Watkins and the Summit Group Review

Before I start the Review I would just like to verify that I am not affiliated with the Summit Group or Watkins and will not receive Any compensation to write about them.

watkinsWatkins founded in 1868 is a respected company That manufactures natural-based products for cooking, health, bath& body, Household cleaning and nutrition.

the summit groupWho is the Summit Group and how are they linked to Watkins?

Watkins associates are divided into teams and the largest and the most successful team is called the Summit Group. They offer free support and training for all new Watkins associates and have an impressive record of Accomplishment for 20 years in helping people to succeed with the work-from-home Business.

Watkins Product Overview

Watkins Products have been a supplier of family, home and Personal care products since 1869. All the products are made organically from natural ingredients, meaning they are free of irritating or synthetic chemicals. For all the animal lovers, including myself, I would also like to add that Watkins Products are not tested on animals.

Products include:

watkins productsNatural Personal Care – Product are 95% natural since they Use renewable ingredients that are ideal for everyday use.

watkins product reviewGourmet Products for the pantry and kitchen – Used for baking, preparing gourmet meals, grilling, cooking, entertaining and much more.

watkins product reviews 
Natural Home Remedies – Products like White Liniment, Menthol Camphor Rub, Petro-Carbo salve etc.

watkins productNatural Home Care – Household products are the largest contributors when it comes to health problems. Cleaners containing Chlorine, ammonia and other chemical ingredients can cause respiratory irritation and allergies like sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma are not uncommon when using cleaning products that contain these harmful ingredients. Watkins products are made of non-toxic plant-based formulas that are phosphate free and biodegradable.

The products are free From:

Ammonia, Benzene, Boron, Ethyl, Ether, Phosphate, Phosphoric Acid etc.

Training and Tools

As a Summit Group member you will have full access to free exclusive coaching, conference calls, online training and support.

Allow me to highlight a few features:

  • Individual coaching via phone or email with the top leaders in the business

  • Access to the training site, where you will be able to read the quick start guide and articles.

  • A free prospecting website that is personalized with your own name.

  • Business tools including business cards, customer newsletter templates, price lists and a brochure with information regarding the products.

  • An online message board that enables you to ask questions and discuss business ideas.

  • Free conference calls

  • Archive of previous conference calls

How Will I be able to make money?

Choose from retailing methods like party plan, catalog sales or booth sales. Many Watkins Associates focus on the long-term business building methods that do not focus on selling products to customers but rather focus on team building that will lead to a long-term residual income. 

summit group

How much can I earn?

Depends on you. They have a wide variety of Associates - some do not earn anything - just enjoy using the products at the dealer Discount. Some are part time earning a few hundred per month - but the most successful Associates, by using the team building approach that does not focus on selling products, earn six figure incomes. It depends on you and the business approach you choose.

You will earn 25% to 39% on everything you sell and 5% to 10% bonus commission on your team member’s activity.


  • This easy, flexible work-from-home business can earn you anything from a couple hundred dollars up to thousands in extra income.

  • Full refund within 30 days if it does not work out for any reason

  • You can get the wholesale discount of 25% to 39% on everything that you buy.

  • The income tax advantages of owning your own business.


  • Can take some time to build up a decent income.

  • This is an MLM program and you will need to learn some marketing skills to promote it successfully.

How much will it cost to join?

$39.95 plus sales tax

Is it a scam?

Most defiantly not, many people who claim that it is, does not give it the proper time, and expect fast results. This is a home business and does take some work. While Watkins is a well-established company with name recognition, you do have to do something. The Summit Group, the most successful group of Watkins Associates, does provide extensive free training- but it still comes does to your motivation and drive.

If you have, any inquiries or further questions about the Summit Group or Watkins, feel free to contact Todd Cassidy and he will promptly help you.

Contact details...

Personal Email: tcassidy65681@yahoo.com

Phone: 417-779-0385

Business Links: 

Summit Group

Watkins Product Information

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