IPAS 2 Review (Closed)

With my In-Depth Review on iPas2, we will determine if the platform is legit or a scam. Keep in mind that I am not affiliated with the platform or Empower Network. The review is based on my own analysis and not influenced by paid networks.  

Before you purchase the product, please take a couple a few minutes to read through this review. It might save you a lot of frustration further on down the road. 

Update: IPAS2 No Longer Exist!

Feel free to check out some other reviews and articles about similar programs. 

What Is IPAS2?

It was a little bit difficult to find information about this product because each result of Google seems to be a sales page for the product. Remember that this system is quite new and it still has a few kinks that developers are working to resolve.

In a nutshell, iPAS 2 is a sales management and funnel system. It was created to automate the process of collecting leads and converting them into sales. The product was created by Chris Jones and Chris Campbell.

On top of that, it also provides a host of other features such as in-depth analytics, traffic sources, online marketing tools, training, an income calculator, personal coaching, and much more. It's a product that has been in development for the past 5 years and the creators wanted to pack as much value into the package as possible.

iPas2What You Should Know:

It's important to keep in mind that this product was essentially made for the Prosperity Team within Empower Network. Therefore, it's designed to promote Empower Network, and Empower Network members can use it to collect additional affiliates.

I wrote about Empower Network before on this website and I want to remind everyone that it's not the absolute best online business course to follow. It has a lot of upsells and it's based on a classic multi-level marketing foundation. Not to mention the fact that it's loaded with expensive up-sells. Empower Network is not technically a scam because the members decide what they want to purchase and the company offers a 14-day refund guarantee. But it is quite expensive and I can think of quite a few cheaper - better - alternatives.  
So keep in mind that iPAS 2 is basically an add-on tool for members of Empower Network who want to promote Empower Network.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are four different membership plans that one can purchase: iPAS2 Pro, Silver, Gold, and Black.

The Pro version is the most basic version and you'll have access to the basic features of the system. But in order to unlock additional features, you'll be required to upgrade.

Features included in iPAS 2 Pro:

  • IPAS Success System.
  • Empower Network Viral Blogging System
  • Access to Profit Maximizers
  • 24/7 Support and Coaching
  • Up to 50% of Commissions

The Pro version costs $715.

Features Included in Silver Membership:

  • Empower Network Costa Rica
  • IPAS Coaching Course
  • Daily Webinars and Seminars
  • Additional Training Videos

Silver Membership costs $1,512.

Features Included in Gold Membership:

  • Traffic Sources Training
  • Bonuses
  • Advanced Training
  • Higher Commission Fees

Gold Membership costs $4,900.

Features Included in Black Membership:  

  • Personal Business Coach
  • Affiliate Management
  • Black Membership Card for VIP Events and Discounts
  • Cash Prizes
  • Expert Training Material
  • Up to 70% Commission Fees

The price for Black Membership is $14,000.

So as you can see, these are high-ticket products, and the average person won't be able to afford these products. In fact, the creators of IPAS 2 suggest that people take out a loan from a bank or borrow cash from friends in order to participate in the course.

What I Don't Like About iPAS 2:

I don't recommend iPAS 2 because I know there are cheaper alternatives out there. There's simply no need to spend that kind of money for features that aren't necessarily helpful.

The creators of the product claim that you'll be able to make thousands of dollars each month with these features. I have no doubt that if you use this system and work hard then you'll be able to generate a decent income. But it'll take quite some time to earn back what you spent in the first place. Not to mention the fact that you'll still be 100% dependent on EN for income. 

iPas2 and Empower Network

It doesn't really teach you how to create an online business. It mainly teaches you how to market Empower Network and earn money as an affiliate. Your main source of income will be from the referrals that you collect. I know working as an affiliate marketer can be quite profitable. But I think we can all agree that it's much better to have your own website and then promote affiliate offers through your website.

You need to be in control. Otherwise, it can all disappear overnight. Remember what happened when Google started cracking down on spam with the new algorithm updates? Thousands of websites were hit hard and online communities were flooded with people complaining about the new changes. The truth is that if you depend on one marketing technique for all of your needs, and that marketing technique is destroyed, then your entire business will go down with it. That's why it's incredibly important to focus on several different marketing techniques.

iPas2 scam or not

Oh, and did you know Google doesn't favor Empower Network blogs? Empower Network websites are incredibly difficult to rank on Google.

iPAS 2 is a decent product, but the price tag for the basic membership is quite high. It's a sale funnel system that is designed mainly to promote Empower Network. It's not technically a scam because it offers some decent tools, training, and support.

But I don't think it's worth the cash. I would prefer to follow a system that doesn't advertise expensive up-sells each time I visit the webpage. It would also be nice to find a system that doesn't drain my bank account in just a couple of clicks.

I hope you found the Review on iPas2 helpful. If you have any questions or experience with the platform, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

MLM not for you?
ipas2 scam review

Rest assure, affiliate marking that goes hand in hand with Website development and Content marketing are still the most popular method to earn a decent online income with hard work and dedication...Read More

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Mahmood said...

very helpful review
i actually joined in the pre launch
and checked it out after the launch then decided not to work there
i thought i won't learn a good base from them and as you say their only goal is to promote empower network
there are many other businesses better than this.

Christer Axelsson said...
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Anonymous said...

Are you kidding!!!!!!!!!! Who in their right mind pay $5125 for training! At this given moment I do not even have a $100 to spend.

I would be happy to earn $5125, not spend it!

Typical get rich quick scheme, Not even Amway products cost this much and at least you will have health for your money.

Great review Christine, I will rather spend the $5125 that I don't have on real WordPress hosting.

Christene said...


Whatever. The info-graph show $144.95. Where on earth did you get $14 000?

