What is Swagbucks?

It is a free online rewards program that allows you to earn digital dollars called “Swag Bucks” for completing various online activities, such as completing surveys, playing games, web searches, and so forth. You can turn your digital credit into real money via PayPal or exchange them for gift cards or products on Swagbucks once you met the requirements or earned enough credits.

Who are the Founders?

Swagbucks was founded by Scott Dudelson and Josef Gorowitz as a way for people to earn a little something extra.

Short History

Swagbucks itself was founded in 2008, but the company behind it, Prodege, had long since before that, started dabbling in rewards programs. The program, the company, and the people behind it have been nominated and won quite a few rewards over the years. Their amazing services, and rewards, have made them one of the leading rewards programs in the world, and most definitely one of the most popular.

Who Will Benefit From Swagbucks?

If you have some spare time and want to find an interesting way to get some freebies for doing tasks that you might be doing online anyway this will work well for you. Since you only need to be above 13 years of age to qualify for registration, this is an awesome site for teens to keep them busy while they get something in return as well.

What does it cost?

It is completely free to join the program with no payments necessary. You only have to provide an email, when signing up.

Any Up-Sales?

Swagbucks does not have any up-sales, as it is completely free to join. They have no extra fees of any kind, either, when it comes to exchanging bucks for rewards and payouts.

Is The Program Legit?

Swagbucks is not a scam at all. They have millions of users, that earn swag bucks every day, and they always pay their clients. Sure there is a limit on the amount needed before you can cash out, and it takes a few swag bucks before you have a decent amount of cash, but they do still payout.

What About Support?

Swagbucks does offer support in the form of tickets, email, FAQ pages, and so forth. The support is available 24/7, however, even though they offer support in multiple ways and 24/7, it does not mean they are about to win an award for their support. There is definitely room for improvement, but I have seen worse.

Swagbucks reviews

How to Earn and What Do You Get?

Digital dollars can be earned with a wide variety of activities that include:
  • By purchasing products online
  • Completing offers
  • Playing games
  • Filling in Surveys

In addition, you can earn more credits when you refer people to Swagbucks, and every time they get “swag bucks” for searching the web you get credit as well.

Swagbucks reviews

Keep in mind that you will need many points if you want to exchange them for something worthwhile. 450 points for instance will get you a $5 Amazon gift card, and to cash out $25 in PayPal, you will need around 2,500 points.

If you have a blog or website you can also use the handy widget and attract more visitors to use it directly from your blog or site and obviously earn more credits and get more referrals to sign up.

Be sure to complete your profiles on all the third-party platforms like peanut labs and so forth. This will give you a better chance to get surveys/tasks.

Swagbucks reviews

Swagbucks - Pros

Swag Bucks is a 100% free platform and it will not cost you a cent to sign up.

They have a huge variety of prizes to choose from and you will never run out of choices or preferences.

The user interface is not complicated at all and easy enough even for a teenager to use.

The surveys and tasks are simple and very rarely complicated, making it possible for anyone to participate.


Sadly, Swagbucks is only available in a few countries and not international yet, therefore not everyone can participate.

If your profile is not filled out correctly, the chances of getting surveys are slim. For example; If you do not have a degree, or skill, shop a lot, or travel, you will not get many survey opportunities.

Swagbucks reviews

Final Word...

You will not become rich with Swagbucks and it will most definitely not replace your income. Some will make a decent amount, others will not, it all depends on your demographics, age, and how you fill out your profile. If you travel a lot for business, have a degree, or spend a lot of money shopping, you will most likely get more survey opportunities. Let's face it, if you can do these things, you most likely do not need to spend hours filling surveys for a few bucks right? The program is great if you want to kill some time and earn a little extra while doing it, not if you are looking to replace your income or are desperate for cash.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Christene. Your review was helpful.

One question: have you heard anything about a virus being distributed through Swagbuck's search tool/plug-in? I'll probably just go to their site to search anyway - I keep my downloads to a minimum - but I was wondering if other people have heard about this or if I just happened to stumble across a few nasty, insidious reviewers whose primary goal is to trash talk other sites.


Christene said...

Good question. If you download the toolbar directly from SwagBucks you should not have any problems with viruses. I found some 3d party sites that distribute the toolbar as well and they might contain malicious ware.

Always a good idea to have proper antivirus software installed on your machine CiCi, I stumble onto viruses even on trusted sites. Avast is the best in my opinion if you have Microsoft. If the virus program detect a thread then it is not advisable to use the search toolbar.

Anonymous said...

You do know that teenagers are more computer literate than most adults so saying "The user interface is not complicated at all and easy enough even for a teenager to use" is incorrect maybe saying "even for a child to use" would work better.

Christene said...

Yes you are absolutely right, it is easy enough for a child to use. Some people however will interpret it wrong and set up a profile for their 9 year old kids. (It happened before lol)

Krissy said...

"How can you get ripped off by a free system?"

You can get ripped off by spending 30 minutes taking a survey and never getting the SB for it. You can get ripped off by completing offers and not ever seeing the SB.

Unknown said...

