Empower Network vs. Wealthy Affiliate (Closed)

This post is based on my review of Empower Network and the feedback I received from it. Many had asked why I prefer to promote Wealthy Affiliate and not Empower Network along with questions as to why I see WA as a better fit for New internet marketers –I hope this comparison will clear up some questions. I had been active with both programs and this comparison is based on efficiency, affordability, and support between the two programs.  

Update: Empower Network no longer exists! Wealthy Affiliate still does and you can check out the updated review at:

Blogging Platform

Empower Network

  • EN - 1 blog at $25 a month – Not fully customizable
  • WA - 2 WordPress blogs for free – fully customizable. Premium Members have unlimited websites.

  • EN - You do not own the content and you will lose the rights and the power to access it if you stop paying the monthly fee.
  • WA - You own the content and have full control for the lifetime of your website at Wealthy Affiliate, even if you cannot afford the premium.

  • EN - Websites are grouped together as a directory, and the content is impacted by that of everyone else. Each website has the same content base and architecture and this can be seen as duplicate by the major search engines. Does not work well with every niche.
  • WA - Optimized for search engines. Works well within any niche because there is no advertising on the templates. The engines see Blogs as having their own domain therefore they rank well.

  • EN - As a member of EN you get the exact same blog that everyone else gets – A template-based website that promotes Empower Network
  • WA - You can choose from 1,400 free templates and they have no advertising on them. You can use them in any way you like.

  • EN - The main domain EmpowerNetwork.com had lost ranking power with Google, making it hard for the blogs to rank well.
  • WA - Rank extremely well.



Empower Network Basic Membership - $25 a month
Affiliate Fee - $19.95 a month.

Inner Circle Membership - $100 a month

Costa Rica Intensive – $500 one time fee

The 15k Formula - $1,000 one time fee

Masters Retreat - $3,500 one time fee

Wealthy Affiliate dashboard

Basic Membership – FREE

Premium Membership - $47 a month

Affiliate program

  • EN - Have to pay $19.95 a month to be paid and to sell any of the Empower Network products.
  • WA - The affiliate program is free to join and commissions will be paid to your PayPal account.
  • EN - MLM based – You will need to build a solid down line – If your referrals sell products you get paid as well. Some skills are required to promote the system correctly.
  • WA - Affiliate based – Do not need to build a down line - You will receive commissions for each sale, making it easy for newbie’s that doesn’t have much experience in getting referrals.
  • EN - Any form of promotion is allowed to get leads or to make a sale.
  • WA - Wealthy Affiliate has strict rules against spamming and it is not allowed.


  • EN - Need to find a group and a sponsor that will provide the right support structure. If you had chosen an unresponsive group, you will need to sign up all over again with another group. Support from Empower Network itself is not that great.
  • WA - You do not need to join a group because the entire Wealthy Affiliate community is responsible for helping one another. The live chat box, discussion board, and forum are active 24/7 and you can post private messages to members if you struggle to find an answer to your problem.

  • EN - No way to contact or interact with the owner's Dave and Dave.
  • WA - You can interact with Kyle and Carson directly on the platform and ask them questions.


EN - Empower Network have limited tools itself except for the blogging platform. You will need to join a group that provides you with the tools - The prosperity team has the best as far as my knowledge goes.

WA - Wealthy Affiliate includes the following tools and services:

  • Websites and Hosting
  • Rapid writer
  • Link tracking
  • Keyword tool
  • Monthly Keyword list (all the hottest keywords with low competition)
  • Live chat
  • Forum
  • Discussion board
  • A customizable profile page that allows you to write daily “mini” blogs and add your own training.

Wealthy Affiliate profile


I will only compare Empower Networks training to the level that will be required to make success meaning it includes the basic and inner circle training – to receive this training you will have to pay the monthly fee and my comparison is based on that fact. Products like the Costa Rica and 15K formula are additional upsells and most newbie’s does not have the finances to purchase it immediately, therefore it will be useless to compare it to Wealthy Affiliate – Remember I am only comparing affordability versus effective training with monthly payments that are required from the two platforms.