Alexa ranking has nothing to do with ranking on Google. Absolutely none.
People view websites on mobile, they DO NOT like to create websites on mobile. There is a difference. The majority of webmasters still prefer to type their 1000+ character blog posts on a real keyboard instead of using a touch screen phone.

Anonymous said...

Great review. Their income cal shows how much you need to spend for how many clicks to generate your desired income. It's like $250 for traffic that would earn u $5000. Do you think it's achievable at all? I am newbie but how does it make sense. Most of the gurus of EN earn major percentage through $7 trials because they have a huge email list and they keep on promoting to them to go for this $7 trial 2-3 times a day. People sign-up for curiosity.

Secondly do u think being their black member would be very easy for us to earn high-ticket commissions? What is the guarantee? You have to keep on spending $$$ for getting traffic from their traffic brokers which are the additional expenses apart from the monthly fees. And then they are promoting this system as a done for u system for both experienced marketers and newbies.

I don't get it how can a newbie succeed if the condition is to get to the top level for that call center support where they would call your leads to close the high-ticket deals for u and do all the work for u.

My target is $300 - $500 per month through genuine affiliate marketing. Is it achievable with a company like WA? Should a newbie start with multiple streams of income (2-5) or just 1 in the beginning, How will I make my quality email list if I am not a MLM guru. People tend to follow those gurus who have the art to lure them through different tactics.

What is your honest advise to all of these questions?

Christene said...

My honest opinion, spending $250 dollars that "might" earn you $5000 is very far fetched. Look, I am not saying that it is impossible because there are indeed marketers who do just that. But, they are skilled and in the paid advertising game for a very long time. Paid advertising is not as easy as some make it out to be, you need skill and a fool proof marketing strategy.

In addition, it is already hard to promote "make money online" platforms because too many scams exist and obviously because the competition is huge. You are a newbie, but already have the understanding about list building, you are correct, those with the huge lists get more signups because it is a numbers game. However, with EN you are dealing with an MLM based platform and even if you have great numbers on your side, your job to make money only start once you have that sign up. From there it all depends on your skill to get people to actually pay the big bucks. With EN a basic SignUp from your referrals is pretty much useless and will not earn you much. You will have to convince your signups to go for the bigger products. It is a tiring business, you need to stay in contact with them, help them, teach them, check up on them and push them to purchase even more. If you are not a people person that is willing to spend time with your referrals 24/7, it won't work, period.

In this business, there is absolutely NO GUARANTEE! If there was, everyone would have been rich. Currently we are looking at a 95% failure rate when it comes to making money online. There is no quick way and it takes a lot of learning, determination and patience to become successful. Most fail because they lack knowledge in all the basics.

My honest advice, you will not find any program that will make you money in the first couple of weeks, sometimes it even take a few months before you see progress. You seem smart already and common sense is all that is needed to figure out that if indeed there was such a method, then it would have spread like wildfire and everyone would have lined up and left their jobs behind.

The online industry is no different than a real brick and mortar business. You need to learn new skills, have patience and work hard to see results.

WA is a learning platform that teaches you all the basics about online marking and once you have overcome those, the training also goes to more advanced stages. Website development is the key, almost every guru have his/her own website(s). That is the central point of your entire online business and solve a great deal of the struggles you will run into. Why pay for traffic, if you can have it for free? Why do you need to be all over the web to promote your product if it can be done from one place? WA basically covers all these factors. Once you have the basics in place and it works, you can even come back to iPas and become successful at it.

Feel free to shout if you have any more questions

Unknown said...

i have caught in ipas 2 as well. im on my 3 days $1 dollar and another one is $7 promo period within 7 days, i watched the videos and almost finish in it. but i realized i dont have enough money to join this millionaires program... it might be working excellently unfortunately not for ordinary person... you need to upgrade and upgrade and pay and pay....if you're pocket is thin.... then forget joining.... thank you guys..... love it.

Unknown said...


What business opportunities would you recommend for a beginner

retiredmedic said...

You can join iPAS2 for only $47 per month and work your way up the ladder. You can also qualify to sell all the products as an affiliate and then take your earnings and reinvest them in yourself and buy the higher end products if you so chose but at no time is it required. You will just make more money in the long term if you own all the products. The education in online marketing that you will receive is worth 100 times what you will pay for the training courses and products through iPAS2. This review is a total crock and where those prices came from must have been in a dark place normally covered by something called pants. DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ...BE SMART AND DO YOUR RESEARCH!

retiredmedic said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christene said...

I know it does not seem logical now, but the teaching to place your link on high traffic blogs is called spam. This trick caused the EN blogs to fall in ranking in the first place. Not to mention, it did not work on Facebook and G+ as well. The major reason why EN dropped down massively in the search. The training might not seem so valuable if you are not thought proper marketing tactics. Hundreds fell for this and they got burned badly by Google! Blogs has fallen and reputations and dreams were crushed.

My advice, never write "Do not believe everything you read..." and then immediately after adding your own Signup link. Kinda rules out the argument here and confirms everything I said about spamming.

PS: I had to be a buzz kill and remove the link. Unfortunately, I do not support spam. My sincere apologies.

Unknown said...

Thank You sincerely for the warning!

Christene said...

Pleasure. Do not hesitate to shout if you have any questions.

Christene said...

Better to understand at first how the proses of making money works and what is required to get successful.


Unknown said...

What is the WA learning platform you refer to above?

Unknown said...

IPAS2 came across me today. Looked good, $7 to join, $47/ month, money back guarantee. Bit, the little voice said, check it out...scam, research, reviews, and I found yours. Thank you, thank you!

Christene said...

Hi Anthony, hope all is going well.

My apologies for the delayed reply, hope I am forgiven?

WA stands for Wealthy Affiliate University. It is a learning platform that teaches website development and help members to earn money with their websites. To put it in short, you will learn the importance of a website, how to get started and the methods required to make money online.

