Payoneer Review - 2021

Update: 22 February 2021

This Review is based on the Payoneer and how it will benefit you. I use Payoneer myself and feel qualified to give my opinion regarding this payment processor. Okay so you are wondering what Payoneer is all about and how will you use it? The Prepaid Debit Card works like any other debit card and you can make purchases in stores, online, and at ATMs worldwide where MasterCard is accepted.

Payoneer reviews


What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a leading global payment company that provides cost-effective payment solutions for independent workers and affiliates in more than 200 countries worldwide. Cardholders will be able to receive funds immediately without hassles and they can withdraw money anywhere in the world where MasterCard is accepted. Unlike traditional payment methods – No credit or bank account history is required to apply.

Founders and History?

Payoneer was founded in 2005 by Yuval Tal and has since become a leading global payment company that provides cost-effective payment solutions.

What Does It Cost?

A full list of fees and pricing will be displayed during your card application process. You do not need to maintain a minimum balance on your card and it can be canceled at any time.

Some fees will need to be paid, the amount depending, on your account, where you are based, the currency being used, and so forth.

Is Payoneer Legit or a Scam?

Payoneer is a legitimate company, which offers financial services, worldwide. They have been around for years, with millions of clients, that have been making use of their services successfully and without trouble. Sure, most companies hit a snag here and there, but that is why they have support to help sort out any problems one may encounter. So, yes, considering, how long they have existed, the number of clients they have, the reviews they get from users, and so on, I feel comfortable, stating they are legitimate.

What About The Support?

Payoneer offers FAQ pages, Articles, Blogs, an online community, and so much more as ways of support, for their clients, should they encounter any problems. The community consists of 2 million-plus, users, who can ask or answer questions. They have their blog, with regular posts, on all things Payoneer, plus the FAQ and article pages, with content around any info one might need, and more.

Who is the Program Intended For?

Payoneer’s private-label debit cards enable freelancers, vendors, affiliates, and publishers to receive their payouts and commissions immediately. Affiliate commissions are usually paid out through checks, PayPal, and international wire transfers. For these types of payments, the recipient is required to have a bank account, and transfers can take anything from a few days up to weeks to complete. With Payoneer transfers are quick and usually, payments are available within 24 hours.

If you are tired of waiting for days or even weeks to get your hard-earned money, then this payment processor will work for you.

The safe, efficient, and cost-saving solution is an alternative for web-based businesses that require affiliate payments.

An applicant that is over the age of 18 can apply. If you are an affiliate or vendor Payoneer will work perfectly, but obviously, everyone who needs a safe online payment system is welcome to apply.

Payoneer reviews

Payoneer Payment Options?

Deposits to local banks worldwide

Prepaid Debit cards

Wire transfers

Global and local e-wallets

Local-currency paper checks.

Why use Payoneer?

Secure – Payoneer is constantly improving its technology to ensure customer privacy and authentication. They comply with all applicable online payment regulations.

Safe – You will receive a replacement card and your balance will be transferred if your card had been lost.

Flexible – Payoneer offers scalable and customizable options for everyone. I allow others to load money onto your card and enable you to make fast bank transfers with the Global Bank Transfer Service.

Currency – No need to convert funds to your local currency. MasterCard automatically makes the conversion at competitive rates.

Easy to use – The Payoneer online banking platform is easy to use without too many technicalities.

Cost-effective – You will be able to avoid fees that are associated with sending money abroad. Payoneer has low monthly fees.

Financial Responsible – You will only spend the amount that is loaded on the card because it is a debit card, not a credit card. This will allow you to manage your budget responsibly.

Award-Winning – Payoneer had won the “Best business to employee payment” award at the Pay Before Awards 2010.

Payoneer reviews

How Long Till I Get My Card?

As soon as your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that includes the estimated arrival date. I received my card about 2 weeks after approval, but I think that it depends all on where you are located. Cards are shipped with the standard international mail service – free of charge.

Which Companies Will I Be Able to Receive Funds From?

The list is huge but I will mention some of the most popular companies that work with Payoneer: Inc.
Amway Corporation
Google Inc
Keynetics Inc. (Click Bank)
Microsoft Corporation
PayPal Inc.

Payoneer reviews

Payoneer - Pros

You will be able to reach countries that other payment services do not cover.

Get payments from multiple affiliate networks that offer Payoneer as a payment processor.

No bank account is required, to work with Payoneer.

Your account is held in US Dollars and will convert automatically when purchases are made in another currency.

Verify Moneybookers, Payza, and PayPal with the Payoneer Card.

Payments are available within 2 – 6 hours, on normal days.

You will have access to your account page and will be able to check balances and transactions at any time.


Payoneer can have slow services at times, or take longer than usual to complete payments.

Though the company is legit, there are conflicting statements about them, from users, some being positive and others negative.

There are quite a few fees for a bunch of different things, like debit card fees, transfer fees, and so on.

Let's Sum This Up...

I live in South Africa and without an FNB check account, you can forget about receiving affiliate commissions from other countries. A true nightmare to get paid! Payoneer made it possible for me to become an affiliate marketer 8 years ago by providing a payment processor that was (still is) excepted by many marketplaces like Clickbank. If not for Payoneer at that time, I would not be an affiliate marketer today.

Personally, I never had any issues with them thru the years. Payments were always on time and they never took any unnecessary fees. In addition, my money was always available.

I do read about other people who had some issues with them and I can honestly not account for those since I never had problems myself. What I do know, for me the risk was worth it as I had no way of getting paid at the time so it was eighter this or no income at all. Payoneer opened the door for many affiliate marketers and still do today. In addition, from my standpoint of view, their services improved greatly thru the years as they clearly strive to build a good business model. Risk has also decreased greatly as you can now transfer your money to your own bank account.

Visit Payoneer

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Do you use Payoneer or used it in the past?

Please be so kind as to tell us about your experience with the payment processor to help others make a more informed decision.

Thank You!


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Via de Luz said...

Hi Christene,
Payoneer card is a good process to the people live on the countries as Africa or Latin America, but for the lives in USA, Canada or Europe this option is too much expensive.

Christene said...

Thanks for the comment Via - dearly appreciated!

I live in South-Africa so obviously Payoneer is a blessing for us, previously we could only receive Clickbank checks and then had to pay enormous fees to get it cashed out in our bank accounts. Most defiantly a life saver for those in foreign countries. Strangely though I had met a few USA citizens without bank accounts and Payoneer was their next option. It would be safe to say that this payment processor works great if you can't get a bank account or live in a foreign country with a different currency.

Keep well, and have an awesome day.

Unknown said...

Thank you a lot for the excellent Payoneer review Christene, God bless

adonise said...

thanks for your post .. i sell electronics online on my own online store and IOFFER.COM .. can i accept payment from my customers via payoneer !!! thanks in advance for your answer

Christene said...

Payoneer is safe to make payments and to receive payment from customers because it is a master card - Works in the same way as all verified credit and debit cards.

Binho Vera said...

Hi Christene, I will open my Payoneer account, but my question is about how many U$ is safe move? sorry for this question, but do you think is it safe receive U$ 1500, U$ 2000? Thanks for your response.

Christene said...

It is safe Binho I move the same amounts regularly from Clickbank to Payoneer

Unknown said...

I am a big Payoneer lover, but maybe for your experience you could advise how this clickbank thing works. I thought they were not very clear, but u seem to get huge profits there.

Christene said...

Hi Kiarii, hope all is going well.

I absolutely love Clickbank because the products are also flexible and available in various niches - you are not limited.

Promoting Clickbank products is difficult though because most individuals will just pick a random product and promote it without doing much research. You have to literally build your entire online existence around your niche and the clickbank product that goes along with it. A good point to start would be to have a website or blog with traffic, without that you won't be making much.

My latest review is based on Clickbank ironical. Feel free to read it and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Niazi said...

