DS Domination Review (Closed)

With this unbiased DS Domination review, we will take an honest look at all the pros and cons of the program and help you to make an informed decision on whether it would be the best business to pursue. DS Domination launched in September 2013 and has been expanding at a very fast rate ever since.

Update: As of May 2021, this review is closed and will not be updated!  

Too little interest in the program as it has run its course over time. 

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What is DS Domination and what does it involve?

DS Domination scam review rating
DS Domination will teach you how to buy products from Amazon and then resell it on eBay for profit by using drop shipping.

The definition of dropshipping:

To ship any goods directly from the wholesaler or manufacturer to the customer without sending them to the person who ordered them.

Basically, you will find a product on Amazon that is cheap, let’s say $50. You will list the same product on eBay for $70 and if someone orders your product and pays you through PayPal, you will go to the product on Amazon, and fill in the shipping details of the person who bought the product from you. The product will then be sent to that person instead of you, you make a profit.

DS Domination offers members two options to make money. You can implement the training and earn an income by using the drop shipping method or you can be a DS Domination affiliate and promote the products (learning materials) to earn commissions. DSD is MLM-based and offers a 10-tier affiliate program.

You earn 75% commissions if you are introducing others to the platform. 50% commissions on the first level and 25% of referrals reaching down ten levels.

Who can participate?

DS Domination is ideal for adults who want to make a full-time or additional income. eBay does not allow minors to sell on the platform and you must be 18 years or older. No kids or teens on this one, sorry guys!

What will it cost to join DS Domination?

To get started:

$19.95/Month – Pro Level

Advance Training:

$99/month – Elite Level

$249.99/One time purchase – Unleashed Training

$499/One-time purchase – Monopoly Training

Additional costs for Affiliates:

$9.95/Month – To make sales and receive payment

$199/One-time purchase - Market Extreme

Product Overview

DS Domination is a step-by-step program that is broken up into different modules. Each product will give you more information and guidance to master drop shipping. You are supposed to start with the cheaper products and then work your way up by purchasing the more expensive ones.

DS Domination logo

When you look at these courses, all of them give you different understandings and knowledge to use Drop Shipping to make money. Every one of them builds on each other. Basically, you will have to buy all the products in the long term if you want to learn the more complex tactics to sell on eBay.

Pro Level – Your basic training and videos

DS Domination Elite – More advanced training. If you want to make more money with DS Domination, I suggest you take the DSD Elite. With DS Domination Elite you get more software and you will gain access to buy more wholesale products. The profits will be from $100 - $200 per sale from those websites.

DS Domination Unleashed - Here Roger will teach you how the tools are used and more strategies that made his millions on eBay. You will also get your hands on some tools to make your life easier on eBay and other sites. In addition, you will learn methods on how to get cashback on the products that you order and learn how to reduce PayPal fees.

DS Domination Monopoly - You will learn how to search for products and know which ones to choose at the lowest price possible. Additionally, Roger explains Amazon in detail and this will help you to understand how products are listed.

Marketing Products and Fees

For those of you who feel that drop shipping is not your thing, you can always unleash your marketing tactics and promote DS Dominator if Amazon does not work out for you. You can have your bread buttered on both sides as well and earn money from using both.

To become an Affiliate – You will need to join the affiliate program and pay a monthly fee of $9.95. Remember, you cannot make sales or receive payments if your monthly fee is not paid!

Market Extreme Pack ($199) - You will learn how to market each one of the courses and have access to the marketing materials that are needed to promote DS Domination successfully. This pack will help you to understand the basics of marketing the program. Roger will give you access to some of the world’s top-level webinar marketers. In addition, training also includes traffic to lead generation and lead follow-up.

Does DS Domination have any Cons?

New product – DS Domination is still new and therefore it is hard to determine the stability of the program. Only time will tell if both aspects of the platform will continue to work well. In my honest opinion, this is not an evergreen program that will have success for years to come. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

High Pricing – Obviously you will have to go “all in” at some point if you are serious about this business structure. Dropshipping needs to be done correctly if you ever want to see a 6 figure amount in your bank account at some point in life. The higher-priced products obviously hold the training that matters and without them, you will struggle. We are not talking about sacrificing your cup of coffee at Starbucks to save up for the training, all of it adds up to a hefty price. Be absolutely sure that you are willing to sail this boat right across the ocean before signing up.

eBay has its own rules! – You might find yourself hopping out quicker than expected if you miss their guidelines. Always be sure to read and understand Ebay's Rules and Policies before you post ads and become a seller. 