I have a detailed page about WA, feel free to check it out and please do not hesitate to give me a shout if you have any questions.


Christene said...

Pleasure Tanasha.

Yes, unfortunately there are loads of up-sales and Empower Network is one of them. With EN alone, you will spend thousands more. Many claim that "you do not need to buy every product and join every platform that is recommended", However, the training makes it clear that it is beneficial to "go all in" to make decent money.

The program is more ideal for people who are MLM driven and have a good understanding about online marketing in general. Those who have websites with decent traffic, huge email lists and a good sized social following will have better results.

Not highly recommended for newbies or semi skilled marketers.

Unknown said...

thanks for the above info..just watched the video and about to sign up for the $7 trial before time's up. My pocket is thin so ....can forget about it

Unknown said...

I joined for 2 days. I tried to go through the training stuff but it was too much. Very similar to Empower Network. I said I would give myself 7 days to get things running but then i realised I would have to pay 47 dollars to really start. That's not what I signed up for. I signed up for 7 day trial. I won't be duped.

Christene said...

That is the major problem with most programs Shakira, they do not give you nearly enough time to make a rational decision. Instead, they make people feel like they "have to" upgrade to get things done.

iPas and Empower Network basically goes hand in hand. In the end, if you want to make "real money", you will be encouraged to join EN and buy their products as well. That excludes money spend for marketing.

Unknown said...

Hey christene..
Read ur review and comments and frankly iam confussed, frustrated, and depressed more than ever is there any means of earning some real money on internet for a student like me i was going to join the ipas system but thanks to ur review made me thinking and i ended up no joining the ipas system ...
I desperately need some help and ur advice....
Do u have info on some other helfull systems on which i can earn some extra cash without investment or lot cheaper than ipas..
Once again thanks for ur money saving review 😄😄😄😄
I appreciate ur work....thanks
Have a nice day👍

Unknown said...

So you are saying that the iPas 2 system us a genuine way to earn money online?

Christene said...

Hi Rahul. Hope all is going well.

My sincere apologies for the delayed reply. Hope I am forgiven?

Website development is and will always be one of the best methods to generate an online income. With most programs you join, you will need traffic and leads. This is the major hiccup and the reason why so many people fail. Without traffic you will have no one to sell to, and you will have to go hunt down people to make a sale. Scammy programs never tell you the darker side of the online industry and the actual requirements to get successful.

It is much safer to build your own website because you will not be scammed and you will earn more over a period of time if you work hard. This is the most popular method to earn an online income and your our own website has endless opportunities that will enable you to make money. You can sell affiliated or your own products, generate money via advertising or sell information, the options are endless.

Building an online business requires some skill and knowledge otherwise you will just be scammed over and over again. My advice, learn all the basics and what is required from you before you look at another platform or opportunity.

I prefer to send people to membership sites that offer an all in one training module along with the tools they need. In addition, I know that finances are tight for most and many cannot afford to join expensive platforms. I try my best to get people into a program that gives them a free opportunity as well.

Training is one thing that you need to succeed, but without support it is worthless. I recommend joining the free WA membership because the support is above standard. You can ask questions and it will be answered within a short period of time. You can make money with WA without upgrading or spending anything except time, effort and dedication.

Feel free to look at my Review on WA and do not hesitate to ask If you have questions.


In addition, you can also read my updated page about the “earn money online” concept. It will give you a better understanding on how things work.


Last but not least, it does take some time to learn new skills and build a successful online business. The first few months are tough and you will most likely not earn much because you need to learn new techniques first. If it was super easy to make money online, then everyone else would have done it already and be rich.

Feel free to shout if you have any questions, will do my best to help.

Christene said...

If you have lots of money to spend, a big list, traffic and know how to generate leads and then convert those leads into buyers, then yes, you can make money with iPas2. However, if you are not marketing savy and does not have the things I mentioned above, it will most likely take you months before you see progress or make money.

Unknown said...

Thank you christene for your help.....

Michael Laskowski said...

I just started on Friday the 13th and I understand the complete business concept. It is unique and very powerful. It does everything for you, and it is helping me with my own health insurance business. It takes a strong work ethic and maybe not everyone has that to succeed. But I know I do and so do the coaches that work for me. This thing is Awesome.

Anonymous said...

hi I have written twice about my refund and to no avail one of 7 dollars and 3 of 47dollars and you are still taken my money been to the bank and been advised that this need to be cancelled your side to stop payments. but no seem to answer any mail and there are no email address to contact. IS this a scam making me wonder

So please answer me and refund all moneys to me within 7 days
Paul Gosling ( England )

Jesse said...

Well said Christene, I came across your review while looking for more information on this system and couldn't believe what I was seeing. The pricing to be a "part" of this sytem is outrageous, anyone looking to make money on the internet really doesn't have that kind of cash lying around, and those who get suckered into spending it I feel very sorry for.
As for Dwayne's comment, honestly to me it seems like a typical affiliate trying to bring in some sales. that's only my opinion though.
I just wanted to stop and say good job to you for handling it so well, you are an inspiration to bloggers and hopefully many can learn from you.

Christene said...

My apologies for your lost Paul. Unfortunately, you came to the wrong place to ask for a refund. I merely reviewed the program and I am not affiliated with it, thus, I cannot issue a refund.

Maybe find your sponsor and ask for assistance, or issue a ticket in the support system?

This is a major problem for many, not always easy to get a refund and you have to jump through hoops to get it done. Best to cancel the debit order directly at your bank/card company. They have to do it.

Anonymous said...

What a great person you sound to be Christene. I mugged myself yesterday - and will get a refund today. There is a saying: nothing is too good to be true, nothing is too good to last and nothing is too good to happen ... but perhaps give iPAS a miss. Thanks so much for your information.

Anonymous said...

Somebody asked the ridiculous question, "Who would pay $5,000 for training?" EVER HEARD OF COLLEGE?