Empower Network training

Basic Membership - Include some basic training on how to build your blog - No technical training.

Inner Circle – Hours of audio clips that are more based on mind training than technical and hands-on education. Some topics include:

  • How to multiply your commissions, and Create Resources from Thin air
  • Profiting from large events
  • How to get rich quick, fast, and easy
  • Speak the world into existence
  • Leveraging the power of a contest
  • How to create magical income
  • Higher-level marketing how you can join us in Costa Rica
  • Tomato sandwiches, getting rich and being a badass

Obviously, there are lots more but all based on the same tactics without direct methods of implication.

The training works wonderfully to get you focused on the task at hand and if you already have mastered the technical side of an online business, this will add value.

Wealthy Affiliate training

Classrooms include:

  • Getting started
  • WA affiliate program
  • Keyword, niche and market research
  • Everything WordPress
  • Authoring and writing content
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click marketing
  • Social engagement and marketing
  • Website development and programming
  • Local marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Email marketing
  • The wealthy affiliate platform

Certification courses:

  • Getting started – level 1
  • Ultimate traffic training – level 2
  • Making money – level 3
  • Mastering social engagement – level 4

Additional training include:

  • Affiliate boot camp training – Phase 1 – 5
  • Affiliate classroom
  • Live video classes – step by step training

Wealthy affiliate search

Training is easy to access and grouped together. You also have a search bar that allows you to browse for specific topics.

My Opinion…

Empower Network has some awesome people within some groups but I had found that it was hard to find the right group that will be small enough to give constant support, yet effective enough to provide quality tools and guidance.

Jumping from one group to another is not effective and cost way too much money and time. With Wealthy Affiliate there is only one active community and people will help one another whether you had joined under them or not. With WA it is also easier to get answers to questions instantly without having to wait for a reply.

I personally have my own "beliefs" when it comes to marketing and I prefer not only to make sales directly but also to give my prospects the change to join without having to pay anything. With Empower Network, it was not possible for the platform does not provide free options or trials.

If you want to earn a decent income with Empower Network, you will need to persuade people to buy all the additional training courses and not just the $25 blogging system. First, you have to get them into believing that they will have a blog and training for only $25 after that again you need to get them to purchase the Inner Circle as well because obviously, you will then have better commissions – it goes on and on and the same tactic must be repeated with each person. 

This type of marketing for me is just too tiresome and I feel that I had lost ethics by doing it. People struggle and do not have money to waste, Wealthy Affiliate provides more than Empower in my opinion and I don’t need to pressure people into purchasing, they can join the free membership and decide for themselves if they will benefit from it or not.


Read my full Review on Wealthy Affiliate

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Regards - Have yourself a profitable day.



Unknown said...

Great read, extremely informative with a well rounded opinion.

Christene said...

Thanks Matt, dearly appreciated.

Pete said...


Anonymous said...

Very informative. Thanks for the information. It made my decision very easy. WA!!!!!!!!

Devin O'Neal said...

Great Read. Thanks for this review Christene! -Devin

Christene said...

Great to hear - WA will become your "home"

Christene said...

Pleasure Devin.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the information. Great job Christene.

Christene said...

Pleasure Tina - Thanks for the positive comment.

Unknown said...

Hello Christene,
I think you are realy blessed in writing (i wonder how many keyboards you buy every year lol) Anyway i just want to ask you if it is possible to make a multilingual website with WA while being a free member. English is not my native language so it would be nice to have the capability to post same thoughts,news etc both in english and my native language each time. Maybe having flag buttons or sth like that. So is this possible? If not what should i do? Can you guide me somehow? Thanks in advance.

Raphael Mavi said...

This looks like a review based on outdated info. Are you a business person and/or do you understand business at all? How long ago did you look at EN?

Unknown said...

Uou are totally right about EN. They currently have a brand new system that just laubched last week. This is my 3rd time joining EN. I thought by joining in of the hottest teams would be more helpful. However, tge suport isnt there.

Unknown said...

Hi Raphael,

Instead of coming here to bashing Christine, why don't you give us some good pointers about how successful you are in EN.