Ebay rules for DS Dominator

MLM is the rule – It seems to me that people are more focused on the affiliate side of DS Domination than they are using drop shipping themselves. MLM is a difficult form of marketing and most definitely not as easy as dropshipping itself. Could it be that drop shipping is not as profitable as it seems?

Saturation and Competition – This is a new method of earning money and many newbies and skilled marketers have great success at this moment. BUT, the method will become saturated at some point. The training is spot on and made the creators and many other eBay millionaires. DS Domination became viral quickly, and it is now a popular program that produces great results. Now, if it keeps in popularity, more and more people will obviously sign up and sell their products on eBay. This leaves me with one stupid question; How much competition will be considered acceptable before the market runs dry? Popular products will obviously be picked up by now and sold on eBay as we speak. At some point, most of the products with good potential for big commissions will be taken. We live in a world where money is spent cautiously and overspending is long gone. Buyers are more focused on certain products and saving money when buying them.

Dealing with the impossible – Yes, ladies and gents, dropshipping has hidden aspects as well. Postage, for instance, can have its own problems and your goods might get lost or arrive late. In addition, you will be subjected to real scammers as well. Remember, classified sites are not 100% safe. Most of the time eBay favors the buyer, not the seller. When they say it is very easy they mean completely the opposite because there are lots of things that can go wrong like negative feedback, late shipping, or price changing. 

Reputation counts – You will need to build up a good seller account if you expect results. This can take time and hard work. A good majority of people always find the need to complain about something and they will write bad feedback without thinking twice. I have personally seen bad seller ratings that come from those who recognize the cheap Amazon products and feel ripped off when it is sold for much more. Once you get too many bad ratings, it is hard to continue.

Ratings on ebay

High eBay Fees – Many people complain about the fees while others do not mind much. Still worth mentioning it for those who consider selling low price products.

ebay fees

What about Tax?

You will be on your own; DS Domination will not automate the collection of taxes. There are forms that cover income and sales tax and PayPal will also provide you with a form at the end of the year. It is best to always seek legal advice from a tax professional that will advise you to file your taxes in the right manner.

The verdict – Scam or Not?

Now, this is obviously the part of the review that makes you sit up straight and make you say, FINALLY!

DS Domination is not a scam, because they pay their affiliate on time, and obviously, their terms and conditions cover them. However, both options have their fair share of challenges and you will not become rich by next week Friday.

If you think you are going to make lots of sales and profits overnight you are wrong. The people you see making lots of profits are those who have been doing this for a while and their eBay accounts are well rated by now. Do not get me wrong here, you will make sales, but not as much, you will need to get your account well rated before people will really start buying your items or products.

You will have to do lots of research to determine what type of products sells best. In addition, you need to find out what your competitors are selling and adapt your price to lure more buyers without losing profit. 
MLM is and will always be the most difficult form of online marketing. There are always people who will label it as a pyramid scheme or a blunt-out scam. Hard to build a reputation and it does take some skill to sell expensive products. You will have to prove that dropshipping works before you can recommend and sell it to others.

Thanks for reading my DS Domination Review. Please feel free to leave your opinion or own experience with the program. This will help others to make a more informed decisions. 

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Bob Stone said...

Hey Christene,

First, great blog post I always love your in depth reviews. I just want to shine the light one one part which is saturation. DS Domination will never get saturated because first some people are going to quit before they even watch the training, second, some people just have no patience and will quit and believe they can get rich over night lol. Third, DS Domination will never out grow eBay and Amazon.

smoothroll said...

I totally agree with you Jesse.....

Unknown said...

I've recently heard that paypal has split up with ebay. Do you think that it could affect the trades?


Bob Stone said...

They didn't split up, eBay wants to build Paypal separately and not just associate itself with eBay. Paypal is actually bigger than eBay so they want to tap into different markets.