Anonymous said...

Rahul Kajrolkar, I would think twice about buying from someone that gives you outdated, untrue information about their competitor just so you can join their company. Notice when you asked her for advice SHE DIDN'T give you any other option other than they program she benefits from.

Yet, she's suppose to be an online marketing guru? How so, when she gives you her product to sell.

Now she's in Wealthy Affiliate. There's one more person that is in Wealthy affiliate that bashes empower and iPAS online and he runs an blog review call One more cup of coffee.

Any coincidence that THEY are in Wealthy Affiliate? FACTS!...

All they're going to teach you to make money online is what they're doing: make lots of money by creating a blog, write product reviews on the competitors, post it, get tons of traffic from the posts, and sell you their stuff.

Is that the way you want to make money online?

Be wise.

Anonymous said...

Christene you do know they got ride of the app (the touch screen phone you

are sarcastically talking about) a LONG time ago. Like the middle of 2014.

I think you owe it to your readers to be informed before you give a review

just to rank at the top of google like a slimy marketer. Cause all in all,

you're website is feeding off the traffic being driven by the companies you

are bashing. (That should tell you people something)

And to anyone that buys her BS without doing your research aren't going to

be very successful in business. And when I mean research, I don't mean

typing in "iPAS 2 Review" or "Company XYZ Review/Scam" because the slimy SEO

competitors of the very company you're researching know how to rank for that

keyword, write a slimy, untrue article (with high prices) and bash the

company to get you to buy their stuff.

Do research by interviewing the people IN THE COMPANY and if they don't want

to answer your questions go to another. Yes the products are expensive but

they are valuable (How do you think I know about SEO techniques Christene is

using? The $1,000 15K Formula product! Except they teach how to use your SEO

skills in a positive way giving valuable, up-to-date info, rather than

misleading content)

It's no different that college except it's a way cheaper and you can use

this education taught by 6 & 7 figure online income earners to run ANY

business online...

The truth is guys, if you WANT success, no program IS gonna make you

successful. PERIOD!

Instead of say, "Will it work?" Say, "Do I WANT to do it?" and "I WILL make

it happen!" and burn all your Plan B backup plans and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

That's it.

Never trust ANYONE that gives you a negative review on a company when

they're selling the competition. That's just common sense.

Oh and Christene, I can't wait until Google slaps another update and kill

all your rankings due to the spammy backlinks you've been using...you know

it's gonna happen.

"If you don't publish this comment fairly and respond, I am going to track

all your online presence and repost it there." (Google, FB, Blogs, report to

google of your scammy backlinking efforts, Youtube videos etc.)

Christene said...

Yeah, I could argue your comment in full, however, it would take days to explain simple facts, somehow, I doubt you will fully understand because you passed judgement without actually doing some basic research yourself at first.

Here is why:

First, if you made some effort to browse around my reviews you would have noticed the not all of them are in fact negative. In fact, I never said iPas2 is a scam, merely highlighted the facts that I do not like or agree with. (It is called free speech) If you do not like the truth, feel free to leave. Not going to hide the negative aspects from my readers just because someone has the need to hear a fairy tale story. Sorry about that.

Again, you scream "research" but fail to do it yourself. Actually, hilarious. See WA is not the "competition" it is the answer. So okay, let's go slow...

WA is a learning platform that teaches the basics of online marketing. Many who join programs like iPas2 think that it is easy to make money online without learning the fundamentals. So, when they cannot make money with the program, they go ahead and scream "scam" Right? Although there are flaws with almost any platform, it does not mean that it is a scam, it means that the people are not educated nor do they know the basic principals of online marketing. That is where WA comes in, you learn how to promote ANY program successfully, and Yes, Mr Anonymous, that includes your iPas2 as well.

You will find people from many programs joining WA to learn website development, PPC, email marketing and so forth because the program that they are with does not provide detailed technical training. And no, iPas2 DOES NOT offer any advanced technical training.

Your research failed you again. Take a scroll up and look at your right side. You will find a poll, see how many people actually have the money to waste on expensive programs. You will find that most does not even have more than $100, while the majority can only settle for less than $50. I am not going to cover advanced market research here, I am sure you can find it by yourself.

I am proud to be a part of WA and will always recommend it to those who does not have a thick wallet like you. You might think that people can just pull out thousands to join a program but you are wrong. The majority who wants to earn money online are not those who are rich but those who have very little, the reason they are here in the first place. Yes, I totally agree, it takes hard work and total dedication to make any program work. However, if you only have $50 in your account, it does not matter how much dedication and positivity you have, that is not enough money to join an expensive program like EN period. WA have a free option as well, only includes the basics, however, for those who does have that determination, at least they have a fighting change to make something out of nothing and build themselves up to a point where they can actually join iPas2 or the program of their choice!

Last but not least. Threatening me does absolutely just show how iPas2/EN members handle themselves and the "competition". Trust me, been dealing with this for a long time and you are not the first one. Had many EN members flagging my website, sending malicious content, spammy backlinks and so forth. The fact that you tried to publish the same duplicate comment 3 times in a row and triggering the spam filter proof my theory. Who is the spammer here?

Now, please, please feel free to track my online presence. Just remember to post it here! Okay, wait, I will open a new comment and give you as many hints as possible.

My sincere apologies if I do sound somewhat sarcastic, threatening someone without proper research is just beyond low in my opinion.

Christene said...

Let's start with my website reputation, You can find me on Scamadviser. Feel free to have a go at Alexa and all the others as well.


Not quite sure what you think you are going to find on my Facebook, but give it a try. Please do not feel disappointed if you only stumble mainly upon animal rescue and charity instead of I don't know what.


YouTube, ouch, not sure what you will find apart from a video or two about my rescued pets, but give that a go as well. I do have super cute pets! Makes me think, I do need to upload more videos of them for my niche website. Here it is, still brand new but making progress.