I have poineer card but when i tried to attach it with paypal it is message comes out that rufuse by the bank why it is so happening.

Plz allow me to republished your this post for Pakistani users.

Christene said...

I had similar problems when I had tried to connect PayPal to My Payoneer account. I had called customer care and within 3 days they had connected it for me.

Customer Support

Within the United States:
1-800-251-2521 x2 (9:00am-6:00pm EST Mon-Fri)

Outside the United States:
1-(646)-658-3695 x2 (9:00am-6:00pm EST Mon-Fri)

Within your dashboard is also the option to send them a mail - usually it takes up to 3 days to get a response - depends on your country.

You can republish the post with a link back or Name Credit to avoid plagiarism.

Unknown said...

Hi christene I'm also from south africa...I would like to find out if I can transfer funds from my payza account to payoneer?...thanks

Christene said...

You can not transfer money from Payza because it is not on their list of eligible companies yet.

You can find all the Companies that is excepted in this list:

andyng said...

I check the pricing and fees there is an annual fees

Annual card account maintenance $29.95 Per Card From available card balance each year

So it is not free and transaction base. Is that right.

Christene said...

Basically you will pay approximately $5 in annual fees. $25 will be added to your Payoneer account when you receive or transfer over $100 in earnings to your card, that will cover most of your annual fee. Very low cost, especially if you live in a country other than the US. For most banking and debit card systems you will be required to deposit a certain amount in the account to activate it, with Payoneer you don't need to pay for activation costs and that is why we classify it as a free debit card.

manoj said...


Angu Ransom said...

hello i will like to repost this too on my blog for mty dear cameroon users. thanks in advance here is my blog

Unknown said...

Payonner was my worst ever Customer support experience. My girlfriend is a webcam model from South Africa, after waiting 4 weeks for the account to be opened, they emailed us "declined for undisclosed reasons". Support is unavailable. They are mostly rassists and Rednecks, extremely unhelpful even if they say they endorse both LiveJasmin & Streamate. Beware of them, its just a waste of time, most of all very unfriendly & unprofessional!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this very informative post. Does payoneer charge you each time you use the card on paypal?

Christene said...

All Money transfers from PayPal to Payoneer are charged 1% of the total funds that is withdrawn from PayPal

Ipeleng said...

Hi Christene

Nice to see fellow South Africans doing good things on the net. This review boosted my confidence in getting the card.

I just wanted to know, have you used it to withdraw from any local ATMS or make purchases locally? Can it be used for such?

Thanks again.


Christene said...

Hi Ipeleng

Yes I use my Payoneer card to withdraw cash from FNB and ABSA. I used it once at a Netbank ATM as well without any problems. I also use it to purchase online and when I buy at Pick a Pay.

Haven't tried others stores yet, but I am quite sure that it will work just fine.

Mindloz said...

Hi Christene
I've applied for the card on the 19th of this month but I haven't yet any notifications and both dates given have passed by. I'm still waiting.


Christene said...

It all depends on which country you live in. I had to wait 3 weeks before I received my card because I live in South Africa and postal delays are common around here. Contact the customer support and ask them if they could speed up your verification process.

Unknown said...

Basically you will pay approximately $5 in annual fees. $25 will be added to your Payoneer account when you receive or transfer over $100 in earnings to your card, that will cover most of your annual fee. Very low cost, especially if you live in a country other than the US. For most banking and debit card systems you will be required to deposit a certain amount in the account to activate it, with Payoneer you don't need to pay for activation costs and that is why we classify it as a free debit card.

Can you explain this ? I'm seeing an annual fee of $29.95 and nothing about a $25 refund

manoj said...

payoneer cade is a very good

Christene said...

The refund will be added approximate 2 weeks after the $29.95 deduction. This is just a safety precaution.

Unknown said...

I was surprised that Amazon did not pay in to Australian bank accounts. Then I saw the PAYONEER banner. I followed through and applied. I am still waiting for approval. If it means that I can get my payment from Amazon it will be worth the wait.

Elizabeth Sparg said...

Hi Cristene. I recently got my Payoneer card (through iStock where I sell stock images) and it really is great. I am now looking at another site where payments can only be received via Paypal accounts. I did a little online reading about receiving money via Paypal (in South Africa) and I was wondering if you would be able to clarify for me. Would I be able to receive payments into my Paypal account and then transfer them to Payoneer and what are the regulations/fees, and limits involved? I read somewhere that any earnings must be withdrawn from Paypal within 30 days. Is this true? And would I have to have a Premier Paypal account (apparently only allowed 5 payments per year with the personal account?). Anything else I need to know before going this route? It would surely work out cheaper transferring Paypal to Payoneer, rather then setting up the linked FNB account thing right? Or is a Premier account also an expensive way to go. I will typically just be getting small payments which accumulate over time. If you have any experience with Paypal to Payoneer as a South African, I would love some advice!

Christene said...

The waiting part is basically the only thing that is frustrating when it comes to Payoneer but after that you can receive payments from most of the popular platforms.

Christene said...

Hi Elizabeth.

I personally do not use my Payoneer card for PayPal because I already have an FNB account that is linked to my PayPal.

I mainly use Payoneer to receive earnings from various programs. In South Africa the fees are a bit high on Payoneer if you use the card constantly.

I would recommend that you rather go the FNB way. In the past an FNB account was needed to connect with PayPal, but most recently FNB made it possible to use other bank accounts as well. All you need to do is set up an FNB online banking profile and link your own bank account with it.

Here are some links that might help.

The FNB online banking service is free and once you connected all your accounts it is a bliss to manage without all the overcharging. You can get free statements and basically do all your transactions online without paying a cent.

Payoneer works excellent for receiving payments and general use as a debit card here in South Africa, but virtually no one connects their PayPal with Payoneer because the process is complicated and takes to long.

Unknown said...

This type of honest review i was looking for. You have to be real careful when you register with this type of bussiness. This is the best part that “With Payoneer transfers are quick and usually payments are available within 24 hours “. Thanks beautiful

Christene said...

Thanks for the kind feedback Donald, much appreciated. Have to agree 100% with you, the transfers are quick and I never had any problems waiting for my money. Here in South-Africa a normal transfer can take up to 8 working days if it comes from a foreign country. With Payoneer my money is available within a few hours.

Have a awesome day.

interpreter's diary said...


Christene said...

Payoneer is not located in India, the company headquarters is in New York City. I hardly think that they will steal money. They are a well represented company with big names behind them. If they attempt such an act the fraud investigators will be all over them. Accusing them of fraud can have massive complications if you do not have valid proof. This is not a company that was created out of a back office and they have a huge reputation. (Google "Payoneer" and you will find them listed by Wikipedia)

Q: How did you sign up for the card if you don't even know where the company is situated, and where did you send all your approved documentation? The company address is clearly marked on the documents.

Tip: Many fake cards are in circulation and people who sign up for these usually get scammed. Be sure to sign up on a certified link.

Anonymous said...

The site is crap when it's being used for payments for work. They do not verify that the bank account information that you enter is correct until someone sends you a payment! What if the payment doesn't go through? You're asked to send the information again but this time through insecure emails. Their website doesn't allow you to edit your bank account information.

Paypal at least sends you a random amount of pennies and cents to verify your account.

The worst part is that their support line is only available 9am to 6pm EST Mondays to Fridays. They do not have a 24/7 support line.

If you're using this to get paid it's better just to get a check or to go with Paypal. At least they verify your bank account.

Kervin Mathumbu said...


Thanks for confirming the legitimacy of the site. I am having high hopes from it too as I had a hard time verifying my Paypal account with the available South African options (Credid Card/Cheque). I must say that though I have already received both the my Payoneer Acc# and the Routine# and have followed the directions precisely, Palpal has hither to refused to verify my account. I just thought it is because I just got approved (less than 10 hours). I would be happy to know that you had success vefying your Paypay using the Payoneer Account as I evening got thinking that maybe South Africa is some how excluded from world wide seeming indaba.