Juanita Osborne said...

One thing to also note about the DS Domination site is that there is no income disclaimer which can be a big no no with gov regulations for operating a network marketing/affiliate marketing business, which the FTC considers multi level marketing...no income disclaimer or income proofs throws up a big flag for me. This is a great blog post review...

Anonymous said...

The cons you mentioned were on eBay's, PayPal's, and Amazon's side of things. Most scam reviews blame DSD for what eBay, PayPal, and Amazon do. I am happy you didn't blame them, you just said these are things to be aware of before starting. And you mentioned more people doing affiliate. When you first start, you make close to nothing. But you learn new marketing techniques to make you better. At first dropshipping makes a lot more money, but with hard work, soon you will go above dropshipping.

Dropshipping- It is easy to start but soon there is a deadline were you stop growing
Affiliate- It is hard to start and you really have to know about marketing but there is no deadline on how much you can grow. Well, technically there is. Once you reach 7.125 Billion customers, your done but by that time you already made more then 7.125 Billion dollars. Plus you will get that same amount every month so you basically have infinity money, you probably take up your online bank screens with crazy numbers.

If you would like to talk and allow me to walk you around, email me. christianrogers99@yahoo.com

- Christian

Unknown said...

This interests me but theres some areas of concern - firstly, would be regarding the invoice, surely the product would contain Amazon's invoice and therefore your buyer would see you've exactly how much you've ripped them off for, secondly I heard that the money from the custoemr isnt released to you until the product is shipped, so would this mean you need to spend your own money to buy it from Amazon in the first instance? not great if you're broke

Unknown said...

also what happens with listing fees?

Christene said...

Basically, once you sell "the product" on ebay, you purchase it with the money on Amazon and send it to the recipient. Listing fees are covered by you. In addition, if you do not have a reputable account with eBay they might hold the money for a few weeks

Not recommended to sell products less than $25 because it is not worth all the effort. For instance, if you buy an item for $40 and then sell it for $50, after deductions, your profit would be around $3. Tax fees are also included for some countries and regions, meaning you can make even less.

The packaging contains no invoice so the buyer does not know where it came from.

Here is a link to their most popular questions asked regarding problems. It is DSD so yeah, not too much detailed answers or updated responses, but worth looking at.


Savannah said...

I think what he means with packaging is that Amazon packages are very clearly labeled as coming from Amazon...the shipping label and the black and blue tape that explicitly says Amazon. I feel your customer would know right away that they got ripped off.

Christene said...

According to the training you are suppose to "gift wrap" the items savannah, and that will remove the Amazon label. If it works, that unfortunately, I cannot tell because I lost interest in the program as soon as my common sense kicked in. Obviously the reason why I do not recommend DS Domination or participate.

PS: Keep in mind, DS Domination is not so much about the drop-shipping, it is about selling the program itself over and over again to others. The reason why there is not that much information available for the drop shipping side.

Tommy said...

Hi Christene, you might want to update this review. Roger Langille is not related to DSD, I a lot of the claims he made about himself were false and he was removed from DSD (I bought his training WAY back, and he taught many blackhat things and outright falsehoods. He used to promise coaching 4 free if you joined his mlms and LOTS of people got screwed by him). The actual founders of the company are Hitesh Juneja, Kevin Hokoana, and Jason Rose.
The question about Amazon packaging - no, the idea was taught by Roger to steal money that you have plain box...there is no plain brown box, but 99% of people don't care, and you can include that in the listings. The newest rendition of DSD (DSD 2.0) is almost entirely automated and my sales have picked up a LOT with their listing builder that makes it much faster to list and gets you a lot better ranks too).
So I actually recommend DSD now when in the past I did not (based on faulty training and past experience with Langille).

Unknown said...