Yeah, again, you make me out to be the villain, I do not hate EN or iPas2, I do think that there is potential if you are educated and have the skills. Not everyone in EN hates me and I even help them with advance marketing skills from time to time. Nice people.


Feel free to also look at my Twitter and G+ and so forth. Better yet, Google my name and please be sure to spell it correctly. Posting links is boring now and it is not nice to investigate myself.

Bottom line: Not every program is a scam because people say it is. That is my mission with this website, to highlight the hidden truths and to get people to take the right steps to become successful. You simply cannot get people in a program and leave them by themselves to figure it out. At some point they will come back and scream scam. Basics need to be taught, just like schooling. You cannot expect a child to write before he had learned to read. The online industry is no different, you can't expect a newbie to be successful at a complicated MLM program before he/she did not at first learn the basics of the online industry and how it all fits together.

If ever you do feel the need to ask questions, do not hesitate to shout.

Christene said...

Research Mr anonymous, you failed at it yet again! WA does not teach you to ONLY write reviews of the competitors. It teaches you how to become successful in almost any niche of your choice. The idea is to make money and still enjoy what you do.

Again, just in case you missed it, WA have a free option as well for those who have no money but still want to get started somewhere. If you use that free membership wisely and work hard, you can actually get somewhere. Not everyone has the finances to join your pricy programs, nor do they have the skill to promote successful online.

Nevertheless, I give people a free option, I make it crystal clear that they will have my help does not matter if they are premium or free. I spend a huge portion of my time helping those who are eager to work and have the drive to succeed. Thus, you will not make me feel bad.

If Rahul did join WA and feel that I did not answer any of his questions directed at me or ignored his private messages. I give him permission to have a good shout at me. By now you must have noticed I do publish bad comments as well. Even tho your comments was flagged as spam because of duplicate content, I did allow 2 of them to give you the time of day.

Unknown said...

I joined as the basic and what a rip off. Everything tries to upsell you and for us who do not have tons of money to payout it is not worth it. Thanks for this website and the advise. Will keep looking.

ridbaba said...

Thanks so much Christine.
I was almost paying for the $7 trial. Thank goodness i didnt.
I have a question for you. I am a student who doesnt have a website. is there a decent work i can do on the internet for maximum 2 hours and earn few dollars. lot of things going on but i dont know which is real.
Kindly advise.

Christene said...

It will be hard to find opportunities online that will enable you to make money without some form of traffic/lead generation method, like a website or social media. You need to generate traffic to make sales and so forth.

There are obviously other legit methods like filling surveys or clicking adds but these methods are a pure waste of time because you earn very little for hours of work. In addition, you can work for freelance websites if you have website development or writing skills, however, thousands of people already go this route and it will take time before you will be seen as a reputable worker and make good money.

The time it will take you to make a few dollars with the options I mentioned above could as well be invested in developing your own website and social platforms to sell what ever it is you wish to sell online. Might be your own product(s) or you can promote others products/services and earn a commission when people buy from you.

Website development is not that hard, nowadays kids have websites of their own. Once you learned all the basics about site creation and affiliate marketing you are only limited by your own imagination. In addition, website development skills can take you far, you can build websites for local businesses, help others to fix flaws on their sites and so forth. A good skill to have.

Unknown said...

What is your view about Google Sniper??
Is is legitimate or just another scam??

Christene said...

Hi Dipshinh.

You will find my Google Sniper review here:


I am currently busy to update the review. The program is not a scam, if you work hard and implement everything you learn you will see results over time. Only real problem, they have a lot of up-sells that can work out costly and their support structure is not that great. There are similar programs for much cheaper that works in the same way.

Have a great day and please do not hesitate to shout if you have questions.

Unknown said...

Dear Christene,
I had suffered 4 times from bipolar disorder mania in last 20 Years. Taking medicines since last 20 years and has to take till the end of the life. Please go through my job profile on Linkedin, But I am jobless since last 1 Year.
I almost lost the confidence to join a new job, since my job field almost has contract jobs.I have tired up getting interviewed by every six or eight months.
I have to look after to my wife and two sweet school going kids.
Please suggest me some legitimate work from home job.
I will be thankful to you
Please mail me on

Unknown said...

Dear Christene,
As you said There are similar programs for much cheaper that works in the same way. ??
Can you please suggest me the same.
please mail me on dipsinh.sawant@gmail.com

Christene said...

Send you an email Dipsinh.

Unknown said...

Hi Christine
I came across a 10MINUTE DEADLINE TO SIGN UP TO IPAS2... on my mobile. I was close to sending my money to them and came across your review in the time-frame...thankful to you ....I now know I need to learn more about internet marketing and will followup your advice by going to WA. I would appreciate an email like you sent Dipsinh. Thanking you again. Kind Regards Lisa

unknown said...

I entered into this and my card was rejected at Empowernetwork.com- When I CHECKED,THE SECURITY AT MY BANK SAID MY CARD WAS FINE BUT THEY(THE BANK)HAD REFUSED TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!! Says it all really.

Unknown said...

Could you also send me that? I hate doing my job and not being able to stay at home with my kids.


Christene said...

Hi Lisa.

Hope all is going well?

WA is a great place to start. I recommend the program as a learning resource mainly because of the great support structure and the fact that they teach members how to build their own websites. You will find many that claims that you do not need a website, however it is important if you want to become successful. With a website you are in control and you can promote any product you feel like marketing. You can also sell your own product(s), sell advertising space and so forth.

A website is like your central point of distribution online. Much easier to send traffic to one area constantly than to send it to a product standing alone. Also take notice, if your product crash down or lose popularity you will not lose your website or traffic, you can simply replace your product and move on. Way too many benefits to mention here.

Just in case you missed it, you can read a bit more about the importance of a website on my page:


Please feel free to contact me whenever you have questions or need advice. Will do my best to help.