Nicolaas D. Theron said...

Thanks for the review, but why is this article called "Payoneer Scam Review"? Scam implies the company cannot be trusted or is running an illegal racket. Be careful that you don't get trouble from Payoneer as this page is now the #1 result in Google for the search "payoneer review", while featuring the words "scams" and "scam" in the title.

shaikhblogger said...

Payoneer is scam and fraud its giving Debit Cards but when you refer your friends through your referral address when you promote your referral link. But after when your referred friend received his card and get activate, then they both do not receive any 25$. Its been 2 months but there is no received any 25$ I have referred 12 friends but they and me did not received any payment yet. Anybody can contact me by my email.

Unknown said...

you tube pe ja kr hwo to verified verified payoneer to my pay pal account. video a jay ge, agar na ho saky to email me

Unknown said...

Dear Khalid, I have received so far 6 times $ 25 from payoneer inviting friends and guests who have registered with my affiliate link. I pose the same problem when I see that my guests are more than 160 people...?. But, I know that The company advertising for payoneer is not payoneer itself and the whole issue remains there. Is that this company is not playing a dangerous game when you think how many people are recruited and had their payoneer mastercard since 2012?

Unknown said...

I could open a normal bank accounthave received my card before christmas, but I am still waiting. not that i live at the end of the world, but in belgium. contact via their online form is very difficult. they keepsending mails to activate my card what i will not do until i received it. So I can't put money on it . How can I then pay for delivery with Dhl instead?This will cost me 60 $. would be better if I could open a normal bankaccount at payoneer?? help is realy poor and phonecalls to international numbers are expensif. the company i work with , only works with payoneer for their foreign affiliates. so i wonder if I ever will have my payments. greetings, Danny Roosenboom (

Unknown said...

Can you tell me about the $25 sign up bonus? I actually tried to chat with Payoneer customer service and it really left me more confused than anything. How does it work? Would I sign up under you and once I receive $100 we would both receive a $25 bonus. Would this be exactly the same sign up procedure if I signed up on my own but in this case I would receive $25? Do you also know after you receive a lot of funds from say Amazon for example if you are able to withdraw those funds into your local bank account? I did see it on as a feature on their website, but in chatting with them, it seems this option isn’t available to every customer, it would really help if it did as I would not like to keep withdrawing larger amounts of money from the ATM it would end up costing too much in fees.

Doron Theos said...

Hi Christene

I am also from SA and I am gonna receive around $200 000 in my payo neer account, please tell me about tax?

Unknown said...

hi I am going to get $10 thousand fron my business in niigeria haw much fee wil I pay also isit going to be ok to get such a large amount on payoneer my email is

Unknown said...

I have been traveling through the Americas for over a year now. I an a US citizen and have no other residency. Am I able to get a payoneer card? I do not see US listed on the application for as a choice of residency.

Unknown said...

Hy ;-) question can use My Payoneer card to do Money Transfer to My Pay Pal account to buy online on WebSite's to only accept Pay Pal payments . ??
Anticipate thanks.

Ian said...

If you raise a charge-back they instantly lock your card and account. You then have to print a claim form and post it. And you then need to pay for a new replacement card at $12.95. Absolutely Rubbish chargeback process.

Unknown said...

a list or a link to the full list of which companies will I be able to use my payoneer card on?

Unknown said...

hello @Payoneer Rep

i have a payonner account and about 400 usd in my account money

i never make a payment ..only i transfer from my paypal account this money into my payonner account ! only this

i make 3 transfers ...i have confirmation from paypal and from payonner - after transfer money i check and money was in my payonner account

after this i don't use my account for about 3-4 months and now when i try log in i receive message "Account Block!"

i try contact on chat, after on email ...Nobody give me any explanation

i just want to recover my money..becouse i work hard for this

Wait your answer and give me someone contact can help me

Thank you

Unknown said...

Can we use Payoneer to accept the donations? If yes, which website we need to go in?

Unknown said...

They have blocked your account due to inactivity. You will have to reactivate it to access your funds. According to their FAQ: What happens to my card if I don't use it?
Your card may be temporarily disabled after an extended period of inactivity. It may be re-enabled at any time via your Online Account, or by contacting our customer support department. It's unfortunate that you can't get through to customer service, but keep trying.

Unknown said...

You only get the refund if you sign up through a link sent by a friend. They will also receive $25 to their account after you have transferred $100 to yours.

Hof said...

Hi, can I receive payment from an HSBC account into my payoneer account?


BarbS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BarbS said...

Is it possible to receive payments into a Payoneer account from private individuals in the US or only from certain companies that are signed up with Payoneer? What is the best way to receive payments from individuals? (On line FNB account perhaps?)

Thiago Maia said...

Agree, they stolled my money too.

Unknown said...

Hi Christine,

I am also from South Africa (seems like this blog is where all us local folks hang out)

I recently started working for a international company giving me the option of receiving payment either via Payoneer, PayPal or Wire Transfer.

I have a FNB account so your above comment does make it tempting to just use PayPal with FNB, but I am a bit worried about the delays of getting my money. It already takes a while to get into PayPal from the US company paying me, and then will take more days to get to my FNB account before I can use it. (I am brand new at the company so haven't actually received any payments yet, but I am assuming it will be at least a week to paypal and another week from paypal to fnb).

With that being said I am keen on trying out Payoneer, but one thing I am worried about is when applying for a loan e.g. a home loan, you need a good credit record and prove of income. A contract of employment is usually not enough for SA banks as they want to physically see the money come through each month. If I just get my income paid to payoneer and live off that card the banks will think I do not earn a income.

Are there any bank statements that a local bank would accept or any form of prove I can provide for that?

Christene said...

Hi Pieter. Hope all is going well.

All depends. Do you have an FNB online banking profile that is linked to your PayPal account?

I would much rather recommend using FNB. Yes, unfortunately it does take a couple of days for money to clear after you have withdrawn from PayPal (5-8 days max), however PayPal itself does not have a waiting period. You can start the withdraw process to FNB on the same day that the money is paid into your PayPal account.

Payoneer works great for those who does not have an FNB account or for those who receive payments that does not use PayPal, like Clickbank or Amazon for instance.

Much easier to manage tax filing with an FNB account. And yes, you will have better proof of income if you provide a FNB statement when applying for a loan e.g because the statement will be in Rands not dollars.

Feel free to send me an email if you need more detailed answers.

Unknown said...

It is more than 2 month which I am waiting for my card to be delivered, I wasted a month for the firs card and then they asked me to request for a second card as the first one never been delivered. again after more than a month, the second card not been delivered. now they ask me to deposit some money to my account to make them able to issue a second card and I have to wait another month for it. How on the earth is it possible to ask some one to put money on an account which he/she has no card to withdraw the money? and they ask to pay for DHL fees for faster delivery. IT is their mistake, they could not do a simple delivery! How they can help you with banking? I'll look for an alternative way of getting paid and will close my account with Payoneer as they are a mess!!!

Dan Cronin said...

Thanks for your article and comments. I am curious about the $1 fee for checking your balance. Is that applied to online banking queries, or only when using an ATM? I don't know if this will add up or not be a problem.

Christene said...

Hi Dan. Hope all is going well.

The $1 fee only apply for when using an ATM, Online banking queries are free.

John Meluso CSP said...

I made a purhase for services off shore. I used Payoneer for payment several times without issue. Recently, for a purchase, they asked for Front and Back of Credit Card and copy of my ID. My bank authorized the payment, and both credit card company and Bank of America discouraged me giving this information for a purchase. I won't send a copy of my credit card and my ID for an internet purchase. Best Wishes Payoneer. Payoneer customers beware, this protecting me from Fraud is going too far.