Tell us how you are marketing and how your articles are ranking in Google from using the new blogging system.

Talk with intelligence and not by swinging a club. Show us proof so we can believe.

Thank You,

Christene said...

Hi Raphael.

I assume you are talking about the "Blog Beast" blogging platform update. My review is on it way as soon as I had a proper look at it myself and tested the app. After all, how can you write a review based on a product that launched only recently?

As for the rest - I keep a close eye on EN and apart from the few technical changes nothing else changed.

The products are still the same.

The spammy marketing tactics still exist.

You do not own your hard work on your blog.

Google Rankings on the blogs is still deteriorating.

Members is still paying too much for a blogging platform that should be free

The real cost is $5.000 and $140 per month to go all in.

Noting major changed on the blogging platform and it is still in the same structure with EN advertisements all over and duplicate content.

Finally - Only 12% of EN members are actually earning between $1000 and $5000 and less than 2% are successful. An App is hardly going to change the online marketing world.

Are you a "business person"? Because apparently you have a gift to test an application within only a few days and I have to say, I am Stunned - You are amazing! Only a genius can use a new App and see instant ranking results and marketing improvements in such a limited time frame.

Tell us:

How do you customize H1, H2, H2 tags with the app?
Does it allow you to do advanced On-page SEO?
Does it allow for raw HTML editing?
Does it allow you to modify the template and add HTML code?
How many marketing plug-ins does Blog Beast have?
Can you add free plug-ins from outside?
Do you have immediate technical support?
Are your blog protected from the latest virus and spam threads?
Do you have the option to back up your blog? (noting more devastating than losing months of hard work due to technical error)

Since you seem to be more of a business person, you should know that the points I just mentioned play an important part in ranking and a healthy striving blog.

Currently I am reviewing these aspects myself and will write my review when all is covered.

Shizloc said...

Wow great info. I Actually like both programs. What I do like about EN is the Constant Inspiration they project. I think thats more valuable then the blog. Everyone need to Create the Mindset

Maria Galloway said...

Great information and the content has much value. Thank you for that, I appreciate it! I'm in EN, however, I like what you have written on WA...Keep writing such valuable content, I enjoyed it.

Christene said...

Sad to hear that you wasted more money on a program that does not provide what it promise. Support will always be an issue with Empower Network. Most of the groups do not have strong leaders that guides their members to success.

Christene said...

I have to agree that personal development is a crucial part of any business. You are right, the training is better than the blogging platform.

Christene said...

You are welcome Maria and a big thanks for the positive reply. Hope you will get success with Empower Network and build up a strong business. If you struggle you can always use the WA free option to create your blog and use it to promote EN.

Unknown said...

Hi Christine, great review,,,, quick question regarding EN.
I notice that the top earners ditch the EN blogging platform ie. "Blog Beast" and created their own blog but still continue to promote EN in their blogs.... For someone that wishes to become an affiliate or continue as an affiliate of EN would you recommend doing the same? (full disclosure my brother in law is an affiliate of EN and I am very interested in joining also) thanks.

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive reply Hubie, appreciated

Yes, the top earners does not use the EN blogging platform and rather create their sites using free WP hosting or join blog training membership sites that include their WP blogs.

First question: How much money does your brother in law make with EN actively and how much did he invest?

Blogging is only half the work. MLM based programs take some skill to master successfully. Once you get the leads you have to convert them into sales and then teach those people how to do the same thing.

Obviously I would not go through all the trouble myself. There are easier ways to make money with blogging.

Allow me to give you a quick example.

Say for instance you start a marketing blog promoting EN. Empower Network have a very low sales conversion rate if you rely on leads alone. You will have to act on leads and interact with your prospects directly to get them to purchase as many products as possible. This is not easy because the products are expensive and people are reluctant to purchase.

Now say for instance you have a blog on "Dog Care" you will add your "dog care products" and basically just focus on building traffic. Readers who find the product useful will purchase it without actually asking questions. We call this a self sustaining blog that earns you money while you are sleeping. You will still need to answer comments and be active, but you do not need to call individuals and interact to make a sale.

