How to Detect a Phishing Email

Phishing Emails are mail that is sent with the intention to get personal information, like credit card details, passwords or usernames. Phishing became the most popular form of Online Fraud because individuals are mislead by experienced scammers. This infografic will help you to avoid falling into the same trap that cost millions every year.

Always be safe and double check any program or person who asks you to provide personal details.

Feel free to click on the FAQ tab above if you need a detailed explanation on Phishing Emails 


How to Detect a Phishing Email
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  1. Thanks for this ... really useful information to know!

  2. Useful info; including everyone's comments. My question is: Is Clickbank a good platform to begin affiliate marketing. I know zero about the digital platform but I'm willing find a suitable place online to learn and put thing into practice. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Leonel

      Hope all is well.

      Yes and No. Clickbank is a good platform if you know how to pick the products. Although the platform host a huge variety of legit products, unfortunately, is also contains scammy ones. Clickbank cannot control each and every product from Vendors, there is just too many now, thus, scammers can slip through the cracks more easily.

      Many other market places that you can look at like Shareasale or even become an Amazon Affiliate.


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