Unknown said...

I have no intention of transferring money out my Payoneer Account to a local bank - and would just use the card for local purchases, etc.

That being said, how do I declare the "income" I make to pay applicable taxes to SARS if everything remains in Dollars?

Unknown said...

Is it possible for a US citizen to get a payoneer card?

Christene said...

Yes, US citizens can also get a Payoneer card. Anyone can get one regardless where you are in the world with the exception of a few countries that is blacklisted.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am an Australian citizen who may do some freelance work for a US based company. I am looking for an account they can pay into and then I can transfer the funds to my AU bank account., the company said they deal with Payoneer. Can you please tell me is this how Payoneer works, can I open a Payoneer account, have US funds deposited and then transfer it to my AU account ? What fees are charged to transfer funds from Payoneer to an AU bank account ? Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have phoned ABSA as well as FNB in South Africa, and they are not aware of Payoneer. Which banks support this card?

Christene said...

Withdrawing funds from your Payoneer account to your personal bank account is available to over 200 countries in more than 50 currencies. You can request the service in your Payoneer account by using the "Withdrawal".> "Add bank account".

For each transfer, there is a fee that varies depending on your selected country and currency, thus it would be impossible to tell how much. Detailed pricing are provided during the registration process when your currency and amount is selected.

Christene said...

Like I mentioned in the reply above, you can link your bank directly on the Payoneer dashboard by using the withdrawal service. I am with FNB and mine works perfectly. Not sure about ABSA, but I cannot see any problem.

Keep in mind that FNB is the best bank to deal with if you are working with different currencies.

With so many US banking systems around the world, I doubt if FNB or ABSA keep track of all. said...


Poor Service.
The sender sent me money on 5 days ago and also sent the required documents for verification. Now, they hold the amount and make excuses.... Look like SCAM and I think I have lost my $1000 said...


Sunganani L. Manjolo said...

I have bee using payoneer for about two years now with no problems. While I do not have the bank withdraw option, the card is doing just fine. I would not label it a scam. They have conditions for sending and receiving payments so make sure you are within their TOR's plus, not all services are available to users everywhere.

Next to Paypal, I recommend them.

Christene said...

I have to agree Sunganani, I use Payoneer for a little more than 2 years myself and never encountered any problems with their service. Payments are fast and there are no hidden fees. I like how the card gives me the flexibility to shop around the globe and that it is accepted by most companies to make payments.

Most recently they extended their service here in South Africa and you can now link your Payoneer account to your local bank account. A service that will soon be available to many other countries.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a reply.

Have a wonderful day!

Anwar zeb said...

hello friends
i would like to know is it possible to add money form skrill to payoneer card?
if i am a new payoneer and i refer it to my friend and i have not use 100 USD. And my friend add 100 USD via skrill to payoneer will it reward me 25 USD? kindly tell me

Anonymous said...

recently I was signed up for a US payment service account.
I was just start receiving payment to my payoneer account.

But suddenly Payoneer send me an email for asking my passport or driver license. And also give an option like below if I have no my passport or driver license:
//If you cannot provide us with any of this, please send us your birth certificate.//

So I was sent my birth certificate on Tue, Sep 1, 2015
Because, I have no passport or driving license.
But today my account is blocked. I can't login to my account and access my funds.

I was contacted Payoneer customer support via phone and chat. but they was very unprofessional. they don't listen me and disconnect my chat session.

They just told me: Your account has been closed for undisclosed reasons. We will not be able to provide you with our services.!!!

there was some fund in my Payoneer account and I can't touch my funds!

So, My question is : Is Payoneer is a real service or just a joke? because It looks like Payoneer can do anything with any account without showing any reason!.

Christene said...

If you refer someone to Payoneer using your unique affiliate link you will be rewarded the $25 once they top up their account with a $100 or more.

Christene said...

You are required to send a copy of your identification card/book when you open an account. Documents must be verified, just like opening any type of bank account around the world.

You will need a copy of one of the following:

National ID Card
Driving License
International Passport

Never saw any instance where Payoneer asked for a birth certificate! Birth certificates do not provide the information that is needed to open accounts.

In addition, there is a verification process, you need to double check that all your information is correct and do not go against the terms and conditions. This is a real banking institution and rules has to be followed, otherwise it will be a scam.

Could be that you signed up for a something that looks like Payoneer but is fraudulent.

Andrea said...

Hello, I am currently living in South Africa. So I can go to the Payoneer link you provided and open an account. Do I just give my South African address?

Unknown said...

I have a payoneer card living in SA. Is it possible to load money on my card from South Africa? How is that done?

Christene said...

Hi Andrea

Yes, you can create your Payoneer account by following the steps provided in the link. You will have to give your South African address and your ID number. Once your account is created and approved, they will then ask you to forward them a copy of your ID book or card. (Not your drivers license)

Christene said...

You can link your Payoneer account to your bank account and load or withdraw money. You will find the option at the top of your Payoneer dashboard under "withdraw". Simply add your bank account in the recommended fields. said...


Unknown said...

Not scam but terrible customer service, I used it at an ATM which didn't dispense the cash I presented the claim and almost three months later they sent me the report from the Guatemalan bank showing the transaction was sucessful so payoneer says the case is closed, however the transaction number on the report doesn't match the one I'm claiming for $275 and I got in contact with the Guatemalan bank, owners of the ATM who confirmed that they do have a report showing the ATM didn't dispense the money but that I have to contact Payoneer to present the claim through them, so I have to keep waiting from Payoneer to solve it and it's been almost three months now.

Unknown said...

Thank you. Will try it out

sue said...

hi Christene
Is 4 % comm. fee to Fnb correct when transfering from paypal . Do Payoneer payments also go via the reserve bank first as do Paypal transfers to FNB?
Sue Payneer also mwrpaying vG

Provocative Pastries said...

HI Christine, thanks for the info! very helpful and definitely thinking of using this system. i didn't realize systems like this existed so this post in very enlightening!

just a quick question, i'm also from RSA and i was wondering if i can use the my payoneer account to pay my clients into their South African accounts, eg, from payoneer into a Nedbank/Absa account?

Christene said...

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer funds from Payoneer to another South African bank account because it register as dollars not rand. The only bank that works with other currencies is FNB. You will need to get an FNB online banking profile, link your bank account to it and then add your Payoneer account to your bank account. This way you can switch funds between different accounts.

You do not need to specifically have an FNB bank account to use FNB online banking. FNB online banking is basically just a platform to work with different currencies.

If your clients have a Payoneer account as well, then you simply just do a transfer and you do not need to work via the FNB online banking system. The reason why many get Payoneer, to avoid all the loopholes.

Christene said...

No, Payoneer does not go via the reserve bank since it is a US based company. If you want to transfer funds from Payoneer to your FNB account, then there will be additional fees involved and you will have to work with the reserve bank to switch currencies. The Payoneer card is a visa, thus you do not need to switch currencies if you use it for purchases or withdrawals.

Unknown said...

Hi christene, thank you for the concrete info. I have a little issue I need help with. A relation is trying to transfer money from his bank of American account into my payoneer account with the same bank of American but he keeps getting an error "RECIPIENT REGISTRATION REQUIRED" please advice me. Take care

Unknown said...

Hi christene,
After when i make my payoneer account it will be approoved after 2 or 3 hours but 20 days i don't recieve my card and also i'll send him my personal documents.But i don't receive any type of Message.Why?

Christene said...

Depends on the country that you live in. The postal service in some countries is slow and thus it can sometimes take up to 5 weeks before you receive the card. Not as much a delay from Payoneer but rather the postal services. Here in South Africa, our postal company struggles to deliver due to constant strikes, thus, we sometimes wait up to 6 weeks to receive the card.

Paul said...

We are currently applying for this , their live chat has us on hold for 30 minutes and their phone/email support don't respond. Should we proceed ?