My advice...

If your brother in law is successful and make a good amount from EN on a monthly basis, get him to help you with the technical training and group building. While you promote EN, consider niche marketing as well. It is always a good idea to have multiple sources of income. You will need it to fund your EN advertising campaigns.

Unknown said...

Hi Cristene, many many thanks for this awesome review. Especially the step by step comparisons b/w EN and WA.
I recently came upon a site called Big Idea Mastermind founded by Vik. This program is part of Empower network. In his site, Vik says he earned $740,000 in his first month by using this program. It may seem like a complete scam at first. But his videos are quite appealing and good.
What is your opinion on this? It would be great if you could write a honest review about this.

P.S. About me, i am just starting in online affiliate marketing. I am constantly bombarded with many programs - of which i dont know what to choose. And i am already a member of WA.

Christene said...

Hi Vishnu.

Yes, I am quite familiar with the Big Idea Mastermind. Vick have the ability to sell Ice to an Eskimo and his video's seems quite convincing.

Send me a Personal Message at WA. Here is my profile link:


or mail me at my personal address:


Will give you a detailed overview.

davinci17 said...

Thanks Christine! I'm here out of curiosity 1st, also because your info about Chris Farrell-I currently a member and because you mentioned GOD! I'm a believer!!!

Thanks for the post I didn't even know about these two EN and WA, but I receive a very aggressive amount of emails from EM on my account. Now I know why.

God bless you

Unknown said...

Hi Christine. I am focused and disciplined. I need some nuts and bolts training about what my options are to make money online. MLM is out of the question, at least in its present form. You are right. Vic, Dave and Dave could sell an igloo to an eskimo. I don't want to deal with that. Right now I am monetizing youtube videos and getting paid a small monthly sum for that. I don't have money to waste. Can you recommend some blogs where I might get more info?

Christene said...

Thanks for giving feedback it is much appreciated. I dearly hope that you enjoy the Chris Farrell membership site and training so far.

Sorry to hear about your spamming issue with EN. The best way would be to unsubscribe to the newsletters if possible. In some instances the unsubscribe option is not available and you will be stuck with loads of mail.

Keep up the good work and have a blessed day.

Christene said...

Hi Kris.

There are many ways to generate an income online, but the most effective is still blogging and website development.

Selling a product or service is not the problem, finding buyers is. With most programs that you join you will be required to sell something, whether it is an affiliate or MLM product. Without traffic or leads you will have no one to sell to and you will have hunt down people to make a sale.

Your own website or blog overcomes this problem, and if it is set up properly it can become an automated income. Many programs lose popularity or even die after a period of time. Your own website can be active for years to come if you maintain it and keep updated. In addition, you have the freedom to make money via advertising, affiliate products or even your own products or services.

You have some skills already and know how to monetize videos. Create a website and offer your services. Many people are looking for this exact service and Google it, imagine if your website comes up?

I would recommend the WA free membership strongly. If you are dedicated and have the will to succeed, you can use those free websites to get your services or ideas in-front of many.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Unknown said...

Great job explaining Christene - I sent you a message before I saw this blog. It would be nice to contact you directly though if you have the time. I will definitely give WA a try before I make any other moves. Yes, and ethics plays a big part in my decision as well. Hope to hear from you and thanks again for the great article!

Unknown said...

Hello Christine, I am really interested in your review of EN. I find it amazing that they want to sell you on something the same way MLM does. I have not heard of these businesses being compared to a MLM model until now. How many others are there that follow the MLM model, or am I confusing things by assuming they aer similar to MLM? Thank you, John

Christene said...

Hi Chris, hope all is going well.

Feel free to contact me any time, I always answer questions or give advice whenever it is needed. WA have a free option that requires no card details, always worth checking out a program in detail before you make any decision. Money doesn't grow on trees and we work hard for it, I believe that people have the right to know exactly what their hard earned money will be spent on. WA gives a clear overview about their training and that is why I recommend them highly. I can promote my business with ethics and help others in at the same time.

Be sure to connect via email or WA

Christene said...