You can email me at: christene.swanepoel@gmail.com

Christer Axelsson said...

lsson said...

CS, Right above your "What I don't like about iPas2" is the Black Membership listed as $14K, lol. This membership is around $5K to be All-in so that you have something of value to sell. (Lynda.com training for the web and WordPress is free.)
At Empower, the goal is to help 100 people who will pay a $125. mo. membership and you keep most of the $12500. a month for yourself. A lot better than selling vitamins or Amway PV point products. Fun group of marketing entrepreneurs, too.

The high-end products of $500.,1500. and $3000. are there to profit big time and meet up. Sell just 100 of those All-in training packages of $5K and you have half a Million dollar business. (Spend 10 percent on marketing. Or, keep it low and simple to enjoy.)

Currently EN is teaching video marketing, webinar set-ups and new YouTube Cards. Perfect for any business off or online that you want to put the training to good use for.
(and easily profit from home with this training, should you decide to promote).

Alex ranking just means how well known of an opportunity or traffic getting website it is.

1 June 2015 at 17:47

houk said...

Could you also send me that?


Unknown said...

Dear Christene, I hope you are blessed, happy and safe! To me (a newbie) lol I spotted early with EN and iPas2 one is on a bad footing. If EN goes down so will iPas2 which is tucked deep into EN. I did get 2 domains in my name, I just need to build them now (omg)! I love your blogs! People are putting all there eggs in 1 basket imho. Even the websites you get with EN would be dust in the wind, not to mention your blogs. Using EN's Katalu blogging platform at $72.00 a month (preminum) is the property of yep, EN. If one looks around, you will find free blogging on Wordpress to get your feet wet. Then, and when, your ready go for an upgrade. Please if I may ask, I watch a youtube vid on WA and the person said one can't link any content to his website from WA. They give you 2 with your membership, but WA owns them. Is it not better to have your own sites? I thank you for anytime you can spare in correcting me on these matters.

Kind Regards, William

Christene said...

My top recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. It is a learning platform that teaches website development. Meaning, you will learn how to make money with your own website by selling affiliate products, advertising and your own products or services, to only name a few.

WA is NOT an MLM scheme and you do not need to sell they system itself over and over to make money. It is purely a learning platform that teaches website development and all the basics about internet marketing and how to get started.

Programs like Ipas2 and many more, seldom teach members how it is exactly that they will make money online and what is required to do so. Programs like these also fail to teach proper marketing skills that will stand strong over a long period of time, even when the market and online industry change. That is where WA fills the cap and is considered to be the learning platform amongst all programs.

To become a successful online entrepreneur, you will need some skills and knowledge, the same as any other profession on earth. There is no such thing as getting rich quick otherwise, everyone else would be doing it and leave their jobs to become rich on their sofa with a laptop at hand. Better to learn all the basics first before approaching any type of "make money online" product through sites like WA, Chris Farrell, Affilorama and so forth. I choose WA obviously because it is more cost effective and the support is outstanding.

Read my full review on WA:


In addition, also read my report on website development and the importance of it. Long read, but it will clear up some confusion for those who are serious to skip the scams and waste time.


Any questions?

Feel free to email me directly at:


Christene said...

Hi William

With WA's free membership, you get 2 basic WordPress websites and yes, WA owns them because you are using their domain name. However, if you upgrade, you can have as many websites as you like and you have the option to add your own domain name to those websites. Once a website has its own domain, it becomes your property and you can then do with the website as you please, that includes, moving it to another host if you decide to do so in the future.

WA has a really good hosting reputation. You will find many of the websites on the first pages of Google outranking all the other platforms. Just type Empower Network, for instance, and you will find that the majority of those on the first and second pages are WA sites. This is the major reason why so many choose to pay those fees, to keep their hosting. You also get those who prefer to start their websites on WA and once they rank well, move it to a cheaper host of their choice.

Many also start with the basic free membership and use those free WP sites to get their websites up and running cost free. Once their websites are completed, they upgrade to premium for a month or so and then move the site to a cheaper host and cancel their membership.

So, in short, although WA has excellent training, the majority goes after the hosting and support structure of the program. It is truly one of the best programs to get started, free or premium and it does provide for those with or without money.

Do not hesitate to shout if you have any questions.

Anonymous said...

hello,am 16 years old and am looking to earn some good money from ipas,to do this i have to use a credit card and put in $47,once i do this do i start to earn some moeny will this keeping comiing in as i do ipas thw money isn't going to stop.because i reallly want to earn some money.

Christene said...

No! If you pay the $47 you WILL NOT earn money. It will take at least a couple of months before you see money if you work hard.

Building an online business requires some knowledge and skill otherwise you will just be scammed over and over again. My advice, learn all the basics and what is required from you, before you look at another platform or opportunity.

You can also read my post on how to make money with website development, it will give you an idea what is required to get started in the right way.


grahame said...

Hi Christene

What I'd like to know is iPAS2 similar to the Mobe system known as MTTB - Mobe Top Tier Business. It also has a starting price of $49 And then there's also the up-sells. I have my own website and get a fair amount of traffic, but would like to expand my money making efforts

Christene said...

Yes, iPas2 is similar. You start with one cheap product and work your way up to the more expensive products. I would say MOBE is a tad more expensive though.

MOBE and MTTB is two different programs by the same owner, you can join one or both. Most of these programs are just a way to get people to buy into Empower Network.

If you are looking for a good MLM program that is not too expensive, you can also have a look at Joel Therien's 7 Minute workout. A great marketer and owner of Pure Leverage and GVO. Feel free to have a look at my review, keep in mind, I am not promoting 7 Minute workout myself right now, thus the recommendation is not based on getting commissions.


Peter Comeau said...