Christene said...

Hi Paul.

Over the new year and holiday season many companies were overloaded since staff is not preforming at optical levels.

Depending on the country you live in, you should receive your card within 3 - 6 weeks after application.

Unknown said...

The only issue with Payoneer is when you use it with clients based in New York US as it doesn't provide credit card options to clients and every client doesn't have ACH transfer subscription and they will not subscribe and pay monthly fees just for a single contractor. The problem is most of my clients are from New York so the process becomes very hassled.

ransbiz said...

Getting this card in Cameroon is like applying for an American VISA.
I dont know anybody that had been able to get this card in Cameroon

Anonymous said...

hello I'm live in India n i have Payoneer accounts but after approval once i was received money my account disabled. i was already send my document but still it was in review. n I'm not getting any response from Payoneer. so any one help me...??

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Dear Christene,

I hv prlem connecting Paypal to Payoneer account. kindly help

Anonymous said...

Hello Christene,
i have a payoneer account,can i have my tax credit paid into the account.

Christene said...

There are very few market survey sites that pay well. The majority of them start off good and then you end up getting a survey only once a week or sometimes even once every three weeks. The payout threshold is usually high and you will most likely only get a small amount of money every three months. Not really worth the effort. In addition, in many cases, you will complete surveys for months and when you finally reach your payout level, some companies delay payments or it simply never arrives. The reason why I do not recommend survey programs, the scam probability is too high.

I would rather recommend blogging for cash. It means working harder and success will not be instant, but, the scam risk is way lower and if you work hard to succeed, the payouts will not be a tiny amount every 3 months.

Feel free to read my article on the importance of a website and please do not hesitate to shout if you get stuck. Will do my best to help.

Christene said...

From which country are you?

Some countries does not make it possible to connect PayPal to Payoneer.

Christene said...

Payoneer acts as a normal bank account, thus, you can pay your tax credit into the account. Take note to provide proof of payment with your next tax filing as a precautionary measure. Depends on your country, some require it, whilst others do not.

Anonymous said...

HI christene,

is it possible to signup to all of Amazons associate programs ( e.g,, etc.) and recieve payments with payoneer from all those countries ?

Ettiene Matthys said...

Hi Christene

Kan ek my paypal rekening link aan payoneer en dan betaling maak na paypal om dit na my FNB rekening oor te plaas?

Christene said...

Yes, you can withdraw your payments from Amazon, using Payoneer.

Christene said...

Ek is nie seker of Paypal hier in Suid Africa enige ander bank instansies aanvaar nie. Volgens my kennis en ervaring is FNB die enigste op die oomblik. Dit is in elkgeval makliker om jou FNB te link aan Paypal en ook beter vir tax.

Jy kan well jou Payoneer link aan jou FNB online banking profile en fondse op so n manier oorplaas tussen die rekeninge.

Ettiene Matthys said...

Baie dankie. Het jy 'n idee hoe lank vat dit voordat in FNB rekening reflekteer?

Christene said...

Vat tussen 2 en 6 dae. Hang af watter dag jy die oorbetaling doen. Vrydae en Donderdae na 12 skuuf gewoonlik oor na die volgende week.

Unknown said...

Hey I got a question , if I'm from SA(south africa ) how long do I have to wait for the card to arrive and is it true that o can only link the card to PayPal using EUR service not the US one , what are the procedures to apply for the payoneercard

Anonymous said...

Can I link my South African PayPal with the payoneer card or I have to get the US PayPal so I can link it to my payoneer

Anonymous said...

can my usa salary be paid into my payoneer account?

Christene said...

Hi Aschwin. It takes around 3 - 6 weeks for the card to arrive. Depends on our postal service, sometimes they strike for weeks and then the post gets delayed. You can apply for the card online via the website, you will also have to send a copy of your ID or passport. Do not send a copy of your license, your application will be denied if you do.

I use FNB online banking to link my PayPal to all my other accounts including Payoneer. It is free to create an online banking profile with FNB and it allows you to connect all your other accounts.

Christene said...

South African PayPal works through FNB and you have to get an FNB online banking profile to successfully withdraw from PayPal. No other way. You cannot get the US PayPal unless you provide a false address in the US and that is fraud, they will get you for avoiding tax.

Easy to get a FNB online banking profile, simply go to the bank, apply, add your bank account(s) and link the preferred one with PayPal.

You can register online as well but it is better to go to the bank, service is usually outstanding with FNB and they will set up your banking profile for you.

Gerald said...

Hi Christene

Need advice, I recieve money from the US every month. How do I pay taxes here in South Africa. Tax season has passed and still no help from the offices I went to. Gave me forms to fill out but I have no idea how to pay for the foreign tax. Can you help me please, I am so worried.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading some of the recent comments and replies, do you imply that I cannot withdraw funds from my south African PayPal to the payoneer card

Anonymous said...

iam in india it is useful to me or not

Christene said...

Hi Gerald

I DO NOT file my own tax forms or calculate the payments, but, rather make use of a financial consultant to handle my taxes for me. I would advise doing the same, it is safer and normally the fees are well worth it since it will save you a ton of worries and from going back and forth to the SARS offices. Tax returns will also be done more accurate.

Feel free to email my personal financial adviser, he is great with all kinds of taxes and offer his services to people in other countries as well. You will not be charged for an assessment.

Kevin Fleiner

Christene said...

Before you can withdraw funds from PayPal to an account, first, you HAVE TO create an FNB online banking profile, (It is free, you can do this at any FNB). Once that is done, you can link all your accounts that include your Payoneer, PayPal and normal SA bank account. Once this is set up, you can then link PayPal with your preferred account. Funds can then be transferred between accounts safely.

You CANNOT work with PayPal without using FNB no matter what bank account you have. FNB is the provider of South African PayPal.

FNB has excellent customer service all around the country, visit your closest branch and ask them to set it up for you, normally takes no more than half an hour at most.

Christene said...

Depends on what you want to do with it. Works great to receive funds from the US (or other countries). Card can be used at any OTM to withdraw funds.

Unknown said...

I got my already programmed and blanked ATM card to withdraw the maximum of $1000 daily for a maximum of 20 days. I am so happy about this because i got mine last week and I have used it to get $6000 for free. Jane is giving out the card just to help the poor and needy though it is illegal but it is something nice and she is not like other scam pretending to have the ATM cards. And no one gets caught when using the card. get yours from her. Just send her an email on and be happy like Me...

Unknown said...

hello christi thanks so much i hav got my own payoneer debit card i
live in nigeria . i would like to work with click bank and have tried
creating an account but unfortunately my country cant take part of click bank so dear what will i do
Anthony udeme

Christene said...

There are many other affiliate programs that you can join Anthony. Clickbank is most definitely not the only one.

You can also look at affiliate programs in your own country, Jumia is just one example, it is also a market place where you can find products to promote.

Anonymous said...

Payoneer has refused to transfer money for a work I ordered and got fulfilled. Now it's blocking the money on my bank account thus I cannot withdraw it to use other means for money transfer.
Payment was initiated 16 days ago and was declined 10 days ago. They claimed that the money will be released in a couple of days. I can hardly call 10 days a 'couple'. And the worst is that I do not know when my money will be available.
Also customer support is virtually non-existent. When I asked why my payment was declined, I got an answer "Your payment was declined". Thanks, really helpful. No reason was given neither to me nor the recipient.
Now, while I wouldn't call this company a scam, they're really a pain to work with. I guess they're OK as a last resort, but I'd rather steer away from them if I have other means for transfer, like WU.

Hammad said...

That looks weird but I'm making payments regularly and receiving also in my Payoneer account, don't know why it's happening with others.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
My name is Shailendra Kumar sharma and payment id 24995566 and i paid thru my debit card an amount of 515.46 dollar and that transaction is declined and my payment request id is 903174 and customer care is telling you will received the payment within 48 hours now almost 5 days past neither i received my money. so kindly do the needful.