OK so glad DSD members actually take the time to protect the reputation of their own. I believe Jesse Singh got it right... that people are not patient enough... and because they aren't, they don't allow the business to grow as it should. The DSD business model is completely scalable in many respects not just the dropshipping side, but also thru revenue streams from affiliate marketing, Amazon fba, and Binary options trading. The members associated with the FSN team are by far the most profitable and reputable people. Denise Kirksey, Sean Agnew, Jesse Singh, and Josh Jacobs are tremendous leaders.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

What is not mentioned here: You must have prices at your source under control. Amazon is modifying them all the time, on a minute by minute basis. Can only be solved if you buy an automated solution. They are available, but I cannot see why I need to have a DS Domination subscription with monthly fees to build a business on Amazon/eBay at all.

In my opinion this is also NOT drop shipping. The real name would be 'Arbitrage Selling Business'. Don't understand why DS Domination doesn't call it what it really is.

Unknown said...

Pls can someone in West Africa Nigeria participate in this venture,if yes what is d possibility of succeeding.

Upenyu said...

'Most scam reviews blame DSD for what eBay, PayPal, and Amazon do' ... First there was 'eBay, PayPal, and Amazon' who set their own rules of trading. Someone creates a product called DSD which flouts rules set by the businesses they need to do business with. So people must blame 'eBay, PayPal, and Amazon' for setting those rules.... LOL.

David said...

Hi Christene, this is a great review. What about support? Is there good support when you sign up to the basic package?

If you go on YouTube you can easily find the same methods explained to you for free. So, I think people mostly join for the MLM side.

Is this not against Amazon policy?

Unknown said...

Hi Christine, I recently heard that DS Domination is now INFINii. I was not involved in DS Dominiation. What are your thoughts on INFINii?

Thank you!

Christene said...

DS Domination is actually a product of INFINii. The same owners and same concept, just a broader platform that will go more in-depth about eCommerce. I am still in the process of checking it out to see if the products will be beneficial or not. Will post a review soon.

Bilal Hassan said...

Hi Christene, I am glad that I read your review on DS Domination, I almost got sucked in, because the YouTube advertisement is vey convincing. But being an Amazon customer for many years now, ( I read a lot of books ) , I think that doing this business in this way, is kinda of dis-honest. ( I understand that the stock market, and trading commodities, use the method, of; "buying low and selling high. But this is this the understanding of all the players in the stock market, before you participate. I would be very displeased buying something and finding out , I paid 20% over-priced over what Amazon recommends. Also, I thought about what about the Amazon invoice and their brand-marketable box w/ logo. I am convinced not only would your buyers would be offended, but it would seem Ebay, and Amazon, would not want to do any further business transactions with you. So, to me , I want to avoid a lot of would be irate customers. I also am a former customer sales rep. "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? " -- Matt 16:26

Christene said...

Hi Bilal

Yes, you are right, doing business in this way does not exactly portray a reputable way of earning money. Eventually people will think the way you do and find out that the product is way overpriced and thus you will have a failing business.

My biggest concern, however, when they have to sell the concept to others to make actual money and not by following the concept themselves and be successful at it. Basically, you just end up selling an idea that has been around for a long time. Does not make sense right?

Great verse, I could not agree more!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Christene & Co!
I'm a member of DSD, but not so active anymore.. I've joined DSD on May 2014. DSD today is like melting snowman in the sun holding sign " The End Is Near"
Since Roger Langille (founder of DSD) left this platform - they operate on survival mode. Training program is very poor now, no information upgrade, last recorded webinars are from las year... it's melting. I would say worthless. The focus is on Infinii
and new recruits for MLM. By the way - there is no more Unleashed level training, due to no resources to teach that anymore. I've been successful dropshiper with in DSD first 8 months, after I've realized that DSD snowman is melting. The season is over. Death of DSD drop-shipping is near...

Anonymous said...


I would like to know if it operates globally or it has selected countries. Specifically, is Zimbabwe in Africa.

Christene said...

Any country as long as you have a payment processor.

Lee Branch said...

Great Article Christene. I didnt know we had the same Boss...God ! That is Awesome. He became CEO of my Life and business years ago.He is my means to EVERYTHING !!!

Christene said...

Thank you for the kind feedback Lee, it is much appreciated. Yes, definitely worth having a Boss that knows the best.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Great, honest reviews, Christene. I also appreciate your wording in the Affiliate Disclaimer. How honest. We have the same boss!
Re this disclaimer, what affiliate program(s) DO you you recommend?

Louis24 said...

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