How to Make Money Blogging

Present-day technology provides people quick solutions to solve problems. Years ago, a very arduous homework would take long and lots of library research in order to complete it, but now, just few types and clicks and it is already done. Even earning money is now just a few clicks away! More and more people are hooked with the potential of online blogging in earning money. Money blogging has become viral, thus; everyone wants to know the hows when it comes to this subject.

The basic steps in starting a blog is one should pitch on his/her interests. Most bloggers become successful in generating money from their blogs because they are consistent and committed enough in updating their blog. Blogging does not seem a task since they are writing about their interests. Next, one should also consider the marketability of the blog’s subject. Surely, one should blog about what is interesting for him/her, but one should also come up with a blog’s subject that is within almost everyone’s interest and has the potential to create traffic. One cannot generate money from a blog without targeted readers.

Amidst thousands of online blogs that is available, only a few succeed in generating money online. Aside from the basic steps on how to make money blogging, one should also consider important pointers prior to the creation of the blog. Creating affiliate programs and advertisings on blogs have become the ticket for some towards successful money blogging.

What is an affiliate program?

Affiliate program falls under the Internet marketing practices that make use of an automated marketing program wherein the blogger acts as the affiliate. The blogger acting as the affiliate advertises company’s product or services in his/her blog by providing links that will get the visitors to the company’s website or product page.

How do bloggers earn money from affiliate programs?

The bloggers will get a commission for every visitor that is clicked or went to the company’s page. The affiliate program is basically a performance-based type of online marketing. The amount of money earned by the bloggers is relative to the number of customers or visitors they bring to the company’s product page.

In making money blogging, one may consider the common types of affiliate programs. These include pay-per-click, pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale. Bloggers earn money online through pay-per-click affiliate program whenever an advertisement is clicked by a visitor. Bloggers are paid by the company at a certain rate of payment for each click, regardless whether the visitor bought the product or not. On the other hand, the pay-per-lead requires more elaborate customer’s action before the blogger is paid by the company. Pay-per-lead is a type of affiliate marketing program wherein one is paid based from the conversion of leads. Conversion rate includes the percentage of customers who completed the desired action. A blogger is only paid after the viewer has completed the company’s desired action, such as fill out a form provided, click the company’s link, purchase a product or download a certain file. Lastly, the pay-per-sale type of affiliate programs is based on the percentage of conversion of sales. The blogger is paid after the visitor went to the company’s page and made a purchase or availed a service offered. Money blogging can earn more money in pay-per-sale as compared to the other types, but the downside of it is the low conversion rate.

Knowledge about affiliate programs is not the only requirement in making money blogging. Choosing the most appropriate affiliate program is also a must. If one blogs about sports, then the blogger should choose affiliate programs that are sports related such as sport gears and equipment or rental services of sports equipment or uniform. Next in line is the legal matters. Some countries require bloggers and other affiliates to acknowledge to their readers that they generate money through the affiliate programs posted on their blogs. One should also write honest product reviews and avoid posting false information that will mislead customers into purchasing products or availing services.

Another step in making a successful money blogging is venturing into advertising.

How can advertising monetize one’s blog?

A company pays a blogger for his/her advertising efforts for the company’s product or services. 

There are different types of ads and that includes pay-per-click, pay-per-impression and pay-per-action. The pay-per-click type of ad blog is just similar to that of the affiliate program type. The pay-per-impression ad blog type is a blog advertising opportunity wherein the blogger is paid relative to the number of times the company’s ad appears on the blog. On the other hand, the pay-per-action type, as the name implies, is a technique wherein the blogger is paid each time a visitor performs the desired action.

There are also different types of ads in which one can blog about. Contextual, text link, impression-based, affiliate, direct ads and reviews are some of the types of ads commonly found in blogs. Contextual ads fall under the pay-per-click type and based on the content of a blog entry. Text link ads need not to be based on the blog content and can be placed on a specific text in the blog post. Impression-based ads are examples of the pay-per-impression type while affiliate ads are examples of the pay-per-action type. Direct ads include banners of advertisement posted on the blog page. Reviews are also another form of advertising wherein companies ask bloggers to write a review of their product or services thus; promoting them to the readers.

One can sign up to an advertising service online and negotiate on the payment and the services the blogger can offer. However, signing up for an advertising service should be thought thoroughly. Consider the blog’s subject and whether such advertisement will be patronized by the readers. Choose advertisement services related to the blog’s subject.

Affiliate programs and advertising in blogs prove that through the Internet, even money is just a click away! But one should be critical in choosing the appropriate affiliate program and advertising services in order to ensure success in money blogging.


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