Unknown said...

Be carefull with Payoneer, it is a huge scam, but just dont believe my words, google Payoneer complains and you will find out how horrible this company is!!!

Unknown said...

please can't use payoneer

buddy f--kerz

Anonymous said...

Hello Christene. Thanks for this informative post.
I have created a payoneer account and got it approved instantly But when my friend from China applied for it, he hasn't been approved even after 10 days+.
Moreover, i was able to see all the 3 bank accounts (US, UK and German) just after creating the Payoneer account but my Singaporean friend had to send multiple requests to them to get his Euro and GBP accounts.

So i would be thankful to you if you can put some light on how this stuff works. Would be very thankful.


Mike said...

Payoneer is an absolutely terrible business to deal with. They debited $3000 from our account, did not send the money to the recipient, and they are currently holding our money hostage for 20 days. We have yet to find out whether or not they will give it back to us.

We made two payments with Payoneer via our corporate savings account. The first one was accepted and credited to the recipient. The second one for $3000 was accepted, and our account was debited, but the recipient never received the payment. Our recipient had to spend a long time on the phone with Payoneer before finally being informed that Payoneer had cancelled the payment. They did not at that time provide an answer as to why they cancelled the payment. They informed our recipient that the payment had been sent back to us. We checked our account, and the refund had not been credited.

We then spent at least 20 minutes on hold before finally talking to Jason and Payoneer. Jason advised that the payment had been cancelled on the May 27 due to an account verification problem, and that Payoneer had credited the payment back to our account already. When we told him we had not received the credit, he tried to blame our bank for causing the delay. When we asked for a transaction ID for the credit, he claimed he would not be able to give us that. After we would not accept that ridiculous claim, the he put us on hold for another 10 minutes before finally coming back to us and confessing that the payment had not been sent to our bank, and that it would take up to nine business days before payoneer would even initiate the refund to our account. When we asked why Payoneer was holding on to our money for so long, he had no answer. When we asked if the refund could be expedited, he said no could do that. We asked be transferred to his supervisor.

We then spent another 15 minutes on hold waiting to talk to his supervisor. Jason finally came back to us, and informed us that was logging into her computer, and we needed to wait longer. Mind you, this was mid-morning, well into their call center hours. When Clarissa finally got on the line, she put us on hold again to talk with the finance department. When she came back to us, she advised that the payment had been cancelled on May 29, not May 27, and that it would take up to 10 business days before the refund would be sent. When we asked why were originally told May 27 and 9 business days, she had no answer.

The money had been debited from our account on May 20, and Clarissa advised that it would be credited back to us by June 10, a total of 20 days. We asked her to expedite the refund, and she said she couldn't do that. We explained how ridiculous it was that Payoneer would debit our account, not send the money to the recipient, and then hold onto our money for a total of 20 days before crediting it back to us. We asked why Payoneer would take the money out of our account if it had not been verified to begin with. No answer. We asked if there is anyone in the company that could expedite the credit. We were told that there is *nobody* in the company that could do that. We asked to speak with Clarissa's supervisor. She she said she has no supervisor, and she claimed to be the CEO of the company, and then she hung up us before concluding the call.

To make matters worse, as a payer, there is no way to create an account so that you can see any sort of transaction history. As crazy as it may seem, the only people that can create accounts are recipients of payments.

This is by far the worst payment processing service I have dealt with. We would have been better off mailing a check half way around the globe.

Anonymous said...

We use Payoneer because we have no other choice as it offers US, UK and German bank accounts. But in your case, you could easily avoid it and simply use Paypal to send the payment to your recipient. I wonder why he sent you a payment request through Payoneer. For such payments, established companies such as Paypal, Neteller or skrill are better. Bank transfer would have been even better.

Christene said...

Hi Rockie, Since I am not familiar with Payoneer and China, I left the question to support but got no feedback.

It could be that certain countries are more "trusted" than others and thus get approved quicker. Obviously, it is just speculation but, I will update the question once I received feedback.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. Will wait for an update.


Anonymous said...

I am about to become an affiliate with Zindigo, and they want me to provide my social security number so I can get paid my commission fees through Payoneer. Is it safe to provide my social security number?

AudioBuy said...

What seller protection does Payoneer offer?

Christene said...

It is safe to provide your social security number to Payoneer, however, be careful when affiliate programs ask for the number unless you know that the platform is 100% secure. Affiliate programs rarely ask for a social security number.

Christene said...

noothan said...

can i use this payoneer even i'm living in india.and any expensive it or not

Unknown said...

hi how come the payoneer no need bank account.. i was sign and they ask me about bank account number.. i though they need bank account number.. thanks

Unknown said...

I got a donation of $14000 from Nelson last week. He helps the poor just like Jane does. Helped me to pay my loans. All I had to do was to sell my left kidney to him. =)) LOL!

Christene said...

Spam that went unnoticed until you commented, have to leave it now, feedback too funny.

Unknown said...

Hi Christene,

I have just signed for Payoneer Mastercard which they promise to deliver within 14 working days. I will like you to advise me on how to make money through Clickbank or Facebook

Anand Jain said...

THis is such a scam, once you get the payment they will tell you that according to the rules you can get this payment, Please dont trust them, this is scam, if you dont trust me try it and you will get to know.

Anand Jain said...

THis is such a scam, DOnt use them and if you dont trust me try it and you will know as soon as you get the payment they will hold the payment and say according to the rules of India you can only get payment from some companies . your money will be lost, in fact you would get 2 payments like $0.12 or $0.22 just to verify that this is not a scam from a us bank account if anyone tries to pay since even the banks in the us dont trust them .. wow. just dont give them you business.

Anand Jain said...

THis is such a scam, DOnt use them and if you dont trust me try it and you will know as soon as you get the payment they will hold the payment and say according to the rules of India you can only get payment from some companies . your money will be lost, in fact you would get 2 payments like $0.12 or $0.22 just to verify that this is not a scam from a us bank account if anyone tries to pay since even the banks in the us dont trust them .. wow. just dont give them you business.

Anand Jain said...

THis is such a scam, DOnt use them and if you dont trust me try it and you will know as soon as you get the payment they will hold the payment and say according to the rules of India you can only get payment from some companies . your money will be lost, in fact you would get 2 payments like $0.12 or $0.22 just to verify that this is not a scam from a us bank account if anyone tries to pay since even the banks in the us dont trust them .. wow. just dont give them you business.

Anand Jain said...

THis is such a scam, DOnt use them and if you dont trust me try it and you will know as soon as you get the payment they will hold the payment and say according to the rules of India you can only get payment from some companies . your money will be lost, in fact you would get 2 payments like $0.12 or $0.22 just to verify that this is not a scam from a us bank account if anyone tries to pay since even the banks in the us dont trust them .. wow. just dont give them you business.

Anand Jain said...

THis is such a scam, DOnt use them and if you dont trust me try it and you will know as soon as you get the payment they will hold the payment and say according to the rules of India you can only get payment from some companies . your money will be lost, in fact you would get 2 payments like $0.12 or $0.22 just to verify that this is not a scam from a us bank account if anyone tries to pay since even the banks in the us dont trust them .. wow. just dont give them you business.

Anand Jain said...

THis is such a scam, DOnt use them and if you dont trust me try it and you will know as soon as you get the payment they will hold the payment and say according to the rules of India you can only get payment from some companies . your money will be lost, in fact you would get 2 payments like $0.12 or $0.22 just to verify that this is not a scam from a us bank account if anyone tries to pay since even the banks in the us dont trust them .. wow. just dont give them you business.

Anand Jain said...