Hi John.

Yes, they do not present themselves as an MLM, but if you look at the bigger picture you will find that is works the same.

You need a down-line of referrals to succeed. You will not earn money for every "once-off" sale because the commissions get divided between you and your sponsors.

Allow me to quote my previous example:

"How does the Empower Network compensation plan work?

Allow me to give a quick example using the $25 subscription:

If you refer Jhon, and he purchases the blogging system, he will fall on your first position. You will receive a direct, monthly recurring payment of $25.

You will pass up the product purchases from sale 2, 4, 6, and every 5th to your sponsor. (You will not earn commissions, for sale 2,4, 6 and every 5th sale)

If you then sell the system to Sue, she would stay connected to you for future products, and the sale will pass on to your sponsor. You would collect commissions on 3, 5, and 7-10, etc.

When John starts to generate product sales, you will receive direct payments for monthly subscriptions for his 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 11th sale.

If John continues to sell the product, you will receive a commission payment for his 16, 21, 26, 31, etc. sale

John will keep 100% of sale 1,3,5, 7-10, 12-16, etc. "

With Affiliate marketing you will receive a direct commission for each sale you make and you do not have to divide earnings. In addition, if you promote EN, you will use MLM marketing tactics to be successful. A direct link to your sales page will not work to get direct sales to all the different products. You need to contact people and interact with them directly. You also need to coach your own referrals to become successful as well otherwise you will not earn commissions from them.

With Affiliate marketing you seldom need to do cold calling, coaching and implement level growth.

Your question: "How many others are there that follow the MLM model"

Very few, many confuse EN with Affiliate marketing and assume that you only need to post your link and signups will come. Wrong, that is why so many fail period!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for review. I'm already in WA, just joined and very excited about it's benefits. It was good to read comparing and now I know I'm in right place to learn marketing. God Bless

Christene said...

Pleasure Taia. Glad to know that you have chosen WA, it is the best place to be if you are looking for active and live support from all kinds of different skilled marketers that each specialize in one specific field of marketing.

Feel free to say hi on WA, always nice to meet new people and share knowledge.

Unknown said...

Mem plz guide me...i wNt to just as like u self confident...

Christene said...

You can sent me an email at christene.swanepoel@gmail.com Hira.

Anonymous said...

A scam, in my opinion, I joined EN Feb 2015 , then cancelled a week later because they would'nt help me set up due to me not upgrading fast enough to their masters course retreat for $3000.00. They initially gave me a coach: Mwale, H. who was incompetent in providing any effective assistance, good luck with this Money hungry Scammer!

Anonymous said...

I received a check for 1178 dollors from EN so they are real just post and watch your earning sky rocket

Deon said...

Yeah right, is that why you did not post your name? Scared someone will ask for proof or ask how much you had to spend to make it?

Jason Westover said...

I joined Wealthy Affiliate almost a year ago and have been more than pleased with them. Tried Empower network for a couple months and did not enjoy any of the experience. Wealthy affiliate is more about teaching people to have an honest online business doing whatever they want to and love. I think they have more integrity and give a whole lot more value but that is just me. Thanks Christene, enjoyed the post.

King tot said...

Hi Christene,
Thanks it's a great review, but i want to know your review to MOBE, because i'm in the way to go wit them.

Christene said...

Mobe is not too bad, great program if you are dedicated. Only down side, it is a bit on the expensive side. Success is not instant like many other programs and it will take some time before you see results.


OptiMized360 said...

The concept of your post is extremely unique which is a good element in driving more visitors to read your site, Well I want to ask you about the future of video marketing? Its seems you have a lot of knowledge about your field you must be expert in video marketing too, Kindly describe something about the importance of Video Marketing and its future. Anyhow thumbs up for you.

Jason Diamond said...

To a layman like me and my ignorance of the website target. This was extremely helpful.My project is a nickel and dime operation. So I can nit afford costly approaches towards solving my problems and WA seems like my way to go..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great and helpful review.

What about a review on SFI? I don't see one on your blog?

Edmond G. Belanger said...

Great post