MOBE and MTTB are NOT a way to "get people to buy into Empower Network". Let's get the facts straight.

MTTB is the entry level training that teaches people how to build a subscriber list and covers the ins and outs of affiliate marketing through a 21-step program.

During that program the trainee will be shown that, in order to earn higher commissions, you need to become a MOBE licensee.

The reasons for this are very simple. If you are to have any credence as an affiliate you really should have experience of how a product works. You can't, honestly, review a product from the 'outside'. You need to look at everything 'inside' in order to promote it.

I think that is reasonable. My Inbox is full of promotions from affiliates who just latch on to every new product launch and message their subscriber list about them with NO INFO whatsoever on the 'secrets' that are inside, nor have they tried the product they are endorsing.

It's clear that's what you've done with Wealthy Affiliate and your review is therefore much more knowledgeable about what people can expect when they join.

However, even as a member of WA, it can take years to start achieving any sort of substantial income from blogging and affiliate promotion of, say, Clickbank products. It takes a long time to start earning multiple commissions from $7, $27 and $47 products.

What MOBE offers is a system where you promote MTTB ($47) and then higher priced training is offered after that. The training is intensive, with your own Business Coach and Sponsor to support you, and all the 'selling' is done for you.

As a result the ability to earn substantial commissions is accelerated. Your main job, as an affiliate, is to advertise and promote MTTB and full training is provided, including daily coaching calls, to do that.

As you may have gathered I am a member of both WA and MOBE and so know both of these from the 'inside'. To my mind MOBE complements WA in that the affiliate training in WA got me started; but I tacked on MOBE in order to accelerate my income growth.

I hope that helps people who may have been confused by your comment about buying into Empower Network. You are correct in the iPas 2 uses Empower as a high ticket Back End product. But MOBE is entirely different.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the ipas2 system teach you the techniques you need to learn to build to those things anyway?

Christene said...

It does teach some of the techniques but not all. Detailed website development and driving traffic via advance SEO is only covered very briefly without clear cut instructions on how to choose a profitable niche in a buying market, how to actually build a flourishing website and so forth. How to go about choosing a hosting company is not covered. Wrong hosting company is the sickness in your entire system. You will work hard, spend money and have the word of patience, but you will NEVER see the fruits of your hard work. This is just one of many examples.

Working online is much harder than many, makes it out to be. The failure rate is high with a good reason. You need to learn some skills before you can take on MLM. You need to know how to get traffic, how to use your list correctly, how to build trust and develop online relationships and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Sadly, iPas2 does not cover it all.

Christene said...

I am familiar with MOBE


Since you received so many "promoting emails" surely by now you would have noticed how some promoters always run between the 3 programs, MOBE, iPas2 and Empower Network. It's the oldest Mlm strategy. Get people to sign up for MOBE, if the person does not buy the license, you revert them to the good old Empower Network/iPass2 because the start up cost is "cheaper". Clever MLM marketers would know that it is a bad idea to keep all their eggs in one basket without having a back up program for those who does find the one you promote lucrative. In this instance, many choose EN or iPas2 as the backup for MOBE.

I am sure that more than just a few will agree with me. Once you CANNOT pay the license fee for MOBE, they will push you over to EN or iPas2 while trying to get you to keep your standard MOBE membership. (Hence the reason why so many ask about it)

Affiliate Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing are two worlds apart. Affiliate marketing is focused on making money as a representative (one person). MLM is focused on making money as an entire group working together as one with a strong leadership. Thus, WA's success rate CANNOT be compared to MLM programs.

Quote: " Even as a member of WA, it can take years to start achieving any sort of substantial income from blogging and affiliate promotion"

You simply CANNOT speculate how long it will take for a person to earn money from blogging and affiliate marketing. There are hundreds of factors to take into consideration like the choice of niche, competition, content creation quality, social engagement quality, branding and so forth. In addition, a person who is focused and implement the training without distractions could see progress much faster. Look at the dashboard on WA, many who makes progress in a reasonable time frame.

Obviously there is no such thing as instant results with any kind of program. Hard work is required and it does take time to learn new skills. I am making this clear all the time.

You might have noticed that I am not quick to promote MLM programs and there is a good reason.

First, we live in an age where people simply does not have money to waste anymore. They literally count pennies now and think twice before they spend. I do not jump into any kind of program blindly and do hours of research to find out the needs of my audience. How much are they willing to spend, how long will they be able to keep up with such payments, the average time it will take them to learn new things and implement it and so forth, the list is long. In addition, the failure rate is high, I am sure you know this, thus, for people to pay so much money and stand a change to fail is not an option for me personally. MLM programs are NOT for those who count pennies or look at the online industry as a means to create an additional income because they are literally broke. Also, a huge portion of those who look to earn an additional income online already have a very limited budget. A single mother with limited funds simply cannot purchase all the MOBE products and to expect it, is simply cruel. Most of my readers fall in this class, they need to find an additional way to earn money and the online world seems like a solution. However, they do not have that much money to invest.

MLM is not something you just jump into and make thousands overnight. It is hard, you need to know a little about marketing strategies (currently there are over a thousand now). Knowledge about your targeted audience, the income vs profit boundary and so forth.

I still have to write a post about my second year with WA, it is horribly late due to a full plate. However, this was my "one year report" last year. Definitely not that hard to get multiple earnings if you work hard at it.

Hope to see you in Vegas!


Anonymous said...

---------> Please Everybody, I beg you not to jump into this scam immediately. I thought it was real, but i'm gone wrong. They only tell you that you pay only $47.00 a month and also said even you can cancel before month? is that not real:- after $47.00, then they ask you $97.00 and then $15.00, and then another again. Then they will let you import or composite email id into your account :-) really? do I need to write down friends email or family???...a lot of trouble. finally, They will let you create your own web-form which you will be used to be posted on your fb, or twitter or any other social media. If I saw a comment like this, I don't waste my time watching at all those videos and also putting all the credit card information. I'm disappointed after wasting 5 hrs watching at different YouTube videos and reading a lot of links. I didn't see any negative comments towards this scam...hoping they will delete negative comments ...//IPAS 2--> please tell the truth before taking someone wrong. you better tell there is a sequence of payments thru the step. Is not as you said just $47.00. And also no refunds........A LOT OF PROBLEM!!!!