THis is such a scam, DOnt use them and if you dont trust me try it and you will know as soon as you get the payment they will hold the payment and say according to the rules of India you can only get payment from some companies . your money will be lost, in fact you would get 2 payments like $0.12 or $0.22 just to verify that this is not a scam from a us bank account if anyone tries to pay since even the banks in the us dont trust them .. wow. just dont give them you business.

Unknown said...

Why my bank acc. block after i sign up in payoneer??(Philippines)

Steve Payoneer said...

In my point of view i think its the best payment service online until now, payment in time, amazing referral program and everything its going fine.

ステファノ・ロドラ Stefano Lodola said...

Payoneer is the worst service I've ever tried.

Unknown said...

hi crestene i need to order the payoneer .pls help

Authority DZ said...

is a big scam .... i havent payoneer account but i received a request payment from one company and i have paid 60 usd by my master card , after 15 minute i received a message from payonner saying that my payment has been cancelled and i will receive my fund in few days
, but i dont received anything they stole my money

Anonymous said...

be carefully, payoneer block cards without any reason, as well dont answer than whats going on ...

Qataif said...

Payoneer is the biggest SCAMM on the internet, they are the worst service I've ever tried.

I have an issue since June2016 untill noe=w (November 2016 and did not resolved untill now...

They are elusives and liars...

Anonymous said...

Avoid Payoneer at all costs, they are blatantly stealing people's money. Just look at the 166 negative reviews on sitejabber dot com and read the comments. They have stolen $1,100 USD from me. I will never trust them to handle another financial transaction for me again.

Anonymous said...

Having used both Paypal and payoneer payoneer for years I would say that they are basically the same in terms of what they offer and problems that come up when using their services.

However, when it comes to customer service PAYPAL win hands down. Paypal usually respond within the day and within hours to urgent matters. Payoneer take days and days to respond to even the most urgent of issues, often too late to do anything to resolve the problem

Dean said...

I agree, both have ups and downs but Paypal still better with support hands down.

Payoneer use to be on the ball, never had issues, wonder what went wrong.

Steve said...

I do contract work for a company that recently switched its payment method to Payoneer. When setting up my Payoneer account I was given three choices: the Payoneer card (charges a fee to get your money), a paper check sent by mail (obsolete and inconvenient), or having funds directly desposited into my bank account, which is the option I chose. I woke on payday to find no funds in my account. After several hours on the phone with sarcastic customer service reps i was told that there is NO direct deposit with Payoneer and I had to wait 3-5 business days for an Echeck to clear, which, in 2016, is utterly ridiculous. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I just want to get paid what I earned. I now realize the scam is to get me to sign up for the Payonner card so they can collect their fees, which I refuse to do. This is very disingenuous. I urge you, STAY AWAY FROM PAYONEER.

Petal said...

What comeback do we have if a payment made by a company into Payoneer account doesn't appear there? Mine was paid in on 21 Dec, so maybe it's been held up because of Christmas (though it should have been through by the 23rd). I'll wait another few days - but then what?

Wshh bump said...

Scam site mygod i lost my 1,050$ my 1st withdraw is successful , but 2nd is not beware of that site scammers payoneer never use again i pray that business will down, God take revenged on that companies

codemusic said...

Beware of that site I'm to late I never read bad reviews on this site 1st before I withdraw my money from fiverr, my 1st withdraw with payoneer is successful 1070$+ , after a 1 month I withdraw again, 1050$, and then no email after I withdraw payoneer say 3 days arrive in bank, but its been a week my 2nd withdraw never arrive I lost 1050$ he got me scam payoneer, the owner of that site is son of Satan very bad evil

codemusic said...

Pls report payoneer office here at Philippines, I never received my 50,000 pesos, payoneer is a scam

codemusic said...

Yes scam I lost my 1050$ fiverr send me, and I never received

Christene said...

Thank you for the feedback. Payoneer use to be a trusted payment processor but, it seems they lost some of that reputation over the last year. Too many people complaining about money that is lost by using the system. Will re-evaluate the program and gather evidence to proof these theories.

Anonymous said...

Payoneer are an extremely bad choice for a business. Yes, their charges are attractive but their customer support is the worst you can experience. If you have a problem and you cannot access your account, you are lucky if you can get that problem solved within a week and you will often have problems. They do not reply to correspondences and normally the reply does not seem to be in answer to the problem. The replies are very clearly computer generated which does not solve a problem you may have.

Mogomotsi Moeng said...

Hi Christene

What do you think is the best FNB cheque account to link Payoneer with? I would like to avoid Platinum cheque as it is too steap. Does Gold cheque account work?

Mogomotsi Moeng

Payoneer In Pakistan said...

Thank you so much brother for sharing this awesome guide. It did help me.

Christene said...

Hi Mogomotsi

Yes, a Gold cheque account will work perfectly well. With a gold account, you will also be able to link to PayPal, which is a little better than Payoneer.

Christene said...

You are welcome!

Anonymous said...

Payoneer Is A Foreign Company! Don't Trust Them And Don't Give Them Your Banking Information!Not A Good Company! Our Business Signed Up For Payoneer. We Sent A Test Payment Request To Our Secondary Email Address To See What Type Of Messages Our Customers Would Receive And How They Would Pay! On Payoneers Website They Say Billing Service is For Receiving Payments With A Credit Card Or Bank Account When We Opened The Email There Was Only One Form Of Payment And Thats For Customers To Put In Their Banking Information. They Also Had Our Banking Information On Their Which Is Not Safe!!It Wasn't Even The Bank Information We Registered With It Was A Totally Different Bank Name & Account That Payoneer Placed On Our Account So They Can Place A Hold On Our Payoneer Account & Collect Our Money And Put It Into Their Bank Account This Way We Cant Get Our Money! Good Thing We Recognized This Before We Sent Any Payment Requests To Our Customers! We Called Customer Service To See What Type Of Story They Would Give Us And They Tell Us Credit Card Payments Are Not Accepted In The United States? What? But Your Office Location Is Suppose To Be In New York So How Come Customers Cant Pay Using A Credit Card? Why Does Payoneer Need Our Customers Banking Information? Alot Of People Dont Want To Give Out Their Banking Information And Would rather pay with a credit card! Anyway Beware Of Payoneer Don't Do Business With This Company To Accept Payments A Bunch Of Foreigners Are Running Payoneer And When It Comes To Business Transactions You Can't Trust Alot Foreigners!!!

Unknown said...

payoneer is scammer ,they use your payaments and reject the transaction,after that the payer not receive they money back
i contact the support their answer was sorry we sent the money back
and didnt,that is very big scam,the aprove you to work with their company only to pay for credit card ,after that you cant work nothing
they not aprove the payaments

sodhu said...

Payoneer is the worst service. Totally fake.
Use PayPal or Skrill. Skrill has high fees. But, Payoneer is bogus. No Customer Complaint replies...

sodhu said...

Payoneer is the worst service. Totally fake.
Use PayPal or Skrill. Skrill has high fees. But, Payoneer is bogus. No Customer Complaint replies...

sodhu said...

Payoneer is the worst service. Totally fake.
Use PayPal or Skrill. Skrill has high fees. But, Payoneer is bogus. No Customer Complaint replies...

sodhu said...

Payoneer is the worst service. Totally fake.
Use PayPal or Skrill. Skrill has high fees. But, Payoneer is bogus. No Customer Complaint replies...

sodhu said...

Payoneer is the worst service. Totally fake.
Use PayPal or Skrill. Skrill has high fees. But, Payoneer is bogus. No Customer Complaint replies.....

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Martin. I'm doing some research for a group of us considering working for 1 of several foreign companies. In SA, PayPal and Skrill make it impossible to obtain foreign funds without eating away at smaller amounts. The former demands you open a bank account with 1stNational, I think, then charge sky-high rates to withdraw and more. Now Payoneer asks you load money onto it in advance, you pay an annual fee for the 'card maintenance' and then they still deduct 1%, according to Christene. And that's just the bit I do know about! All that expense and then to top it off: your horrible customer experience. I have no intention of using them after researching SA experiences! No wonder so few South Africans use PayPal and this. From a work point of view, transfers are hugely expensive if they co wants their employee to pay. But that's not usually the case, in my line of work. I think I'll stick to that or Western Union.