Swagbucks is a scam don’t do it. If you want to make money guaranteed go to instagc.com/robichaudsteven . I was only watching videos from swagbucks almost went over my bandwith limit so I cut down on videos. All week I cut down, in the meantime I had 2 gift card waiting. Says it may take up to 10 days witch I found was weid because it’s and e gift card, so it’s not a hard copy or anything the code should be instant. Anyways while still a swagbucks member I joined instagc. I made a 100 points pretty easy then I said I’ll try to cash out a 1$ amazon gift card to see if this site is legit. What do you know I got the 1$ gift code instant! I took the code, put it in my Amazon account and bam. Mean while swagbuck I’m still waiting on this 10 day crap. Swagbucks never even emailed me or anything also about this issues, just a pure silent deactivation. In the meanwhile I made more money on instagc doing it a few hours a day and making gift cards instant! You can even cash out a check on instagc and they post winners all the time on Facebook. There’s even a little chat you can talk with others. If you want to waste your time go to swagbucks, if you actually want to make a bit of money use my link and go to instagc I can even help you get started.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you. I've waste my time on it for nothing. It is a SCAM.

Unknown said...

I have been using Swag bucks for 3 months now and I love it. It is a great way to earn money. I was turning my swag points in for amazon gift cards but I recently switched to pay pal gift cards. I think this is much better because pay pal can be used everywhere even amazon plus if I want I can always just deposit the money right into my bank account. As I said I love swagbucks and if anyone wants to try it and become a swaggernut you can use my link swagbucks.com/refer/randaltor

Rose Vidal said...

I dont have the patience to use it, but my husband makes lots of money on it and others sites like it. He shops at walmart with all the certificates and gift cards he gets from these programs. I however am not patient in answering surveys and watching videos for small change, LOL. Great review as usual!

Unknown said...

I have been using Swag bucks for 3 months now and I love it. It is a great way to earn money. I was turning my swag points in for amazon gift cards but I recently switched to pay pal gift cards. I think this is much better because pay pal can be used everywhere even amazon plus if I want I can always just deposit the money right into my bank account. As I said I love swagbucks and if anyone wants to try it and become a swaggernut you can use my link swagbucks.com/refer/UsingMECloak

Anonymous said...

I signed up for swagbucks years ago & totally forgot about it. Four months ago my brother-in-law showed me 3 Ipads & a Kindle that he got for my sister & my niece's through swagbucks. Needless to say, I couldn't wait to to jump in & start making money. I earn $150.00 to $200.00 a month with no referrals. There are so many ways to earn money. It's definitely worth giving it a shot. You can sign up with my link, www.swagbucks.com/refer/gorgeaus.

Anonymous said...

Making money on the internet is NOT easy and you wont get rich doing it. There are some ways to make a few extra spending bucks though. Swagbucks has been an awesome way for me to make a few extra bucks for doing what I already do on the internet.(like browsing, playing games and doing the odd survey) If you sign up with this code you get bonus Swagbucks when you sign up and we both will make extra money from what we both do! www.swagbucks.com/refer/Maximilian13

Anonymous said...

Legit companies do not spam the life out of craigslist. That is all. They are a bunch of scumbags.

Anonymous said...

Maximillian13, above, will earn extra Swagbucks off you who fall for his "offer" of earning more. Don't you earn more if you get others to sign up under you? Duh!

Unknown said...

I agree. This happens to me on a daily basis.

Unknown said...

Omg cool cool thats good you make alot of money :-)

Anonymous said...

Tried out swagbucks on 10/2/2015. Initially it was a good experience as I learned a few things from watching videos, participated in drawings, and had fun doing surveys. On 10/13/2015, they deactivated my account without warning, explanation, or reason. I'm not going to go sour over it, just want to let people know to occasionally screenshot their earnings and get their support/editing staff to do a better job at checking things. As I have also noticed a few deleted videos and missing swagbucks on certain offers.

Aloha from Hawaii, AF

Sue said...

This happens to me a lot as well. I want to complain,but then i feel sort of petty. Perhaps a way to remedy this would be to offer a percentage of the swagbucks for each stage of the survey you complete. So,if you spend 15 mins on a 30 min survey before it boots you out, then you should get 50% of the swagbucks. I just did a survey yesterday that asked VERY personal questions about pad and tampon use. Not only did it take me a lot longer than the time frame they stated, I didn't get even a single swagbuck from it. I got unceremoniously booted with a very curt "We have no further questions for you at this time". A total waste of my time.

Unknown said...

You will finish some surveys and then all of sudden get disqualified at the end and then support will tell you that some surveys will disqualify you because you took it to fast. Even though you took your sweet time and answered correctly. They are scammmers and scam people randomly to increase their own profit. I have seen this time and time again and read reviews of this happening on a consistent basis. And also most of swagstakes are scams just like every other sites who offer raffles.

Unknown said...

I very much agree with you that "You will not become rich from using this site." I actually just reviewed Swagbucks on my site ( http://leave.today/swagbucks-online-survey-site-review/ ) in case anyone is interested), and I found that it IS true that you can make points towards gift cards (...eventually), but I have to say that I prefer the option to get an actual check-in-the-mail with other sites (like Inboxdollars).