Anonymous said...

John Russel,
All it is; is your bank being really secure. Before purchasing anything online, you need to have it cleared with your bank to make them aware of your purchase. I had to do the same thing to. It's nothing bad, it's like that with a lot of online purchases.

Anonymous said...

I needed this so much to be true you guys, I had been trying to do all I could think of to earn more money, like attracting money, meditating on money, selling things, excepting my now situation, working full time jobs and coming home exhausted like all of you I’m sure. When I started watching the first videos, I noticed, I was being put under a lot of pressure, I started to feel sick and nauseous (my own fault I know), but kept on pressing on, I even tried to decline this one upgrade to pro, but another video popped up and talk me into getting it or else I can’t continue, putting me under even more pressure, then there are all these counting down clocks Pressure they put you under so much pressure, I tried searching for pros and cons about the sight while the damn clock was counting down, but all I got was pros, so it must be true I thought! Then once I now owed the 47$ for Basic Membership) + 97$ for Pro membership I charged 144$ to my credit card and I still got pressured to pay more money every time I had to click on one of those green or blue buttons to get further (I lost count), so eventually I ran out of money and couldn’t create the Empower Network account. By that time, I was feeling very frustrated and angry and realized I can’t continue anyway, cause now they want me to pick between, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Black to make even more money which go into the thousands of $…so this is when my dream platzed and I finally had to except the fact that this is not for me. I immediately (after a little breakdown) started deleting and closing accounts and unsubscribing (this is Day2), even then they tried to keep me from leaving…oh boy I’m telling you, unless you have a lot of money to blow, this is not for you. Thank you so much for posting this Christene, you literally saved me. Love you girl.

Anonymous said...

PS ...when you first sign up everybody wants a piece of you, but when your trying to get out, nobody wants to have anything to do with you anymore.

Unknown said...

can anyone help me can i join in ipas2 business is it really works iam from a poor family if they cheat me then i will have to suside only so please tell me asap.....to help a poorman....

Christene said...

iPas2 have a very low success rate Vino, I DO NOT recommend that you join since you will most likely struggle with the program. This program is more suitable for skilled marketers.

There are lots of training available online that will cost a fraction of the cost compared to ipas, and some even have free training. First, you have to understand how an online business works before you can join an mlm program.


Unknown said...

Christene THANKS for the info, I read your info and I thought to myself...if these people in the video were bankrupt, broke, busted...where the hell did they get money for this kind of fees. Oh, and I love how in the video they show a neg balance so you can feel comfortable with them and what I call their "practices".

Jhonathan said...

I just love it when fools come around and embarrass themselves, proof of just how incompetent some of these MLM pushers are. This just made me give iPas2 a miss, hate dealing with people that threaten others. I can only imagine what he will do if one does not want to upgrade to the higher paying products.

Good reply Christene,

Rhinowarrior said...

Liar, Banks do that cause they have knowledge of a scam, which this is.

Andreson said...

I haven't heard from these guys in a while. I am not sure what they are up to nowadays

Anonymous said...

Hi Christene. I am convinced affiliate marketing is the way to go after years of searching and ashamedly wasting money. I have come across the WA in my travels recently and as you know after the free portion the upper levels are also pricey but i think if i recall they are one off's but i think there is still a monthly payment. Perhaps a general rule of thumb for people is if you don't make enough money to cover the monthly payment then don't bother upgrading 'till you do. If you can't make money at the beginner level then no way you make it at the higher level but you'll be spending more. Loved your review and you are absolutely correct about filling out surveys, you can't make money on them, they offer credits or points not cash. in conclusion i think i will join the free WA program, learn and decide if I like it cause i'm a couple of years from retirement and hope to have an extra income stream.
Thx for listening Christene, if you have any advice i could sure use it, i'm tired of all the scams and crap out there.

Christene said...

Hi Ralph

Hope all is going well.

I agree, affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go, especially when combined with blogging. There is such a vast variety of affiliate programs in almost any niche, thus you are not limited.

Obviously I recommend blogging above all, those products or programs claiming that you do not need a website to make money apparently does not look into the future of marketing. Websites are the main core of the online world, they give information, offer services, display branding and so forth. Without them, there is no information, thus, websites will still be around for a long time to come. Products and service providers may fail or lose reputation, however, a successful website that is well maintained will thrive for a long time.

Example: You promote a diet program by using social platforms, forums, video marketing and so forth. Takes a long time to market successfully and build your reputation around this product. Now, the program suddenly collapses and left you back at square one, you will have to start all over again promoting a new one. Months, or years of hard work all gone.

On the other hand, you create a website about health and weight loss, work hard to build a good website that will be a success over time and promote the same product on your site. Same scenario, the diet program collapse, only now, you can simply replace it with another one. Your website and traffic will still be there and damage will be minimal.

Bottom line, it is not a bad thing to promote a program, the problem is, people ignore the importance of having a website to promote that program. Another benefit, people simply does not purchase anything blindly without additional information. A well written article linked with a recommendation works much better because you brand yourself as an expert in a certain field, giving readers' comfort knowing that they deal with someone who has knowledge. Without a website, it is hard to add content behind a product.

Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a good place to start, the platform is kept updated and the support structure is awesome.

Please feel free to shout if you have any questions. Will do my best to help.

Anonymous said...

I think it depends wha kind of business you create because Empower and iPas2 are business model that give an idea.

Amber said...

Such descriptions are important.