Unknown said...

Stay away from Payoneer! If you don't believe me, go and check out other reviews on I've been waiting for weeks from my money, they take for ever to reply to your emails whilst your money is sitting on their account, earning them interests

Unknown said...

BIG SCAM, Stay away! I HAVE EVIDENCE contact me if you wanna see all documents that prove they are scammers, I am going to sue them soon

I opened an account, started to receive payments from my clients, kept the money there because I thought it was a legit company, then, they did the worst back to me
first thing, they blocked my card for no reason, i just went to withdraw some money using this card they deducted 2$ and blocked it for no reason
second thing, a client sent me a payment, they kept it in hold for 3 days then I asked him to call them, he called them, they lied to him and told him that i've received the payment already, he kept calling me a scammer and I did the same and then we logged into eachother's accounts using team viewer to see what's wrong, I realized at that point is that payoneer is A BIG SCAM nothing more, they LITERALLY stole my money and scammed me, they took the money from the client's account, sent him a confirmation email saying that payment was approved, and when he contacted them, they told him that I have received the payment already.

I contacted their lame support ( WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT EVER THEY HANG UP ON ME) the indian douchebag answered and told me that my client has to call back for details, my client called them and sent me all details he asked, then he told me sir i cannot help you with anything at the moment i understand your frustration but you have to wait forever like i cannot give you any time, just keep waiting.

And they come here in the website write more teasing replies to the people's reviews telling them that it's because of the security, no its not about security.

It's all about Payoneer being the worst scammers ever, I will pay every single cent I made and i will make in the future to give them bad reputation everywhere online and I just hope that someone would shut down this scam bank very soon.

I will keep posting my experience everywhere online and will buy domains just to shut them down and give them bad reputation for scamming the f*** out of me!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I did not fall for this fake system

Earn Money Online said...

Yes, we should know properly about payoneer. So your post is so important for me.

Alex said...

Amazing review.

Anas said...

Read this and decide for yourself...

Live Assistance
Print the Transcript Close
Status: Disconnected
Mary: Hello and welcome to Payoneer customer care! My name is Mary and I would be happy to assist you! Please bear with me for a few moments while I pull up your information from our system. I will be right with you.
Mary: Hello, how are you?
Me: Hello
Me: I have huge problem
Mary: :) hey
Mary: I am sorry to hear that.
Me: I checked your links (Why was my payment declined) and did not find the answer to my question
My customer **** **** has already received my products and their invoices
Me: and He made the Payoneer payment. NOW my products are gone and you declined the payment!!
Now I lost the products and lost the money
Communication with the Oracle Service Cloud Chat service has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
Disconnection in 240 seconds.
Connection resumed.
Mary: I will be happy to check the status of your payments for you. Before we proceed, please provide some details for identification.
Mary: Sir, I am here to assist you and to help you as much as I can.
Me: I know the status of my payment
Me: I'm here to know why you declined it?
Mary: I understand what you are saying and I understand your urgency. If you would like to get an assistance on chat, we need to complete the verification process.
Me: Okay
Mary: that is why I am asking you to provide some details
Mary: do not worry, I am not running away, I am with you.
Mary: Please provide me with your date of birth in the US format (Month/Day/Year).
Me: ******
Mary: Thank you. Please provide me with the answer to your security question:
Mary: What was the model of your first car?
Me: *****
Mary: Thank you.
Mary: as I understand both payments you have received have been cancelled. Let me check that for you.
Me: The payment request id: **** was made successfully yesterday and it was declined not cancelled
Me: Declined by Payoneer
Mary: thank you for providing all the details.
Mary: Let me check that for you.
Me: Thank you
Mary: I appreciate your patience while I review this.
Mary: I am still looking into this issue for you. I appreciate your patience
Me: Take your time
Mary: okay
Mary: I have double checked. I am sorry but I am not able to provide you a proper answer regarding the status of these payment. I will transfer your request to the Payment department to review it and investigate. We will notify you via e-mail as soon as we have any updates regarding this issue.
Me: And what shall I do now? just simple like that there are no answers. if there are no answers then why it was rejected? Who will recover my loss now??
Me: This is how business is done with you. putting pictures of successful CEO's on your home page
Mary: for now you just need to wait. Once we get an update from the Relevant Department, you will get an e-mail. There should not be a delay. It will take few business days for the issue to be reviewed
Me: Are you aware that I already delivered the goods to the payer?
Me: And now the goods are in used status
Me: And I can't take them back
Me: And now the customer has the choice to pay or not?
Me: This should be solved right now
Mary: yes, you have told me about it. Please be advised that I need to transfer the issue to the relevant department to investigate it and explain you why it has been rejected.
Mary: I understand what you are saying and your urgency
Mary: but please note that you need to wait for the e-mail.
Mary: I’d be frustrated too.
Mary: Is there anything else I can help you with?
You have disconnected.

Puru Kashyap said...

Going to use Payoneer for my business anyone suggest me how is it ?

Payoneer $25 Bonus said...

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Payoneer is not safe. They do have a Master Card but they regularly seize your money and you are out of pocket. I have been using one for over a year and now, with three payments going in they decide to freeze my account and their customer service is totally mythical.

Unknown said...

Payoneer have become extremely famous for pulling this stunt. Check out sitejabber and you will see long lists of people complaining about Payoneer keeping their money. Any normal bank would not keep your money if they refuse your custom. This is not a real bank, they are a scam.

Unknown said...

Paypal have poor support but Payoneer have no support.

Unknown said...

I suggest that you run away from Payoneer as fast as you can or you will lose your money.

Unknown said...

Payoneer has been holding 700 euro due to "a technical glitch" for over a week now, customer service do not provide solutions - I have been using skrill for over 5 years and paypal for over 10 and never had issues like this.

I have already stopped accepting payneer payments with my company and I am considering taking legal actions against this company.

Trendy Blogger said...

Payoneer is SUCKing Motherfucker.... They Stael my money. My card is blocked and account is under Review by reverent department. Customer support didn't replay. I just say FUCK off bullshit payoneer.

Trendy Blogger said...

Payoneer is SUCKing Motherfucker.... They Stael my money. My card is blocked and account is under Review by reverent department. Customer support didn't replay. I just say FUCK off bullshit payoneer.

Trendy Blogger said...

Payoneer is SUCKing Motherfucker.... They Stael my money. My card is blocked and account is under Review by reverent department. Customer support didn't replay. I just say FUCK off bullshit payoneer.

Lifanrider said...

Payoneer is screwing the little guy, I know i am another person that is getting screwed because of a bank error, and than the bank ATM steals my card. Payoneer refuses to release my money unless I pay an additional $12.95 USD for a new card and than they release my money, what a frigging scam. I've had nothing but hassles with Payoneer ever since I signed up with them. And frankly I am really pissed, I am even going to contact the FBI on this cause refusing to release my funds is illegal.

Duncan said...

I do a lot of work remotely abroad, so Payoneer in my case is a blessing. The con artists people should look at is the peoples bank. Absa... They sucked me dry when I was on my last some years ago, now I'm paying bank charges trying to withdraw an available balance, which when putting the transaction through is all of a sudden not available? WTF??

technofacia said...

is this solved. i am experiencing same issue right now.

Unknown said...

Don't use their service! This service is only for scammers. I paid 500 eur to developer and he disappeared after that i don't know what to do. Try to contact this payment system but they doesn't respond on my e-mails and looks like they don't care about nothing. SO SCAMMERS THIS SYSTEM IS THE BEST FOR YOU

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